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Roblox App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Roblox app received 31 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Roblox? Can you share your negative thoughts about roblox?

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Roblox for Negative User Reviews

Both sidesFirst the good side of the game, I really enjoy being able to play such game built with many players imagination and thought, like arsenal, adopt me, bloxburg. I get to go and explore and find new and different genre games with my friends and get addictive to a certain game from time to time. Now into the bad part, I’m seeing lot of bullying and toxic behaviour in different games, I’ve started to see a-lot of hackers too, going through walls, flying, instant killing people it needs to be dealt with quickly my friend cowvillage124/Hello and many others that I’m in contact over the world have been banned for misunderstandings and for strange things. There is lots of server lag on many different games for different things, lightsaber arena, mad city, survive the night, scp games, bloxburg and many other games on roblox can’t be properly played on different devices and are given too much detail for people to play them, this causes frustration and dislike on the game, especially when I first played roblox I so was happy and excited playing some games 4 years ago, but as I’ve grown up playing it, I’ve noticed some games being turned off and removed and having terrible connection to the device and networks themselves, under 12 players being able to do online dating on roblox is also whats going to cause roblox to be useless.Version: 2.535.277

Love the game but please fix a Robux problem and more.I really really love this game but there are a few problems that are annoying me and lots of other people Problem 1: The robux is a huge problem because you have to buy it from the start and there are billions of games with gamepasses and people want to get gamepasses in those games but you have to buy the robux yourself. Solution 1: The player should get 5 to 15 robux a day so the person can get a gamepass one day and not have to buy robux every time they want a gamepass Solution 2: You can give the player 250 to 500 robux when the person starts playing roblox and then can buy robux later Problem 2: This is an annoying problem too. There are too much tags and a problem with your roblox safety. Numbers are even tagged a lot of the time. Solution: Fix roblox safety and make it only tag things that are inappropriate Problem 3: When you report people they never get banned from a game or from roblox at all, making reporting worthless 🙁. Solution: fix the report thing (if I add more to the solution the review could become inappropriate). Sorry for the long review but it is worth it and making money is not what makes your game great, the player’s enjoyment is the most important part of making your game fun. Also every time roblox needs to update, I have to type password before updating. Slightly annoying. I hope you understand. Thank you.Version: 2.562.360

To: Roblox Developers, please read. Important!I was on my iPad, playing around when I was like, “I should get Roblox on my iPad!” It was a great idea, but soon I found out, Roblox is 12+. I was all of a sudden thinking, why is it 12+? Many kids, ranging from extremely young to adults, play this entertaining game. I am extremely disappointed, and I think you should update this. Roblox is a great game, but I think there should be a thing that checks for viruses in things you can put in games from the tool box. And you should probably hire special employees to review and delete the rise in amounts of Roblox “con” games. The fact that these con games, (short for condo) are exposing young kids to 18+ content is disgusting. Some people even tried to sue Roblox because in a game their 6 year old daughter was playing had explicit content and 18+ pictures all over the walls. A bit ago, the renowned game “meep city” was hacked into a game where it made you praise jah, and once you have entered the game, you cannot exit. If you try to leave, it just teleports you back, and this means that the people who hacked the game, can hack more popular games like Royale High, Adopt Me, Arsenal, and in fact, the meep city game has been hacked multiple times. You should REALLY fix this, and the fact they didn’t put any explicit content in the game, is extremely lucky. I hope you can deal with these problems I have listed!.Version: 2.426.397338

Roblox Is Disturbing☹️Roblox Personally, is a Really disturbing game in my personal experience. I first created my account in 2019, I didn't know much about the Internet but i thought that downloading the game would be fun, I was really wrong. 2019 me, Had made a lot of online friends. I didn't know much about danger because I was a young person at the time, I thought that making friends would make me "cool", I made alot of memories on that account but sadly lost it in January 2020, Onto the "Disturbing part" When i made my other account in October 2020, I was pretty bored because of Covid and that, On 2021, I joined my friend "KawaiiPancakeUwU9" I had knew her for a long time by now, She was in a Inappropriate game, I wanted to troll in there to see what would happen, I ended up getting Gr00med, yeah. I know its MY personal experience, But I personally think Roblox is a bad Game😐, Not to mention how people have told me to Unalive myself over the GAME?, Roblox is probably one of the worst apps i've had. I like it but its just, Disturbing and not okay. Please understand what im saying and just stay safe on roblox. ☹️.Version: 2.521.404

Amazing but glitchingSo in 2019 I was playing Roblox and it was my favorite game I know I am putting two stars but I have a really big problem so what I wanna say is that if I want to play Roblox now , I can’t because there’s a really bad problem and that’s make me a really mad so basically I wanna enter in the game I just enter like a normal person but when I want to play brookhaven for example like my screen starts shaking Like I don’t play I don’t know but it starts shaking and for example when I will play something they just like for example it’s like a leave the game but I didn’t do anything and like when my screen starts shaking I can’t touch the screen I can touch it but it doesn’t work .When it doesn’t work I just leave Roblox and I turn off my iPad and then I will try to open Roblox and It works I don’t know if the problem is from my iPad or I need to update my iPad or update Roblox but now I’m starting to hate Roblox because I can’t even play like before so please if you can answer me because I hate this problem but the problem of shaking it’s only like four playing a normal game but when I wanna Play an obby It works and it doesn’t shake but from one hour I was playing tower of hell and start shaking so please if you can fix that problem and also thank you if you’re gonna reply or answer me and after that if you fix the problem on my iPad or tell me the reason I’m going to put the final start on Roblox because it such from my favorite games..Version: 2.471.419833

The best game ever!Hi! I just wanted to say that this game is like—I don’t know! It’s cool, amazing, fun, great. I could list many more things if I had to. Some things bothered me so I decided to make a review about the things I am not quite satisfied with. Issues: 1. Robux is quite expensive and my mom doesn’t really give me robux much. I’d say about three times a year max? I mean- I want some more robux and fast! 2. You should ban all hackers, cheaters, daters, and very mean children. They will upset people more if you don’t. And in my opinion, the reports do nothing at all! 3. Although this game has a few issues, I would like the private servers free, as well as more than up to 200 friends. I love making friends, of course! 4. Last of all, I mean...I guess it would be better if it was 12+ , but it is not fair for the children! It should be at least 8+ , and if under maybe some parental guidance whenever your children are talking to others. I started playing this game when I was 6, plus the only issues I had was that people were bullying me and that I couldn’t spell. This game has made me the happiest person in the family! My sister doesn’t like it and I’ve always tried to make her play. Maybe she plays 5 times a year and I would really love it if she would just play more. I really can’t believe I found this app, and I really can’t believe it’s free! Kind regards, Kayla I hope you like my review, Roblox Team..Version: 2.504.408

Alexandrasio912I love love love this game it’s just that most off the time when people are rude to me so I just am protecting myself from bullying so I be rude back like when I’m just trying to say STOP to people then the next day and report saying do not be mean do not talk rude to other players I mean all I said was stop and when I open back my Roblox account page it say all off that same time I start speaking mean because I will I’m doing is defending myself sooAnd I get reported so many times just for telling people to back off and stop with sometimes they are on my house property and not moving but I do love Roblox it’s just that one thing that annoys me whenever I get banned. I loveLove Love love this game it’s just a few changes that I would like to be had to happen to this game I would give you five iota just that one thing that annoy me but Thxs Roblox ☺️☺️☺️my fav game is bedwars that is my Review thanks byeee.Version: 2.529.367

👎First of all, I love Roblox. I really do! The only reason I gave it a 1 star rating was because I have purchased 80 Robux multiple times and it still hasn’t shown up, please email me back somehow on telling me why it hasn’t shown up, I have force closed the app multiple times too, I checked on the help thing which didn’t help at all. I do also agree with someone else review saying that you should be able to gain Robux by winning badges in games and stuff, just paying for it is sad because some kids would love to have some while their other friends do and they play games which you need Robux to play so they feel left out. Like my friend just figured out how to do a second floor in BloxBurg (because she didn’t know how to when she got the game pass) and she said she’d make a room for me and she said I could decorate it myself because my dad will let me get Robux but it’s not working and I’m really sad about it. Kids want Robux so badly they’ll pay their parents $10 if they just buy $1 Robux like my friend to convince them more. Like it’s sad if some people aren’t allowed while their friends are. My dad normally never gets me Robux while my friends get Robux all the time! Please can we either buy Robux or earn badges for it? It would be amazing people would get Roblox more!!! Just giving you a tip if you wanna get more players on Roblox U-U From a person who wants bacons and noobs to not feel so poor and left out..Version: 2.443.409841

OofYou removed oof so 1 star.Version: 2.465.417621

Pros and cons I have with robloxHello I am a loyal player of roblox and I love it quite a lot however I would like to discuss some issues I have with Roblox’s rules and anything related: - one of the things I largely dislike is about the new TOS updated I have seen from other people but not actually myself so these may just be rumours: -I don’t like the fact one of them states you aren’t allowed to dress like YouTubers when clearly lots of YouTubers can range from bacons to rich people and it’s not hard to accidentally wear most of the same things they wear -also the banning or removing of more violent games that behold guns, knives and weapons. Just because younger kids are on here doesn’t mean you should take things away that people 12+ like to play because I simply think it’s a little unfair -roblox also needs to fix the issues with people getting beamed of their limiteds robux and accounts, it’s simply too easy for people who know how to beam others. - also one terrible thing happened a couple months ago where I never got my premium pay when it was due even when I emailed roblox support. They never emailed back or rerollef my robux that I payed for with my money which I am terrible cautious about doing now is purchasing INGAME currency - the things I love about roblox is the community and games, I also enjoy virtually shopping for my pixel and prettying her up. I love making friends on the games..Version: 2.498.396

Fix thisI play on mobile and after I play for a while it brings me back to the home screen.Version: 2.437.406997

Roblox Games are brilliantThe games are designed fairly well. It’s just the community, scamming ads, hacking, humiliating, everywhere. Roblox doesn’t manage the ads for some reason and the report never works. Bad service, takes long time to get rollback. However, I suggest roblox take responsibility to its own game..Version: 2.443.409841

어이없다This games security is terrible, a player hacked my sister account and stole something. This is ridiculous, a games which is this popular should be better than this ridiculous security..Version: 2.443.409841

SadBring back the og death noise.Version: 2.540.501

System is so bad 😭🖐🏽Y’all’s system is actual trash it’s like you guys sit back and watch ur money grow. I just got hacked this morning and I was so mad. Please fix your system that would be much appreciated because I spent a lot of my money on that game and I don’t want that money to go to waist. Please do something about it. User: Ashley76282 ❤️.Version: 2.475.420862

Hackers and followersThis game is really good for entertainment BUT one thing is that there’s a lot of hackers and bots. So in my account I got ALOT of followers overnight, and it seemed like the account names where rushed and random numbers and letters. However I can only block 50 people and the amount of bots that are following me I can’t block all of them. Also my friend has over 2000 followers and she can’t even block half of them! I honestly wish that we can block more people and we can block as much people we can. And once I went to one of the bots profile and went to who they are following and he/she was following people that has onlyROBUX! It was like he/she was trying hack there accounts and steal there robux! Also I wish that more things where free and less expensive (as in robux expensive). But the amount of robux force money is fine it has the right amount of money we should spend on robux. The games are good and everything except why can’t we use numbers? Whenever we need to tell the person how much like example pancakes in bloxburg and when we are making a cafe how much money we need to pay. And just because we made a spelling mistake doesn’t mean it needs to be in tags cause it feels like I am trying to make fun of someone when I am really not. Also is very laggy and games don’t get better. There’s games that are like go on this game for free robux! When it’s a game that hacks people is really bad and thank you for reading my review, and I hope it gets better..Version: 2.439.407706

Pls fix’s thisI accidentally logged out and I can’t log back in cause when ever I do the verification Wright it makes me re do it and I spent a lot of money😭😭😭.Version: 2.451.412443

Roblox is great, but... there is a problem.....Roblox was the best block around all games in the world! I appreciate every work of you’re game roblox, however Roblox. Despite on you working this game is making the people's experience more funless, why? Hackers, people using scripts in doors, those guests were banned never came back, ETC I’ve been playing Roblox for two years, and I find it empty however, and bro are we talking about R63 or something!? This might be the bad ways that you may create or someone made a block with weird stuff in it. You need to think of what or how the game works and make more people to have more fun and exciting activities! Not just games that just blows and badges rewarded you nothing (they do but it’s on someone’s project) those people three/two years ago had lost money from there parents just by 80 single ROBUX wasting down the drain, please fix this immediately I don’t want stuff or blocks going down and down and kreekcraft has to explain these painful ways, please fix this, it’s so annoying!.Version: 2.560.362

Roblox is fun. But a few problems I will talk about.I’m not here to say why it is fun, I’m here to talk about the problems that are annoying. 1. Scamming. When you are in Adopt-Me and you see a poor person that wants a pet, you’d probably give them a very good pet. But they aren’t poor. They actually just scammed you. That is a scammer. Scamming is bad cause like if you have a very good pet and you accidentally gave it to a rich person that is pretending to be poor they are scamming you. And what I mean by that is like a very good pet is now with someone else which is scamming people.2.Hacking. Sometimes you have a lots of good avatars, but it’s late irl. You go to bed. The next morning, those cool avatars are gone. You got hacked. Or someone hacked you out of the game. Hacking is bad. This may be hard to get through. 3.Glitches. Sometimes I’m playing my favourite game. Greenville. Then I disconnected somehow. Idk how. Then I try to get back onto the game but it’s says like another me got onto the game in a different server. What? That makes no sense (to me). Another glitch is when the server doesn’t load properly. Like when in Greenville I’m driving a car then I fall into the void cause the world didn’t load. Other than that roblox is very fun and cnat recommend it enough. There is at least a bajillion of good games to play. And roblox, here is a favour, can you please fix some glitches?.Version: 2.571.526

HOW DARE YOU PLEASE READAlright, I am sorry for my rude introduction. I love roblox, I’ve been playing it for a while! It’s an amazing game and all that. But I really don’t like all these new updates- I’m not saying you should stop ALL of them.... but I specifically don’t like this one. Roblox has taken away our privilege to change our bios // status. I do not understand why y’all have done that? I love changing it- I don’t Change it EVERY SINGLE DAY but tons of people like changing them too. Here is an example of why we need bios // status... Let’s say, you were messing around with your settings and accidentally made yourself not be able to chat in lobby! What if you don’t know how to change it back? Then if we can have status// bios we can say, “sorry if I don’t respond to ur message, I can’t talk in lobby” then it will inform people that and they won’t get upset at you. Bedsides, some people had their bios as something funny as a joke for a week or something and now they are stuck like that! That’s mean and embarrassing !! I don’t like this new update and I would like it to change :(.Version: 2.467.418331

Account deletedI was playing adopt me one day, I saw a person making hateful comments to the game and LGBTQ. I commented back with just a few words, “ Nobody wants to hear that” or something in common with that, few minutes pass things get heated and I say a word. “Go to hell” he didn’t care and kept going on, I soon to regret that bc not even a minute after I got my dream pet I got mother emailed back and fourth but 2 months pass I still do not have my account OR my pets that I worked hard on, I am not resting until my Justice comes, people get banned 7 days max for saying inappropriate stuff, Rude things, slurs, and the n word. No ban for hacking exploiting or scamming, but a word that I said mistakingly when someone was making rude comments about the LGBTQ I was deleted? All my hard work gone? They won’t give any refunds because I don’t have a receipt. I worked very hard and invested so much money in those pets. Wow thanks a lot roblox support😆.Version: 2.521.404

Good and badBruh what’s the point in robux it’s sort of a waste of money why cant there be another way to get it because everyone gets bullied for their poor avatars just because their mum won’t get them robux. Why cant you earn it instead of using your mums or dads credit card because your account gets banned So if you get banned You just wasted some of your parents money Good: what’s good is how the avatars are cool and lots of people play roblox and it’s fun and amazing Bad: I don’t see the point in buying robux for things because this is the 2nd time my account got banned because I was helping people that was getting bullied and saying that what their doing is wrong. SO what’s The actual point if you buy robux and get banned. Plus WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT just to play a game that millions of people play have to pay just for characters and stuff like korblox or headless horseman Why cant people earn stuff or get cooler things for free or earn a badge for playing roblox for the first time. Or even a daily collect for robux or Skins or games that you can play on computer only because it hurts my feelings when I get banned like that can’t be a punishment or what ever. I cant even Handle it when I got banned. Read this or fix this please I’m just trying to help.Version: 2.538.363

It’s good but...This is a fun game to play I really like it, it’s fun and creative and the best thing is that you can create your own games and play it with your friends. The worst thing about this game is that there are so many hackers, bullies and nearly every game you need to have robux or can have robux to feel good and probably enjoy the game. Robux is real money it allows you to buy and costume your avatar and it also lets you get advantages in games. And the glitches/ hackers, they are people that hack so they can fly or walk through walls ect and make it really hard for others to get them and it makes the game not fun. I used to like a game called adopt me it was really popular I had nearly every pet and then they decided to update it so that you need robux to buy a specific pet and soon nearly every pet needed to be bought by robux and by the type of game it is it makes you feel like you need to have everything to be popular and not look like a noob adopt me has also a lot of scammers that like to scam people they could say give me all your pets (or something like that) and I will give you robux and they don’t give you robux. Overall Roblox is a good game I suggest you don’t spend any robux on this game maybe just for your avatar and only once because if you spend it on a game like I did and that game gets bad or you just don’t like it you can’t get your money back and it leaves you feeling frustrated and angry..Version: 2.443.409841

I’m having a hard timeWell I always this glitch that keeps happening over and over again. Like in Royale high basically my screen it’s like goes black and it just sends me to my own home screen and it is like really annoying and when I first downloaded Roblox on my iPad basically I downloaded it I made it an account and basically I tried to play Brookhaven and I just kept glitching I don’t know what happened and I kept on deleting down and deleting downloading deleting downloading deleting downloading and it still hasn’t worked it still didn’t work I don’t know what it is really long but I am yeah it’s really annoying and it’s really bugging me although Brookhaven it’s like it’s improved and it stopped glitching but it still shuts my screen my screen shuts off on Roblox and then just send me to my house again and it’s really annoying and I really need you guys to fix it I I said it in and I said it in the Roblox group chat the like yeah and work okay and I need you guys to fix it it’s not fair on like me because my friends they’re all playing at fun game like Royal high or something and I can never play it because it doesn’t work and it glitches I can’t play live Topia because it always glitches it was such my screen I can’t play and I can’t even like have that much fun because it’s not it doesn’t even work and that’s why I’m giving you guys a 3 out of 5 i love Roblox but it’s kind of and it’s it doesn’t even work yeah but yeah and yeah it doesn’t even work.Version: 2.516.304

Roblox is great but…Here’s the three great stuff about roblox :D I had this acc for 2 years and I enjoy this a lot. I love how there’s settings and that you can play with friends and create games, customise stuff like for avatars, create groups, change your roblox user or display (for like 1,000 robux D:) but there’s just some negativity stuff… Roblox if you see this, there are some glitches and bugs, (first one probably works on iPad or all device but I don’t know) whenever you press the roblox logo and go back, when you move your screen moves and it’s really annoying because you have to rejoin the game to fix it. Another one is that, you get banned for some dumb reasons, my friend got banned for saying “lol” and “😞” Another one is that when you change your avatar, it removes some stuff off of your avatar and you have to do it again. I feel like the badges are a bit unnecessary but that’s not a negative one so if you are reading this and you are about to download Roblox, download it bit u gonna feel pain lol.Version: 2.559.373

Not for Gen-Z.Honestly I think Roblox has some good potential. It’s got all the professional designers and game makers HOWEVER, this game is not suitable for these Gen-Z kids. I used to play this a while back, and I have logged on again just to find the app completely different. These people have made up words such as “rizz”, “pick me”, “slay”, “dawg”, “sonned”, etc. I could go on and on. This is a problem. Kids never used to be like this, I miss it when it was just friendly and all you would do was bake pizza or adopt a pet. Now all I see is gun and violence, bullying, s3xual harassment, and swearing. This is not good for little kids that are growing up on Roblox. Gen Z kids have all grown up with friendly games and they have grown up to be like this. Imagine future kids being influenced by these people and growing up to be high school bullies or video game addicted teenagers. As embarrassing as it is, I have been bullied on this game by little 10 year old kids who pretend to be older than what they are. This is bad, bad for parents and other Roblox players. Not to mention the fact that they are wasting precious money on in-game currency. Just to get validation in a literal game. Unbelievable..Version: 2.564.444

Bad Customer ServiceThe kids love the game, but just hope that nothing goes wrong with their account. If you ever have to submit a ticket, their team is more focused on closing out the ticket than supporting the problem. This is especially evident on hacked accounts, but specific to individuals working the ticket. No actual real life conversations with people, tickets responded to hours apart and many times in the middle of the night, then when you dont reply they push to close the ticket. Worst customer service ever, and a 5 minute phone conversation would solve the problems faster..Version: 2.455.413788

Roblox is great but some bad thingsOMG I downloaded this game 2 years ago, its amazing I have never stopped playing it! But sometimes it glitches up and kicks me out so I update but it happens here and there so I leave it. One time I was just playing Brookhaven and this person kept popping up. For a second I got scared but I thought it was a glitch so I left it, it kept on coming and coming, and about 5 minutes later, I got kicked out. I was scared so I shut down my device. Another time I was scrolling through the friend request and I saw this request from a friend, or who I so thought…. I accepted the request and we started talking, after about a good 5 minutes she asked for my password to give me robux, I was a little suspicious cause she knew my password since she’s my friend, turns out it was a hacker on her account. From that day I was scared and never accepted a friend request, she stole all my robux, but the weird thing is I never told her my password, all I said was sorry I thought u knew my password and then turned my device off. Also I get kicked out for no reason. There are a lot of disgusting people who make me feel uncomfortable, roblox said they ban them and stuff but I see them to this day. Roblox needs to ban those kinda people cause me and my siblings don’t feel safe! Hopefully this helped u guys!.Version: 2.564.444

RobuxRoblox is a really great game however I don’t like the way kids have to have to pay for robux so they can look better or be better at a game. I personally have gotten robux only once and that was just so I could play bloxburg with my friends, and then I didn’t even end up liking it! I’m not allowed robux anymore, because my parents say it’s a waste of REAL LIFE MONEY just to get a few robux for a game so that you can make yourself look like everyone else, I’m kinda okay with this because I agree that it’s a waste. My point is, robux is something that is going to make young kids who play this game feel like they need money and need to have cool stuff and need to do things that cost a lot of money. Some kids don’t have enough to pay for robux and their device is probably an old laggy device that costs barely anything, and they are getting bullied for not having things that everyone else has. Personally I think that robux should either be gone completely, or be able to gain robux by getting badges in games or achieving daily tasks that robux has set up. I really hope to see a change because as a kid this means a lot to me. Thanks.Version: 2.440.408152

I hate thisI pay for Robux get an outfit and then lose it if I lose my outfit at least give back my robux.Version: 2.491.428447

Error Code 277With error code 277, it randomly disconnects you from Roblox games and, when you randomly disconnect from all the games that you try playing, Roblox becomes useless..Version: 2.441.408614

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