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Block Blast! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Block Blast! app received 145 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Block Blast!? Can you share your negative thoughts about block blast!?

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Block Blast! for Negative User Reviews

Ads kill the gameThe game itself is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. However the ads ruined it and I eventually got fed up and uninstalled it. When the app was freshly installed the ads were only after every few rounds of the game. Then once you are hooked they are after every round. What’s worse, they take forever. It’s so bad I fact, it’s quicker to close and reopen the app..Version: 3.7.1

Way too many adsLove the game but way way way too many ads.Version: 3.0.8

Adds cheat.There are quite a lot of adds. The usual deal. +30 second Add video. You click out. It takes you to app store. You click out. It shows you a “playable” demo, that takes you to the app store if you click. Another 30 seconds gone. Then you wait 15 seconds while “playable” demo sits there to quit. Its faster on iphone to force close the app as soon as add starts and reopen game between lvls. It skips the add and you save a heap of wasted time. As for lvls. They appear to repeat. And its all “random” luck as to what blocks appear. Several tries on a lvl and the lvl is impossible. Then all of a sudden you’ve finished it with no challenge. Others have noticed it to by the reviews. Its fun and fills in time. But gets repetitive..Version: 3.8.0

SucksWas nice until they started asking for personal information about me under the guise of winning a gift card from Amazon. After that I got spam and suggestions about games I didn’t want or needed. Con game..Version: 3.5.1

Tooooo many adsCould be a great game to zone out to. But the ads are way tooooo long. Constant. Repetitive. Just like do many people have said and complained about, which has seemingly gone totally ignored. And with weirdly no option to opt out of being forced to watch the same boring, long adverts the fun part of the experience gets lost and the whole thing becomes tiresome and exhausting. Also.. it’s clear that the game deliberately chucks up pieces it knows you aren’t going to be able to fit.. just so, YEP… they can force you to watch another bl**dy advert…for the courtesy of continuing. The constant, merciless advert pushing unfortunately far outweighs any enjoyment you could get from the game. Shame really..Version: 2.8.7

Gets boring quickWould be more interesting if you could reach X points to unlock some rotation on the pieces, or trade a piece feature. The same video ads again & again are a gross waste of time!.Version: 3.5.5

3/5Very addicting but frustrating. The creators have definitely got to fix the algorithm of blocks received. Earlier today i was very close to beating my high score when i was given 3 blocks that made it impossible to win, as 2 of the blocks weren't able to clear space for the big 3x3 block..Version: 3.3.7

So many ads!This is a fun puzzle game using familiar Tetris pieces but with a different take. You can drag and drop the pieces wherever you like at your own pace. I find that more relaxing than other games where you’re racing against the clock. The number and length of ads is ruining it for me though. I feel like I spend more time watching ads for Royal Match than actually playing the game. Another review mentioned audio for a tampon ad playing randomly. I’ve had the same issue. I was actually playing when my dad called and I answered without closing out the game app. 10 minutes into our conversation, I’m hearing details of tampon insertion. It was very off putting..Version: 3.1.4

Don’t trust the 4.8 scoreSome people don’t know that Apple allows app publishers to simply pay for a higher score in the App Store than the reviewers give it (BTW one of the main reasons why I will never buy an iPhone again, are you listening Apple?). Sure it has a “4.8 average score” but read the reviews and most people give it one or two stars because it’s not only a simplistic game that gets boring after a few minutes, you have to watch an ad for each of those minutes. Apple is totally fine with publishers using bot accounts to boost scores, and if you just give them a chunk of money they will make the “average score” a 4.8 no matter what the users say. I should have known, the ad has a line at the bottom that says “creative copy goes here that makes them want to download the game” and the app store page itself can’t even spell the word “relaxing” correctly. The developers are even stupider than their target market, but they have cash so Apple is happy to let them manipulate us..Version: 2.7.4

AdsThis game is a fun game . You get randomised shapes and have to put them in a place in a square, once you have made a line u will get points . Pretty simple to be fair , The bug is, you get about 30 seconds to 1 minute ads, honestly you don’t get them as often as some games but other games ads are about 5 seconds long. To be honest, games are really fun 🤩 however the ads ( propaganda ) ruin them!.Version: 3.2.1

Way to many AdsI use to love this game at first I’d spend hours sat playing it but the scandalous amount of ads has ruined it for me. I have now deleted the app and will no longer be using it as the amount of ads are ridiculous. If the makers of this app end up going bust and removing it, it will be because everyone has got fed up of the ads like I have. Shame really you bring out a good game and then ruin it for yourselves by forcing so many ads on us to the point I can’t even enjoy the game anymore. If by some miracle you remove the ads or reduce them drastically then maybe I will download it again. But as it currently stands I would not recommend this game to anyone as the amount of ads will spoil it for you..Version: 2.9.1

Love the game but it’s crashed on me 4 timesLove this game. It is addictive. However, FOUR times now the game has crashed on me when I’ve got more than halfway through achieving the trophy on the ‘Adventure’ mode. It’s gone back to Level 1 with a new picture to fill to achieve the trophy at the top. I’ve had a tree, a hill with a cross and a couple of others. I’ve emailed support twice and heard nothing back. As much as I love it, I’m deleting it. What is the point of a game where you can’t actually achieve the trophy? And it hasn’t saved your progress? You can’t link it to Facebook so the hours of game play has gone. Really disappointed. There ARE also a tonne of ads, as people say, which are long and monotonous. I’m not sure what the end goal is but 4 times crashing and starting from scratch is enough for me. I’ll find something else to play. Disappointed..Version: 3.4.6

False AdvertisingI have found at least 3 identical copies of this game so far on the app store. All of them are filled with hundreds (or thousands) of obviously fake 5-star reviews. whatever it takes to outweigh the REAL 1-star reviews and get the game to a near 4.8 average score. The ads that lead to this game (and it’s copies) mislead you to believe it has game mechanics like Tetris. It shows the top blocks moving downwards as rows underneath are completed. This game has completely different mechanics with no “gravity” involved. I firmly believe that the ONLY purpose of this game (and it’s copies) is to get people to watch a few ads before they realize how terrible and boring it is and delete it. I hope someone sees my review and it helps them save some time..Version: 3.1.1

Fun- until you lose without taking a turnMy husband and I love this game! It really is a lot of fun. But we noticed that we started to lose before we started on the next “level”. It’s not a game where you have to put the blocks in the right place each level to move on. Once you become good, it’s about luck. I have lost so many times because there weren’t any moves to be made when the next level started. Didn’t put a single block down, lost because the next three blocks didn’t fit. Or I could fit one of the blocks in only ONE spot, and I lose because there was no other way for me to put the blocks in. I reached level 12k+ a few times and lost because of my fault OR lost because I had no moves. Now I can’t get past 5k for some reason. It’s just becoming more annoying than fun. Deleting this game. Don’t waste getting addicted!.Version: 2.5.9

Misleading AdsThe ads for this game are not like the actual game..Version: 3.5.5

Block BlastThe game is great but the continual advertisements are very annoying and far too long. Don’t bother with this game !!!!.Version: 3.0.6

UselessNothing to do with what the ad promised. No explanations on how to play. Could not make the blocks turn. Just a few blocks and too big. I deleted it!.Version: 3.0.5

Good game but…The rules are a bit simple. There’s clearly more to it than the rules have stated. Such as you will only receive pieces that can all be placed into the board and get lines, so you have to be really tactical when spaces get tight. The revive rule seems to have little fluidity. Sometimes you can revive and sometimes you can’t. Sometimes there’s a big heart by the score and we have no idea what that even means. Why does it show? What does the heart mean, why can you only revive once regardless of how far you’ve got (18k for me). And the ads! Omg the ads ruin this game Update: it’s stopped giving me the option to revive so I’ve uninstalled and called it quits. It’s a shame really this could have been such a great game if they made a as free version with more revives once you reach point thresholds..Version: 2.5.3

Game is okay, but he ads are crazyI like this game. I don’t think it’s totally like the ad I saw for it, but it’s an good game to waste time playing. My major issue with this game is the ads 🙄 I know that free games have ads to make revenue, but there are so many ads that it drives me nuts. If you’re playing the game and get a text message that you want to reply to, when you come back to the game you will be greeted by an ad 😡 this game has adventures, where you have to compete a certain number of puzzles within a timeframe. After each puzzle there is an ad. Some of the puzzles only require you to collect a couple gems, so you may play the game for a few seconds and then get an ad, after that ad you go back to the game and play for less than a minute and get another ad. I’d be willing to pay for the game to avoid the ads..Version: 3.4.2

SO MANY ADSI downloaded the game when I saw a few advertisements on TikTok and I’ve been enjoying it. The background music is also calming enough that I can play this game before I go to bed. The only thing that kills the vibe are the excessive amount of ads. There’s an ad after every single level. It’s really annoying and there’s no way to make them go away. They’re so bad that I would pay money to get rid of them but you can’t even do that. I’m fighting the urge to delete it since there’s so many ads but I don’t want to go searching for a replacement. It also isn’t allowing me to rate the game???.Version: 3.0.8

Aggressive AdsThe game itself is actually great - I’d have kept the app and would definitely have paid for an ad free version but there’s no option to. There is a long advert for other games after EVERY game you play. It takes 15 minutes to play maybe 4 levels. It just became unbearable so I had to delete it which is a shame, because I enjoyed the gameplay..Version: 3.5.4

Stop with the ads! or give the option to buy.Great game, but the ads are over the top. When you finish a game you have time to get a drink before you can start another one. I’d gladly pay for an ad free version, but since that’s not an option I’ll just delete the app..Version: 3.2.0

The ads ruin this gameIt’s a fun game to play. However when you do the adventures the stories change but the game levels don’t. If you complete the levels too quick. You have to wait a whole 6 days to play the next. The ads have glitches and there are far too many ads it makes you want to delete the app! It’s a nightmare..Version: 2.8.5

Only 3 starsToo many ads and no way to sync your progress. If they add a way to sync progress, I will change the review.Version: 3.4.4

Ads ads adsLove the game but so sick of all the ads. Deleted ap.Version: 3.1.1

Ruined by incessant addsSadly this is quite a good little game that yet another game totally ruined by the ridiculous amount of adds. Sadly this is made worse by the length of some of these adverts, some actually lasting up to 60 seconds. Unfortunately this results in you more time watching these infuriating and repetitive adds, than you do actually playing the game. I persevered and finished the 1st trophy but sadly I’ve now had enough. Therefore the game will now be deleted as soon as I finish writing this review. I really don’t know how Unity Ads get away with causing so much disruption to so many games, and it’s sad that developers have to let them get away with it. On a personal note, as soon as I see anything to do with Unity Ads I delete it immediately..Version: 3.4.9

Designed to make you failGood game except… it sets you up with impossible options. It’s not a game of skill. It’s a game of luck, luck that it gives you blocks you can use. I don’t mind “hard”. Sure with the 3 blocks offered each time make it hard to use them in the right order in the right places, but don’t give blocks that it’s impossible to use. You can play the same level 50 times and it’s a matter of luck of it eventually gives you the blocks to complete a level. Hard… good. Challenging… excellent. Impossible… ridiculous. It’s like playing Russian roulette more than playing a game of any skill..Version: 3.3.7

Eh..This game is ok, it is quite fun but the ads make it UNPLAYABLE!!!! Every couple of minutes there is an ad that lasts for 30 seconds to 1 minute which is really annoying. The higher your score is, the harder the blocks are to place. It’s like the game is set against you, the longer the round lasts and the higher score you get, you get the opposite blocks you need, for example, you need a 3 block horizontal, you get a 2 verticals and 1 4 block horizontal. This game has potential but the creator must be in need for money because the amount of ads you get is absolutely ridiculous! The game itself is simple but fun . I get that they need to make money from the game somehow but you don’t need to be bombarded by ads every time you play..Version: 3.3.0

Deleting the gameThere at way too many ads. They are also long. If I could pay to go ad free I would. But as is I’m not interested..Version: 3.4.9

Spoiled by adsQuite a good game but ruined by incessant other game ads. I can tolerate some ads but this is the worst I have ever encountered. Also interesting algorithms behind the game. The block generation is far from random. At first it makes it easy for you but once you get to about 700 things change and the game deliberately seems you block combinations to make you fail. It’s like playing chess against Deep Blue - you have no chance!.Version: 3.1.9

Adverts ruin the gameIt’s a fun game but it’s ruined by adverts.. usually after each game and after the adverts are finished there’s no option to go back to the game unless you close the window and start again which is annoying. Seems that this game was created for advertising purposes only. Thinking of deleting it soon.Version: 2.6.7

Great Challenging Game!I have been playing this game for about a week and a half now and I am totally challenged by it. I also like the fact that while there are numerous ads, I do not have to pay for in-app purchases. Keep up the good work! RedDawn I have downgraded my rating of this game from five stars to 2 for the following reason: in the first few days I played, I was able to get I believe it was 3627. I continued playing and in the next week or so I was able to raise my score to 3645. Since then all I have been getting are basically three digit scores, which always ask me to revive, which I will not dignify by doing so. Occasionally I will get one in the high. 1,000s which I will revive to usually a low to mid-2000. Today, however, I had a 1907 and it never gave me a chance to revive, just threw me into an ad and told me the game was over. Unless you can tell me why this happened and rectify it I am going to be deleting the app as much is I love the game. Because if Hope is gone, so am I. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, RedDawn.Version: 3.1.8

Listen to your users!You cannot enjoy this app and get any meaningful points unless you don’t mind spending all of your time watching ADS. Users shouldn’t have to watch ads to rotate units. Please do away with that requirement! The algorithm is deplorable at shuffling. You never get single blocks beyond your first few banks. The shuffling gets absurd with the units given as you start developing points, making it impossible to then use logic to “blast” the blocks. Units are just too repetitive. Other than those MAJOR issues, the app is awesome. I cannot play this game anymore until the app undergoes those changes. People want to play games to reduce stress, and this app just creates more. Please listen!!.Version: 2.8.5

Love it but HATE itThis game is really fun but it has far too many adds.. after each level- after each life- after EACH PLAY!!! It used to be relaxing snd now it’s maddening !! I’ll have to delete the game unless they tone down on their adds.Version: 3.4.6

Soooo many adsI love this game but the ads need to go. I spend more time watching ads than playing..Version: 3.2.3

Good but too many adsIt’s good but too many ads that use too much data.Version: 3.2.3

So many ads and not as advertisedI came to game from an ad from another game. It was nothing like it was advertised. The ad shows it like Tetris, with the block falling down. The actual game is different to that and although it was okay it was not what I was looking for. Secondly the ad are excessive mainly do to the length of each ad. And to this that day all apps have ads like this… a lot do but not all of them do have them as long. I will never play Royal Match…. Hate that particular ad so much..Version: 3.1.4

They force you to fail - deletedI enjoyed the app until I realised they force you to fail, they give you set of three blocks which is impossible to fit even when 75% cells are empty and remaining 25% are all in one group and sacked. E.g they give you two 3x3 blocks and one long bar. I thought that was a bug but it is systematic behaviour one you reach 1000 points. They want you to fail so you can see their ads. I don’t mind to see the ads when I fail by making a mistake or want to restart, or when I minimise/maximise app but in their game design they force you to fail as soon as possible no matter what skills you have, to maximise the revenue ruining game experience. Waste of time, stupid app, I quit..Version: 3.4.4

The Ads get worseThe ads start off quick. Then gardenscapes ads start playing. The longer you play, the longer the ads get, and they last for more than a whole minute. If you hate the garden scapes ads as much as I do it really kills the enjoyment of the game. The game is great. Couple of different classic versions which are interesting, and the adventure challenges are fun and motivating. As the classic versions never end, so long as you keep making lines, it is a good game to wind down if you can’t sleep- no urgency involved. The classic games are the best way to avoid the ads as they don’t interrupt your play, only once a game ends. However the garden scapes ads ruin the zen. They’re not quick 5 second ads, there’s no option to skip for the one minute long ads and they drive me crazy..Version: 3.1.4

Great game, BUTThe game itself is great. But the amount and length of the ads is ridiculous . Win, lose or revive, it’s ad after ad. You can’t swipe out of them, you try to close it and it takes you to the App Store. At this point I’d honestly pay for an ad free version just to stop myself throwing my phone through the wall..Version: 4.1.2

It’s okayI downloaded block blast a few days ago, and I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m a little dissatisfied with the difference between the ads and the actual game. Also, there are small ads below the game. They show people kissing and doing gross stuff. If you want children to play a game like this, I’m sure there are others exactly the same with less adverts. It’s still a good game though!!!.Version: 3.8.7

Fine other than one thing!It’s a good game. I can just say this game is addicting, simple, and very fun and satisfying. Also I need to say that I appreciate that the game’s ads don’t make it completely entirely unplayable, But at some point during the game, it all becomes luck based and the game will give you random blocks where there will no longer be a logical way to to fit in the tiles in adventure and classic mode. You can’t rotate the tiles to fit elsewhere. Why do they give players tiles that don’t fit their board??? It makes no sense??? Once you lose, you get punished by having to watch an ad before going to the next round. That’s all very annoying, and unfair, and not the players fault..Version: 2.6.7

Negative starsBlock blast is a stain on society, advertised as a completely non existent game, and then actually is a rip off of blockudoku. I have no respect for the game developers, if you’re going to advertise a pretty simple but interesting game, why not make that game? Rather than make a worse and not even equivalent version of what you advertise only to annoy the few customers you may have had. TL:DR make the game you advertised or just don’t make it at all….Version: 3.8.3

Ads??Why so many….. can you pay to get rid of them???.Version: 3.0.4

Too Many Ads!I enjoy playing this game but there are waaaaay too many ads in it!! I beat a level? I have to watch an ad. I couldn’t beat a level? Still have to watch an ad! Can’t move forward in any way without dealing with these annoying ads constantly! And most of them, as of April 2023, are for a stupid game called Royal Match. I’ve actually tried Royal Match and didn’t like it. It’s nowhere near as interesting as the ads make it seem. It’s a boring and irritating game. If you could make it possible for players to turn off all the ads, I’d be willing to pay $3 or $5 to see NO MORE ADS! That’s how much I hate the constant ads, this really makes the game much less enjoyable..Version: 3.0.2

Love this game but the ads spoil itYou spend more time watching ads than playing the game. The game is awesome for puzzlers but it’s just crazy the amount of ads you have to sit through. I love the game but I will be deleting it because it’s too frustrating. You can’t do anything without constant ad interruption and you can’t even pay to remove them!.Version: 2.8.3

Keeps returning to level 1When playing Adventure as I escalate to each level at various time I.E next day when I continue with the game I’m back at level 1 .. this has happened too often .. Today I was playing for a while and just paused to come upstairs and I go to continue to play and I’m back at level 1 when I was on 31.. If this is not fixed I’ll just delete the whole app.. so frustrating and annoying .Can this be fixed please??.Version: 3.0.7

Fun if it wasn’t for the adsIt’s free so I get there have to be ads but this is just to much.Version: 3.4.4

It's a decent game...butI'm deleting because of the ad, not the ads in the game, but the ad for the game. The ads in the game are just like any other add funded free game. You play, you watch an add. Fair trade. My gripe is with the ad for this game. It shows a different game- Tetris with a lot of lines. I downloaded it because I want to play that game. So I got suckered. Bait and switch. It's ok, I tell myself, because it's still a decent game. And then I see the ads and the game I wanted to play and I remember that I was suckered. And the creator advertises aggressively, so I'm constantly reminded that I was suckered. BTW, what's the point in showing a game you don't offer? Why not actually offer that game? Maybe that version of the game doesn't offer enough opportunity for ad exposure? Frustrated, I'm deleting the game. There are plenty of good free games that don't remind me I'm a sucker..Version: 3.4.7

Enjoyable but too many adsEnjoyed the game however the adds are far too frequent and way too long. Deleted it within a week..Version: 3.1.1

False game advertisingThis game is so boring. I downloaded it because it was advertised as another more exciting game. Stay away, this studio is trash . I hope your game disappears from this App Store. Boring 0/5 stars..Version: 3.2.3

New updates always BADWith each update i have found that the additional games than the classic one, stop working. Why have the option of more games when you always take it off with every new update? Classic tetris with falling down pieces gone with update, new tetris with moving left-right pieces gone,only the classic works. Fix it,guys! We watch too many adds for you to mess it like this😒.Version: 2.8.8

This whole game is just adsThe fact that you cannot do anything in this game without constant ads is frustrating. Definitely not worth the waste of time..Version: 3.5.8

Ads too longThe lengthy ads made be delete it..Version: 3.5.0

New blocks aren't randomDefinitely rigged. New blocks aren't randomised. As your score increases you start to only get straight lines and big square blocks. You also get the opposite of what you need. If you need horizontal blocks you'll get one horizontal and two vertical. If you need a vertical block you'll get one vertical and two horizontal. At first I thought maybe I'm unlucky but the more you play it becomes obvious that the game is working against you as you get to the higher scores. Also, I've noticed that the faster you play, the higher the score. You tend to get better fitting blocks when you move speedily. If you sit and think about your next move, it should result in a better score but it doesn't. It's always lower that way. If you take too long between moves the game algorithm will give you worse blocks. The sooner the game ends the more ads they can show..Version: 3.1.4

FreezesWas one of my favourite games. But way to many adds then the app freezes on an add you have to shut the hole game down and start again..Version: 2.7.0

Just another block puzzle gameAfter watching multiple ads that showed this as a Tetris-style game where the blocks fall from the top, I downloaded it to try it out. The ads are 100% false advertising. This is just another stacking puzzle game where they give you 3 shapes at a time and you decide where to put them on the grid. There’s nothing wrong with the fame, but it doesn’t match the ads they’ve been showing recently and it’s not any different from a dozen other games I’ve played. I enjoy this kind of puzzle, but I wish they would advertise what the game actually is..Version: 3.5.6

Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads adsAds, ads, long ads and ads again!!! 1 minute game= 1 minute ad.Version: 3.5.0

Decent game - marred by obtrusive adsA good ‘Tetris’ style block game. But be warned, you are forced to watch ads - which also need you to interact (multiple times) after every level, whether you clear it or not. Gets to a point where you are spending longer watching ads than playing the game..Version: 3.4.9

Almost GreatGreat game, too many ads. Make no ads option for few bucks and I will be happy..Version: 3.5.8

So dumbThis game is terrible, don’t waste your time.Version: 3.5.8

Great game, SO many adsGreat game, SO many ads. Pass a level, ad. Fail a level, ad. Now deleted.Version: 3.4.9

Ads finally made me deleteMy brain finally said “enough!” to ads that make you wait, tap, tap, wait, tap. And a huge long one once you pass a level! Also the Adventure mode keeps starting from the bottom without me getting the trophy. Unfortunately this joins my list of Could Have Been Great games, so am deleting to save my mental health..Version: 3.6.7

Great game but the advertisements ruin itI enjoy playing this game when I have a few minutes to relax but the constant long advertisements take any joy away from playing it The advertisements are the same few other games and are long and repetitive. This is a quick game but I spend more time watching long advertisements between each level than playing the game. I play a level for 20 seconds and win the level and an advertisement comes on for at least 30 seconds before I can go to the next level. I am going to delete it on both my phones as the game has become boring watching more advertisements than playing the game..Version: 4.0.6

Constant adsAn ad after every single puzzle. It’s infuriating. I get the need for ads to keep a game free, but after every single level is over the top and greedy. Doesn’t make the experience a good one..Version: 3.0.1

HorribleThis game is horrible! Everytime I lose I get ads up to a minute. I have to wait for like 30 seconds for the first ad, then another 30 seconds for another then finally I get to press this x button. Love the game, but these ads are very annoying, making the game hardly enjoyable. Also to note I chose this game from an ad on Facebook. However, the advertising was different to this one. In other I got a totally different game. Seems to me like this is just a scam..Version: 3.0.3

How ADS killed Tetris 😵☠️The game is amazing and for quite a while I’ve been entranced by the game. The fact there was no in app purchase was a breath of fresh air. The ads weren’t terrible and the game time was not to badly affected. However what’s taken place over the last few months is horrible. Minutes of ads repeatedly and obnoxiously. Even if the game play is interrupted with leaving the app, before play will resume - you guest it Ads!! Horribly multi level, multi screen ads …. The game is just not worth the time it takes away from you while waiting to want to play. Was a great thing killed by what I can only presume is greed. Hope you made a mint. But because of that, for me anyway, your 5 star game gets only 1 star rating. Just my opinion.Version: 3.0.9

Ad gameYou’ll watch more ads than actually play..Version: 3.5.8

VIOLENT ADDSI’m not happy at the standard of the adds that I’m forced to watch to play the game Block Blast. I can see that they are deteriorating and are becoming increasingly violent. I often have to look away as your add is being played. The King always dies in a dramatic way!!! I have grandchildren with me and I wouldn’t allow them or myself to watch them. It is such a shame as I enjoy playing BLOCK BLAST. Could you please address this issue and help me to bypass the violent adverts..Version: 3.2.0

False ad1 star rating because of false advertisement..Version: 3.5.5

MediocreThe game isn’t bad. But when it’s trying to actively screw you once you’re above 2000, it’s annoying..Version: 3.3.7

Annoying adsGreat little game but the ads are invasive and repetitive, which is really off putting. I can see people playing for a while, then giving it up because if this issue. It’s just so annoying. I would rather pay for an ad free version than use this game long term as it is..Version: 2.8.5

Worst ads in any game I have played!This game is moderately enjoyable in itself, but I’ve given it a low rating because it has the worst ad play in any phone game I have ever played. An ad plays between EVERY attempt at a level, and the ads are ridiculously long. Like, at least a minute each, if not longer. Sure, we all know that the sole purpose of these games is to present advertising to consumers, but this is next level. Thankfully it seems to work well on Aeroplane Mode, which means you can play without the ads. Wonder when they’ll close that off?.Version: 3.9.0

Game full of adds. Add for Royal Match is the worstThe game itself is ok, the adds are killing it! You are given different shaped pieces that you put together until you fill the row/column. One it’s filled it disappears freeing space for new pieces. It can go forever! After each fail (when you don’t have enough space on the board to fit the new pieces) an add starts. Each add lasts about 45-60 sec. The worst part is that you have to actually press various buttons to get rid of it. The add for Royal Match lasted about 2 1/2 minutes. After a full 1 minute video and I had to perform the same action over and over again about 8 times! Each time when I would press the ‘x’ or ‘Done’ instead of retuning to the game it would send me to the App Store. Finally, after playing for about 1-2 month I deleted the game completely. It turned from a puzzle game into ‘killing the adds’ game..Version: 2.6.9

The worst game on IOSI have never written a review on this before; good or bad but I pray that the developers of this game see this, please step on Lego every time you walk through a door way, I hope your towel in the morning is always damp, I hope you have to work every Friday and Saturday night for the rest of your life, reason being this game is terrible, ever time you get a good score the blocks given to you will be unusable, no matter what you do or what your placement it sometimes in this game you are just set to fail, doesn’t matter how far in you are, every game there is 1 round where victory is out of your control, whoever made this I hope the advertisement money was worth it. You have made the worst game in history..Version: 2.6.2

Fun game but far too many adsWhy so many ads? Between every level there’s at least 30 seconds of ads and you have to click through them to get out of the ad which always brings up the download page for that ad. It’s so annoying. The game is good but the adventure levels are better than the classic. Ruined the game with all the ads.Version: 2.8.5

ScamThis game is a scam. The puzzle pieces are not random. You think you’re playing a game but in fact the game will just give you good pieces that fit easily at times like when you first start, then pieces that don’t fit after you rack up a decent score. It wants you to play but not too long because the commercials come after you lose. Try this experiment- play for a while and then clear the screen pretty well. Then leave the app. Come back later and continue your game. Within a very short time you will lose your game that was going great before that. It wants you to lose when you return to the game so you have to watch an ad. I have done this experiment dozens of times and am confident in my assessment..Version: 3.1.6

Give us paid version to get rid of the adsIf I ever again see the gardenscapes or King Robert ad I will need to seek a mental health professional. If I kill those ads so many times please don't show them again. Read my cookies better! Good game but not having a paid option and having so many ads unrelated to my interests is invasive and killing the Zen of the game. Also if you ever played Tetris this game will give you a hard time, this game's logic is the opposite of Tetris logic, but once you get it could be really fun. I like the challenge but I start to think the game forces you to lose just to serve you more ads. Tip: when the game finishes, close the app and start again, that way you will not see as many ads (Or play offline).Version: 3.4.0

I love the game but…….ADSI started playing this before Christmas. Ads were only every 5 games or if you want to revive. That was great. Ads do not worry me that much unless they are getting repetitive. Recently I’m getting the ad banner down the bottom. And a Ad after level. Every after watching an ad for a revive. I just sat down and played 6 levels and had 5 ads for the Royal Match game. The Ads are getting worst. I get it Ads are needed for a free game. Buts it getting silly either have the Banner on the bottom or an video ad every 5 games. Almost close to uninstalling the app due to ads..Version: 3.7.3

Love the game - not the adsThis is such a fun game! However, the ads and adventures are not all kid-appropriate. I see no option to remove the ads or buy a paid version. I messaged tech support and have not received a reply in weeks. Sexually explicit games are often advertised on this app. The app also warns of adventure content, although I’ve not come across this issue yet. So disappointing as I’d love to support the game itself. I just don’t want my children viewing the ads or portions of the game with adult content. Why does a block game need to be anything besides a simple, fun, clean game? I only give it 2 stars because, despite the fun of the game - I really can’t enjoy it with my family. Definitely room to improve. Offer an ad-free version or choose age-appropriate ads so all-ages can enjoy the game..Version: 3.2.8

Fun time passer until it’s notWith each 3 pieces I used to think that the game was designed to allow me to use the pieces to keep upping my score. I started noticing that some times, the game would give me 3 pieces that absolutely would not fit or let me continue to a higher score. I tested this theory cus I wasn’t sure if I was tripping. When I got my next 3 pieces, I looked to see where at least one could go so I could make more room for the other two. There was only room for one piece and the game gave me no more room to fit the other 2. It’s fun to play but it’s annoying after you realize the game sets you up to fail after a while..Version: 2.8.5

Isn’t the same as the ads portrays it to beThe ads for this games is a version of Tetris. This is not that. It’s a block placing game. There’s a few pluses - it’s not as mean as other versions of this game - it gives you more easy solutions. There’s also not a hectic amount of ads but the ones that are there seem to be longer and harder to get out of than others. Not sure if I’ll delete yet but I did really want that massive version of Tetris that this isn’t..Version: 3.1.0

NOT AS ADVERTISEDCrap game. Not anything like Tetris. The ads show dropping shapes that you rotate and fit. That’s a lie. Just a select block and place game. AND too many ads!! Don’t waste your time on this..Version: 2.8.5

Not Tetris and not skilled based!The ads show a Tetris like game. This is not the actual game. The game consists of Tetris style pieces that are fixed in place and the computer gives you a “random” set of 3 pieces to use. HOWEVER, it is not random. They have programmed this game to intentionally give you pieces that force a failure so that you are forced to watch more ads. There is almost zero skill involved in this game because of the greedy developers. Skip this one even if you have an ad blocker. You will quickly realize there is no challenge, just an impossible set of challenges set up like a claw machine or a slot machine. You fail X amount of times guaranteed and then it is programmed to let you win a few. Then you fail X amount of times and it gives you winning pieces..Version: 3.2.8

FrustratedIf you like watching adverts then this is the game for you, adverts after every level, it’s so frustrating, I get that the adverts create monetary gain for the developer but after every single level is frustrating , fair enough, get us to sit through a minute or so of adverts when you get a second chance to finish the level but not when you finish the level first time and especially not after every level.Version: 2.8.5

The ads are too long to watch and wait!I completely understand that it’s a free game but that does not mean you can push an ad that’s too long like a minute or so to watch and when you finish watching, it tells you to press X and as soon as you press X there is another 5 seconds ad. We all download a game for a reason to get relief from all the stress that we go through our daily life. This ads are one of them!.Version: 3.4.4

The only way I could do that was if you wanted meThe only way I could do that was if you wanted me too I could come and pick it out and then I would just go ahead with it because I’m not going anywhere else I just want to get it done before you leave so that you don’t get it all done before the weekend and you don’t need to worry and then you could come back later on if that’s the best you could come to the store and I would be happy if I did come home with you but you know that you would be more than welcome and you would have more money for the trip if I could have it I just don’t want you to be here and I would be here to go get it was a lot easier for me and I’m just gonna have you guys to do whatever it would make you feel good luck I don’t care about that too but I’m sorry for being a lot better and I’ll.Version: 3.4.9

1 annoying bug, overall goodThere’s a bug where sometimes it’s impossible and no matter what you do you can’t win, I’ve had like 10 people look at this and we’ve went through every combination, so I’m either forced to restart or watch an ad because the games fault, but other Than that bug which I’ve had a few times it’s a very fun game.Version: 3.3.7

Needs add free optionFor the love of freaking anything please let me buy the game and not have ads! There’s adds if you win or if you loose between each level and if you fail a level you watch one add and the skip button takes you to another part of the same freaking ad where you have to play it or wait it out and I’ve just had a stupid solitaire add that for 3 minutes had not changed from the claim button! Absolute joke and a really good way to loose users.Version: 3.8.3

Excessive AdsThere are SO many ads it makes the game almost unplayable. Every single time you win or lose you have to sit through repetitive ads and many times the whole app glitches and you’re stuck staring at the screen waiting for the close X to pop up for nothing. Great game but the ads are f-ing awful..Version: 3.5.4

Great BUT!Dear developer. Could you please consider adding an option for an ADD free game. I enjoyed playing this game but the interruption of an advert is getting annoying..Version: 3.2.7

TrashThis game makes me lose like it makes no way I can fit all of them in and once I literally placed the last block then it made me restart.Version: 3.1.2

Can get frustratingIf you the kind of person who gets better and want to win forget about on this one. Rigged as hell.. will never let you pass certain points no matter what you do.. and I figured they want to you to lose over and over so you watch their incredible long as ads.. absolutely ridiculous! Guess money is all that matters in the end. 2 stars because in the beginning can get you entertained..Version: 3.9.9

Fun but…Once you hit a certain point threshold, the app ends the game by giving you 3 pieces you cannot fit anywhere. Literally placed one of pieces and when it refreshed new ones it ended the game as they could not fit anywhere - kinda annoying as I don’t have to play for long before running into this issue and to watch an ad every time it decides to do this… there are other free games that are better..Version: 2.6.2

Game has so much potentialOkay, so i genuinely enjoy playing this game. the concept is fun and it’s a great way to pass time. however, this game has one massive drawback i’ve noticed that is so frustrating. there are certain shapes it will give you at the beginning that once you pass about 500 in score won’t give you any more. i’m talking about the single squares and diagonal squares that would save me so many rounds if i got them at later rounds. the game will start giving you shapes around the 1500 score that will auto fail you. highest i’ve ever gotten is 5300. i also would pay for an add free version if they had it but they don’t. i hate watching ads..Version: 3.2.6

AdsI like the game and am usually not into downloading app games. The main thing that is frustrating is all the ads, look I get the reason for them, but after every level, don’t beat a level, and on the bottom of the page. The ads are usually long and if you try to click out it brings up the ad/app it’s advertising. It’s frustrating. I am at a point where I might just remove the game due to the ads. Hopefully they chill out on them so I don’t remove it because it’s really annoying :( Update: removed game after posting this because so many ads kept coming up.Version: 3.1.2

Force you to dieSo in my Overall rating it would of been a five stars however they will give you blocks that will not fit in even if there is lots of space everywhere and it is like this in every round just so that they can cram an ad in this would be such an amazing game as I have anxiety if it weren’t for this do better.Version: 3.9.8

It has so much potencial, but…This game has the potential to provide a great escape from reality. However, the excessive length of the ads is a major drawback. It seems like many users have voiced their complaints about this issue, but unfortunately, it has been completely overlooked. There is no option available to opt out of these monotonous and lengthy advertisements, which results in the loss of enjoyment from the actual gameplay. Instead, it becomes an arduous and tiresome experience. Additionally, it is evident that the game intentionally presents pieces that are impossible to fit, just to coerce you into watching yet another frustrating ad in order to continue playing. The relentless and relentless ad bombardment far outweighs any potential enjoyment that could be derived from the game. It's truly a shame..Version: 3.5.4

Fun but riggedThis game would be great. However, in adventure mode after a certain number of rounds (not sure exactly how many) the game will intentionally give you combinations of pieces that make it impossible to win that level until you play it a few times. I’m sure this is designed to maximize revenue, as every time you lose you are forced to watch an ad. For example, after playing 9 levels on adventure round, the next level “forced” me to fail 4 times before it gave me pieces that even made that level possible, and I had to watch 4 ads as a result. (Or at least close and reopen the app to avoid the ad). I know you can’t really complain about it if it’s free, but at least be transparent about the gameplay being situationally rigged..Version: 3.4.1

Keeps resetting to level 1!I’m hooked on this game! I love it BUT I like a challenge and twice now I’ve got to around level 28/30 in ‘Adventure’ game and it then resets to level one! This is SO annoying and disappointing!! Not sure I can be bothered to start yet again! Adds are VERY annoying too but being reset is what will make me delete this app Update: Fed up when playing Adventure game, app keeps resetting to level 1! No challenge there so have deleted it! Bye bye crappy app!.Version: 3.5.8

Absolutely Ridiculous.The creators of this game need to do something to rectify the issues that it has. You have enough space to put a block and it tells you that there isn’t any room, this has happened on an absolute ridiculous amount of occasions. Not to mention that when you get a revive and you have to wait for the ad to finish that it freezes therefore not allowing you to get the revive that is owed to you. Finally, the complexity of how hard this game is just nonsense. It’s suppose to be a fun and enjoyable game, yet it’s not. DO BETTER! BE BETTER!.Version: 3.0.8

ADVERTS!!Do you love to relax by watching endless adverts with 30 second breaks of annoying gameplay? Then this is the perfect app for you. Prepare to spend countless hours watching repeated adverts for games you are never going to download. Such fun for all the family. Seriously, the actual game is good. I just wish I could pay and have no adverts!.Version: 3.5.0

WHY ALL THE NOISE??I really enjoy playing this game. I understand your need to have ads, even though there’s anywhere b/t 1.5 -2 mins after each level (and leeks are short) I’m okay w- that bc I’m not paying. What drives me crazy is the loud ads that you can Not turn off. By “turn off” I mean, play w- your phones power button turned Off so the ads won’t blare out if you’re playing in a public place or while in bed. Even w- my phone shut off, the loud ads still blast into the silence. Sometimes you can’t even shut them off when they start playing & if you close out the game, the add will STILL continue playing. What’s up with that? Please fix this..Version: 3.3.2

Too many adsAfter 1 game it’s ads.Version: 3.5.8

Links At Bottom Popped Up Porn SitesI loved this game and I was addicted to it. At the bottom there are links that you can accidentally click on and opens them in safari, that didn’t bother me since it’s websites for fixing your credit score or debt relief. Today I was playing the game and I didn’t even touch the bottom and it kept sending these links to safari, I didn’t pay attention because I’ll clear them out later. Thankfully I went and looked prior to my son wanting to look up something on my phone. I see different pages on my phone that were porn sites, and there were several of them. I couldn’t believe that the links at the bottom of the game are for porn sites, kids can play these games!!! I deleted the game since I don’t want my son to want to play the game and sends him to a porn site!!!!.Version: 2.8.9

Totally unnecessary changeI’ve wasted many hours on this game and I love it but recently it has started this odd thing which seems completely unnecessary. I play the game while listening to something (podcast/audiobook) but that’s now impossible because every 20 seconds or so the app takes over the audio of my phone and stops whatever was playing. This is not for an ad and I have all music and sfx turned off, as well as having my phone on silent mode. It’s now unplayable for me and it’s super disappointing that devs ignored my email about fixing this, hence the review..Version: 3.0.6

Way too much ads!I enjoyed the game bit uninstalled it after 2 weeks because the amount of ads is terrible. I don’t recommend if you don’t like to watch ads every 30 seconds!.Version: 3.5.2

Fun but annoyingI enjoy this game a lot but one thing that annoys me the most is when you are given blocks that simply do not fit in the acquired spaces leaving you helpless and destined for failure. Why give us blocks that the game knows won’t fit? It is extremely Annoying especially when trying to break your high scores..Version: 3.2.6

Too many ads and no option to pay for ad-freeInitially I thought this was a great game, with a bit of a Tetris feel, but WOW - you spend way more time watching ads for other games than actually being able to play this game. And then you can’t get rid of the ads, they run for ages and then jam, so I have to restart the app and then get presented with yet more ads. It is so tedious. Please issue an option to pay for an ad-free version..Version: 2.9.8

Ads are too longThis game is great but I can’t stand working through the lengthy ads- especially for Royal Match! Way too annoying to stick with the game..Version: 2.9.8

Dumb mechanics to make you watch ADsAs the game progress’s it gets harder and harder but then you get to a point where it purposely makes you lose . On multiple Occassion when I’m near 3500 points mark and I clear my 3 blocks , it will give me another 3 that don’t fit at all and I instantly lose . Sometimes it will give me one fitting block to make room for the other 2 but they are completely wrong blocks even though it could give you blocks to clear ..Version: 3.0.6

Has potentialThere are far too many ads that are so repetitive and go on for far too long. Some even require five or six taps on the screen to get rid of them. Really? Just how greedy is the developer? It’s completely ruining what could be a good game, even though it absolutely kills my iPhone 12 battery. What a shame as this would actually be worth paying for otherwise. Back to Tetris it is for now then..Version: 3.0.0

If you like Ads, then this is the game for you!The game itself is fun, kind of similar to Tetris or any block/ball busting type game. However it’s all Ads. If you pass a level, you get rewarded with an Ad. If you fail a level, you get punished with an Ad. If you pause during a game, you get to watch an Ad before returning to the gameplay. It’s beyond annoying and makes it so you really lose interest in playing unless you are able to be on airplane mode and not use the features, but also not watch non stop Ad. Plus you get to watch the ads almost the entire way through as there rarely is a close ad option..Version: 3.4.4

Too many adsGame is great. The ads are painful. Deleting..Version: 2.7.9

This game is trash.I’ve played a lot of games like this that I like to play when I have spare time (which is rarely) but this one made me angry. One, wayyy too many ads. I would literally swipe out just to answer a message and it’d force me to watch an ad the second I swiped back. Then any time I got to around 3,000 points it would either one, give me blocks impossible to use and end the game (forcing me to watch another ad) or two, give me blocks that no matter which way I used them there was no way to progress in the game. At first I thought I was being ridiculous so I stopped playing for a minute and tried again but there were ads every 5 seconds so I didn’t see the point in even trying..Version: 3.0.7

Botted Reviews, Infested With Ads, RNG Style gameplayDon't trust the reviews on this game. This and many other companies pay for botted reviews which allow these games to show up higher in search results. The game is a good concept but every time you "Lose" you are forced to watch a 45-60 sec long ad for Royal Match most commonly. Once you get far into the game, the pieces you get can be completely random and offer no solution to move to the next level. My girlfriend experienced the next set of blocks appearing then the game instantly ends. Impossible to get far. Just uninstalled. Apple needs to add a bot filtration system to remove all these fake reviews and stop allowing these lazy money hungry game companies to manipulate the entire market..Version: 3.0.6

DecentDecent game but an INSANE amount of ads. Almost ready to delete. Trick is to get out of the app after every round to skip the ads. Annoying though..Version: 3.5.3

Stress ReliefBeen playing this, all day every day for weeks. Wish there was an option to remove ads! Also, sometimes I’ll go through watching an entire video to “revive” my game and when the video is done, it says Game Over anyway. Would give 5 stars if it weren’t for those two issues.Version: 3.5.1

Relaxing … until the ads come on.Nice relaxing game but waaaayyy too many ads that run too long. It would be nice to have an option to remove the ads..Version: 3.5.0

Way too many adsGood fun game but too many ads. No more Snakes and Royal Match. Deleting the game. Bye.Version: 3.5.0

Fun but not as advertisedIt’s fun…but not as advertised. The blocks don’t move as you destroy rows..Version: 3.4.7

Don’t RecommendAt first I really liked this game but recently a few updates seemed to have made the game impossible to enjoy. Too often the game ends quickly because it literally gave you pieces that forced you to fill up the board and the end your game because the next 3 sets of pieces have nowhere to go. My usual strategies are not working since the recent updates. Doesn’t make watching the ads worth it. I’d rather pay for a version where I can play for a long time and score higher. Also, the game often have an ad interrupt the entire screen or click out to a different app while you are in the process of placing a block down. You get what you pay for the guess..Version: 3.1.6

Too many adsThere’s an ad after every level and they’re long I played for about half an hour and got sick of it . Deleting now.Version: 3.1.4

Don’t want to play reviveAnnoying. Mid leading. Waste of time.Version: 2.8.5

To many adsThe game is brilliant, highly addictive, however, I have given it 3 stars because the ads are irritating as hell. Constant after every hiccup or level pass. It’s that annoying it make you want to switch the game off!! Please, tell me how I can lose the ads and will you please ad more levels. Thanks.Version: 3.5.5

Too many advertisementsThis programme just has continued ads for other games. Prefer to pay for advertising free version. This is too frustrating.Version: 2.8.7

Too many adsGreat great too many ads. Not fun to play unless you want to waste half the day watching ads.Version: 2.7.9

WAY too many ads!!This game can be very addictive, and I would have given it 5 stars, however there are WAY too many ads, that last WAY too long. 20-30 secs would be a pain but acceptable, but when the ads last longer than the game, you are not putting your players first!!.Version: 3.4.9

Great Game but ads are just way too long…As much as I enjoy the game itself I can’t enjoy it because every level comes with an ad thats way too long…..Version: 3.2.6

BruhMum, can we have Tetris? No, we have Tetris at home. Tetris at home:.Version: 3.0.8

Ads ruin itThe game is good, I would give it 5 stars, but the ads really ruin it. I have sound turned off in the game, but the ads are full volume. They pop up any point when you finish a game, going for a long time and not having the option to exit them. THEN you have to click to close them usually 4 times in a row! The ‘x’ pops up and when you click it, it brings you to the App Store. So you click done and it takes you back for another extended ad. People would pay to remove the ads, they’re about equal to the playing time which is draining my battery and causing me to stop playing after a handful of games..Version: 2.8.4

Fun game but…Great game but there are so many ads you barely get to play.Version: 3.2.2

Not as advertisedTwo different games between the ad and the actual game. Royal match ads are way long. Won’t be playing this game..Version: 3.4.3

GET RID OF THE ADS OR ALLOW AN AD FREE VERSIONI honestly feel like the developers for this game are blatantly ignoring the MANY reviews asking for an ad free version. you’re going to absolutely kill this games market by not giving an ad free version that users could pay for to rid of. if i have to sit through another minute + ad where i have to also PLAY it in order to rid of it i’ll scream. i’ve sent emails to no avail and I’m seeing that this has been an issue for months (possibly years) now. you guys are obviously refusing to present an ad free version because you make good profit from it but PLEASE CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMERS WHO ARE PLAYING AND WILL SOON HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE OF THEM. I. AM. TIRED. other than that, very enjoyable game. just hate the ads terribly. idek how its legal that you can make someone watch minute long ads over and over..Version: 3.2.2

Great Game. Too Many AdsAbsolutely love the game. But, having an ad pop up every single time you pass/fail a level or minimise the screen is too much and interrupts the enjoyment. I often abandon the game after a level or two from impatience. No option to remove ads. Ads make you watch the whole way through (usually at least a minute or so) and often click on them several times before they will close. Would be 5 stars without the ads or options to remove with a once off fee..Version: 3.6.6

Ads are too longThe game is great but the ads and length of each ad is ridiculous. The fact that you have to wait for the ad, then click to get out of the download option and then wait again is enough to make me delete this game..Version: 2.7.9

Good game but shocking adsThe game itself has a enjoyable to play but it sets you up to fail. You should make it that it helps you to build. Also the ads are extremely dark and vicious. Change the ads.Version: 2.8.9

Good game but a few problemsIt’s fun to play but the ads are a pain. For anyone who finds this review, one simple way to avoid the ads is either play offline or close the app when an add pops up and reopen it to continue playing. My second point is regarding data size of the app. In the App Store it says it’s only 200mb yet why did it say in my storage settings that it was taking up 1.98gb?.Version: 2.8.5

Sooooo many adsGet another one without as many ads or one that allows you to get ad free..Version: 3.0.6

Way too many adsYou have no option to close the ads so have to watch 6 in a row too irritating.Version: 2.7.7

I used to enjoyI was doing the challenge and I was at level 54 or 55. I went to sleep and in the morning when I opened the app I was back to level 1. Very very disappointed.Version: 3.5.3

Love the game HOWEVERI love this game. It’s very addicting however I have one problem other than all the adds. It kills your battery. My battery will be at 100% when I start playing then after 20 minutes of game play my battery will be down at 80%. I checked my battery usage for the last couple days and this game was responsible for 35% of battery usages. Every other app was between 1% and 7%. And some of the games I have I use just as much if not more than this game. Would love to keep this game however unless they fix the battery consumption issue I am going to delete it because I can’t afford to have my battery completely killed because of having to charge it so often due to this game..Version: 3.0.8

ADDsGame is much fun put to many adds my whole family used to like it but then we stopped due to the addds plz fix.Version: 3.1.6

Too much advertisementReally annoyed by the ads so I deleted this app. I mean every game has ads but this one is way too much. Everytime I complete a level then I have to watch two ads and they are really long. This destroy the game.Version: 3.0.6

SO many adsThe games itself was okay but honestly, not worth the time I spent watch all the ads. Deleted..Version: 3.0.9

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