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Terraria app received 77 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Terraria? Can you share your negative thoughts about terraria?

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Terraria for Negative User Reviews

Cool game5 stars - Really love this game, so much to do - loads of bosses and items etc. But I do wish that the worlds were a bit bigger and I would love for there to be a creative mode too! Apart from that it’s such a good game. Edit: Now there’s been an update, I give 2 stars. New features such as bosses, bigger world, multiplayer are really cool but the controls are just too much! I can’t do anything! It’s so difficult to just get around the world because you have no jump with a separate button? Also I keep dying because I can’t move, jump and use my sword all at the same time so enemies keep killing me. There’s no way I’m gonna be able to defeat a boss with these controls. Also I can’t see half of the screen! Crafting is so confusing and I hate it, also the inventory and chests are horrible. I do like how you can move npcs though. Please just try and make it a bit more like it was before..Version:

Loading Crash prevents me from playing the game 🙁Terraria is a perfect game, and there is nothing wrong with it. Well, sort of. I am not sure if it is due to my device, but I don't think so, since the game worked flawlessly before the game was massively changed with my iPad Mini Generation 1, however the massive change has now prevented older devices from using Terraria by having a crash during the loading screen! This means I lose 1 year of data! If you could fix this, then I would be happy, however for now, I have to deal with an app that takes space but I can't delete because it contains data from over 1 year ago. If this crash didn't exist, I would've given Terraria a 5-star rating, however I can't give a problematic game 5-stars. Please figure out how to fix this, as this game is extremely good, however this bug prevents me from playing the game!.Version:

The new controlsThe new controls are horrible.Version:

TrashOnce your dead you may as well start again, there is no way you are getting your stuff back unless you are at a point where you can just not die. respawn is unreasonably long, does it really take 15 seconds to reload my house and put me in it? it’s impossible to just “pick up and play” for new people, unless you have played the entire time and have all the gear it is a living hell. lighting is terrible if you are going to have transparent enemy’s like slimes, can’t see them at all, and why is a yellow slime able to kill new players in 2 hits? are we supposed to be able to do it back? I’m sorry if the trash gear you give us to start off with can’t do that. impossible to play without the plug-in or with glitches. all things considered I like the designs, that’s why you got a 2 not a 1 but I thing it is unfair and impossibly hard for new players. not expecting a reply, you never do. and if “Journeys end” is going to be the last update then god help us, there are so many things wrong that we will have to live with..Version:

Something is wrong with mineIt’s a great game although the new controls are a bit harder to get the hang of! The problem I’ve been having though is when I save and exit and come back another day it respawns me without my stuff and doesn’t fully save and I lose everything I had in my inventory and equipped which makes no sense and should not be happening. It’s very frustrating and I don’t know why it isn’t saving correctly. Also I had amazing worlds on my old phone it would be great if there was a feature to have an account where you can log in and access your worlds so I don’t have to restart completely on a new phone! Anyway it’s still great and super addictive..Version:

CrashesSeems to crash shortly after I start running around, no matter what I do differently. Please fix.Version: 1.2.12785

1.3 UI suxThe UI is sucky now I can’t even play correctly. Heck I cant even kill some of the weak bosses!Plz give a classic option I need this desperately!!!.Version:

Previously amazingOriginal review (2019): This game is truly amazing. Over 450 enemies, thousands of blocks, NPC’s, crafting recipes, bosses... this game has everything that you would expect to find in a sandbox game. Currently, I am attempting to collect one of every melee weapon in the game. It has taken ages, and now I have only three left to find. However, the reason it has taken so long is the fact there are a very wide variety of melee weapons; swords, spears, boomerangs, flails and others. Thank you for creating an amazing game. Five stars. EDIT FROM 2020: The new controls seem to be ridiculously difficult to master for many people, especially considering that the old ones were so simple. There should definitely be an option to revert back to the new controls as the game has become unplayable for some and extremely tedious for others. Also, almost every single time I decide to play Terraria the game crashes seemingly for no reason after only an hour or so of playing. This, for me, makes the game completely unplayable since it saves my inventory but not all the other progress I have made, meaning if I deposited items into a chest just before it crashed the items would no longer be in the chest nor my inventory. Therefore I have reduced my rating to 2 stars..Version:

Force Quit Bug?I’ve been playing terraria for over 5+ years and when I first began playing there was this strange bug that would be so random. I would enter my world to be kicked to my home screen after about 5-10 minutes, mainly when I open my inventory or am traveling far distances. The worst part is that it doesn’t save any of my progress the entire time I was on the world, so when it just quits I have to re-achieve all of my accomplishments such as a boss kill or a mining session and I would lose so much progress. But after a few updates in the previous mobile version about 3 years ago it stopped happening, and that was around the time I stopped playing after I beat it. After I heard about the new 1.3 update this past month I was completely ecstatic to try it out. Turns out this glitch has returned, and I’ve tried to change every single setting at an attempt to fix this bug but I never succeeded. I love this game but when I can’t play without doing things 3 or 4+ times in a row it gets frustrating and makes me upset I can’t play this game without excess work. I have an iPhone 6s, I don’t know if this is caused by ram or it’s just a glitch but please fix it soon. Thanks for reading..Version:

The controlsWell were do I start (this is not a good review if your wondering) so when i went into the game i found that i was very exited to start playing again but after handling the NEW controls i soon realised that there was a few thing that made them... bad, i cant hold done weapons any more so i haft to drag my finger across the screen again and again to attack with is the most frustrating thing ever as well as throwing items are even worse with the NEW controls, never hits the target. When you aim you cursor at the place you want to hit then KEEP TAPPING THE BOTTEN that makes it work half the time you end up accidentally making the cursor move and STUFF UP everything. There is more to be said but I think thats anuff for now (probably never going to play the game again until this is fixed).Version:

Please fix this!!!!!Terraria was a great game until the newer updates. I use to love playing it on my phone more than console or computer but ever since the new update it sucks. The controls are terrible. The worst part is you can’t even jump with the left stick anymore, there’s a button. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen a game do. Please fix it!!!!!😡😡 I was reading all the one star and everyone is saying bring back the old controls!!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!😡😡😡🤬🤯🤬🤯🤯😡😡.Version:

I don't understand...This game is amazing. I got it a long time ago and I got back into it again. But when I switched devices using iCloud it deleted my best character and my best world. I had gotten sooooooo many rare items and had completed the game. Now I've gotten back into it and it just deleted all of my iCloud stuff AGAIN. Please please please sort this out because this game is amazing and I have got it on the computer too. Please fix this problem as it isn't even an old device and some other people who love the game even more than me( I don't know how they would love it more than me but anyway...) could be experiencing this problem to. Thanks, Olly.Version: 1.2.12785

I enjoyed the game until...I used to love terraria mobile. A simple game with hundreds of features. I stopped playing the game for some time and decided to re download it recently. I’m not sure if this is because I didn’t back anything up or if it was the games fault, but all my worlds and characters were gone. Anyway I created a new character and a new world, which by the way takes ages to generate (this is probably due to the large update and it trying to run on mobile) and was shocked to find the new overly complicated controls system, which in my opinion, isn’t better in any way. I played around with the settings and tried to find an option to switch back to the old controls, but I couldn’t seem to find one. I hope you take this review into account along with several others, and either revert back to the old controls or add an option to use the old controls..Version:

The new interfaceI love the game I have for years now... but the new interface is not right, it’s to confusing for the phone. There are too many buttons and it’s a good idea, I think you should go into more depth with the customization and the way it works to new players or people who haven’t played for a while and are coming back thinking, what’s all this, I can’t play this. That’s my suggestion..Version:

DeletesMyBestWorldRandomlySo I’m nearly about to go kill the wall of flesh I have all the OP accessories like the lightning boots and the lava waders and then sandstorm horseshoe balloon, anyway before I went to go kill the wall of flesh I was going to make a world with a lot of NPC’s so I went to work I made 5 houses 1 for the guide another for a merchant then a nurse, gun dealer, and demolisher. I made each one so then I decided to sell all of my junk in my main world. I switch between worlds pretty quickly and then it happens I get out of my main world where I put all my accessories and other good and op stuff but right as I got out it said File Misconception Error (then a bunch of numbers and dots) It had one button that said ok and I pressed that then I go into my selection of worlds and my Main World is GONE! So Terraria is stupid because it deletes 90% of my work without fixing anything, to be honest one thing that would be nice is if you could just give me a character named afcpandu with a star fury, molten hellstone armor no hard mode a meteor helmet as a vanity item , sandstorm horseshoe balloon, lightning boots, warding climbing claws, a warding magic carpet, and lava waders a nights edge then a bee gun an imp staff a adept fire flower a drax and a hellstone hamaxe and that’s it I can take it from there and if you do that I Will give this 5 stars because that would make my life so much better thank you for reading!.Version: 1.2.12785

HelpI made a new world for fun a day ago and then it happened i started cutting a tree and I Crashed i went back in and I got enough wood and started building my house and I crashed I Stopped and went into my main World and crashed again and again now I don’t even bother to play the game because I will crash again & also I can’t make a world because the world take’s SO LONG to the longest time it took is 34 minutes and I crash every 12 minutes so please help!.Version:

Controls are terribleA few years ago I just about lived in Terraria! I had it on console , PC and even beat the whole game twice on my phone. Life happened and I don’t really have the time to play video games anymore. However I saw this pop up on my iPad earlier today and thought why not give it a go! I spend the 5 dollars and everything is going great I hear the familiar music and I’m back! I make my character the screen are loading great. Then as I teleport away into my world my brain starts spasming as I struggle vainly to avoid slowly hopping slimes with the nearly impossible controls. I mean I’ve overcome bad controls before, but this takes it to a whole other level. Being quite stubborn I gave it about 5 hours of real trying to make this work but there’s just no getting past it. Basic combat feels like Organic Chemistry. You can only do one thing at a time. Switching items is not possible if you are moving. The hook and jump button are on the same side of the screen but too far from each other for me to jump then quickly shoot my hook to escape danger. So many other simple things that made the game so much fun even on the old mobile version you just can’t do here. It’s sad because it looks like there was a lot of content that was added. To bad the developers didn’t play the game with their new controls because no one else will either... I sincerely hope it gets fixed because I would love to play through the game again!.Version:

New update?Alright, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been playing terraria for over 3-4 years and i love it. The reason i’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5 is because of the update. The update makes it so you are basically on pc version but on mobile. You are supposed to be able to use weapons with the right joystick right? Well, it used to work just fine, and, out of no where, it just is there for no reason. First, it happened when i was using the yo-yo. I was mining and saw a mob- obviously i tried to attack it. I tried attacking it with the yo-yo with that joystick, nothing. Though, i did figure out how to use my weapons- you need to click on wherever it shows your weapon. The other bad part is that now, the right joystick is only an aiming stick. As in when you are holding for example, a staff, what ever direction you want it to shoot in, you have to aim it with the right joystick. It also happened when i was using a zombie arm and trying to attack a face monster. Again, i was trying to attack it, nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong- i kinda like the new update, since it has most/every weapon and block that you can get on pc, but i’d also be fine with the normal mobile version. I hope someone will see this and consider looking into updating back- but possibly keeping the other objects from pc..Version:

Give option to use old ui or at least the original controlsI just tried a boss fight using the new controls and it is difficult! The inability to fly/jump while using items is not only inconvenient, but completely inhibits capabilities. Furthermore, the new way to select items is quite confusing (though I could admittedly use some practise), especially mid battle. The update and thought is still greatly appreciated, in particular the new items, however I don’t have enough RAM to host online multiplayer with just my brother even though I’m using an iPhone 6 (and don’t plan on getting the 6S as I just recently got this 6). Simply put, I believe a slight return to the original, or at least the option (for the controls) would be greatly appreciated and I will likely still try to continue playing.Version:

Why?!A few days ago, i heard of a new update going around, the journey ends one or whatever. I got excited because there were new items and stuff so immediately download the update, only to find out that all of my saves had gotten deleted!! I had been working on those saves for so many years, just to have them lost to some stupid update! I would do anything to get them back, and i also noticed that the controls had been changed?! Why did the creators change the controls, just to make them so confusing, i have to use one thumb to jump, one to fight, and my whole hand just to do basic things. Its too hard and confusing to use the crafting menu as well as the game taking sooo long to load a world. The controls used to be so simple, there was just a button for jump, a button for attack, and a control stick. You have ruined this game. I hope you’re happy. Actually i do not hope you are happy..Version:

Please make an old version option!I loved he old version, I played it all the time! I don’t get the new version. It’s too much. They should at least add a old version choice!.Version:

Terraria USED to be fun...Terraria used to be one of my favourite games: it was Minecraft but better. The problems began about 6 months ago; me and a couple of my friends lost characters on iOS. This would was a massive problem because this was the only profile I used, and I was also about to kill Duke Fishron. Ok, the developers made a mistake, move on. However, no matter how many times I sent emails to the developers, all they did was apologise (quite dismissively might I add) and did nothing to fix the problem. Then, about a week ago, Terraria added new controls for iOS. This was the thing that made me angry. These new controls are not even LOGICAL, let alone usable. Revert to the old controls because I have seen many a complaint about them. Maybe also get better customer service too, because I am starting to think that the developers don’t even care about the people who play this game. If you are considering buying this game, don’t bother. If I am lucky I will get some lame developer response apologising and then doing nothing about it. Don’t bother to get this game..Version:

Fix the gameNow dont get me wrong i love the game and all been playing for 2 years but this new 1.3 update has made me need to drop the game for a bit cause you need to double swipe to fly making it incredibly hard to fly and when you swipe to the side your sword only swings once please bring back the auto swing i cant aim while tapping a button i need to aim and move yet i only have 2 thumbs with 3 buttons i need to use now which makes combat utterly impossible i love the nee crafting menu and inventory and my favourite part of the update id have to say is being able to arrange your npc’s but all of that’s useless if i cant play the game i hope you read this and use it to improve the game but overall i think id currently prefer the old version you should also add an option to do that add an option to switch from the 1.3 version to the old version it’d just make it more fun for people who prefer the old version but other than that i think I’ve said my complaints.Version:

Bring back the old controls!!I used to play this game on my tablet and phone 24/7 and I would have no trouble joining my friends game or fighting bosses with the easy controls. You have now changed the controls and I use one thumb for moving and the other for attacking, but what about the flying? And also my brother has been wanting to join my game a lot because I have good things and I tried to look up how to join other people’s servers and we have to download another app and all this complicated things when a year ago we could just click join and it would be sorted. Though my rants, terraria is still a fun game but I’m just finding it difficult to have more fun with my friends and being able to actually control my character properly and easily. Thank you..Version:

Switch back to the old controls in settingsThe old controls were way better than these Please make the option to switch between them.Version:

Face itUntil the old, simplified controls are reimplemented back into the game, this game is UNPLAYABLE unless you have a controller. Touch controls are frankly impossible to use. Bindings don’t make sense at all, like having a seperate jump button next to the movement joystick, meaning you need at least 3 fingers on the screen to move effectively at all (not to mention seperate bindings for aiming and attacking). The new content is nice, but I haven’t been able to play for 10 minutes without closing the app because of the new controls. Bring the old bindings back as a setting under controls. Allowing us to ‘edit’ the control scheme is a half-arsed solution, you’re basically asking us to fix a problem you introduced. Just add a simple option to the control profile drop down menu: “Original touch controls”, or something along that line. Just watch, your play time will once again skyrocket as people won’t be intimidated by such a disgusting control scheme..Version:

Love Terraria, but 1.3 UI is Not Working For UsI’ve loved this game for years, and for a long time thought the game was flawless. I’ve played on PC, console, and mobile, and I think it’s great that you’re trying to make all the versions similar, but some stuff just has to stay different. I really love expert mode and multiplayer with 1.3, and I like the new main menu, but the new UI is just too much. On a PC where you have a keyboard and can hotkey everything, this UI is great. On a tiny phone screen where you can only use two fingers, not so much. The new UI takes up way to much screen space, and makes combat much harder. Having a separate button for jumping and flying makes aerial combat literally impossible. The old controls were simple, and they worked. There was no need to update the controls and UI, and by doing so, you turned a phenomenal game into something I’m having a hard time enjoying. Additionally, it takes nearly 10 minutes for me to load worlds, though this might be a problem with my device (an IPhone 6) or network, so I’m less concerned about it. If, in a future update, you return the controls to their previous state, or perhaps give us an option to do so in game, I’d be more than happy to return my rating to 5 stars, because this truly is a game deserving of it. ~An eternal Terraria fan.Version:

ControlsI miss the old controls these new ones are to complicated..Version:

WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!😩🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Ok, I forgot what happened but I remember most of it. So this one time I, was trying to get the ninja armour from King Slime. I had the Breastplate and pants already. So one day I was rampaging my world when I got a flying fish banner I picked it up went to the demon alter to craft the Slime Crown as I had the materials to craft it. But on my way I glitched and my game crashed. When I went back in it glitched and said “This character was made in a newer version of Terraria.” So then I went to my other 2 characters and took some things from my safes and piggy bank. But as soon as you quit the characters are gone! Now I lost 2 of my best characters and my first ever character as well. Now the other 3 characters don't automatically delete themselves but I can't take things from my safes or piggy bank!! Please fix this error. By the way, all my friends and me are all waiting for the 1.3 update and Moon Lord..Version: 1.2.12785

ControlsThe new controls are unusable. Can you add an option to switch them back..Version:

Great but 3 fairly big problems...Hello Terraria developers! I love your game, and would love to see new updates and to it soon. However, I have 3 problems that have ruined the entire game for me. 1.My iCloud save, isn’t working... it always just says “please go into settings and turn on iCloud for Terraria.” But... I have! Multiple times! I’ve turned it off then off, and I’ve turned it off, swiped both apps out of my recent, turned it back on and went back in. Nothing! My best and favourite save is on the iCloud save and I miss it so bad!. 2.This one I guess isn’t that bad... but I can’t join anybody else’s game, and nobody can join my game. and it’s really a bummer. Me and other people like my friends and brother always want to play together on Terraria, but we can’t! Because I can’t join anybody and nobody can join me! 3.Random save files have just been deleting the self. It’s not to bad seeming as they delete themselves for the save file is any good. But still... it’s more like I have 4 save files instead of 6. And that’s not even including the iCloud. (As far as I know the ones on iCloud don’t delete themselves). Please get these problems fixed! I’d love to be able to play Terraria in my good, trusted save file with friends! -Evelyn.Version: 1.2.12785

New update is not goodThe new update where the weapon thing changes is just annoying, I have to aim up and then press another button to attack enimies, It’s hard to even kill a demon eye with a fricken tugstin sword! I know this update is good for some people, but I just don’t play terraria mobile anymore because I find it to annoying to do anything. Pc version is 1000 times better.Version:

Incredible game BUT...I love Terraria even though 1.3 isn't out yet and it really passes my time. I have kept my Love for terraria since the absolute begging. I could play for hours with out even closing the application. Or at least ME closing the application though. I get multiple crashes when entering a world in 1.2.4 or whatever update this is, It's very crashy. It's not rare either, About the third world I enter the whole thing crashes and it's rather frustrating. Another Reason I didn't rate five stars is because of its INTENSE lag when playing on multiplayer. I'm using sky wifi and I don't know if that matters but it needs to be fixed ASAP. Whenever I am to start the game with wifi enabled it stays on the first "Terraria logo" Screen and then crashes and sends me back to my iPad home screen. I guess you can JUST ABOUT work around the wifi thing if you join without wifi and THEN enable it but even that freezes your current screen (for me at least). Regarding multiplayer however, Rarely, when I join a local player world it crashes. I've had this issue twice. Other than that, I think it's really fun to play mainly on multiplayer and on single player too. I'm sure I could have rated 5 stars if not for these glitches. Plz fix :(.Version: 1.2.12785

UpdatesThis game has seen many updates and improvements throughout the years it has been available and it was a great game in general. Many people speculated about what’s next, what kind of things will they add to the game? And All the days,weeks,months of waiting turned up with nothing. Have I just missed an announcement saying that mobile terraria will be discontinued, or have you forgotten about us, the mobile terrarians. It pains me to see a well done mobile port gone to waste, and the game was just getting good too. If you do see this then please, think about updating this game, think about breathing life back into this amazing title known as “terraria”. Kind regards, Adishree :-).Version: 1.2.12785

Can’t play on new layoutWe need the old touch screen layout. The game is virtually unplayable with these new controls and are too complicated to change around and make them work how you want them to to make it worth it. Give us the old controls back or at least give us the option to swap back and fourth between these new controls and the good old ones. That being said the content and everything in the game is amazing it’s just too difficult to play. You changed controls that everyone already loved. Why change things that are already perfect? Moreover, the old layout for the inventory and crafting should be brought back. Other people might be fine with the new setup for this, however, I find that a phone screen is too small. In conclusion, we need the old control layout and old inventory layout with the new content. Thanks..Version:

Great game although...I have loved terraria for many years and have it on multiple platforms. When I got it on mobile it was pretty hard to to get used to. I actually used to despise the auto jump but I got used to it and loved it played many hours while stuck on the bus and such. Got really excited that they was finally updating the mobile version after years of nothing. But these new controls are absolute garbage you can’t actually play with two fingers you need like multiple fingers to fight anything and on a small screen with hands that cover pretty much the whole screen it’s impossible. Need more control customisation as it’s put me off the mobile version as it’s just not feasible..Version:

CrashesIt crashes every time I try to play terrari on my iPod.Version: 1.2.12785

I no longer play it, and here is whyAbout 1 year ago I crafted my first holy hand grenade, the moment I let it out of my hand...BOOM, my game crashed. But this didn't anger me as my iPad was not one of the very good ones like I have now. What angered me was that when I reloaded the game, my two HUGELY buffed up characters were gone, my testing world and one of my other worlds were gone and the game always says, even on my new iPad Air 2, "This Version Of The Game Is Outdated". The next time an update came out, I got it straight away, still outdated, then I thought it to be my iPad, and I got a new one for Christmas. But it was still outdated. I used to love this game but now every single bit of my thousands of hours of hard work is gone. And all because of what I am lead to believe is, a holy hand grenade broke my game. Someone fix this in an update, or my money was well spent until my game randomly broke. Please consider updating to fix or prevent this, From, A 2 year player of Terraria.Version: 1.2.12785 + = GarbageThe “new” controls are trash, have an option for old interface. I have tried to pickup and play on and off for the past year... and just can’t. KISS, KeepItSimpleStupid. Maybe the new controls are good for adept users or something, but you’re going to have a hard time attracting new players with these new controls. And new players means new purchases, new purchases is likely the only way to generate more profit.....Version:

New controls are terribleI love the new content added in 1.3, but the control overhaul was absolutely terrible. The only useful things are the smart cursor and potions buttons. Flying well is incredibly hard now because instead of just using the left joystick to fly, you have to DOUBLE-SWIPE up to fly and that makes it so much harder to fly well. Using the seperate fly/jump button is harder because it requires a third finger to be able to move, fly and attack at the same time. The only use for moving the left joystick up is to go up ropes, which you will almost never do. Flying, however, is very common and should not have been made so hard to do. All of the new buttons are stupid anyway because using the joysticks was the easiest way to play. I do like that you can now have 10 hotbar slots on a phone, but the new movement system is very bad. The left joystick is also very small and you should be able to change it more. Some people may like the new movement system, but a lot of Terraria veterans absolutely despise it. There should be much more customisation when it comes to the movement. That’s basically all. I hope 505 reads this and realises what they have done. A perfect game had been essentially ruined for me just because of the stupid movement system..Version:

Review for people that have fat fingers!!!! (like me)I Remember playing this game when I was younger and the controls were a lot better in my opinion at the time, I don’t know WHAT they did in the five years time span that I have been away but— actually they littered the screen with unnecessary buttons with a confusing layout the pocket edition controls overall are horrible!!. Still love the game don’t get me wrong but there’s so many problems. I can barely place down blocks in the right area without getting super agitated, precise block placement is a joke, good luck putting stairs down without that dang darn hammer, and good luck trying to break something (intentional) without getting super mad that you broke the door one story below you and behind you like what!! fat thumb!! I KNOW I can’t blame it all on me. I think other games can do it way better, but then again not a lot of games are 2D. I almost wanna hook up a controller on my phone. I don’t know how to get that set up yet help. I don’t even know how you would fix this problem from a developers point of view but something needs to change man, I don’t recommend this game if you have big old thumbs (average ngl). I expected more for five dollars in terms of the controls, but still beautiful game in every other aspect.Version:

No, people will not get used to these controls.Ok firstly, terraria as a game is AMAZING. i used to binge play it for hours on end on pc xbox and even ios. but then the controls changed... (for ios/andriod). please for the love of god change these controls OR give the player a CHOICE to CHANGE back to the old controls. i was looking forward to being able to start playing on my phone again and playing on the go, but its so frustrating and over complicated. make this game playable!!!.Version:

Won't openThe game won't even load to the main menu it just crashes.Version:

Terrible controls after updateI can’t stand the new controls for the game I miss the old controls, I can’t even play the game with out getting annoyed with the controls.Version:

ControlsI just can’t handle the new controls and there isn’t an option to turn them back to the old ones.Version:

Think Terraria ... ThinkI am a reasonable Terraria player on pc and am able to kill duke fishron with quite a bit of ease... I play on an IPhone SE and this game is absolute hell.. I am unable to see anything to do with any bosses, can't hit the bosses and the bosses are just too strong for massive fingers on a tiny screen . I have managed to reach duke fishron and have tried every class against him hardly ever getting him to the second form. Another fix which would greatly improve my opinion on the game would DEFINITELY be the crashing... on an old device of mine which I used to play Terraria I crashed so much and couldn't get on the game for so long the data corrupted and deleted about 10,000 items including post golem Terraria is a great game and I hope you can continue improving and making this game fun.Version: 1.2.12785

ControlsIt's so hard to function with the crowded layout for the controls. The ones previous to these were perfect. Nothing else to say other than add more of a customizable option for controls or just go back to the good ones. Read your damn reviews, the people want this.Version:

New controlsThe game itself is amazing I used to play hours at a time. I recently re-downloaded the game and was surprised when I realised there was a new controller set up. Simply put there are to many different controls which could be compacted into one control button like how it used to be. I’m sure this is convenient for some players but for myself and others it’s over complicated and unnecessary. A solution to this would be giving players an option in settings of which control set up they want. I’m aware currently there is an option to change the layout of the control buttons but it’s not very helpful. Please change this I really like playing the game but I can’t while the controls are like this..Version:

UghhhUsed to like the game but because of the resent update the controls make it impossible to play would suggest this game to a friend but not anymore it would just be a waste of there money this is a genuinely good game but I literally can’t play it because of the controls!.Version:

Cloud charactersWhat happened to being able to retrieve your cloud characters?.Version:

Close to unplayableI mean, the game runs great and all, but the new UI has really been messing me up. I can’t throw my boomerang the right way, the auto lock locks onto a wraith instead of the guy right in front of me, the mining is slower or unreliable if you go the same speed. Quick heal and quick mana were nice additions, but everything else is a nuisance. I struggle to fight three enemies now because I can swing behind me anymore. I don’t know, I feel like this UI wasn’t thought through at all. Just kinda thrown in there to add something new. I get the idea of it and all, make everything more accessible, but it has ruined my experience for the last times I played. My suggestion would be to add a setting that lets you switch from the old UI and the newer one. Of course there would have to be some range tweaking for the old one but that’s nothing bad..Version:

TERRARIA IS OK BUT NO UPDATES NOTHING IS NEW ITS BORINGI wish we had expert mode and had yoyos and all of that we need some updates on stuff and there’s a few glitches and stuff good game and all but I would really like it iff you made Yo-yos and expert mode on the iPad a thing and add moonlord as well cause like you only get to the golem and that’s it once the golems deafeted you’ve completed everything and don’t get anymore bosse like the moonlord I would really like it if you could and plantara that big pink flower thing when it hits me I can’t move it’s REALLY ANNOYING so please fix the glitches put in exspert mode And don’t forget yo-yos and for another suggestion put in some sort of dessert boss cause EVERY SINGLE BIOM HAS A BOSS the dessert is left alone iff you can’t put in a dessert boss make it a mini boss and add more mobs in the dessert like what the pc has like that big flying bug thing PLEASE PUT IN AN UPDATE and another thing when you fight a boss can you make other monsters come and disturb you and that the bosses little serving thing once you get rid of them they COME BACK and make the companions come and be alive but once you kill them make them so they don’t come back.Version: 1.2.12785

Keep the new enemies and items but please bring the old controls back.With this new update, we have a lot of new stuff to see and fight. But, it also gave us new controls that are supposed to make it more user friendly when in reality, it is the opposite. The new controls make it very difficult to control your character. The addition of a dedicated jump button makes it impossible to jump and attack at the same time, which also makes boss fights very difficult. The previous controls weren’t perfect, but in my opinion, they were a lot better than the ones we have now. In regards to the inventory changes, I am not a fan of being able to move while and jump around while I am looking inside a chest or trying to craft something. With the new design of the inventory, it makes it very hard to find what I’m looking for because the background is transparent and I can see the world. It was a lot better when it transitioned to a different screen where all I could see is either my inventory, or what I’m trying to craft. Mixing the two together is a pain to look at. Please take this critique into consideration. I really hope it is seen. Other than that I love the new enemies, bosses, and items! More of that please! Have a great day😁.Version:

NooooMy character got deleted from an update and I had really good stuff🙁.Version: 1.2.12785

Not bad but still a few problems to solveOverall the game is great but I can’t help but notice some issues such as when I start the app it says this build has expired please upgrade and then I go on App Store and see no choices to update the game and I cannot create a sink in terraria and also I have noticed that the game is a lot easier on a laptop/computer/console than mobile/ds or other. Example, there are solar tablets in laptop/computer/console but not in other, yes swamp things and Frankenstein’s are more common but the chance to drop a broken hero sword omg 0.4% seriously! The chance to drop it from mothron on console/laptop/computer is somewhat around 30% it is so unfair! Also you guys need to work a bit more on the game because it is so easy to duplicate! Literally just press options next to your character select then backup to local then you have two yous and there are glitches to get in the jungle temple without even defeating plantera let alone the mechanical bosses and one of my characters hasn’t beaten plantera and I’ve got two lihzard power cells like get it together terraria! So I rate the game 2.75 which rounds to 3 stars. This is the end of my review thank you for listening..Version: 1.2.12785

It feels like you have given up on this version of TerrariaAs much as I love Terraria this version of it has so many problems and annoyances that most of the time I don’t even want to play it. I re-downloaded this game since it’s been a while and I see why I deleted it, also since I bought this game back in about 2014 I notice that quite a few of the glitches from then are still here, one to name is the jittering that happens all to often for me and is a real annoyance. Another glitch I saw was some walls kept having bits of the sky show through, I would love it if you could add a section so that we can add light pets and pets to slots so 1. We don’t have to summon them and 2. Because one glitch seems to be that my pets don’t work, I tap or use the right joystick to no avail and so I’ve just given up. I would love to see some love actually put into this version of the game so that it’s actually playable without crashes or other glitches, they just keep piling up and all I want is to play the game without all the bugs and to be able to enjoy my experience playing mobile..Version: 1.2.12785

Too many controls!I be have been playing this game non stop since it came out for mobile and of all updates this has been the best and the worst update, I have wanted more features and updated bosses and Martian invasions and all Features on the pc version, I was stunned to see the icon change when I went on my phone to find a update! But soon I was overcome by unflattering changes to the controls, it feels more optimised for pc players and people on iPads, and I miss the simple straight foreword controls, that’s what appealed to me, now I find myself confused how to play, I changed settings to legacy, but it’s never been the same since, so I give this 2 stars. They had a good mobile port of this game and they ruined it with ‘too many controls’, I won’t playing this much more sadly.....Version:

The new controls make the game unplayableI’m not entirely sure who decided that in order to make the game better they had to make everything infinitely more complicated. I’ve played terraria for many many years and it hold a very special place in my heart but since the 1.3 update over a year ago it’s become virtually unplayable. When I returned recently to see if something had been improved I was greeted with the cluttered screen and horrific controls. The old controls, although not perfect, were at least intuitive. One side for moving and one side for weapons and tools, clean and simplistic. Now, in their infinite genius, the devs have decided to make everything smaller and harder to use, taking literally everything they could and putting it on the screen. I don’t understand why they can’t just give us the option to use the old controls and interface. Honestly until something is done I cannot and will not play this game. It is ridiculously and unnecessarily complicated and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way..Version:

New controlsI have been with this game on iOS before the wall of flesh was a thing I stayed even when my save of years was deleted waited years for 1.3 to be added but I can’t stand for these controls there completely useless if your going to implement them at least give an option for the original controls there just utterly terrible I find myself pressing settings constantly and why is the flight/jump button a seperate thing it’s just so inconvenient also the new crafting and chest UI is simply a lazy copy from pc I have stuck with this game for years but this is a deal breaker many things have been broken in this game but this has to be the saddest execuse for one these controls and UI are built for pc not iOS they do not work and are over complicated not intuitive at all please fix this. Please add an option to be able to swap back to the old controls and keep the new one cause I know people who love and hate..Version:

Great Game, But Fed Up With CrashingI've been playing this game for around 3 years and I've never witnessed this bad of a glitch. Don't take this the wrong way, I love the game, but there is a glitch that ticks me off so much. I was playing the game on one of my best worlds and suddenly my game crashed. I wasn't mad about it, because that kind of thing only happened occasionally. So I logged back into the game and tried to go back on to that world. To my surprise, that world/ file had gone corrupt. Now I know you can back up the worlds onto your cloud save, but it is to much of a pain every single time you do or create something new to exit out of the game and create a knew cloud save. This glitch has happened to me 2 or 3 times and I'm extremely disappointed and fed up with it. 505 Games, if you are reading this, if I am going to have to deal with this glitch that takes away my worlds that I put my precious time into, I want my $8 back, and want you to fix this glitch. Even if this means you make cloud saves auto save your changes in your local worlds or you entirely stop game crashes, which is highly unlikely. Even if you don't listen to this review I'd rather try to get this across to you, 505 Games, or current players so they can protect themselves from this dangerous glitch. FYI happening on an IPhone 6s. Disappointed and Angry!.Version: 1.2.12785

I hate the new controlsMake it so i can change back to the old controls.Version:

New controls are the worstI have been playing terraria on my phone for many years and not once have I not liked it until now, I was so excited for this new update and when I opens the app I logged in as my character and I saw the new controls and at first sight I didn’t like them but I thought that they can’t be that bad and then I tried to use them but it was impossible it was like you had to press like 3 buttons in a very awkward position just to jump and aim/attack and it’s so annoying because I love this game so much I ended up buying it on my console and now I can’t play on my phone and it’s really annoying so please change them back because no one likes them! Thank you..Version:

What happened???I was playing a version on iPad a few months ago then when I came back it was entirely different and all my previous characters and items and worlds were gone. I started again and it crashed and crashed and crashed. I noticed the quality is nothing like it was. Why change something that was fine before????? Grrrrrrrrr......Please someone help me with the new app played on my iPad. The only device I have for this game. I'm so very disappointed...I lost everything!!! Boooo I can't give stars until I give it a chance and hope someone will try to help me. The one star is only for the purpose of getting my review accepted. I hope I will be able to change it soon. Still crashing crashing crashing! So very frustrating. Can't believe programmers/developers who already had a great game would mess it up so bad and launch it before they were sure the problems/bugs were fixed. Come on! Still holding off giving stars til I see improvements worthy of the 3-5 rating. And still sick that all of my hard earned items are gone. Boooo again! Still crashing every 10 mins or less. Getting close to giving up. Not sure the frustration is worth it. Why on earth did you mess with a game that was fine before..at least for me. And I paid for the game like everyone else. I'm willing to pay again to get your attention and fixes. No one has bothered responding to my reviews...did customer service give up?.Version:

I love the game... butThe update... ITS HORRIBLE! The controls literally hurt my freaking brain just processing which fingers to use when I’m fighting a demon eye or just simply building. Building is to much of a hassle in my opinion. It’s tedious and it is just unbearable. I love this game. I’ve been there since 2011. I even got terraria when it first came to phone. I loved it. The controls weren’t good but they weren’t bad, they were just simple two finger controls. Now, it’s a messy five finger using ui... this isn’t a competitive 5v5 online battle royale or something... it’s terraria. It’s a simple game. Adding something so complex such as the ui breaks the game and forces people to stop playing. Idk what was swirling in your guys mind. I like how you added more pc stuff to mobile, but don’t make the game complicated just because of controls. Please. Your users beg of you. Your old veteran players beg of you. Give us the option to opt back to old controls. Like I said, everything else is great but it’s impossible to explore what u have added with the controls. Don’t come at me with a, “well we’re working on an auto swing option...” no I don’t want to hear it. Give us what we want. And don’t ask me to raise my rating because I’m not until this monstrosity is resolved. 505 games, we are your loyal users. We’ve been here since day 1. Please listen to us..Version:

REGULAR CRASHINGWhen I first started playing Terraria, I found that the game ran smoothly and I could play an entertaining game without problems. Gameplay is fun, and the graphics are incredible. BUT, since a recent update, it crashes nonstop. I can play up to twenty minutes before it crashes. Sometimes it crashes as soon as I join. And if I retrieved something from a chest and then crashed, I would lose everything I got. Today I lost a full inventory of end-game hardmode materials and items, including my bee and turtle mounts, 88 beetle stuff that you need to craft beetle armour, rare mob drops which are used in crafting some of Terraria's aesthetically pleasing wings and some gift weapons which I don't have duplicates of. I am utterly disappointed and wouldn't recommended this game to anyone, due to the crashing. Such a shame, because otherwise, this game would earn my 5 stars. Due to the crashing, this game is crap. Now I'm going to play PC Terraria. Oh wait, that version also crashes! ( though not as badly ). Minecraft or the sims are the only games I will play from now on, as their customer help is much better, they address the problems much more, and so far I have not played an update which has crashed repetitively. Auto save also means that if I crash, I don't lost my progress. Unless this game improves and compensations are provided, I'll be looking for a partial refund..Version: 1.2.12785

Great game but....Amazing game, played for several years, you don’t need money to enjoy it (aside from paying for the actual game itself) countless items, expansive worlds, but a few flaws, first of all, the new control interface is way, WAY too confusing, with one joystick for moving, one for mining, a separate button for using weapons and jumping, honestly, there was nothing wrong with the old interface, and it should have stayed that way. The next ‘moan’ is with the old version, but also the new one too, is that saving worlds on the cloud did absolutely nothing, the characters would be saved, but the world would not, and the last bit is, can you not offer some way to restore old characters/worlds from the old version? I sunk several solid years into this character and it is a little sad to know that is all gone. Otherwise, great game, definitely recommended..Version:

Is it good? Or is it bad?I have been playing terraria since it came out on Xbox 360 so what that’s like 6 or 7 years I love this came and you should to for the people saying it is bad I would admit it was cool but until they added the new update with the controls 100,000+ people are hating the controls I would even admit it is pretty pants also for the people who just chopped a tree and killed a slime and they leave the game forever and say the game is TRASH the game isn’t trash you just got to take time trust me it is easy on Pc,Xbox,PS4,Nintendo Switch but on iPad and iPhone it is really bad now and I’m using an iPhoneXS and it does crash 30-60 minutes and it does freezes sometimes also it has not happend to me YET but people’s progress gets erased every update apparently (I AM NOT HATING I AM JUST TELLING YOU WHATS GOOD AND NOT) but I would really really really app it and everyone else would appreciate it if you respond and reply back to this comment come on we know you know the update is bad everyone hates this update please just please listen to us and please help us if we don’t like it WE DONT LIKE IT everything isn’t just about what you like you know Thank you SOOO much🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯😃😃😄😃😄.Version:

Bad game controlsOk so just before you say, you just have to practice with the controls the thing is you do need to practice allot I’ve been playing for years when the new update came out I began to find the game more unplayable I played with the controls for hours and then went to fight the wall of flesh which should have been easy with the gear I had but no I tried to use the old controls by just pushing up to jump and fly with my wings this fails terribly and I died and could not beat an easy boss please make a setting where you can choose the old controls because I’ve quit terraria until it gets new controls that aren’t so scuffed to use please listen and don’t just say it takes practice for I was happy with the old controls and didn’t want the new controls and I’m sure that’s the same with a lot of people so please Change them.Version:

Addon in next updateLook I love this game five stars but I was playing with a friend and I thought it would be cool if you could get full Spectre armor mask or hood it gives a ghostly glow and I thought it would be cool if you could pass through solid blocks like a ghost or wraith or reaper to finish it off and look cool and give that extra want to get the full set mask or hood and the hood full armor says it will heal the player with the lowest amount of health in the game but I got hurt and I was the only one in the game but I didn’t heal unless I didn’t see it but please check this and fix if needed but don’t forget about this passing through blocks thing thanks for your consideration Re-Logic 505 Games Codeglue and RakNet ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️the bunny cannon also doesn’t work I bought 117 cannonballs tried to put them in it didn’t work I gave one to my friend and it still didn’t work😞 plus if I put on a hotspot I can’t join a friends world they can only join my world please fix I’m ready to fight duke fishron but I can’t find the worms in the mushroom biome and after I fight him thee is nothing to do please add the things on pc like the lunar eclipse and everything else please ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and please make the biome keys easier to get like drop the actual keys and not the mold⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.2.12785

Good game slightly frustrating controlsI’ve been a terraria player for a long time and I am excited that 1.3 is finally out on mobile. The content delivers and you get a great terraria experience. However the controls are frustrating to say the least. The game gives you the option to move around your joysticks and surrounding button shortcuts from the bottom corners of the screen. However it does not let you customise if you want the buttons to be moved further from the joystick, this becomes problematic as it can lead to you accidentally drinking potions or placing torches when you don’t want to. Also I’ve been in the crafting menu several times where when making iron bars, I am pressing the craft button multiple times to make more bars and it switches to another item by itself and therefore leads me to making something I don’t want and wasting my iron, this is extremely frustrating. I also am not pressing something accidentally when this happens One more thing is that to jump you have to press a button on the right side of the screen instead of simply going up on the movement stick, making the movement and boss fights harder due to this. Hopefully these features change and you are given more freedom on customising you controls..Version:

I hate new controlsThe new controls are way to confusing if you don’t add an option to turn them back to the old ones I’m quiting forever.Version:

Old controls?I absulutely LOVE Terraria but the devs have gone and made the controls SO much different and SO complicated! WHY!!??? The old controls were perfect. Simple and effective. It is so hard to play now and your screen is full up with random buttons. I mean, there is two buttons to jump and don’t get me started on how many buttons there are to shoot. I even went on settings to see if there was a option to return to classic controls SPOILER ALERT: there wasn’t a option. Come on Re-logic and 505 games (you also made journey to the savage planet)can’t you AT LEAST Make a option for THAT? Please, I hope you devs read this comment and all the rest of people who are annoyed and do something about it. Thank you..Version:

Controls and characters is goneThe controls are awful after update And my guy is deleted.Version:

The painI have killed a voodoo demon and threw it in lava and the Wall of flesh spawned, I was in Expert mode and I fought it and was very excited to get the demon heart but when the progress percentage of the “Setting world to hard mode” hits 69%, the game froze, I waited 5 more minutes and still nothing happened. So I turned off my iPad and tried again, this time, I got the compass dropped by the mother slime and went down to the underworld, I slayed the voodoo demon again after waiting 10 minutes to find it then I defeated the Wall of flesh again and the same thing happened, this time I lost the demon heart and the compass which is really sad. I won’t play Terraria until an update to fix this comes because my main goal is to defeat the Wall of flesh first when I open it again..Version:

Game’s great! Controls... not so much.I love this game, but the new controls for the 1.3 update make the game unplayable! Why not bring back the stick design that has worked for years? The extra buttons make the game’s controls unwieldy, and many of the buttons were unnecessary. The grappling hook could always either be in your menu or be a swipe away. It did NOT need a button. The potion buttons, while a convenient idea, clutter up the entire control scheme. The lock on and smart cursor buttons could easily be put in the settings, and the jump button is out of the way and annoyingly concealed behind the right stick. I actually didn’t mind pushing up on the left stick to jump, maybe add it as an option in the settings? The sticks are just small enough to miss 50% of the time, but too large to be considered small. The one good design decision, in my opinion, is the menu. The idea of multiple menus isn’t foreign, and I enjoy how it doesn’t conceal the entire screen and pause the experience, so I can play, without pausing just to craft something or trade with the NPCs. The menu button is well placed and perfectly sized. However, that is not enough to save what used to be an amazing game. Without these awful controls, this game would be a definite 5 stars! Unfortunately, I’m afraid I won’t be able to play this game comfortably with the new, bad controls. Thought I was the only one with this issue, glad to see that I’m not alone..Version:

Lost a lot of playersI absolutely love terraria it is one of my favourite games that I have ever played I played a lot on mobile because the controls were simple and they were used to be quite old and many bosses went in game it was still one of my favourite games ever on mobile however I have bought the game on steam recently because I can absolutely not stand the new mobile controls I think terraria understands that this is made them lose many many many players including myself I’m not saying I should get rid of the most recent controls but I think that should however at least add an option to go back to the older controls if they don’t like the way that you can weapon spam and take advantage of OP weapons like the North Pole but I would absolutely love an option for the old controls again or at least to configure the ones that are already in game if there was an option to turn the controls back to normal I’m sure many other players as well as myself would continue playing the game.Version:

ControlsThe new controls are so annoying, I downloaded again recently because my friends were playing on PC and i can’t even play.Version:

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