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Crying Suns App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Crying Suns app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about crying suns?

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Darn good game, but some annoying technical choices.So, Crying Suns is a great game. it doesn’t have the same phenomenal writing as FTL, but I’ve been playing it a lot on my phone since FTL only supports iPad. The reason for 2 stars is because A) for some reason, they make you choose between the game audio, and podcast/music audio. Even though they give you the option of disabling the in-game music, you still can only pick one to hear. Also, and I could be wrong, but I would expect this game to run at 60fps, especially on the latest hardware, but it is locked to 30fps. If these two things were gone, this would easily be a 4-5 star game..Version: 2.1.2

Pretty... then it opens its mouthThe art direction is amazing, no question. The initial plot even sounds cool: an empire shut down overnight, nobody knows why. Then the captain of an enemy ship says something along the lines of: “That’s my momma you’re talking about.” Then a scientist tries to sell you ‘special sunglasses for seeing aliens’ while acting like a grade schooler who thinks their obvious con will work. Considering one of the main pulls of the plot is an ongoing mystery, it really calls into question how well the payoff will be. Gameplay-wise, the world map mechanic is pretty much pulled straight from FTL, right down to systems becoming hostile between jumps. For ship-to-ship combat, weapons are essentially from FTL. The deployable fighter ships are cookie-cutter RTS faire..Version: 1.4.3

Looks nice but doesn’t tell you how to playDownloaded the game. First battle. The game goes through officer deployments. I follow the game’s orders. Battle starts. Enemy sends a squadron. My battleship does nothing. I can’t make it attack. I can’t send squadrons. There’s no button that allows me to do anything. I have no time for confusing games that don’t explain themselves. I’ll pretend that I threw away $8.99 in the trash. Uninstalling now..Version: 1.4.1

Crashing After Boss FightsI really love this game. However, there are still some serious tech issues; LOTS of crashing. Most egregiously, the app has crashed three times after boss fights. What’s worse is that after it crashes, you have to replay the boss fight. This is extremely aggravating, especially considering how close — and how long — these fights were. Edit: tech support told me they fixed the bug that caused the app to crash after a certain boss fight. So, I updated the app, completed the boss fight for the fourth time, and it crashed at the same exact spot again... so, I docked another star. Fix please....Version: 1.4.2

Fun, but unstable and unfinishableFrequently crashes on scene transitions. I’ve fought the Chapter 5 cluster boss 3 times now because it always crashes on the post battle dialogue. There really needs to be a save some where between finishing that fight and the scene transition, because this fight has become tedious and I don’t want to have to do it every time when trying to trying to force myself through chapter 5’s end sequence..Version: 1.4.2

Poor misunderstanding of what a mobile game should be.This game looks great and has a powerful storyline as far as I can tell and that’s the issue. Mobile games are meant to be casual by default and hardcore optional. So after a hard day at work you want to relax with some casual gameplay; not too taxing but immersive none the less. You therefore choose easy mode and after halfway through act one it’s game over. You reload, hey maybe it’s one of those things I’ll do better next time...nope. Rinse and repeat. And that’s what destroys the fun, more luck than skill a lot of the time and learning from past mistakes does not get you any further despite other reviews due to the randomness mechanic. They cry look at this guide for help: No, it’s a mobile game on casual mode, it should be intuitive. So avoid spending your money if you want a relaxed gaming experience. If on the other hand you want a daily grind like being at work but without the pay dive in..Version: 2.1.3

UX issues make it unusableDid anyone test this on an iPhone 12 Pro Max? First of all, the text is so small and the font so poor that I can barely see it even with reading glasses. But, even worse, I’m stuck at the beginning because the button to “close map” is under the iOS close app bar that appears on the bottom of the screen..Version: 2.2.0

Really terrible. I can’t say enough bad things. Negative stars!What game? RNG with sci-fi appropriation. Combat is the worst thing ever. It is the opposite of fun. It is the opposite of streamlined. What is opposite of both of those things?I don’t know, but it’s awkward and unpleasant and not worth $9! Every single feature of combat needs to be automated. The little ships and guns need to operate themselves once I give them commands, like: attack or defend. Choosing their tiles is busywork. I thought I paid somebody $9 to do that busywork for me but they decided I could do all that crap so here we are writing grumpy reviews. This is not better than FTL. It’s merely a slightly different style of that same not really a game. If you didn’t like FTL then you will hate this. Enjoy your $9, Humble Bundle, because it’s the last you’ll get from me. 👎👎.Version: 1.4.5

Extremely repetitiveFinished the game after 6 hours - graphics are amazing and story is good overall. However the game becomes extremely repetitive for the following reasons: 1. The ground exploration is basically selecting a commander and watching your team explore for 2-3 min. It’s the same thing repeated 50x throughout the game. 2. The story, while good, doesn’t follow the show not tell rule. Dialogue is extremely dense and makes me want to skip it. 3. Each time you navigate to a planet there is a random event. The problem is there are only 50 events in total, so you see the same events over and over again even in the same run. 4. The combat is the best part of the game. However even that becomes repetitive after awhile and my iPhone X screen is too tiny to see the nav elements. Overall, this is not worth paying full price for and it was a slog to get to the end. A shame too because the graphics, sound, etc are great..Version: 1.4.3

A game that won’t make me wanted to play for long timeGreat quality, but it lack something, maybe a soul, this is a game that i played for 36 hour and decided to let go and never come back, it was fun at first, then it’s kinda pointless, where is the attractiveness or something to possess? Reached chapter 3 and I decided that’s enough, this is a game that not worthy to keep. Good bye..Version: 1.4.2

It’s okIt’s a great retro styled game, nice little story arc.... but by Christ is it hard, even on easy. I started on normal because that’s what you should always do...but getting my backside handed to me, because everything costs scrap, and scrap is hard to come by, it was back to the beginning 3 times without even completing chapter 1. On, try it on easy...nope, still just as bad. Nice game, but if I’d know it was going to just be a futile grind every time..I wouldn’t have purchased..Version: 1.4.2

WHY DO YOU HATE MY EYES?!This is migraine-inducing to play on any iPhone model. It’s clearly meant only for iPad displays or larger. Just look at the Krafter Interface. Everything is crammed to fit on one illegible screen, instead of using page scroll like a web browser. No way to modify any of this in the options menu either..Version: 1.4.0

It’s OKThe story kept me engaged enough to finish on easy. But the combat is not much fun. When I was done on easy I went back to try the game on normal. Even when you get some synergy it’s just not very satisfying. The ships should not be called “battleships”, they don’t have hardly any capital ship weapons just anti fighter guns and the whole combat revolves around a rock, paper, scissors of different fighter types. The graphics would have looked great 20 years ago but I’m not a huge fan of the “hey let’s go retro for the graphics” look that is popular now. Though some of it is attractive, like seeing an enemy ship blow up and some of the artistic cutscenes. Also, long before I finished the game I was already seeing many of the same NPC stories repeatedly. The game needs: Battleship weapons More of the random story content A better combat system I will continue to try the combat on medium but it’s really not feeling fun now that the story is done..Version: 2.2.0

Awesome Space GameReally awesome space game, feels a little repetitive after a while but the story helps to fix that. The only issue is the constant crashing, don’t seem to lose much progress if any but it is annoying. Another thing would be to make a sandbox mode where you can multiple battleships otherwise the game is just too boring and too easy..Version: 2.2.0

If you like being frustrated, this is your game.There are five chapters and three sections for each chapter. As you go along you collect scrap which is used for upgrades. You also need to collect fuel which is also used for upgrades. The dumbest part of the game is that after each chapter you start the next chapter completely from scratch. You don’t have access to anything you collected besides maybe an officer (still can’t figure out how they determine that non-sense). If you die during the chapter, yep, start over from scratch. And then to top it all off, a lot of “missions” are a coin toss but good luck coming out ahead even 50% of the time. This has to be one of the lamest, most frustrating games I’ve ever played and I wish I could trade it in or at least snap the disk so no one else has to deal with my mistake. The reason it gets the one star instead of zero, is because the story is somewhat engaging. Good luck trying to get through it though..Version: 2.1.3

Permadeath is not my thingThis game costs a little too much to not allow me to collect all the resources for repairs and upgrades I want - then it is permanent death without the ability to go back and grind and try again if you are killed- I guess some people like austerity in games- but I want to explore and buff up-.Version: 1.4.3

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