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Roblox App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Roblox app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Roblox? Can you share your negative thoughts about roblox?

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Roblox for Negative User Reviews

Many malfunctionsRoblox has been malfunctioning too much lately! I was getting robux and I was looking for things I wanted so I changed the settings too most recently updated. I could scroll for at least 5 seconds and then it would so no internet connection. The same thing happened if I typed in something specific in the search button. And it says I have no internet connection but I can join games perfectly fine! My younger brother said he wanted to get robux so we can shop together and I keep having to tell him, maybe later because the catalog is not working. It’s been a full week and 3 days and it keeps malfunctioning. Yet I can still join games perfectly fine! Also, many players like myself cannot remember or lost their passwords. We also didn’t put any emails in when we first started Roblox. I sent you guys an email telling you about this problem and you said to keep trying basically. I can’t put in the email without my password :/ I sent you guys another one saying that it is impossible and you guys never wrote me back, and I’m okay with that because I know you guys are very busy! I just thought since this is an ongoing problem for more players as well, that you guys could do something about it. One time my Roblox was malfunctioning and I almost got logged out of my acount. I stayed on Roblox that whole night. Other than this everything else is perfectly fine, games, groups, etc. I just had higher expectations when it came to you guys. :/.Version: 2.459.415955

Roblox Games are brilliantThe games are designed fairly well. It’s just the community, scamming ads, hacking, humiliating, everywhere. Roblox doesn’t manage the ads for some reason and the report never works. Bad service, takes long time to get rollback. However, I suggest roblox take responsibility to its own game..Version: 2.443.409841

I’m having a hard timeWell I always this glitch that keeps happening over and over again. Like in Royale high basically my screen it’s like goes black and it just sends me to my own home screen and it is like really annoying and when I first downloaded Roblox on my iPad basically I downloaded it I made it an account and basically I tried to play Brookhaven and I just kept glitching I don’t know what happened and I kept on deleting down and deleting downloading deleting downloading deleting downloading and it still hasn’t worked it still didn’t work I don’t know what it is really long but I am yeah it’s really annoying and it’s really bugging me although Brookhaven it’s like it’s improved and it stopped glitching but it still shuts my screen my screen shuts off on Roblox and then just send me to my house again and it’s really annoying and I really need you guys to fix it I I said it in and I said it in the Roblox group chat the like yeah and work okay and I need you guys to fix it it’s not fair on like me because my friends they’re all playing at fun game like Royal high or something and I can never play it because it doesn’t work and it glitches I can’t play live Topia because it always glitches it was such my screen I can’t play and I can’t even like have that much fun because it’s not it doesn’t even work and that’s why I’m giving you guys a 3 out of 5 i love Roblox but it’s kind of and it’s it doesn’t even work yeah but yeah and yeah it doesn’t even work.Version: 2.516.304

Honestly, an amazing game! <3So, I have been playing Roblox for about 1 year now, and I first got Roblox a couple of months ago. I was very happy about it, but then I realised it was wrong. Now, it’s not a huge problem but 80 robux is 99p (basically £1) so, surely it should be 80 robux for 80p or 99 robux for 99p. Anyway! Roblox is an amazing game and I will never stop playing it! 😉 sometimes people say rude things but that’s not Roblox fault, they can’t control everyone in the universe and I think that Roblox is doing a great job to keep everything under control. Also, my bff got banned from Roblox and she has done nothing wrong!! Please do something about that, I’m pretty sure it happens to others! FOR PARENTS: If your worried that it’s inappropriate for your children then I just want to say, there are sooo many games for younger kids! Also, if your child is under the age of 13 then there is a thing called the ‘safe zone’ (I think that’s what it’s called) and if anyone or your child tries to say any numbers or rude/inappropriate words it will come out as hashtags. Also, it’s very easy to report someone so if someone is mean or does something inappropriate around your child/children, you can easily do something about it. Also, some parents might worry about having to buy robux, but you can have fun on Roblox without robux!! And that’s all I have to say, thank you for taking your time to read this! Yours sincerely Jasmine_Playzrobloxsafely.Version: 2.464.417592

Good and Bad stuff about RobloxRoblox is an amazing game but it still needs a bit more work in this review l will tell you the good and bad stuff about Roblox . First of all Roblox has millions of games that you can play and you can customize your on avatar and it requires a lot a creativity . Which can boost a child’s creativity. But roblox requires quite some money which not all of has and since it is online it can be very dangerous if it is not manged well . As well it bullying can be reported what if someone online says if you report what l have said to any one l will do something to you . If situation like this happen l child may fell sacred and unsafe. How this could be changed is people can check every now if any thing is happening and they can have cameras in each game to see what is happening. Also there can be some scammers and if child doesn’t know about it can be unsafe if there is any trading or detail sharing then it should automatically say this not permitted in roblox. You can also get game money ( Robux ) But that requires real money not all of us a lot of money. I child can feel jealous because someone has more money than them this make child feel they do not like who they are or there family to help this Robux should be given to everyone at least every month. If the creator of roblox does this they can millions more playing please follow the advice above thank you Lovecutegirl555 ( not my real name ).Version: 2.475.420862

RobuxRoblox is a really great game however I don’t like the way kids have to have to pay for robux so they can look better or be better at a game. I personally have gotten robux only once and that was just so I could play bloxburg with my friends, and then I didn’t even end up liking it! I’m not allowed robux anymore, because my parents say it’s a waste of REAL LIFE MONEY just to get a few robux for a game so that you can make yourself look like everyone else, I’m kinda okay with this because I agree that it’s a waste. My point is, robux is something that is going to make young kids who play this game feel like they need money and need to have cool stuff and need to do things that cost a lot of money. Some kids don’t have enough to pay for robux and their device is probably an old laggy device that costs barely anything, and they are getting bullied for not having things that everyone else has. Personally I think that robux should either be gone completely, or be able to gain robux by getting badges in games or achieving daily tasks that robux has set up. I really hope to see a change because as a kid this means a lot to me. Thanks.Version: 2.440.408152

It’s good but...This is a fun game to play I really like it, it’s fun and creative and the best thing is that you can create your own games and play it with your friends. The worst thing about this game is that there are so many hackers, bullies and nearly every game you need to have robux or can have robux to feel good and probably enjoy the game. Robux is real money it allows you to buy and costume your avatar and it also lets you get advantages in games. And the glitches/ hackers, they are people that hack so they can fly or walk through walls ect and make it really hard for others to get them and it makes the game not fun. I used to like a game called adopt me it was really popular I had nearly every pet and then they decided to update it so that you need robux to buy a specific pet and soon nearly every pet needed to be bought by robux and by the type of game it is it makes you feel like you need to have everything to be popular and not look like a noob adopt me has also a lot of scammers that like to scam people they could say give me all your pets (or something like that) and I will give you robux and they don’t give you robux. Overall Roblox is a good game I suggest you don’t spend any robux on this game maybe just for your avatar and only once because if you spend it on a game like I did and that game gets bad or you just don’t like it you can’t get your money back and it leaves you feeling frustrated and angry..Version: 2.443.409841

어이없다This games security is terrible, a player hacked my sister account and stole something. This is ridiculous, a games which is this popular should be better than this ridiculous security..Version: 2.443.409841

Roblox is okNow Roblox is amaze there’s just some problems like In some games you get scammed or something just doesn’t go right but still Roblox is great I mean it’s like the games list never ends so Roblox would last for a very long time just maybe you should only play the age it tells you to because some people make bad , scary and rude games or sometimes swearing does not come in hashtags so be aware also you shouldn’t just friend anyone you see because I use to just friend everyone and then after that one of the friends I friended yes well they scammed me on games I trusted them on and I trusted them so much I told them the password of my account and they changed my password because they were jealous of my stuff and I know that bc they wouldn’t stop saying how rich I was but luckily my parents were able to get my account back so beware of that and please stay safe some people get so mad that they quit and never stop being sad that happened to me once but now I know never to ever let anyone scam me anymore so yes it’s a good game and I recommend it to others just be safe and ask before you get it ..Version: 2.471.419833

MofieSofie10 lost acountHEY Roblox I lost my good account yesterday and I’m very very upset about that I had my password known and I logged out for a quick second and then when I logged back in it said WRONG PASSWORD I kept trying over and over again and it really made cry because I spent over 100 or 200$ on that game only for this to happen I can’t friend my friends back because they don’t know me and I had REALLY GOOD FRIENDS. I used to have the star rating at 5 STARS but since yesterday and when I also first got Roblox I’ve changed a lot in the rating because of all the fun games deleted and the new ones aren’t fun anymore I’m upset with all the Toxic people online that just need to stop and I think if we report them enough times you should just warn then or do something about it as quickly as possible. I know this is complaining but there is amazing stuff about Roblox! I use to have the best ever experience with my Siblings now my account is gone my Bestie said she’d buy me a Gift card which was so sweet of them and I would of made this 5 Stars still if I wasn’t logged off my MofieSofie10 account forever now I’ve changed the password which was also a ginormous mistake. I just want you to know that u guys get a lot of Money off this game and I spent a lot of money.. thanks..Version: 2.506.608

To: Roblox Developers, please read. Important!I was on my iPad, playing around when I was like, “I should get Roblox on my iPad!” It was a great idea, but soon I found out, Roblox is 12+. I was all of a sudden thinking, why is it 12+? Many kids, ranging from extremely young to adults, play this entertaining game. I am extremely disappointed, and I think you should update this. Roblox is a great game, but I think there should be a thing that checks for viruses in things you can put in games from the tool box. And you should probably hire special employees to review and delete the rise in amounts of Roblox “con” games. The fact that these con games, (short for condo) are exposing young kids to 18+ content is disgusting. Some people even tried to sue Roblox because in a game their 6 year old daughter was playing had explicit content and 18+ pictures all over the walls. A bit ago, the renowned game “meep city” was hacked into a game where it made you praise jah, and once you have entered the game, you cannot exit. If you try to leave, it just teleports you back, and this means that the people who hacked the game, can hack more popular games like Royale High, Adopt Me, Arsenal, and in fact, the meep city game has been hacked multiple times. You should REALLY fix this, and the fact they didn’t put any explicit content in the game, is extremely lucky. I hope you can deal with these problems I have listed!.Version: 2.426.397338

Error Code 277With error code 277, it randomly disconnects you from Roblox games and, when you randomly disconnect from all the games that you try playing, Roblox becomes useless..Version: 2.441.408614

Dear roblox...I think roblox is an amazing game that can make kids minds more creative but I can see that a lot of people have been complaining about the game quality cause it always glitches and I’m on that side too cause a perfect game is all about the looks and quality, the looks are perfect I’m begging you to not change that even the ‘noodle hairs’ I just call it that cause a lot of people do but I think those hairs are quite stylish I like that but please will you make the quality better! I’m sorry for complaining so much, things can get on my nerves really easily! Please don’t find this message offensive I just want to make your game have a lot more 5 stars but the quality is kind of bothering me but if there is no way to change it it’s okay I’m just giving you my opinion. Thank you!.Version: 2.373.280591

Hackers and followersThis game is really good for entertainment BUT one thing is that there’s a lot of hackers and bots. So in my account I got ALOT of followers overnight, and it seemed like the account names where rushed and random numbers and letters. However I can only block 50 people and the amount of bots that are following me I can’t block all of them. Also my friend has over 2000 followers and she can’t even block half of them! I honestly wish that we can block more people and we can block as much people we can. And once I went to one of the bots profile and went to who they are following and he/she was following people that has onlyROBUX! It was like he/she was trying hack there accounts and steal there robux! Also I wish that more things where free and less expensive (as in robux expensive). But the amount of robux force money is fine it has the right amount of money we should spend on robux. The games are good and everything except why can’t we use numbers? Whenever we need to tell the person how much like example pancakes in bloxburg and when we are making a cafe how much money we need to pay. And just because we made a spelling mistake doesn’t mean it needs to be in tags cause it feels like I am trying to make fun of someone when I am really not. Also is very laggy and games don’t get better. There’s games that are like go on this game for free robux! When it’s a game that hacks people is really bad and thank you for reading my review, and I hope it gets better..Version: 2.439.407706

Scamming and CensorsI recently got scammed of a few of my items that I really really loved and were upwards of 3,000 robux each. I messaged roblox customer service, but they just said we won’t help you. I really recommend only buying and trading limited items if you are VERY experienced on that topic, because if you happen to get scammed, which is very likely, roblox won’t do anything about it. Also another thing to talk about is censors. roblox happens to go way over the top with censors. You are not allowed to use numbers! So here is a couple of tips: 1. Set your account age to over 13. Then a lot of stuff that would usually be censored won’t. This doesn’t include swearing, which will be censored. 2. If you want to say numbers you need to use the prefix: ss before the numbers. example: ss100. Thank you for reading :).Version: 2.435.406105

Good but..Roblox ever since 2020 has been buggy! Whenever I play a game it disconnects me and it’s so annoying I’ve deleted the game about 80 times!! But it still never works! It always disconnects me when I’m playing a big game such as Camping 2 (just for reference although I do love the camping games or even fan ones. Okay I’m getting off topic here) because I’m in my room bored and I decide “hmm I want to play roblox” well I can’t because of your servers. Because how big the servers I go into are, it just disconnects me and I get really annoyed. I have never completed a game of camping in 2020 because.. it disconnects me from the server about 7 times and sometimes it goes on for ages. But then it says disconnected. And when I try to reconnect to the server it just bugs out and crashes my game. I thought this would have been fixed by now but no. Roblox Incorporated somehow have NOT noticed the problem -i dunno how they just havent.. or have they- so I’m on the brink of actually not playing Roblox! Everywhere else in the house is fine apart from the bathroom, most of upstairs and the kitchen (the kitchen is not upstairs by the way!) so that was me raging at freaking Roblox. Trying to refrain from swearing how annoying it’s getting! And please your regular updates really don’t change a thing. They are pretty much useless. Try and fix this or Roblox will have one less person in its population. This is DarKoMeLLoLO signing off folks.Version: 2.460.416177

SOOO GOOD but some problems…….So basically ive been playing roblox for 8 months and its quite good except that roblox shirts and pants get deleted (like i mean the robux shirts and pants) so like i had bought this shirt which pared really well with this outfit i made then a couple or few months later it got deleted. Like the shirt i bought wasn’t inappropriate at all like there’s so much in inappropriate shirts and pants on roblox why dont delete thoose? Another problem is that when people do something they get banned (and when they get banned from a game from roblox ( i dont mean terminated) but like banned from roblox for like 2 or 3 days or something, there stuff in roblox dont get deleted like some people dont play everyday like once every 5 days or something so then that wouldnt count as being banned well kinda. Some good things about Roblox is that you can make TONS of freinds like alot and in real life it’s harder to make freinds and in roblox its so easy to make freinds, another good thing is like you have so many game options and there’s like roleplay games , obbies , story games , adventure games, horror games, royale high adopt me , ragdoll , dancing games (TTD3, mocap and there’s like so much games i cant say any more . Anyways hope you read this review , bye to whoever is reading this.Version: 2.490.427960

Bad Customer ServiceThe kids love the game, but just hope that nothing goes wrong with their account. If you ever have to submit a ticket, their team is more focused on closing out the ticket than supporting the problem. This is especially evident on hacked accounts, but specific to individuals working the ticket. No actual real life conversations with people, tickets responded to hours apart and many times in the middle of the night, then when you dont reply they push to close the ticket. Worst customer service ever, and a 5 minute phone conversation would solve the problems faster..Version: 2.455.413788

👎First of all, I love Roblox. I really do! The only reason I gave it a 1 star rating was because I have purchased 80 Robux multiple times and it still hasn’t shown up, please email me back somehow on telling me why it hasn’t shown up, I have force closed the app multiple times too, I checked on the help thing which didn’t help at all. I do also agree with someone else review saying that you should be able to gain Robux by winning badges in games and stuff, just paying for it is sad because some kids would love to have some while their other friends do and they play games which you need Robux to play so they feel left out. Like my friend just figured out how to do a second floor in BloxBurg (because she didn’t know how to when she got the game pass) and she said she’d make a room for me and she said I could decorate it myself because my dad will let me get Robux but it’s not working and I’m really sad about it. Kids want Robux so badly they’ll pay their parents $10 if they just buy $1 Robux like my friend to convince them more. Like it’s sad if some people aren’t allowed while their friends are. My dad normally never gets me Robux while my friends get Robux all the time! Please can we either buy Robux or earn badges for it? It would be amazing people would get Roblox more!!! Just giving you a tip if you wanna get more players on Roblox U-U From a person who wants bacons and noobs to not feel so poor and left out..Version: 2.443.409841

I love Roblox, but..I love Roblox, and I have been playing it for years! I really wanted to give it a higher rating, but my problem is it gets really.. Laggy? I don’t know how to describe it. When I play games even with all my settings down to combat this problem, when I’m in games sometimes what happens is I get forced out of the app and have to log in again, or, it sits on the loading screen and doesn’t do anything. Nothing works, ever! And I don’t even think the word laggy is the right way to describe it.. Because other than that it runs smoothly and completely fine. Heck, my wifi is even sitting at 3 or 2 bars most of the time! And I don’t know how to fix it or why it happens but those are my only ‘issues’ with Roblox. Other than that, it is such a great and amazing game full of my wonderful memories, keep up the great work! ✌️.Version: 2.419.381237

My favourite game but...ROBLOX is my favourite game and has been for years but the updates slowly make it worse. For example r-thro was added and has ruined avatar customising. Also back when i was smaller in 2015 when i had a guest account there was no scam bots and roblox was still an amazing game! The TIX was basically free ROBUX which i loved (although unfortunately i lost my first account which i also made in 2015). And I have personally lost multiple accounts WITH ROBUX that i payed for And never got the money or the ROBUX back. And as i mentioned in the first part of this review. The updates are slowly making it worse. You have removed the things people loved :(. First TIX. Gone reduced to atoms. Then Guests :(. ROBLOX still has more pros than cons but not by alot. And i forgot to metion this but my account got banned for apparently 2 days without warning because i was annoying people on an inappropriate game to get them to leave. I waited almost a week. Not playing my favourite game and my account still didn’t come back. Only when i went off the page that said i was banned ,i was unbanned! I paid with real money on that account and it was just gone. At that point i hadn’t played roblox for so long that i forgot my password. I am sorry for this long review but please fix this I have spent atleast £50 on accounts that j have lost and never got it back. Please take notice and if you cannot fix these problems tell me why..Version: 2.396.327208

Great but Very Glitchy on my IPadI was playing and first I love MeepCity and Adopt Me and a little bit of Piggy but it’s just sometimes I can’t play some certain games like Brookhaven which I just 💖 but that’s not good, I was able to play it before when I did not have glitches but it seems like I can’t play it now. What I thought was great that you get to play with your BFF all day but sometimes people bribe me into giving them my pet and me getting 1110 Robux but I don’t even have any robux! Could you pls help me so it wouldn’t glitch on my iPad and stop scamming and the dating sort of thing. Everyone here is taking Roblox as an opportunity to date online people and sometimes it is very annoying saying things in chat. So far 2 people have bullied me in Roblox and I have been very mad lately. Lots of people are also telling me that they reported me for no reason and I absolutely don’t know why 😕. One ☝️ time someone sweared 🤬 and I thought I might tell you. Another thing is I tried this hack to get free robux and it’s a scam. I think we should stop ✋ doing all these robux hacks as well as inappropriate people and games they do. I still love Roblox but I think 🤔 we should do way more better things to make it the best game in the world 🌍! Thanks 🙏, Diamondqueen1145 from Roblox.Version: 2.500.373

Pretty Old User HereI’ve been playing since late 2015 on ROBLOX. Though I don’t get on very much anymore, I can give an honest review. ROBLOX is a company. They expect you to give them money if they give you free games (which developers worked hard to make). You can’t be so obnoxious over pricing, and just live with a basic avatar. It’s not even worth spending money on a platform like this unless you feel like helping the creators, about avatar or game passes. Some game passes are a scam, so beware. The games are pretty cool! You’ll find some good ones time by time, and you’ll find bad ones. And when I say that, I’m not talking about quality. I’m talking community. We all know ROBLOX is full of 8 year olds, so maybe watch your swearing before they contaminate innocent minds. You can be mean or kind, just don’t scam. You’re scum scamming 11 year olds 💀. There’s no lifers on here at 18 still playing ROBLOX, but hey. Everyone gets to choose what they want to do in life. The platform it self is durable. You’ll find ODers, but don’t bother reporting. ROBLOX has gotten too big to actually read your reports. If it’s serious, send an email. I literally lost my account and got it back by that, just remember your first password ever on it. Your imagination can spring wild here, whether it’s to trolling or role playing, enjoy your time on this game. Its pretty cool. 👍.Version: 2.369.274489

It’s great but too easy to get hackedI have just bought my first bit of robux(£10) and it said I didn’t have any, at first I just thought it was a little delay or the money didn’t come through. However, when I checked my recently purchased it said I had purchased two cool off-white t shirts when I hadn’t! This platform is a really good one and it is really fun to play but I recommend setting up extra security and being careful not to get scammed in games such as adopt me by not doing ‘trust trades’ or giving people free items because there ‘new’. They are most likely scammers. I think Roblox should make it so that you have to verify yourself before logging into your account by using a security question that you chose whilst creating your account. You could possibly use higher security questions such as ‘What is your dads car register plate’ or simpler ones such as ‘what is your mums maiden name’. Also, one of the main reasons that people scam or hack is because they can’t get robux for whatever reason, I think that you should create a free starter award that contains 1000+ robux and a free piece of clothing,a free pet or free hair which you get to choose. That way people won’t get jealous and resort to hacking or scamming. I really hope that you read this and hope that if you do use any of my ideas that they help this otherwise wonderful community to expand -Lila, aged 10.Version: 2.454.413308

My accountI think roblox is a good game because you can play whatever game you want and you an create your own avatar but the bad thing is I make an account have that account for a couple years but then roblox logs out of and I can never get back into it and roblox has done that to me every time a make another account and I’ve made 5 accounts already but when I make another account it logs out in two seconds and then never lets me back into the account and roblox has been doing that 5 times now but at the moment I’m fine with my account but I just don’t want roblox to keep logging out of every account I make so please please stop doing that because my friends get mad at me because I keep give them friend request so please stop doing this to me thank you ☺️.Version: 2.475.420862

Why?? Why? Why? WHY...?Dear Roblox I hope you read this my last review was a four star but now it’s not because my account got hacked or banned I was watching my friend play royal high and then I realised I wanted to play an obby but then I was logged out so I logged in and it said I had no friends 😖 then logged me out AGAIN that’s when my panic levels starting getting higher I was so upset when this happened and it happened over and over I was crying and my mom and father HATE it now I spent Over 100 dollars on that account and now ITS GONE I’m so disappointed and upset I hope you help me get my account krazyyyy123 back!! Please Roblox and if I did something wrong it was probably my naughty brother sneaking on and that wasn’t me so please give me one more chance if that happened also I had a frost a neon dragon a ride neon golden rat and parrot turtle and unicorn so I am devastated so please help thank you! And I will continue to play!.Version: 2.436.406463

ReadOne of the best games ever! 1: No Ads (this is a serious claim there are no ads at all) 2: Socialising (lots of new people) 3: Be anything you want (make a character for yourself) 4: There is literally a game for EVERY topic 5: Reporting (if any cyber bullying occurs you can report it to the bosses of roblox and they will handle it for you! 6: It’s not laggy (that’s right! No lag) The only negative point I have on roblox is that you need internet. So after reading this review I hope you will download this amazing game! Although I have found the developers don’t like to call out on the cyber bullies and there are many online daters and scammers on there as well so only let a child 7 or over play because any younger will be traumatised by the sexual predators and such. So roblox I know you are trying hard to keep us safe but please update further and actually follow up on complaints also I would much appreciate a developer’s response as I’ve seen you have not responded to anyone else’s so please take this into account before down loading this. Also all girls and boys nightclub games should be deleted because perverts and others lurk in those games. So because of these reasons I can only give this game 3 stars. Sorry. Also since you didn’t reply to any others please reply to this.Version: 2.484.425477

Fix thisI play on mobile and after I play for a while it brings me back to the home screen.Version: 2.437.406997

HelpWhen you type something in the chat for like if I said (hello everyone) it would put (hello) on your chat bubble.Version: 2.390.312659

Amazing but glitchingSo in 2019 I was playing Roblox and it was my favorite game I know I am putting two stars but I have a really big problem so what I wanna say is that if I want to play Roblox now , I can’t because there’s a really bad problem and that’s make me a really mad so basically I wanna enter in the game I just enter like a normal person but when I want to play brookhaven for example like my screen starts shaking Like I don’t play I don’t know but it starts shaking and for example when I will play something they just like for example it’s like a leave the game but I didn’t do anything and like when my screen starts shaking I can’t touch the screen I can touch it but it doesn’t work .When it doesn’t work I just leave Roblox and I turn off my iPad and then I will try to open Roblox and It works I don’t know if the problem is from my iPad or I need to update my iPad or update Roblox but now I’m starting to hate Roblox because I can’t even play like before so please if you can answer me because I hate this problem but the problem of shaking it’s only like four playing a normal game but when I wanna Play an obby It works and it doesn’t shake but from one hour I was playing tower of hell and start shaking so please if you can fix that problem and also thank you if you’re gonna reply or answer me and after that if you fix the problem on my iPad or tell me the reason I’m going to put the final start on Roblox because it such from my favorite games..Version: 2.471.419833

Great game but a few things...Roblox is a great game I love playing adopt me and Royale high but about those something happens to me very often it glitches me literally out of the game and into the home screen that’s number one priority number two robux is actually a waste of money you can just keep it as earn fake money in games that’s second priority number three so many hackers and you can get your account stolen roblox should do something about that it has been a problem for years and yet roblox does nothing about it all of these reviews you look at it will say something about hackers that is the main priority even if you report an abuse roblox does nothing! So I say time to step up.. Why do you even say ‘REPORT ABUSE’ if your not gonna do anything about it you know there are a lot of reviews that are good but soon it won’t be if you keep this up and about that second priority... There is another app called Robux for Robux codes and this legit game perfectly ends this unfair system of Robux. After Reading this Review you should have this app on your device. This game is really good like really really good it gives you robux for CODES! Who wants that? Thank you for reading this review I hope this helped getting a wise choice. It’s up to you now! And if you already have this game WHY ArE YOU reading this???!!!.Version: 2.495.268

Choose Your SideI am a chrome book user and I play ROBLOX on a Chromebook. There’s 2 sides with this game for me: A piece of trash, and an amazing game. Roblox overall is an amazing game and a nice way to have fun with friends and I overall love it or loved it. I still like Roblox but my liking is slowly lowering. Sometimes Roblox won’t let me play, and that really gets annoying when your bored and it says “ Oh sorry looks like we can’t open Roblox for you” I come back on 1 day later: SAME THING!! But hopefully that can change and I will love Roblox again: Great game if it doesn’t cause you this issue.Version: 2.390.312659

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Is Roblox not working?

Roblox works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Roblox.

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