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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns Positive Reviews

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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns App User Positive Comments 2024

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns app received 15 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about jumanji: the curse returns?

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JUMANJI: The Curse Returns for Positive User Reviews

JumanjiBest game ever I ever played and the best robin Williams movie ever.Version: 0.0.16 - Winter Season Pass Sale

ExceptionalWow! What an exceptionally amazing game! Much like the original movie and I know the game has just been released but I would love to see more challenges sometime in the future. Also the possibility of this company making a Crystal Maze game.Version: 0.0.13 - Black Friday update

Great. gameIt’s a great game. Please if you could make the game longer. Some times I only get to roll 3 or 4 times and then the game is over. If there were more x spots on the board that you could go to, than that would be excellent! Thank you for making a fun game.Version: 0.0.30

Game I like playing itI like playing the.Version: 0.0.24 - Bugfixes

Snowpaw approved!Absolutely wonderful! FINALLY. A good Jumanji game, AND it has Van Pelt? Like the original, real, awesome handsome one? Yes please! The team is extremely receptive and takes customer feedback seriously, and they’re passionate about what they do. This freakin game saved my life while I was on a 6 hour flight, where normally I’d be feelin sick as a dog. 11/10 would download again. Until the day I’m somehow able to make my own Jumanji game, this is the best that there is, you can take The Paw’s word on it (that’s me) 😎🔥.Version: 0.0.30

Good funEasy to get going and we actually won!.Version: 0.0.16 - Winter Season Pass Sale

Well done! 👏🏻The latest updates, entirely overhauling the core mechanics from “dice” to cards, is exactly what this game has been missing: a real sense of gameplay. Animations move along at a good pace, and since the last time I dropped in the characters have been given more expressive faces & features — dead-eyed no more, as at launch. This version I could actually see playing well on PC/console, so I’m really glad the game has improved enough that I would actually recommend it to my friends now! 👏🏻.Version: 0.0.21 - New Gameplay

Great gameGreat game, love the graphics and the music.Version: 0.0.9 - Release Candidate

AmazingBeen waiting for this game since ever.Version: 0.0.21 - New Gameplay

Awesome Tribute to the Movies!If you enjoy the movies, especially the first one, then you will enjoy this game. It is similar to the physical board game (released back when the first movie was made) except for the mini games (that I can remember anyways). The mini games are basically the same, wish there was a bit more variety for those portions. I’m addition, some of the threats that appear can be seen more then once, such as the monkeys etc; I feel like the threats should only be made once per game as it would give a more nod to the movie but not a deal breaker. You can choose between single player, multiplayer, or online; all of which is an awesome addition especially when you live far apart from family and friends. Overall I completely recommend this game and for the price you can’t beat it!.Version: 0.0.9 - Release Candidate

I do love this game but … there is issuesLike I said in the title there is a few issues don’t get me wrong I do love this game but there are some issues number one the riddles. I love how you try to implement the riddles into the actual game but mine seems to be like either extremely glitchy or you are just really stupid because the riddles instead of appearing as actual words appear as thick pink glitchy blocks I’d like you to think about that my second issue is that you shouldn’t be forced to do single player first I think you should have freedom to do whatever you want first and that’s my review other than that it’s really good.Version: 0.0.14 - Frontend Updates and bug fixes

It is wonderfulAmazing.Version: 0.0.30

GénialÉnigme trop répétitif et temps d’action trop court mais sinon le jeu est génial.Version: 0.0.18 - 3 New Features

Impatiently waiting for DLC’sI love this game I’m 31 and I’m obsessed and the makeover with the gameplay breathed new life into it! I’m not the least bit ashamed to say I bought everything gin the store within the first week of having this game and I can not wait to see all that I bought with the season pass.Version: 0.0.24 - Bugfixes

Good game 😃👍🏿I love Jumanji so mush 🥳🥳🥳.Version: 0.0.30

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