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NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku App User Positive Comments 2024

NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku app received 119 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nyt games: word games & sudoku?

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NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku for Positive User Reviews

The best appI play this app literally every day and it keeps me entertained for hours. The best app out there..Version: 4.67.0

Please change colour blind backReally love the daily worlds. You’ve updated the colours for colour blindness and it’s made it harder to see. Please change back or put multiple colour options in!.Version: 4.58.1

Latest version needs fixesI love this app, but this last version with the UI modernisation needs some tweaks. The archive of previous mini leaderboards is a great touch, but it should not remain stuck on previous dates. Each day I complete the mini, the leaderboard should jump to that day. It’s very tedious to open it, discover you last checked it four days ago, and have to tab across to the current date. Let me go back, sure, but I assure you every person clicking on that tab first wants to see today’s data, not old stuff. Second, please revert the swipe behaviour in archive to change between months in your active category, not change between the standard and mini sizes. It’s much easier to swipe backward and forward than hit the tiny arrow target..Version: 4.51.0

Mr Eric DavisEnjoyed level of interlect which is not too hard but certainly not easy. My only comment as an Englishman there are a number of clues that are specific to those living in America and answers are USA specific and sometimes grammatically incorrect to English people.Version: 4.65.0

Delighted by theseI thoroughly enjoy the range and choice of mind tests presented to me everyday by the NYT, I’m up five hours before most as I’m on Glasgow time and still am probably one of the last to finish 👍.Version: 4.49

Fantastic and easy to useThis app is great, all your favourite NYT games at your fingertips instead of needing to download the online newspaper and then locate the Games section - especially good if you’re somewhere with slow download speeds! The stats given at the end of the crosswords are especially appreciated and I love seeing how I’m doing each day!.Version: 4.48

Expand my mindPlaying the games can be challenging which is what I love about them.Version: 4.62.0

A godsendLiterally the only thing keeping me sane right now.Version: 4.3

Great app, but version 2.14 is buggyLove the app and my subscription to the online crossword. Am having lots of problems with version 2.14 on the iPad though - it keeps failing to accept input from my Bluetooth keyboard (Anker folio cover) while at the same time all other apps on my iPad keep working fine with it. And then at the same time it won't even bring up the on-screen keyboard when I turn off Bluetooth. Have to restart the program, more than once sometimes, to get it to work again. Have tried deleting and re-installing the app from the store. No joy. Sure wish I had kept a cache of the previous version... Update: it fails in a similar way on my iPhone - the keyboard just disappears and you have to kill and restart the app to get it to reappear. I don't use any Bluetooth keyboard on my phone so this seems that all of this might be a case of the app just forgetting at times to reactivate the keyboard when it's needed. Annoying bug..Version: 2.14

Dark modePlease make dark mode consistent throughout the app. The menu is so bright it hurts my eyes when I go from puzzle to menu. Also please add it for the spelling bee too! Thanks!.Version: 4.36

Great app, but wish it included all games and more statisticsThis app is great for doing the regular/mini daily crosswords and for the spelling bee! I do wish it also included the entire New York Times games collection, including the bonus/acrostic/variety crossword puzzles, Wordle, Tiles, Vertex, Sudoku, and Letter Boxed (which are currently only available through a web browser). Also, it would be great to be able to keep track of completions/streaks and statistics for daily puzzles other than the crosswords and Wordle! The ability to see which days’ crossword puzzles have been completed in the calendar archive, in addition to viewing streaks and other statistics, is super motivating — a similar feature for Spelling Bee (and the other daily puzzles) would be amazing! Thank you to everyone who works hard on this app and the puzzles that appear on it!.Version: 4.32

Best PuzzlesThis app brings me joy every day!! The different types of puzzles mean there is something for everyone. I look forward to the new puzzles each day! This is definitely my favourite app!!.Version: 4.61.2

My daily ritualI stumbled across the NYT crossword app when Wordle went there - living in the UK, it wasn’t an obvious place for me to look. But I found the daily and mini crosswords to be just what I like - often challenging but not impossible, entertaining and informative (when I have to research to find the answers). I like the themes, and the fact that sometimes numbers and rebuses unexpectedly feature in the answers. I also enjoy the Acrostic puzzles though I find them harder. My interest in language means that I enjoy exploring the (many!) differences between British and American English, though I suspect this would be a deterrent for many Brits. Well worth the £25 annual subscription cost for me!.Version: 4.38

A wonderful workoutLike fresh rolls and coffee, this puzzle has its own aroma. Challenging and rewarding, yet helpful (and cheatable!). Wide-ranging and informative, yet varied, playful and inventive. Multilingual, multicultural and classical, yet unpretentious, homespun and humorous.A great start to the day..Version: 4.40

Rebus frustrationThe only reason I’m not giving the app 5 stars is because of rebus puzzles like today’s (3/7/19 - STICK EM UP theme). One example answer was the movie Hang ‘Em High. When I entered “EM” as a rebus in this answer, and in the answers to all the other theme clues, I got the pop-up at the end telling me I needed to make corrections. When I changed them all to just “E,” I won the puzzle. This seems to happen every time I work a rebus puzzle. I guess I don’t understand what the rebus button is for if I can’t use it when I think I need to. I’ve searched the app’s help feature and the internet for instructions, but haven’t gotten anywhere. I think that should be explained more thoroughly in the help section. Otherwise, I can’t get enough of this app!.Version: 2.18

FantasticPart of a complete day. Love the archives..Version: 2.8.4

BuggyGames don’t usually load on first try. Then you have to close the app and try again or try a different game. It is very frustrating. Some days I go to the webpage after several failed attempts to open a game. VERY FRUSTRATING!! It is nice to have all the games in one place but annoying that they don’t open on the first try..Version: 4.52.0

Why all the updates??This app works great, and the puzzles are cool too. But this app is updated more frequently than I can even solve a cryptic crossword. What could you possibly be doing with this thing? Some sort of mysterious metapuzzle??.Version: 4.21

That sudoku music, thoughI love these games for a daily ritual that keeps my mind engaged and challenged. I’m only good enough at the crosswords to fully solve Mondays and Tuesdays so far, but I hope to keep getting better. My only complaint, and I don’t know if devs ever see these, but it’s a simple bug—whenever I solve a sudoku puzzle, even though my phone is on silent and the app doesn’t make any sound effects otherwise—the congratulatory “you solved it” music plays out loud. I know it sounds like not a big deal, but it’s embarrassing in an otherwise silent waiting room. It makes me avoid ever playing sudoku in public because I don’t want to annoy anyone around me. I hope this can be fixed someday, but thanks otherwise for a wonderful app!.Version: 4.58.1

Has advantages over paper versionDoing the NY Times Monday crossword has been one of the highlights of my week since college. Now I routinely make it to Wednesday, with the help of this awesome, but addictive app. I once put the rest of my life on hold during a seventeen day ‘streak’, but got a grip and now just do the ones I can finish and still get work done. Having the stats is neat, too. But perhaps the best part is having access to archive puzzles so I can go get a Monday puzzle from days of yore whenever the urge strikes (well, and I whenever I actually have time). Finally, when not streaking, the feature where you can struggle for a reasonable stretch and then give up and check the puzzle and find out which square is the problem is worth its weight in gold. Probably saves marriages, that feature....Version: 2.19

Great for the Puzzles ... Not for StatsThis has been a daily part of my life for many years and in almost every way is an excellent adaptation of the print version. My wife and I have completed over 2500 puzzles using the app. Its ability to track streaks and keep timing stats is sure to disappoint people who care about those features but aren’t willing to work around the poor implementation of the app’s ability to work across multiple devices and platforms. It can also be awkward when print versions of the puzzle have a gimmick that can’t be easily executed using the app’s available features. Both the handling of puzzles when shared on multiple devices and poorly executed adaptation of gimmicky print puzzles have caused the app to improperly end long streaks. A real buzzkill but not a show-stopper for an otherwise addictive and well done app..Version: 4.1

Part of my morning routine….along with the wordle, connections and the spelling bee..Version: 4.61.0

Great appReally fun app, love doing the crosswords however I am unable to see any statistics and sometimes the leaderboard plays up and I am unable to see my friends times...Version: 4.22.1

Good UI, missing puzzlesI download this app once in a while to see if they’ve incorporated any more of their games besides spelling bee and crosswords. Would like to see sudoku, vertex, and now the chess game on it. Until then, I prefer to print the crosswords and do the other games in a browser. That said… The crosswords alone make the subscription worth the price if you’re a fan of the genre. I’ve used Crossword Classics for years and it’s a great app (superior to this one in terms of user experience) but there’s something about the NYT puzzles that gives them an edge over most others. As for the user experience, it’s pretty good. There are a couple of little things I can’t help comparing to the other app: the annoying pop up that comes when you finish a puzzle but not correctly, the ability to jump to a referenced clue, an option to put the controls along the bottom, and just showing the current time. But in general, it’s easy to navigate and as I said, the puzzles are great..Version: 4.37

WonderfulI love it.Version: 4.55.0

Excellent for Americans, Good for the restThis is the best crossword app I’ve found so far. Daily challenges that increase in difficulty throughout the week keep you interested while training you up. Non-American warning: there can be a lot of America-specific answers (really not surprising considering it’s the New York Times!)..Version: 2.13

Other puzzles?I have a subscription to the crosswords at half price due to subscribing to the digital NYTimes as well. I complete the crosswords solely through the app on my phone. I wish the app would also incorporate the other puzzles the NYTimes provides, like the Spelling Bee, Soduku, Set, acrostics, bonus crosswords, and other puzzles. These can be accessed through the help menu in the crosswords app, but I wish they could have their own apps or be accessed on the main page of the crossword app. If only the app could be set to display the main puzzle page (puzzle homepage) of the NYTimes, it would be very easy to access all the available puzzles through the app. As it is, you need to go to the help menu, click on one of the additional puzzle links, and get to the homepage through the menu bar of the puzzle. It’s a pain, and it doesn’t need to be. Please, NYTimes, provide easy access to the puzzle homepage on the Play page! Alternatively, give the app a new tab just for accessing other puzzles. It would make the app so much better!.Version: 3.0

Only one problemAs a Brit, it is twice as hard to do as there are so many Americanisms,and us spellings any chance they can be a little more balanced?.Version: 4.37

Tons of fun; nav is good, not greatMost importantly: Nothing's my I'm about to say should impact your purchasing decision. If you like doing crosswords and you're okay with buying add-ons (either puzzle collections or the NYT puzzle subscription) you should pick this up. The navigation is more than good enough. I, however, will quibble. It's nice to move quickly from one clue to the next with the arrows provided, but there are a few more common navigations that I wish the app provided directly: - Better navigation within the local grid. The words directly adjacent to each other in a cluster aren't always the next/previous ones numerically. - Better "non-manipulating" navigation within the word. Sometimes I misclick the square I want, and would like to adjust one or two squares left/right/up/down, but one can only go backward destructively (by deleting letters) and forward by entering letters into the box. One affordance that would address both problems is a set of four-arrow "cursor keys" that would move the cursor up/down/left/right without modifying the contents of the box under the cursor. I doubt that's the only solution, however. Anyway, great content for crossword fans, my navigation quibbles notwithstanding. - going back and forth within the.Version: 2.8.4

Free trial ended and I lost packsRevised... Great puzzles and easy to use app. In-app puzzle packs are about $2-$4 for 15-30 puzzles. I had just purchased two packs and then apparently my Free Trial ended two days later without any warning and I lost access to the packs I had just paid for unless I want to pay another $7/ month or $40/year. Some obvious countdown, e.g., “You have two days left in your free trial”, would have been polite. I might have subscribed or at least not made the next purchase. Instead, I’m just annoyed and out a few bucks. I expect better of NYT. UPDATE: Thanks to developer response, I recovered my purchase. (Fix was not obvious, though.) Individual packs are great for me now; I may subscribe someday when I’m confident that I can play frequently for a long period. Thanks NYT!.Version: 3.1

NY Times online crossword puzzle appFor $2 or $3, you get access to the archive of the daily puzzle in addition to all the Monday through Sunday puzzles as they come out. A gold star is available for each new puzzle that you complete on the day of its issue. It’s an addictive feature that has kept me completing the puzzles each day now for the past two months and counting. Other collections of themed puzzles are available for nominal fees. The included archive alone looks to be enough to keep me occupied for several years to come, at least. These are fun puzzles to experiment with, since the technology allows for rapid, easy letter replacement. I frequently go with my gut on difficult and obscure answers, sometimes finding them surprisingly correct, sometimes transforming entire puzzle quadrants from one set of answers to a largely different set. The letter replacement feature makes this app a clear favorite over the old pen and paper technique. I use the app each day and highly recommend it..Version: 2.8.5

Crosswords are for good spellersThis is so hard. I’m so bad at spelling. Pls help. Good app though. I’m just a bit sad :(((.Version: 4.40

Best social media alternativeWhenever I need a dopamine hit or just want to zone out on my phone, this is my go-to..Version: 4.66.0

BrilliantBecome my daily hobby. Wish they all had Dark Mode though..Version: 4.63.0

A Mini LoverI’ve been a crossword puzzle fan for years. The NYT crossword is legendary; if you can solve it, you’re a pro! I was excited about this app because of its “minis,” quick puzzles you can complete in minutes. You can get a bundle of 30 for $3 to $5. Each time I’d buy a bundle, a window appeared offering the opportunity to get a “subscription,” for $40. So, I thought this would include these mini bundles in the price. But when I purchased the subscription, I realized that I still have to pay for these bundles! WTH?! What a rip-off! It would help if they made it clear that all you’re buying is the puzzle that appears in their paper.😤 UPDATE: Now that the NYT Crossword Team has responded to my issue, and they’ve pointed me in the direction of hundreds of FREE Mini Puzzles, I am extremely happy with this app! It is SO much fun! I’ve alerted all my friends on FB to the enjoyment this app offers. And since most all of my friends are far more brainy, with much better vocabularies, and they possess quicker mental acuity than I do, I have no doubt they’ll be subscribing to this app. While it’s important for each of us to exercise our bodies, it’s equally as important to exercise our brains. And crosswords are a great way to do that. I highly recommend this app! (FYI, I use it on my iPhone 7.).Version: 2.16

BongIt always makes a noise when we finish!.Version: 4.24.1

Just like the websiteI like this app because it’s just like the website, but mobile. It has easy access to the archive and saves your space there, which is helpful. I would suggest the Tiles game could be added too!.Version: 4.0.1

Best crossword appI have tried many crossword apps but they have all been awkward to use. The NYT app is great, easy to use, great puzzles, worth the money..Version: 4.31

Marriage Compact!Before we subscribed to the NYT Crossword, my husband and I only had the paper version delivered every day. Back then, our deal was that he took the Arts section with him on his commute to work— seemed fair— and I had to wait for the weekend when we did Saturday and Sunday together in ink. Once covid hit, I added the puzzle to our NYT subscription so that he could do the puzzle online and I would do it on paper. It has been a dramatic improvement in our morning routines! I must report, however, that we still do Saturdays together, on paper, but we part ways on Sunday so we each get a bite at the big apple. Thank you for providing this and the other great games you keep adding: we love Wordle, Letterboxed, Spelling Bee, and Tiles, too!.Version: 4.39

So worthIf you’re contemplating getting a subscription just do it, so worth.Version: 4.2

Love itSuch a good app. Clear, simple to use, excellent puzzles. Very America-centric as one might reasonably expect! (Sometimes some clues go over my head as a Brit.) Can usually guess the answers after a while though. Could we please have Wordle added? And a leaderboard of our own scores on Spelling Bee would be so awesome! Love, a Word Geek.Version: 4.31

I play this so muchPlease update this for iPad Pro screen sizes. It's the last app I use regularly that doesn't go to the edges. It would look so great going into the curved corners of the screen. You know it would Also command-tabbing into Messages and back to the crossword often causes the hardware keyboard to stop being able to enter text in the crossword. Not sure if this is a general Apple bug or specific to the crossword app Other than that it's pretty much perfect.Version: 3.2

Great, but the keyboard...Love the app overall, but does the keyboard *have* to be so different from the iOS one? I’m constantly making typos – a particular pain when trying to beat my speed record on the minis!.Version: 4.7

BuggyThe puzzles are of course great, but twice now my streaks have been interrupted when I completed a puzzle in time, but was not connected to the Internet. Yesterday I finished the Saturday puzzle, was greeted with the gold "Congratulations!" screen, and then moved on. This morning it told me I had a zero day streak, and when I looked at the puzzle, the last three squares were blank! I was in an area of spotty connectivity when I finished the puzzle, and did not open the app again until this morning. The other time this happened was when I was on an overnight flight and finished while in airplane mode. The only thing I can imagine is that the app is calling home pretty frequently to send data back to NYT. The fact that iPhone says the app's cellular data usage is an absurd 1.1GB suggests it may be sending all kinds of other info besides where I am in the puzzle. That is NOT REASONABLE..Version: 2.19

Nicely done!Great wee ap, easy, logical interface, heaps of free puzzles. My only complaint is that the clues don't specify if an answer is more than one word. Otherwise it's perfect..Version: 1.5.0

Awesome appReally enjoyed it, easy to use.Version: 1.6.1

Good, but sometimes slowOverall love the games and access, but the app freezes frequently. You never lose where you are, but it’s annoying to have to frequently restart the app because it’s frozen, despite having good internet connection..Version: 4.51.0

Love this appLove this app and so do my kids. You should do a junior version for grade school kids.Version: 4.55.0

SudokuGreat, especially for crosswords, but the two lines of digits to enter numbers in sudoku is awful. Please can you change it to a 3x3 square - like a numpad or telephone or any other orthodox way of entering numerals?.Version: 4.46

Rogdog68Well worth the subscription. I intend to complete the archived puzzles before I die!.Version: 4.31

NY Times Crossword appA great app for those needing a cross fix where ever they are. Great variety and it's all there at your fingertips.Version: 1.6.1

Latest update is very buggy2107-10-05 I’m dropping another star. With the iOS upgrade, this app has become quite frustrating. The colour issues continue and the crashing is more frequent. Very slow to respond and reloads with "resume puzzle?" anytime I navigate away even for a moment. I do hope there’s another update in the works. I miss a glitch-free morning puzzle. 2017-09-22 I've been using this app with the subscription for two years. The latest update keeps crashing. It seems to want to change colours from the blue and grey to blue and yellow, but won't hold the new scheme for very long. Makes everything kinda laggy. I keep hoping for a new update that will resolve this, but there's been nothing. I won't stop using it, but I hope they fix it..Version: 2.8.4

Easy to UseA nice app for crossword enthusiasts..Version: 1.5.0

Love the app - would like a remote collaboration featureMy wife and I love to solve the NYT crossword together each and every weekend night using this app. However, I travel during the week and I wish there was a remote collaboration feature where we can solve together when she is home and I am in my hotel room. I want to be able to see what she is typing (real-time) and be able to also type at the same time. (Note, we usually have a FaceTime call going while we are solving separately now--but the experience is not the same as when we are sitting next to each other). The current version of the app allows us to work separately, and then it occasionally, but unexpectedly, synchs--with her typing replacing mine and vice-versa. If you cannot support real-time collaboration (I think you can), can you at least add a manual synch control so we can both choose when to merge the other's player's typing--possibly with color-coding so we can see the other's additions/changes?.Version: 2.8.4

It’s good, with room for improvementFirst off, I use this every day, and for it’s main use of filling out the daily crossword it’s great! Some of the extras need some polish, though. It occasionally forgets about puzzles I’ve already completed, and if I buy a pack of puzzles, complete some, and come back to them later, it forgets that I downloaded and finished them. I do like that it saves my progress across devices, though. Also, I have an iPad Pro 11”, and the app doesn’t extend all the way to the edge in landscape mode, which, as an iOS developer myself, is an odd bug; I didn’t realize that was possible. But overall, it’s a good app. If you love good crosswords, you should get this and subscribe. I definitely get my money’s worth out of it..Version: 2.18

Good, but plenty to improveI am a daily player of this app. I feel like NYTimes did a great job with a simple interface that outcompetes, imho, doing crosswords on paper. I like how the puzzles are released. It is more important to have it work well than to have too many bells and whistles. For this I am grateful. However, as a heavy player, I find myself regularly frustrated by an unfulfilling game-play relative to gaming standards today. I would like to see more accomplishment possibilities. I like rewards, badges, rankings and levels. I enjoy the puzzle talk where I can see explanations and chatter about the puzzles but this is apparently not available when a puzzle ages out to archives. The paid packages are nothing special. I would pay extra for themed puzzles that actually stick to enjoyable themes. I would like the ability to leave and see ratings for puzzles! Someday, maybe even a social aspect to the app could be attempted. I love the puzzles. I wish I was better at them! Thank you NYTimes..Version: 3.3

Reluctantly abandoned paperDuring COVID I was in lockdown away from my home. I couldn’t get daily delivery of The NY Times and so grudgingly switched, I hoped (as we all did in the spring of 2020) for only a few weeks. Weeks stretched to months. Eventually, I returned home but by then had liked the convenience of the iPad for the puzzle. I was only using the paper edition for two things - the crossword and as an accelerant to start fires in the fireplace and bbq. I continue to miss it for the latter use. My one beef with the digital puzzle is that with the paper version, I deemed a puzzle solved when I had filled in all the boxes (yes, with one letter each, not like Calvin in the immortal “yellow-bellied sapsucker” cartoon.) The digital version only delivers the happy music if all the squares are filled in CORRECTLY..Version: 4.37

Variety packNYT Games has a terrific range of word games that includes their stellar crossword, a matching game with lots of tile sets to keep things interesting, and sudoku. Some of the challenges have a visual component. It’s fun to try the daily puzzles and you can dig in to the archives or open-ended games if you want more. For players who like to compete, some of the games have different difficulty levels and/or keep stats on your performance; you can try to break your own record or share your scores to see how you stack up against other players. If you like a variety of word games, this app is well worth the add-on charge or as part of a package like all access digital..Version: 4.51.0

Not allow to shareI play Wordle every day and share with friends and post onto Facebook. However recently when I try to share all it says is copies to clipboard🤷‍♀️. I can share on my iPhone still but not on my iPad ou.Version: 4.56.0

NYTimes CrosswordDefinitely does the business!!.Version: 1.6.0

I'm addictedGreat app, my day wouldn't be complete without it!.Version: 1.6.0

Worth the sub feeThese crosswords are fantastic. Love the puns and clever clue writing. There’s a learning curve and internal language to these that is satisfying to master. The QoL features are great too, when compared to similar apps..Version: 4.39

Streak Ruined with Updates?I love the NYT games app and enjoy all of the games. I love that they have added new brain teasers like Tiles and Connections over the years. I love that the app keeps my records for the crossword and Wordle puzzles. All of this said, though it sounds nitpicky and petty, I have had my Wordle streak interrupted by the update recently which seems like a glitch that should be easy to avoid. I played the game this morning (got it in three no less!) and when it went to show my score an error message popped up saying it couldn’t save or something, so sure enough when I quit and opened the app again Wordle was blank. I repeated the solve, but this time it said my streak was at 1 instead of 112, meaning it had somehow reset my streak. Strange. I’d hope it doesn’t happen again, but I have encountered other players for whom this issue, or one similar, has occurred. Please treat these silly streaks with care when updating..Version: 4.61.2

CathyGreat app - hours of fun!.Version: 1.5.0

Ruining My LifeI wake up sometimes too earlier to seek some peace and quiet before my kids wake up and totally ruin everything. I sneak downstairs, turn on my coffee maker and I impatiently wait for it to finish. Sometimes I am too impatient to wait (ok most times) because I need to grab my blanket, hunker down with crossword app and just start already. On those days I stick my mug directly under the stream, making a wholly mess in the process but who cares! IT’S CROSSWORD TIME! MY TIME. And I know they release the next day at 10 PM but dude, who wants to do that? I like to savor my morning routine. But sometimes I can’t finish them and I go mad trying and so it’s ruining my life in the best possible way. If we ever need to cut back on our expenses, I’d give up shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and haircuts before the NYT Crossword app..Version: 2.10

Love the app, missing some functionalityIn most ways, this app is wonderful. The NYT puzzle is the gold standard, so no complaints there. Text entry is usually quite smooth and consistent, especially compared to other crossword apps I’ve tried. Rebuses work well. There are a couple other varieties of puzzles besides your standard crosswords. However, there are a few components that I think are sorely missed. Why only have a mini leaderboard and not a daily puzzle leaderboard? I compete with my friends on a daily basis and we would greatly appreciate this. Additionally, it would be great to expand the functionality of the Stats screen to include minis. There are also a bunch of weirder stats that could be fun to include. Edit: since last August, my mini leaderboard has been broken. It now only shows a blank white page. Additionally, for the last few weeks my stats page has stopped showing my daily times. This app needs TLC..Version: 4.32

Gets the ol’ brain workinTricky at times for a non-USer, but can’t complain as it is the NY Times Crossword :) plenty of archives if you are up to date. Worth the subscription for the Thursday crosswords alone, not to mention the minis, wordle, sudoku etc. Do yourself a favour.Version: 4.50

Good app butIt’s great for wordle the crosswords and spelling bee but you can’t access tile vertex sudoku an other games through the app that are available on line, but of a shame really...Version: 4.42

CrashesApp crashes each time I open it; crash happens for both the iPad and iPhone versions; deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Checked for updates but the ones I have are latest. Very frustrating.Version: 4.2

AMAZINGI absolutely love it I love doing my daily stuff on here. For me on my iPad the daily minis work.Version: 4.58.1

Great puzzle solver with some little issuesGreat app, would probably give it 5 stars if dark mode worked in all parts of the app. It’s like a slap in the face when you complete a puzzle and it jumps to the white congratulations screen and the menus. The only other faults I’ve found are - switching from device, you have to open the puzzle twice to load your progress. - quite often it fails to download the latest puzzle, and try again never seems to help, have to force quit the app..Version: 4.42

Good appThe app is good and I like it. I am a real person with skin and eyes and brain.Version: 4.67.0

Great, butI really like the app, I'm a new NYT's games subscriber, introduced through Wordle. I just wish there was an all in one app with all the NYT's games, not just Spelling Bee and Crosswords. Makes sense really..Version: 4.30

Great puzzlesEasy to use app. Best crosswords. Spelling Bee - a daily habit. Wordless, too..Version: 4.64.0

Love this but……please add Vertex from the NYT app..Version: 4.56.0

Has stopped workingLoved the app, but it has stopped working. All I gay now is a blank white screen..Version: 4.53.0

Daily challengesKeeps my brain dancin' every day. Spelling Bee a bit frustrating for the words left out -a USA-specific lexicon is limiting and there are many US-specific questions in the crosswords ( but we do have Safari, of course).Version: 4.48

A review, by me.Because of this app I finish the nyt crossword every day, and I save enough money on newspapers to pay my phone bill. I can also do the puzzle at 4 am or while I’m “in the office” so yeah it’s basically why I have a smartphone. I quit social media. I consider this app to be quality screen time. I did the puzzle in ink before I got this app, and now it’s just frustrating talking to people who are still hung up on that. The nyt crossword is a miracle of our culture. If more people enjoyed it the world would be a better place. The fact that I have access to years of archived puzzles AND the daily fresh one is both awesome & somehow liberating, because I can do as much as I want, but I will probably never solve them all in my lifetime & that’s ok!.Version: 4.41

Love this gameMe and my girlfriend play this everyday for at least an hour! We love the daily challenges and crossword archives. However, we come across a small bug when playing crosswords on our smartTV. The UI changes (which is fine) but when we complete our game, on the phone side, we get stuck and the arrow to go back doesn’t do anything. We fix this by force closing the app and reopening it but it happens EVERY puzzle. We like to do crossword marathons and this gets a little annoying..Version: 4.62.0

Lots of use, worth the subUse it every day so definitely worth the monthly subscription for me. Would love it if there was a playable sudoku archive.Version: 4.61.0

Wish I could favourite / bookmark the best gridsGenerally excellent crosswords and some great other games too. Just wish I could star, favourite, or save my favourite crosswords so I could revisit them or keep track of my favourite cruciverbalists. Or search by constructor! Being able to go back through archives is a wonderful option too. Closing in on 1000 crosswords between me and the spouse now. :D.Version: 4.46

Love itLove the crossword app, my only wish is that there was a way to do a puzzle with a friend (like sharing one from a book).Version: 3.0.1

Great, but can be improvedI have been using the app and doing the puzzles nearly every day since May 2017. It works great most of the time, but i have some complaints: 1. TWICE now I’ve encountered a glitch where I finish the puzzle and get the completion notification, but the timer continues running. This marks the puzzle as “incomplete” and ends my 500-day streak, putting me back at square one. Why even bother keeping up a streak if it can be yanked away from you at any moment?!? Is my perfect puzzle streak kind of a silly thing to be upset over? Maybe. Is this setback still absolutely, violently rage-inducing? YES. I KNOW it’s just a game though. I am a grown adult woman with a sane mind. I am ok. I am ok. I am ok. No, no, I am fine... 2. The friend/leaderboard feature is sooo lame. It only applies to the minis and doesn’t allow you to share your stats for the full size puzzles!!! Lame lame lame. 3. The app doesn’t allow you to access the other types of games and puzzles that you can find on the nyt website. I would love to be able to play spelling bee or do the acrostic from the app! All that said, this app has changed my life. Doing the puzzle every day brings me a peace and satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else, and I plan to continue paying for it until my dying breath..Version: 3.3

Good stuffIt’s the best crossword app. Period..Version: 4.10

I don’t think we needI have to get back.Version: 4.56.0

Slowly but surely chipping away at issuesI appreciate the continual improvements being made in this app. Sync feels like it’s getting slightly more reliable in showing you which archive puzzles you’ve already played, though I have had streaks fail because a puzzle completed on one device was not synced before I played the next day’s on a different device. Hopefully work continues in this area. I like the visual style of dark mode but I hope the app goes all in quickly. Having the puzzles dark but menu selection light just makes this harsher when bouncing between them. Please finish creating dark variants for all parts of the app and enable iOS to automatically change it when the system setting changes at sunset. Otherwise, the app is just as good as ever..Version: 3.2

Highlight of my dayAnd I’m not ashamed to admit it. Love how much I’ve learnt and continue to learn..Version: 4.25

Worth every penny.If you like crossword puzzles, you will not be disappointed in your purchase of the NYT app. The world’s best puzzles every day are there for your solving! Seriously, I’ve had this app for 5+ years, and in that time I've been told by many girlfriends that crosswords take priority over my relationships. And they were never wrong. These crosswords are there for me, ya know!? In a way that no human ever can be. Instead of trying to “fix” me, the NYT crossword puzzle app takes me as I am. All it wants is it’s boxes filled. It doesn’t want to talk about our days. It doesn’t mind that I’m messy and keep strange hours. It doesn’t mind when I come home from the bar with the smell of tequila and other women on my breath. It’s there for me, always, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, for richer or poorer..Version: 4.43

Great—with one small exception.I love the app and use it all the time. The UI is easy to use and smooth, and being able to browse (and download) past puzzles means I never lack for activities. The one thing that keeps this app from a five-star review, for me, is that I use a hardware keyboard with my iPad, and there’s a bug that’s persisted in this app for several years now. When you type a repeated letter (for example to solve a clue with the word “book”), the second letter is not entered into the puzzle. The keystroke is just dropped somehow. You have to wait probably a good ½ second before you type the same letter again. This only happens with a hardware keyboard (in my case, the smart folio), not the software one. It’s a small issue in the scheme of things, but it’s just annoying enough that I can’t give a full five stars—especially since the bug has existed for so long. Hope the dev team will consider digging into this, even though it’s probably not a quick one to solve..Version: 4.7

BugGenerally works OK but I noticed a bug. Twice now when I've completed a puzzle correctly the app refuses to accept it as so. Then the next day when I open it to try to find the error it suddenly accepts it. Then tells me that since I didn't do it 24 hours that my streak is over. Some people do the whole week's puzzles on the weekend. Not fair to them. The whole streak thing is between solver and the puzzle. It's not like someone wins a prize for streaks. Lighten up! When I was in Europe I solved a puzzle offline because no network access. Three days later I noticed that my streak had ended. Looked back to discover that the puzzle I had solved was half empty and not counted as completed. So to be fair the complete time has to be sensitive to time zones..Version: 3.1

We all do it…You want to test your knowledge and skills against the games, to make sure you’re sharp. These games do that, I used to just do one and now I do them all…and all of the fam does it! From 16-60 y/o we’re competing (mostly friendly) and challenging each other. Sometimes you can solve a wordle quickly or get if stuck we ask each other for a hint, happens with connections too. The crossword is world famous, as nothing feels as great as solving one of those Sunday gems! Tiles & Sudoku are fun/annoying depending on the day. Letterboxed is interesting as you can see a big start word and the rest is easy. I really like Spelling Bee - 0 timers, the challenge of coming up with the words to reach genius, and keeping at it throughout my day. Thank you kindly NYT Games we are all fans!!.Version: 4.61.2

Needs other gamesIt would be great if this app could include all the offered games on the website. I think it could also be much more user-friendly. It would also be helpful to be able to purchase ongoing gift subscriptions..Version: 4.37

Almost perfectI love the NYT game app one request though… please add the ability to use the Apple Pencil to write in the letters and numbers into crosswords and sudoku puzzles..Version: 4.63.0

Gone downhillThe App used to work great but recent upgrades have degraded it to where the software team are clearly “Testing in the Field” with the latest software. This is not good for something as professional as the NYT App. I suspect (as a software manager of old) that they are getting the platform ready for, perhaps, Wordle integration but as of right now (mid 2022) their is no viable record of your results in either Spelling Bee or Crosswords. Can you imagine that the App cannot distinguish between this week or last week and that you got all 66 words out of 65 possible? The loss of crossword average times is saddest. Ads for more NYT services have now started appearing in the paid App. You know, the one you buy so you don’t get ads! In conclusion let me just say, I have to wonder if I want to continue paying for something that is this amateurish!.Version: 4.34

I need a daily crossword!I cannot survive without a daily New York Times Crossword! In fact, if I miss even one day, I, myself become very cross! I’ve been doing a crossword puzzle every day of my life since I commuted, by subway, to high school in New York in 1959. If I miss a day I feel as if something is very wrong. The larger Sunday puzzle is a romp. Having a theme helps. Monday is a breeze. Thursday’s is often the week’s most challenging for me. Lately, I have found Saturday’s to be difficult as well. I am very far behind in knowledge of popular culture since retiring from the daily grind of regular employment and residing in New York City. The clues in that area (popular culture) are sometimes way beyond me! But, I know all the archaic words and culture very well!.Version: 2.17

A daily pleasureI appreciate that the NYT games app fits into the quiet moments of my days where I might otherwise take a mindless/doom-inducing scroll through social media. I only wish that the non-crossword games could also be played offline..Version: 4.61.0

All the GamesI like to do all the games each day so I might start them on my tablet and then throughout the day I would like to continue on my phone, and although I am signed into my account on each device, not all the games are synced up, which is very frustrating..Version: 4.65.2

More spelling bees please!The only thing that could improve this is if we could play previous spelling bee puzzles, like if I’ve missed a day! An archive would be great.Version: 4.30

No puzzling over why this app rules.I start every morning with tea and the NYT crossword — delivered seamlessly to my phone. It wakes my brain up to solve these witty and sometimes challenging clues. With it comes an archive of past puzzles, many of which have made waiting in lines, or for the oil change (thanks but no thanks to your TV tuned to Fox) or even being put on hold by a robot actually fun. It gives you stats about your solve time and let’s you compete against friends who use it (though I don’t know anyone personally who does). There is also the commentary, which I try not to read until after I’ve completed the puzzle because it does have spoilers, but is immensely enjoyable to read. In short, before I plunge into a day filled with scary news, deadlines and political rancor I spend some times with the Times puzzle. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 3.1

Great appI love this. It's great that when my brain totally seizes up I can ask to check or fill in just one word or letter, Easy to use, nice interface, and happy cheesy music to reward you when you're done..Version: 1.6.0

I love the crosswordIt is my favourite hobby and I can tell I'm getting better. I love being able to track my times and my streak. Yay for crossword..Version: 2.8.6

App getting worseUsed to be a good app. Now the keyboard disappears when leaving a puzzle. Complete puzzles do not sync across other platforms (e.g. iPad to iPhone). I’ve completed daily puzzles this week, but if you go into the recent screen only one from this week appears when in actuality I complete at least one per day. I’ve contacted customer service several times by email and phone. I usually do not get an answer by email but when I do they say they’re working on it. Some of this has been going on since May. I expected this app to work better since it came from the Times. Maybe I’m expecting too much? 9/7/18 update - key board issue fixed and that app seems to work better. It still doesn’t sync across platforms, but I can live with that issue since it’s rare that I do crosswords on my phone. Thanks NYTimes for the response..Version: 2.15.1

Excellent update!I love that I can get to Wordle through your app now. Thanks!.Version: 4.39

Elegant UIA simple pleasure, well-designed and easy to use (if not always to solve). The famous NYT puzzles, on tap. Works well on phone or tablet..Version: 4.42

Almost perfectIf I could play previous wordles you’d get 5 stars..Version: 4.51.0

FunAs you would expect, some clues are American-centric which can be a bit challenging for a non-American. Puzzles get harder during the week with Monday’s being the easiest. I can usually get Monday and Tuesdays done and sometimes Wednesdays. By Thursday, though, forget it! The mini puzzles are good if you need to fill in a minute, but aren’t terribly challenging. The anagram game gives me a headache! All-in-all though, a great app to have on the phone..Version: 4.28

My daily dose of competitionThe NYT puzzles and games have become a yardstick by which friendly bragging rights are earned between my friends and me after midnight. The US-centric clues add an extra challenge for us in Ireland. Long may our obsession last!.Version: 4.56.0

YayLove these puzzles so much. So challenging!.Version: 4.9

My morning ritualLike so many people, I have a morning ritual, which is to get up early, plump the pillows and do the NY Times crossword puzzles. I judge a puzzle not on whether it is easy or difficult, but how much I enjoy doing it. Very rarely have I not enjoyed a NY Times puzzle and finishing them sets me up for the day!.Version: 4.41

Fantastic.Easy to use, intuitive, and deeply addictive. Tech support were fast & friendly. Great app!.Version: 2.18

Blank screenLove playing these games but since downloading the app on my iPhone 15, Wordle no longer works and just shows a blank screen. Lost my streak 😭.Version: 4.55.0

ConnectionsConnections is the one true excitement of my office day. Whoever made this game should become the Mayor of New York, and now that it’s on the app the world is a better place..Version: 4.52.0

Good app; wish I could access all gamesGood app that is best for crossword (which I understand is the primary purpose of said app). I play the Bee a lot and find small glitches. There’s a slight delay in syncing across devices. I usually have to close and re open the app for the bee to reset for the new game the next day. Regarding crosswords, functionality works great. My biggest critique is that when clicking the info button, the app will re route to an in-app page of information and will also re route to a browser page outside of the app. When I go switch back to the app, sometimes for some reason I can’t get back to the game because the game app isn’t built for browsing the nyt app. Lastly, I wish the crossword app would contain all the games instead of just the crossword and the Bee. I have a separate game account from my digital subscription so I have to log out of the main nyt app app when I want to access other games. The games are buried in the main digital app and it’s cumbersome to find. It would be easier if they were accessible separately..Version: 4.29

Crashes on openIPhone 11 Pro crashes on start. Have reinstalled and deleted from settings app to no avail. App Support link leads to a search which eventually lets you find a statement saying the best way to get support for the app crashing is via a link in the app. Brilliant..Version: 4.2

Love this appThis is my favourite word games app. I play every single game every single day. Love it!.Version: 4.65.2

Very nicely designedOne of my favourite time-sink apps..Version: 1.6.1

Easier navigationUpdate: dark mode is a welcome change but please remove white screens in the menus. One gripe. I was just struggling with a crossword. I’m relatively new to enjoying crosswords (thanks to this app) and I figured out what TEBUS was after not being able to finish a few and revealing the answer. Now I have been completing these crosswords with some difficulty but I have just found my first number (3) in a crossword. I suffered over this clue and tried using REBUS with a number of words only to find a number is in the answer. I thought it was an rule that there were no numbers in crosswords. Is it possible to hint somewhere if this is going to be the case? Other than that I love it. Oct 19: I've noticed a few comments on hear mention the navigation and overall layout, it would be great to have an update. I'm a fan of the larger crosswords and not so much the mini/midis, although I do complete the free ones. After I've finished a pack I spend ages trawling through the available packs to find the larger one as not all midis are labelled to indicate they are infact midis. Could you please find a way to distinguish the two? I also agree with other suggestions your users have made here in reviews. Can we please have a dark mode option?.Version: 3.3

Casting to apple tvWe love using this with our apple tv. We run the app on my iphone and then airplay it to the apple tv. This gives us a lovely interface where everybody in the family can see all the clues for the crossword (a fantastic improvement over crowding around the same small phone screen). It’s a really a great feature which is literally the reason we got our apple tv. But lately we’ve been having trouble airplaying the app to our apple tv from my iphone 6s+. When we’ve been doing this, it doesn’t display in the nice fullscreen format, and instead it merely shows the narrow copy of what the phone screen looks like. Sometimes restarting stuff helps, but now we’re having consistent trouble with it (and what better day for family help than a Saturday?). Any insight would be great. [Love the app].Version: 4.7

The best crosswords I can find!My best guess is that anyone who regularly does crosswords has a love-hate relationship with them. There are words that get reused because they are convenient fillers. Puzzlers are expected to know some words in any European language (but not other languages). Puzzles often try gimmicks that only sort of work. No doubt crossword puzzles can be extremely frustrating. That’s why you need them to be written by professionals, who can give time to developing and editing a superior product. The New York Times has built a reputation for doing this for decades. The best thing to say about the app is that it does not get in the way o the experience. It isn’t particularly frustrating, and considering I find fault with most user interfaces, that’s saying a lot..Version: 2.9.0

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