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Tetris® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Tetris® app received 202 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tetris®? Can you share your negative thoughts about tetris®?

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Tetris® for Negative User Reviews

HorribleGame is an ad machine. tetris is such a simple game yet you managed to butcher the game anyways. some of the concepts are decent such as the battle royale mode, but the execution is god awful, as you will be able to see after playing only a few rounds of this mode. i am consistently within the top ten players in my region yet i get eliminated very quickly from battle royale. this is a good time to bring up the fact that the game is now pay to win. pay real money for extra power ups. also pay money even just for the chance to play battle royale. they claim to offer an offline mode, but you can’t even use that because you will get a disconnected notification every fifteen seconds while your pieces fall, making it impossible to play. so there is literally no way to play tetris on mobile without having to suffer through ads before every new round. i deleted this game a little over a year ago, when battle royale existed and was decent, but before your ridiculous battle pass. some time since then, your entire app has turned into a money machine. it is no longer about the love of the game of tetris. it is about getting the user to watch as many ads and make as many in app purchases as possible. Alexey Pajitnov would be rolling in his grave if he ever was so unfortunate to play this bastardized version of his game..Version: 5.1.0

Bad replacement for a satisfactory app.Took the old app offline, and replaced it with this one. Every single time you start a new game of Tetris marathon, you are forced to see a 2 part ad. If you resume a current game, you are forced to see another ad. If you watch the ad, and decide 15 seconds in to restart the game, you have to watch ANOTHER ad to start a new game, 15 SECONDS after watching the previous ad. Furthermore, most of the ads have a “hidden” x button, and any clicking on the screen at all will take you straight to the website when you are just trying to skip the ad. To add to that, you can’t pay to get the ads removed indefinitely, you can only “subscribe” to get ads removed for a month. I’ve never reviewed an app before, but I was so disappointed by this that I felt obliged..Version: 2.15.0

This game isn’t worth your timePay to win, too many ads and a “remove ads” purchase only lasts 30 days. Don’t bother with this game, it’s not worth it.Version: 2.14.1

Too many adsThe game itself is great but after every single round you have a 15 second ad. It really makes me want to delete the game. I wish there was an ad free version..Version: 5.6.4

Ads ruin itClassic old school Tetris the way we love it but it unplayable because of the constant unskipable ads and ridiculous loading times. Please make sure the ads have a close button so I don’t watch the whole thing just to find out i have to restart the app and watch another one to do anything.Version: 5.4.0

Could be betterI do like the app but there are a few negatives which has made me drop stars. The first is the amount of ads. There is simply way too many (one before/after each game) and is ridiculously expensive to get rid of them. I am not paying almost £20 a year to get rid of them on a Tetris app. If they did a permanent no ad purchase of about £5 or less I would happily pay it but this just seems greedy. The second thing is that it’s started glitching. Every time a line clears it freezes for a few seconds and you lose the flow of the game and sometimes makes you misplace a piece so you mess things up. I like all the different events though, and that there are different ways of playing it, but it doesn’t compensate the bad enough to keep playing it.Version: 5.0.2

Pernicious adsHave to go through an ad every single time I play except it’s not just a 5 second ad. You’ll first get a video, after about 5 seconds you’ll be able to press x which will take you to a static ad which you’ll have to wait another 5 seconds before you can press x now it’ll take you to a lovely App Store page that’ll pop up which you’ll have to slide down and then you’ll have to wait an additional 5 seconds to press x on an “install now” page. Just revolting monetisation on what is a classic game i can play for free without ads on my computer, don’t bother installing this.Version: 5.9.0

Ticket system will kill this gameComing from someone who only plays the offline modes on this game, this game was great at first because of how much better it’s controls were than any other mobile Tetris game. But this new ticket system literally puts a limit on how much I can play this game. I’ve gone from playing 7-10 games a day whenever I’d like, to only playing 5 games that I have to strategically spread out in order to be able to play it all day. This is not sustainable because the reason I’m playing Tetris on mobile is for the convenience. Putting a limit on how much I can play destroys that convenience and will simply cause me to find a new way to play Tetris, rather than pay to play more on this app. I think many other people will agree with this statement. This ticket system was not thought out as it not only kills the major reason use this app, but also limits how many ads that you guys get from the game. If I play less games you guys get less ad revenue. That ad revenue will not be made back by people paying for the game because those people will simply find another place to play Tetris. This new system was put in place without considering any of the things that made people use this app and will 100% kill this app if it is not removed.Version: 2.7.0

Too many adsDisappointed every time I go to play....ads, ads, ads. By the time I get through the ads my desire to play is gone. Brutal. Don’t bother. Delete..Version: 2.13.0

Game cheatsThere are two modes, classic Tetris and something that seems to be based around a league table and levels where you can win ‘coins’ to keep playing or buy ‘coins’ if you run out. Each mode uses a different user interface so you can’t practice in classic (which seems to be purely ad funded) to maximise your chances in the league table mode. In the league table mode the game cheats outrageously. For each level you have a limited number of moves, basically turn in a piece (by tapping it) once burns one move, the game will randomly turn pieces that you’ve gotten oriented and lined up, even in the stylus is nowhere near the screen. This happens far too often to be accidental. To get more moves you have to use more ‘coins’ or watch a long advert. On the subject of adverts, these seem to be just for a handful of games that are of zero interest and way over length. Also, the game does not respond to device rotation so the only way to play is with the charger socket at the bottom which makes it difficult to play whilst charging. I know Tetris originates from 1980s, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your use of tech to what was available then..Version: 5.0.2

DeviousObviously an enjoyable game, but could no longer accept the sly third party app swap as though you had clicked on an ad. The ads are placed at the bottom beneath the gameplay and the intention is to make you think your finger had slipped, ‘accidentally’ clicking the ad. Happens way too often, even when your finger is no where near the bottom of the screen. What makes it worse is that when you enter back into the game, the music stops playing… way to ruin an experience. Cheap tricks. Developers need to rethink what kind of people they want to be in this world..Version: 5.3.0

Infested with Ads30 days of no ads in the app cost 1000 coins. To purchase 1000 coins is $6.99. What an absolute joke of an app..Version: 4.5.7

Do not downloadI really love the game but the amount of ads and micro purchases on display is so incredibly disrespectful to their users. I hope enough people see this so I can say please do not download this app. These kinds of toxic business strategies do not need any encouragement. For a household name this game rivals any of the ad vehicles it actually peddles. Disgusting..Version: 5.6.5

On life SupportPlayStudios seem content to ruin the community and str1p this game down to its bare bones in their quest for profit. Gone are virtually all of the extras that used to make the game fun to play, and any incentives have been removed. This includes but is not limited to: - daily goals granting you flags which allow your team to get a higher score upon completing challenges - extra backgrounds, avatars, etc which could be earned with coins (in game currency) - the ability to use said coins to pay for ad free gaming. These coins are essentially worthless now -the Master Goals, which are long gone. These were a great additional challenge to dedicated players, or some were strictly elite level that were quite a challenge to chase after. My personal favorite was trying to get 15 KO’s in one game, and the sense of satisfaction I felt when achieving this goal finally was tremendous. Nothing even close to this is currently in game, and it is a shame The fun has been sucked out, and a soulless husk of what once was a great app remains. I just hope when this flames out, the next group who purchase the rights to this timeless classic actually listen to its’ community members. - “Pterry “.Version: 5.3.0

Good game with some super annoying flawsI’m going to keep this short, I have nothing to add to the positives said about this game, it’s a solid Tetris app for killing time on your phone. My problems revolve around the games inability to handle your phone doing anything aside from Tetris while playing. I’m on an IPhone XR, and when I’m in marathon mode or Tetris Royale, the game will lag a horrible amount, borderline freezing for a short period of time, whenever I get a notification from another app. This makes it almost impossible to play the game in the faster speeds because if you get one notification, the tetrimino will have fallen on its own by the time the game can recover from this attempt on its life. A smaller gripe but more understandable, when I’m wanting to manage a notification, I have to swipe down from the top of my screen, and this will almost always drop the current tetrimino on screen. This isn’t an issue in marathon mode, I can simply pause, but if I’m in a Royale or in the Prize games it can really mess up what I’m doing if I need to check what the email I just got is for. Simply making the top 5th of your screen not be affected by swiping would be a clean and easy fix to this..Version: 2.2.0

Why Does It Have All These Ads?Why does this game have so many ads? How can a game have a 30 second ad in the first place? I would gladly play $3-$5 for Tetris and not have to sit through ads. Ridiculous..Version: 4.5.7

JunkWhere is the simple straight forward game? Ads up the whazoo and game function is high on user errors in placing the blocks-too ez to make mistake and then you’re screwed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 4.4.2

So many adsThis isn’t so much a game with ads as ads witha game attached. This is so obviously a cash grab that the game is now removed from my devices - even the paid option to remove ads is for 30 days only and even then there are still ads everywhere. All I wanted was a game to pass a few minutes here and there - much like Tetris on the old gameboy system not a cash grab with leaderboards and competitions. That this game is an editor’s choice recommendation really drives home that the App Store cannot be trusted anymore..Version: 3.0.0

A ruined masterpieceThis game could be so good, the core gameplay is there, it’s Tetris, it’s got nice graphics, it’s got some good game modes. However, it commits one of the deadly sins of app design, certain in game actions mirror native gestures on the iPhone (such as swipe down) making them literally game breaking. Who the hell play tested this and went “yer that’ll do, it’s only an iconic game, it doesn’t need to be actually playable” The next deadly sin, loot/skinner boxes designed to create engagement loops, this is a really dull mechanic that all mobile gamers are tired of. then, ads everywhere. Seemingly every action requires watching an ad, followed by an ad to buy an subscription to remove the ads. A subscription to remove the ads, get in the sea. It’s sluggish and unresponsive at times, again game breaking. The battle royale mode is just straight up an unbalanced mess of uneven matching and ridiculous play with the added fun of purchasable power ups making it at monument to pay to win. This is Tetris, we had trust in the IP, you should have just charged for it and got rid of all the “freemium” nonsense or launched in Apple Arcade with a well crafted game..Version: 4.0.0

ReviewWay to many ads. Almost unplayable. Tired of these companies flooding their apple games with ads. Just make the games affordable and quality and maybe people will actually buy them..Version: 1.0.3

Too many ads and removed offline mode.I used to be able to just play marathon mode without watching ads by just turning my wifi off but in the latest update they removed offline mode. How desperate for money do you have to be that you can't let people enjoy the normal Tetris experience without being bombarded with ads. Even the story/level mode has an ad after each level. It's actually faster to restart the app than to watch through the ad and wait for the demo. So sad to see such a classic game ruined by such poor developer that are so money hungry. Just play Jstris in a web browser or tetrio on computer. Such a better experience than this rubbish..Version: 5.5.0

No more themesShame the Love Quest season has had hardly any rewards, I had to pay for the Tetris Pass and it had only 15 levels. I am told I have unlocked collection items when I have not. The ads for weight loss products never stop and the ads for demeaning games featuring women with facial hair are offensive. Edit: three months have gone by now with no new themes. Where is the variety? Avatars etc are all very well but players want choice of what they play..Version: 5.0.2

Ads and required connectionI am a big Tetris fan. I downloaded it for a road-trip because to me it’s a good offline game. Until they updated and made a new game. This one got destroyed by ads when I was using my data and when they’re wasn’t any connection I couldn’t play because it needs internet unlike the previous version. Whilst the themes are cool and I have no problems with how the game is, I still believe improvements can be made.Version: 2.8.0

More ads than game. Deleted.I’m new to Tetris, and was enjoying learning the game. But the ads are SO intrusive, long and unskippable that I deleted the app. I would happily pay for an ad-free version. But that option doesn’t exist. Deleted..Version: 5.4.1

Tetris for babies (with ads)I’ve never seen this many useless ads in a game. The games they advertise are garbage too… aside from that, the games level system is way too easy, and provides no challenge whatsoever. I’m on level 55, trying to see if it gets more interesting but it never does. And the coins baby you even more, if you DO fail a level. A good game should increase difficulty as you get better, im giving up now. There’s some fun in the marathon version though, but that’s it..Version: 5.2.5

Too many adsCan’t do anything without an ad popping up.Version: 5.2.4

Waste of space mtx junkAlmost half a gigabyte Tetris game that greedy developers filled with mtx and useless crap shoved on people who just want to play a simple game..Version: 4.5.6

The ads…What can I say? It’s the same old “Teris” that no one dislikes. What I can’t give a glowing review for is the ads. If you wish to disable the ads, it’s $17, and the worst part? It only lasts for six months. They charge nearly $20 and it’s not even permanent, that’s low..Version: 4.5.3

Ads have ruined this gameThe core gameplay is still as fun as ever, besides the controls being a bit spastic sometimes. But these ads. Honestly you should be ashamed of yourselves on the cancer filled ads every time you want to play a game. To make matters worse, you can pay for ad free….but only lasts 30 days. What a joke. You can play in offline mode, but what’s the point when the game pauses every 5 seconds to ‘try and reconnect to the internet’. Why have an option to play offline if it’s still going to try and reconnect to the internet, even if your phone is on airplane mode. Let us buy the game for $4.99. Stop with the constant ads, and have some integrity you muppets..Version: 5.0.2

Needs improvingThis version of Tetris definitely needs some improvements ASAP. Controls are great but the gameplay area is too small and scaled down, with the background taking up most of the screen space on my iPhone 8 Plus. It also lacks simple options that were present in previous versions of Tetris on iOS such as the ability to start a match on a higher/faster level in a Marathon game. An option to turn off the ghosting/shadows effect around the blocks would also be great as visual effects like these can be quite annoying..Version: 1.0.1

MehThe game is okay, all things considered. The elements of Tetris are there, but I will echo a few of the reviews in saying that the pay to win method of gameplay is tacky and unnecessary. Additionally, this game has repeatedly failed to save my progress after saving and quitting a game. I’ll return to the game later only to be forced to watch an ad, after which the game resets my (Classic) Tetris progress to 0. I wouldn’t have an issue with pay to win IF there were systems in place that helped worked around that style of play (if you could even call it that). But any opportunities to overcome that system, in addition to progress repeatedly being wiped away, are usually fruitless. The Battle Royale mode isn’t impossible if you invest enough time in other game modes to earn power ups, but the sheer number of people who simply pay for those advantages instead is off putting, making the Battle Royale mode frustrating and unrewarding. I’ll be uninstalling the app after writing this. I expect that the developers truly don’t care if one person quits their game, but hopefully this will give somebody else some guidance when.Version: 2.15.0

Missing game modes, pointless coins, drowning in adsSo, the latest update says the developers are listening to community feedback but if you take a moment to read any of the recent reviews it’s clear that they aren’t! The ads are overwhelming and deceptive. The App Store listing and in-game instructions mention Royale and multiplayer and quick play modes which don’t exist. You earn in-game coins that cannot be spent or used in any way. I’m not sure how this game got the App Store’s Editors Choice badge, and featured in a story - perhaps once this game was worthwhile but it certainly isn’t now. The app needs to be re-evaluated by the App Store and possibly removed for misleading claims. It’s shameful that the creators of Tetris have licensed the IP to a cynical slots and gambling company. The license need to be revoked and this app destroyed before the legacy of Tertris is diminished any further. Utterly disappointing..Version: 5.6.3

What happened to thus gameDoes anyone else remember the time before we were instantly given 10 rows of grey blocks instantly for no apparent reason other than using one of the ingame boosters to save you until another 10 rows of grey blocks came and instantly failed you.Version: 2.12.1

Horrendous design, bad ui and pretty much unplayableDon’t waste your time. This app forces unnecessary internet connection to play just so you have to watch a boatload of ads. On top of that you’ll spend more time watching ads than playing. Control inputs are either too sensitive or not responsive and I’m almost positive that’s so you lose and have to watch more ads. Real shame there aren’t any other versions of this classic game, cause this one honestly ruins it completely.Version: 4.6.2

Terrible & badly made! Hate it.I HATE this app. Tetris is a brilliant game. It’s one of the most successful games ever because there was never any faffing about. Open it, start playing. No frills or gimmicks. This though, is so irritating. If you’re connected to the internet, then you can’t just have a quick game because you just get bombarded with adverts even before you’ve played your first game. Then you go through the rigmarole of ‘collecting prizes’ once you’ve played a game. So, I try to play offline to avoid this rubbish bit by staying offline, the game then won’t load at all. It’s a frozen screen of spinning ‘circle death’. Why can I not find a simple Tetris game. With none of this unnecessary rubbish?!.Version: 2.11.0

Ruined the classic gameI loved Tetris when I was a kid I would run the house out of AAs playing this for hours on my game boy. So naturally when I saw this on the App Store when looking for something quick and fun to play but this game is not Tetris. There is so many things about competitions and other junk but okay I thought there is a “classic mode” button great but oh no don’t think you can play without watching a myriad of adverts between every round. Sometimes 3 in a row. Okay I thought surley if they’re this hungry for money they will have a way to purchase no ads in the app for like £4 nope! At least from what I can see you can buy gems or whatever and god knows that they are for but no add free mode. The thing is I wouldn’t be that bothered normally usually these kinds of freemium trash businesses model I would just delete and move on with my life but the core mechanics of the Tetris in this game are good and the touch based controls are actually pretty decent which is why it’s such as shame it’s buried under all the ads and gems and other junk if they added a no ads in app purchase or a forked version of the game with just the classic game with no ads or other junk for £5 I would buy it in a heartbeat..Version: 2.11.0

Ads, pvp, skinsIts fun but there’s too many ads, it feels like you cant do anything. If you want a gift, watch an ad, if you want to play, watch an ad. if you accidentally started the wrong mode and need to go back you need to watch an ad first, then quit, then pick the other mode, and watch an ad to play that. I wish there was a pvp mode without the power ups. Another issue I have is that some games I have no attackers, and the next I suddenly have two from the start. I’m not sure what determines that or how it works, but its hard to keep up getting tetris’d twice in a row at the same time, if they decide to use the power ups it’s an instant death right from the start, which has happened to me before. Another thing I have issue with is the previews for event skins. Soo, I really liked the way the valentines event “love letter” looked, it was so pretty with the roses, however the preview doesn’t show you *everything* so I didn’t know about the animations or the music. When I got it, I was disappointed by how terrible the elevator-ish music was and how distracting/hard it is to play when a million rose petals block the screen when you get a Tetris. The previews should be little videos or animations or even let you try it first so you don’t waste your time on getting an absolutely terrible background..Version: 2.15.0

Ads.Too many ads. I would rather pay full price once than 4$ every month. Too many useless stupid features. I just want to pay Tetris & multiplayer..Version: 5.8.1

Come on, you did this to Tetris?I remember playing this a while back, just Tetris with the ability to unlock stuff like new music. Then they added the battle royale thing, and from there I just quit. I just came back, and this is abysmal. You need to watch an ad to start a singular game of tetris, every time you play. Better yet, the two stage system of ads(show a video, then follow it up with a crazy oversimplified, potato version of the game) means that half of the time I try to start a game I have to restart because the game started at the end of the first ad, a full 15 seconds ago, and now there’s 3 garbage pieces in the middle of my board, which means a restart, and another ad, and possibly another restart. I’m writing this immediately after watching an ad, then the game bugging out and showing another ad, then me “losing the game” while still in an ad. I tried airplane mode to get the offline version, but they even added something in that makes it so that if you are in airplane mode it prevents you from using offline mode just so it can show more ads. This is disgusting, and I guess I’ll just play some low quality web version or something. At least those work, if clunky..Version: 3.3.0

What happened to the other Tetris app?This new app is terrible and is filled with terrible adds every 5min and promoting a prize pool competition to win money doesn’t seem legitimate at all, I will no longer be playing any Tetris on mobile ever again, you guys have ruined this bueatiful game in hot pursuit of money Reading others reviews just shows how much of a bad this company, no support messages or anything in reply just another pathetic service you just hope dumb people will use, you will never succeed with your garbage business model for this game Aswell you have a purchasable item for $5 or something for ad-free for 30 days, this is such a joke and I hope no one downloads this garbage.Version: 2.7.2

So disappointing...This was a seriously good game, a massive part of my chill time in the evenings, but today I have noticed that they have introduced a ticket system, so basically you get 5 tickets, each time you play you use one ticket, but it takes like 4 and a half hours to get a ticket again, or you can pay actual money to get more. I would personally rather have the adverts, or at least give us a one time payment option for unlimited play, dread to think how much it would be considering you are charging £2.99 for just 24 hours of play. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, I can easily sit down with my iPad on bosh out 15-20 games, I can see people boycotting this game now, I have already noticed people in the leaderboards scores no longer increasing, this really won’t do you guys any favours, if they get rid of this stupid ticket system and go back to the way it was I will happily change this review back to the best game on the market 5 stars, please sort this out..Version: 2.7.1

Why?When this game first came out, all my Tetris problems were solved. There were great themes, and each theme even had special music! I had to delete it because of storage issues, but when I come back, there is online multiplayer, and you just had to scrap all the good features that made this game feel like a huge game of bait-and-switch. Now when you play, there are no more special themes, no matter which one you choose, the pressuring Tetris theme remix is all you’ll hear. You can’t even use the themes offline anymore! You won’t even let us change the settings offline while really, REALLY pisses me off. I knew this game had room for improvement but I think you just made it worse. And what I meant about the bait and switch? You attracted people to download this game with these special themes and music, and once it finally boomed, you practically scrapped everything good and added stuff we never asked for. Please bring these old features back. The special music to each theme and the ability to use the themes and change the settings offline..Version: 2.9.0

🐦Tetris Review🐦The actual idea of a Tetris Royale is great, but the ticket system doesn’t allow you to play for long periods of time, which I find quite annoying. Also, when you get to a certain point into a level when you need to start placing the Tetrominoes very fast, the controls just mess it up. This game is very difficult to control and I understand that there is an option for some on-screen button controls, but they’re too small for my fingers! There are lots of good things about this game too, like the different themes and the fact that they’ve kept the classic mode. I would’ve given this a 5 star if it weren’t for the rubbish controls and the tickets for the royale :).Version: 4.4.0

What are the coins for?The levels are interesting. It feels pointless to earn coins or watch any ads when there is nothing to spend coins on. Its also frustrating to only have two skins available. The basic Tetris game play is there and its great b cause its Tetris. The app itself feels unsupported by any originality. Even basic options like achievements, badges, original avatars, skins for the blocks and backgrounds are non existent. If you want real revenue from ads, give us a reason to watch them. Otherwise I’ll just keep closing the app after each level and come back to start the next level, add free. Or maybe just get rid of coins entirely if you aren't going to give us anything to spend them on. Making us pay to skip ads for a set period of time would be smarter. It just feels like a lot of disjointed pieces that haven't come together as a functional or profitable game beyond the basic gameplay that will always be worthwhile: Tetris itself. At least the leaderboard does feel like a classic arcade. Props to that..Version: 5.5.1

A Downgrade from the 2017 VersionThe older version of this game that was on the App Store ran significantly better than this newer one. From the moment I open the app I am staring at spinning Tetris pieces. When I try to click on anything whether it be the store tab of the play tab I have to stare at spinning Tetris pieces for 20-30 seconds before anything happens. Most of the time it gives me an error message saying it couldn’t contact the servers even though my internet connection is fine and other apps have no issues with it. I haven’t even bothered clicking on half the stuff on the main menu because it never loads. My phone is listed on the compatible devices yet the app runs terribly. The older version from five years ago worked just fine up until they shut it down in favor of this heaping pile of garbage. Also in the options tab you can’t adjust volume levels you can only toggle them which is embarrassingly pathetic. Players can’t customize how they want to play? This game is so simple and they’ve made it hundreds of times yet they can’t seem to just put all the good parts of each together. What a disgrace... I’d have a much better time running a ROM for the GBC version of the game and have a better experience..Version: 4.5.5

Incredibly glitchyThis game is fun but the ads are beyond any other game I’ve ever played— you have to watch 5 minutes of ads before you even get to play one game. The game is super glitchy..Version: 4.1.0

The game is great but the ads ads annoyingDon’t get me wrong I know the ads are there to fund the game, but most games with ads at least let you skip them pretty quickly. In this game you are forced to wait ages for the X button. If I’m not interested in the ad I’m not interested, forcing me to wait is only going to make me hate your product more. I won’t buy Township, Wordscape or Gardenscape out of principle now. I’ve now seen the ads about 10 thousand times. Also it’s annoy not having seperate touch points for rotate and drop. Once the game goes faster it’s very easy to accidentally rotate instead of drop..Version: 5.5.0

Very very unhappyThis game used to be so much fun They turned it into a cash grab once it went international All of the og players no longer play which is a dead giveaway you sent the game in the wrong direction The og players built this game and we are the reason you had so many players back then due to spreading it through word of mouth and social media Please bring back your old Tetris.Version: 2.7.2

Such a disappointmentI use to love this game but after this update it destroyed it. Ever since the app changed from EA games to you guys it’s been disappointment after disappointment. Let’s start with controls, ffs why does your app swipe up automatically when your just moving the pieces across the screen. And why would you ever make such a traditional game pay to win. This game has basically become a massive scam and what you pay for isn’t even worth it.Version: 2.9.0

AdsWhat’s ridiculous is you will eventually get to levels which are mathematically impossible to complete without sitting through ads or using coins which can be purchased. Meaning even a perfectly played round will always fall short of the goal..Version: 5.9.0

Fix it.Every time I exit the game my saved game is erased. I got a high score and paused it to do something else and when I re entered it my progress and my score was gone. An hour of playing to be erased because I exited the game. A score of 1.6 million, gone. Fix it. Also remove the tickets they are stupid. 5 games and then you have to wait for hours just to play another game. The developers are just getting greedy for money now. It literally pay to play! What are you guys? EA? Just fix it. When I first downloaded the game it was just solo marathon. I would like it to go back to that. Less pointless modes or cash cups. I just want regular old Tetris..Version: 2.8.0

Too many advertsThe game itself is alright, I haven’t managed to unlock anything more than classic and challenge mode, a relax mode would be nice. Major downside is the constant, invasive and aggressive advertising. I like to jump on a mobile puzzle game when I have a few minutes to spare, spending half my free time being forced to sit through adverts is getting me close to deleting. Oh and you can’t play on airplane mode, as it has to spend several minutes ‘connecting to the sever’ every time. Goodness knows what that’s doing to my data. Why can’t games just be chill?.Version: 4.5.4

Annoying Long Ads - deletedToo many ads and they’re freaking long!! Why make a game so annoying. I deleted it..Version: 5.8.1

Do not downloadHorrible horrible ads. Not even usable. Literally useless app.Version: 5.4.1

Nice game!Fun game! I’m giving it 3 stars is because of the ads, I cant stand them!! Also, one of your subscriptions tells you, you can buy this to turn off ads, BUT only for 30 days. Then you have to spend more money on this game, just to get the ads off. I think that is kind of a scam and I think you should change that. Thanks.Version: 4.5.8

Control issuesAs others have said the main thing holding this back is the awful touch screen controls. They’re not bad because they’re touch screen they’re bad because they are clunky and either too sensitive or non responsive. Tap to rotate, move the piece side to side with your finger and swipe down to drop it. All make sense but too often it’ll act like you’ve made a move you haven’t whether it’s an extra rotation or a sideways movement at the last second while dropping pieces it just ruins the point of the game when you can’t control the pieces how want..Version: 5.0.2

ShameI have used this game for months and never had a problem it, it has always been enjoyable and worked perfectly. However recently there have been issues with the offline mode, I used the offline mode a lot to save mobile data - but recently every time I open the app while not in the house and not online I press to start the marathon mode (which is the only option) and it just brings up a screen saying to reset the server and that it cannot connect. You can press retry but you cannot close it and if you do press retry it continuously comes up every minute or so which disturbs the game and completely disregards the whole offline mode, because it doesn’t let you play. Such a shame..Version: 5.0.1

Massive downgrade compared to the betaThe app was released a little while ago in New Zealand as a beta and it was good... then they released it. Compared to the beta; • UI was downgraded • The gameplay/controls are worse • The win money game mode is extra buggy • The gameplay is less stable and will often hitch • The win money game mode is forced down your throat EXTREMELY aggressively • oh yeah did I forget the ads There weren’t any in the beta and now they are so obtrusive I had to check this wasn’t a dime a dozen Chinese knock off. Before I finish one multiplayer game and just jump right back in now I have to wait for at least 4 ads between finishing one game and starting another..Version: 2.0.0

Offline mode doesn't workWhen trying to play Tetris without wifi it says no internet, and then when you click play offline it says can't play offline because you aren't connected to the internet..... What's the point of offline mode if you can't play offline?!!!???.Version: 5.1.3

FrustratedI like the interaction of this version of Tetris. However, compared to other versions, the sensitivity is terrible — particularly when the blocks get close to the top. You can change the sensitivity in settings but I’ve found this is more relative to swapping out the blocks not reacting to spinning/rotating the blocks. $4.00+ to remove ads for 30 days? Why not option to get rid of all of them. You also used to get rewarded for watching the videos. Nothing now..Version: 3.0.1

CoinsThis is overall a great game (one of my favorites) but i wish you (the developers) would make it easier to earn coins. I started playing this game back when it was relatively new and the chest feature was still an option. Somewhat recently it was removed and that was pretty much the only place you could get coins by effort. Which is my problem because collecting the Tetris game themes is something I like to do but now I cant buy them because I need coins which are pretty much impossible to get (unless bought with money). Theres the lucky box too but thats not a very sustainable way to get coins. For example right now you need 1000 coins to get the battle pass (which has a variety of themes) and chances of getting coins are low. Even if you do get coins the highest amount i’ve gotten from that was 5. I understand the whole money drive but i just wish the chest feature would be brought back or that it would be changed back to when you could buy themes with medals which was a lot better as it was earnings based on effort..Version: 4.3.0

The five star reviews are wrongEverytime a match ends you have to go through an ad: not just an ad that you immediately close, but often you need to tap the close button two or three times before you can get back to the game. You need an internet connection to play the game so that it can show you the ads, so tough luck if you are in a location without service: the idea that you need the Internet to play a game that existed before the Internet is outrageous. You also cannot outright pay to get rid of the ads: you need to spend money to get rid of ads FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Once that time is up, you’ll need to pay again if you want to keep your ad free experience. It’s no wonder that this app is made by EA. Also, the app crashes frequently and you’ll have to start over every time it crashes (and watch another ad). Unpausing pausing/unpausing is horrendous: sometimes unpausing will automatically slam the block in the air downwards. The game itself is still fun though, which is why it’s 2 stars instead of 1..Version: 4.5.6

Pay to remove ads, only to have ads elsewhereThis is a great game, BUT there are so many ads you spend 10-15% of game time have to wait for ads to finish. Got to make money: fair enough. So, I PAID the monthly fee to remove ads, only to have ads still required for Challenge Mode for the 20-30% of games which can’t be completed within the allowed moves. Increase the monthly ad free fee if you have to, but allow players to pay for NO ADS.Version: 5.6.4

No offline playI am a big fan of Tetris and have been playing since the original Gameboy games. I remember getting my first iPhone (3GS) and Tetris being one of the first games I downloaded. The biggest issue I find with iOS games nowadays, this being a prime example there is no true ‘offline play’. When I’ve been in situations where I have no signal e.g. whilst flying, on the tube etc I’d love to be able to play a game like this, however without an internet connection the game does not load at all. I feel it’s a shame iOS games have gone this way now as well as being littered with adverts that constantly pop up..Version: 5.8.1

Battle Royale is terribleThe battle Royale mode is a such a bad interpretation of Tetris it ruins the enjoyment and taking the start of the game at your own pace and gradually speeds up as time goes on however in the battle Royale mode if someone uses and attacking power up combined with a Tetris it’s basically game over unless you use your own power up which is ridiculous the fact we need power ups basically makes the game pay to win it’s horrible. The battle Royale mode should just be normal Tetris against others and not have attacking or battle Royale should just not be in there altogether..Version: 4.0.0

Going backwardsI used to enjoy this aop, but you no longer get the experience promised by the preview in the App Store. For the last few seasons the content has been severely cut back, with the regular seasonal rewards of avatars, frames, backgrounds, pins and themes for the different modes of play all gone. Now you only get daily challenges for Adventure mode (the number of rounds of which is finite) with no seasonal tally and therefore no incentive. What gives? Why is the gameplay experience so much lessened, but the app itself just gets more and more bloated (733Mb on my phone including data)..Version: 5.4.0

Can’t play offline and so many ads onlineIf you want to play because you’re bored and somewhere you so don’t have data or Wi-Fi the tough, the game gives you a option to play in offline mode but all that does is reload the main menu and as for playing with connection you are absolutely bombarded with ads that take 4 pages of skipping, absolutely infuriating UPDATE: Sometimes it does a really great thing where once you finish a level it plays a ad, then the ad doesn’t have exit button and crashes so you have to close the app and restart the whole level.Version: 5.3.0

Understanding the problem of adsLook, it’s Tetris, the games is simplistic in design, the featured game modes and customisation is great, and for the past few years I’ve played this game, the ads before and after each match have been quite reasonable. But I think it’s gotten to a point where the monetisation in this game has actually impeded the gameplay itself. The little ad boxes below each match of Tetris before never affected me, but now while I’m playing I seem to swipe onto them and it sends me straight to an annoying ad of another game that doesn’t represent what it’s advertising. Of course it’s possible that user error is at fault, with me using the lower part of the screen to move around the pieces. But never in the 3 years of playing this game has it occurred, and now in the past month I’ve probably done it approximately 30 times with no sign of slowing. I really enjoy trying to get high scores but the amount of rounds I’ve lost to this ad problem has made me want to stop playing the game. Unless they fix this ad interference I couldn’t recommend playing this game, the monetisation of mobile games is already way too high now, and I’m sick of it..Version: 5.4.1

Too many adsEver since the most recent update they stoped you from buying a Tetris pass with coins and are forcing you to buy it with real money and now this means that we have to watch an ad every time we play. They are making this game impossible to enjoy now that you can’t buy Tetris passes with coins.Version: 4.5.8

Too many ads.You're practically forced to go through the Ads, and offline gameplay is simply not possible. Also when you don't allow the game to access your account to save data, like Facebook, you're soft locked out of the game and it is difficult to allow it to do so..Version: 5.9.0

Worst version of Tetris I have ever playedI was so excited when I found out that EA no longer had the rights to the Tetris mobile game and that there was a new one. I knew nothing about the developer n3twork but I am a huge fan of tetris and have probably put in something like over 800 hours into the game over my lifetime, so I thought making a version of Tetris that could disappoint would be very difficult. Somehow this app managed to disappoint me nonetheless, which I really have to give it props for- I didn’t think that was possible. This app is a complete failure with some of the worst slippery and imprecise controls, trash music, and worst of all A PAY TO WIN SYSTEM. I’m not sure why anyone would add pay to win power up mechanics in a game that would be otherwise so perfectly balanced, but once again the game industry proves that it will always choose profit over making a decent game. The game isn’t enjoyable at all especially when you realize other players can give themselves an extreme advantage just by purchasing power ups. This is once again another decent game ruined by money hungry executives and it shows how soulless this industry has really become. This app especially when compared to the old one is a failure in every way and I think the entire development team should give up because they somehow managed to be more money hungry and soulless then EA..Version: 2.12.1

This Used to Be So Simple and GoodI got this app before they added all the extra features like the Battle Royale, Primetime and whatnot, and it’s been a while since I played on the app but I came back to it recently and it’s changed so much. For starters, there are so many more features and what seems to be an always online functionality. Yes, the game will ask if you want to go offline when not connected to the internet, but immediately after “going offline” it says it couldn’t connect to the servers and won’t allow you to do anything until it does. I tested this on a plane and I couldn’t play a single game of Tetris. The other thing that frustrates me is how cluttered everything feels. They seem to have favored the money over the game because playing classic Tetris seems to be almost nonexistent now, replaced with all the battle Royale and other features. Back when I was first on the app, the only thing you could do was classic Tetris, with a few different themes and music. It was honestly great, and I wish they could’ve just kept that simplicity without adding all of the extra things. Or at least keep the simple classic game in the first place. 3 Stars might be a little generous..Version: 2.12.1

Pourquoi m’abonner?Pourquoi ne puis-je pas jouer off-line et sans m’abonner? J’efface l’appli avant même de l’avoir essayée, je n’ai pas envie de créer un autre abonnement!.Version: 3.1.2

Update ChangesI was hoping that the purchase of ad free would be added to the game as an option and I’m glad that it was even though I don’t love that it’s only for 30 days but I get that you have to make money. What I wish hadn’t been implemented was the ticket system. I understand why one might limit entry into the Tetris Royale with tickets but it just seems greedy to include the solo version in the ticket limits as well. What’s the point of playing Tetris if you can only play 5 games and then have to wait another 6 hours or whatever it is to play again or you have to consistently fork out money to play. I get adding some form of monetisation outside of ads but the way it’s been implemented seems greedy and that’s not something I like saying as a game designer because I know that you need to make money but this just rubs me the wrong way..Version: 2.7.2

Too many ads and slowWay to many ads, it’s ridiculous, I understand the app is free and developer need to make money but putting ads in. But it’s a joke that each game starts with an ads and the close “x” button is hard to press and always direct you to download the ad app. I use iPhone 12 and this Tetris app is not something big to run, but the app is not responsive and slow. Always stuck in somewhere. Somehow, also it’s taking a lot of battery to run as it becomes hot at the back of my phone. Developer needs to optimise the UI so app can run smoother. It’s disappointing that I had it enough and decided to delete this great game because the app issue. Not recommend to download.Version: 5.0.1

SO MANY ADSAds, after more ads. 3 ads in a row just to play 1 game. Ads are 30 seconds long each time. Too much.Version: 4.5.0

Overcomplicated and Awful ControlsFine game mechanically. Swiping up holds the piece rather than the regular snap down, and both the snap down and move faster down are both under swiping down - anyway, the controls are terrible and illogical is the overview. Also, it’s another one of these angry birds-esque things that has a whole stupid ui with competetive tournaments, a level up system, abilities etc. Normal ‘marathon’ tetris is there but I really don’t see the appeal of these convoluted UIs. People want tetris for its simplicity. Ads are fine, but it almost feels like they purposefully make the controls bad as to play more ads when you inevitably fail on faster speeds trying to play effectively. Anyway, it’s ok, but when the gameboy version’s controls and ui are better then it’s a bit concerning. This isn’t the best written thing but you get my point, right? Easy fixes really..Version: 5.0.2

Tickets?!I’ve been playing this game for months. The Royale mode is my favourite feature, and what I spent most of my time using. To suddenly put it behind micro-transactions is disgusting. I know there needs to be revenue but I would have happily paid to have ads removed because I really did enjoy this game. Garbage..Version: 2.7.0

So many ads game is terribleOther Tetris knockoffs are better then this . Sad excuse of a game.Version: 4.5.4

U could make it goodBringing back Tetris was an awesome idea. However, the controls don’t work properly, and make you mess up so you can’t do as well as you should be able to. In fact, the controls are worse than they were in the original - and that was over 30 years ago. There’s no good reason whatsoever why this should be the case..Version: 2.7.2

Worst app everThe developers have ruined the game by forcing in an ad every 5 seconds. They should be ashamed of themselves, nothing but pay-to-win, ad full garbage that no one should download. Can’t even play offline as they claim you can... nothing but hate to the developers.Version: 2.12.3

Laden with adsThe game itself is interesting to play but the whole experience is bathed in ads! Two ads to watch before you start playing, an add to watch for each bonus you acquire daily, two ads to watch between games, two or three adds to watch to continue gameplay if you run out of lives and that’s based on game play for ten minutes. Ads run one into another with no choice to go back to the game, if this game is commissioned by the Tetris company they should be extremely ashamed with this product! It’s literally the QVC version of in app advertising! If you like the shopping channel then this app is for you…if not save yourself the frustration and bypass this block of c**p.Version: 5.6.4

Ad farm60 second ad display between levels is just ridiculous.Version: 5.4.1

TrashToo many ads that crash and freeze your phone when you close them🥲 The game itself would be fun without them but I’m not paying extra to get rid of nuisances - the impatience and irritation is worth uninstalling than it is paying for ad-free content..Version: 4.5.9

Built up good will to mask bad faithI’ve said to myself for the past few weeks that if the game wasn’t free it would be unplayably terrible because of their method of delivering adds. Finishing a royale game would deliver a video add you’d have to mute individually since they don’t give you the option to default mute. The way you found out you won a royale game was that you were given an add even though you weren’t even close to topping out. But now they introduced a “ticket” system for EVERY MODE OF PLAY. You have to spend one of only 5 tickets to play BY YOURSELF. The only way to play without having to spend a ticket is their “together” mode but they purposefully made it so you can’t play by yourself in a lobby. There’s also “Primetime,” where you supposedly play for real money, but the entire time they’ve offered it they’ve always made it sound so shady, like some hyped-up unwinnable carnival game. First of all, if you aren’t a literal grandmaster playing on a MacBook you have literally no chance of ever doing well in Primetime. That is all not even to mention that the background is a loop of a live action add specifically for Primetime and I just really want to ask whoever thought that was a good idea what the heck they were thinking. What makes it so annoying is that they had a relatively good thing going for amateurs and casual hobbyists but then they introduced these ridiculously broad pay to play features..Version: 2.7.0

Ads Ads AdsThe game seems pretty decent. Not a fan of having to play the quick mode a few times to “unlock” classic Tetris. The big problem, and the reason I’m deleting the app, is the Ads. They’re over the top, in your face, and stop you from actually getting to the game. And the insult to injury is that you can get rid of them, at the exorbitant rate of AU$8. PER MONTH!! $1.99 per month, maybe. $8 for a lifetime, absolutely. But $8 per month is ridiculous. An absolute joke, for an app that I would otherwise play daily..Version: 4.6.2

Ads seriously degrading game playI’ve always loved this game, but this app is so bloated with ads it degrades the performance. The recent addition of little banner ads during game play causes the game to glitch even more with each new ad serve. And those obnoxious Scapes games ads are rudely designed to deliver pop ups right in the middle of a game, long after being dismissed. I would pay to have a basic version of this game permanently without ads, in basic marathon mode, and without any of the extra international something something day and other weird promos..Version: 5.3.0

What happened to Tetris?This not the same version from the 80s or 90s. Please bring back normal Tetris..Version: 5.11.1

Way too many ads, too much bloatThe marathon mode is great but it is the only part of this game I engage with because I find the rest of it kind of stupid this app has so many terrible ads though, especially compared to the old version of Tetris that used to be available on the app store, and I hate it - the ads themselves are completely obnoxious too which adds insult injury..Version: 5.11.1

Pretty funI enjoy this and it does it pretty intense when I play solo Although I try to play offline but it just tells me to connect to wifi. Which was annoying since I used to be able to play offline..Version: 2.10.2

Absolute hell of ads and long load times to play a 30 year old gameI just want to play Tetris. Instead I downloaded this abomination of micro transactions and painfully long ads. Everything wrong with mobile games and the Fortnitification of every mobile game by brain dead, greedy app designers. After waiting for the game to load (a crazy long time), and getting through all my tedious login ‘awards’ I managed to play 30 seconds of classic tetris before I had to watch an ad for another game that was longer than my play time. I hope the recent movie draws more people to this app to increase awareness of the grotesque state of gaming. Congrats on acquiring the ip and running its legacy into the ground..Version: 5.6.4

Too many adsI don’t appreciate all the ads, and I miss the old Tetris where it keeps going without having to stop for an ad or to complete a level..Version: 5.6.1

Theme Idea and reviewI think the games great, it looks good, it feels good and not to mention.. it’s Tetris. I’ve been playing it for a while and i think it’s really good, I don’t really like the membership, a lot of games have one, and it’s usually to get rid of ads and gives you a skin. I hope that not all themes have to be payed for because I liked using different ones, it was nice. Speaking of themes, I have an idea for one. I was thinking of the theme from EA’s Tetris. I really liked the original Tetris for mobile, and it would be a nice throwback. In conclusion, you should definitely get this game if your already into Tetris or if your just starting to play..Version: 1.0.4

Flawed but has potentialI'm a big fan of tetris so I was pretty hyped seeing this on the store. But I can't help but be a little disappointed with how the game controls and how tetris royale plays. About the controls they're actually pretty good... for right handed people. Meanwhile for left handed people like myself it feels a little off. And I know there is a left handed mode but that's only for off screen controls. It would be nice if you could add some invert options to the game so your controls are a little more customizeable. Also having powerups in tetris royale, that you can pay for, feels super cheap. I'm not saying get rid of them but I think you should add a system that makes it more fair. Like maybe they can only use one of each powerup per round. All that out of the way I think, with more polish this game can be real good! Hope yall keep updating the game Edit: I'd like to add that the hitbox for the hold button is way too small please fix it and make it bigger it has ruined my runs multiple times.Version: 2.14.0

Disappointing level of Greed from developersThe game itself isn’t bad. The adverts though, there are so many of them it becomes impossible to play. One between every level and if you run out of moves in one of the levels you need to watch another before you can continue. The ads themselves are impossible to click off. At least 30 - 50 seconds of repetitive video ad, the 5 second countdown screen before download page, click done and you’ve another 5 second countdown to wait before going through to the next. As other reviewers have mentioned, you can spend a mad amount of money to get ad free for a very limited time. It’s not worth it. There are other Tetris games with less ads..Version: 5.6.4

Clever Business Practices =/= Good AppIt’s genuinely sad to see developers make slight changes that sacrifice playability for profits. I was excited when they introduced the Tetris Pass and monthly seasons, as it added a fresh breath to an otherwise timeless game. And you know what? It’s been fun! The challenges (though repetitive) make things interesting and though I don’t care much for the pins, the satisfaction of completing all the challenges is worth the time spent. It reminded me a lot of Fortnite a few years back, especially the way that I would spend real money one time to buy the battle pass, and then through completing challenges and playing the game, I would earn the necessary V-bucks to purchase the next battle pass. Call it cheap, but I felt it was a fair system that rewards the player for investing time into the game. The past few months worked that way with the Tetris Pass, but today I open the app to find that not only does this month’s season not include any coin rewards (not including loot boxes), BUT the Pass this month can only be purchased by paying $5 REAL MONEY. Gone is the satisfaction of purchasing this month’s pass with the coins I earned all last month. I get that they went more revenue, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who won’t be purchasing the Pass this month, or any following months that require actual money. Poor decision on their part, but I get it. Whatever brings in more money, right?.Version: 4.5.8

Offline mode brokenWhen I go to offline mode, the “couldn’t connect to the network” thing appears during gameplay, and the game keeps running when the popup appears. this didn’t happen before I got a update. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 5.9.0

Too many ads and removal of offline playThe only way you would be able to play this app without ads is to just turn off the wifi in your device. However they updated the app and changed it so that you MUST have internet to play. Now you have to play with 30 second unskippable ads between EACH game. However I must commend the game. The controls and fluidity of the block placement is good! And it is frankly a shame that this fun game is made u playable by the advertisements =\.Version: 3.0.1

Tickets??Used to be a great Tetris game and I won at least $20NZD but the sudden addition of pay-to-play tickets has killed any love I had for the app. I spent hours in solo play and royale and now I can’t do that. It wasn’t even announced and even when you pay for tickets, you still get ads. Really disappointed because seeing Millen Baird every night at 9pm was such a highlight of my evenings..Version: 2.7.1

Too many adsI can deal with ads but this is ridiculous, the only reason it’s still 4.1 stars is because of EA manipulating their ratings.Version: 2.14.1

We are not living ATMsWhen the game can out three months ago it was great. Had the option of a one time purchase to remove ads. Now as of the latest update they added a “Premium Tetris” which is $8 a week!! All you get for that is no ads (some people already had this from the one time payment), a new skin, and three, that’s right THREE, avatar icons. I’m sorry but no game is worth over $400 a year. Especially when there are cheaper/better alternatives. Show power with your wallet, let apple know we don’t want any more game companies doing these stupid payment options which are downright ridiculous..Version: 1.0.4

Way too many ads!I love Tetris but this app has waaaay too many ads that go on for ages. I don’t mind an ads to introduce me to new games but this is ridiculous! Even when you buy the game you only get ad -free for a month then you have to buy again. That’s too crazy. Sorry, will be deleting..Version: 5.8.1

Literally Pay To Play...While some games have advantages given to those that pay for specific in-game items (like Clash Royale), Tetris gives you 5 games with the 5 tickets given (a new addition to the game in the previous update) and to get more tries you need to pay real money! For more tries you are required to pay a minimum of $3. This ticket gimmick is in all modes (except for the local multiplayer mode) which limits the amount of players in the Tetris 99 mode which was just revamped and in turn completely ruins the mode. I have been playing with my friend for the past few months trying to improve our scores but now we are limited to around 5 games per day. It takes 3-4 hours for 1 ticket! This is outrageous and completely unnecessary. This game was amazing until this update and I hope it gets fixed..Version: 2.7.2

SO BADThe ads on every level is actually so desperate for money you’ll actually lose users faster. The sleek version y’all had years ago had way better graphics and now rn it looks like I’m playing Tetris in 2005 :/ crazy how backwards this app has become..Version: 5.9.0

It will doIt’s ok but it is not the ideal way to play tetris. Id much prefer if “marathon” mode (aka normal default tetris) was right in the middle of the homescreen rather than a little button in the corner like it’s some little sidegame. Instead, the majority of the homescreen is taken up by this stupid version of tetris only there to throw adverts at you and get you to spend real money on fake tetris coins. However it’s not that big of a deal. One feature i do really like about this game is the ability to see your ranking on the leaderboard in your own town/city. What would be AMAZING, and i think there would be a lot of demand for is remaster of gameboy tetris. Adapting it to feel right at home on the iphone, keeping the original aesthetic, with the original theme and kremlin in the background. Get back to basics, keep it old school but tweak it to bring into the modern age. Get rid of the adverts and in app purchases, and instead charge £2.99 for the app download..Version: 5.6.5

Trop stressantLe jeu est trop stressant. Je préfère quand je joue à mon rythme.Version: 4.5.6

So upsettingI used to love this game, i deleted it due to low storage on my old phone but i’ve gotten a new one now and this is the first game i wanted to get. I dont know why but it’s gotten so bad, all the good features are gone, cant even customise like you used to be able to and there’s no battles anymore, a “teams” feature is locked now apparently and theres ads after every level you pay, not even providing an option to pay for no ads which i’d honestly pay for instantly. Ontop of all that the levels dont even work untill you’re using wifi or cellular data. Incredibly upsetting that such a good game has been ruined Also just realise the “updates” mention listening to community feedback… never heard something so untrue in my life lol. Please let me know when all of this is fixed and i’ll be happy to come back and play again..Version: 5.3.0

Why does Tetris need a server???I haven’t been able to play this game for months due to not being able to connect to a server. I refuse to believe this is an issue at my end, as I’m on a newer device (iPhone 12) and often have 3-4 bars of 4G. The point of mobile games is so you can play them anywhere, so if I can’t connect and play even with decent signal the game is useless. I’m not sure why developers believe online connectivity is so important for something as basic as Tetris. The developers need to strip all the extraneous junk out of this game and release a version that just has Tetris and just works without a mandatory connection. What’s worse is that I think I may have paid for this on the App Store many years ago, so EA has taken my money for a game that now doesn’t work. Come back to me when I don’t need to be online to play..Version: 4.6.2

AdsAds.Version: 4.5.9

Why create a game that can’t handle the speed?It’s a good app overall however every time I go past the 50 thousand mark, the shapes suddenly stop rotating correctly, the app goes laggy and it gets ridiculously quick. As soon as I hit like 64 thousand the app crashed and I lost all my effort, reverting me back to my previous 57 thousand score. I feel like the app makes you fail on purpose as the shapes start rotating the wrong way, either that or the app just can’t handle the speed it’s supposed to be able to go at which is very disappointing. The online mode is ridiculously hard too, you’re lucky to even last in to be the 50th player. I hope you fix this..Version: 5.0.2

Ads, pay to win, a disgraceI love Tetris. Since I’ve started it allows me to think at a higher level than normal, almost meditative. But this app brings out so much anger. I know this review won’t don’t anything to change the entirety of modern society that causes the problems found in this app but it may help someone decide to spend their time more wisely. I deleted this app about a year ago and I forgot why. I consistently place in the 1% on the leaderboard yet I get knocked out of the royale mode by the majority of people with perks. These perks are very hard to get without paying for them. In the past 10 games I’ve played, the app has also crashed at least 4 times. The one game I was able to win, I had to sweet in order to win and be rewarded by an add that paused my music, took about 30 seconds, and crashed the app in the process. Oh and if you want to skip that ads, that will be $5 a month or $60 a year for a app that barely functions. For that money I can go buy an original nes and play the best version of the game. This app takes a game that has been proven to be able to increase cognitive function and induce a zen like state and makes it into a way of getting as much money as possible out of the new and old players effectively damaging the games reputation. Don’t get this app, if you have it, delete it and get a different version of the game..Version: 5.0.2

Horrible addsVery long and pointless adds.Version: 4.6.2

Ruining a classic…I’m really disappointed that the official Tetris game (long-time favorite) is bombarding us users with ads after every level. Also, the game is glitchy, especially during the classic game and I achieve Tetris, the game becomes clunky. I reinstalled it after at least 6 months, hoping the issue was resolved and it wasn’t… I think your users would appreciate a seamless Tetris experience and decrease the number of ads throughout the game. Additionally, mobile Tetris seems the most available place to play classic, official Tetris, please don’t ruin a classic for your users..Version: 5.6.4

Terrible controlsWhilst the game is good, very pretty and with a not so offensive to the ears sound track, the user controls are utter garbage. There comes a point in the game, usually toward the end of the game where you physically cannot move, rotate and hold separate pieces within the given time. Obviously, with the game being on iPhone I know that it has its limitations, but the controls just feel clunky and slow to react to inputs, just feels horrible and makes the game frustrating and not enjoyable to play. Coming from an avid fan of Tetris over the years, this is the first one that I can say I will not be returning to in any sort of hurry. Plus this weird sort of loot box system they seem to have going on, which effectively now makes the game pay-to-win, completely ruins the competitive aspect of the BR style gameplay. A few things definitely need to be addressed to keep people interested in this game. Overall a poor version of the game on the iPhone..Version: 2.12.1

They took Tetris and made it candy crushI don’t know how The Tetris Company ever signed off on this. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss EA. There needs to be a genuine mobile Tetris game that isn’t riddled with ads and that is faithful to the original game. I’m not asking for a lot..Version: 5.11.1

Please refrain from supporting shameless monetisation of an otherwise classic game.I absolutely love Tetris, and have loved it since I was young. I’m not particularly against in-game purchases for free titles but the fact that there isn’t an option to purchase a one-off payment to disable ads is shameful. I understand that the game needs to make money somehow, and I would be more than willing to spend money to have the convenience of no ads. However, I am not willing to purchase a seasonal “Tetris pass” to have ads disabled for 30 days..Version: 5.0.2

It’s okay but…Growing up, I really loved playing Tetris with my friends on Facebook. It was super enjoyable, so when I saw this game for mobile, the fun I had with it excited me so much that I downloaded this game and tried it (old times’ sakes). I understand the hype of bring something new into it, but this is just not the Tetris that I knew. What’s with all these challenges forced onto you to play the game? Like meeting the goal just stops the game altogether, there’s no sense of satisfaction when you bring down the blocks, some levels would have blocks building up automatically at the start, etc. It would be great if they could just put all these new things in a separate category within the game, and give an option for the very classic mode where there are no “moves” limit, no “challenges”, no auto add-on stuff, just classic endless game. What a bummer. Deleted the app after playing it for a while, bored me by the end. Such great memories associated with this game, but now it’s all just meh. Wish the developer had a sense of nostalgia..Version: 5.5.1

Great take on the game but awful executionI really enjoyed EA’s version of this game however I understand their contract ran out and it was time for a new developer. This game is a great take on Tetris however the controls are very sloppy and sluggish. It feels like every now and then a piece just slips and goes exactly where I didn’t want it to go. With this, the game becomes almost unplayable after so many levels, I’ve gotten to level 20 but it just becomes unbearably fast to the point where I don’t have time to execute how I want the piece to move. This begins around level 11-12. The ui is extremely small which doesn’t help. They could’ve easily increased the play area, especially the pause button. It’s extremely small and sometimes you have to hit it two to three times before the game registers that you want to pause the game. All the whole pieces fall and go whoever because you’re not paying attention trying to pause the game. Please fix this in future updates I’d like to continue playing but it’s annoying and frustrating when compared to the ea version..Version: 1.0.4

Nice game. Annoying ads that can’t be mutedI played for a couple of days but couldn’t stand the long constant ads. And the ads always blast full volume regardless of the app sound settings which disturbs anyone around..Version: 4.6.2

Advertisement CentralThe gameplay is classic Tetris, and I love playing this app as a time sink whilst I’m working my boring job, however, there are no “pay once for ad-free” options. £8.99 for 6 months Ad-Free. To me, that’s daylight robbery. And you may think “oh well I’ll just play with the ads”. Nope. They’re really intrusive, you watch an ad before and after every run, and they last far too long. Each Ad is one of those ads where they want you to “participate”, but if you click anywhere on the screen it will try to make you download the app. Try to cross off the advert? You just installed another game! Worst part? It takes up to 90 seconds for an advert to play out, meaning it can take as long as one whole run for the whole 3 minute course of adverts to finish. It’s sad because if it were less intrusive with an option to remove ads, I’d happily rate 5 stars, but with the amount of monetisation here and the god-awful execution, I can’t justify any more than two stars..Version: 5.1.1

Cannot play without heaps of adsThere used to be a great Tetris app, but a year ago they removed and it replaced it with this app. The old one was amazing, and there was no reason to delete the old app (as well as all your progress and statistics) to replace it with this app which is just filled with ads. Every time you start and end s game there's an ad. Even if you start a game and have second thoughts and want to exit it or start a new game, even if it's only been a few seconds, you will still get ads for that..Version: 5.0.0

DisappointedThis is one of my fav classic game. But this app is so awful that it keeps crashing and lagging. And the fact that it has an advertisement every level, makes it more annoying..Version: 5.8.1

Better than nothingNot a shadow of the original now (sadly) discontinued Tetris. While it’s much improved from a very disappointing launch it’s still slow and unresponsive, inconsistent - particularly at higher levels - and its ability to save games very hit and miss. That Australian fella’ rabbiting on is a pain I could do without as well. Still it’s better than nothing and well done to Network to keeping Tetris fans at least partially happy. I’ll keep playing cus’ I love it but a few more tweaks to get it comparable to the original would be very welcome. As a long time Tetris player I’ve tried to be generous about this app, but I’m sorry, it just gets worse and worse. It’s slow, unresponsive and it cannot move pieces at the speed required for higher levels -infact pieces often respond in ways completely different to the command. Riddled with ads and useless competitions and bs I’m sick of it. If you’re a real Tetris fan don’t touch it with a barge pole. I’ve deleted it as a waste of time..Version: 2.9.0

How to ruin a nostalgic game in under 5 minutesAllow me to preface this by saying I don’t write reviews often. At all, really. But I had to for this. I’ve loved Tetris for years, played as a kid and still play it now, and thought this was gonna keep that nostalgia running. Great graphics, decent controls, seemed fine. Then you force me to watch an ad... Before every game I play? Of basic Tetris? Not a chance. I’ve never deleted an app off my phone as I did with this - what an insult to the beloved game..Version: 2.13.0

DisappointedThis is a very poor implementation of Tetris, it doesn’t play as smoothly as EA’s did when they had the licence. I just popped in to play the Tetris app I had already purchased years ago and have been playing on and off all these past years only to find it’s been stolen from me due to some extremely unethical licensing restriction by Tetris Holdings. When I say smooth, I mean, dragging Tetrominos should be smooth rather than so jaggy quantized to placement positions across the display. On drag, it snaps for too long at each block position for at least three or so frames before moving to the next block position on finger drag. The blocks should follow the users finger exactly to allow for ultra fast play. If this is supposed to be the official app, then please try and at least make it play like a Tetris game. You have some big shoes to fill N3TWORK. Unbelievably disappointed. Nathanael.Version: 1.0.4

Ads are brutalUgh!! The Ads are relentless and super annoying. Everything you do, they make you watch a full ad and then some… play one game then more ads! Game play is a little tough at first but after a few games it’s classic Tetris fun. Too bad the ads will kill this game for many..Version: 4.6.2

Way too many adsIn games like these it is expected to have a few ads as some source of revenue. But for a billion dollar company/game it is pathetic to have to pay $8 to get rid of ads but only for 30 days. I do not want to have to spend $8 a month just to play Tetris. That is incredibly disappointing seeming that they shove an ad every chance they could possibly get. I would only recommend this app to people who are extremely patient or those willing to pay. Why not just charge money for the game instead of creating this dumb lucrative scam. I’m calling it a scam because it is pointless and personally I can see many ways to avoid this issue and still make money in a better less infuriating way possible. It’s still a great game just disappointed by the way they are trying to make money off it..Version: 4.6.2

Playstudios ruined a fun classicSince the app was taken over by Playstudios, they have turned it into a gambling platform pushing their crappy rewards points with no interest in a playable Tetris game. This used to be a fun classic that I enjoyed daily with a great team, we would work on the season rewards together and chat. I used to gladly pay for a monthly season pass. Now there is zero motivation to play the app, since there are far better Tetris implementations to be found elsewhere. That this gambling junk app is somehow permitted as the official iOS Tetris is a huge shame..Version: 5.6.5

Ads broken and game not registering movesThe ads are broken. It will just stay on an ad sometimes, after the timer is finished, instead of an X you are given no choice but to download the game they are advertising. Even if you download and press “get”, the game still does not let you exit as the X button never pops up! I’ve had to close the app and reopen after each level sometimes and the most annoying part is the game will sometimes register my finger incorrectly. It will drop a block in the wrong place or it wont even register wanting to move the block left or right to fit a tight space (once it slowly lands in an area it doesn’t give you an opportunity to move it left and right before sticking down like the original tetris!.Version: 5.3.0

Ads now on actual game page as you playI am extremely disappointed to have updated the app to now have ads appearing on the actual page whilst I am playing a game. The ads are VERY distracting but to make it worse they change every 15 seconds or so which takes my eyes off my game. And because of the need to make space in the layout for the ads, the ‘pause game’ button has been moved upward and because it’s not where I am used to I keep pausing my game by accident. This app has enough ads users have to put up with between games but to now have ads on the actual page whilst you’re trying to concentrate on your game, what’s even the point anymore? I would no longer recommend this app.Version: 5.2.5

Insert witty title hereThe game itself is pretty good. Classic Tetris and a few variations to unlock as you go along. That’s where the positives end unfortunately. The controls are ok, not perfect but that’s to be expected on an iPhone. (Although there does come a point, and much sooner than in any other version I’ve ever played, where it’s physically impossible to move and rotate the blocks quickly enough. Unless you’re the Flash. Also sometimes I find that it’s too easy to over-rotate which is a pain, especially as you can only rotate one way.) The menus are pretty cluttered and not very intuitive to navigate, which brings me to my biggest gripe of all. The adverts. There are so many of them. I get the in-game purchasing model, I even get the optional ads to earn some junk. But forcing the player to sit through ads before every game? Come on, that’s just greedy, pure and simple. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could buy an ad-free version for a fiver. I’d probably pay that. But they’re trying to charge £8.99 for 6 months ad-free. £18 a year? For Tetris? I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. Anyway for casual gamers who just want to jump in and waste a bit of time now and again, I’d say this is great. But for more serious gamers and Tetris fans, I’d probably advise you to steer clear unless you’re some kind of sadist who loves adverts..Version: 4.5.6

Still rough round the edges.3 month review, lvl 29 Pros: -I started a team and it is now full of people with a queue of applicants, which is kind of cool. It is easy to start a team. -Seasons are a cool idea and weeklies are nice. -F2P is entirely possible, I would say there is almost 0 incentive to be P2P. -Season goals are quite addictive and can be stacked. -The avatar customisation can be engaging. Cons -Teams do not tie in properly to seasons and many players join a team but have 0 incentive to contribute. -Team goals are wildly inconsistent, some take an amateur team 4 hours, some take a week. This is a real game ruiner. -There is no tiering/seeding to team competition matching, there is always one team full of max lvl online 24/7 vs remainder casual amateur teams. -Dailies are a fairly rewardless chore. -Ads are inescapable and long ads feel like a punishment. -There are some seasons where not a single reward is interesting. -You cannot tab to other apps during an ad or while queueing. -The interface is quite bad and I have lost many a game because the game did not do what I gestured. This is a game ruiner..Version: 5.1.0

Why did you change it?!Used to play regularly when you could use coins (earn them watching ads but at least gameplay not interrupted) in season pass to get 30 day free ads, now they appear to have removed season activities so you have to pay $6 per month for no ads.. no thanks. Rewards are now XP which are completely and utterly useless when you are maxed out at level 30. I’ll be deleting game once I’ve used my power ups..Version: 5.2.5

Good god…Don’t get me wrong, I love Tetris, but this game has just thrown the entire premise of Tetris out of the window. There are a Couple things i wanted to point out: 1. Removing Ads. - Since the game literally shows you ads whenever there’s an opportunity, there is an option to remove Ads for 2.99, it sounds decent, until you realize its only for 30 days, and once the 30 days are up, you’ll see ads again, forcing you to pay 2.99 again, and again every month if you want no ads. 2. The Controls. - The worst thing about this game has to be 100% The controls. The previous version of this game that I played, allowed one-tap controls (aka the game showed you spots to place and you tapped it) Also, even at the LOWEST sensitivity, the swiping when the On-screen controls are disabled is really fast. Overall, a really dissatisfactory experience, If you want a decent Tetris Experience, dont play this, complete waste of my time..Version: 4.0.0

Too many ads, play area is very small, players should be able to play using a remoteEvery single time I’ve lost a game was due to thinking I’m pressing one of the onscreen buttons, but in all reality turns out I’ve been missing because the UI and the rest of the play area are both unnecessarily small. As of now I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the play area is smaller than my little brother’s iPhone 5c. I don’t have the greatest vision which makes this problem a bit more frustrating, but I think there should be an option to make everything larger. I currently struggle and feel very uneasy with the given controls and would very much appreciate if players were allowed to use a remote as I’m sure the game could be played with fewer mistakes. I would also like to ask for the option to have a different menu background rather than hearing the guy talk as soon as I open the game. The last thing this game needs is to cut down a little on the ads. There’s usually somewhere you would go to remove ads, and I’m not sure if there’s a spot I missed, but I’d definitely buy that in a hurry. Other than that, I think this game could be a lot better with these changes. I really love this game, but I will unfortunately be taking a break until at least one of these features are implemented. I hope this game grows and I look forward to rating higher soon..Version: 2.5.0

So many things wrongTheres a lot wrong w this game. -randomly get two attackers for no reason in tetris royale which instantly gets me out because theres too many blocks coming in at once -swiping left and right is too sensitive. The slighest left swipe will swipe it way too much to the left and it will always put my blocks in the wrong place which ruins my flow. Side swipes can sometimes be mistaken for swipes up. -the game randomly glitches during a game and will shut down the app.Version: 4.6.0

USED to be good, Not AnymoreI downloaded this app a year or so ago, played it for a long time before uninstalling it to make some room for a bit. I come back to see they’ve completely changed it. Looks different, even plays different (which shouldn’t be possible for TETRIS). For one thing, they have a crap level system for some random reason, which just feels completely unneeded for Tetris. But whatever, I can deal with that weird change. What I can’t deal with is the fact that they force you to watch an ad every time you start a new game. And I mean Every time. I would say to just go into airplane mode to work around it, but it won’t even allow you to do that. If you aren’t connected to some form of internet, you can’t even play because god forbid you not watch an ad. To top it all off, they Don’t allow you to pay to permanently get rid of ads. You can pay every Month, it seems, to get rid of ads, but it’s just not worth it. Greedy developers leads to a bad game. Find a knock off Tetris game that doesn’t have ads every time you wanna play, or at least one that lets you permanently get rid of them. Do Not waste your time with this Diamond quality game that’s been shattered and tossed in microtransaction garbage..Version: 5.0.2

Tall pieces never go all the way to the sideWhen I try to flip and stack a tall piece vertically on the side (with other blocks stacked under it) it always settles inside the stack, not right to the edge. Ruins my strategy and makes the game really frustrating..Version: 5.2.5

Ads. Ads everywhere.If you love ads, this is the game for you. Because there's no purchase to disable them! Also most of the game is locked away behind ranks and tickets and other rubbish that you DO have to buy. Deleted in less than 5 minutes..Version: 5.1.3

Ad filled Mess and Unfair to BootAs an avid fan of Tetris, I thought I’d install this and have fun, however with all the recent changes it’s made the game frustrating and annoying to play. ADS EVERYWHERE, like you can’t play a match without seeing an ad before or after the game, this is especially annoying when it ends up lagging or you can’t exit out of it because of the ad’s close button being either unseen/too small, or the ad won’t even play. Now onto my biggest gripes with the game, the controls as well as the power ups and changes to garbage in Royal mode. I REALLY hate these changes, the power ups just give players who either pay of power ups or get them out of crates an unfair advantage, felt like a cute gimmick at first until you see that in the beginning of Royal, you get piles of garbage that incentivises the player to spam single lines to bully players. The fact they lessened the amount of garbage and how little time you can hold them before they drop is awful, a huge mistake in my opinion. Now to the controls. PLEASE FIX THEM, they’ve been awful since the game came out with constant missed fast drops and barely allows to the use of moving a block while rotating it where you want it to go, making T-Spins, Z/S-Spins frustrating to try and pull off..Version: 2.12.1

Royal mode is flawed... the rest is ok if a little buggySo, score is meaningless in Royale mode? So you spend 5 mins just waiting for the difficulty to increase to something engaging. I can beat 50 people after 5 mins with a score <1000 by letting pieces slowly fall and clearing the odd line... meanwhile people go out with a higher score than I will ultimately get .. but I beat them? It’s just not Tetris. 😋 If score is meaningless remove it from royal mode (and maybe start it at a higher difficulty (save us all several minutes if nothing)... this isn’t a big deal - just a bug bear.. ... then there is the issue of the Royale leaderboard... its more ‘efficient’ to simply block out as fast as possible and collect the points and start again.. 🧐 The rest of the game is ok.. sometimes oddly slow to load and lags a bit at times but not too bad.. (may be my phone with deteriorating better).Version: 2.2.0

Dismally bad presentation of a good gameThis is horrendously bad and has only gotten worse over the time I've tried to play it. Always online so don't bother trying to play without internet, and even when you do have it, the app is so slow you probably can't play anyways. When it finally starts up you're greeted with some dude screaming at you about winning cash prizes in a game mode you can't connect to. And on top of all that you have to fight through the UI to figure out how to play regular tetris, and not that survival crap or whatever other annoying game modes they have. And of course there are ads before and between every round you want to play. Want to get rid of them? 3 dollars a month. Now that would be fine if the rest of this app weren't such a sh*tshow, but I'm not paying a dime for an app that won't even let me play half the time because it can't connect so I can play a singleplayer game. This is an extremely frustrating app, I'd rather just pay $10 for a classic tetris app, but that doesn't even exist. I don't recommend this at all..Version: 2.12.1

Too money hungryThe game and everything is fine, I actually find the controls ok too. But it’s quite a lot of ads just like all other games nowadays I guess. There’s one thing I really disagree with tho. In Tetris Royale (one of the game mode in this app), there are power ups, you could use to clear lines, send lines to your opponents etc these power ups are purchased with coins and coins can be purchased with real money (or you can watch ads). In my opinion, that has complete ruined the fairness of the battle, people are winning or losing a game not because of their skills but because they buy the power ups with real money. I guess rich people are always in a better position anywhere. The game developers should not have allowed that, they might as well skip the game and name the winner whoever put in most money. ofc the game needs to make money to maintain and everything but this just disgusting..Version: 4.5.7

How can I get ad-free?Two stars because I am happy with the game but the pre-game ads are exhausting and bad enough, but the in-game ads frequently mess up a long run as they completely distract from the game and it’s too easy to accidentally tap on one and disrupt everything. They ruin a classic, unfussy simple game. You used to flash an add-free offer up every now and then but that hasn’t happened for a long time. The App Store info suggests I can get 6 month ad free for £8.99. Expensive but I’d do it if I could find out how. All I can see on the ‘shop’ is bundles of coin. No mention of ad-free options. Am I missing something?.Version: 5.2.5

Newly Acquired- November 2021- explains so muchPLAYSTUDIOS acquired the license for this app in November 2021. They don’t read any of the feedback/reviews on here from any of its users, clearly. I’m trying to let anyone who is wondering WHAT HAPPENED and WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THIS APP KNOW- THIS is what happened. Our Tetris team (who plays daily within the app) noticed a major shift, in everything. It ALL started going downhill in the app as soon as this acquisition started and has continued to get worse and worse and worse and more $money$ hungry than any of us thought imaginable. I played this game as a kid in the 80s/90s. I found this app a few years ago and enjoyed it.. Then PLAYSTUDIOS came in and took over and ruined everything! Just read the recent reviews! It says it all. NO care for user experience or feedback or decency. NO new updates to anything to help the gameplay/user experience. ADDING ads in every possible area and corner of the game imaginable. And horrible shady ads, I might add. If you enjoy watching shady ads more than playing Tetris, then this app is for you. It has become absolute garbage since its acquisition. SHAME ON YOU PLAYSTUDIOS. You ruined what used to be a good thing. All of the 5star ratings are from BEFORE you came along and ruined this game on this platform. 1 star reviews have come POURING IN since your acquisition and destruction of this classic game. What a sham..Version: 5.2.1

Problems here and thereThe basics are great. It does function like any Tetris game. But there are some problems. 1. What is the point of having something called offline mode when it tries to connect to the internet every 20 sec or so and gives up a window with a retry button (and nothing else). Seriously it doesn’t even pause the game when that pops up. 2. Pause function. It does work but for like 5 frisking frames after that you can’t do anything. Very helpful when that block almost landed cuz u were on lvl 10, you hit pause because you sneezed, hit continue and that block will stay where it is (regardless what you do). Why can’t you add a countdown like the website? 3. Royale mode. Concept? Great idea. Outcome? P2W or pros only. Possible suggestions include: Have a garbage limiter. I played this mode twice and both times I died with over half of the board being grey. Other options include having a league system to avoid players with a marathon score of 20k being with those that have 200k. I hate it when that pro is attacking me and of all peeps it has to be a pro. Or just remove both the garbage and power up things..Version: 5.1.0

Great game except too many pop upsGreat game but way too many adds.Version: 4.4.1

It’s ok...As the title says, it’s ok. I mean it looks like Tetris and sounds like Tetris but that’s it. It’s a little laggy and it’s a tad boring to be totally honest. You have a main screen, choose your name, can choose a background/theme (including the retro classic 8bit sound and look) but that’s it. It’s just Marathon mode and the haptic response is no where near as good as Tetris Effect. It is colourful and I do like the Neon theme and I’m starting to like the toy theme too. The scoring doesn’t feel right and there isn’t anything special for doing combos, back to back Tetrises, T-Spins etc. The controls are either tap to rotate or swipe down for it to fall in to place. There isn’t a faster drop to save time before committing to the final placing. I will hold my hands up and say that I am a Tetris Blitz, Tetris 2011 and Tetris Effect fan but they are all 4*+ games because they have modernised from the original. I knocked another star off for the insensitive timing of the release. We only found out two days ago that the games from EA that we loved and enjoyed will be retiring in April. It’s not all doom and gloom. I am willing to change my review if and when more features are added in the future..Version: 1.0.0

Its tetrisAs a massive fan if tetris in general, Id say this is one of the better ones to play; themes, competitive and tetris (what else could you want). There are however a few issues I have… the primary one is that the game requires wifi to play most of the time, while there is an offline mode it is very inconsistent as it sometimes just won’t let you. So as far as I’m aware there is no way to change the music which is fine but it is just a wee nitpick. The final wee issue i have is the game takes a while to load. Good game with small kinks.Version: 4.1.0

Ruined a good thing!For a mobile Tetris game I was surprised at how well this played, given the obvious limitation of no buttons. To my disappointment, the latest update added microtransactions to the single player and Tetris Royale modes which were entirely f2p before (with ads). On top of gating stuff now behind a predatory implementation of this new single-use or “Unlimited” 24hr ticket system, they have added an obnoxiously frequent amount of ads than what was in place before. The only free option to play after using up your tickets are to wait several hours to get a single ticket. I was fortunate enough to win a total of $4 last month but it’s definitely no coincidence that the prize pool for Tetris Primetime quietly went from $10k to $1k not long before this update. I get it. Money is needed in order to give it while also keeping the lights on, however, this ain’t it! The execution is unethical and poor at best. Tetris is such an easy game to monetize without sacrificing the ability to play (i.e. themes, block style, sfx, etc). Instead, they decided to go head first into the laziest option. I just can’t recommend this game anymore. It was fun while it lasted..Version: 2.7.1

Very slow & crashes all the timeI’ve always loved Tetris and have been enjoying this game for a while. I find the game itself quite enjoyable, but I agree with most of the reviews talking about the excessive ads. They’re all terrible and makes me want to close the game as they’re annoying to watch. Recently I have also found the all to be very, very slow. It crashes constantly when I’m mid-game, and is especially annoying when that happens in the middle of a Royale. Fix this issue please, I want to enjoy the game but it’s getting to frustrating to play..Version: 3.0.1

The ads are too muchThe ads in this game are infuriating! You get one before a game and after! to get rid of the ads cost too much and is only for 30 days! If you don’t have a good internet connection this game is even worse to try and play! I deleted it, it’s not worth the headache it produced!.Version: 4.4.1

Alright, considering there’s not much else out there.I’m going to be honest, this game is pretty alright for keeping you entertained either during trips, while waiting for something or to play when you’re just extremely bored. However, this game handles pretty poorly. It took me much longer than it should have to get used to the controls, and the game gets stale after playing for less than an hour. But you also have to giant multiplayer FFA mode. This is probably the worst part of the game. The FFA is 50% how well you’re playing, and 50% determined by how many people are attacking you. This isn’t so much of a problem in Tetris 99, because you get the attacker bonus and can choose who you’re targeting (you can also target multiple people). This game only allows for one person to be targeted, meaning if you can get that person out, you’re still left with 2 other people attacking you. It’s not like you can really switch who you’re attacking either, because choosing who you are attacking is much more confusing than it should ever have to be..Version: 4.6.0

Ruined a Simple PleasureUsed to be an easy to play, fast, challenging and fun time waster. Now, stuffed with ads THAT CANNOT BE SKIPPED after EVERY game. Blocks are not as responsive or precise on my new iPhone 12 mini as on my late great 5 - feel cheated during games. Also, shapes do not rotate predictably. Ruined it: no longer satisfying and, though free, NO LONGER WORTH THE SPACE on my phone. (Will not PAY for a time waster app, btw.).Version: 4.1.0

Not the best app, but has great potential.I have four requests for you. 1. Cut back on the ads a little. I understand that you profit from ad revenue, but if you stuff so many ads into your app that people abandon it to look for something else, you're actually going to get less ad revenue than you would have gotten otherwise. 2. More control customization would be great. I have a different app on my phone called Techmino that has a high degree of customizability on its controls, and I've been able to find something that lets me play a lot faster on said app since I'm able to adjust button placements, shapes, and sizes to fit my hands better. The tiny buttons you have make intuitive sense, but they don't work as well when you actually try to use them. 3. Add on-screen controls to adventure mode. It is very difficult to pull off tucks and spins with swipe controls. 4. This one is a much smaller issue than the other three, but it's worth noting since some players may be caught off guard by it. The "up arrow" button on the controls hard drops the piece instead of moving the piece up. I'm not asking for a button that moves a piece up, but instead for this button to be retextured in a way that suggests a hard drop. I can imagine a lot of new players accidentally hard dropping pieces when they didn't intend to, and a lot of new players soft dropping every piece into place because they thought there wasn't a hard drop button..Version: 5.5.1

Great game, but ads ruin the enjoyment.Really fun game, but every time you start a new game or open the app, you have to watch gameplay of other games, if you accidentally click outside of the microscopic “skip” or “x” to close button, it opens the App Store or another screen where you are forced to either shut down the whole app or play a trial of another game. I can handle this once every few games, or a 5 second clip which you can easily skip, but this got really irritating to the point where I avoided opening the game..Version: 5.1.0

Don’t botherThe amount of ads is unbearable, even trying to start up the classic Tetris mode forces you to watch an ad. The ads themselves are awful too, often being shady, misleading ones. The royale mode is a waste of time too, summing up to be not a battle of skill, but of who saved up enough power-ups or sank enough money in them to win the match. When you can use the 3 power-ups to get rid of the bottom 8 rows, get rid of the garbage sent your way, and also send 3 rows of garbage at your enemy and increasing the amount sent form you in quick succession, it’s no wonder people that don’t appear to be review bots rate this game low. The music is unpleasant, the controls are shoddy as well, being to close together and being unresponsive as well. There also seems to be times when the game will do something I didn’t want it to, like during a royale match the blocks I was placing dropping suddenly when I didn’t press the button for it to fall. You’d have more fun buying a Gameboy online or finding one, finding a copy of Tetris for it, and playing it on that, or even on any other platform besides this app. Don’t waste your time or money, and just pass up on this one..Version: 2.16.0

Advert ruin itIt’s classic fun until the adverts play for those scape games and royal match. I’d be happy to pay a one off fee but £2.99 for just 30 days. No thanks. I get that this is official but I recall when EA held ownership for a bit and that was the same. The reward thing is sketchy too. Plus what’s the purpose of coins there isn’t anything to buy yet you can buy loads of them in the shop. Just odd and a bit suspicious. I want to just play Tetris…. Due to that I’m deleting. I’ll find a clone somewhere on the App Store without all the adds and strange purchase options..Version: 5.6.4

Extreme addThe ads are insanely annoying.Version: 5.4.1

Great game, but ads everytime you beat a levelDo i really need to watch an ad every single time i beat the level? I don’t remember if it was always like this but its unplayable now. A work around is to close the game as the ad loads and opening it back up, but at that point I’d just not play at all..Version: 5.8.0

Not really goodFirst objection : The tiny box in which the game is played is ridiculously small. Why didn’t they use the whole screen or at least bigger part of the screen?! Second : There is a lag in response to commands. This is tolerrable, although irritating, during early stages when the action is slow. As the game accelerates, it becomes a dealbreaker and I cannot recall the last time I did not quit the game disgusted. How can anyone make a game like this with such a bug?!? Not recommended. I wish I could find my old Tetris again..Version: 1.0.3

Outdated graphics, ad after every levelOutdated graphics, font is old, animation is flat. Theres an ad ad after every level. The black and white console versions are better!.Version: 5.11.0

The worst Frigin Ad sponsored Game period!The game is hardly playable for Free. The Ads are THE most annoying of any game out there! Often resulting in a Circular Ad loop where you end up in Ad Purgatory..Version: 4.4.1

Waste of time - too many adsI was excited to see Tetris… after trying Block Blast and being put off by the number of ads. But Tetris is just as bad with minutes of unavoidable ads between levels. I’m deleting the app..Version: 5.4.0

Money HungryThe game is alright, apart from a few things, making Tetris isn’t hard, but sometimes, near the end of games, it just will not let you move when you should be able to still play so it just locks you. But my biggest problem is the offline mode and the ads. I get making money, but an ad for EVERY GAME is a little ridiculous and actually stops me from playing a lot of the time because it’s that annoying. I can’t play and listen to music because of how loud they are, and some of them you have to click through and wait through 3 PAGES of the ad. Now for offline mode, if you are offline, it gives you the prompt cant connect all of that, then gives an option for offline mode. This used to work, you could just play base Tetris and it would be fine. But now, it doesn’t work, it tries to make you connect again, all because they want a few extra ads to play. I want to play Tetris on the train. I want to play Tetris and not have to have my data on or go on a public network. But I can’t. And it’s the stupidest and greediest situation I’ve seen with a mobile game thus far. Money hungry pr***s..Version: 4.5.9

You ruined Tetris with greedThe games amazing, but now you only get to play five games then you have to wait like in Candy Crush. Before there were never tickets, you just paid for ad free and played to your heart’s content, I know I was there. The contests are cool, the online mode is entertaining, but now you can’t even play all you want like before and now you have to pay to get rid of ads AGAIN AND NOW ONLY TEMPORARILY!!! This has got to be the worst strategy ever for a game since it wasn’t done from initial release. I can’t enjoy it anymore, and I’m not wasting more money on it for tickets for the entertainment I had for the original price that I had already paid in the past! If you guys are so hung up on trying to monetize Tetris then design some cosmetic level styles and sell those, keep the old styles free, make different ones, and charge like 1.99 for each cosmetic. Not charge individuals who’ve had it for long while and already paid before just to pay again just to simply play now. This is totally unethical and as someone who loved this app, I am not supporting it any longer..Version: 2.7.2

The ads make this utterly unplayableIve never seen an app require you to pay money on a monthly basis to stop ads from appearing. Im not paying a subscription fee to stop ads from playing on a freaking puzzle block game, I don’t care how intentionally irritating you make the experience..Version: 2.15.0

Offensive adsI know Tetris won’t actively choose the ads shown to players, but there is a Project Makeover ad which keeps appearing when I’m playing which is actively the most vile, misogynistic, fat phobic and sexist ad I think I’ve ever seen. I hate the volume of ads in this game in general, but this particular ad is just repellent. I’ve give in-ad feedback about it multiple times but it’s not going away. I’m a 42 year old, so I can ignore dross like this but imagine who else is seeing it? How many kids and young people are absorbing its sick messaging (which is about men justifiably leaving women because they have body hair, don’t wear make up or have greasy skin, among other things)? Do better Tetris..Version: 5.12.0

Dear Tetris team,Please fix your game So last time I played was like season 6 like 4 months ago they should make every season 65 days and season pass 350 coins and games and multiplayer ( I forgot it’s name ) a bit slower so you don’t have to act instead of thinking and I don’t mean a tiny bit I definitely meant a bit and make. Make a team 50 coins.Version: 5.1.3

ConflictedThis is a great app and has provided many hours of great gameplay. However, I am very, very unhappy and disappointed with the app’s inability to retrieve saved marathon games. With scores upward of 2 and 3 million it is extremely frustrating when saving such progress then attempting to continue on to beat high scores, only to find the game freezes for 1 minute, runs the same advertisement that it always runs, then begins a new game. This needs to be rectified to prevent people from deleting the app out of annoyance..Version: 2.14.1

RidiculousFirst off want to just say, I love the Tetris and have played it for many years. There have been plenty of iterations some good some bad but what it all boils down to is money... I actually don’t mind this game, could definitely have more depth but at the end of the day it’s Tetris and it works fine. What I don’t like is the fact that they are retiring the older EA version of this game for this. I bought the EA version of the game many years ago and still play it every now and again when I have to take public transport and now we have this new app which will give me an ad every time I play a new match? That is absurd. £4.99 to remove ads is a high price in what is a very basic game with no outstanding. As much as I don’t like EA I really hope I can still play the EA version when it retires offline or at least drop the price on this game down to old days where apps were 99p or even £1.99.Version: 1.0.2

Used to be coolThis used to have a cool background and nice sleek graphics, but I didnt play it for a while and now I came back to this. The buutons are huge and it looks like Fisher price my first game set. LARGE BUTTONS MADE FOR IDIOTS, simple colours for simple minds. The animations look like they were taken directly from candy crush and using this app makes me feel like that 55 year old woman on the train, with dyed hair, long nails, and 16 cats at home. you know the one, she reads books about astrology and carrys crystals. I guess thats the market that you go for, if youre trying to bleed the last few drops of life out of a dying brand. you target the dismal cat ladies who are the only ones stupid enough to pay for your BS..Version: 5.9.0

Fun, with shortcomingsFor an official, already plentifully successful company, this game does not require this abundance of adverts. Every single match greets you with an ad, win or loss. The price for ad free mode is simply pathetic too, why would anyone want to pay a monthly subscription for no ads for a mobile game Controls are fairly clunky too, doesn’t always listen. Also find myself receiving the worst possible blocks, often a dozen consecutively, a few of which being identical blocks. Would usually vote this down to skill but with how common it is, and the feature to buy more turns by watching an ad, i can easily see this as being a very intentional feature.Version: 5.12.0

Nice old memoriesLove the game but I think the play area is not big enough compared to speed of pieces the length of the Tetris window should be more there is empty screen on top and bottom it’s waste, relative speed - it gets too fast too quick in small screen and by the time you move piece and change orientation upper half of the screen/ half playtime goes down the drain too quick With some changes you can capture that good old Tetris better physical buttons on gameboys and game remotes are quicker to use than touch screen mobile app needs some work.Version: 5.0.2

Tetras reviewThe game is really fun to play once you get going, but the ads are really long, and then seem to create glitches when trying to start the game..Version: 4.3.0

Do not play this; More frustrating than fun!I’m quite surprised by the 4.5 rating. I was looking for a way to PAY to have the ads removed. The in app purchases section of the App Store sell page for Tetris suggests there is a no ad option; I could not find it anywhere. The FAQ and chatbot are not helpful. There are slow ads after each Tetris round PLUS the “claim your prize” boxes may contain an ad/promo before you get your prize- this takes all the fun out of the app and just leads to frustration. I am pretty sure I spent more time waiting for ads to run their course (or waiting for the opportunity to bypass them) than playing Tetris. If the option to pay for the ad free version is there, make it easier to find. I have submitted a request to delete my account just out of frustration and even that was a headache. All I want to do is play Tetris, my gosh. AND I’m willing to PAY (a reasonable price) just to play it without the ads. I get you have to make money, but figure out some other way without assaulting customers with ads. Was the company thinking more about the bottom line than the end user? I wonder if they would play it with all these ads? This app is trash, I’d give it zero stars if that was possible..Version: 5.5.0

OverbloatedTetris, at its core, is pure magic. Timeless, addictive and good for your brain. However, this rendition of the game seems to do an excellent job at hiding the core game behind a swarm of annoying and unnecessary paraphernalia distractions. Coins, gifts, ads, an experience store (…seriously, a travel shop inside Tetris?!…). All this speaks of a desire to monetise every inch of the genius game at the expense of delivering pure joy of uncluttered Tetris that we all love so much. Henk, Alexey and the team at N3WORK - you’ve turned Tetris into a gift shop. I hope one day to see a pure, undisturbed and uncluttered Tetris experience on iOS that takes the game back to its roots. An experience where you can get yourself immersed in the magic of the game without distractions and annoyances. My wallet is open - I’m happy to pay a meaningful lifetime price or even a subscription in order to enjoy this experience. Lose the coins, the random travel shop, the ads (give us a straightforward way to pay to disable them - you can’t find it in the game because it’s buried under coins packages and other nonsense), etc. Give us our Tetris back..Version: 5.7.0

No offlineI saw this one and rejoiced, yay, maybe they've made a good normal tetris again! Nope! This app still has the lack of intelligence to work without internet. Why do you think I wanted to play tetris? It was because I was somewhere random with a moment of nothing to do..Version: 4.6.2

Oddly perplexingThe excitement starts at the beginning of the download to the game. You tap on it, and discover all the prizes and specialties within the game as you go along. But then the excitement stops when you realize after every game of Tetris, you have to go to the home page, then go and start another game, which means you have to watch adds over and over again. Enjoying Tetris? They ask after my 2nd day of playing this annoyingly perplexing game but I end up responding with a 3 star rating. Before you download the game, you want to understand the truth that is actually on it. With Tetris, where does one begin? Enter this world of confusion and you will be left with nothing but irritation and frustration. If you're hoping for the REAL style of the game, get something other than this app..Version: 2.14.0

Fun but ruins game for skilled playersI love Tetris and have played it for a few years now and have gotten pretty decent at the game. I’ve gotten first in royal a few times and most of the time place top 10. Primetime I typical get within the top 500 globally and top 5 in my own region. My issue with this game is the power up system. The fact that they cost money and people can just buy them totally ruins the game for people who are actually good at the game. Because someone could buy like 50 of each if they really wanted and constantly send garbage to other players while getting rid of their own. And it makes it extremely frustrating and it kind of takes the fun challenge away from the competition. To me it’s become a pay-to-win game rather than a skill based game where you actually have to be good to do well. The rest of the game is really fun, just not a fan of the power ups. If you wanted to get money, I’d be a fan of seeing more backgrounds and icons for purchase instead..Version: 2.12.0

Pay for No Adverts and then Pay Again and Again and AgainThis game would be fun but is ruined by very long and frequent adverts. I bought the “1 month No Ads” bundle, which I thought would let me play for a month without Ads. Not the case. The “No Ads” bundle just gives you the option of paying 200 coins not to see each individual Ad. That’s a lot of coins; you get only 20 coins for completing a level. You’ll have to buy bundles of coins and pay again every time you want to not see an advertisement. The Ads are really long (90 seconds) and very tedious. I have requested a refund for buying the “No Ads for a month” bundle because it doesn’t stop the Ads for even 5 minutes..Version: 5.6.5

Too many addsWay too many adds..Version: 2.14.1

Annoying for adults, worrisome for parents.All in all, the gameplay is what you’d expect or hope for. My issue is the amount of ads pushed through this game. I want to clarify I understand this is how creators create revenue for the work they put into coding and producing the game. My issue is that it’s every. click. For example, if you’d like to start a new game, ad. Finishing a game? Ad. Click on rewards you’ve earned via gameplay? Ad. If you think you can simply close the app & reopen, still more advertisements. They give you an exit and it opens up another ad. I’ve played several different games similar and this is the most obnoxious one in its class. The issue that worry’s me is if I try to introduce my son to the games I used to play when I was a kid, I have to monitor him just to make sure he isn’t purchasing everything and anything that pops up on the screen. I know this review won’t change the way they blast advertising however I’d like to let you guys & girls know so you can consider this before downloading..Version: 5.0.2

Needs changesI’ve been playing Tetris for about 12-13 years and the biggest problem with this game is it has a cap on the speed. I played one classic marathon, got to the max level around a couple hundred thousand points, then made it all the way to 2.4 million until I had to go to sleep. I tried to save and quit but it lost my progress. Could have gone on forever at that speed, really pointless to play. Then I tried the BR mode, and capped at level 15 again. I played a few games and won them all, but once me and the last few people were past level 15 for a good 10 minutes it became incredibly boring. I got to 2.6 million in BR mode, with one guy left finally dying at 1.5 million. The game felt like it must have taken around 30 minutes. I was also growing the lead but there was nothing I could do if he was just good enough to survive the game would go on forever. Also I’m not sure if I had died before him would he have won, or needed to get to the points I was at? I will not being playing this game until they remove the speed cap. My thumb hurts, I lost over half my phones battery, and it’s just a huge waste of time..Version: 2.0.0

AdsSo many ads.Version: 4.4.2

Way too many adsWay too many ads. One ad when I open the app would be fine, but two ads before and after each game? Nope! I deleted this after one day..Version: 2.12.3

Not the originalThis would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t so heavy on the interactive ads, the speed progression was reduced slightly, control issues were sorted out, and crashing reduced. Always-online was a poor decision as well considering some people just want to play some classic Tetris and not have a fly-by-night company have access to their device like the many clones on the store..Version: 4.5.6

Filled with ads and can’t use offlineThe gameplay is fine by virtue of being a game originally made in 1984 (practically impossible to mess it up), but the abundance of long ads with intentionally obscure and hard to find exit buttons combined with not being able to play without internet connection is inexcusable. This is a MOBILE game the point of MOBILE phones is MOBILITY and if i can’t use a MOBILE game without internet access just because the owner of the app is solely interested in making money through the ads that need internet to be shown to you its not worth anyones time..Version: 5.6.3

Awful.Downloaded this to play Tetris on the go, as it’s my fave. But this app is absolutely dreadful. I seldom write reviews, but I felt implored to write about this because it’s just so horrendous. The amount of ads between each game is quite pathetic and ruins the experience. I can put up with about two games before I quit as I’m not about to watch 4-5 ads that require you to wait 10-15s before they allow skips between every game. And I’m not paying for ad free. Anyway, if that wasn’t bad enough, the controls are also shockingly bad. They cause me to make many misdrops and overotations, I’m level 24 on my computer, struggle to get past level 10 on this. App is sluggish and not very intuitive at all. Very disappointing stuff from Tetris®️. Deleted. Will stick to playing on my computer when I can..Version: 5.4.1

The game is good butThe sheer number of ads is insane. I installed the game, clicked to play classic mode and immediately was given two five second ads. I’m not opposed to ads in games, I get that this is how they make money. But I haven’t even played your game yet and I’m already presented with an ad?! I played two games and uninstalled, there are other games I can play where I’m not watching ads between every stage.Version: 3.0.0

As expectedGameplay itself is fine, but didn’t get very far as the extremely long ads every level got frustrating. I don’t mind watching ads for free gameplay, but when it’s the same 2 ads, and there are two parts to each and it’s near impossible to tap through, it detracts from having fun….and also does not entice me to play the other games..Version: 5.2.4

Awful Representation of TetrisThis app not only is infested with advertisements, but also forces you to start the game from level 1, rather then letting you choose. Many people find starting at level 1 tedious and would prefer to start at a higher one. It also rumbles whenever you attempt to move your tetromino, which gets annoying fast. Another unpleasant feature of the app is that it takes an unnecessary amount of effort to get your tetromino to hard drop. Rather than a swift flick down you must go slowly or is does not work. Very annoying when you are going at fast speeds, and in general. The EA app was 1000x better, consider taking ideas from that gem..Version: 1.0.3

The user interface is appallingI’ve been playing Tetris for well over 20 years, having started with the Game Boy all the way up to EA’s iOS version. When EA had to remove Tetris from the App Store due to the expiry of its licence, I was disappointed. I had reached a score of around 4,000,000 and, though touch interface was quite different to pad command, overall the experience was positive. On the other hand, this iteration of Tetris is aesthetically nice but it has an appalling user interface! By the time I reach level 15 I can’t physically control the movement of the pieces, nor can I flip the positions at ease. Often times the game doesn’t register my finger tapping on the screen and places a piece in an unwarranted position before I can do anything. Sometimes I’ll drag a piece across the screen using my thumbs and suddenly the piece will stop moving of its own accord. It’s literally like the pieces have a mind of their own. By the time you reach level 17 you’re basically fighting with your own thumbs to try and place a piece before the piece settles on its own. Make no mistake, I’m not new to touch-interface Tetris; I had no trouble playing EA’s version. But this version is just not enjoyable to play; often times I find myself feeling more frustrated rather than enjoying myself. Please fix the controls and make the game more sensitive to touch-control. 2/5..Version: 2.5.0

Bring back the other oneThe whole game is horrible, it does a horrible job of trying to replicate how the old one looked. Everything down to the format, appearance and basic functionality of the game is so bad. The appearance of the blocks and backgrounds look like rip offs of the original Tetris game and they certainly don’t look good. The format is horrible there’s literally so much extra space but you give us this tiny screen that’s not even in the middle of the screen, I’m guessing in the future it’ll be extra space for even more ads considering the amount already in the game. Between every single round there’s an ad and in order to get rid of them you have to pay like 7 dollars Honestly would be better off just installing a Tetris rip-off because at least those games would have proper formatting.Version: 1.0.4

Full of ads, but otherwise funDo you want to play a local single player game? You need to watch an ad. Want to go back to the home screen after playing a game? You need to watch an ad. Want to open a free gift that you have to wait for? You need to watch an ad! I understand that apps need to monetise in some fashion, but this is excessive. While the gameplay is intuitive and engaging, having to watch an ad to play again after a good game deflates my spirits instantly. Maybe an element of choice would help in this, as I’m currently going between tolerating the ads and completely avoiding the game, as those are my only two options..Version: 4.4.1

12 pro max problemThe feature on this ph requires a swipe down motion to access a shortcut so when playing Tetris and swiping down to speed moves it frequently activates this shortcut and I’m not sure how to stop it so im deleting the game for this reason and the ads..Version: 4.5.4

The ads are brutalThe game itself is fun once you actually make it there, the ads that can’t be closed for 30 seconds are brutal. I just close the game and stop playing. Back to COC I go..Version: 2.14.0

Fun game, too many adsAnother phone game dev company trying to rinse for every single penny. Extremely common to get 30 second ads without skip. Fun game tho, shame the money-sucking side has to shine so bright. My rec? Play it. Then restart the game each time you complete a level. It’s much quicker and you get to play the actual fun game. Maybe watch one of the ads every 2/3 levels. THAT would actually be appropriate lol..Version: 5.1.3

SadYou also really gotta fix the games mechanics, and get rid of people that are cheating in battle royals, making it hard for other people to enjoy playing online. Like wasn’t that why the app was remade or whatever? PLEASE Don’t turn this into another ad fueled piece of trash on the App Store :) <3.Version: 2.7.2

Disappointing and frustrating updatesI have been playing Tetris using this app for sometime now and I am honestly disappointed and frustrated with some of the additions. The most ridiculous feature they decided to add was actual the no ads feature, because it’s $2.99 for a month of no ads. The power ups for royales seem like a cash grab because earning coins to buy power ups seems near impossible. The chests, presumably where you’re supposed to earn coins to buy power ups, mostly spit out tickets and so if someone really wanted power ups, it’d more worth their time to throw money in to buy coins. The royale feature can be fun but it’s overall turned them game into seeming like a cash grab. Along with all those frustrations, the past two weeks or so, unless I am opening the app from a notification for prime time, the app takes longer to load than any other app on my phone, especially if I am loading it up without internet connection. I should not have to wait over three minutes for Tetris to fail to load on my phone when I’m trying to play offline..Version: 2.11.1

Used to be betterTo be clear: you can still play tetris, as designed. You don’t need to do royal mode or anything, so if that’s all you’re looking for you’re probably fine. BUT it used to have this fun feature where you win skins and various customization options by playing more and playing better, it made the game fun and easy to pick up time and time again. They got rid of it. This is my main grievance, especially since the art was genuinely good and varied. This isn’t my only grievance, though. It feels more gimmicky and fake, I think there are more ads and the loading times are way worse. The main screen is kinda ugly and working for challenges feels pointless because your only rewards are essentially power-ups for royal mode. I’ve seen people complain that it’s pay-to-win, which is entirely fair because the easiest way to get said really important power-ups is to pay for them. I can’t really speak to this but what i do know is it used to be easy to watch a short ad and get enough to last you through a few rounds and it felt balanced. It doesn’t feel like anything worthwhile anymore. Idk maybe I’m just caught up on what used to be, but it seems a lot of people agree with me and the number of players you’ll see with customization from the last true round of earning them is staggering. It just doesn’t feel worth holding on to or coming back to anymore.Version: 5.4.1

4 Taps to Close Each Ad is Mad !!I am uninstalling as you have to sit through an ad before playing each game, and each ad requires that you tap the screen FOUR times to try and close it/skip past it, that is unless you accidentally download it first as it always takes you to the app store first. Please sort out these stupid intrusive ads starte system to retain players. I would consider paying for an ad free version, but I truly believe that the developers implementing a subscription model for this app is criminal. The actual tetris is fine, *I guess*, but certainly the weakest version i've ever played, and has a very boring levels system which feels like it's aimed at beginners or young children..Version: 5.6.3

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Pyramid by Brainium, has elevated the classic Pyramid Solitaire card game, with a focus on beautiful design, smooth anim...

MGM Slots Live - Vegas Casino negative reviews, comments
MGM Slots Live - Vegas Casino Negative Reviews

Welcome to the new MGM Casino Experience - The Ultimate Vegas Casino experience! Bringing you the most exciting shows of...

⋆Solitaire+ negative reviews, comments
⋆Solitaire+ Negative Reviews

Solitaire by Brainium brings you the fun, classic, and challenging Solitaire gameplay you know and love with a beautiful...

myVEGAS Stickers negative reviews, comments
myVEGAS Stickers Negative Reviews

From the makers of the #1 FREE to play casino app myVEGAS Slots! Collect all the FREE myVEGAS exclusive holiday stickers...