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Outlets Rush app received 49 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about outlets rush?

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Outlets Rush for Positive User Reviews

Stuck!!!I’m enjoying this game but I’ve got to the store Zaro and have 100% completed the level but it hasn’t opened to the next store, as it did when I completed previous levels/stores! Frustrating as I wanted to carry on with game. Anyone know how to move onto the next level/store?.Version: 1.18.0

The best game keep it upOmg this game is the best I can play it all day if I wanted to keep up the hard work!!👌👌❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.Version: 1.42.0

Mess upI absolutely love this game, very simple and a great pass time. I had all the stores and over 20k dollars. When the new stores came in, my money went to just over -222,000. Each time I gathered money, it made the number even lower, getting me to -223,000. I had to delete the app because nothing would reset no matter how many times I opened and closed it or shut my phone off. I’m back to the first shop with no money. So great game, but it needs to be checked over for when updates happen so that it doesn’t happen to someone else. Other than that, love it!!.Version: 1.46.0

Good, But Ads Are Poorly TimedI finished the whole game in about a week. It’s fun and a good way to pass the time, and I liked the way they played off of real world brands. However, the constant ads are TERRIBLE. I’ve never played a game that interrupts your play time just to show you an ad. I understand that the game is free and they need ads to survive but it’s very frustrating to be in the middle of something and you get an ad. They should change it to where maybe you get an add after completing a challenge or something, so you know it’s coming.Version: 1.42.0

Please respondI love your game but I am really sad the you can not take the adds out your game is so good but I HATE😡😡🪿💦💦💋😫 the it has adds please fix pookje love Arlo 💋💋.Version: 1.48.0

It’s good but the addsI love this game but there is a problem I’m getting some bugs and adds but other than that I hope this game will stay the same when I got a ad I was like.Version: 1.30.0

Good gameIt’s good and really fun, but their is WAY WAY to many ads!.Version: 1.42.0

Needs updating on the gameLike the game but stuck on outlet 5 even though there is 6 but can’t go any further need to update it and fast because I’m getting bored now and will delete if not sorted, given 5 stars as the game is brilliant.Version: 1.14.0

My ReviewThis game is really fun and addictive. Although, there are too many ads way too quickly. I’m trying to pick up trash, and ad, trying to restock shoes, an ad. It gets very frustrating and I can’t do anything without there being an ad right behind me! And the trash situation. Could you please make it so that we can hire cleaners and keep them forever. Not just three minutes. Other than all of that, the game is really fun. Keep of the good work, but please fix these inconveniences. Have a good day..Version: 1.46.0

Awesome GameI love this game it’s so much fun there is always so much to do I’ve been grinding this game ever since I got it 5 stars.Version: 1.16.0

Best game everYou should make a Stanley store to make it even better.Version: 1.42.0

Does this game stop after shop 4?I don’t seem to be able to progress past shop 4 which is disappointing as I was enjoying the game!.Version: 1.12.0

Outlets rushI love the game heaps and I’ve been playing it for hours and I would recommend it. It doesn’t need internet, that’s the best thing about this game. But it does have loads of ads and they pop up every minute but if you turn your internet off it doesn’t have much ads :). I think it’s a great game to entertain your kids!.Version: 1.47.0

Need more stores!!Good game but there are only six stores so it’s over way to quickly!.Version: 1.16.0

I love this gameI think you should get this game because it’s fun and it never gets boring I will never get rid of this game.Version: 1.24.0

Fun game, too short, inappropriate adsYes, it has too many ads. The real problem with the ad is that they have games that are inappropriate/sexual and there is no way to block those type of ads. There are also several ads that have glitches and you can’t get them to close and you have to shut the app down in order to continue gameplay, which loses you the item you’re trying to go for. BUT it is an easy game to play. Unfortunately, you can only go up to a few stores and then everything else hasn’t been added yet so you’re just stuck once you finished. Also, there needs to be a cleaner for every store not just the first one. And that should be a permanent employee not just when you have to watch an ad to get..Version: 1.30.0

Great gameLove this game very addictive but one thing I think that the places where people try on the clothes shouldn’t get dirty instantly, as I have to keep going there and back. Maybe there could be a special employee who’s job it is to clean??.Version: 1.42.0

This is the best game of all time 😀It is so fun.Version: 1.42.0

More storesAbsolutely love this game. So good during down time at work. Please release more stores.Version: 1.42.0

Last store when?Where the last store update at I have 185k+ saved up from just collecting money from every store and it’s getting quite boring, plz release the next update quickly.Version: 1.42.0

My reviewI love this game so much it has kept me entertained for sooo long! But there is one thing that annoys me and it’s the adds you can’t go like 5 minutes without 10 adds!! But overall it’s an amazing game that you should download!! 😊.Version: 1.18.0

More levels neededLike everyone else you get stuck after 4 outlets are opened, The developer knows this but does not want too let you open more hoping your buy there other games, But you will have the same problems s your only ever be able to open 4 outlets, They Don’t tell you that you can complete the game without paying for ad free and if you do pay for no adds your still get them, I’d say your be better playing a game that has rave reviews and lots of levels.Version: 1.12.0

THE WORKERS ARE SO SLOWFirst the game is fun BUT the people are to slow in the game and you have to pick up all the stuff and the workers don’t do much cause every time there’s something that that person needs like I was working in Gucci but some people needed hats and the worker just got heels and when people needed dresses he got heels and when I needed shirts he got HATS so I just think that they need to do a little bit more help then just getting heels clothes hats and MORE I think they should also pick up the little thing you were when you but on your feet to put on your shoes but overall the game is really good.Version: 1.30.0

Jordan’sI love this game because I have a lot of Jordan’s/dunks and it is really fun I played it on an ad for like 5 minutes straight and I like it so so so so so so so so so so so so so much it is the best game on the planet is is so fun I have said that so much but it is true I mean it is true I mean I can’t stop saying that because it is so fun and I love I can’t stop saying the same thing I just love it so much I can’t stop saying the same thing over And over and over because I love this game so much I am going to be typing a long time because I love this game so so so so stinking much because like you get a lot of money on it and you can upgrade it so easy because you get a lot of customers and the customers give you a lot I am talking a lots of money I just love it so much I can’t stop saying how much I love it because it is so much Fun😃.Version: 1.14.0

It’s addictiveI downloaded this and completed it in one day. The ads got annoying as it was the same ads all the time not like other games where you get a variety. So I opted to pay the £6.99 for ad free and you get 100 diamonds. However if you want to use the special speed, get a cleaner or a box of money you have to use diamonds or adverts. I downloaded this game as it was an advert that got me hooked I thought it was just a footlocker game. Then I downloaded it and loved the name play on big brands but only 6 shops and can only complete 5 of them. It doesn’t even say how you can open the 6th shop. I’ve got all shops running fine and dandy and made the money but no other shop opening or another mall.. the only thing the staff don’t do is clean/do make up. Also the staff do whatever you can’t set them to certain zones..Version: 1.14.0

Good but…It’s a very good game overall, but the amount of ads is BIG. Everytime I buy or upgrade something, I always get an ad. Also the ads for this game are true, it’s just that the amount that the person can carry in the game is way bigger than they can actually hold. Thanks..Version: 1.18.0

This is amazingThis helps me to understand how people feel when they’re in a business.Version: 1.42.0

Love this gameTo be fair, I’ve never played this game but is looks ok so I would not recommend it to anyone who does not like games. If you do not like games though I don’t even know why you have got this page open but I’m not a psychic or anything so I don’t know and never will but anyway, have you ever seen Star Wars. I like Star Wars because there are good and bad people and darth Vader is a nice guy yes or no yes is right but bye then everyone please tell me this was a good review..Version: 1.18.0

Need more levels after JormanPlease.Version: 1.48.0

TOO MANY ADDS!!The game is GREAT! It’s just all you watch is the adds all the time just randomly it’s so annoying every 3 minutes there is an add PLEASE FIX!! Or I will delete app!.Version: 1.18.0

Too much ads? Turn off wifi or mobile dataPlease add more levels;).Version: 1.42.0

Hi this game is so 🤩 wow!I love this so much. Thank you for making this game..Version: 1.16.0

Can’t get to last 2 storesI can’t get to open the last 2 stores. I have done all 100% on the map including all hr and upgrades and upgraded the storeroom In the first outlet but can’t get into the last 2 stores. Any advice?.Version: 1.24.0

Ads won’t work8 times out of ten…whenever i try to click on an add for cleaning…upgrading etc…the ads won’t work…can you please fix this as i really love the game…ßut this proßlem is really annoying and frustrating…thank uou.Version: 1.16.0

Very addictingIt’s a lot of fun. Sure made me spend the $10 to get rid of ads cuz there was an ad like every 30 seconds! Figured since I enjoyed it so much right away I should just spend the money so I can enjoy it without interruptions but then less than 24hrs later I finished the game :/ so more expensive than a Starbucks coffee. But still gets 5 stars cuz that one day was fun. Every chance I got I was playing it..Version: 1.42.0

Stuck on levelHi! My game got to the Timmy Store level and says it’s 100% complete but it’s not prompting me for the next store. Can you help please!?.Version: 1.14.0

Great App but…I finish the Timmy Store, 100 percent complete and it won’t move to the next store! I’m stuck and can’t progress.Version: 1.14.0

Good game, heavy on the ads.Addictive game, but ads are a bit over the top aren’t they. You’ll be lucky to play for 2mims until another ad pops up which doesn’t make me want to pay; it just makes me despise you. I get you need to make money and all but… bombarding us with ads isn’t the way to go..Version: 1.24.0

Bug with moneyTheres been an update with more shops however i had 9000 moneys and now its turned into -9000 and wont allow me to buy anything since every time i receive money it just keeps going lower. Pls fix this..Version: 1.46.0

AddsWould give this game 5 starts if not for the adds.Version: 1.14.0

GuysVery addicting! I love it so much that I literally like to play it every day this should be a five star.Version: 1.46.0

Pretty cool in my opinionI think it is pretty cool and anyway it will definitely keep me going for hours..Version: 1.16.0

Great but…So I saw an advert about this game and basically when I clicked on the game it was a little bit different from the advert and on the advert it didn’t show the bits that we would not really like so yeah it was just abit different from the ad that’s all!.Version: 1.16.0

StuckI have open 9 stores stuck in the jorman store. I thought I would go box and max out all HR as I thought maybe this will make it open but nothing. Is the other stores not ready? I paid for ad free and I don’t get no ads only if I want the extra cash cleaner or speed booster, so can you fix the bugs please !!.Version: 1.48.0

I LOVE THIS GAMEThis game is so entertaining I really recommend playing and downloading it although it has like a couple adds this is perfect for you if you want to download a relaxing game pls take my advice thank you!!.Version: 1.14.0

Addictive and weirdly relaxing however needs more storesCompleted all the stores in 24hrs, great game but needs more shops and more challenges, hiring staff for specific roles etc… Great game though, paid 6.99 to make ad free but you still have to watch ads for cleaners etc if you don’t have diamonds.Version: 1.16.0

Great game but…I was like five mins into this app and I loved it. I like that there are so many shops. At first it starts slow but then when you upgrade stuff it gets a whole lot better. But there are a few things that I think should change. There are a few things that bugs me first of all if you see that the character is only a boy, I feel like girls who play this game should get to be a girl not a boy but there can be both so both girls and boys can get to be what they want to be. Next there are a lot of ads and when I say a lot I mean a lot. Like every two seconds an ad pops up and you have to wait until the x a appears on the screen. Like I said it is an amazing game but I feel like someone should change this stuff.Version: 1.42.0

Great gameThis game is so enjoyable and so addicting, it has multiple different shops (levels) to progress to which makes it a fabulous game choice. My only complaint is the sheer amount of ads it involves you in. It feels like every 5 minutes an ad pops up, I understand why it would have ads as you can upgrade you or/and your employees to become faster and stronger which really helps when trying to stock shelves and what not. Apart from that I highly recommend this great game..Version: 1.24.0

UpdateDownloaded the latest update and description says new levels yet when I open the game the next two levels are still not available yet???.Version: 1.30.0

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