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Unpacking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Unpacking app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Unpacking? Can you share your negative thoughts about unpacking?

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Not worth itSo when i first downloaded this game i thought it was cool and yeah, so i finished my first room/house and it was pretty fun. Next, i finished my 4th house and thats when i got bored. Keep in mind i finished this all in one day. I kept playing with my sister and eventually i wanted to stop. It was just boring and stressful. Overall, In my opinion it was not worth the money..Version: 1.04

Very expensiveThe game is very expensive for very few levels feel a bit cheated.Version: 1.04

Too shortThis game is so short, downloaded it last night for 20 bucks and finished it this morning. Is there an update coming or what?.Version: 1.04

Very good!I honestly really enjoyed watching Laurenzside play this, and after convincing my parents to let me buy this, I immediately played it. I do wish we could have more levels. I bought and beat this game on the same day, and I am currently working on getting all of the stickers. So if you could add more levels, like maybe going into the future or something, that would be amazing. So that’s what I have to say..Version: 1.04

Good not great… pls fix it how I sayTwo reasons why it’s good two reasons why it’s bad. Reason 1 of 4. It’s SOOO fun it really has fun houses to unpack with a great story to tell. Reason 2 of 4. It’s very puzzling do not buy if you don’t like puzzles. Now reasons of why it’s bad. Reason 3 of 4. It’s very short it only took me a day to complete at least make one or two more houses that’s a big price for a small game. Reason 4 of 4. Stuff that seemed like it was supposed to go there didn’t and the dish rack looked so weird I had no idea what it was so maybe add a furniture list. So in summary you should add more houses and add a furniture list..Version: 1.04

GoodThe game is really good, but not really worth $15 as there are only a few levels..Version: 1.04

Sooooo fun butI love how the whole thing is just about unpacking but it’s so short I finished it in 2 days and now I so bored it needs a update so not worth the money I think it should be 3.99 instead of 9.99 for such a short game..Version: 1.04

Great game but too shortI hope they add more levels soon.Version: 1.04

LevelsAwesome fun game but I finished this within a day….NOT worth the money at all….Version: 1.04


Fun but needs more storiesWhile I enjoy this game and reach for it when I need a mindless game to pass some time, I feel that due to its price it needs more stories. Each album should be a different story with different rooms and items to unpack. Honestly, some of the items are so odd they get annoying. I’m tired of the strange monster head and some of the items in the office. Most of them I just want to hide away somewhere but the game doesn’t let you. 3 different stories would be nice, until then..only 3 stars due to repeatability for price..Version: 1.04

Great but.. that’s it?Don’t get my wrong i LOVED this game. it was truly beautiful to see the character throughout their life but a big part of me wished there was more. more stories, or even just a mode where you could decorate random rooms. It still kind of annoys me that with a $10 game, it ended so fast. again i still loved how this game was made but i just wish there was more..Version: 1.04

Ehh…So I recently purchased this game due to all the hype surrounding it and overall the gameplay is way too short. I took me not even a week to complete the game, I thought it would’ve been more stories but no. Honestly it feels like a rip off, especially if you’re paying 10 dollars for it..Version: 1.03

Too much moneyIt was really good the gameplay anyway, but £10 for a game that lasted 2 hours was not right ag all.Version: 1.04

Too expensive very short gameNot worth the money should be free.Version: 1.04

Will there be a 2nd partI finished it within 2 hours.Version: 1.04

Too fastIt’s a really good game, but it ended way too fast.Version: 1.04

Great GameGreat Game, but not worth paying for it. It’s so short for 13$ Canadian. Needs way more levels….Version: 1.04

Superr fun to do but ends quickThe game was so fun that i compleated it all in 1 day. Once you finish all 8 houses the only thing you can do is to start a new album and do it all again. I wish there was more story lines sence it’s expensive for a game and for what is is.Version: 1.04

I paid $20I paid $20 for a game that is TOO SHORT. Are we expecting updates? If so I’ll keep this at 1 star till I know the story is going to carry on..Version: 1.04

Beautiful, but..I actually really enjoyed this game. And the storyline was just beautiful. I really liked decorating the main character’s rooms and seeing their interests and seeing them grow up. However, there is a few things i did not enjoy. Sometimes there were just too much stuff to unpack. Like for example there are too many clothes not put in the closet. And this really wouldn’t be a issue but you can’t put clothes anywhere else, it has to be in the closet. Another reason is some things can’t go in certain rooms. Like if you have a blanket, that you unpacked from a box from the living room, it has to go in the living room. You can’t put the blanket in the bedroom if the living room just doesn’t have anymore room, which is unrealistic to be honest. But overall i feel like this game is definitely worth buying. Just a few problems.Version: 1.04

DisappointedSuch a cute game but it’s so short. I’m not sure if it’s worth the money..Version: 1.04

No saved game syncingI regret buying this wonderful game for iOS–I should have bought the desktop version. The controls are janky on the iPhone; I played through a couple of levels and then wanted to switch to the iPad (where i can use a mouse and/or larger screen) but the app doesn’t sync saved data between devices, even though I’m signed in to Game Center with the same account. 👎.Version: 1.03

Would be worth the $$$ if MORE LEVELSLoveeeee this game, however, I finished it in like one sitting and now I feel the cost of the game was not worth it. IF more rooms and different types of furniture were added, it’d be 5 stars in my book!.Version: 1.04

Too shortThe game has what maybe like 6 chapters and it is really fun to unpack someone’s story and decorate but why do we only have one story? Why is there not other stories to do.. I paid 10 dollars for one story what a rip off tbh. I wouldn’t have bought it if i’d known once you finish couple of chapters the whole game is done..Version: 1.04

Where’s the rest of the game?I decided to buy myself this game to play on my iPad only to find that i had completed it in just 2 days. I am very disheartened at the fact especially since i payed £10 for it. (Which in my opinion is a lot to spend on an app) Please add more levels/a different person’s life story to make it more worthwhile ! Side note, the game was really enjoyable, yet i am disappointed :(.Version: 1.04

More Stories NeededI love this game, but $10 for a game that I completed in three days was a bummer. I really wanted to see it progress to having real storage so you can tackle some of the clutter. The final kitchen and office were disappointing. I would give this 5 stars if there was an expanded storyline, multiple story lines (why not follow the final story into multiple generations?), or the price was like $2..Version: 1.04

Can’t do a lot in the gameIn the game, you complete a series of rooms that you organize. Once you complete that level, your only option is to redo that same level over and over. It’s not worth $10 that’s for sure, it’s a really good game Other than that however, you can can easily complete full level in one night which I did now there’s nothing left to do unless I just want to do everything that I already did..Version: 1.04

@It was too easy not worth the price :(.Version: 1.04

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