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Fun but quickI had a great time playing this and learning more about this unnamed character. Sad that I finished it all in one day. I hoped to see more little stories with new characters..Version: 1.04

So cuteeeI waited so long for this game and it's genuinely the cutest and most calming thing everr.Version: 1.04

Amazing game highly recommendedThis game is so cute. If you play one of the book levels. It’s like about four hours. This is not a short game it’s Super Duper fun and adorable in Brook 1 You are a girl who loves purple and you have a child with this other girl she likes pink and black or at least that’s all I know in this game. You unpack your stuff as you’re moving into different houses each level gets harder and harder. I highly highly recommend it, and sorry for the spoiler..Version: 1.04

I love unpacking!!!Even though this game is meant for 4 year olds and I’m way older than that, this is definitely one of my top 5 games. I LOVE IT!! Although it would be a lot MORE fun if there were more stories instead of just one to play over and over and over again. But SOO worth downloading!!.Version: 1.04

UnpackingI love this game so much and it's one of my favourite things to play but I just wish there were more stories/levels..Version: 1.04

Beautiful GameWould love to see a follow up to this beautiful game. It tells such a lovely story while keeping the gameplay engaging and puzzling..Version: 1.04

I loved itI really liked the game I have almost nothing bad to say except how short it was I do hope you make it a game where there will be more houses to furnish but I loved the story and everything about especially collecting the stickers and finding them throughout.Version: 1.04

Fun gameIt’s quite a fun game, I really do enjoy it. It is very short though. Would love if there were more locations added! I finish the game too quickly!.Version: 1.04

I love this game, here are things to know before buying ❤️{!important!} please do not give the developers any hate for two women having a baby, if you are not on board with this, then please, do what you think is best. The game is amazing, and exactly as explained and shown, and, in my opinion, worth the money. Just keep in mind how hard it is to put that many pixels in and all the different positions and places you can put the items in, and how long it took to make. There is an amazing storyline, showing relationships, friendships, loss and heartbreak. There is no dialogue to interrupt the gameplay, so if you are looking for something slightly challenging yet calming and satisfying, this game is for you. Best of luck!.Version: 1.04

Please add more levelsGreat game but needs more levels for the price.Version: 1.04

FinishedFinished it in a day, more levels please. Also a wider range of items, and be able to open fridge and oven.Version: 1.04

Really Freaking Great GameReally Good game it told a wholesome story in a very unique way and made me feel happy when ever I played it Highly recommended and Worth the money I’d say.Version: 1.04

Amazing gamePersonally I think this game was short, but the quality is great. I love a game where I can organize things and just place things wherever. Luckily, this game doesn’t get boring so I’ll probably play it over and over again. I wish there were more chapters but it’s fun to play..Version: 1.04

Amazing calming gameThis game is amazing and it’s kinda calming but it’s kinda stressful if you don’t know where to place the stuff but it’s still an amazing game..Version: 1.04

Loved it so much played it twice….I loved the game so much I played it twice I just wish there was more levels more growing up, played twice in one day and if levels do continue please allow more cabinet space thank you!!.Version: 1.04

Amazing game!This game was worth the money, I just wished after you finished the first album you could unpack someone else's life! I hope there will be more updates in the future..Version: 1.04

So many books !!!!I’ve been wanting this game for a while now and got excited when i found out it got ported to mobile since my pc broke:( but the platform doesn’t change the fun of the game at all !!! i got super addicted organizing everything and finished the game in a day but i just might go back and reorganize all the houses again. the only complaint i have is placing thousands of the same books and figuring out how to fit them, there was a lot. besides that this game is a really nice and cozy pass time and definitely has potential for more stories !!!!.Version: 1.04

Is an Amazing gameI loved the game so much I just wish there were more houses because 8 houses and that's it but other than that 10 out of 10 recommended.Version: 1.04

Best game everBest game ever I love everything about it and what’s it about but I do think it’s a bit to much maybe it should be like 5£ or 6£ but I love it !,.Version: 1.04

It’s amazing!Although it’s a bit expensive being £10 it’s extremely fun to play!You can watch as the story of your characters unravel while unpacking,it’s so satisfying and wholesome.It’s fun to play again for me,as you create so many other ways to put stuff away and decorate,but also because u can achieve stickers and achievements on the app store if u play on mobile by putting things in particular places.10/10 😍.Version: 1.04

The BEST game.This is probably the best game i've ever played on my mobile device. I know $10 is a bit steep for a game, but its 100% worth it..Version: 1.04

Please make a second one!!!I love this game so much! It’s relaxing, the graphics are great and the cute story is perfect. I love how you can put things where you want and open drawers and cabinets. This game has a lot of cute touches I’d really love to see a second one with another story ..Version: 1.04

Amazing!Although the price is a little to high I loved this game! It was a great purchase it goes for about 3-4 hours and has all the levels! When you finish the game you can do it 2 more times if you would like to and they will all be saved in a album so you don’t have to delete any data of the previous one you did. This was an amazing purchase you should 100% get it if your prepared to spend $15 and sit to play the game for 3-4 hours I lovee it! ❤️.Version: 1.04

Great but wish there was moreI purchased this for 10 dollars, and I only get a few houses? I appreciate the red blinking outlines and the overall "wrong placement" because it set a boundary of where to put things, and not just "leave it on the ground". I also love how I can enjoy the game without any ads, especially in these days of games being so desperate for advertisement. But, the only problem is the few you can do. It is an overall great game, but I don't think it is worth 10 dollars..Version: 1.04

Cute storyline that unfolds as u play!I have over 70 hours of gameplay on the PC version, but the moment i saw this come out on mobile i just had to get it!! love the studios and each object sound is unique depending on the area u place it in! i hope they come out with a 2nd game!.Version: 1.03

The best relaxing game ever and really fun to playIt was really fun going threw different houses and I was excited to see this is on mobile definitely worth the price..Version: 1.04

Good game but very expensiveGood game but not enough levels for the price paid for it … finished it very quickly.Version: 1.04

Lovely but….Such a lovely puzzle game, even without any direct narration the story is beautiful and sweet. Unfortunately, it’s a very short game. I would love to see more of it..Version: 1.04

XBOX User, Absolutly love this game.It's a carbon copy of Decor Life! 😫 Either way, am addicted..Version: 1.02

UNPACKINGUnpacking is a gorgeous and fun game also is a great puzzle I love the end song and it’s so refreshing and relaxing I subtracted a star because there was not much levels and when you tap the item they should tell you what it is.Version: 1.04

I like this gameI wish it had more levels i finished it in a day and i was disappointed cus it was really fun but not worth 13$ for so little levels.Version: 1.04

5 starsIt’s a relaxing game but the levels get tricky sometimes….Version: 1.04

UnpackingI think Unpacking is an amazing game and calming to players that are in rage, anger, anxiety. if you’re amazing once you finish the game because you know that you did your best to organize all the things in Unpacking so I think Unpacking is one of the best games I’ve ever played it calms me down and they game..Version: 1.04

AestheticThis game is amazing, I am just going to simply say that this was a relaxing game that I have replayed more times than I can count. It took so much stress away. The storyline is indescribably awesome. I would buy this again and again. 5 stars. Easily my favorite game..Version: 1.04

Best game everI played it on my phone it was a lot of money at first I wasn’t too sure about it. I was quite mad but then I got it hoping it was good and when I played it it was fantastic. It’s a game about unpacking stuff and making a new life I’m just obsessed. Definitely buy this game if you have enough money even if that’s that all the money you’ve got.Version: 1.04

Needs more levels or storiesI love this game and its so much fun and so cute but i payed a tenner and finished it in less than a day and i really wish there was more because it is really good but not the kind of game you can play twice.Version: 1.04

Loved this gameI really enjoyed this play through! the reason for 4 stars is i don’t think it’s worth 10 dollars as it is a quick game. i finished it in abt 2 hours, and there’s not any extra levels to play, all you can do is repeat the same ones over and over. for 10 dollars, i was hoping for more. very cute story and entertaining tho, would recommend..Version: 1.04

Great game but too short waste of moneyNeeds more levels.Version: 1.04

So holsomeI literally cried on the end song also highly recommend this game plz download.Version: 1.04

Best game!! <33I love this game!! I like its story<333.Version: 1.04

I loooove it but….After a few mins it’ll take me out of the game My progress isn’t lost but it’s pretty annoying after awhile of the game doing it multiple times.Version: 1.04

I love it so muchThe story this game follows is so humble and sweet and just makes my day by playing it. It however is not long of a story and so to the creators ,PLEASE MAKE IT LONGER..Version: 1.04

Wonderful gameIt’s well worth the money. It’s replayable, and you know, some games have ends and aren’t endless money grabs. This is one of them. The relationship is beautiful. The whole game is. GOTY for me last year on PC, instant buy on mobile..Version: 1.04

A really good game!!It is worth the £9.99 I know it seems expensive but it is really relaxing and cute!.Version: 1.03

I wish I enjoyed putting my own house in order this muchI wasn’t convinced about this game, but it got an “editor’s choice” award, so I decided to give it a try. It’s strangely compelling and doesn't disappoint..Version: 1.04

Cute game but needs to be longer !Cute game but expected it to be way longer for £10 :( finished it soooo quickly!.Version: 1.04

THIS IS THE MOST RELAXING GAME I’VE EVER PLAYEDThis game is sooooooo relaxing! Everything moves slowly and I never once crashes, or lagged in this game. The graphics are perfect and the sound the items make when you place them down are the BEST! I highly recommend this game for when you’re stressed out and need a stress reliever. Money well spent!.Version: 1.04

It’s a great gameYou would find it would be long for £10 but it’s really not but its relaxing.Version: 1.04

Just wish there was moreI loooove this game. It is super cute and calming. Some houses have a lot to unpack but I don’t mind it. There are a lot of little details that really add to the story and just make everything feel more real. Like you’re looking into someone else’s life. I love the storyline as well. My only criticism is that it’s so short. I finished it in like two days. I’m hoping they add more at some point..Version: 1.04

I love this!!!I have watched many people play this game and always wanted to get it but didn’t have the correct device so when I saw it was on mobile I cried a little also greatest game ever loved the song at the end and I would play this game a million times again..Version: 1.03

Needs to be longer!It is a good game but I don’t think you should pay £10 just to finish the game in 2 days. All three books are the exact same and it doesn’t matter which one you play. I personally think the game should be £5 or £6 because you only play it once or over again. The only reason I am giving it 5 stars is because I enjoyed the game..Version: 1.04

So cuteThe cutest and comfiest game in the world. I wish they would release more levels or other storylines to follow because once you complete it the only option is to complete the same levels again. But! It’s the best game: the soundtrack, items, and vibe are all so cute and cozy..Version: 1.04

Best game ever!Everything is great about this game.Version: 1.04

Ridiculously Fun and Soothing!There are various achievements to earn and different ways to organize items on each level so even after completing the game there is still a lot of replay action. I really hope the developers make a companion game to this one with a new character and more levels/chapters. So much fun, easy on the eyes, and interesting as you learn about the character as they go through life..Version: 1.04

Its lovelyIt’s sooo addictive and tbh pretty cute but honestly I’ve had one glitch that I hate so once the person moves back home (I think???) and your putting up all the photos I just can’t finish the level bc one of them is ALWAYS JUST NOT IN A CORRECT SPOT and it’s only ever the same one that has the person and some other guy and they have a red pin on the other guys face and I just won’t work and it’s sooo annoying bc I can’t get past it and I would really appreciate if you could fix this please and thank you.Version: 1.04

I’m new fav gameI LOVE this the story the art everything about it I would recommend this at the end was really sweet I cried 🥹but please play thank you for read this✌️.Version: 1.03

The game was great exceptThe only problem with the game was that after you unpack all the boxes I don’t love how it says you up this item in the wrong place and then you have to figure out where to put it. It’s taken me a while to find out we’re to place items it a little unrealistic. But it is a really good game really good game with great & good art style. It is definitely worth my moms money..Version: 1.04

I love itI love this game. The music is so good and it’s just so relaxing watching it replay.Version: 1.04

So glad !!I am so happy this game got brought to mobile and i was finally able to play it but i wont lie. i feel like this shouldn’t be as much, i finished the game basically as soon as i bought it, unless there are more levels or stories being added? but otherwise i think it was great and stuff just price value didn’t feel spot on to how long the game lasts..Version: 1.04

Just 1 Thing……….Ok…. This is my favourite game ever!but I finished this in 3 days. Pls update.And add dark star to mobile game Ty ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙❤️‍🩹❣️💕💞💝💘💖💗💓.Version: 1.04

SO CUTE! (but overpriced)PLEASE READ TO THE END!! I love this game so much, the art is adorable and the music is so chill and cool! The storyline is also really cute and humble. Now this all sounds good and you might be tempted to hit that download but and pay the $15, however, please note that in my opinion the game is overpriced. There are 8 levels, and the game lasts about 3-4 hours. I think it’s really good! But, I wouldn’t have bought this game if I didn’t have a $20 gift card from Christmas. So if you have a gift card and would like to play this, I highly recommend it. But if you don’t, then please reconsider. It’s a lot of money for a virtual game. But of course, if you want to you can! It might be a bit overpriced, but I’m not sure. I don’t know if it is or not because it’s a long game, but I think it’s worth it? The storyline is really cool! You play as a girl by the way, but you don’t see her, you only know because of the under garments. So I would definitely recommend this game if you have a gift card, but I don’t know if you don’t. Anyways, to the creators, I want to say thank you and I’m so sorry for your loss (in the credits it says ‘in loving memory’). I hope that you will add more levels to this game so we don’t have to buy another game for it, or lower the price. Your game is super cute, thank you so much for bringing it to mobile! Sorry if this was long and people don’t read it because it’s too long, but if you made it this far, thank you and here’s a cookie 🍪.Version: 1.04

Pretty butIt’s pretty but at the end of levels where you have to put stuff in certain places is really annoying? There’s no rules when decorating a house so that’s like super annoying? I feel that may be to pad out game time? I don’t wanna believe that but honestly I don’t see any other explanation as to why the game is so nitpicky about certain things? Like i really can’t put a toaster 1 inch away from the wall?? Or a cookie jar to the left of the counter?.Version: 1.04

AmazingWorth the £9.99 amazing love it so cute.Version: 1.03

Amazing i had so much fun!It was extremely amazing but there were a few things i didn't like much. i'm going to try and keep this short and sweet! so as i said the game was amazing the graphics were well put together and sound and music was just a key sign that i recognized when i first played it that this would be a good game. but when it comes to the story line i'm a tad bit nit picky not in a bad way but a mediocre way. i loved the storyline it was so good! i just wish there were multiple story lines you could choose from. and yes i know games take a while to produce, but i would like more effort in the story line. other than that the app is amazing! 9.5 out of ten from me!.Version: 1.04

Good game, too shortChill game lots of fun I enjoy the story progression, but for how short the game is it’s not really worth the price.Version: 1.04

Love this game!I looove this game I’ve had it on my switch for a while but the mobile version is really good cos the controls are very intuitive and feel easier to use..Version: 1.04

I wish it was longer!!I saw this game through social media and i thought id check it out, its a great game especially since i have ocd and i just love organising things, very calming and destressing, only fault is that there isnt many stages in the game, i finished it so quickly and i wish that when you finished it, you could play as maybe another character, with a different storyline. other then that its cute and enjoyable..Version: 1.04

Love This Game!I absolutely love this game! Very relaxing and realistic, and it has some great bits of story in it! I’ve started my 4th play-through. Has unique add-ons with each finish, and the graphics are amazing! It’s price is definitely worthwhile..Version: 1.04

SobbingI’m not gonna lie I’m in tears, this was so cute. I went from feeling nostalgic, to being infuriated, to crying. This game literally said gay rights. Hmm the price might be a little high considering the game play but I’m in love so I don’t care..Version: 1.04

Everything I need…I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.04

YayayayaI have this on my Xbox and I’m so happy it’s on mobile now.Version: 1.04

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