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Ticket To Ride: The Board Game Positive Reviews

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Ticket to Ride: The Board Game App User Positive Comments 2024

Ticket to Ride: The Board Game app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ticket to ride: the board game?

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Ticket to Ride: The Board Game for Positive User Reviews

Amazing & Fun, but double check before buying!Nice reimagining of the classic board game, UI is a lot smoother and the tickets and route options much more friendly and visual to understand! (Especially in the tutorial for new users not used to TTR) Didn’t realise that the $7.99 for the game was JUST for North America map and not the standard Europe one (despite description not saying Europe was an expansion). Would’ve been great to choose the option when first purchasing as I would’ve liked Europe instead, but for an extra $10.99 not sure if it’s justified!.Version: 1.0.10

PremierC’est le jeu qui permet de se divertir et de rivaliser avec les autres en même temps. Très bien fait..Version: 1.0.11

It’s Great!I’ve always loved trains since I was born, and this game is perfect! Though it has a few flaws and was just released today, I’m sure it can be a really popular board game one day. I am soon going to get the board game because it is so fun! This is a very cool game and probably has a bright future..Version: 1.0.11

Still needs some work.Definitely still needs some work, but it’s actually really good and works well.Version: 1.0.12

Great graphics, smooth gameplay, well doneThe game looks great. People complaining about the grapics just need glasses, or just zoom in. At a glance i can still see clearly where the pieces lie despite the board busy busy. It is a busy game with a lot of moving pieces and parts, thats the nature of the game Wasnt a waste of money, plays so smoothly. Devs did a great job with the ui to account for all of these moving pieces without sacrificing number of clicks. Things are sized apportiately and pushed to the sites out of the eay of the board. On tinier screens you need more precision to click on what you intend to, but it is doable and i had no struggle with the gameplay. Well done!.Version: 1.0.12

Well Done Update from a Top DeveloperFirst, there was nothing wrong with the old app, but with the change in ownership, we get a new app. Fortunately, this is Marmalade, so the quality is top notch. The IAPs are worth it, as they are with the other Marmalade apps. So far, very well done, stable game that will get many many hours of play..Version: 1.0.12

LOVE THIS GAME!We started with the actual board game, graduated to playing the game on the PlayStation and now we can play iPad to iPad with our friends out of state! It is so much fun, love the strategy involved in choosing and completing routes. It’s super addicting! Thank you for releasing this app..Version: 1.0.10

Occupied tracksEnjoying the game but when tracks have been claimed, the train cars should be a little larger. It is difficult for me to see what has been already claimed without constantly enlarging the map..Version: 1.0.11

Fun game but lots of errors mid gameFun game but only managed so far to have one full online game with other plays that didn’t cut out. Keeps exiting to lobby mid game, glitching and errors. Very frustrating as sometimes it won’t let you reenter the game as frozen. Please fix this Marmalade. Game will be great without these bugs and errors.Version: 1.0.15

Wonderful Game!!This is a great game, just came out recently but I enjoy the abilities to play Single Player, Online, or Async (basically games played over several days). Can’t wait for more expansions to come out..Version: 1.0.11

It’s BACKI have to think that on a IPhone this would be worth the bad reviews but on my 7th gen IPad I am having no troubles. The animation can be speeded up but some will still dislike it I don’t know what to say. My only question is: how long will the rollout be for future expansions. I won’t pay for the package if I have to wait years to see most of it..Version: 1.0.12

Additions PleaseWould like a league or player rating added to aid the feel of competition . And an option to choose train colour..Version: 1.0.11

New graphics need to be easier to see on an iPhoneThe new graphics are busy and harder to tell what’s going on.Version: 1.0.12

🙌A classic board game beautifully made for the digital age. Many hours of fun accompanied by great background music..Version: 1.0.12

New to this gameI’m new to Ticket to Ride, so I don’t have any experience on which to draw for comparison. I learned the game through the tutorial and love it! Marmalade did an excellent port of Monopoly, so I’m unsurprised to see engaging graphics and terrific music. Looking forward to the ways the expansions will enhance the game..Version: 1.0.12

It is amazingI’ve been waiting awhile for this to come out, and I am very very happy with it. I’m not sure what the other two reviews are saying, but I feel like the board when you play in person is intricate and therefore the game is rightly intricate. The only disadvantage I think there is is you have to pay an additional £4.99 in order to have the European version on top of the American version which is included in the first purchase..Version: 1.0.11

Fun but buggySingle player mode against AI is good fun. However, once I had the hang of the game I then decided to try online and found that it crashed randomly a few times during the game and following the last crash I couldn’t access that online session any longer - it freezes with an empty board. So I haven’t succeeded in completing an online game as of yet. iPhone 11 with latest updates to both iOS and game..Version: 1.0.13

Play more games at onceI am liking this new app. However, it needs to be set up so I can play a single game while I am waiting for others to take their turn when I am playing with other real people..Version: 1.0.12

New versionMap is more difficult to read when playing and harder ro slide finger onto route claiming. Other board was more user friendly..Version: 1.0.12

Fun and Addictive but Needs StatsLove that you can play this online vs others. However, I think there are some features that would make this game even better. First, there needs to be statistic section where you can review your previous games vs AI or other competitors. Second, a leaderboard would be a good addition. The price for the add ons is a bit steep. I hope the developer considers lowering the cost of the other board layouts. Would love to play the other maps but won’t because they are too expensive..Version: 1.0.11

Would be 5 if they bring back pass & playAnd lower the cost of DLC.Version: 1.0.12

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