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It’s Great But…Roblox is a really nice game but there should be some changes. When you start the game you have only free items, which people make fun of. And everything else cost robux. I know this game needs money and stuff but why does robux cost so freaking much? It’s a dollar for 88 robux. What is that gonna get you a hair and a shirt? I think either when you start roblox you should have 5 dollars worth of robux or robux should be cheaper. Also in roblox there’s some scammers, and when you report it takes MONTHS for people to respond to it so they scammers stay and people lose more stuff. I understand there’s a lot of reports and you can’t get to them right away. But like the important ones like scamming, or inappropriate stuff. The bullying you can deal with later. Another thing is that some people curse in roblox, It doesn’t let you say anything major but h3ll and d@m are things that roblox let’s people say. So it’s kinda like uhm excuse me can you not, And roblox also let’s you say make out. Like I get in roleplays you might have to say in like a book there’s smushed words and you can’t make it out you know. But like roblox cares so much about make sure to not date! BUT IT LETS YOU TYPE MAKES OUT?? I DONT GET IT. But the game is really nice there’s just some things to watch out for so if you think you can stand up for yourself, have fun, and not break the rules and actually let other people have fun. Go for it!.Version: 2.578.564

Fake game’s and other thingsI hate how you go on a game and it’s a fake game say if I went on royale high it’s sometimes Fake I wish Royal high was for iPads too. And phones Pls do that 😊 and I also hate how the faces and Clothes are so expensive but Roblox is a lot of fun you get to go on all types of games what about you try find your type are you a fashionista maybe a obby person or a ninja animal fighting scary stories well Roblox has that I wish you will make all Clothes and faces free you can also change how you walk run climb fall and jump as a kid I would rate it a 4 also you can’t say numbers witch is disappointing please change that cause I know I know like you shouldn’t be like online dating but I’m not I’m online friending so please let us say numbers that would be so awesomely amazing I love Roblox I think it is a really popular game and it is but it still needs some changes please 🤗🤗 I love Roblox how about you try and get this game going! Bye the way if this is the roblox team reading this I am the girl who was hacked and my mums name is Nakala I’m Violet. So I don’t wanna brag or anything but we did tell you this about a month and in fact I still haven’t received anything but the message bye now please please!! Add this stuff in it would be such a success on roblox thanks for understanding if you do understand heh 😏 😏 😏.Version: 2.445.410316

5 stars! Best game ever! But..Hey! I love this game so much. It’s very imaginative and allows players global to connect and play with each other! The best thing is that it’s suitable for all ages. But a tiny problem with the game which is that today (29th October 2021) there has been a maintenance break or something and has shut down Roblox. This can be very annoying for those who are eager to kick back and play some Roblox. But they now can’t. I hope Roblox is taking action in this and will make sure Roblox is back up and running as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my main account has been hacked many times. This is obviously against the terms of services of Roblox; the thing is, the Roblox support team takes VERY long to dispatch human agents into assisting me and other users who have problems. Sure I'm not the CEO of Roblox but I personally feel that you should have increased employees into Roblox support too as many users experience troubleshooting issues, and the Roblox support take far too long to the point some users may give up on Roblox! If Roblox developers are reading this, I hope you acknowledge this and try improving the Roblox support team!Other than that, overall the game is one of the best games I’ve played ever. In fact it was my first I thank the Roblox team for all the hard work in creating this enlightening experience. I hope to see more from Roblox. Again Thank you!.Version: 2.519.431

A little problem..Roblox is a great game but one time this girl was being really mean to me in Speed Run 4 and she was cursing at me and saying I was going to Hell and my Dad left me when she doesn’t even know me personally. Here is the craziest thing, I GOT BANNED. That girl MUST have reported me when SHE was being super rude and unfunny.. Like I didn’t do anything. I don’t know if she got banned but I don’t think she did. Like who would have reported her? Not me! And also I have a little problem with people Online Dating.. It’s really weird and definitely inappropriate for a KIDS APP! I have seen LOADS of videos with the titles, “ROBLOX IS TURNING INTO A DATING APP!” and “ROBLOX IS BECOMING TINDER!” So I think people who online date should be banned. (No hate to anyone, some Slenders are nice but most of them aren’t.) I know lots of people make jokes about how strict Roblox is but some kids who play Roblox are very young and shouldn’t be getting exposed to this kind of behaviour, especially online. It will just encourage them to become ODERS (Online-Daters) and it’s just setting a bad example. Just my opinion, but I think Roblox should take more action on Online-Daters. I hope Roblox sees this and makes some improvements with my feedback. I know this review is very long, thank you for reading this!.Version: 2.607.548

EPIC GAME-though positives have negatives a lotHi roblox! Your game is amazing and all but I have 2 suggestions and a few flaws you might want to improve on. Suggestion 1- can you make it so you can get your robux back from a purchase that you don’t like so much (both in avatars and in game purchases) but there is like certain rules to the robux like if you’ve already used something in game or it is no longer in the game then you cant redeem your robux back? Also suggestion 2 can you make a little tutorial on how to make a super awesome island/ game (not for me, for my friend) but yeah. Oh and the flaws are 1 it needs more verification things so then it’s less likely to get hacked and also can you make it trust this device for 60 days instead of 30 so then with 60 (or more) you won’t have to keep going back in and out because it’s kinda annoying having to do it alot also when it says ‘on this device’ it doesn’t really mean it because I do it from the app and then when I redeem codes for robux on google it makes me log back in (after I logged in about 5 minutes ago. But anyways good things I like about it are-1 no adds 2- is an online game 3- hardly creates adds it self 4- reliable 5- has a safety chat (like no swearing, privacy, etc.) but yeah I love this game so much ❤️❤️ thank you Roblox 🥰.Version: 2.594.524

ADDICTIVE. But fun.So THIS GAME… thanks to my anime obsessed cousin by the way for getting me into roblox this game is overall addicting and fun I can’t live a single day without it. My dad deletes the game whenever I get to angry at the game to the point I bent my tablet so maybe take my advice don’t play shooter or losing games. You will regret it and you will break your device. It’s good and I spent like 150 bucks on this game so probably don’t spend that much money I’m not that obsessed with robux anymore because it’s useless to be honest. It’s just some kind of crypto currency that lets you buy virtual clothes and virtual Game passes and that pretty useless. But it’s fun to use spend like 50 or 100 bucks on the game if you want to buy a lot of stuff but if you don’t then don’t bother to buy any. So overall it’s good addictive and fun and you lose a lot of bucks. [recommendations play stick guns]..Version: 2.578.564

I like roblox becauseRoblox is a really good game I love it so much it's very fun and I like it a lot I've been playing roblox for a while now and it still never gets me bored I really recommend roblox in MY opinion for ages 7+ so yes I really like it and I'll rate my fav roblox game from 5. 1: Shard seekers, I like this game because it's very fun and adventurous for people who like adventures and animals!!!♡♡. 2: Blade ball!! Is a very fun and cool g ame where you hit a ball t O another person but be quick or you'll miss the ball and sit out. 3:Bayside highschool!!!A fun school game where you hang out and have fun at a school with a few lesson (make sure you get good grades heehhh)♡♡♡. 4:Adopt me, A very fun animal game where you train pets and feed them potions!! 5:mm2, a very good game that can keep you entertained for quite a while!!!there are some rules like no exploiting and teaming or this isn't fair for other players!!! There are three t y pes of people such as innocent innocent is where you get no weapons and try find murderer and run away try not to die!! And sheriff, sheriff is where y ou try shoot the murderer to survive and if yo u shoot murderer you win. And last one murderer, murderer is where you try kill all the people and you win!!!!I hope yo u like my interview and if y ou haven't yet seen 1 of these games I recommend trying them!!!!Have a lovely day/night♡♡xx.Version: 2.614.409

9/10The app is amazing it works perfectly fine, the avatar feature is amazing I like how you can change it from probably millions of clothings, accessories, things like that. It’s also really fun since there are over 30 million games to play, the moderation is great. The reason I gave it a 9 instead of 10 is because of the hackers. There is a ton of hackers playing games that aren’t really touched any more and most of them time it’s games that are really big that are being hacked, like Meepcity being hacked by Tubers93. I haven’t seen anything about tubers in a while so I think the moderation banned him so there shouldn’t be a thing to worry about anymore, the game is family friendly, I love how they added the feature of Voice Chat for older players and same with the face tracking for if you have a certain face you can turn on a setting and it will make your in game face move with your real face. I love how they also added game age-ratings for their games to keep younger children out of more adult games. Also if you have a VR (Oculus Quest 2) then you can get it on App Lab and play it without needing any kind of PC and it’s a feature that has been out for a while now and it’s one that I’ve always wanted after watching all of those YouTubers play things like VR Hands. Roblox VR is defiantly something to check out. Please do get the game, it’s amazing for any ages. Keep it up David..Version: 2.586.0

I love RobloxI love Roblox. But I think their could be some changes. I was reading other peoples reviews and I was really agreeing with them. I’m gonna go through most Important to least important. First I would like to say that exploiting and bullying and all that stuff are not being handled that well. People are always bullying me my friends and family. And I’m getting really mad about it. I have two accounts that I play on. And this account I’m typing on is actually new. And I’ve already had some people who were bullying. I think that exploiting to is not being handled well. I have had a friend who has been hacked 7 times. I think that should be handled better. And I have an idea. If something like bullying and exploiting are detected then that person should be banned emidietly. I don’t think people should have to report. Because what if the person leaves the game and you can’t report him or her. That is one of the problems. Another problem on Roblox is that some words that are appropriate are being hashtaged. While the f word s word and h word are not being hashtaged. I think people need to check if the word is appropriate or inappropriate. Another problem is that robux is starting to make people mad. People without robux really want robux. I think you should do a trial where every player gets 2000 robux a month. But overall I love Roblox a lot but it would be much better if you suggested my improvements..Version: 2.568.524

Good but has ups and downsRoblox, It's a community full of fun loving people who just want to have a good time role playing, adopting and more! But unfortunately I can name some things that have affected my review on the game. Every one or two months roblox will ask me to update it now for the last 6 hours I've been trying to update it and sadly it will not update. The second thing that effects my review on roblox is the scammers. On games like adopt me and simulator games you will be able to trade your items now these items may have ranks and levels. Usually the levels are uncommon,common, rare, ultra rare and legendary. Most of the time people are aiming to get as many legendaries as they can as it is the best you can get. This activity ma lead to what we call scamming, people may scam you by accepting a trade but taking thing: away last second so they get the good stuff and you get the bad stuff another scam people may do is by asking to do a trust trade.A trust trade is where you or the other player trade some items in one trade then accept or decline if accepted you will trade them again and add your item but sometimes people do not do this and instead they ask the other player to go first and when they are about to do the second trade the scammer will leave with the given item.I hope roblox looks into this a bit more and help to prevent scamming and problems overall it is a very good game..Version: 2.614.409

Plz go back to 2 hats plzzzI love this game soooo much it's really entertaining but I miss the old times when u could wear 2 hats plz go back.Version: 2.307.149105

😌addicted😌I started playing Roblox when I was around 6 I had ALOT of accounts I would often make heaps of accounts in a day! My mother was very protective because of the “old men” playing so I wasn’t aloud to use the chat. I had a break for about 2 years got the game for about 2 weeks deleted and had another break at 9 years old I installed the game again I now cannot stop playing I play at least 5 times a day it’s a very unhealthy obsession! I often do not sleep because I’m up until like 5 am just playing Roblox... like any other person I have a favourite game and it has to be Brookhaven 🏡RP, I love it I don’t like the fact that on my phone I can’t play bloxburg (I have payed) I can only play it on PCs but my sisters pc (the one I used) has been taken to a far away place. Other than that I don’t have any other complaints I can think of other than ROBLOX WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY BRAINNNNNN! I for sure recommend getting discord if you would like to meet new people ! I know I have and you can too! Roblox has helped me cope through my depression and anxiety by making friends, getting distracted by all the horrid things in life, and many more reasons! Thank you so much Roblox ilysm!.Version: 2.460.416177

My thoughts about roblox:)Roblox should be on the top 3 games. You can explore and become really creative and build. But it can be really laggy and some updates can be terrible like in adopt me basically EVERYTHING is for robux and in my opinion robux should be free or maybe it shouldn’t exist because everyone wants a nice, cool avatar and we can’t do that if we have no robux and people get cyber bullied because no robux or they don’t have a good avatar and second of all roblox should make the chat not to overprotective, I understand that they block out swear words and really really bad words but some shouldn’t be blocked out and then when I type fr(for real) or okkkk then it tags and also it should be not such a high age for it I would say maybe 8 years old is the appropriate age fir roblox In my honest opinion, and 1 more thing is that on phone, iPad, laptop, any device, it doesn’t let you join a game, I tried playing good girls sorority and fashion famous, spray paint and more games on iPad and it’s VERY laggy and it kicks me out the game in 1 minute, but overall it is a very good game and people can put their mind and become passionate about roblox and creating stuff/playing games, I don’t play roblox games that much but my favourite game on it is flee the facility because it’s very fun so keep up the good work roblox and we all really appreciate you for making this wonderful game!!!.Version: 2.563.390

TherapyRoblox is amazing and you should join my party and oI you money to get it back and you should get a new phone because you have a lot more than I do so I will be able get a free one and you should be good for the next two months so I don’t know what you’re going through with that I know you don’t have a good relationship with your brother but if you don’t have a boyfriend you should have a boyfriend so you don’t get to have one and you’re a good boyfriend so you should have a boyfriend but you don’t need to have any friends because I know you have no one to have any other friends and I can be friends and you’re going to have no one that you’re just a girl you can have a girl and I will not be a friend you can be my best friend you don’t need to get your best friends you just have no friends and I am y.Version: 2.570.563

Roblox is awesome! ^^Roblox is an amazing app and I have played it since 2018. It’s one of the best ways to be socially even during the pandemic that we had. I made a bunch of friends along the way, and if you meet someone that is unsafe you can simply block them and they can’t even type anything in chat and it be visible to you. People are always polite! They’ve always been themselves and it’s making to see the way they have grown and even how I have! There are some problems I would like to point out. Roblox has changed their rules to allow dating, but thus does NOT mean that people are going to be sexual and the chat it just simply means that you can say girlfriend/boyfriend/kiss/hug and etc. because before all of those things were hashtag. But I don’t want people to take advantage of being able to say those things and so if your child is under the age of 10, I would not recommend this at for them. My two younger sisters of the age for and 7 use this app and have had some experiences that I wouldn’t recommend for kids that are under the age of 10. If your child is asking for robux, I would let them! It’s a great way to let your child explore and be creative in their own style. They can even make their own clothing with a certain apps in the certain material! And with that roebucks kids can also make their games fun to play with getting certain game passes in certain games! Yeah, but that’s my entire review on the Roblox app..Version: 2.566.546

Great game however addictive and is always trying to get you to spend moneyI have been playing roblox for a year now and it is GREAT for fun and imagination however recently it occurred to me that the only way to earn robux is by coding a game or buying some. The thing that builds up with that is the fact that most games ask for robux, making the in-app purchases worse than they should be. Also, it is rated as a seven although some games and players show inappropriate behaviour and it takes roblox AGES to take down. If I’d want one thing to happen would you please make it so that you can earn robux by playing games. In response to my last review, I still think it’s a great game but two things have began to really bug me (other than the robux issue (still)… Why not sell badges to get robux?). Firstly, I have an iPhone 7 but the game sometimes crashes on me. For instance, If I go on Madcity then the longest I can play on it is 5 mins. I know this probably sounds like Madcity doesn’t work on iPhone 7s but it does because I used to play Madcity ALL the time. Secondly, if I go on a game like Flicker and try to write in useful tips for my teammates in my journal, it all gets blurred out by hashtags. This particularly bothered me when I was on the bad team and a scout (able to link who’s good and who’s bad) because everything I had seen was blurred. (Sorry for any bad grammar in review 1) Thanks for reading, Luckyandchase.Version: 2.478.422096

So AWESOMEI love it. The game honestly makes my day.👌.Version: 2.423.391560

I love this game so so muchThis game is so fun you can make virtual friends and see if you know a friend and they have Roblox but you’re not their friend on Roblox ha ha, you can ask them to be your friend on Roblox you have many good games on Roblox but it’s really really good but the one game that I think I don’t like is the granny that does not even move does not touch well that’s what I don’t like I love random and yeah but still I’m really happy that Roblox was titled in 18 something or 19 something I don’t care so yeah you can get your phone numbers like y’all can call and you know them often called is a chat thing I love Roblox it’s a really fun game you make virtual friends I love when you get when you guys can make virtual friends and me and my friend so I love how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it’s OK do you know where it is is how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it’s OK there’s no more issues now there’s no more issues now with Roblox so now we can just have fun player games and have fun this is a good good game so yeah. And when there is so so so much fun games you your friend everybody can play because of you guys you guys can laugh I can sing like whatever there’s so much games like I like among us MM to a.k.a. murder mystery mow the lawn get real money from him there’s granny there’s Jenna yeah so yeah well I just love Roblox so bye peace out..Version: 2.539.400

Absolutely phenomenalThe people? GREAT. the games? AMAZING. the community?? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. the people on roblox are so willing to help when you don’t understand. most of the games i’ve seen have amazing detail. those horror games top every game i have played. people put their heart and souls into those graphics and storylines. its truly amazing how the community is so accepting of others. no matter the age. i am almost 18 years old and i still play for the horror games and tycoons!! its an outstanding game and really lets people show off their creativity. I could never create some of the games on there. people will go out of their ways to extend games and make multiple parts when people find games intriguing. i have played multiple games and they really take the time to put in work for others to enjoy. i was never interested in roblox until about 2 years ago. There are so many games to choose from and so many genres for people with different likes. even the games that didnt have a lot of graphics and a whole lot of storylines are still cherished. and the OBBYS, omg, they are amazing. love me a good obby with multiple levels. the difficulty charts are my favorite. there are simple role play games i decide to join my friends on. we goof around with the objects there. and i love to be able to build my own houses on platforms that allow me to build my dream home. this is by far the best community Ive been in..Version: 2.503.338

Best game everThis games is best game. I spend hours playing it.but the only thing I hate is having to pay robux to enter levels. Hope this games could get better.😁.Version: 2.307.149105

Roblox is a jokeWhen I play Roblox on mobile or a computer I randomly get disconnected for no reason and it says check your internet connection when my internet connection is completely fine Roblox please fix this this is really annoying and I can’t play anything.Version: 2.428.401006

My personal view of RobloxRoblox is one of the best games I’ve played yet I have been playing it for years and years and years one of the most rated games is adopt me and I am getting on very well on it one thing on Roblox that I do get annoyed that is the chat I know swear words should be blocked off by hashtags but besides that it’s one of the most greatest games I’ve ever played and another one is animations mocap is amazing some of the people on there are quite rude but still just I ignore them and then I just get on with the game and say to people even though the strangers I’m still nice and I say do you want to come and dance with me like in a friendly way and people dance with me and on adopt me my niece joins me and gives me money for helping with my house and although I struggle to get money because I sometimes pay attention to what my niece is doing so I don’t get to do my pet tasks but it’s still a nice game there are scammers on there so I suggest when you’re playing it when they give me a free pet for like 10 lemonades don’t do it because they will scam you and I’ve been scammed many times before so I know what it feels like. Anyways it’s a great game I suggest you playing it I mean the age rate is I think it’s seven but it’s an awesome game and I definitely suggest you playing it but if you don’t it’s just my opinion so you can’t just dislike my opinion is my opinion so... Anonymous.Version: 2.465.417621

Best creative game ever but a couple of small issues.GamingWithJen inspired me to play roblox. I think roblox is a friendly, creative game. It’s a game where people can put there minds to anything and create on whatever digital device there using. It can make really anything possible in just one little game. Or should I say an awesome popular game! However, there are WAY to many online daters and cyber bullies. And the worst of all is the scammers. The robux scammers. I’ve fallen for them countless times and luckily I haven’t gotten my account taken away. I recommend this game 10+. I have even gotten bullied countless times for people calling me a “Krabby Patty” just because my name has Pat in it. My favourite game is bloxburg, but the only problem about that is that there are way to many online daters, scammers, ect. I used to prefer games with admin because you could kick and ban people for when they’re doing things wrong. But then I just found out that admin led to admin abusing, which turned into bullying and innocent people getting banned and kicked for no reason. Overall I think this game is creative and amazing but yet a few small problems. I think there should be some way to stop this from happening but there is nothing I can do about but to post this message. I know about reporting, but that never usually works. If you’re friends with the creator of a game, your very lucky that you can tell them to report those people..Version: 2.413.370504

My favourite game but...Roblox is a very addicting game and it is my favourite(its not addicting for everyone) but theres a few thing i need to say, First kf all if you are on mobile, ipad/tablet and phone you will find a annoying thing, that is the camera glitch, you may be asking what im talking about, or thinking, the camera glitch is a problem for mobile, ipad/tablet and phone users, let me explain. Recently people have been complaining about when they press the roblox icon in the top left corner in any game sometimes when they resume the camera goes all funny and only can zoom in and zoom out, this doesn't go wrong on pc only the devices i have said it has the problems on, please fix this so people can play properly, also people have been complaining that you have to spam reports to get a mods attention on your problem... And i have indeed dont think people get banned from my reports, please make sure a couple of your mods are active for the reports! Also recently there has been alot of online dating, bullying, scamming and innapropiate avatars, i think you should check up on roblox cause its really not normal... And thats my Review, thank you please notice this have a good day!.Version: 2.562.360

Roblox is the best but I have a few problems with itHere’s why I do not like Roblox a little you can’t say numbers for some reason I know people don’t want you to say your real age or anything they even got rid of the SS glitch so you could say numbers now every time I try and say SS7 or just regular seven it hashtags me like what’s the deal with that and I don’t know if it’s just my type of phone but if I play for at least two or one hour I instantly get logged off and you need to upgrade your friend limit because what if I get logged out and I’m already at the Max friend limit and because every time this happens I have to literally unfriend someone just so I can let them be my friend like why should I have to do that just to get a friend at least upgraded to 1000 or 900 that would be way better but overall roblox is the great game I’ve playing Roblox since 2018 and now I am almost to prom so close also you need to upgrade your Roblox and keep it at the same price because ain’t nobody got $1 million just to get a 900 roebucks at least make it 1010 or $11 to get maybe 2000 or 1000 roebucks also in Royal hi why are the hills so expensive I’m going to end up wasting 1 million roebucks just to get one pair of heels but like I said roblox is a good game I definitely suggest playing this you’re instantly fall in love with this game like me but thanks for reading my review bye! By the way no offense on the game.Version: 2.442.409372

GreatIt’s a great game and I play it a lot. Thanks for this great game.Version: 2.366.267700

My opinion on Roblox <3Roblox is a fascinating app! With many different games on it!! It even has some rules like no bullying or online dating and more i think this app deserves a 5 star rating for all the effort the creators put into it! We can even create our own games in Roblox! And I’m sure everybody loves that feature, even avatar editing and display names are cool and Roblox is awesome but some people break the rules of Roblox in terms of online dating, bullying, cheating/hacking and other things and it’s very unfair for other players if I ever see someone breaking rules I just ignore them or leave the server. It’s best not to make a big deal out of it, that way the person or people with get bored and leave. And I love that you can change your passwords! It can save you from being hacked and I have a friend who was hacked and lost all her pets in a Roblox game named ‘Adopt Me’ fortunately she still has some pets and stuff!! I really love the feature of 3D clothing, it’s awesome! I love most things about Roblox, especially the fun games! It’s also great you can make group chats, groups, friends, followers or follow people!! Every feature is great and unique for all! I hope everyone enjoys their time on Roblox! And has fun with new friends and more! :D P.S. I suggest giving Roblox a high rating for better updates/upgrades :).Version: 2.555.874

- Roblox's Ups and Downs -Well, there are multiple reasons why i wouldnt or would give this a whooping 5-stars, and here is just a small little tinge of how many down there are. Ups will be later. Firstly, the hackers. We all know that almost every multiplayer game has hackers, but roblox just has an almost-unacceptable amount, roblox hasnt updated their "firewall" ( what i call it ) at almost at all. I dont think that roblox should shutdown for a month, but more of close for a couple weeks, witha an in mind. And also, there are many bugs and the game is almost never smooth, ive had full bars and still would be stuck in the air for about 5 seconds. Now the ups, ( ofc there will only be 2, relating the same with the downs.) Roblox does have an amazing game-creating app, it has so many options. it is very smooth and saves almost everything, even when my computer breaks down. And also, ( another game-related ) the games on roblox are truly unbelievable, the detail and small effects. They, ( as in the community and roblox ) are truly amazing and keeping the game up and alive. Now, i think the universally accepted opinion, That the community of roblox has brought the platform so high and so low. But we pushed through it >:D And if you have read this far, thank you so much for spending your time, maybe spend some making another review? It lets other players see how the game is and if its worth deleting a crossword puzzle for the space..Version: 2.582.400

Amazing app! But, there a lot of server issues! When you email about hackers nothing gets done!So recently I got robux and changed my outfit with my robux. Before I bought my Robux, in Adopt Me I got my 2 dream pets (a koala and a kangaroo), my koala was Fly Ride and my Kangaroo was only Ride. With my robux I decided to make my Kangaroo Flyable. For the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of server issues. When I go into Roblox it says there is a sever issue but 2 of my friends were online playing games, it wouldn’t let me join them or play any game without joining them. I’m really scared bc I don’t want my account to get hacked bc I have worked really hard to get my account to where it is today. Also a couple of months ago, my BFF got her account hacked. We tried logging in on all of out devices, nothing worked! She was crying for ages and never trusted any of her friends again. She had told me her password but I would never change it bc I know how hard she had worked to get her account to where it was. Roblox has told us they would review it but they never did. My BFF had to start all over again, on a new account. I think that if these 2 things got fixed the game would be so much better, and get a lot more people to play it..Version: 2.441.408614

Awesome but maybe some fixes here and there?Firstly I want to shout out to Leah Ashe. She was the person who inspired me to play roblox!! Roblox is basically my favourite online game. You can play with friends and make new online friends. The games that you can play on it are seriously endless! I understand the creator of roblox all together does not creat all of the games. But I want to suggest one thing, Bloxburg is a very popular game on roblox! There for everyone wants to play the game. So if possible I would love someone to reach out to the amazing developer/s of bloxburg and maybe ask for bloxburg to be free, as we all know it is 25 ROBUX and not everyone wants or can spend money on a game! My fav games on roblox are bloxburg, adopt me, murder mystery 2 and Royal high! There are lots of scammers on basically all of these games and that makes me very sad :(. Also I’m wondering if someone can prevent hackers. I’ve had 3 accounts and 2 out of 3 of my accounts have been hacked and I’ve not been able to get back in so I really wish to stop the hackers!! Over all, this game is seriously incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE! Creator of roblox, you deserve 5 stars for a great game that so many people can play all over the world! I love this game so much and this game will definitely go far! Roblox user: XxPanda_tillxX.Version: 2.439.407706

The new studyThe 🤖 first thing that I iiiii to say to myself was I love the new font and the new font is so cute and cute and Roblox there’s lots of people who are so cool and cool and cool and cool like you Hackers will be there’s no other way to get it to you I don’t know what to do I don’t know what you want to do you want to go to the store and get it to you and then you can go to my house 🏠 and get it for me you can go to a restaurant and you get it and I will give LOL You can come here if I don’t come to you and I want you can go to the restaurant and I can go to your place but I can go to the bar or something and then you can come Adrien Flores and then you can go to the store and then you can go to the store and then you can go back home and get the food 🍱 you want you don’t need a ride to the restaurant and you don’t need a taxi you just have a ride there you can drive to the airport you can come here and this happened Roblox is starting nowadays I have a new place in my phone and you have a lot to learn to go back home so I can get a job I don’t want you to this place 👁️ that I want you to come here and then you can go to the bar I you can just come back home.Version: 2.564.444

Best game ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️I 100% recommend Roblox!! It is so fun!! If you don’t like 1 game just play a different one. It’s as easy as that!! There are sooo many different games to play! I love playing with my friends and making new ones. 😁 I play Roblox a lot and even if you don’t it’s still fun! I could talk about Roblox alll day 😘 it’s my favourite game ever. (Also I sound like a bot lol) I just really like Roblox it’s super fun and enjoyable. 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳.Version: 2.437.406997

RobloxAmazing but laggy.Version: 2.424.392804

Great game just a few problems…Hi there. First, this game is really fun. It has lots of interesting experiences and more. One of the downsides is about robux. It’s stupid that you can’t earn robux by playing experiences, or doing other stuff on the app. I had to convince my mom to buy me some robux. And if you want to earn it free, you have to go on a hole different app! Thank God that there’s Kinjo. Lucky for me, I found a lot of stuff free so my avatar looks pretty cool. Before I got the app I definitely made sure to look at the other reviews. I’ve never had this problem before but I just wanted to mention it : getting banned. A lot of people said that they gotten banned for a small thing. I think you guys should give out warnings. Before banning.. also I’ve heard about account hacking. You guys should really get some more security for our accounts so they don’t get hacked. My besties account got hacked and she had to make a new account on Roblox. And also sometimes there is glitches in experiences and you’re on full Wi-Fi and cellular data… please fix please bugs, or improve them! That would be highly appreciated & helpful! Sorry about the really long review, but I just wanted to say all that was needed. I just have to say that the creator/creators of Roblox are awesome! They made this amazing game where you can make your own game and other people can play it. Thank you for reading and have a good day..Version: 2.591.630

Really good game but a few minor problemsPersonally I LOVE Roblox, but I have come across a few minor bugs and just overall problems. The worst bug I have come across is the game crashing. It may just be because I am a mobile player, but it just happens really randomly. For example I could be playing with my friends and the game crashes on me for no reason, it doesn’t even come up with a message to give me a reason why it crashed. Next is reporting people. There could be someone bullying or harassing someone and then they report that person/people. They never get banned, suspended or even a warning message from what I’ve experienced. Lagging games. This bug is probably the most common bug on Roblox. Some lagging is from a bad device, bad internet or a slow game. But I have had VERY bad lagging experiences. Here is one example, so one time I wanted to join my friend on a game we both really liked. The game didn’t have any major details and it definitely wasn’t a slow game. It was all going really smooth until my game randomly started lagging. At first it wasn’t too bad but then it got worse and worse. Eventually my friend and I just decided to leave the game and play something else. But apart from those bugs! Roblox is DEFINITELY my favourite game EVER!!! Thank you for creating such a great platform for exploring and creating..Version: 2.425.394331

Why should you let your child play roblox?For my own personal experience, I have been playing roblox for 6 years (2015). There are plently games to play in Roblox but some of them are not good for younger ages and I respect that but however Roblox are trying to take actions on it and he had putted extra protection (Hashtags). In 2015ish that period was little not too protected and now it is very strict system where you can’t say numbers or curses and yet there are some unnessesary points that are too protected but it is great to see that. Robux is a big issues in Roblox and yes I do understand that Roblox wants profits and, Robux is a fictional money in Roblox which requires a real money. I am very aware that many childrens want Robux because everyone “have” it. Some people are treated differently by their looks, a “noob” is a slang word for people who didn’t buy robux or are new to it. Overall, I have met many long time friends with all over the world and I get to experience their worlds and they get to experiences mine. Roblox is a such great way to socialise and make new friends but there are some trollers but there is also a report system where you can report and get Roblox investigate that kind of situations which is great and it will be very good to let your children know that kind of infomation, overall the experience for me is very good and I would gladly play roblox..Version: 2.467.418331

Feedback :)Roblox is such an amazing game and here is feedback! Although Adopt me had a lot of scams, I’m glad you listened and added a feature where it questions you after you accept trade to make sure it’s fair! For games like royal high, it’s a bit glitchy on devices like mobile and iPad, but somehow it’s gotten way less glitchy and now I am able to play! I suggest allowing a feature where game creators can add a how to play section (when you click the game and see a picture as well ad the game information) so that players can understand the game, because for me, I am finding it hard to understand the objective of royal high! This is a unnecessary suggestion but maybe you could add a little social media feature where you can post photos (even videos?) on your profile to make the follower feature more noticeable! We could even do game reviews on there and make hashtags for our own games, which people can use when they mark posts about them! In conclusion, thanks for listening to my long review and I’m out! Hello this is me as of December 2021. I am having a problem with the app. When i open it, it keeps saying ‘retry’ and that my internet is off. But my wifi works for everything else. I found out other people aren’ able to access it either (on social media like tiktok) and would suggest trying to fix his error as I haven’t been able to play for over 3 -4 months :(.Version: 2.505.419

IM PRETTY OBSESSED 😍This game is so fun you can make virtual friends and see if you know a friend and they have Roblox but you're not their friend on Roblox ha ha, you can ask them to be your friend on Roblox you have many good games on Roblox but it's really really good but the one game that I think I don't like is the granny that does not even move does not touch well that's what I don't like I love random and yeah but still I'm really happy that Roblox was titled in 18 something or 19 something I don't care so yeah you can get your phone numbers like y'all can call and you know them often called is a chat thing I love Roblox it's a really fun game you make virtual friends I love when you get when you guys can make virtual friends and me and my friend so I love how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it's OK do you know where it is is how you guys are supporting Roblox like this because I had so much trouble in Roblox but it's OK there's no more issues now there's no more issues now with Roblox so now we can just have fun player games and have fun this is a good good game so yeah. And when there is so so so much fun games you your friend everybody can play because of you guys you guys can laugh I can sing like whatever there's so much games like I like among us MM to a.k.a. murder mystery mow the lawn get real money from him there's granny there's Jenna yeah so yeah well I just love Roblox so bye.Version: 2.560.362

My review on Roblox 🍍🏝️Dear, Everyone and Roblox I love the app so so much it’s really lovely😀but, as lovely as it is,THE LIMITEDS are so ANNOYING like one of my dreams is to get the super super happy face, but I’ll never get enough like Roblox please lower the prices it’s to much will you please put the super super happy face for 1,000 robux because that’s a fair price,like if you keep making limiteds for that much, nobody is gonna buy them, I love Roblox though it’s a very fun app!! You can always explore its so much fun I would also like someone from Roblox to read this,I hope it’s helpful I love the game, but also someone reported me, and I got banned and I didn’t do anything, but since I’ve got band IM SO LAGGY like every game I play it’s go’s blurey it’s so annoying like bruh, also I think you should have some more free items like more hair and clothes because lots of people don’t have robux, and I don’t think it’s fair you should like every time you do a obby you could get robux? I think that’s fair, I don’t want it to sound like I keep complaining lol, but on the other hand it’s so fun I play everyday for like 3 hours, and I really Injoy it, there are lots of games to play like millions to play and I can’t believe like you can do that much I’m kinda doing this long I’m really sorry but I love that you can play with your friends and talk to the Your thanks A RANDOM PLAYER.Version: 2.577.506

AidenGet to customise your own players you get to play games you get to create other games and then you get to be nice to people on servers and this games like blocks foods and there’s games that you can eat food and get big and this game is that you can pump some iron yeah and there’s games that you’re gonna have fun this game is that you can build your own founders games does this game is it just really cool I love seeing games games games games games games games games games games and that’s why I love Roblox because Roblox is really really really good and I mean really good and because it has really experienced games and that’s why I like Roblox so much and I mean so so so much so thank you for letting me read your game and Roblox is really good anyways I hope you can give me some Lego for a few thousand Robux because I need Robux Robux please so I can play on blocks fruits of the creative of Roblox the Roblox characters the creator of Roblox is is hearing this message right now I’m just saying I really box is really nice and really cool so if you’re reading this report I’m just saying Roblox is really cool and you guys should keep making game and also games like Roblox games on Roblox games on Roblox but I don’t want the glitches to be fixed the only glitches is like the glitch is that like delete your account or something and I’m just saying that Roblox is really good and making games like block shoots.Version: 2.528.404

😍😆💙❤️Rahaf Rating Roblox how fun it is ❤️💜🤩😝I love this game this is the only game I mostly play who ever made this game is the best and Ty for making this fun game I really LOVE IT ! It’s like the best when I first played this game I started to like it and than my dad buyed me some Robux of corse !😂 and than I started to play it a lot and Ty for make a good age so also kids can play this game is like so famous. Love THIS!!! 🤩 🫶🏻❤️❤️also u can make a lot of friends I already have like 200 friends and of corse it’s already max 😢 but it’s still FUN 😆and it’s good having friends in Roblox and I can never get bored of Roblox .it have like 40 million games and u can’t get bored of them it basically have all of the games in App Store it also have it self ! And Roblox is the funnest game ever I like Roblox it’s the best. u can’t say it’s NOT. I even like it as a teenager also a adult maybe and I been playing Roblox for years maybe like when I was 3? I think idk but it’s still the best game EVER!!!✌🏻❤️✌🏻❤️✌🏻and now imma talk about the stuff I hate about Roblox so like when u have Robux and u buy an outfit and than a few days later it already deleted and when u want more friends but u can’t 200 is the max thing I wish they made it like to 1000 or more and like when u want to say the people real name it don’t show and u can’t tell people about where u live and ur house number and ur real name ugh🙄🙄 and that’s what I hate about Roblox but I still love IT 😍.Version: 2.572.482

I ❤️ RobloxI have been playing roblox since 2017 and now and it never gets boring. There are a lot of games that you can play and always new ones to try out! I think Roblox is a great game because you can interact with people on it in the game and either use the text chat or vc (voice chat) which you do need an Id for. You do have to be 13+ to have vc and even if parents let their children under the age of 13 get vc I don't recommend it for little children because people can basically say whatever they want and some things can be inappropriate or they can say cuss words. One other thing about this game that I don't really like is that a lot of people have been creating "fake" items that look like a replica of expensive items and are faking that they have the item. Almost all of the fakes are overflowing in the shop and its really annoying. Another thing with the avatar's is that some people overlap a lot of 3D clothing items which makes their avatar really really big and it's also annoying because it takes up a lot of the screen. The last thing is that when people play on mobile, when they get a friend request, it pops up over the jump button and its a little frustrating. Overall, I really love this game and children of all ages should be able to play this as long as the parent's have some restrictions for it. Like what games they can play and who they can talk to..Version: 2.611.432

Entertaining , Too expensive .My 2 daughters love roblox , but they always ask me to get them Robux. I would have gave them “ The Robux “ But I checked the price and it blew me away! They do say it’s very ‘ nice , challenging , Fun ‘ Looks interesting! But later a month ago , I started my first Roblox account . You might be wondering “ Why? “ Because my girls talk about it everywhere! So I decided to try it and see what’s so special and fun about it . I started as a complete “ poor noob . “ I know hood because my daughters talk and give me a story about it . I even think I look horrible! But a month later I found out one of my daughters favourite game , called ‘ Berry avenue. ‘ my second daughter’s favourite game is ‘ Adopt me . ‘ They say it’s very populer . So I tried it . Tried out berry avenue first . Played it a while . My daughter started seeing ‘ codes ‘ I had NO clue . But when I found out it was ACTULLY just outfits that’s more unique , And not in berryave ( berry avenue).Version: 2.594.524

About my favourite gameHi this is Serendyball that’s my user anyways hello just wanna say something so you know how you can get robux and make your character look better so my dream stuff I wanted to get is headless and also korblox but them together is 48k robux and I am 10 years old so I don’t know how to get it because I do not understand what star codes are meant for so I can’t also but robux with out my mum and dad permission so if you could and I’m begging I will make roblox a better game so if you could please make headless cheaper like 10,800 please and for korblox I know korblox is 17k my mum is never get that much robux for me because you know mums these days 😂anyways for korblox like I said I know it is 17k but just make it the same amount as headless because how on earth are people gonna get 50 k when there 10 like wha please roblox like said every day I will give you a star rate and that star rate will be 5 stars please please I’m begging I will do anything I just sit in my bed sometimes thinking in my head ughhh I really really really really really really really really want headless and korblox because you you know it looks cool I know it’s wired but I just like it so I begging you please please please pls pls pls pls pls pls I’m BEGGING YOU SERIOUSLY I AM PLEASEEEE MAKE IT CHEAPER.Version: 2.548.523

It’s a amazing game needs a few changes thoThe game is really fun although i think the chat needs to be fixed a little bit because roblox will just Tag out a word/number and then most people will think your saying a bad word and you get reported and one time when I was playing with my friend (me and him like to make fun and call each other names) i called my friend a monkey (it tagged for me so I wasn’t sure if anyone else could see it by the way) as a joke and someone reported me, the fact I wasn’t trying to be rude to anyone and I’ve been banned for 1 day because a word tagged and it probably looked like a bad word with the sentence i said and one other time I was minding my own business and someone was calling me trash and making fun of me, i told them to stop they said no i started getting mad and told them to shut up but I reported them before I said that and the game told me “a unexpected error has happened please try again later” so I left the game and it said i was banned for 1 day (a lot of people were also making fun of me and were with the other person and against me for some reason) and I got mad bc it wasn’t my fault so the game is fun until people report you for no good reason or make fun of you and you get mad and you get banned other then that the game is amazing to play with friends or even when you have no one to play with, thanks for reading this!!!.Version: 2.573.506

My roblox review (i think roblox is awesome)So the thing is, roblox is good and all that but theres a couple things that annoy me No.1 I am slightly annoyed about this but i wish you can make games on phone No.2 Roblox has loads of good games but theres just so much i like i dunno what to choose so maybe in the games there should be like a recently played section so i know what i just played No.3 (last one) roblox is good and all that but when you wanna make animations or layered clothing you cant if your on a phone Now lets talk about what i like No.1 Roblox is a good game and deserves to be a 5 star game because of how brilliant it is No.2 i love all the games and entertainment No.3 roblox is good and you can like say you wanna type something but like you dunno how to spell a word but noo i cant talk with my in real life voice whyyy AND HERE COMES THE GOOD NEW VOICE CHAT/VC so now this is changing your experience which makes roblox the best best best best very very very best game of all time No.4 you can get robux from clothes depending on 30% of the clothes you mades price so its a win win No.5 its just awesome good great incredible brilliant super game ever like its just so good i dont know how to explain it My fav game is find the markers, clone yourself, find the bacons, ftf (flee the facility) and mm2 (murder mystery 2) Hoped this helped your mind about roblox if you think its bad Now heres robloxes response:.Version: 2.609.387

EpicThis game is pure epicness if I’ve ever seen it🦊🦊🦊🦊.Version: 2.430.404271

Amazing!Roblox is probably the best app I have ever came across! The community is huge and almost everyone I know has Roblox! Definitely a good game for when you are bored! The only too reasons I give it four stars is because you have to pay to get the currency. Robux is the currency. There is no other way to get robux and people may call you a noob if you don’t have robux. However, I am lucky and have a little bit of robux. The other reason why I give it a four star is because of the chat filter. Some stuff like numbers get hash tagged out. I get it, kids can sometimes be a bit unaware of who their talking to but there really is no point. As kids find someway to say numbers anyways. Not even people over the age of thirteen can say numbers! I will give them some credit for the chat filter as it does really help in terms of kids safety. You cannot stay stuff like my name is, my address is, and all of that..Version: 2.421.385673

Good but has its ups and downsRoblox, It's a community full of fun loving people who just want to have a good time role playing, adopting and more! But unfortunately I can name some things that have affected my review on the game. Every one or two months roblox will ask me to update it now for the last 6 hours I've been trying to update it and sadly it will not update. The second thing that effects my review on roblox is the scammers. On games like adopt me and simulator games you will be able to trade your items now these items may have ranks and levels. Usually the levels are uncommon,common,rare, ultra rare and legendary. Most of the time people are aiming to get as many legendaries as they can as it is the best you can get. This activity may lead to what we call scamming, people may scam you by accepting a trade but taking things away last second so they get the good stuff and you get the bad stuff another scam people may do is by asking to do a trust trade. A trust trade is where you or the other player trade some items in one trade then accept or decline if accepted you will trade them again and add your item but sometimes people do not do this and instead they ask the other player to go first and when they are about to do the second trade the scammer will leave with the given item.I hope roblox looks into this a bit more and help to prevent scamming.Version: 2.611.432

Best Video Game EverThis game is very fun. I LOVE IT!<3 I really recommend this app l. It’s super fun! But be careful to not get addicted lol Download it now!!.Version: 2.409.358770

PerfectThe game’s perfect. Keep updating!!!.Version: 2.409.358770

Mobile roblox review.In this review I’ll be talking about mobile roblox instead of the pc and console counterparts as there all a bit different. For starters roblox on mobile can be incredibly laggy sometimes often causing you to close down the game which can be really annoying while playing games like MadCity. The shop and avatar editor have also been changed quite a lot and not in a good way. First off it is really annoying how you can colour in certain body parts with one colour like you can on pc its really frustrating as you can only colour yourself in a single colour as you can’t dress up as the noob avatar. They also made it overly complicated to just search up clothing it’s also quite hard to simply equip items. The controls are also pretty bad on mobile but is done better then some games the screen is obviously smaller and makes the quality of the screen look pretty crappy and dated. The chat is also a bit slow normally taking a few seconds to show a message. And some games like mega noob simulator are pretty hard to play on mobile as they were mostly aimed at pc players. The friend menu has also been changed and is a pretty big downgrade from pc as when you search somebody’s name normally nothing will come up. I’d like to say that mobile does something better then pc but it just doesn’t. I overall just recommend you play pc instead..Version: 2.536.458

Absolutely amazing but..Hi, pls fix the crashing issue that's happening on roblox. Mostly on iPads. I really wanna play properly with my friends but I can't because is lags and crashing every second. Please fix this...Version: 2.430.404271

Absolutely amazing but there are some flaws.Roblox is an amazing game, I’ve been playing it for 5 years now and I almost never get bored playing it. There’s always new things to do and new things to create. Recently I’ve started creating games on roblox and learning roblox’s scripting language, Lua, was quick and easy to learn. One thing that I’ve always loved about roblox was when I wanted to play a certain genre like let’s say a FPS or puzzle game roblox always will have new game I can play and experience. A note to parents as well, most Roblox games helps children learn about stuff they may not learn in school and give good advice. Roblox does have some flaws though, online dating is more common in roblox than you may think and it’s really easy for your child to ‘participate’ in online dating with roleplay games like “adopt me” or in the recently banned “Adopt and raise a child”, which still has copies of it in roblox, so there are some risks you may take when getting roblox for your child. in-game currency is also a big part of Roblox, with Robux being their currency there have been many reports of children buying robux without parent permission. Other than that Roblox is a wonderful game to fill children with creativity, whether it be playing games that teach children information important for certain jobs or whether it’s learning how to script and showing the world what your child/you can create..Version: 2.482.424268

Awesome gameAmazing game I love playing it I play everyday and it never gets old you don’t just have to play the same game everyday you can find different games to play my favourite game to ply is flee the facility and treasure hunt simulator those are my favourite games right now and what’s so good is that if I get bored of them then I can always find a different game most games do lots of updates like Christmas updates and Halloween updates etc it’s an amazing game to play whenever you are board you can play with your friends and chat with them you don’t have to be friends with someone you don’t want to you can also change what you look like and also get robux so that you can buy things to make your avatar cooler and game passes the only down thing about roblox is the price it’s very expensive on computer on iPad it’s okay but you don’t get that much my favourite way to get robux is gift cards you can get them from game stores but it’s a really cool game to play so I think you should download it and give it a try!.Version: 2.375.284048

Awesome gameWhen I first tried roblox out I thought it was a bad game but once i really started playing it was awesome.Version: 2.434.405774

Good game but there are scary people.When I was a bit younger I heard how popular this game was getting. Just trying to fit in, I ended up getting the game. I had fun playing with friends and schoolmates and I even bought Robux which was pretty fun. However it is important to keep in mind that although it is a children's game there are predators out there. This one time I was playing this game, and this random person starts trying to talk to me. I am generally very careful with online gaming because you never know what can happen. Anyways, as I was saying, this person comes up and he starts trying to talk to me. I was kind enough to encourage a little bit of conversation but then the topics got weird. This person all of a sudden kept following me around everywhere I went. I was a little confused but then he started asking me personal questions. I had no intention of answering their questions anymore and was worried because he was being very obvious that he was trying to stalk me. They figured out my name and then for the next few days I kept noticing that they were kind of tracking what games I played. After a while the issue ended and I was glad it got resolved. But it was still pretty weird and I urge parents to be aware of who their children are talking to and playing with. Anyone more naive could have easily fallen into a trap like this. Have fun with this game but I recommend just being smart while online gaming as a good general rule of thumb..Version: 2.514.398

Well it is still a great game butSo I love roblox but I think they need to fix all the break down and now in time I am texting this there is a quick log in I don’t think that is a great idea because hackers hack you by that and not sending hate to adopt me but I think like do not take down adopt me but I think people are getting hacked more by that game like I love adopt me but the game is to overrated and by that people hack people more also something they should fix of adopt me is literally it is just a robux game like I get 800 every month but like adopt me is just a robux game and I don’t care if it is but just the prices like I remember for the lava dragon it cost like 1000 or more like a good price for that is 650 and now I cant log in my account in another device because I don’t know how to use the quick log in it keeps telling me number but like what number how am I gonna get the number so I don’t like quick log in and it breaks down like 2 times a year so if you can roblox could you fix it some how now it is Royal High royal high is like my favorite game but let’s just talk about those updates like the school as been ready like years ago but they had to delete it because someone leaked a small part of it and they had to restart it is still not in also the update in diamond beach that one is literally never coming because diamond beach as been out for like 2 years at this point.Version: 2.553.620

Awesome gameThis game is so awesome I play it 24/7 well almost 24/7. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!.Version: 2.307.149105

Caramel dogWhen I got the Roblox, I thought it was gonna be boring and so boring. I just don’t like it but when I started playing games, I instantly loved it even though it will be very boring sometimes but they can make it very fun Royal high is the best game of it Brookhaven. I love it stuff in the shops when I played it I would always love it. It’s so funny you can’t stop playing it you’re all but one the one thing I don’t like about that. Does he have to buy stuff, but who cares it is so funny you can play with friends or cousins you can chat. and you can like do anything with it I love it I love everything about this game. I literally love it sometimes when like your cousins are your friends and not on it I still love it no matter what I’ll try and get Roblox on every device so keep it up Roblox I love this game..Version: 2.566.546

AmazingRoblox is a fun, exciting game for many children to play. There are many varieties of games to choose from and enjoy with your friends! I’ve been playing this game for as long as i can remember and it’s great. However, I have some small complaints. 1: on some specific games, hackers are now taking over. For example, ragdoll engine. The game used to be decent but as more hackers have hacked the game, they have been bombing, pushing you off the map, making the game laggy and it isn’t as decent as before. Maybe you could ban hackers to help? 2: Online dating. Now I know you can’t really control online dating as it is the people behind the screen who ‘date’ but some things could be changed. An idea of mine is possibly kicking/ banning the person if they use some ‘inappropriate’ words. This is mainly because a lot of young children play roblox and mainly all of them are not safe for little ones. 3: (and finally) robux. A lot of roblox players are aware of the deleted clothing items and i’m sure it annoys them as much as it does me. Whenever we buy clothing, with our OWN robux, they get deleted and our robux goes to waste. This is my main problem. The amount of clothing that have been deleted and my robux has gone to a massive waste is pretty bad. Is there any way we could get a refund of the deleted clothings? Aside from them, it’s a fun, epic game!.Version: 2.598.613

AMAZING GAME but some problems.Okay first off this game IS THE BEST!!! I’m not a Minecraft person or something. I always recommend this game to my friends. But there are a few problems. First off fan made games! I’m am so ripped off when I see: Oh! There’s a new game to this! Not! It’s so unfair! Plus I am annoyed because you can friend total strangers! I constantly have people friend me! Like hello! This could be a 50 year old man or woman trying to get your information! Also the chat! I know you can block bad language and I totally support that! Thank you! But they also block things that aren’t bad words! Plus they are games where you can can send pictures of yourself! Or a voice recording! And you can’t block bad words in that! Plus in the chat I’ve seen people be racist and then like a total jerk they say: Oh sorry! I WAS JUST KIDDING! You can’t say things after you’ve done such a terrible thing! Also it gets me so annoyed some parents let they’re kids friend whoever they want! Hello! 50 year old man! I hope you remember what I’m talking about when you download this! But don’t let this review make you not get Roblox! They’re may need to be some changes to make it a safe environment for kids, but if you don’t count that I LOVE THIS GAME! It is truly great I always beg my parents to let me play it! So don’t let this review get in the way of you downloading Roblox! I hope you love it when YOU get it!.Version: 2.602.625

The best game (pls read)The roblox team incredible. I can’t believe they put the time and effort to make it! There are a few flaws…… I’ll start with the last worst 1: Not everyone has robux…. I appreciate that you made it kind of cheap… But a lot of kids don’t have permission to get them. Even if it is their own money! Their parents are on tight budgets. And the kids get bullied for having a cool starter avatar… 2: Reporting does nothing…. Once I reported someone for bullying. Being ablest Body shaming And much more… Even when I go back to check their account it is always active…. Which must have meant no one looks at reports…. Now these are all equal so I will add them in the same one 3: Sexual references online dating hackers and scammers. Once I was just playing rate my avatar. I was quite happy. I had a booth! But a bacon came and said it was his booth and I stole it…. Soon after he was being very inappropriate and he called me this “Baba grill” I had no idea what he meant But I found out he was saying this “Baby girl” But he used “Baba grill” For a loop hole. I didn’t know how to report so I just left. I do love one review. The name of it was “great amazing but everyone needs to know this” She/He/They was so amazing to do all of that in her review it’s very brave and takes a lot of courage. Sorry for any incorrect spelling! Your’s Truly ISpeakLots I AM A KID.Version: 2.543.566

Amazing but a few minor thingsRoblox is an AMZING game and I love playing it every single day but there are too many online daters and cyberbullies . For example there are actually people going around telling people that they are ugly and calling them fat and names and telling them to kill themselves even in real life and to me that’s completely unacceptable because people shouldn’t be talking to other people like that who they don’t even know and I find it really really REALY hard to play any games when people are just trying to be rude for no exact reason. And the other thing is hackers. There is a lot of people who are losing there accounts like me friend who got there account hacked by a hacker and won’t be able to access it. And I’m just hoping that you would be able to get ready of any hackers because they are not doing the right thing. They are hacking games and sometimes are doing things that are scary to others. Last thing is the online daters. There are many online daters on roblox as I have seen it my self when playing and sometimes it get really really dirty and inappropriate for younger players . The younger people should be witnessing these things and in my opinion I think players like that should be banned for that one reason. BESIDES all of that roblox is a really fun and fascinating game.Version: 2.388.307917

Adopt me is the best thing ever!!!!!First before I say anything The people who made Roblox please make it so u can click on someone and give them robux bc my friend is not allowed to get robux and I can’t give her any unless I make a group and that wastes my robux :(.When I first got on to Roblox I started as a noob but my friends told me to play adopt me, I started like anyone with a starter egg but as time when on I got more and more amazing pets my friend even gave me my first ride. Now after about 5 months of playing a have 6 fr 15 r and 1 f. I am so happy with this app especially with all the updates to make it even better. The only thing I would hate on is scammers now these r people who play the game so it is not the games fault so keep an eye out for scammers and again play Roblox and adopt me. But don’t waste hundreds of dollars on it only 10 per month or something like that :D hope this was helpful to whoever is reading it. :D.Version: 2.558.227

Read this a.k.a. TipsSo about Roblox this is the number one tip if you ever get banned on Roblox there will be a no about like two days one day if it’s your first time and if you are gonna get banned, make sure you can’t cuss or hack if you had you will definitely get banned and you can’t really stand up for your friend but you can try second tip. There will might be a mean person on Roblox, so just leave that game and just go to a different server and that’s another way to get banned if you get hacked, just leave the game or like just play a different game that’s not Roblox and then if you get signed I’ll just do it again because that’s what happened to me today and then if you have Robux well, that’s a different way to say money on Roblox u get rich that’s what I am and then if you have Robux you can do whatever I want but if you don’t, you can’t really do anything like change your the third thing about Roblox you can’t get on other peoples nerve so can I like you get banned like this? That’s the thing that if you want or poor people like if they say your mom is mean that’s what happened to me and if someone else is being mean to you just ask them why being mean to me and if they say something mean back leave the game but I love the game because there’s not that much mean people and is there mean to you just say that they’re just sad with there life thank you for reading this.Version: 2.589.593

One of the greatest games of my life, and always will be.Roblox is one of my most favourite games and it’s is fun and addictive and kinda attractive. It’s like a game in a game and I love the game and you can socialise play with friends and more and if I had to rate this from a 1-20 I would give it a 1 MILLION!!! Yes I agree roblox can be improved but this is a game for the ages I mean it’s mind-blowing and AWSOME!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Although... there is ONE thing that I cannot stand. TikTok Slenders. It just disgusts me, they make fun of other people and makes them sad just to make them think they look cool infront of random weird 60 year old men who hunt ppl in a kids game. If there was a way to stop slenders ( just delete stitchface ) I swear to god I hope I never see slenders again. I mean sure. My avatar has some sort of black tone, but it’s covered by cartoony rainbow stuff. Not only are slenders disgusting, but when they put ridiculous cringe videos on tiktok it just proves some people don’t have a life. Now listen, it’s not like I’m FULLY against them, some people just enjoy that kind of thing, and don’t get me wrong there’s so many more flaws that ruin the game, but for the most part it’s a fantastic experience and some people just have their own preferences for avatars and games. Now that’s me and my review finished, so here’s me signing off. - review made by Cole D. Burgess at the age of 15 years old..Version: 2.605.660

Not sure to let your kids play roblox?? Read thisI have been playing since I was just a little boy, and I love this game. This game provides many different options, including the option to have games for all ages, 9 and up, 13+, and many more, also, some games that may be gory, or just seemingly inappropriate for some players, will be eliminated from the use of children, it will automatically kick the kids out who aren’t at the right age verification. There is no inappropriate games, and Roblox is not realistic at all, some games have realistic cars, or stuff like that, but blood looks like a spilled open pixilated ketchup packet. Roblox offers voice chat for 13+ as of now, that may be changed in the future though. There is a chat feature that can be turned off with very simple parental controls, but don’t worry, you can’t even type anything your young children don’t need to see. I hope this helps and Roblox is really a great website whether you choose to let your kids play it or not. You can see the history of your kids recently played, just click the app, and it will show all the games your kids have been playing through the past month or so. I really hope this helps, and if you are wondering, “should I let my kids have Roblox”, I would do it. Oh and one last thing, if your kids ask for robux, save the misery, and just do it. Robux is online money. Hope this helps!!.Version: 2.559.373

Lots of pros a bit of some consSo I got this game not too long ago, and I thought it would be some weird game that I downloaded but it really wasn’t. In this game, you can hang out with friends in real life or make friends online. You can chat with people, and if you are not able to text people on normal messages, then Roblox is the game for you. There are millions of fun games to explore and personally mine are Berry Avenue, Expedition Antarctica, Driving Empire, Doors, and any scary games are fun if you like those type of games. Berry avenue is a fun game to explore and meet a ton of new people. Expedition Antarctica is a game where you go across Antarctica to head to the south pole with many obstacles on the way. If you like racing, then driving empire is a good game for you where you can race friends, earn money, buy cars, customize cars, ect. Although there are many many many pros in this game, there are a few cons along with it. Some people in this game could get sort of creepy and there are many hackers so if you see one in a game I recommend that you leave immediately. There are some online daters and things will get a bit inappropriate which I speak based on seeing this in a game called Brookhaven. If you want your child to not talk to online strangers, you could put on parental controls which are pretty helpful. Anyways, that’s all for my review and I hope you will try this game out..Version: 2.605.660

Beautiful love RobloxI’ve played this game for 10 years it’s been so much fun I played it with my friends it’s so good I love it when I was bored I would always play Roblox it was just my favorite Game in the whole wide world I loved it since I was 5 every time when my mom takes away all my technology I would always sneak out and play Roblox on my tablet it’s just a good game it’s not like it’s bad and now I’ve been playing it for a days now I’m 16 and I’ve been still playing it I never stopped it was so good now I have a Lotta friends are you been playing a lot of games on Roblox and I still play them they’re just good and ever since I never stopped playing I played most of the games I played phobias I played haunted hotels I played LOL surprise I played a lot of games and I never had to stop it was just good it was the best game I ever played it I never ever ever stopped so oh well I was 18 I’ve been still having it it was really old still having a tablet but I never wanted to stop it was good time having now I am34 still not stopped next day I am 35 it’s been a good day now I’m growing older but I’m still playing it until I die I never usually played all of my other games but I still think Roblox is the best better than anything better than any game but you know not better than God he made us but I still love Roblox now I am 99 and I almost gonna die but I still love Roblox and my family and my friends.Version: 2.535.277

Honestly the best game I have ever playedOkay…so this game is SO FUN and what I feel like is a safe game for children from the age 8+ this is because Roblox will tag out any swear words (even stupid) you can also get rid of the chat function if you are uncomfortable with your children using it to talk, If someone is being rude to you or is being mean in general you can report them and it will all be fixed p.s I have not come across this often. Now that is all the safety features that I can remember from the top of my head but there is many more out there. Now this game provides you with many variety’s of safe games for you to play. If you have a particular taste of games you are sure to find one that you would really love and enjoy, Roblox is a great way to pass the time when you are bored! You can also be creative with your avatar they don’t give you many option when you first start since you have 0 robux (Roblox money) you can buy this for real money but you don’t have to in order to play Roblox you will not be missing out on any of the fun if you don’t get robux! So don’t think you have to get robux because you can use this game for completely free without paying any real money. So I honestly think that this game is completely fine and safe for your children it will be a great way for them to just relax and have fun with there friends or even family!.Version: 2.485.425755

I love this game but I can’t add my friend in my groupHelp.Version: 2.416.375447

Love this game but.....I play this game almost ever day and I LOVE it!! ( And I say this form just my opinion)But there are a few thing I would change if I could. First of all some of the games are super glitchy and will some times kick me out of the game or sometimes even kick me completely out of the app. I would also like to mention that some of the word will get blocked out like the words This and That and even I but I have noticed that the bad words don’t get blocked out at all ever which could influence the younger players to do it to. The last thing I am going to mention about the stuff I would like to se fixed is robux , the robux are not free which is not fair because not everyone has that kind of money. I recently saw a player bullying another player for there avatar there avatar was the default character. I think that there should be a way to get robux like if you can finish a obby or win first place in a game. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! Now we can get to some of the better traits about the game. I love how people can make there own worlds and interact with friends, I play with lots of my friends from school and it is so easy they can just click the join button on when they click on you name! I love that there are NO ADDS!!!! I have had Roblox for almost a year and I have NEVER gotten a add And that there are millions of different mini games in one, I have not ever been bored on this game!!! I honestly love Roblox and I will continue to play it!!!!.Version: 2.577.506

About Roblox…Roblox is a multiplayer game around the globe where you can try find out the creative imagination of some very talented people with some money spent you fix up your person into a avatar matching your dreams you can also make your games and shirts for sale to try make in game money some games for example bloxburg cost money to play the game while others are a free to play but normally free to play games have stuff for sale on the game like a boost to help get you win if bought the creator of the current game will get the money you spent the game one thing I would change about Roblox is that you should get a bonus amount of in game money for free because in Roblox so people don’t get treated as well as others because of there looks if Roblox could change this it would make Roblox a way more fun place to be and make the people that can’t buy in game money still have fun making there avatars which is a key part of game also I think games should have a age related rating so some games that a style of more glory than others would not be able to be played by accounts that don’t have the age that’s it needs in in conclusion I think Roblox is a game great game and I am advertising more people to start playing this game because it is very fun for the kids below 18 if you are above 18 it is still fine to play but below 18 is the perfect time to be playing and is when you find it the most fun.Version: 2.542.509

Pls find my accountSo in roblox I was allowed to spend money on robux and after a few times purchasing it some how after 1 day I try connecting my account to my Mac on Roblox but then I got logged out of it in my iPad I was worried I went to the support helping web and I did exactly everything to get my account but when I checked the email it’s showed the password of my other account usually the advice says when you get ur email and go on and you have more than 1 account there will be a list of a page showing all of ur accounts and I did have more than 1 account and it didn’t show my main account instead it showed my backup accounts and I’m worried so please find me my user is sugarcrush but the actual name is saffiyai pls read this cuz I don’t want to spent and waste while not using my valuables on the account by being locked out and I tried so many times to get my account back pls reply to this review and and give me and email if u see mine and thank you.Version: 2.531.422

Roblox is the bestAfter I got the app my life was entertained before I never did games but know I play games a lot and know I have my own roblox vid the games entertain and bright me up so much roblox means everything to me but I have I problem I can’t play royal high anymore but I want to so can you please fix that because it’s anoying because lots of roblox youtubrs can play royal high but I can’t 😔 so pls fix that and when you do I’ll be thanking you so let’s go back to what we are really talking about so this is why roblox is the best game even the robux is cheap so this is why roblox is the best game so to the porsen that made roblox keep the great work up and pls make more games simalir to this to keep up the amazing incredible work I wish I could give you a prize cuze making an app is really hard but I don’t know you in real life if I did I would gladly give you a prize but I don’t so I can’t so thanks for making the app roblox you are the best I don’t know any game like this or similar so you did a very good job by doing all this I got a writing high score so bye everybody and have a great Christmas bye everyone.Version: 2.412.365788

Roblox is better then wordsRoblox is the best game on earth minecraft lovers hate it but they don’t get how much hard work was put in for the avatar shop, games and much more! In Roblox it’s a game with many other experiences like obbys, backrooms, amoung us games and A LOT more fun so anyone reading this you should start roblox today! You can play roblox on mobile, pc, laptop, and those X-box things that look like this 🎮. But there’s a few things I don’t like about roblox… Roblox is meant to be a place for kind people to hang out and make friends but there are some people that bully kids like me I always get bullied because I’m 9. The 2nd thing I don’t like about roblox is that some people wear really thin shirt and the realistic belly button shirt if you put those together people with think your an oder or something. Now orders I HATE because their always doing sus things and say weird stuff like “boo bear” or something like that but like what the heck!? The last thing I don’t like about roblox is hackers, hackers are the worst they always cheat in obbys by flying to the end and they also ban people for no reason but there are some good hackers that ban bully’s I like the good hackers they do roblox a favour! Thank you ceo of Roblox for inventing it! If I’m bored I just play Roblox! Bye anyone reading this!!.Version: 2.586.0

Glitching, hashtags and hackersHi roblox, I think this app is amazing for kids, there is just three problems. 1 glitching when ever I try to go through the tunnel in adopt me I always glitch out and have to go back into the app and it’s sooooo annoying !!! 2 when ever one of ur friend ask how much money u have or how many pets do u have u try and say I have 10 pets and it just comes up with hashtags I know it’s for a good reason but just let us put numbers !!! Ok now 3 a couple of months ago I got hacked I went on to roblox logged in but when I put my password in it says password incorrect I’m like come on nooo I have been hacked, I wasn’t on roblox for about 3 months I can’t have life without roblox u guys made my life even better when I got roblox any way to the point I watch the Norris nuts and sockie got hacked too I founding that at least 80% of people who play roblox have got hacked I mean watch some videos about this !!! Well bye roblox I hope u can fix these problems plz if u can do it because lots of people have reported this and it doesn’t happen so DO IT! And may I just say one more thing I don’t like robux my parents don’t let me have it and in adopt me I want a fly or ride pet and I can’t get one !!! Ok now I’m done😜.Version: 2.436.406463


Lovely Game, Would recommend!!!I have had roblox for about 3 years using many different accounts, So I can clearly say that roblox is the best thing I’ve ever downloaded,There is so much to do! Not just competitive games, but hangouts and Vr games too! Now to the avatar, Robux is kinda cheap! I understand that some people can not afford Robux to buy new stuff to make a wider range of outfits, but luckily for them! Some stuff is free! Also you can be donated Robux in some of the games (“starving artist” “pls donate” ect) Parents: I understand you probably don’t what you child on a app with a age rating of 12+ I myself am 13, but. When downloaded You can select what typed of games/hangouts of roblox your kid can play, you can select non violence games and block the chat feature and the other chat feature aswell! I Hope you parents find this useful..Version: 2.586.0

Soooo funThis game is so fun because there are millions of games in one game so i can play with all my friends too! i love this app.Version: 2.435.406105

Hey Roblox team!I think ROBLOX is an awesome game overall and I love playing it. It encourages creativity and is really fun if you just want to play. However. There are some issues with online dating, cyber bullies, hackers and racism. 1. Online dating. The majority of people that play this game are children, tweens and 8yo alike. They shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of stuff, and some of it can get really dirty. 2. Cyber bullies. I’ve met some really rude, abusive and mean people in the game. They even go as far as telling you you’re ugly and fat. This damages children’s self esteem and I think if they are reported for that reason they should not be ignored, but I understand ROBLOX tries their best to get to everyone. 3. Hackers. Hackers are those jerks that ruin the game for people who just want to play nicely. They can be really mean and sweet-talk kids into believing them. 4. Racism. People get bullied online about the skin colour of their avatar and it really hurts them. People should NOT get bullied for this stuff because it is inconsiderate, mean and abusive. I know I probably sound like a Karen at this point, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you should be a tiny bit stricter at this point in time. You probably won’t read this, but I just want to let you know and if you are reading, please take all these into consideration. Overall I think ROBLOX has gone above and beyond to create a fun game for everyone to play. - Yours sincerely, Issy :).Version: 2.441.408614

Roblox is Alright! :)You are probably reading all the reviews to see if you want to get Roblox, Well this is the right article to read. My review for Roblox is a 5/5 because Roblox is the best game ever because the game Roblox can entertain you for hours! It’s amazing! But the one thing about Roblox is that to many people play it, Sometimes the server is so full that you have to wait for 15mins. This has happened to me before, also Roblox is also a bad game because it ruins your eyes by looking at the screen so much. And when you look at the screen to much you have to get glasses. But I love Roblox because during Lockdown times me and my friends get so lonely because we don’t have each other play with, so we play Roblox together! It’s so much fun! Their are Gun games, Roleplay Games, Hangouts, Games from Movies and lots of other games! The best part of Roblox is to spend more time with your friends and meet new friends. Hope you enjoyed my review. Thank you so much for making this game Roblox! :D :).Version: 2.504.408

My honest review on Roblox😍🫶🏻Roblox is a great game with lots of fun games on it but sometimes you can stay up too late on it honestly sometimes I play until 9 o’clock I recommend it it is very fun you can make new friends and play fun games, some of my suggestions and favourites: tower of hell Brookhaven RP🏡 livetopia role-play never have I ever adopt me and even more play as many games as you want I’m going to play until I am die it’s just so fun and grown-ups can play it too. It’s not just for teenagers and young children. I would suggest Roblox is only for about eight years old children up to anything I guess it’s so fun start signing up now there’s so many outfits you can choose from on this game some examples: preppy bakon emo realistic people I think I am a little bit preppy Roblox is so fun, I love it so much I would suggest giving it 4 to 5 stars play with anyone people you know people you don’t know cousins aunties uncles, moms dads and even more sisters brothers as well. Twins and many more. I really hope you read this review and started signing up today. If you haven’t yet make sure some to read some of the other reviews I bet they’re good as well Thanks for reading. Have a amazing day playing Roblox and if there’s any bullys make sure to report them with the report button or tell an adult just to make sure you know because there are a lot of them on this game. Luckily I’m not one alright bye❤️🥰😍😇.Version: 2.582.400

BEST GAME I OWN!!!😮😮😮👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼I LOVE this game! It’s my favorite game to play, ON MY WHOLE IPAD! Ive had this app, ever sense, about 2020, and it’s been my favorite ever sense! I do think there are a few hackers, and bully’s but you can just block, or report them if it’s annoying or if it goes too far. And you can text, and send friend request to as many people as you’d like!!!!!!! (as long as you don’t have the full amount of friends which I’m pretty sure is 200 friends-and to parents who don’t want to let there children text, or go in some games in roblox that might scare there children-there’s a button where you can lock 🔒 games that might be a bit to much for there child and to stop them from being able to text.) and yeah, it is for a bit of money to get, but it’s super fun! (To tell the truth, I’m a bit addicted.) and once your inside Roblox, there’s all different games you can play from break in story’s, to mermaid role plays! I’m pretty sure it’s endless! the one thing that’s annoying is the price for robux. You can use robux get, avatar cloths, avatar accessories, and some games on roblox, you can only get into if you have robux, not only that, but robux can buy you tools to help you win rounds. And to the makers of Roblox, “This is the best game ever!” And I think that if you don’t mind spending some money, and you liked what I described, then you should definitely GET THIS APP! Thanks so much for reading!.Version: 2.536.453

Just a few problemsHi! I really really, like roblox and spend way too much time and money on it heheh..I just think it’s a really creative game which you can do or create anything. That’s not always good. Like the online daters, cyberbullies and people displaying racism. I think you need to be a little more strict with the bad people in roblox. I’ve seen far too many mean/rude and racist people. It kinda brings the game down when they appear. So could you maybe try to more actively ban them? It would mean a lot to the whole roblox community. Also, I’ve noticed recently that roblox is VERY laggy on mobile devices. I’m writing this on an iPad, and just a few hours ago I was playing. The lag was immense. I’m not sure if you can actually control that, but if you can please try to fix it. I just want to talk about one more thing. your recent chat update for mobile devices. There used to be a long white bubble on the top of the pop-up keyboard where you could see what you were typing, copy and paste things, and see what emojis look like before you sent the chat message. In the recent update you removed that long white bubble. Me and many other mobile players find this update excruciatingly annoying and hate it with a passion. So roblox team, if you’re reading this, PLEAAAASEEE make it back to the way it was! regards, lucy.Version: 2.440.408152

Roblox reviewThe game is awesome! So many different types of games for all ages to interact with!! It’s a great game to access learning and internet things to help with learning technology skills and techniques. Only if ur child fully understands the yes and no ways of communicating with online players or commonly known as strangers. As they could share private information which could saddly lead to kidnapping and murder/death if they are kidnapped.. which is horrible I know! Which is why there’s a restrictive rule of 13+ I think that’s a little bit old tho. I would say 10 years+ no supervision. But before u start a account roblox would ask u a series of question surrounding public conversations. For example: Tommy was playing with his friend he met on roblox.. Tommy’s friend asks where he is from and what his age is. Do u tell him no sorry can’t say information like that, Do u say ofc I’ll tell you we’re best friends and it’s only a little information, or do u tell him heaps of information like your name,address,siblings names,and school name and colour of ur uniform (if u have one) Other then that! I think this is a great game! Must be supervised by a trusted adult if your under the age of 9 and under. STAY SAFE and Ty for reading my review!! 🌺🌺🌺.Version: 2.594.524

ROBLOX is complicated:/I love everything about about ROBLOX it’s fun everyone loves it but the thing is it doesn’t always work !for example me and my friends love playing Royal High it’s a really cool game it’s just if I join and it works then she will join and it won’t work especially on a night time however on a daytime it works perfectly also don’t mention a lot of people have downloaded it might have a glitch or I know a lot of people who have wanted robux they bought some with there money they haven’t got the robux that’s a waste of there money but overall I really do love this game btw here’s some suggestions ROYAL HIGH: I think that the apartments are a great idea and it’s good that you can make tea and hot chocolate however it would be cool if there was a shop in earth a grocery shop and you could buy vegetables and make recipes I know that we also have pizza but it’s way to pricey please don’t take this to personal Callmehbob I really do Love RH ! ADOPT ME : honestly I used to love Adopt Me but to be totally honest I think it’s just turning into Bloxburg sorry please don’t take this to personal also I think you could maybe be more legendary pets ( which instead of using robux you could actually save a lot up for ) Thankyou ROBLOX I was just being on honest please try and use these suggestions don’t take them personal and Thankyou Sincerely Jess.Version: 2.419.381237

Good gameLiove Roblox and Iv had many different accounts and every time I play it's a wonderful experience. Almost every friend I have has Roblox and that's why I downloaded a couple years ago. I love it very much and I love how someone can create so much games just from there mind. There's just a couple problems I have with it. Sometimes when I'm about to play I log on and it makes me login or sign up like the first time I did. It's very frustrating because then I have to remember my password and all or I just have to make a knew account. And the other problem is that u need to have wifi to play. Like I know it's a online game and all it's just someone's people don't always have wifi so I think they should make it to a game where anyone can play at anytime but it's just a suggestion. Last problem I have like last last one is Robux like you shouldn't have to pay for it when there's little kids playing and people do bully and most people don't report them and I don't know why but when a person is a bacon or just doesn't have any robux they get bullied for it and I just think they should have someone operating the game to make sure it doesn't happen. And there's hacking because people can't get robux so they hack other people and then it's a Hobbie for them but that's it I still really think this is a game I recommend for your kids and I just love it so much and I know other people do to! ).Version: 2.605.660

A honest review - roblox.I think, personally, roblox is a great game. its an great community with passionate builders who can build amazing things and create amazing games. however, the only reason im giving this game 4 stars is because of ‘the system and the scamming’. Scamming has now become a part of roblox and not a day goes by when someone tries to scam me on royale high, adopt me, etc. It has become something that will forever be a part of roblox and it seems there is nothing we can do to stop it. the only result would be to stop trading, but of course, that would be unreasonable to the nice players. there must be some way? like maybe roblox responding to the reports we send? next, is the system. roblox as become a worldwide community and on top of that, the amount of users with robux has grown a lot. of course, that creates the ultimate hierarchy system: if you dont have robux, you dont get to enjoy the games properly with all the benefits. you dont get to play certain games. you cant even change your avatar, because the choice is so limited. I do have robux, but for about a year, I didnt. I know how it feels. the amount of people that get bullied over it. some parents cant afford it, and as a result, the people with robux bully the people without. surely, roblox, david, adam, anybody who works there - can change it. its powering imagination, is it not? cant you make it powering imagination for everyone? or will you continue the hierarchy system?.Version: 2.492.428906

It’s a really good game and all but there’s some downsidesRoblox is a fun and enjoyable app to play on, however there is huge amounts of bullying ‘for not having robux’ they would call them ‘noobs’ and it really hurts to see them get bullied. Next, there’s so many arguments, whenever something goes wrong they would start an argument, if it goes really bad then you would try to calm it down right? wrong. if you join in then they would blame you for being in the WRONG joining in and say you should mind your own business. Scamming is another huge problem, I play Royale High and Adopt Me, THERES ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO TRUST TRADE etc then they end up scamming and people warn them, they even get their friend to play the victim so people would think the scammer is trustworthy. AFTER THAT, judging someone’s type of style. really? Name calling and huge discrimination, like- why can’t you accept people for being who they truly are? instead they discriminate and it’s really sad to see them. Last and finally, people keep making ways to swear and all, they would figure something out and it would spread, but don’t get me wrong, Roblox tags out random words! and it’s super annoying, especially if you get corrected and you get embarrassed, like you want to leave the game. They aren’t doing it on purpose to embarrass you but it’s quite awkward to know what to say after. After all Roblox is great and the community is really nice!.Version: 2.483.425021

Great Game!It’s an awesome game! I started at around about the start of 2017 and I love it! I play it everyday! It’s a fun and entertaining game! I love it! The only thing that is off, is the robux price, I’m not saying it’s expensive, but it is $1.60 (NZD) for 80 robux. I would like them to bring back the tix and get robux daily, like 15 robux daily instead of builders club that you have to pay with real money. Once again AMAZING game! Just there are a little amount of things that need to be fixed! Also there are quite a lot of hackers, the amount of hackers are increasing! I haven’t personally been hacked, I have bought robux a lot of times and all together I probably have bought over $100 worth of robux, so if I would ever get hacked, I would loose over $100 or more. I’m not saying you WILL get hacked, it would be very rare to get hacked, like a 1% chance getting hacked and. 99% not gonna get hacked. Other than that it is AMAZING! I definitely recommend getting this app!.Version: 2.370.276837

RobloxI love roblox! It’s so fun, exploring, and creative! Interesting, and more! And if you didn’t make roblox we wouldn’t be able to make connections! And thank you for roblox, it helps me learn more about like maths! Or times and more! And I love the rp’s! I was a noob at the start but I’ve became emo, people bully me for being emo :( but I don’t care. And I’ve learned not to bully noobs cuz what you bring always comes back to you :) it’s important to learn in roblox for some people that style is nothing! Cuz people say “ewww you noob’ or something else that is so wrong to say! But it’s not ok, cuz that’s hurting there feelings but, I’m so happy that you made roblox it makes me happy to see my friends and make new creative ideas! And I love to make new friends and talk a lot! But I hate online dating, and can you make items for free or something, I am gonna be so happy if it was free! And thank you for reading this review. That’s all ^^.Version: 2.586.0

Best game ever!I don’t even know what to say. Roblox is the best game, in my opinion. It’s amazing. You can play obstacles, role playing games, killing games, survive killer games, games in real life, make games, gamepasses, dress up, it’s just so fun! Sorry to the haters, but you’re wrong. Roblox is such a diverse game that millions play, and the fun never ends! I’ve never played a game that was that good ever before. There are billions of games on Roblox, and playing lots of them are so fun! Even though I gave five stars I still have a complaint. My friend has been playing Roblox for over 4 years now and her parents won’t let her get robux. I understand that some things just have to cost robux, like super super happy face, or dominus, Valkyrie, headless, or Korblox, but I wish Roblox had more of a variety of clothes for people that don’t have robux. It takes her hours to think of an outfit that looks good but also free. I have robux, but when I used to have no robux, I did the same thing. Because I feel really bad for her because it’s not her fault. Most people who play Roblox don’t have robux, and having a bigger variety of clothing are things a lot of people requested. So I hope you guys make more clothes for poor people because all the ones right now don’t look very good. And also more hairs because my friends hair on Roblox is so inaccurate of what she looks like, which she hates. Thank you for reading my report and please respond..Version: 2.578.564

My love for Roblox🤍⭐️I have to be honest with you, Roblox is one of the best games-when I mean one I mean like THE BEST🤭I enjoy playing mm2 because it’s a really fun game! I honestly think Roblox is an amazing game to play! My honest thoughts of roblox games are amazing😀 The one thing that really annoys me is when someone reports you for no reason at all…Once, someone reported me for doing nothing and a couple of hours later, Roblox said they banned me for 3 days for saying the word ‘a’😑 I’m very supportive of peoples opinions but I don’t like the fact I’m not allowed back on there for 3 days for saying ‘a’. Another negative thing amongst the 💯 good things, is when u create an account because u have just started Roblox, and it says ‘don’t put ur real age or name’ so then you don’t… instead of putting your real age in, you put in like 3 years younger than you. Say your 11 and you just joined Roblox and u put in 8 because it’s 3 years younger than you.. YOU GET RESTRICTED FROM CERTAIN THINGS!😟 I honestly do not get that and u get restricted from a lot of things so u were 11 when u first joined,it has been 3 years just say and now you 14, ur not even allowed to play a 9+ game😕 I don’t think this is fair but…No other complaints at all!😊 I really enjoy playing Roblox with my friends and just by myself⭐️ I give Roblox a 5 star🙃 Thank you🤍.Version: 2.601.508

RobloxThis is the best game ever.Version: 2.425.394331

AwesomeCool and entertaining.Version: 2.307.149105

To people thinking about Quitting Roblox<3Hi My Name is Ella I’ve been playing Roblox for about 5 years Now And I left it For 1 year I decided to Get it back and I thought about deleted it because My family said Roblox is a waste of time and money and said I need to have real friends but Of course not all irl Friendships workout I’ve met some amazing people On here and yes I am Safe about who I add and give my personal info too But One thing that made me go back to Roblox is I saw this on someone’s Bio I’m not original with saying this But I would like to Spread this to All Roblox Players! If you ever think about quitting Roblox Remember Why you Started I’ve been scammed a lot of times and also Met people on here That weren’t that nice but I’ll Tell to You Roblox is one of the best games I’ve ever had My dad was like there’s better games than Roblox but I’ve tried so many games out and they all were blah didn’t like them no matter how hard I tried to find smh different Roblox has millions of games on it Roblox is a wonderful Platform<3 And the experiences I’ve learned is Your gonna Bump Into people that lie scam Pretend to be your friend and other reasons but it’s Teached me to learn from my mistakes And for a year I deleted it Because My family said it was bad for me and I lisented to Them but They were wrong Roblox is one of the best things that I bumped into to but I like I Said if you ever Think about Quitting remember Why you started From Ella💕.Version: 2.542.509

RobloxRoblox is such a fun game but sometimes whenever I play it always glitches out and it takes some of my pets away in adopt me take some of my food and the more I really don’t like the way it does that but it’s such a fun game and I think the ice play adopt me a little more so I can get my flyable and rideable pets a neon and mega neon I didn’t even know there was such thing called a mega neon but looks like it was new and I don’t like the way that royal high is all different I liked it the way it was I love the games that are all parcourse but they should do more games and new games and I like the way that old Royal hi was I don’t like the new one whoever is the runner of Roblox you’re amazing you’re fantastic you’re so creative but I think that you should not have a glitching out and I’ve got an iPhone 11 promax and it’s still glitching I wonder if it’s happening to other people or if it’s just me overall I read a four-star because that five is Winnifred glitches and the old and the new royal hi..Version: 2.442.409372

My Review On Roblox!⭐️• What I like about Roblox: ——————————————————————— Roblox is a very good game to stop boredom. I like the catalog because you can use robux to get whatever you want. I also like how you can friend people, play with them etc. As well as that, I love how there’s a range of games and with a simple tap you can like, favourite, join or dislike games! It’s very easy to control (Robux not so much 😅) Roblox! Also, I like how kids and teens (or adults) can play; so it’s a range of ages! ———————————————————————🧸• What isn’t to good about Roblox: ——————————————————————— Number one: The clothes moderation (horrible) . It always censors good, normal clothes that I own and when I want to find it , it just disappeared. And I really liked that shirt :( , nothing was wrong about it!! I think everybody agrees with me that the clothes moderation is bad. :/ Number two: The report system. It never bans anybody who I’ve reported who’s been swearing, doing inappropriate stuff etc. there’s also very bad games like : “No tags game” and children can easily find that and see all these horrible , disrespectful, annoying, loud teens (the bad ones) who are doing the weirdest stuff! (“Them” teens have no respectfulness towards children, at all.) And when people try to report the creator or game, it never gets banned and the over copy’s either. ——————————————————————— The end, and my overall rating….! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!.Version: 2.525.378

Roblox is one of the best games I’ve played but...Hi everyone! I think the creators of this game have done amazing things to this game and the concept is unreal, but there is just a few things that I want to talk about. First of all, the game is a bit laggy. If I go off the app to do something and then I go back on, it comes up with the same screen as when I left and it lets me press the buttons. Then it gets me onto the loading screen of the game I pressed on but it comes up with a box that says connection error and then I have to restart my whole iPad for it to work. Second of all, there are some online daters and cyber bullies. The daters use up the whole game just for dating, and it doesn’t make it that much fun for anybody else. But there is not many online daters, though. Cyber bullies on games can cheat and hack and when they win something they brag about it. Then on some of the games they lock you in cells (it’s not what the actual game’s about, if you’re wondering) and they tease you until someone nice comes along and gets you out. But if you are looking at getting this game get it because you will not regret it. It is the best game I have ever played and I will probably still be playing it for some time to come. Thanks for reading my review! 🤩.Version: 2.435.406105

This is the best thing that happened to me but…Okay, first of all, no hate to Roblox this is a great game, but I have a few complaints, first of all, report DOESN’T WORK, so yesterday I was playing this game and a girl was bullying someone or something and then I reported her, NOTHING BAD HAPPENED, so like apparently reporting should just be off the charts because it makes no absolute sense. My next complaint is you have to buy robux with real money and it makes no sense, because commonly if I have the same outfit on Roblox for awhile, I wanna switch it up a bit, but I have no robux to. This also really bugs me because you shouldn’t have to buy robux to make your avatar look like you. It’s absolutely insane how we have to pay to look like ourselves or even just express ourselves! My final complaint is whenever you are playing a game with someone and you don’t friend them so you have to leave the game, remove a friend, then join back and most of the time, your no longer able to join back because you don’t friend them, I wish sometimes the servers wouldn’t be so random and at least a minute or two to generate to new one and also whenever someone is being mean to you and you already have them friended you can’t unfriend them while in the game, the best you can do is, block them, but that’s not gonna do anything expect not see their messages anymore, but overall Roblox is amazing and I hope the game will continue to be this way!.Version: 2.586.0

The chat, lagging and exploitersMy first point is that Roblox others than some little things that might need changing is an amazing game and it is great for people over the age of 10. It’s a huge community of games and other experiences to explore, but, however, there are a few problems in the game. For example the chat… if you are trying to type in a simple thing like 'I love you bestie' then it will completely cover everything you have said with hashtags. Another problem that roblox might need to fix is the lagging and loading time on complex games or even just the roblox website. This can be frustrating for many players experiences issues with this subject. The last topic I have to explain is, well, exploiters.... Exploiters use their hacking skills to fund small holes in the mechanism of games on Roblox. For example on a roblox game called 'Murder Mystery 2' there are a lot of exploiters using their little tricks to cheat in the game. We all know that there isn't much to do about this than report their accounts... To conclude this Review, Roblox is a very vastly creative platform to chat with friends an make new ones, play together and experience things people have always dreamed of. It's a spectacular app and this is why i have given it a five star rating! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐.Version: 2.521.404

PLAY ROBLOX NOW ITS THE BEST GAME EVERHi this is from the person who had this title as one the the other ones there are a few problems in roblox. 1. Hackers 2. Slenders 🤮 3. Inappropriate games that kids should not play 4. Online dating. 1. Hackers. Hackers are people who get ur password at find out ur password or ask for it. One they put all of them in the person will own ur account and u will no longer be able to access it anymore. 2. Slenders 🤮. Slenders are people who online date and it keeps getting worse and worse. If u see a person that looks emo then run and ignore them it’s for safety so that ur account doesn’t get banned for dating a stranger. 3. Inappropriate games that kids should not play. These games are like people pole dancing have taking off there clothes. Then there are others where they have rude parts and do stuff that some of u understand. It’s really bad for roblox. These games need to be banned now and I am being serious. 4. Online dating. I may have mentioned this in one of the sentences but here is more about it. Online dating is where u find a person online and u ask to date them if u say yes u are dating a whole stranger which is bad for u. So please never do that. Roblox is supposed to be a safe game and it is except for all this please try not to do this and stay safe and not get banned have a lovely day/night byee ❤️✌️!.Version: 2.551.575

Fun and amazing game though problem and also a new feature!This game is amazing it’s fun to play with thousands of cool games that people have created it’s awesome you can buy Robux that you can buy new clothes and things for the game. I LOVE THE IDEA OF IT! And the game it for free! Also a couple negative things about the game is they need to have better protection to this game because there are so many hackers. Also it logs you out a lot not meaning losing everything just that you have to put back your password which sometimes I can’t remember!! Besides from that there are no more negative things that I can really think of. Thought: This might not be good due to hackers but a little easier to switch to different robloxens you have a new button to press to switch which will be helpful if you share a device between to or more, have 2 different accounts or even like to swap between devices! How this can work is you have a big tap on your screen when you press the 3 dots and there is some different accounts that you have done the password and user name, and even for more security have a pin/password to access it so that hackers don’t get in. Also there can be a button where you add more accounts in also by pressing and holding it or something like that you can delete it of your device and even off different accounts for safety reasons only. This is only to safe time and already do kinda have this feature! Thank you so much for making this game though..Version: 2.442.409372

Amazing but missing stuff! 🫶🏼Roblox is a great game to play tons of games in 1 app. I can assure you that you will probably love Roblox once you play Roblox. I love the fact that they’re so creative by actually making real life cards so you can transfer Robux to your account. Roblox is great and all but times when i rage quit or get mad at Roblox is when you type something in the chat and then it goes into hashtags. We are just trying to say something but Roblox should just hashtag mean and swear words. There used to be how numbers would be hashtags and thats nonsense. You could just be roleplaying and then saying ‘can i please have 4 apples?’ then it tags out. Its really nonsense. Roblox kinda also needs to add more stuff. I have an idea that players that have visited games can rate the game. For example, when you click on the game, you can scroll down and its say you can see when it was create, the latest update, game passes and more but they can includes ratings in the options. Players that may want to play the game but is unsure because like they’re easily scared and the genre is horror, they can just look at the ratings. Also because TikTok uploads like games that you sill get hacked at if you play them and you can just check to the ratings on people who have visited the game. Besides the ratings, Roblox is a great online game where you can make friends and roleplay in. Keep Up the great work Roblox! 🫶🏼.Version: 2.593.657

Great game 👍Our cousins played Roblox and then my brothers wanted to, and I thought Roblox was a fun game from watching my cousins, so I decided, why not try it? I downloaded Roblox and made my account. I started playing Meep City for a while, but then started getting interested in obbies, so I played those. Since then I have started playing many different games, and I am happy to say that I have had a great experience in Roblox. I would’ve given this five stars if it wasn’t for a couple of things. One thing, is that Roblox should be more protective with hackers. You wouldn’t want your Robux getting stolen, right? Another thing is why did Roblox turn into a dating game? Plus now nearly every avatar item is with Robux, so now I have such a crummy avatar. Those are just. I or complaints, though, everything else in Roblox is amazing 🤩. One funny thing is that I have three different accounts, though I wasn’t too broken up about making a new account. Overall Roblox is great, because there are millions of games to join, so you’ll never get bored! Plus there is something for everyone, so it’s a brilliant game for all ages. Thank you..Version: 2.611.432

What I think when it comes to reporting…I’ve been playing Roblox for 3 years now, made some online fiends and played around with my real friend from real life on there. The thing was though…My BEST FRIEND hacked me so when I got into contact with Roblox, They needed proof and screenshots that it was my best friend who did it. I sent them some proof yet the decided it could’ve been her! But after exposing my friend who Agreed she did it and made me feel horrible in school, how am I meant to send her last voice mail to Roblox saying it was her ? It’s been around a year since this happened snd I find it great, but if your willing to play this, you gotta take risks bc I spent over £100 on Your game Roblox, yet when OTHER PEOPLE steal my stuff snd spend around 7K Robux and steal every thing I have on the age s on Roblox or spend it. I at least thing they’d give me the robux back or at least ban her!! So I’m saying if you want to play Roblox go ahead but you gotta take risks, apart from THAT, it’s an amazing app and you should get it! Safe for kids, learn and play and it’s amazing otherwise from the part when you need to report people. People say reports don’t work, and I’m saying I reported her a lot to Roblox but nothing happened about her? It was about can I get onto my account!? -Otherwise it’s amazing, you should try it out! Stay safe yall! Hope to see you in games! Bye my sunshine’s! 💖.Version: 2.491.428447

What I think of this (edited)I think Roblox is a great game for people who are bored cause there is a lot of games we can play and we can chat to our friend and design our characters and make new friends and report people who and mean to you. So I think people would love this app especially if your bored or not bored cause this is just a very fun game .BUT you have to be very careful with the games you play cause you might get scammed but as long as your careful you won’t get scammed and again if you do get scammed report them and you will be fine!😉😉😉 another thing is that you get hacked for pets in adopt me a robux , I think the pets doesn’t really matter but the robux does (unless the pets cost robux) I got hacked ALOT of times (got hacked three times and even worst they ALL had robux so now I can’t get robux anymore) so please be careful, don’t get hacked, and have fun! 🤗 Edit: roblox is still really great but now there is a bunch of glitches and people say that roblox is broken, I half believe it, but half don’t. I think it is just about the new update. And also there are very smart hackers that hack into games and whoever joins that game then you will get hacked, but the next day it will be fine unless they hack that game again, that is all the things I want you to fix (if you can) but even with all these compliments I think you should still download it, it is very addicting :D.Version: 2.467.418331

First time playing RobloxWhen I first played Roblox, I was a bacon, but then I started getting more friends and I got Robux and then I changed my avatar. Then I started getting new friends and I’ve been playing lots of different games until I got 200 friends I couldn’t friend any more because that’s the limit of how many friends you get so I had to delete some which was hard because all of them were really kind, but it was time to let go of them because iMessage was pretty mean and but they were just joking but it was Huch let me go to let them go but I had fun playing with my new friend I don’t have them I even know their name and then are you there can you message that I went? To get Robux and then I tried to put it in my account, but it still hasn’t gone in so I had to delete my account and and make new friends, but when I had Robux on my first account is again and I had to transfer onto my second account it in goes. I’m not on my second account onto that same account. They had to meet me delete it and I have to make a new account so I tried to put the robux on there, but it never came in and it’s am still waiting it for load it until this day. I will never forget my old account and my friends and I have lots of friends now one more thing here is some food🍗🍟🧆🥘🍜🥟🍘🍖🍕🌮🫕🍲🦪🫓🌯🥫🍣🍣.Version: 2.591.630

CrashAmazing App, but keeps crashing😡😡😡.Version: 2.307.149105

People need to stop this madnessI have played roblox for a while but now it’s starting to get annoying because half of the reports that are made on Roblox don’t even get read until a year later I have been reporting this kid FOR 2 WEEKS I forgot the name but he randomly hacks my account deleteing my BEST friends and spending MY ROBUX on games I never played also can stop tagging at the dumbest words I have said ‘broke’ and it tagged and everyone thought I said the real B word and I had to change servers also ANOTHER thing scamming everyone has had to of got it once the scamming I feel like if Roblox could have like a FILTER yeah something like a filter for almost like warning for the game so if like a kid would like join the game and they was like they like seem like underage they would be like kind of like I don’t know how to explain it but almost like a warning system to stop them from like getting scammed so suddenly like if they could join and it seem like the beginning of the game if the game is able to get scammed somehow in the game then they should be like able to like get a like a little warning you know something to like stop them from getting scammed like the warning kinda like ‘ this is a game that you could get scammed in so be careful and be thinking of what people are saying. If someone seems sketchy, please report them.’ //also the amount of times I said ‘Like’ in this review is Insane😂//.Version: 2.604.491

Roblox is funRoblox is a fun game it is not like any other game because it has lots and lots of games but even tho you pay for blockbux that fine because it is cheap and you can play bloxberg and that is all about living in real life but in a game and what I meant about that is you go to work and earn money so you can build a house you cafe or anything you like and you can do RP if you don’t now what that is it’s were you make a family and roll play you can play among us Minecraft and so much more and if you have any friends that play you can send them a friend request so you can talk with and join them when they are playing a game and you can also if you have a computer you can make you own games and stuff like that so if you don’t have Roblox I think you should sign up and play lots of games and enjoy chatting with your friends.Version: 2.527.372

My honest opinionRoblox is a great game and so fun to play. I’ve been playing since 2018 with my brothers but unfortunately they quit in 2019 so it hasn’t been as fun as it used to be when they would play. I love how there are so many different games that you can play, no matter your interest, and you can make new friends or play and chat with your real life friends. The only thing I dislike is that in some games there are hackers and, in adopt me, sometimes there’s scammers and that. Overall it’s a great game but obviously everything has a downside and I understand you are trying your best but when you report someone literally nothing happens to them and one day I got banned for no reason. The explanation was I said “Why are we all boobs” in chat but obviously the chat was wrong because during that time we were noobs so I asked “why are we all noobs”. And as I said before, there are many games depending on your interests such as horror, fantasy, role play and much more. I have quite a few favourite games and most of them I did play with my brothers before the quit such as Meepcity, Flee the Facility, Adopt Me, Steam Era and much more. Thank you for reading this and if you are looking to get this game, I totally advise you to download it instantly. The only other downside is that you can’t play it without internet but other than that I really advise you to get it..Version: 2.577.506

It’s Great But… You know.The good: Plenty of games, lots of devices can use it, there are nice people sometimes, multiplayer, policies. The bad: People can still swear using * and typing each individual letter on chat, inappropriate games, recent update solved the problem with 1 game for 2 weeks until it stopped working and now everything is lagging and I can't access games I used to be able to (this has happened to both me and my friends, computer and mobile users e.g. laptops, phones and iPads from different companies). Fine words like *you* and *phone* come out in hashtags (#). Overall it’s nice but it has sooooo many ways it could improve, and I feel like there’s never a stop to hackers, scammers and nasty people that ruin the experience for others even when people ask politely for them to stop doing something like spam killing. I think the app could make private servers for free so that people can avoid these problems and just enjoy playing with their friends! And I see why everyone has the problem with robux costing real money, I feel that too but it would also be like a scam if people have been buying things with money (pocket money for example) and then roblox turns around and says “That was pointless, we will let you buy things with in game not real money after millions of people have used money and probably won’t get refunds. It’s great though it needs adjustments!!!.Version: 2.549.632

Low Memory Warning Problem Nad Crashing Out In Games I Want To PlayEvery time I log into roblox I go to loomian legacy (which is my 1st favourite game) and every time I battle with (loomians not actually punching or kicking) trainers I keep getting this “Low Memory Warning” Problem EVERY TIME! And I just had this iPad just a few months ago I don’t know what’s wrong with it! Apple has to be responsible for this but as I was saying PLEASE ROBLOX! Make it easier for mini iPad users just PLEASE do it I would literally BEG every days for this and about the crashing that’s way more of a problem cause you see every time when I join the games I want to play my games I like to play but it has WAY TOO many things in it it doesn’t even let me play for a MILISECOND my games I like to play: blox fruits, murderer mystery 2, and except for loomian legacy cause it just does the Low Memory Warning thing on me but I do have WAY LOTS MORE OF FAVOURITE GAMES but I’m thinking to hard that I can’t remember I rate you game a 9/10 I guess but please oh please just do those problems and fix them and if you do in the future thank you!.Version: 2.566.545

Roblox is a good/fun game!Roblox is an amazing game! Me and my friends love to play together. It is a good game for all people because there are different games in Roblox like growing pets and doing obstacle courses. You will love it the second you download it! Lots of people around the world play Roblox so I’m sure YOU will like it! The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because some people don’t have Robux which can make them feel left out. Example 1 : for example their friend might be playing Bloxburg (which is a game for Robux in Roblox) . If you didn’t have any Robux you wouldn’t be able to play with friend which would probably make you feel left out. Example 2: some people who have robux would normally use it on their Roblox avatar. But if you didn’t have Robux you wouldn’t be able to have a fun/cool avatar. People who have Robux sometimes call new people or people who don’t have Robux noobs or bacons which isn’t nice. I hope my review was helpful for you who don’t know if you should download Roblox.😁.Version: 2.548.523

Tylayourfavgirl#scarI love Roblox the first game I played was adopt me and I didn’t really know how to play and I got a ride pet and I traded it for a dumb horse that wasn’t ride or fly or neon or mega neon and than I got good at adopt me but now I’m older I Love Roblox please never delete this game it’s so fun I love da hood and ragdoll testing and also berry avenue and Brookhaven mm2 mmk and my favourite player is my sisters and cousins and friends I made on Roblox it’s my dream to have headless could you maybe put korblox and headless for free now even though you didn’t make it out still I’ve always wanted korblox death speaker and headless horse man I wish my parents were giga rich or had money to give me and my siblings the world this reminds me of a song it goes like this now hush little baby don’t say a word daddy’s gonna buy you a mockingbird ima buy a diamond ring for you ima sing for you I’ll do anything for ya to see you smile and if the mockingbird don’t sing and ring don’t shine ima break that birdies neck I’ll go back to the Jewelry store who sold it to ya and they’ll give me every carrot don’t fuc. K with dad.Version: 2.589.593

Roblox is amazing but…Roblox is a really cool game. You can play with ppl, play with your friends and even more. But not everything is perfect. The reason why I rated it 4 stars is because… First, Robux, Robux is really expensive especially for a game that are like for 9/12 yr olds, ppl get really angry, sad, and left out just because of Robux. Ppl also get bullied by ppl that has guess what… ROBUX. Also I think ppl should start with some Robux when start an account on Roblox, then that will be far. Secondly, banning, Roblox you should fix the fact that ppl gets banned for absolutely no reason. Like one time one of my friends got banned because she was defending herself, LiKe gUrl 👁️👄👁️. Also when pp, get banned when they have Robux on there account. Sometimes when you wanna play Roblox but you have to start a new account LIKe GURL 💀💀💀. And one time I saw I girl literally hacking and she didn’t get banned or anything. Thirdly, Robloxians, this message is for you, yes you, one the screen. You need to stop online dating, say private information/ ask us our private information, being SUS. Lastly, tags, when I try and say something that’s not even a bad word or racist or anything hashtags comes up and is so annoying like at least someone should agree that hashtags are so annoying especially when they say “sorry I don’t speak/read hashtags”LIKE GUrL💀💀💀💀👁️👄👁️💀💀. Well that’s it bye guys and stay safe on Roblox or the world 😈😈😈😈😈. Anyways Byeeee~.Version: 2.564.444

This is greatSpecially the game adopt me and bloxburg.Version: 2.424.392804

Well.....I started playing 2 years ago and it was really fun, now each time I join a game in mobile I keep getting kicked and it crashes.... I hope this glitch doesn’t happen next time....Version: 2.424.392804

Please, take your precious time to read this! :)Hello children, or teens, or adults, no elderly included!! Anyways, Roblox is a great, educational, and FUN game! Not to mention that it’s FUN even though I already said that, ANYWAYS, AGAIN. I love this game! And the most exciting part about playing this game is knowing that your PROBABLY playing with a 30-40 year old! You can make friends with anyone, and ANYTHING. (A ‘friendly’ Robot) Also, you can actually BE THE ONE who is 30-40 years old! And, BACK-OFF. BECAUSE WHATEVER YOU DO, YOU CANNOT GET AT LEAST 5 FEET CLOSE TO ME. Yes, 6 (Feet) is approved. Back to the GOOD parts of the game.. Roblox, Roblox, Roblox! NOW TOU CAN ACTUALLY TALK! Oh goodie! The best part is that you only have to ask your mother to give you her passport! Golly, I cannot wait! I’m not even old enough to have one, and I’m YOUNGER than 12?! Ridiculous, right? Not to mention I use punctuation and grammar WHILE TEXTING, thats why random ‘kids’ say I’m about 19, on Roblox! (One thing I do not like..) But anyways, thats it! I don’t really have anything to say anymore since my humor is almost completely BROKEN and I meant this to be only a joke, but now.. It’s getting REAL. But, not anymore since I’m almost done with this 237 page essay! Overall, this game is 100% functional and AMAZING with OUTSTANDING GRAPHICS! (Not to mention my Samsung Tablet, OMEGA that I have) But now I have to say my goodbyes! ;) I hipe you enjoyed reading this! - boblox luver 3,000.Version: 2.542.509

Great app just needs a few things.I LOVE THIS GAME! I play it almost everyday but there’s a few things you need to work on. Number one: You pretty much always ignore our reports or do nothing about it. Its really annoying, there’s young kids on this app and they get bullied. If they or somebody else reports them you do nothing about it! Little kids will play this app and their feelings can get really hurt, this can cause insecurities to kids. Number two: Maybe you could give free Robux to people who first join, just because so many people get bullied for having no Robux, and again it can hurt their feelings. Number three: People have gotten banned for no reason. On one of my accounts in 2020 it got banned and I didn’t do anything. I was being nice to people and I didn’t bully anyone, I didn’t cuss, I didn’t scam people, I also don’t hack people/I don’t know how to and I don’t want to know how. So people have gotten randomly banned for no reason. This also happened to one of my closest friends. That’s basically all I have to say, so please consider doing these things. Especially cause I little kids play it, some kids are 6-7 years old and it sometimes isn’t a good game for them to play. But please do Number one and Number three. And maybe even consider doing Number two, it would help get rid of bullying because SO MANY people decide to bully people with no Robux. So that’s it thank you..Version: 2.553.620

GreatThe only thing not very good is that the robux are really expensive and sometimes don’t load on to your account.Version: 2.383.299732

I love it! But changes are needed. ⚠️ !PLEASE READ! ⚠️Roblox if by far the best game and experience I’ve played in a long time! But changes are definitely needed. I know everyone hates when it tags out what you’re trying to say, but I know it’s good so people don’t say rude things or cuss. But when there’s one small thing in a big sentence and it tags out the whole entire sentence it’s really annoying, so I think it can only tag out cuss words and other bad things, when I played i said “ok” and it tagged out or “school” like I’m aloud to say those things, right? Also robux, I think it’s way to overpriced, I had to convince my mom to get me robux for like 2 years because of how expensive it is, like $100 for 10,000 robux!?! That’s too much. Another thing is, people REALLY don’t like is scammers, hackers, online daters, etc. so when someone reports someone and they say something like “ this guy/girl scammed me!” or “they hacked me!” I think there should be a button for emergency or something, it might look like this ‼️or ⚠️ so when you press it and roblox gets it they can check those ones and not the other ones like “this guy/girl is following me” like the stupid ones that aren’t a big deal. And online daters, I have to go so I’ll make it short, just report them if it gets out of hand or if there doing something inappropriate, overall I love roblox and I definitely recommend this game! ❤️👍🏻🫶🏻👍🏻❤️.Version: 2.570.563

Great Game!I’m obsessed with roblox, lately i’ve been spending all my free hours on the app. it’s amazing because you’re aloud to play with your friends and adventure through hundreds of thousands of games! although there is a lot of bullying inside of roblox its easy to ignore, and i hope more people with bright personalities choose roblox as a great app to download.Version: 2.451.412443

PLEASE PARENTS READ THIS BEFORE BUYING ROBLOX!Okey thank you for reading so your child might want to download Roblox because of the popularity of this game well that is absolutely okey but there may be somethings you might want to know that your child could experience.1 hackers they can hack your account and when you put your password back in it may not recognise it and you might have to make another account that’s how bad they hack or the thing your child might want to you to buy he/she “Robux” it’s to make your avatar more pretty and for games they could also take away that to stop that stay away from people who look supcicous and different.2 online daters stay away from them because they are disgusting people and to make sure you don’t have online daters in your way stay away from emo people (which means cold hearted sorry if you are emo but I mean other people not you) because they will start being weird.3 bullying people might bully you in games and tease you which is horrible but the Roblox community have a soul Union for that because you can report them by saying what they have did and select swearing asking personal questions or much more and you can just leave the game. I hope this helped I am only 9 and my dad wants me to not talk to stranger and play properly bye 😊.Version: 2.598.613

It’s a amazing game it’s just that it’s to glitchy sometime also I don’t like hackersRoblox is a great game I love it it’s just that it’s to glitchy sometimes when I play because of a unknown reason but other than that it’s amazing all the fun games and anyone can play with Is great I really love the game and enjoy it it always gives me happiness and joy I also. love that we can make new friends no matter who you are this is the best game ever! I always get joy and happiness while playing and people can also connect with real life friends from school and play together after school you can connect with people from across the world and it will no matter where you are it will just matter if you happy and glad. There’s only 2 things I don’t like I only don’t like hackers and when it’s glitchy in Roblox. But everything about Roblox other then hackers and when it’s glitchy is great I would play this for hours on holidays because everyday I play Roblox it’s very addicting there is no way people wouldn’t like it it’s epic! I’m glad I even get to play Roblox if I didn’t I would just be bored all day the only reason I have a lot of friends is because I have a lot of friends on Roblox so that’s why I love Roblox and some other stuff Roblox deserves 5 stars that’s all so yeah!.Version: 2.613.511

This game is amazing! Although..For at least 2 years, I have been playing roblox on a iPad!! But. I was given a warning because someone called me a b* and I said “I’m not a b*” I think it is unfair I was given the warning and he wasn’t, he called me a b* I only said I’m not.. now is what u need to fix! Sometimes when I am playing a game, a normal game all of roblox slows down because of ONE game. This game is making roblox worse more laggy and more TOXIC.. adopt me. Most people hope it gets BANNED/DELETED. Well 59% of the roblox community but the thing is many players have spent ROBUX on the game, my request, they get some robux back if it does get deleted? Now is the good things, it’s not so safe ANYMORE but we’re lucky theres a report button, it’s helped a lot but I’m starting to think it doesn’t work and u guys don read it so please start to make it work or read them as there’s so much going on.. I’ve been reporting online daters sometime or scammers- hackers someone said they will literally FIND MY INFORMATION because i called them bro please get a employee to be watching the chat after a hacker/online dater/scammer is reported, second can we just say how amazing YOU are, how amazing this GAME is??? I love it i will play it till I die. Ilysm I hope u know that ur amazing anddddd I hope ur doing alr times are tough rn but u can do it ilysm<33.Version: 2.435.406105

Great game, bad microtransaction systemThe game itself is great, the problem is the microtransactions in the game. Each minigame contains things you can buy using the in-game earnable money for the minigame, however there are special items that you can only get by spending Robux which cost real life money. I don’t have a problem with V-Bucks in fortnite which cost real life money because they grant no competitive advantage, your skins and everything act the same, they just look different. Whereas in Roblox, the Robux is system is very different. Allow me to give an example: in some Roblox minigames you can spend a bunch of money and pretty much have everything in the minigame already unlocked and for minigames like Adopt Me, you can have special things like fly and ride potions and special pets that really attract kids. The problem is that when a kid sees another kid have all this stuff, they want to get Robux too. I understand that a Free-To-Play game must have some sort of microtransaction system, however imo Roblox does not do it well. Also, many minigames ESPECIALLY Adopt Me have so many scammers that do fake trades, or trick kids and stuff like that. I believe that Robux makes Roblox a lot more toxic, allows so many more scammers in and is just overall not a good system. I would honestly just remove Trading if I was Roblox, as so many scammers trick kids using trading. Other than that, the game is great and has a ton of variety..Version: 2.438.407206

This game is better than FortniteRoblox is a fun creative game where you can experience a load of different things. Example, roblox has a lot of fun games like bloxburg,adopt me,sherrif vs murder,mm2. All those games are fun and you can make new friends, even voice chat with them. Roblox gives you a chance to be happy and to relieve your issues and takes your mind off things. It’s amazing. It might be hard to believe that roblox is better than Fortnite and I’m talking to the people who think Fortnite is better, but really hear me out roblox gives you a lot of games to choose from and you can build create your own avatar but in Fortnite you can’t choose different games like you can just join a happy game unlike roblox where there is no killing and shooting happening in alot of games because they actually give you different choices to choose from. Fortnite isn’t better than roblox in my opinion but if that is your fine but I’m telling you, not alot of people are happy there then often rage alot and roblox you only rage somtimes but you can stop that and play another game on roblox you really like but Fortnite there are no other experiences on there it’s just a map where you shoot and kill. We clearly know who is the winner it’s roblox..Version: 2.520.399

A really good gameRoblox is a really fun game where thousands of creators can make games for other people to enjoy. One of the most popular games is Adopt me, and it’s my favourite. Roblox doesn’t have a lot of problems for me, but the people playing it can definitely be annoying, and the way Roblox deals with them isn’t the best. If you report someone for hacking then they won’t be able to play Roblox anymore, which is good. But in adopt me for example, if you report someone for scamming you, they won’t be able to play for only two days, and then they still get to keep the pet! One more thing that annoys me is how hard it is to get robux. You can only get it by paying real life money, and that means that some of the players who are less privileged or less willing to spend their precious money aren’t able to enjoy the game as well as people who have lots of money they are willing to spend. I’m not saying robux should be given out for free, but maybe you get get a small amount of robux for playing certain games a lot. I know that the creators of Roblox need to earn money, but a lot more people would play and enjoy the game if everyone had access to the same things :) Anyway, Roblox is a great game and I don’t think you should take this review as a reason not to download Roblox, because it is an amazing app and I highly recommend you get it..Version: 2.474.420873

🧸🧸I started playing Roblox in 2018, back then I was 8 years old and all the way up till now I still play it. Roblox has always been a great game for adults, teenagers and kids. It has different varieties of games and many outfits to choose from. The robux is cheap and so are lots of the clothing. You can message your friends and all inappropriate words are censored out in hashtags, there is also voice chat so you can talk to people with your voice instead of typing. There are an endless amount of things I love about Roblox that I will not name because it will take ridiculously long. Overall I think that Roblox is a fantastic game that many kids should grow up on as there childhood favourite video game, who knew someone could have so much creativity to make a game like Roblox. Keep up the good work 🫶🏼🫶🏼.Version: 2.542.509

✨Amazing✨I love the app so much and it really helped me build my confidence and it made me happy when nothing else would I have so so so so much fun playing but I do rage if it’s to hard but I still love it when I have nothing to do my mum says go play with toys go do some drawing do something with yourself and she said I’m not coming to be my dream career if I don’t do something with myself but I’ve always wanted to be a youtuber or gamer but she said I can’t but I won’t give up roblox is really the only game I like that includes real people and has different things to it and other people can make things like game and clothes accessories mostly everything roblox has really made me, me I don’t know what I’d do without roblox, over these past years I have been a scaredy-cat but now I can do a lot of new things and I’m trying new things and not saying that I cant do it if roblox can do that you should download it, ITS AMAZING.Version: 2.467.418331

5 star game⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love roblox. It’s such a good game, it’s interactive and you can make friends. In this game there are building games, survival, tycoons and much more such as role play. My favourite game is 3008. Some games are not age appropriate and you might want to check the settings or limits, as some of the games on Roblox are not for children, they are for older children. The game has no ads as it earns money by selling robux. With robux, you can buy accessories for your avatar, game passes, pets and so much more. There are a few games such as 3008, murder mystery and a few others, that are for children who are older, not for younger children. You can make your own avatar by selecting things of customise and buying things with robux from shop. You can friend your friends who you may know in school or out of school. This means you can look at all their favourite games, badges, clubs they are in, look at what avatar they have on, and join the same game/server they are on. Roblox may ask you to update the game as lots of the Roblox Community add games, so if you don’t update it, you won’t be able to play and you won’t be able to access those new games. Some games cost robux which means you will have to buy the game with money to access this certain game. If you don’t have any robux or you are not allowed to buy any, don’t worry, there are plenty of other games!.Version: 2.610.472

Amazing but does have downsidesRoblox is an amazing game. You can talk to people, make friends or just play with your already friends. Another good thing is there is so many games to choose from. My personal fav is adopt me. Adopt me is a game where you can be a baby or an adult. If you are an adult you can adopt a baby. And if you are a baby you can get adopted. Then there’s the pets. And oh it’s all about the pets. Some pets are common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare or legendary. So you can buy eggs with your adopt me money and they hatch into an animal which is one of those categories. The more it grows up and you look after it the more money you earn. But then there’s trading. When trading a pet one person will offer then the other will offer. But make sure it’s worth it or it’s the same value as the other. The problem is most of the people is Roblox are lovely happy people. But some will try to scam you. This has happened to me before but luckily I was able to report them before they left the game. Most of the time Roblox will deal with that person and ban them for for a week or month. But if it’s bad enough then the might ban them forever. But please don’t let this put you off there are loads of other fun games in Roblox. I really recommend getting Roblox. But remember to stay safe out there..Version: 2.616.655

URGENCY: GET THIS GAMEThis game is amazing and has made my life different. I genuinely believe my life is better and i am closer with my best friend. Jail break is a game we always played with each other and survivor so i highly recommend those games. So many nights i have stayed up until the crack of dawn playing jail break because it's just so fun sometimes my friend and i would become police officers and arrest people and hunt down the people with biggest bounty's. Majority of the time we were criminals and it was amazing it was so much fun and playing the game you can make little competitions like running through train tunnels trying not to get run over or robbing the museum and shooting down the planets. Sometimes we would be police officer and criminal and fight against each other and shoot each other to see who was truely best at the game. ( it was me ). i recommend robbing the train because it's super easy or robbing the museum because you get a really high bounty. part of the game is escaping from prison with a key card because when you have a keycard it makes things a lot easier, especially robbing the bank. so if you read all of this download roblox with your friend and i promise you will become best friends and play roblox all the time because it's so much fun!!!.Version: 2.497.359

IT WILL HELP THE GAME BE MORE ENJOYABLE IF YOU READ THIS!I love this game so much and it so fun to play but, there are some problems that I would like to be considered. 1. Not to point fingers at any games but, there are some rude and inappropriate words in the chat from time to time. So, (and I no that I am not the only one recognizing this problem) they should be banned are kicked from the server if this happens. 2. Some people when playing certain games, (like my friend) have gotten reports for no reason? I don’t know if this is from glitches in the game or just people reporting others for doing nothing. I think a way to improve this is by looking at the chat first to see if any BAD really happened in the game before jumping to conclusions. 3. ( I am sorry that this is so long to whom Evers reading this😏😉) (like others that see this problem) But, just other glitches in the game that are kinda annoying. 4. FINALLY, I think it would be nice if Internet weren’t required, for example: when I am on road trips are airplanes I really want to play Roblox but some of the planes we are on and our car doesn’t have Internet. I really LOVE Roblox and support it as much as I can. It’s an amazing game and I love how they are so many games just inside one. I’ve met so many nice people that have turned into friends. If you are reading this whole thing, I would like if at least one of my ideas and other peoples ideas were considered to make a better experience for everyone!😘.Version: 2.566.546

Amazing but just a few problemsI have been playing this game for nearly 3 years now and it is such a great and creative game. the thing I like most about it is that there are heaps of different games inside one whole game which is just spectacular! but let’s talk about the bad side of things..there are heaps of online daters. online dating shouldn’t be a constant thing on a kid-friendly game like roblox. young kids which are 12 and below are playing a game that says that you have to be 12 and over. if your over 12, and you online should be setting a good example for ppl under 12 even though you shouldn’t be playing if your under 12. also another problem that bothers me is bullying. when this game was first made and started to get the hype I guess, this game has changed so much over the years in a bad way and a good way. online daters AND bullying should not be aloud on this app. I recommend only playing this game if you are 12 and older since there are very much inappropriate ppl and games even. but overall roblox is such a fun game especially on a rainy day. definitely recommend playing this when u are more mature and you know the boundaries of this app and what it is about. -thanks for this amazing game love, from Australia..Version: 2.449.411731

I LOVE ROBLOXSo i’ve been playing roblox for 9 consecutive years and i dont plan to stop playing anytime soon, the very first time i played roblox was on my older brothers account. i was SO inlove with adopt a baby and having my own family since it was like a replica of my own family, and so i would take turns playing roblox after my brother and soon i came across other games and even learnt how to get my own account. i came across PBB and I LOVED IT i would play it every single day and not ever get bored, and when i did the other games across roblox easily made up for my boredom. not only did i love PBB, there was so many more roblox games like RH that was so fantasy that i loved it too. roblox made my childhood and ill still be playing it till im old and wrinkley 😭🙏 ROBLOX HAS BEEN WITH ME SINCE DAY ONE AND IM KEEP PLAYING IT. PBB is also what got me into todays games that i play like loomian legacy and doodle world, i even bought a nintendo to play pokemon on. I owe roblox my life for making it so fun 🙏😍.Version: 2.602.625

Roblox is the best!!!I love roblox its my favourite game i’ve been playing since 2016 but it crashes a lot for me..Version: 2.434.405774

Awesome one thingIt is very fun and has a lot of fun games to play just make sure no one uses your password.Version: 2.409.358770

Roblox is great but there’s somethingsRoblox is a great app for children but the people on the app are really rude and say really mean things about kids in games like tower of hell, rag doll engine and adopt me. Like I said it’s a great app it’s fun when you some time on your hands to play the game but I think roblox should bring back tixs and guests so people can try out roblox to see if they want to make a account. I’ve played roblox for a year now I started out as a noob who didn’t know how roblox worked like people friending people (which I think they should take away) and there’s some sketchy adopt me games that say they give you nfrs but turns out they are just someone wanting to hack some little kids and trick them into putting in their passwords so they can hack them. I think they should take away people being friends with one another because there is people you can’t trust and say things about other people.Version: 2.573.506

AwesomeWhen I first started Roblox, my account was AmazingBellaGamez. my brother made the account when I was four, but I started playing at 9. ( sorry ) I miss the old Roblox, I would only play me-city, the adopt me from 2017, natural disasters, simulators and tycoons. Oh, and obbys I didn’t have Robux, but I was pro. I became so good at obbys, so one day, I went onto a free robux game. When It was Christmas, I got robux from my parents. But since I was hacked, I lost all of it. I then made another account and started again. My mum was generous and bought me 800 robux. I changed my avatar, I had a blonde ponytail, a pretty pink sweatshirt that had a rainbow on it and black jeans. My accessory was a Paper hat. My face was freckles. Then,the update on adopt me came. I loved it, but eventually, it got boring. Roblox became more popular, which attracted orders, scammers and much more. But the old roblox never had that stuff. I miss the old roblox, who else does? -birdepoop.Version: 2.441.408614

Amazing game and some new ideasThis is a really fun game I love how it is for all ages and there are a huge amount of different games like adopt me how it is a trading a role playing game another one is bloxburg where you can build your own house and it is a role playing game I like shark bite too where you get on a boat and the shark has to try and get you, another type of game I like is obeys to where you have to jump on things and not die a particular one I like is tower of hell there are also scary games like piggy, which is a scary game where you have keys and have to escape. I also like how there are different avatars and you can customise it too how you like it. Some ideas I would like you to add is you don’t have to pay money for robux you could give us like for example 80 Robux per month and even not having all games so similar. Some negative things is how there are a lot of ONLINE DATERS and it’s not right even people SWEARING there are also a lot of HACKERS to even when you report someone nothing really happens I really like the new feature though that if you exit the app and then join it again another thing I would like to is to have a voice chat or if you get SCAMMED with your robux if you buy something you can’t get it back but like I said this game is AMAZING highly recommended and if your not allowed just get them to read this review and they will be easily persuaded.Version: 2.578.564

ABSOLUTLEY THE BEST GAME EVERI have been playing this gaming for 2 years. I love it its amazing whenever im bored i play it. And I can make friends in the game. I love it alot because roblox is a game were there are lots of games inside it and if you get bored from playing one you can play another one. If you go in the corner you can search and get what ever game you want for example you can even get forntnite on there in roblox so its fortnite but in roblox some of them are scams but you wont come a cross much and i dont think you will because its very un likley. Im a kid and in my opinion its really fun, you can also get robux robux cost money if you want 800 robux it only cost 15 dollars. You can use your robux on maybe games that cost robux or maybe in the game there is something that you want that cost robux make sure u use ur robux wisley. All games are appropraite. This game keeps me busy and its lots of fun 100 % sure it will keep u busy like it does to me also make sure you can ask some friends if they want to play and you can become friends in the game. If your account gets hacked which is very unlikley if you do when you sign up make sure you save your password so if you get hacked you can go on log in and do your user name and your password THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME YOU WONT REGRET IT TRUST ME IT IS SOOOO FUN YOU WILL LOVE IT I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE GAME AS MUCH AS I DO.Version: 2.601.508

I absolutely love Roblox, but…..I love Roblox and it’s probably one of the 10 top games I would recommend to people. The one thing is it’s no bug or issue I’m just recommending or providing or giving you an idea basically, it’s Robux. Robux cost money and some people might not have the The money for it and a lot of people get bullied since they don’t have Robux and that is mean 😢 so I think you should just do maybe some better free items to make your avatar look a little bit better I know you need money from this game but you make things kind of expensive and I only have a few Robux and I’m just saying maybe make some more things free or maybe make no Robux but you can get money in different ways, by just having a donation thing where people can donate money to you online instead of making people by their avatar I just think it’s a little unfair for the people who get bullied on Roblox, that don’t have robux because they can’t afford it or their parents won’t let them or any other reason, like I said I’m just giving a suggestion maybe you can just change that or maybe just add a few more free items that look a little bit better because I’m gonna be honest with you some of the free items aren’t really that good, sorry i’m not trying to say that your game is bad in any sort of way I LOVE Roblox and thanks for all that you do I hope you read my review, if so thank you so much! and I hope you have a wonderful day/night! 😊 Sincerely, Maddie.Version: 2.553.620

Good and Bad stuff about RobloxRoblox is an amazing game but it still needs a bit more work in this review l will tell you the good and bad stuff about Roblox . First of all Roblox has millions of games that you can play and you can customize your on avatar and it requires a lot a creativity . Which can boost a child’s creativity. But roblox requires quite some money which not all of has and since it is online it can be very dangerous if it is not manged well . As well it bullying can be reported what if someone online says if you report what l have said to any one l will do something to you . If situation like this happen l child may fell sacred and unsafe. How this could be changed is people can check every now if any thing is happening and they can have cameras in each game to see what is happening. Also there can be some scammers and if child doesn’t know about it can be unsafe if there is any trading or detail sharing then it should automatically say this not permitted in roblox. You can also get game money ( Robux ) But that requires real money not all of us a lot of money. I child can feel jealous because someone has more money than them this make child feel they do not like who they are or there family to help this Robux should be given to everyone at least every month. If the creator of roblox does this they can millions more playing please follow the advice above thank you Lovecutegirl555 ( not my real name ).Version: 2.550.640

I love Roblox 🤩 but…So im a keen Roblox player and im obsessed with it.. but… there’s a couple problems.. Number 1. U NEED INTERNET AND WIFI, there’s nothing u can rlly do about this.. but I just hate how I need wifi and internet to play this bc at my grandmas we have no wifi or internet so I have to use data off of my phone. Number 2. REPORTING PPL NON STOP, the Roblox community is filled with different players, but most of the people I have met are rude, and harass me, or just attack me for no reason. I know there is nothing rlly to do about THAT but I just wanna say that I think the time they get banned should be longer because sometimes what they say really hurts, for instance one time this girl told me to go die, and I wanted to.. but I reported her and the whole server reported her, she got banned only for a day, and I just really hope she didn’t attack other people. Which is what I’m also scared about, because after that people like her could go out attacking ppl for no reason and say stuff like that, which could also lead to SH (self h@rm) or maybe su!c!d3. So I think they should be banned for a month or even a year. Thank you for reading. I hope this update does well. Please use my advise on number 2… or there might be A lot of SH around. (Not saying that there WILL be).Version: 2.610.472

Great game!!😊💗Roblox is such a good game and the Roblox devs and people who work for Roblox make the game(s) safe. Roblox has recently added age ratings, so if your child is too young to play something they will hopefully realise that they shouldn’t play the game. I love how Roblox has a variety of different games and so many different genres!! My favourite games to play are horror games, royale high, Evade, My Hello Kitty Café and so many more! The community is amazing but, just like every other community there’s always going to be people who aren’t nice. Anyways I think that Roblox is an amazing game and I don't know why you haven’t downloaded it yet 😅! Get out there and make new friends, for me making online friends is an amazing feeling because most of my real life friends don’t play Roblox or they don’t play the games I like, which is another good thing about Roblox. Playing games that you enjoy gives you the opportunity to meet other people who have the same interests as you. Another good thing about making friends with other players is that the way you might become friends with that person, whether it be working together, butting into some drama that you could see in the chat or just dancing with them! Roblox is a game filled with endless possibilities. Go on! Install the app! Create an account and let Roblox power your imagination….Version: 2.547.548

FantasticRoblox is an amazing game, I've been playing it for 6 years now and I almost never get bored playing it. There's always new things to do and new things to create. Recently I've started creating games on roblox and learning roblox's scripting language, Lua, was quick and easy to learn. One thing that I've always loved about roblox was when I wanted to play a certain genre like let's say a FPS or puzzle game roblox always will have new game I can play and experience. A note to parents as well, most Roblox games helps children learn about stuff they may not learn in school and give good advice. Roblox does have some flaws though, online dating is more common in roblox than you may think and it's really easy for your child to 'participate' in online dating with roleplay games like "adopt me" or in the recently banned "Adopt and raise a child", which still has copies of it in roblox, so there are some risks you may take when getting roblox for your child. in-game currency is also a big part of Roblox, with Robux being their currency there have been many reports of children buying robux without parent permission. Other than that Roblox is a wonderful game to fill children with creativity, whether it be playing games that teach children information important for certain jobs or whether it's learning how to script and showing the world what your child/you can create..Version: 2.605.660

Some flaws..Roblox is a fun game that I like to play. Overall the app is very good and has a wide range of games to play. One thing that I would suggest to the developers would be to have a suggestion bar that suggests new games for a new category for you to explore if you have been playing the same games for a while. Another suggestion is to have a way of earning robux, such as if you play a certain game and reach a high score.. ect, then you could earn 10 robux. This option would be great for people who don’t have extra money to spend on games. I understand if my recommendations are not taken into consideration but if they are then thank you! While I’m talking to you as well, I would also like to bring up the topic of cyberbullying. Many people on games in Roblox take it as far to call you names and abuse you about many things. These people should be called out and contacted personally by the Roblox Developers with an automated message warning that their account will be permanently banned. Sorry this is so long but… You should try to make less updates because it is annoying to go into AppStore every week and update again and again. Or, you could put everything into one update so that it could be less of a hassle for people to keep updating. Thank you for reading this all (:.Version: 2.502.362

My life of the best app Roblox🥳🤩When I first got the game I didn’t know what to do😂but then my big brother helped me🤩then when he logged me in I was amazed when I saw all the spectacular Roblox games I was like”WOOOW this app is fantastic and full of games😂”but this game I saw was so great my little brother showed it to me I was so amazed of that game he found the game had different levels to complete I like fell in love with that game and it was called Tower Of Hell but then I left the server and joined a different game and then another different then another and another and another I was so happy all the years I have spent I had finally found the perfect app and I am really happy that this game was created😍but my favourite part was how we got to dress up our avatar😁and the thing that I wanna say is hank you for this amazing game your game is the best I’m the lover of this spectacular game 😍.Version: 2.426.397632

Caramel cookie cat 🐱I started Roblox as a complete NOOB. The only reason me and my sister got interested in it was because of our older brother. At first we use to play on our computer on my brothers account, but then my brother showed us how to get our own accounts and I was so in love with Roblox. At the time one of the most popular games were Meetcity. I would spend hours on it. I had a really good house a year in. My mother was interested in my obsession. I told her about the whole thing. She said she liked the app but she was scared about getting hacked and always kept an eye on me when I was playing it. Reminder I was only like 7-8 and my mother just wanted to make sure what I was doing was safe. I remember on my first account like a year and a half in and I logged on and was asked for my password. I couldn’t remember and kept on trying. I told my sister and she said to email Roblox. I didn’t know how to so I asked my brother. He just told me to make another account. I was a little upset about loosing everything on my meepcity account but that was the only game I played and now looking back that was pretty odd. So I made a new account and it is the account I play on now. I’ve been playing for 9 or something years and I’ve never taken a break. Anyways I’m conclusion Roblox is a GREAT GAME. I guess I didn’t need to tell my whole begging but I just wanna say….ROBLOX ROCKS! Ps: play livetopia and Brookhaven.😄.Version: 2.504.408

ROBLOXXXX ❤️Roblox is the best game ever invented!! It keeps me entertained and makes me feel happy. There are millions of unique games on the Roblox platform! Roblox in general is just an amazing game! The only tiniest bad thing would probably be that you have to have robux to make your avatar more diverse. You have to get robux with real money, and 80 robux is £1, 400 robux is £5, and 800 robux is £10. However, Roblox is still the same amount of fun without robux! Roblox has made me more imaginative. You need WiFi to play Roblox because you are playing online with others live. You can use your robux on game passes in games, your avatar and a Roblox group. There a some game genres, such as: Fighting, Role play, action, adventure, town and city and wayyyy more! You can also friend people and then chat with them! It could be school friends, family members and even just an online friend, but just make sure to be safe if it’s an online friend because they could be a 80 year old man for all that we know! I hope you download or consider downloading Roblox because it really is an amazing game! Now if you are going to download it, I hope that this review helped because it was my aim to describe roblox. Anyway, Have an amazing time on roblox and have an outstanding rest of your day! ~~From someone! (Not saying my name lol) ~~ 🌈STAY HAPPY! 🌈.Version: 2.519.431

I lost my accountI don’t know but when I was going to play it I was logged out and when I logged back in it crashed.Version: 2.431.404520

Great!You got to watch out for scammers and bots bot other wise great app!.Version: 2.423.391560

Why you should get this appThis app is a great app for kids, only because when you say any words that isn’t appropriate for their age it will easily get tagged. There’s also consequences if you don’t follow the rules, you get tot report people if they are. One of the consequences is that you’ll be banned, from your account. I 100% recommend it!!.Version: 2.425.394331

Nice game but…Roblox is a great game and I gave 5 stars but the chat is really annoying I cant even say ok without it tagging its so overprotective basically but I can still say some things I can’t even change the fact that the chat is like that. Anyway this game is filled with wonderful games and adventures it’s like the best game ever you can change an avatar but the thing is u will need this thing called Robux and it costs money I wish we could collect it from certain badges and things like that, I would also like to say that sometimes it’s just fun to make friends on Roblox WITHOUT it tagging but it just tags everyday every time and every minute I play with my friends. But this game is amazing for making new friends watch out for toxic people though! I also want to say that Roblox has done some TERRIBLE updates for example outerwear but I like the bandages that’s it, they also did some stupid moving faces, and age restrictions on games I’m almost nine it won’t let me play towers like chocolate games it’s literally just a tower I can die but there is no blood not even 1 percent of blood on my character Roblox change that please there’s no violence in the games i play and just my age I can’t play chocolate towers and child games i can only play stuff like Adopt Me and Tower Of Hell and Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition and other than that this is a great game thanks for reading i hope this helped if u want to get this game!.Version: 2.547.548

My opinion of robloxHello, I have been playing Roblox for probably around 2 years now. I think it is an extremely good game, but it does have its downsides. Obviously most of these things will be expected by an online game but you should be aware of this anyway. First, Scammers. Well yeah, this my not be a big problem if you can identify scams easily, but it is quite a big problem. You can report in this game but I’m not really sure how reliable it is, I mean they probably will get banned if the person is continuously stupid, but I think like most games they won’t ban since it makes them have less good reviews. But again I’m not really sure if this is true, since no one I know has got banned but on the other hand I have read what Roblox says and according to the game it will ban them. Also, Robux (which is if you don’t know the money on Roblox) Not much really to complain about since robux kinda leads to scamming which I just talked about but, the price! I mean who pays over £100 for just 10,000 robux. You can’t buy THAT much with it. (I think it’s £100.) And last thing it should probably be for 11+ or 10+ or you should have your parents permission since there is a chat with random people who can say whatever, I mean SURE they tag bad words but it doesn’t always work since you can use signs instead of letters. Overall it is one of the best games! I know I talked about the bad things but overall it’s incredible!.Version: 2.444.409999

My Honest Review of ROBLOX ™️I really like the game. However, every so often, a bug will occur. And sometimes it can be down alot. Anyway, now for the good stuff! It has loads of other games and you can enjoy the wonderful experiences! Make new friends and Play with them! You can Invite your friends to a game and you can play with them aswell. You can make roblox “Groups” and you can hangout and chat with your friends (A bit like discord)! You can make your own games using roblox studio (Seperate app) and make your own wonderful experiences using templates or starting off clean to do it all your self to become a famous developer. There is a currency in this game. It is called “Robux”, Be warned, if your kids ask for “Robux”, you WILL have to pay real life money (unless you have a gift card ect.) You can use “Robux” to upgrade your character or you can decide to get a gamepass in your favourite game! If you really like a developer, every “robux” you spend in a game will go to a developer making them have your robux that you sent them. If you like your kids getting robux every week or every month, Roblox premium is great for you! You sign up for a subscription (R$450 = £4.44 and R$856 = £10. 78 a month. It will automatically renew into your childs account. You can set it up to Automatically buy it but that is Optional. Thanks for reading. My honest rating or Roblox: 4.5 stars!.Version: 2.521.404

BEST GAME EVER - but bullying problems....This game is the best game ever but there are some issues on bullying. Whenever I join a sever of anything I see in the comments that people bully others and it not very nice, I report them but they say reporting does nothing....?? I love this game and I don’t want to always join a sever and people are bullying each other or ganging up on others, it’s not nice and definitely not fun. I know there is really nothing to do it the person getting bullied is not reporting them. My friend got bullied because in the pizza game she was manager and this 1 person wanted to be manager and he was saying “let me be manager or I will report u” and mean thinks like that, he even calling her a b* but but instead of b* he said batch, and batch doesn’t tag in roblox..??? I think u should make batch tag in roblox. But other then bulling roblox is the best game ever. I love waking up in the morning and playing it!! It’s just super fun and AMAZING!!! I love playing it with friends it the most AMAZING thing in the world!!! I love getting my streaks in bloxburg and Royale high spinning the wheel, doing the fountain, and getting DIAMONDS every time I log onto the computer!! it’s just so AMAZING and I love it super much!! I just hope bulling problems get fixed!! Thank u for making such an AMAZING and fun game!! Regards Sarah.Version: 2.419.381237

GoodFun game A lot of fun games.Version: 2.443.409841

Roblox studioPlease add roblox studio to mobile devices..Version: 2.431.404520

My honest review on Roblox! 🫶🏻😋Hello! My name is Jasmine and today I will be sharing my review. Roblox is a great game for all ages. Teenagers, adults, kids, and other! But one thing I love about roblox is that you can make friends from people living across the country and chat, hangout and play. Roblox is for all ages but I would suggest 8 to maybe 30 or a little older to play it’s so fun. Game suggestions: Brookhaven Rp (people who love to role-play), Tower of hell (people who love parkour and obby), Princess tycoon (people who love to make things) and last but not least bloxburg 25 robux to buy it (people who love to build, learn and explore)! Quick feedback for Roblox: “Roblox, hi there one thing before I continue is that you ban people when they have sweared 3 times or been reported nearly 100 rimes because it’s getting annoying people like bullied don’t get banned quicker anyway. Read more to find out more! Now before I finish this review I have a little something to share. Be kind, don’t bully, don’t online date, and don’t swear. Bully = defend yourself, talk and report! Stand up for people getting bullied stand down for people who are bullies. Make this game funnier and safer by supporting noobs and the team have fun if you sign up today! Read other reviews for more help. I’m sure there good to. Anyways have an amazing day. Written by jasmine which is me no one else. Buh-bye Robloxians!.Version: 2.615.606

I really like robloxYou know roblox has been out for a while I really like it but I have been scammed a lot on roblox I’m not saying roblox is bad but I’m warning people not too trust trade anymore or ever trust trade or buy pets with bucks on adopt me and don’t hate hack or hate on peoples avatars everything and everyone is beautiful in there own ways and sending love hope and support too everyone be blessed roblox is a great game but a lot of people get banned because of hackers and stuff like that there is a lot of online dating and a lot of hackers once I trust traded for my fr golden penguin and fr cerberus and I reported them and my stuff never returned I’m very mad about this and I think roblox is bad and I’m editing this and roblox isn’t that bad but it is quite dangerous especially for kids they start having s&x on there in different games and it’s bad influence and I don’t think it’s the best idea for any kid out there reading this so if you’re a parent don’t make your kid suffer and keep doing that stuff you should probably let them take a break or take away their electronic I’m too saying anything bad about roblox but there are alot of things that kids can think are good/funny and sometimes people ask for info about these kids the kids normally tell them because they don’t know they can do anything and they end up coming too your house and trying too hurt your kid god bless amen 🙏😁🤩xxx.Version: 2.540.501

Love Roblox but needs some changeI loved Roblox something need to be changed because some thing are always tagged and it really annoying,another thing is some stuff in Roblox are to much like headless and korblox I think they should lower a little bit and two average price so people don’t have to save up for a lot of days, because Robux is really attempting to spend him, but if you lower the prices to korblox and headless no one will have to save up that much and another thing I think should change is online daters because it’s really getting annoying and out of hand when online daters decide to join a game and they start doing weird stuff and we always report dumb but y’all never pick up the report and fix it or ban him or whatever y’all do. Y’all just stay there and look at the report and do nothing Another thing that should change is the robux prices They are really expensive to people with type budgets, and some people always ask your mother and father for robux but when they look at the prices, it’s like a lot of money, and some people can’t even spend 499 because of a budget they have so I think that it should really change to lower prices for more people to get Robux so other people can have good avatars in avatar that they actually want so please change these things diesel make Roblox even funnier and cooler please fix this. Thank you very Love: Aaliyah.Version: 2.572.482

Love it but there’s a problemI love it, but I hate how you have to have roebucks so it would be good if you had like like 10 roebucks to start out with when you log into the game so that you can spend it free cute avatar because I get bullied all the time for not having roebucks and it would be nice if I could change my avatar and I just like would like to have a different outfit than a noob outfit because that’s what my friends call me when I’m on my friend I guess but still so yeah that’s a all that is wrong with the game is roebucks other than that I love the game so much it has so many games so many servers. It’s amazing and I love creating my own game and experience experiencing fun coding ways to play different games. It’s really nice and thank you for creating Roblox but that’s my only complaint and I know I sound like a poor person chess me. I guess you can say that now but we’re wealthy. We just my pants on allow me to spend their money on stuff like that so it be nice if me and my sister‘s kids and everybody in the world if Monat log in to get 10 Robux each and that’s it and then Thursday have to buy for it which would be nice because Tim Robux is enough for pants and a shirt a cute shirt for your avatar so you don’t you couldn’t with Timberlakes you don’t have it you can’t get into Blocksburg, and that still protects it, and you still have to get it but yeah my only complaint bye have a nice day.Version: 2.578.564

Wth??Ok. Standard Roblox kid here, I love the game, all good, except for what just happened. I was playing a role-play the other day, and some kid came up to me and a friend and started bullying us and calling us names, and shaming us and being homophobic! Not cool. I reported him on the spot. (I wasn’t rude or disrespectful at all either. I was very calm and reasonable, he was just being really hurtful.) he left, and the next day I get a notification that he reported me for bullying him! Wth!? Please either explain this or fix it altogether. But aside from that, Roblox is an amazing game. (Just for all you concerned parents out there. :D) it’s really fun, the chat filters are pretty safe and it’s really easy to make sure your kid is safe online while having a whole lot of fun. There are some scary games or “questionable” things sprinkled through, and the occasional jerk, but overall the community is really nice. I would recommend for (A: kids that can read, B: kids that understand the importance of cyber safety and toxic relationships and how to say no to people and ads and stuff.) and despite my ranting the report feature is easy to use, and does give the offender a bit of a scare XD. As I just said (as it happened to me just now) someone can report you just because they are mad at you or want to get back at you or whatever, even when you didn’t do anything, and I would really like that fixed. But other than that, 9/10. Really good. :).Version: 2.544.300

Very convenientHi, my name is Alexa and I’ve been playing Roblox ever since 2017. Roblox has honestly changed my life because of the new friends you can make. Yes, Roblox has is up and downs but it genuinely is a very fun game! Anyway, back to what I was saying you should definitely go download it if you haven’t because it definitely keeps you mind occupied if your bored. It’s crazy how one game with millions of games in it and faces, and avatars, can change your life. It can teach you a lot. Now im going to talk about the bad things. Roblox’s moderation system is honestly terrible. For example, you can say something a long the lines of “ok?” Or “what” something very simple and the moderation system will just ban you for a week or even delete your account! Another bad thing about Roblox is things cost a lot of money and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. For example “sshf” meaning super super happy face is a limited that you can buy in the shop which is over 100k robux and that’s about equal to $300 USD for a pixel face!! Crazy right? That’s not it. People, mostly YouTubers and gamers (even me) have spent over hundreds and hundreds of money on the game and Roblox sometimes decides to just ban or delete it for NO REASON at anytime, anywhere, anyhow to anyone. Also roblox has TONS of oders, hackers and trolls which are extremely infamous and unnecessary but other than that it’s pretty fun just watch out for the bad things :) byee.Version: 2.518.390

Roblox.I love roblox really I do and I started back in 2021 it was so thrillling and exciting bc it was my childhood dream game and I wanted to finally try it out. The first time I entered the game my first game was adopt me I loved adopt me it was amazing everyone was so friendly but there were some od (online daters) In there it was kinda cringe but I just let it be then I met toxic slenders it was wierd at first but they were starting to be rude so I obviously fought back but seeing my actions now that I’m older was wrong of me even though they were in the wrong. It’s the end of 2021 and beginning to be 2022 and I decided to try some diffrent games I played horror,funny,intelligence and etc. learning from these expirences were fun but I have learned that not all things stay the same so thank you so much roblox for teaching me friendship,smartness,loyalness, and for being the best person I can be I know your building your community and I hope you guys keep striving bc you are on another level.Version: 2.589.593

So good!Roblox is one of the best games invented! There are millions of games to play, so you can choose the ones that you like. Right now, my favourite game to play is Roville. Many people say it’s bad because it’s a rip-off of Bloxburg, but it’s awesom like that because now I can play a game like Bloxburg and I don’t need to have robux! There are a whole bunch of alternative games to play if you don’t have robux and who cares? One thing I would like to point out is the amount of bullying I have seen lately. People are just being mean to others randomly, and I can say this because it happened to me. I was just minding my own business in a game, and these two guys came up to me and started trying to roast me. It was kind of funny, because they were using roast from google, but I just didn’t chat and ignored them and soon they went away. The good thing is that there is a place to report any bad behaviour so that roblox can be a safe and inviting community!.Version: 2.570.563

Please read this if you are just starting OKRoblox is my favorite game it allows you to meet new people and it teaches you lessons about the real world but I started of as a complete noob I got introduced to the game by my favorite you tubers and when I started I learnt you don’t just start of good and I had to practice a lot but this is to help the new players . I recommend an amazing game called climb time it is just like tower of hell but it has check points and it’s not to hard it’s a great way to practice for future Obby you might play second I also recommend bloxburg it teaches children that money doesn’t just grow on trees well it sort of dose and that people have to work for money and there are hard things in life like getting a job and paying the bills and buying a house and it’s great game overall but there are some rules first don’t bully you will get reported and possibly banned second don’t scam other players work hard for their items thirdly do not attempt to swear the makers read what you try to say and will not show it lastly have fun that is the hole reason for Roblox.Version: 2.521.404

Good gameAwesome game but too much text moderating.Version: 2.307.149105

RobloxWhen i was younger i seen my sister playing on her laptop i was about 7-8 years old she was playing speed run! I asked her if i could have a turn, it took a while for me to build the courage to ask her but she said yes!! I was using arrows at that moment so it was super hard to control it plus my first time playing so yeah lol but for christmas my dad got me a new phone and i downloaded it! I first played speed run for a while then i went on and had a look at other games “adopt me” cool i thought so i joined it haha, mind you i got scammed a few times but i really love that game i really do then i found flee the facility it made me rage a lot but oh wow it was fun!! Then came tower of hell, royale high! Then MM2 my favourite game is mm2 so happy i had an experience in roblox! I really love this game and so happy it took part in my life i dont play much now but sometimes ill take the time out of my day to ! <3.Version: 2.570.563

A really good game!🥳I really do think this is a good game but there’s a few things wrong with it see some game people bully and I even saw one girl say abc to get roasted ( I was watching her closely because I wanted to step in if anyone got upset peacefully I would of told them ya know it’s okay they don’t mean it) but Roblox is one of those games where people go on to just be mean because there hurt and be mean to other to make them feel bad about themselves although it is really fun very addictive but the amount of people that are really mean I think would be growing because I only see like 8 or so people who are mean every month so it is getting betting I just wanted to let you know that if your going to get your kid this game I would think about bulling and other things that can relate to mental issues In real life because they might start thinking that it is true. One more thing though that if your a parent and worried about your kids spending to much time on computers or devices I recommend you have a time limit because kids will most likely get very addicted as I said before and you might be able to see a change in the behaviour at home (just for a warning) but even though I just said some back thing I think Roblox is very fun 🤩 so yeah thanks for reading all of this if you did wow because I wrote a lot and I hope you live peacefully thanks bye👋🏻.Version: 2.550.640

Haven’t heard of Roblox? You’ve been living a lie!Roblox is an amazing and fun game! So many games and types of categories to choose from this is gonna be like an ad but it’s worth it dress up your avatar with thousands of custom accessories some money yes but it’s ok! But this is where my complaint comes cause all reviews have a complaint it isn’t humanly possible to have the perfect game anyway what I think is I think you should have a starter pack with 10,000 robux or less since most kids parents don’t spend money on a game! And this is so they can custom their avatar or get access to a robux game/Gamepasses! Such as wings of fire, wolves life dawn and game passes such as adopt me’s gamepasses since most people can’t afford them and find it unfair in so many different ways! But another complaint is it’s so glitchy! Most of the time my screen freezes and boom I’m out of the game and website completely it may be my internet but this has happened for my friends too! I just wanna say please never take this game down cause it will always be number 1! Not even among us could beat it all games have their time when nobody plays their game anymore but Roblox will never since their is so many games it’s impossible to find the end of it plus updates help too! So there is a new thing to discover Have a blessed day! <3.Version: 2.467.418331

I love it but....I love roblox, its very addictive and super fun, but recently i think we've all heard the rumours of the new updates and if you haven't, it basically makes roblox into Sims4 and i think no-one is happy with that. Once i heard that, i'm now really scared of pressing update for the rest of my life, i know it sounds silly but honestly i ABSOLUTELY HATE the update. Aside that, theres other issues, for example, i got banned for no reason at all but i'm not sure if i broke any rules so yeah also, if i got banned and didnt see the re-activate my account button if i made a new account i could atleast get a refund for the robux. Mentioning Robux, you should atleast get a free package of atleast 150rbx to start off with because i've seen people calling someone a bacon just because they have no robux. The next subject is steriotyping, theres a game called Emergency Response (im not gonna go through explaining the game) and it includes cops and so i was a cop and this wanted guy just came up and said "Girls can't play this game. Noob! You've not got robux and so you shouldn't be allowed to play roblox at all." and so i said "Stop waisting my time" and then he just kept saying girls can't play and it rlly got on my nerves. But thats just the bad qualitys. Roblox is really fun and you can connect with your friends and make friends! All in all, if your reading this you really should get roblox, just remember if you are, keep safe!! Thanks! xx.Version: 2.503.338

Major issuesRoblox is a great game and its filled with supporting people, but it has some major issues. first of all, the most irritating: no refund issue. you do realize that people pay their own money on these clothes, that are virtual and should last them, but when the clothing gets deleted which isnt even their fault they dont get their robux back? this is a serious issue because i recently got robux, which takes a TON of convincing to do to my parents to let me buy it, and two days later, TWO DAYS, one clothing item i bought was deleted. i would be able to buy another version of it, had i gotten my robux back. issue 2: reporting issue. after reporting serious bullies and hackers, they do not get banned from the game. i have learned there is a feature where you can redeem you account with a promise to not continue doing it, but players are abusing this privilege and doing it anyways, just to restart their account when banned. it should also be made so backup accounts under the same email will not be aloud to run, because they lost the privilege of playing this game themselves. issue 3: unreasonable pricing issue. a major example of this issue is the joyful face. it costs $36,000... just for a face? this price is way too high and prices should NOT be allowed to reach this number. i truly do hope that you take fixing these major roblox issues into consideration. thanks!.Version: 2.465.417621

Best game ever BUTThe reason I put four stars is because of the ticket/support system. And I have to be honest. It’s the worst support system that I have ever seen in my 14 years of age life. So when I was like 10, my old account got hacked. So my parents opened a support ticket. It took them over 3 days to respond. Guess what? They did not do a single thing about it. So my parents gave it a second shot. Same thing but this time it took 5 days. So they kept on trying to get my account back because I was really upset. 3 tries later still nothing. We even told them the password to the account to prove we are the owners. But obviously the password was changed lol. I don’t really blame Roblox for them not doing anything about it because they don’t really know we’re the one and only owner of the actual account itself. But they really need to respond quicker because we had wasted a lot of time. But I have created a ticket recently for being banned for a week and tried to appeal it. They said no. Just no apart from like sending me a link of the ToS. Giving me no info while I was banned because like I never had gotten a warning before and it’s just really weird. I think Roblox sped up their response time as they responded in 2 days which is a bit quicker than last time, lol. Apart from that, do recommend playing as it is my favourite game 😍😍😍.Version: 2.539.400

Good gameIt is an amazing game! But I’m in the middle of updating it right now but it’s taken about an hour and it still hasn’t updated which is really annoying because sadly my other account got hacked and I made two accounts so in case one gets hacked I have the other one but I mostly use my main one for adopt me getting the daily bonus streak but I can’t and I’m also close to 30 where I get something from the star toys and pets but because I can’t get on roblox I can’t do what I want to do! I only use my main account for getting the daily login streak since I gave all my pets to my other account since I mostly use that one now but I really need it to update quicker. But I love roblox because there’s thousands of games to play and it’s so much fun since you can play with friends and so much more! My favourite games are adopt me, tower of hell and Bloxburg. I like adopt me because you can adopt babies and pets and you can trade and get eggs, I like tower of hell because I like doing a bit of parkour and it’s kind of harder since there are no check points and I like Bloxburg because it’s kinda the same thing as adopt me but in adopt me you buy a house and on Bloxburg you build a house and also you don’t adopt pets and you don’t trade anything! The worst thing about it is people on some games find a way to swear so for an example people would put brackets around a swear word and it won’t be in tags and I hope you can fix that. 😁.Version: 2.426.397632

Roblox speechRoblox is the best game I think it’s just amazing how you get to meet new people and I love how you can report others if any misbehaving happens everyone is always safe online and Roblox even has weekly updates!!! So you’re never bored they have over 800 games on this app and whenever I get the time to go on my phone I’m always playing Roblox Some of my friends always ask me why are you always online playing Roblox I tell them because it’s a very interesting game and takes up most of my time when I’m bored so make sure you please give a go and download ROBLOX because no other game can beat Roblox!!! I’m at least playing Roblox for 9 hours straight because it’s just so much fun!! I recommend this game only if you are 10 years old and over bullying can happen on here but if I get bullied then I always talk back LOL hehe which is what I want You to do Hope you enjoyed playing it and Thank-You so much for listening to my speech Have a great day!!! BYEEE!!! 😁🙂😄😎.Version: 2.506.608

Roblox is the besttttFirst I started off when my brother made me a account And I stared off playing bee-swarm simulator it was really fun! I was just a noob playing but as I got more interested in it I got a better hive! Then I stared playing bubblegum simulator I was really good at that game tbh! But I had to set a auto-clicker in all night to get good at the game then once I hatched a mythic from a egg I got scammed! The scammers in bubble gum simulator are not as bad as ones in adopt me. But as I was saying bubble gum simulator is pretty much grind to win. My friend was not as good as me and it was not much fun to play like, that I had unlocked almost all the islands and she has only unlocked one so I stopped doing that. Then I came to adopt me and oh adopt me changed my life! First it is the most fun game EVER and it is a bit pay to win ya know with robux but I was not allowed robux but I was still super duper rich. AND THAT IS HOW ROBLOX IS THE BEST THEING EVERRRR.Version: 2.512.415

I absolutely love roblox 💕I first started when I was 8 and my cousin introduced me to it, I eventually found a liking in the game and started playing more! One of the games I really love is called Royal high, in this game you are able to gain diamonds and buy stuff in the shop, the sad thing is that most of the items are really expensive 😱 especially because of the new update, there was the peppermint set, which was so expensive! The skirt costed about 35k and the corset 28k ( I might be wrong ). To explain how long it takes to get that much is for example, if you go to sunset island 1 round = 8 mins ( to get ready ) and when the game actually starts you have to go through 4 stages which would take approx 9 mins, the first stage is question answering, the second is going on the catwalk, the third is voting and the fourth is getting placed, if you don’t get placed you will get 200 diamonds, if you get placed 3rd you get 400 ( or 300 I forgot ) 2nd is 800 and 1st is 1000! But that’s not much, thus it will take you 35 rounds as 1st place to get 35k. And not many people have the time! But as much as this infuriates me I love 💕 the game. I am now 11 years old and still love every individual game on roblox and they all make me happy 🥰😄..Version: 2.505.419

Amazing! But a few thingI love roblox so much it is a fun and welcoming game I have been playing roblox for 6 years now but a few thing I think should change one: if you lose your account I thing roblox should actually try to help and not do nothing about it for example my freind lost her account that she spent lots of money on and she is upset roblox is not doing everything about it. Two: robux is a cool think about the game but for 2000 robux it’s 25 dollars?!? I think it’s a bit to expensive and people get bullied for not getting robux so maybe can roblox add more thing that are free and for example i didn’t have robux for 2 mouths and I got upset because of that people that don’t have robux don’t have may clothing options. 3: a lot of the time people (including me) tend to buy things that the regret I think maybe there should be a thing that you can be able to re-fund thing and also I have bought clothes and then they get tracked down it would be nice if you can get your robux back from that clothing and the last thing I would like to say is Scaming, scaming is really big In games like adopt me and a lot of other games I would be nice if roblox can see what a scamer is doing for example I got scammed I reported the person 5 time and nothing happens people get away with online bullying and scaming because of this Thank you!for reading this and sorry if I have spelling errors..Version: 2.465.417621

Lov it (and warrior cat game)Right so like everyone else I love Roblox it’s sooooo fun so many games I also agree about getting free Robux for badges but anyway what I actually wana talk about is the warrior cat ultimate game I love it I’m started reading the books only a few months ago and I have some ideas like a smaller kit size Mabye a furless model cars fighting actions and animals to hunt Mabye a hissing or arching back action I would also like a hunting crouch Mabye a slink and Mabye foxes and badgers I’m not sure about that one but this next one I really want ok so please have some sort of events in the game and forest fires I would really like that they would just acure sometimes also for the sake of starclan Mabye ad some starclan area and finally add like a message for when it’s the gathering no one ever does gatherings. Also I’m on iPad I love the game but it crashes like heck so if you could try make that a little better I would appreciate it thankyou if this is unrealistic then don’t do it. Have great day bye.Version: 2.539.400

My honest review on robloxI think this is a great game in all ways. It has many interesting games to play all by many different creators. The only reason I would give this game four stars is because of scams. As you all know people like to scam others because they think they are smart doing so. I think when your scammed on games such as adopt me, royal high etc Roblox of course bans accounts if they are reported a certain amount of time but I think it is only fair if you get the stuff you got scammed from you back I mean you could have spent all your pocket money on this really expensive pet on adopt me and someone just scams it from you. I’m not complaining I’m suggesting that they should do more then ban there accounts for three days or whatever. Now back to the positives this game is amazing as long as you try stay safe on here. It has a massive selection of games there are honestly millions of games on here all unique and different there’s sure to be one for your liking. Plus Roblox has just added heaps more non-robux clothing in the avatar shop which i know some people don’t have the money to buy robux so I’m happy that you can get more stuff on there! If you haven’t checked this game out yet ask your parents to play if your a kid it’s amazing there will 100% be a game perfect for you to play! My review is done I hope you have had a chance to sort the scamming thing out soon Roblox!.Version: 2.519.431

IsAwesome It is very good 😊.Version: 2.307.149105

Amazing game!If you want to download roblox so badly but your parents won’t let you :( have them read this (hi! I see you are not letting your child down load roblox :( but here is some information about roblox to maybe let your child down load it! the nice feature is, this is not a social media game. When ever you join a game there will be strangers but no need to worry. You can turn your child’s chats off so then they can not talk to strangers I’m pretty sure there is also a feature to make it so your child can’t see them either. the next thing about this app it’s also educational. There are some games that can teach you about how to use your money wisely theres also some more games like math games and memory games and some more games that you have to use a lot of thinking on. If you are also scared of your child making friends on roblox with strangers no need to worry. There is a part of roblox where you can friend request people and you can accept it if it’s people you know but you can decline it if it’s a stranger. There’s a feature to that you can make it so your child can not get any friend request at all from anyone. And once your child is 13+ there will be a thing where it will ask you if you want to use your actual voice to chat it’s called “voice chat”. So I hope this helps a little bit in thinking about downloading roblox for your child!) -MaisyLuna123.Version: 2.574.445

THE best!I love this game and it’s so fun and addicting I wish I could own it. I like all the games l I like this game also because it has the best game ever since the update I have loved it so much. I do it every day and always find something new. From the role playing to the obbys it’s amazing I could name 100 of my favorite games on Roblox and they all are awesome I give it 5 stars because it is a great app sometimes it’s hard but that’s part of the game I still love it sometimes I get mad at it when I do hard obbys I like the easy obbys and of course the adventure story’s the whole game itself Is a total adventure. I love sooooooooooooooooo ,I think you get the idea, MUCH please add more updates it will make it even better! So you know I love it THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH I think this is the best game ever I like doing it when I have like nothing else to do and everything seems boring I play and it refreshes my mind I like to say. I like role playing like in Brookhaven and bloxburg and anything I love it that’s all I’m trying to say I can’t believe this technology I think the only update or should I say “change” is I don’t think we robloxians ………”” should have to pay for Robux the idea of Robux is good in all but I just think I should not use real money to buy it maybe you can make a most popular game that gives you like ten Robux everyday soooo it can be free that’s my only recommendation or should say “ request “.Version: 2.539.400

Amazing! 😍I’ve been playing Roblox for as long as I can remember. It’s an amazing Online Game where you can seek for new friends. It’s such a great game, with different things you can do. You can do many things, e.g. Playing Games, making friends and groups, making your own clothing and games, and buy Robux! Robux allows you to buy accessories, clothing, game passes, e.t.c. I highly recommend playing this game, as it brings everybody Joy! But one thing that triggers me, is that there are some toxic people. By that, I mean, people who swear, online date, scam, cheat and break rules in the game which leads to fights, e.t.c. This game needs to improve a few bugs, but overall, Roblox is a dream game, too good to be true, and if you’re ever bored on your device, the first thing I highly recommend you do, is download Roblox if you haven’t already. Trust me, you’ll gain satisfaction and an obsession to this game. You won’t regret it ONE bit (unless something bad happens) which I highly doubt would be likely to happen, but, yeah! It’s an extraordinary fun game, I hope nobody experiences any issues while playing, and I also hope that anybody who hasn’t downloaded this game yet, would Enjoy it! Thank you so much for reading my review, I really appreciate it since it took some courage to write it. Anyways, Have a great day! Goodbye! 💗.Version: 2.499.381

My honest reviewRoblox is the best game ever and I really love it I play it every single day but I have other games but I play Roblox the most and if your new to Roblox your going to love it!! From I love Roblox I did that 2 years ago but it’s still my honest opinion but her is my opinion today! I like Roblox because you can chat to your friends make new friends play with people and stuff but Roblox has changed recently from the players they have been acting inappropriate to younger kids Whitch is not good and stuff but it still doesn’t change the fact how it so fun and intertaning obviously if your new you going to love it and I play it a lot but not all the time but I love it it the best and my fav game at the moment is Berry avenue it do cool you can high school to family to and more I play with my friends on it and call and we have a good time the both of us! I recommend give this a 5 star since it’s so cool people are kind but not all but still!!!I love it so much I can go on and on about it in this paragraph for forever I injoy it and I’m definitely when my younger siblings are old enough I’ll tell them about Roblox and let them play it and trust me they will have the best time they will probably be glued to it lol anyways I injoy the experience and I still play it till this day! I hope you give it a 5 star and have a great rest of ya day!!!!😊🤭🏆.Version: 2.589.593

Absolutely Great!Roblox has been my #1 game choice forever. I’ve been playing since 2012. It’s grown so much as a platform and it’s improved a lot. Sure, there’s trolls, online daters n whatnot, but This review is to summarize the platform itself, not the people on it. First, UGC is such an amazing update, it allows modelers and developers of any kind to contribute to the platform and even make money from it! DevEx was also a great improvement, because now developers can make a living from Roblox alone! Now that I’ve gone over some of the good things, I’ll touch up on some of the bad things. First, the chat filter / moderation. Yeah, it’s alright, it does it’s job greatly, but it’s evident that it’s run mostly by bots. Roblox should hold and event for moderator applications so they can hire more people. Trust me, there’s many people who would LOVE to become a moderator and contribute to the platform, and most of those people will work for free. Next, there’s the catalog, the clothing catalog, to be specific. It’s extremely messy and most of it is copied. Sure, it seems like nothing. Until you think about all the people that took time to MAKE those shirts only for them to get stolen and reuploaded without credit. It’s saddening. There’s also the game searching algorithm. It’s also very messy and people just add tags to the game descriptions for visits. Also the copied games that scam players. But besides all these flaws, Roblox is pretty chill..Version: 2.438.407206

Totally The Best and Fun And Amazing! 🤩🤩Because this game is really for free and I can experience a good time with lots of people and me and my friends and it was amazing journey of playing Roblox and I really like the game and it’s so enjoyable to people in my opinion and it was very good but the thing is some of them is a bug but it’s fine because they can fix and I can create cool games like tycoon,simulator,fighting,cops and robbers, roleplays,and more and it gets more better features in Roblox avatar shop and it’s so many things to choose from and I really don’t know what to choose which one is cooler but this game is literally the best game of all robloxians and there’s a better game we can play like something really popular or less but this is our honesty it’s a really amazing because I would love to help people do stuff and others and more also I really hate bully’s dude like they’re really not good when people were mean but at least there’s a lot of nice people and also this game was so good and nice and by the way keep it up and also that’s all and thank you for reading my feedback it cool and fun and I hope you did really good too just like the others so thanks to Roblox it was good so yeah thank you and see ya.Version: 2.558.227

This is such an amazing game!Firstly, (as I said in the title of this review) this game is AMAZING. It has so many cool features to it and it’s got easy controls. You get to play numerous amounts of fun and exciting games, and if you get tired of the games that others (yes I said OTHERS meaning real people’s games that they made!) people’s games, you can take the pleasure of making one of your own games! And not only are you allowed to make one game, but you can make multiple games! Secondly, I want to talk about the controls. The controls to this game are very simple and easy. They make all the difference to this game as well! The settings let you customise your character and you can change your characters name! It’s so cool and has easy features to it. This review is getting kind of long so I’ll Finnish it off with my last paragraph😛 Finally, I want to talk about the down-sides to this game. Sometimes you come across heaps of glitches and bugs. for example, your character could get half in and half out of the map, and you can’t move around. Or you just randomly get disconnected from the server and lose everything. But overall it’s a really good game, and I think you should download it.😃👌.Version: 2.487.426768

Its amazing but not alwaysRoblox is fun for people but it will give you headaches time to time for playing to long Spend time outside roblox and have fun making games irl roblox lets your imagination do what it wants from making games to flying to exploding to completing puzzles whatever you imagine can happen in roblox apart from swearing ofc roblox is a family friendly app but don’t make any rule breaking on the tos because when you do it allot then you will get acount deleted so don’t keep breaking the same rule they don't just keep giving warnings or bans they delete acounts like all progress gone keep it safe and chill you don’t have to enjoy it just don’t let your imagination die of thats why roblox exists to keep ur imagination alive just have fun its not for making fun of things its for fun not anything else and here is a reminder if you see anything against the tos report them its the right thing to do just keep the app safe for kids there is age ratings for games and if you create a game then go through age ratings if it has violence game ratings : all ages,9+,13+ and 17+ I recommend playing games you enjoy dont let anyone bully you if someone does do this Block,report and leave to a different server you only have a limited amount of blocks one last thing before i go is just have fun on roblox And that’s my entire review on Roblox..Version: 2.605.660

Roblox updateRoblox has been an amazing game and community. There is so much to do, so much different varieties of game modes, it’s like a dream come true. But what’s happening right now is…the bloxy avatars are soon to be gone. I know you can still keep them, but they will get replaced by the more realistic human-like characters. The name “Roblox” for me just mainly represents the bloxy avatars, the main point of Roblox. People have been so happy with their old avatars, why must it be changed? And the fact that the new avatars are much more inappropriate, they show a man/woman being naked. It was all fine just the way it is! I have also heard that the hashtags in Roblox will be removed. Which will just make it more unsafe for younger players, they might be able to spread out real life information and even inappropriate content/words. Voice calls, (or video calls) might also be coming out in Roblox. But then what is the point? I really thought that Roblox was a safe place for everybody to be in. These updates will just make the players turn away from Roblox, as it used to be so safe. The reason why I decided to join Roblox in the first place years ago, was because of the way it was developed. It was safe, it was a very uniquely designed game, everything about it was just awesome. But now, some of my friends have already deleted Roblox, as of being scared of the upcoming updates. It just isn’t safe anymore..Version: 2.501.362

Why can’t we write numbers?This game is so much fun but why can’t we write numbers it’s not like numbers are bad words or anything I just don’t get why we can’t.Version: 2.435.406105

“5” ALL RIGHT!🌷Like I started off as a bAnCoN but then my then I got rObUx that’s The currency of the game I played in 2019 up to 2023! Once you get stuck to it you’ll never start Clinging off of it these are the games you might see me in dragon adventures adopt me colour hide and seek fight to save the Princess Ninja legends elemental battlegrounds and one last game the wacky hand game I’ve got a lot of hands! I absolutely lOvE it 😊 You guys should tOtAlly try it out! Sorry if it’s better than” MINECRAFT”Roblox is one of the best games you could ever”Imagine “like I said You’re never start “clinging”off of it it’s a total 10 “STAR”🦋🌷 you can make your own aVaTaR tOo! Make sure the check it out! You can even add your real “friends”to your “friends”list it’s so famous people have account of “ Tiktoks about it” youTubers such as “ sunnyxmisty” and “cookie cutter”! So much famous people you might KnOw!Well I hope you like this I hope this helped you get “ “started!”.Version: 2.570.563

:( but the game is awesomeMaybe Roblox went to far with the Robux and stuff I first Joined in 2015 when I was 5 but honestly some how I was smart enough to understand I was a just a normal player with pal hair which players call bacon hair and my brother was playing with me and players said to me stupid Noob I'm gonna hack you and they even started swearing to me but they used this * instead my brother was shocked and I wasn't aloud to play it since I was six and I last year August then I found out how to play on MacBook And then I found out how to edit you're aviator I only got free stuff even though player kept calling me noob I'm more happier as have TBC and I have robux and an animation but the game IS GREAT I'm just saying please don't cyber bully anyone and really most of my friends and students in my school before fortnite came out roblox was the best and most of them said it's a great game but the ROBUXS should be free But AWESOME GAME THOUGH THNXS FOR IT.Version: 2.373.280591

Roblox is the best app everRoblox is my favoriting app it is so fun!!!!😃😀.Version: 2.430.404271

This game is the BESTWhen I first started playing Roblox I played with my friend that introduced me to it and at first it was kinda boring but then me and my friend found a really cool game (forgot what it was called cuz it was like 5 years ago) so the we played that for like a few months and then my friend got some robux so I asked my mom if I could get some too but she said I can chores to earn money to buy it myself and in those weeks of me doing chores I learned lots of things like how much water i have to give the plants and how to clean my shoes using a old toothbrush and I also earned $25 so I got a Roblox gift card and I edited my avatar (I thought it looked really cool but now looking back on it it’s kinda embarrassing haha) so whatever you do don’t delete Roblox because I looked at some of the reviews and others also have very good reasons on why you shouldn’t delete it not that I think you will delete it (since Roblox is doing soooo well)but that you have more the reasons to keep it and updating it so if this helps (which I’m not sure it will) I hope more people explore and review this AMAZING game thx.Version: 2.594.524

Amazing game but a few recommendationsSo hi I have been playing Roblox for around three years right know but seriously there’s some suggestions that you NEED to add firstly this would mean you couldn’t change the birthday you put in when you sign up for the first time so i think that for example whatever birthday you put in when you signed up on that day you would receive Robux also i NEED daily rewards so the rewards could be either Robux or avatar items also i would like to be able to create a Roblox game on a mobile device and also NO MORE ROBLOX GAMES THAT COST ROBUX like seriously why did this ever exist like who wants to spend all of their Robux on a game and then find out the game is really bad also PLEASE MONITOR THE CHAT like seriously who likes it when their playing a roleplay game and then they look in the chat and find that everyone on the game is being incredibly inappropriate and irritating like okay i think you should've realised that even if you can’t say the word date as in the romantic type of date the sus Roblox players literally DO NOT CARE about that because they just spell things that aren’t the correct spelling but it means the same thing as one of the words that are hashtaged so those are my recommendations on what to add to Roblox bye and please consider these suggestions thank you for reading.Version: 2.583.1069

Really fun gameRoblox is such a cool and fun game I always play it when I’m board. It’s a really great idea to have more than one game on it because when you get board of one game you and play a new game and there’s always something new you haven’t played before. There’s only a few negatives such as hackers, scammers, and online bulling. I know that I have got scammed before and it’s so annoying and unnecessary because all the people have worked so hard to earn there items on the game, and when you want to report them you can’t because they left the game I am still very sad because a scammer took my mega neon unicorn in adopt me so my suggestion is to have a other way to report them but reporting doesn’t do much so I would really like Roblox to do something about it. Hackers are an other problem luckily i have not come across any hackers but my friend did and she lost her acount. Next thing is online bulling this is so UNNECESSARY poor kids or adults go on to have a good time and get bullied I have had people bully me on Roblox my friend and I reported them a week ago and nothing happend whitch is so BAD so please Roblox do something about the reports because some of the things are really sad. But ya over all I think it’s such a good game it’s awdd sad one keep it up :).Version: 2.462.416719

I really like this game but there r a few problems that I hope u guys could fix.🙂😊So I really love this game and all the varieties of games It has but my first problem I have with it is people can be very inappropriate they sometimes they swear and there’s people who have to delete the game because it has swearing in it so if you could could you please make it so if they swear you guys hashtag it I know this because I have one of my friends who he plays it well he used to but then what happened was he had to delete it because there are a lot of swears and see if like that like one time I joined a game and the boy was pretty inappropriate I had another friend who she played it and there was a girl who went up to one of her friends and said do you wanna make out but I personally have not had a lot of experience with people doing that to me I’ve had experience with a lot of boys coming up to me but I already know how to handle that I would like it if you guys could please like make it so if someone swears no one can see it or not or knows that you swear unless the person that you’re talking to and also when you guys have a private chat it’s not really private like I seen people like a private chat my friend when I play with her and then like it says that they’re private chatting with you but everyone can see that you’re not private chatting so if you could fix those problems I would love this game a lot more but yeah so thank you for reading this bye.😊🙃.Version: 2.566.546

My favorite gameIt took me ten year to write this because it kept closing out. Anyways, I really love Roblox and I’ve been playing for a pretty long time. My only BIG issue is the moderation. I’ll say perfectly appropriate things and they’ll get tagged out. I get banned for joking with my friends even when I don’t say anything bad. I get banned for defending myself even thought again, nothing I say is really that bad. I’ve literally gotten banned for saying “shut up” because someone was making fun of me. My decals of FAMOUS CELEBS THAT ARENT EVEN MINORS get banned fir “sharing personal info” when it’s nit even a picture of myself it’s a picture of a celeb that’s been on the internet for who knows how long. My shirts also get banned even though I see dupes of them all the time. Also, as a developer the tax on products you sell is bad aswell. If you sold something in a game you made for 600, almost 200 Robux gets taken off. Like that’s a little too much. I also think we should be able to get partial refunds on old avatar items we don’t use. Another thing is that you can’t really style you avatar like you used to be able to. Even when using the advanced option there’s a limit on the amount of items sometimes. I also think Roblox needs to do a better job preventing TradeAPI scams or Java script scams. That’s really all tho, otherwise roblox is really fun and I definitely recommend it. - ReallyNotEva.Version: 2.594.524

ARE YOU SERIOUSI love this game %100 percent but there is 10 problems I’ve had. 1. you never listen to reports 2.tags, this was turned into a 12+ game for many reasons and I know that but I would reconsider tags as adding to a 12+ game 3. online dating, I don’t really know if you have noticed how people are doing very weird things in game and really inappropriate games. 4. Items, items had been get deleted like there’s no catalog. 5 voice chat also known as vc. I heard recently through you tweets on twitter your letting out this massive update giving voice chat/vc to others in small groups but I have verified and I still haven’t gotten it yet i don’t know if there’s a problem or a inconvenience about this 6 inappropriate games 7 hackers that haven’t been banned 8 admins, admins as you know controllers and have commands but they tend to get..weird they start flinging start doing random commands on people who are trying to play the game. 9 exploiters they also tend to get weird 10 not listening to request to appeals that we give to the community to view like when my account was banned for 7 days for nothing I sent 3 appeals and I verified my own email and the right email and I still didn’t get my account back and I still had to wait the whole timer/week/7 days my user that I verified on for voice chat is ( alexand_pizza ) please make this community grow and become better and popular.Version: 2.553.620

Roblox and Brookhaven and Blocksburg and adopt me and Meep cityRoblox is one of my favorite apps and that’s why I give five stars well if I was able to I can give it 1000 stars but there is some games that are not really the best but Roblox is the best and it’s not just for 12 and up I play it and I’m nine years old and I’ll love it and any kid I bet word but Brookhaven has some things that it needs fixed they need him they need built in mom and dad‘s they need hospitals where you can actually be born and when you get it in and when you get into the game you’re a baby and you spawn in the hospital and your mom and dad‘s on Meep city is really good it’s just the music it’s just really loud and Blocksburg awesome I love how it gives you money back when you delete one of your things in your house and adopt me I don’t think it’s fair to pay really really expensive things for roebucks roebucks is very hard to get and I don’t know why people just make these apps to get free Robux you should just get Robux every once a week on this app honestly I think that would be good 1000 roebucks every once a week I’d say Monday no twice a week because 1000 is a lot of roebucks every twice a week you get roebucks because yeah I just think that’s fair but Roblox I think you’re the best game out there one of the best you’re on my top row my second Minecraft is in the middle but Roblox I think you are great for everyone. By Estelle..Version: 2.535.277

Great game with a few issuesI’ve been playing Roblox since 2017, been on the platform for 5 years now. I got introduced to it by a childhood friend who showed me the Roblox game natural disaster survival. From there on out I fell in love with Roblox, I would play all sorts of game. Obbys, tycoons, roleplay games, adventure games etc. I really liked the sheer variety of games on there, and a lot of them were great quality and fun to play. Sure there were some low-effort games on there but there were also games that you can tell the people who worked on them put a lot of effort and soul into. There are a lot of creative, talented people on the platform. Now I’m in high school and although I’ve had breaks from Roblox for long periods of time I always come back to it eventually. Although Roblox’s target audience is more on the young side and I’m a little older than the age group they’re targeting, Roblox is for everyone, it doesn’t have to be just for little kids. There are a lot of people over the age of 13 who play the game. Honestly one of the only problems I have with the game is the censorship in the chat. It’s way too strict. You can’t even say numbers. I understand it’s to prevent kids from saying personal information but there should be a way to differentiate between what’s personal info and what’s harmless. Anyways, Roblox was a big part of my childhood and I love the game. I definitely recommend it!.Version: 2.524.408

Roblox is the best app everHi there I’m so thankful that we have this app! bc some things that I just love abt it that u can meet rlly cool ppl and make some amazing friends! also on roblox I love it haw there is so much games too play because on a normal app! there’s just one game therefore Particular! but I think roblox has nailed it you can get off games when you want to switch on games it’s just so easier instead of other apps that only have one game on them and then if you want to play something else because you’re getting bored of that game then you just have to open up a new app but to be honest that kind of wastes ur time! :) i’m just thankful and happy that we have Roblox i’m also happy that something can I join a game I see people doing the right stuff it’s just amazing how we get to do this stuff on roblox that other games can’t do like this Beautiful friendly app I love roblox so much and I hope that we can have it for the rest of our lives tysm haw maked this app i’m sure everyone appreciates it like I do and my sister old bother thinks that too <3 and last thank you so so much I hope to talk again sometime! bye!!.Version: 2.582.400

13+ and here’s whyNormally when you find a game on the AppStore you probably think it’s for all ages right? Well people don’t normally check for it says it’s for unless you have parental controls but sometimes it will say 4+ or 9+ and those are just some examples. But Roblox is rated 13+. Why is it rated 13+ well here’s why, not all games are violent but some of them are and some people are very sensitive so they kinda react differently. Also if your young and wanting it find a fun game in the AppStore be careful if you choose Roblox because it’s fun and stuff but some people are 13+ no just in age but how they talk. So if you see someone in the chat saying inappropriate stuff I told you so. But there is a report button but it’s not for everything. Also I would like to mention if your trying to look for a game for yourself or for your child make sure it’s a safe game and check the ratings and what’s the age rating is! I’m not lying just because the cover looks fun and all doesn’t mean it can get inappropriate. Also the reviews are very good information so don’t just ignore them actually maybe read 1 or 2. But I’m just saying that it’s my opinion also Roblox is for everyone if yiu make it that way. Thank you if you took time out of your day to read this, #SafetyFirst #Robloxneedstobeappropriate <3 I review on almost any game also so you can check my reviews there and I’m not lying ! Byee <3 XOXO, Aries<3.Version: 2.605.660

RobloxThis game is the best me and my friends play it for hours together!!!.Version: 2.434.405774

Love u rblxI love u rblx.Version: 2.436.406463

Random things about RobloxSo, I’ve played Roblox for around 5 6 years and what I have learned from playing this game is that sometimes Roblox over reacts and stuff when it come to the tags and also I hate when Roblox bans us without even seeing what happened like there should be multiple reports before just reporting someone because I’ve been reported twice because apparently I was harassing someone by saying I don’t use eyeliner 💀 like honestly I thought that was really funny but Roblox is a really good game and I’m happy that Roblox is a good game but if ur under like 9 I think a parent or guardian should be watching u play because people on Roblox like to bully people for no reason at all so that’s just something I think that parents: gardens should be aware of, but also I think Roblox should check there games more frequently because my friend found a pretty disturbing game they other day and luckily it is banned but that’s another thing about Roblox that I think they should change, but other then that Roblox is a fun and really good game and honestly dose have a lot of experience to play and sometimes if ur lucky u can make a few friends or more, and some of they games are really good like the exit that’s a really good game to play I love that game it’s scary and can be a little hard but I will eventually fined out how to play. So that is all I had to say about Roblox but bye and have a good day/ night/ evening..Version: 2.594.524

Amazing appRoblox is an amazing app for all ages. For any adult you do not want the kids being exposed to any kind of language in the chat there is settings that can change how your kids use the app. Kids can have so much fun on this app you can play games and sometimes create your own games. Roblox has holiday updates from time to time there is Christmas updates Halloween updates and so much more in most games. there are thousands of games on Roblox. You can explore so much with this app I definitely recommend getting it I'II play it every day. You can add friends with a limit of 230 and you can play games with them as long as you want. there are many different category games for many people who like different games horror games fun games Abi games and mystery games and much more for kids to explore. I rate Roblox a 10 out of 10. One issue that there is with Roblox is that when there is a problem Roblox gives me the option to report it to report a player. But when you report something Roblox never pays attention to in fact they most of the time ignore it or never see it I just wish the report button would be removed if people can't use it or if the Roblox app is not going to pay attention to it. I would really appreciate if Roblox started reading reports and banning players that did something seriously wrong. But other than that Roblox is an amazing app. I recommend playing it..Version: 2.605.660

My helpful ideas again 😀Well hello again! I’m here to give more ideas, and that roblox asked me to rate their app if I enjoy it. So anywayssss, my ideas would to be adding more stuff in the catalog I know you guys already have so much stuff, but I’m adding ideas of what you could add in the catalog! And also about the verify age thing, CHANGE IT, people like my mom or their parents been saying it’s to get more information and know where the player lives, I almost had to quit roblox because of that little incident, now please change the ID thing on verify to something that’d be easy for kids to do, because technically it’s saying I’m a adult. :’) fix it. Anyways my ideas are if you could perhaps add a moderator report button where you can call a moderator in the game or server by leaving a little comment and if one’s online, and reads the comment and hears what’s happening, the moderator will come. Another idea perhaps for the catalog background again anyways maybe choose some images of pretty flowers or bands or ya know anything? And then they can change their background on their main menu and catalog. It’ll get more people trust me! Just nothing inappropriate. And perhaps don’t let the person edit the images you put on or create an image if you can’t censor some nasty things out of it, or drawings. Well that’s all I have today, feel free to respond to me and ask me for some more ideas. From:Paige.Version: 2.535.277

Love itI’ve been playing this game since 2016 and it is absolutely amazing I have fun all the time I have met so many new fun people and I remain friends at school from an online game that sounds really dumb if you think about it though but I think it is a good thing to try as you can see at your age limit if you don’t wanna see any inappropriate content and it should be good for any age it is fine there are many things you can do we can play games such as the most popular one Adopt Me, I really like adopt me, or Bloxburg if you want to learn how to build houses or Brookhaven then if you want to role-play with friends I am 15 and played this game nonstop all the time and I think it’s fun my six-year-old sister plays it and she thinks it’s really fun my 26 year old brother even plays this game and he thinks that this is just like the funnest game you can customize your avatar to make it your personality preppy goth nerd anything you can really imagine you can even be a furry which I think it’s good for all the Furrys out there there are games for older people which are fun if you don’t wanna play a little kid game and there are games for like five-year-olds such as Brookhaven when I was just talking about and is games yourself such a fun learning experience and it’s all the games you can possibly want in just one little app. highly recommend anyone looking for a fun game where they want to meet people.Version: 2.559.373

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