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Wingspan: The Board Game Positive Reviews

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Wingspan: The Board Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Wingspan: The Board Game app received 87 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wingspan: the board game?

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Wingspan: The Board Game for Positive User Reviews

Money but worth itClassy game - beautifully made and conceived.Version: 480

Please improve time mechanics and player interactionsI love this game but for the love of god could you add SOME kind of messaging or ping feature to communicate with other players? Online matches have a 5 minute time limit to make a move making games excruciatingly slow and oftentimes just abandoned with no way to finish once someone times out. I really don’t understand how this is supposed to be a functional format unless you have other people that you know to play with. Please improve the online matchmaking!.Version: 479

Wing spanI love it,but would really love to see the Oceania upgrade on line.Version: 1.4.682

Common Buzzard bug inquiry; Thank you!Hello! I don’t know if this is the best way to report this potential bug, but for the Common Buzzard, I thought I can play this bird without playing it over another bird if I have a mouse food. Currently when I try to play the Common Buzzard, it is requiring that I play the bird on top of another bird. Can some logic be applied to allow me to play the Common Buzzard NOT on top of another bird and pay with a mouse food resource item? I hope that made sense. Thank you so much for all your work implementing all the rules for this awesome game!!! 🙏🏼 Have a great day!.Version: 445

Good game!I love this game and was psyched to hear that an iOS version was coming out. I bought it to play on my iPad but apparently I need iOS 13 to run this on my iPad and my iPad runs iOS 12.5. I downloaded it to my iPhone and have a few suggestions and criticisms. The font for the game I know is staying true to the game, but it is very faint and hard to read on an iPhone. I would suggest increase font size slightly or print it in bold. Black text would be best instead of the brown text. You can’t zoom in in this app, so the games that I played I kept having to take it screenshot, go look at the screenshot where I could zoom in on the image to find out what I needed then go back to the game. It was quite frustrating. I ended up finding the game available for the Switch and bought it. Since I can’t play this on my iPad which was my original intention, I probably won’t play the iOS version again. It was too frustrating trying to read it on my iPhone and having to take screenshots. Overall though, good implementation of the game..Version: 1.1.175

Great, but needs more online options.You can’t choose between the regular version and European expansion when playing online with random opponents. That should be addressed. There also needs to be a middle ground on time limits on turns. You either get to choose between 5-minutes and 72-hours between turns. Can there please be a 24 hour option? Maybe for people with a higher karma level? It’s so annoying to wait for a person to join a game and not even select cards and food, then waste an online slot until they time out three days later. My karma level is high enough that I shouldn’t have to worry about flakes dropping out of a game..Version: 1.2.437

I Love This GameThis is one of my favorite physical board games. This implementation is fantastic. The visual and audio features are amazing. Customization of the background is great. The background music is nice. Overall game play is wonderful. I have one big complaint during my real time play. Twice I have been waiting for opponents to play and their time runs out. I then find out that they were waiting on me because both times my karma took a -5 hit. There was no notification and the turn indicator showed it was somebody else’s turn. Hopefully this is fixed soon..Version: 1.1.181

Bird is the wordSo many wonderful mechanics blended together into one game..Version: 500

Love the game but online matches need workI love this game, I’m a fan of strategy but also not super competitive. Wingspan allows you to play a decent strategy game without feeling highly pressured. The art and music of this game easily makes it a 5* However the online matchmaking could use some improvements. It’s frustrating getting close to finishing a match and it takes someone a whole 5 mins to make a move. In my experience if they haven’t done it in 3 mins, they usually stop making moves and it forces all players to disconnect. An improvement might be to either reduce time taking turns meaning players are waiting for less time and/or allowing 2 players to continue an online match if one drops out. Would make this review a 5* with matchmaking improvements..Version: 1.1.181

Decent app, no way to resize or zoom, need more timer optionsI love the Wingspan board game so was looking forward to the app. First, I was a bit disappointed that it was so unintuitive - I tried to play without watching the tutorial (like I normally do for games I know well) but there were too many non-obvious things so I had to watch the tutorial to be able to play. But now that I’ve done that, it all seems to work pretty well. Second, it is clearly designed for full-sized devices. I have an iPad Mini and I can barely make out some details like the end-of-round goal cards, etc. There is no way to zoom in or anything. That is pretty frustrating. I imagine is it absolutely useless on a iPhone, even the largest model. Third, the synchronous online play needs an additional timer options since 5 mins is WAY too long. I would suggest a new 2-minute timer for those who like fast games. Now all that being said, it is a pretty good app but for the steep price, I expected a little more. Fourth, when playing online and a player gets kicked out after taking too long, there is an options to continue with AI. BUT, this stopped working a few weeks ago. Perhaps because when I play online, I automatically get the expansion (not sure why I cannot seem to opt-out), and since I have not purchased that expansion, playing against AI doesn’t work. Pretty annoying since online players seem to routinely not finish their games..Version: 1.2.437

Bronzed cowbird??Played this bird but never got eggs when other players took the lay egg action??.Version: 1.1.428

Glorious! Except for notifications...I love the board game. I love this app. It's beautiful and elegantly designed to fit into an iphone-sized screen. I love that I can play my friends asynchronously. But the notifications are so inconsistent! Badges and banners have never worked for me. The only notifications I get are on the lock screen, and even those are inconsistent. This problem doesn't stop me from playing, but it definitely detracts from the experience. I've seen other reviewers complain about this. Is there a fix in the works???.Version: 1.2.437

Bugs Fixed, Great GameI was able to play through the tutorial, but now, playing against an easy computer opponent, the app crashes after every turn the computer takes. I’m on an iPad 2017. EDIT: The bug has disappeared! This is a great game. I haven’t played much of it with the physical game, but I really appreciate how quick the set up and everything is with the digital version. I’m rather enjoying it!.Version: 1.1.176

Nice game but buggyThis is a very beautiful game, and it’s very faithful to the board game with the art and I love how peaceful and pleasant the music and animation is. But, I’mRepeatedly encountering a bug or when I try to play a bird, after I select my food there was no option to continue. I keep trying to back out and restart but it won’t move forward. I took a screenshot and tried to report the issue, but apps report just takes you to a website where you can buy things or you can subscribe to the newsletter but there doesn’t seem to be any option to get technical support. Anyone know how to report issues for this game?.Version: 1.1.181

Great game that has to be deleted and reinstalled. In addition, it crashesCrashes from time to time. Forcing me to uninstall and reinstall constantly. In addition, it occasionally freezes. Just wondering when these issues will be sorted..Version: 1.3.574

Warning!I have never played the cardboard game but when I saw that it was available on iOS I was excited to play it. The game does not disappoint and the tutorial was a great introduction to the game. The additional trivia about birds is a great addition and got me interested in birding in general. I’ve never been interested in birding, but after this game I’ve started looking at birds differently and picked up eBird as well. Warning: Playing this game will get you more interested in birds in general and specific birds in your area. I cannot wait to see expansions come to the game in the future..Version: 1.1.223

Great game but needs some changesWell laid out just like the original board game, but the “Online” interface needs some improvements like: Notifications!! There should be a way to notify you when the other player(s) have taken their turn, just like other phone apps that notify you on the app icon, as well as when you are in the app. The way it is now, there’s no way to tell except by going into “Online” and checking if it’s your turn yet. This is super annoying having to do this. Also there should be a “chat” screen available so that when you are playing with friends you can have a more interactive game. Make these changes and I will upgrade my rating to 5/5..Version: 445

Another great way to play the game!I have on switch, steam, and the physical board game and the iOS version is definitely a great layout. I wanted a way to play on a long car ride (didn’t have the switch with me and honestly not a fan of it on there). On iPhone, I can understand the complaint of small lettering, but not a problem for me personally. I love the achievements and little illustrations that go with them for things like Hope they get some expansions soon! One thing I think they could add is a leaderboard for the weekly online competition so you can see how your friends do. Otherwise, a great way to play Wingspan and take it with you wherever you go!.Version: 1.1.181

Great Game, but annoying bugWingspan is a really fun game, but it has an annoying bug which only appears intermittently. Ocassionally the green progress arrow fails to appear, often after selecting a food. The only way to fix it is to close the programme then restarting the game and it works again. Maybe because on iPad Pro, but very frustrating. Shame as love playing the game all the way through when it works!.Version: 1.1.176

LimitedLove this board game can’t wait for the next expansion. 10 out of 10 from me..Version: 1.4.688

Fantastic game!Great game mechanics, aesthetics, and sound. The only thing troubling me is that I have no ability to turn the music down or off. It seems a couple of audio sliders are inoperable, which is a bit frustrating when I want to turn the music off, but keep the other sounds on. It’s not a huge problem, but it would be nice to fix the bug. My set up: iPad Pro 2020; iOS 16.2. I’m definitely waiting for the Oceania expansion!.Version: 1.3.574

DisappointedI bought so I could play with friends online and it won’t even let me put in any online name. I chose something respectable and something no one else would have but I couldn’t even have that. Very disappointed.Version: 1.1.340

Fun game, pretty app, annoying bugs.A great looking conversion of the board game that plays quite nicely. There’s a very annoying bug where the green ‘accept’ arrow button doesn’t appear after making a decision on my Pro 10.5. The only way to fix it is to completely restart the app. Sloppy really. Would be an easy 5* otherwise..Version: 1.1.296

EnjoyableHave enjoyed this game a lot. A few minor quibbles I’ve noted: It would be nice to be able to get more detail about the achievement requirements. On my iPhone a few of them don’t have the whole description sentence visible and the one for playing 5 raptors in one game seems to be using a definition of raptor that seems odd to me as I played Coopers Hawk, Burrowing Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Osprey, and Bald Eagle but did not receive the achievement. Even more minor quibble is that the bird animations seem to have been done without any reference to the actual birds as several of them move in ways that are entirely incorrect for the bird. For instance one of the woodpeckers rotates about the middle of the body while “pecking” at the tree with the tail coming way off the tree trunk whereas in reality a woodpeckers tail is the brace against the tree and so never would lose contact..Version: 1.1.367

Beautiful and relaxing, until bugs get in the wayMy friends introduced me to this board game and my partner and I were really happy to find it on the iOS App Store. The game is lovely, the sound design is nice and chill and the art is really pretty, especially on iPad. We really want to play together online but we can’t get the online play to work at all, and there are a few buggy screens. We can’t work out what the automa is/how/what it’s doing at all. Pass & play is cool though and it’s a lot easier than setting up the board game! I don’t regret the buy but I do wish the online play was working..Version: 1.1.340

72 hours for custom games plsReally enjoy this game and can’t wait for expansions to arrive, however I can’t play it with my usual iOS gaming buddies as they often need >24h due to work/family etc. Please can you bump up the Custom Game limit to 72h? Thanks in advance!.Version: 1.1.181

Perfect adaptationI haven’t come across Monster couch before, but I sure will be looking out for their next board game digital implementation. This is digital board game done right. Presentation: stunningly gorgeous. Not only does the game look stellar, the addition of genuine bird sounds takes it to a completely new level. Completely justifies the £9.99 price point. Ease of play: not sure how, but I feel there might be room for improvement. I love the board view and rarely look at the “other” more beautiful view. Very useful to see opponent turns pop up so you don’t have to keep switching to their board. Online: I don’t use iOS board games for multiplayer as I prefer my games in real life with friends around the table. So that’s one thing I can’t comment on. Performance: Played several games. No crashes. AI turn takes a second too long, but that’s just me being impatient. Verdict: one of the best looking and smooth running board game implementations I’ve played in long time..Version: 1.1.175

A lot of glitches need to be fixedI love this game. It’s awesome. But when you are losing games because of missing eggs, or rules not working it makes it futile to play. I hope these things get fixed soon because this would be my favourite game if it worked!.Version: 445

Throughly enjoyable + 2 suggestions pleaseAbsolutely love this game, great bird art and sounds. I’d like a summary in my preserve archive of games played/won and lost. And when I draw 2 new bonus cards I’d like to be able to move them out of the way so I can see my preserve - sometimes critical bird card info is blocked. Highly recommend this game and if you don’t have the board game, get that too!.Version: 1.1.176

BeautifulBeautiful adaptation of a super board game. I have the board game but loving the AI as a way of learning strategy to improve my game when playing with friends.Version: 500

Achievements… please expand the text boxes so they can be readHiya! Great game… I’ve been trying to complete all the achievements, but can’t read all of them as the text box does not expand. There’s a couple left that I don’t know what’s required to complete the achievements. Can you fix it so the text boxes expand? Thanks :D.Version: 1.1.223

Excellent gameThis game is great. The only thing I would like to have is to be able to lay out all the birds on my hand. It’ hard to pick birds when my hand gets full..Version: 500

Kinda adore this game?First off, some of my fav games on iOS are Istanbul, mystic vale, magic the gathering, smash up, stardew valley, prune, frost, magic the gathering, brawl stars, so I cover the gamut of games. I wanted something that requires some strategy without needing to sink too much time, and wingspan fit the bill. The art work is gorgeous. The learning curve is a little steeper than most of the games above, but no worse than Istanbul / smash up / mystic vale. And the game is rewarding insomuch as when you start to get it, you’ll catch the flow of whether to cede rounds for the win or run the table for points. Games take about 5 min or so, sounds great, overall well worth the price. Also If you’re an animal lover, they’ve also layered in great info on the actual birds..Version: 1.1.321

Delightful gameVery happy to see this game available as an app. I think it’s beautiful in every respect and the most relaxing game I have ever played. I honestly couldn’t care less about winning a game as the whole experience of playing, seeing and hearing the birds is delightful and the bits of narration are a bonus. This is now my number 1 game and I would recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.1.176

Love the game; frustrated with a few thingsThe game is great. Playing experience is mostly smooth. Problems: 1. Coding errors. Several times I’ve played, I’ve been asked to choose a food based on someone else’s play. I do, but then there’s no option to continue (no arrow to press). I have to exit and lose the game. I’ve noticed a few other such things. A recent update said it fixed several such glitches. I thought I was all good, but this one just happened. 2. If I have to exit for any reason, when I try to return I have to start a new game. I lose the last one played. There is no self saving mechanism, and no save option. Makes me just want to go play Carcassonne on my phone instead of this..Version: 500

Wonderful app!Fantastic visual and background music. A great game to play on my 12” iPad. I’ve spent countless hours on it. Such a modern classic! Great app as it is now, personally there are a few things that can use some improvement. 1. I often play with the automa and hard AI. Doing this is to save time, compared to playing with human players. However, the calculating speed of these AI is very slow. It can take 20-30 minutes to finish a game in a 4-5 player game. Can you shorten the calculation speed? They are computers. 2. As popular as this game is right now. I think this game should perfect itself even more utilizing its strength as an app! First of all, there should be a play log available of each finished game for players to improve their gameplay. Secondly, there should be a special experimental mode where players can choose and arrange to get the cards they want in order to test out their strategies. Along with the game log feature, I believe this mode will be heartily welcomed by all experienced players. Of course, this experimental mode should only limited to the games with AI..Version: 479

Delightful!!We absolutely love this game. We play it online with family almost every night…it can actually get quite competitive; which makes the beautiful music and sounds of the game even more appreciated. Some mechanism for saving user names would be really useful. It would be nice to have the option to choose from a list when inviting people to an online game. Well done! I can’t wait to play the expansions!.Version: 1.1.340

Love the appWorth the price - play every night..Version: 500

Such a well balanced game!!I am so pumped they’ve made an online version of this board game~ it’s so well done! Can’t wait until they release the Australasia expansion ~ hint hint developers!!.Version: 500

Love it but….Love this game, but achievements are glitchy, seen multiple people complain about the “bird of a feather” achievement coming up as an achieved notification but never being ticked off the list. Also playing a 16th bird issue. Less of a bug and more of a personal preference, having many cards makes it hard to see, when you have large drawing power with no way to burn them off, cards are hard to navigate. I feel like there should be a way to hide them. When playing the board game I just put them in a pile to be tucked or used for extra food, but the app doesn’t have any way to do that..Version: 1.3.653

Love the game but it has a bad bugMy husband and I have have enjoyed playing several online games together. On several occasions the app indicated that my husband had 46 hours left to play his turn and when he went to take his turn the game abruptly ended and said that he didn’t play his turn in time. We lost the whole game, which was almost over. A lot of time and effort wasted. Reluctant to start another round because it might just crash again before we finish it..Version: 1.3.559

Great gameEveryone in the family loves this board game so I bought the app and expansion, so much fun. I notice that the default view is not the whole board which is the view I prefer. Also you can’t see the opponents whole board which is annoying cause you can see all the boards in reg game play. had the purple Martin and barn swallow, tucked cards behind them but the tuck didn’t show or seem to count, please fix. love the app!.Version: 445

Excellent game, but some new bugs have come upThank you for fixing the Game Center achievement bug! However, the most recent update has some different bugs. Some or all of the European expansion bonus cards now don’t work when the Automa has it. One example is the bird bander bonus card. It doesn’t pick up the cards in the tray even though it should. Plus, there’s no option for the Automa to have 1 of the 2 specific bonus cards it uses when playing the European expansion. Another bug is when you open Wingspan in Airplane mode, you lose access to the European expansion even though it was purchased already. Hope these bugs are fixed soon..Version: 1.2.443

Game doesn’t work properly on some devicesThere is no audio when playing this game on my 2018 iPad or 2020 iPhone SE running iOS/iPadOS 15.5 but there is on an iPad Air 4th Generation. Without the audio the game loses its immersive experience..Version: 1.2.443

Great game but glitchyI really love this game but lately it’s been super glitchy. Here are a few examples - it says I have turns left but then the round ends, the app shuts down when playing online, sometimes it gets stuck and you have to force it closed, when playing online it will say it’s my turn on my husbands game but my game says it’s his turn, etc. Please fix!.Version: 1.2.443

Two player game keeps crashingThere is no way to send feedback with attached screenshot through the app and the 2 player game keeps crashing if a player plays the forest/food option x2 + additional bird card trade, there is no forward or backward option available and the game has to be abandoned - a pitty 🤷🏻‍♀️ we ❤️ the board game version, this app disappoints too often in 2 player mode.Version: 1.1.181

Great game, awesome developer!I’m enjoying learning how to play the iOS implementation of the game, which I have to say is brilliant. Really enjoying the bird song and narration!.Version: 1.1.176

Great game — needs a another couple tweaksI love this game. That is why I gave it a five star review. There are two things that I found, that might be tweaked. One, when I try to end the game with zero eggs on birds, the game crashes and when I open it back up it does not register that I ended the game with zero eggs for the achievement. Two, I could not find any way to contact you the developer in the app. It would be a good way to have people submit bugs to you, if they can do it through the app instead of through the App Store..Version: 1.2.431

Superb gameThis is how it should be done. An amazing and beautiful board game has been lovingly transferred to a digital version. Gameplay is excellent, the art is stunning and the soothing audio rounds out an incredible app. Hats off to all involved..Version: 1.1.223

WingspanI love this game. I am totally addicted. I would recommend it..Version: 479

Love this gameRelaxing gameplay, and stunning graphics. I would love if there was an option to turn off all the pop ups that you have to manually click through during game play, (round 1, 2, etc), like if it just flowed through faster automatically. Great game. Wish the European extension wasn’t so expensive!.Version: 1.3.593

BeautifulBeautifully created for the mobile! I have played the board game a few times with friends and am excited to play online now whenever I want. Not seen any bugs yet..Version: 1.1.158

ExcellentA really well-designed and implemented version of the board game. The only thing that could make it better would be to show which birds can tuck and which are raptors on the front of each card in wallet mode..Version: 479

My fav game 🦢I already loved the physical board game, but this app is next level. I use a iPhone 10 plus and have no issues reading the cards. This is the most beautiful game ever 😍 My fav feature is that you can hear each individual bird call by just tapping on the card..Version: 1.1.428

Amazing Game!!I own and love the Wingspan board game (highly recommend it!) and was quite excited to have an app version. The game play is great, it is true to the board game and works perfectly as an app. I love the animations for the birds and that you can hear their calls. I do wish for a few changes: 1. Allow badges on the app icon when it is your turn. 2. Add Replay option at the end of a custom online game. 3. Make the AI turns faster. 4. Make it possible to view the entire achievement description..Version: 445

Great GameThis is a beautiful game and fun to play however it glitches at the end of each game not able to go back to the main menu. The only buttons that works are the review and details buttons. Other than that it’s so much fun to play..Version: 1.1.175

Inaccurate scoringI’ve loved playing this app and had previously given it 5 stars, but I’ve noticed that the end-of-round scoring in one of my games is really off. The individual EOR score pop-ups have been correct, but the running game tally shows that I only have a total of 2 EOR points even though I won the second and third rounds. It makes me question the accuracy of the scoring overall. Accurate scoring is obviously most important, but some other features that would be great to have are: 1. The ability to see how many cards other players are holding. 2. A gameplay log like the one Through the Ages uses. Having a log is especially helpful when you play multiple games asynchronously. 3. A way to report bugs in-game. As I said, I’ve really enjoyed this app and would like to keep playing, so I’m hoping this EOR scoring issue is a one-off glitch..Version: 1.1.367

Love this game - feature requestThanks for making this game. I love it and play with my family nearly every day. It’s been such a fun way to stay connected in these times. Two features I would love to see: 1) the ability to reorder cards in your hand. This is helpful if you want to sort which bird you want to play next or which could be tucked. 2) the ability to store usernames or “friend” people so I don’t need to memorize and type in the usernames of people I want to play with every time I start a new game. Thanks for this game!.Version: 1.1.345

Great purchaseThis app is amazing! I’ve gotten 3 friends to buy it, and I always have a game going with them. I initially got into wingspan over a year ago after buying the physical board game, and I’ve been generally impressed with how well the developers made it into a mobile game (despite the occasional bug here and there). I do have one suggestion, however: I am a huge fan of bonus cards, and it seems like there are a few from the base game that are missing in the app. These include cartographer, photographer, historian, and anatomist. Adding these to the app would make it all the more enjoyable!.Version: 1.1.319

Wingspan but with a few glitchesSo handy to have the scoring done for you, but sometimes doesn’t register your cards for round points. Game froze a few times, but if you close the App you can resume play. So a few glitches as early days for this game format. Enjoying being able to play a favourite game on the move..Version: 1.1.176

Lighter game, but deep strategyI love this game. There are some bugs but, I assume they will be fixed soon since the game has only been out a week. It would be nice to be able to see how many cards your opponents have, and to be able to cycle through your own cards easily when you have a big hand. Also it would be cool if the game alerted you when you play a new bird for the first time, to give it that bird collector feel..Version: 1.1.176

Excellent (now the bugs are fixed)I love the board game but was wary of getting the app given all the comments about how many bugs there are. Having run the all on iOS since Xmas, I haven’t noticed any issue at all, and I’ve loved playing. I only hope the expansion kits get added..Version: 1.1.363

Please integrate with iOSLove that you’ve brought Wingspan to iOS and it’s consistent with your other implementations. But it really needs to be integrated with normal iOS capabilities - especially notifications! The lack of GameCentre functionality is also frustrating and confusing. It’s hard to play with friends - still need to organise everything outside the app. And they don’t get notified of the invite either….Version: 1.1.181

My favorite board game on the iPad but…This has been my go to board game on the iPad for years, but now it is unplayable. It crashes constantly. I can’t even get through a turn now. It started after an update a few weeks ago. And since the most recent update it has just gotten worse. Started just being laggy then it kicked me out a few days ago. Then it started kicking me out about once per game, then twice. The game I am in now is on the last turn and I can’t finish the turn before being kicked out. I have tried to play the turn 5 times with no luck. So, unless it’s fixed it is now unplayable. 🙁 Please get the bugs out so I can get back to my favorite game!.Version: 1.3.618

Battery hogAbsolutely love this game. Have had it while on the switch, it’s such a well made digital board game. Bought it day 1 on iOS and I still love it but just 4 stars is due to it running my battery down quicker than any board game I have seen before on the App Store. Would love a battery saver option then would be happy to give the 5 stars Edit. Now that there is a battery saving mode happy to give it the 5 stars and really looking forward to the new expansion.Version: 1.1.321

Love itLove being able to play while on the move. Five star game. Since I loaded the expansion the game frequently closes itself and in some cases I cannot finish a game without frequently having to reopen the app..Version: 1.2.437

Best digital port I’ve playedBest complement I can give is, I wish Monster Couch made all the iPhone digital boardgame ports. I don’t have one complaint with Wingspan and I’ve been playing it since day one..Version: 1.1.181

A Fine Rendition of the Board GameDeveloper is very responsive, looks great. Good port of the game for iOS..Version: 1.1.176

Love itHave been playing daily since the day it was released.Version: 1.1.321

Can’t wait for more expansionsLove playing it as we have the board game as well and are excited for future expansions on mobile.Version: 480

Great gameI love playing this game and have not had problems with bugs. It is just a bit slow. Lots of waiting while the ai had its turns..Version: 1.1.367

Brilliant gameLove playing this everyday. Feedback - it would save a lot of time if all players could select their cards and food tokens at the same time at the start of game rather than taking turns..Version: 1.1.428

Beautiful game!I love the board game and this app translates the experience very well! My only 2 issues are : #1 with the size of the letters and symbols, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish nest types. #2 with the online play, I wish there were a 3 minute round event and if a player is dropped (unresponsive or forfeit) an AI would step in. With 5 minute turns you can wait for extensive amounts of time to only then have the game trashed for 2 players - very frustrating!.Version: 1.1.367

Pretty solid. Needs better notifications for multiplayer.I enjoy the physical version of Wingspan, and this is a pretty solid mobile implementation. A bit hard to play on the phone, but the iPad version is better. One major gripe: this desperately needs notification badges. My friends and I play a few asynchronous multiplayer games, and with Wingspan you never really know when it’s your turn, so we often have to remind each other. We also play Star Realms, which does badges/notifications quite well, so I’ve basically just started using the star realms badges as a reminder to check Wingspan, which is not great..Version: 1.1.181

Beautiful wholesome gameReally love this game. It’s just complex enough to be interesting but simple enough that it’s not boring to learn. The graphics and music are excellent. I didn’t mind paying the price for this as I know it’s more niche so the devs have to be able to make money this way. It’s great on an iPad but some things are small so I would say if you have a small iPad or trouble with your eyesight maybe buy this on PC instead. I’ve had one crash but the game seems to have a great auto save to allow you to jump right back in..Version: 1.1.321

Oceania expansionWe need the Oceania expansion!.Version: 1.3.567

A beautiful relaxing gameThis is just a stunning port of a stunning game. Everything works well and looks gorgeous, great music, sounds and art. Highly recommend.Version: 1.1.158

Love it!I play at least 3 games a day. Bring on the Oceania expansion for iOS! (Written whilst watching the Sulfur crested cockatoos glide onto my balcony.).Version: 500

Great game! - one requestI love this game and the app is as stunning as the board game. The app runs smoothly and the mechanics are intuitive! I do wish there was some way to track statistics like win rate, etc. if that exists, I have not been able to find it. Additionally, I have found that, if I start an online game against automa, I can not close the app and return to finish the game… it just disappears. Is this a bug or a feature?.Version: 1.1.340

Some small issues, great game thoughLove the game but the game crashes fairly often. I also can’t seem to add a sound to the push notification? I miss my turn and wreck my karma a lot because of this..Version: 1.3.532

ReviewI really enjoy this game and play nearly every day. I have three small suggestions for the developers 1). Add an in game chat function. Just a way to send a note to another player 2) when you look at another players board there should be a way to see how many cards they are holding 3) it would be great to be able to replay games with same setup (similar to the king of the birds with the automata) Thanks. Great game.Version: 1.1.367

Great game but flawedI love Wingspan and own both PC and mobile. Unfortunately the inability to view cards adequately when your hand gets full, makes some matches unplayable. Additionally there are a number of power trigger bugs (e.g., discard and egg to draw cards) that force you to leave a game and reconnect. This ruins the online automa challenge. You can buy the game on PC for a fraction of the cost of this app with a google search for discounts, and that’s what I recommend any reader of this review do until the game is adequately playable in all forms. I will happily update my rating and review if just the hand viewing issue is addressed..Version: 445

Awesome game, great app!I love this app version for when I can’t play the board version. THe quality is great, UX is all good. I enjoy the lovely music too. Two things I wish could be better: the scrolling mechanism in the Preserve Archive and the method of deleting both the saved games in the archive and the “Your games” section. But I still give it a solid 5 stars..Version: 1.2.431

Good but can’t finish 25% games due to glitchesThe game is terrific but so frustrating as in game, options disappear to move forward. Eg when you have to discard a card often becomes a dead end….Version: 1.1.263

Great adaptation of the board gameThis helped me understand the mechanics in the real life board game, a deck-builder with tons of depth. Wonderful job translating to iOS. There is a ton of complexity but the presentation mostly helps bubble up what you’re supposed to be doing next and establishes the rhythm. After a few play-thrus, when you finally get a good bird engine going and figure out which goals to hit, you can pump out resources in really nicely. That said, the NPCs and separate Automata AI’s can be ruthlessly efficient as you ramp up difficulty, making for a good challenge. My only ask would be to add a Text Size option—the thin tall font can be a challenge for older eyes, even on an iPhone Max..Version: 480

Beautiful gameThis is my favourite game. Possibly of all time. The artwork is simply stunning and the app gives the added bonus of bird sound effects, as well as trivia. It’s a ‘gentle’ game in that you don’t play offensively or unkindly against opponents but is still competitive. You need to be adept in strategy as it changes depending on the cards dealt or bonus round goals. There’s enough variety to keep you entertained for ages. I love this game, on the app or the board version..Version: 479

Absolutely fantasticThe original board game is already such a wonderful game, but this digital version is just as good. You need to think ahead while playing the game - unlike other games where you rely on chance to get ahead of your opponents, this one requires you to think and play smart. Love it!.Version: 1.1.367

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