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Hexa Sort App User Positive Comments 2024

Hexa Sort app received 35 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hexa sort?

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Hexa Sort for Positive User Reviews

Endless mode when?Great puzzle game. Keeps my attention zoned in. Good stim for multitasking. It could really benefit from an endless or “zen” mode. After a while, I wish the levels wouldn’t end so that I don’t have to start from scratch..Version: 1.5.52

Arcade please?!I love this game so far I would love it even more if there were an arcade version. Like choose your layout and the amount of colors. Hëll yes! Also, I think $7 for ads is nuts which is why you get 4stars, however there aren’t many so that’s why you don’t have 3 stars..Version: 1.6.12

It’s a goodie.Good game with a fair number of ads..Version: 1.6.12

ExcellentThis game is my current obsession! Can’t get enough of it. Very therapeutic.Version: 1.5.52

The last update ruined the soundIt’s a great game for relaxing, but after the last update there’s no way to remove the sound, regardless of if you press the buttons. Means I can’t play half the time I used too and kinda pushes me away from trying. Plus, there’s no contact for support..Version: 1.6.23

Nice gameplayI enjoyed playing it and nice to see levels coming every week. One of the most fun sort games I’ve played in a while!.Version: 1.6.09

RelaxingVery relaxing to play but definitely can challenge you as well!.Version: 1.6.23

Last stop London?It’s a fun, if not sometimes frustrating (at least when you’re starting) game, but the game seems to end at the London location. It keeps generating puzzles, but you don’t progress any further. It says I’m on level 92, so I don’t know how many times I’ve replayed the last level. Are there more levels coming or is there a glitch in my version?.Version: 1.5.52

Help!!!My levels are going up but it won’t go past the central London stage of the game. Is it an iPhone app problem or something else..Version: 1.5.52

Continual Play Would Make it 5 StarsThis game is fun and I enjoy the levels. However I would love to have just a continuous play for while I am waiting for next levels to come out..Version: 1.6.09

HexaAbsolutely love.Version: 1.6.12

I need moreI love playing this game but was disappointed when I reached the end and couldn’t advance further. Then suddenly there was an update and I couldn’t have been happier to see that. Now I’m frustrated again because the update is broken. I’ve played close to 20 levels and somehow I’m still stuck at 2% build progress. Hope it’s fixed soon..Version: 1.6.09

Enjoying it, butThe game lags and freezes causing you to put it in the wrong place. Please fix this and you'll get a 5-star!.Version: 1.6.23

Love the game but to many adsI absolutely love this game! I could play it constantly but there are entirely to many ads. I told my husband how fun this game was and he asked if there were ads and when my response was “yes, a lot” he refused to download it. Other than the ads this games is great!.Version: 1.6.23

HelpI’ve been playing this game for ages but can’t go past the central London part on my iPhone but my daughter can on her Samsung is there an issue as I love the game.Version: 1.5.52

Adult ads inappropriateLove the game but the adult coloring ads are a turn off. Get rid of those ads and add more communities to build.Version: 1.5.52

AWESOMEThis game is one of the best! I love the graphics; so pretty when the Hexa’s “sort!” Also, I really enjoy that they add more colors as you advance levels to increase the difficulty. I love strategy games!!!.Version: 1.6.09

GreatLove this game x very addictive but very relaxing x♥️.Version: 1.6.23

ReviewVery addictive! But I agree with the other reviewer. Would love to keep going. Also, why are there only 3 areas? Camping , Japan & London?.Version: 1.5.52

Pretty good!I really enjoy this game. Perfect level of difficulty. If I could change one thing, it would be the rainbow exchange rate to percentage building. 330 rainbows transfers to roughly 9% build… not cool! Other than that, A+!.Version: 1.6.23

I enjoy this game but it can be disappointing at timesI have been playing this game for a few days now and I’m loving it. I do find there are some downsides to this app. If I can’t revive my game using coins and I don’t want to watch videos to recover my game, there is no way to get back to the main menu. I have to physically close the app to return to the main menu. The ads can be annoying at some points but they are not overpowering. It costs £6.99 to remove the ads but this game uses lives, so even though the ads might go, it seems a little steep when you’re having to pay for lives with coins which you don’t seem to get a lot of without paying money. I enjoy the game though..Version: 1.6.23

Love it but …..Love this game, I paid to remove the ads and I now seem to have more ads than before, ads to revive, ads before a new level, ads when you pass a level, ads when you don’t. Daily ad watches to get coins or unlimited for 15 minutes by the time the ads for that are finished your free time is nearly gone. Sort it out developers.Version: 1.6.23

Very interesting game…The only thing that I caught that sort of drives me wild (not really, but I got your attention, didn’t I?) is that I don’t understand how the chips move! Do they go to the smaller to bigger pile; or do they move bigger to smaller pile? I plan ahead (best that I can…there are a lot of variables here….) and suddenly the piles change direction. Or is this where your RNG (Random Number Generator) comes in to play? Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying playing; and could you reduce the cost of no ads? ($6.99 is a bit high….I’m an old fart and have little money…$3.99 will have EVERYONE BUYING IT!) If this game takes off; I am guessing it will, since it engaged me so-well, that when I looked up I forgot where I was; you will reap the benefits of many, many players wanting to buy NO ADS! I do not appreciate the squares indicating I need to watch an ad to open them…if we buy NO ADS; do they go away? You wall says you have 4 reviews. If I’m the fifth, listen to me becauseI have been playing games since 1986…64 bits! I KNOW what I’m talking about! Do nice with your players and they will be eternally fans of your games…..so, please tell me about those piles’ moving, ok? Liking this brand new game..Version: 1.5.52

It grows on youI thought it was stupid at first, but I persisted and kept playing, it grows on you. There’s something calming about the game. Playing playing and ext thing you’re through another level and then another then another..Version: 1.6.09

👍Hello, the game is interesting and exciting.Version: 1.6.23

Addictive and a good model for ad contentIt doesn’t matter how much I like a game, if I'm spending as much time watching adds as playing I will delete the game. This one is a good model for how it should be done. There is an ad after every level, it the level take enough time to play that it doesn’t feel unreasonable, since these ads are short (make sure to pay attention to one the X or forward icon appears). There are longer ads, but they use that when they are giving you something, like adding a hex. Since you are getting something out of it that is helping with your game, it makes sense to place their longer ads there. I just like that I found a game that doesn’t try to make you watch ridiculous length or # of ads. The gameplay is fun and addictive as well, but even th best game I won’t reward with in app purchases if they drown you in ads..Version: 1.6.23

Its a gameIts fun, simple and good to play when bored, a little slow when screens are popping up but other than that good 🤷🏻.Version: 1.5.52

Was London the end??I download this game last week so much fun..love the camp ground , carnival and London however after finishing London there were no more levels is this a glitch I removed game since could go ko further but again loved the game.Version: 1.5.52

AdsLook I don’t mind watching ads between levels or for coins or lives , but I find it annoying to have a ad to pop up in the middle of the level. I understand that ads have to be in the game to keep it free but i really don’t like them popping up in the middle of the level, and I cannot afford to get rid of ads so I have to put up with them because I love this game. If you could stop the ads from popping up in the middle of the level I will be happy and will give it 5 stars.Version: 1.6.12

No instructions?Why, no instructions anymore? The majority of this game is pretty straightforward, but how do you break the locks on those tiles? I assume that you would click on them and the amount on the tile would be how many coins it would cost you, but apparently that’s not the case. How are you supposed to unlock those tiles?.Version: 1.6.12

Hexa sortGreat game but keeps freezing.Version: 1.5.52

Stops to quicklyI love this game, maybe too much. I have no idea how long I spend on it and find out I’ve been playing for an hour. I have to really have some self control when I have other things to do and play this when I’m taking a break. To be honest, the one thing that gets me mad about it is when the levels end. I understand that once I’ve hit the goal the level ends but I would love to see how far each level can go. If you give the stars when the goal has been reached but let us play on till we get the board filled that would be awesome. I really get going and have the next move on my finger and the board stops, it gets frustrating. I honestly have no other improvements to add (maybe add a pink chip) and if the levels could continue till you fill the board it would be definitely more than five stars (I have not seen another game I’d even give five stars to). Great game.Version: 1.5.52

AmazingI love this game so much fun and a good way to burn off extra time. Very little ads..Version: 1.6.23

Love love loveI absolutely love this game. I’m nearly on level 200! FYI for people about the ads, just turn your WiFi and data off and you get no ads, that’s what I do anyway! Hope it works.Version: 1.6.23

W gameI love this game so much, it’s such an addicting game! I’m confused with one thing though… do the chips move to the bigger or smaller pile? but other then that, I play this game all the time, it’s making my brain smarter! 🧠.Version: 1.6.23

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