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Kill Time, It’s fun minus a few thingsIt’s a great word game to play, between this and Ruzzle (my favorite), I think the game is pretty fun. I enjoy learning new words and expanding my vocabulary so this helps. The game allows you to guess words without a limit or consequence no matter how many incorrect tries. It also has a built in dictionary so you can look up the definitions of any of the words you find. Cons: You don’t rack up many coins, so you have to be good at guessing or pay for more coins. The hints are so expensive for a game that doesn’t allow you to rake up many coins per round. To earn coins you have to play 16 round to get at most 75 coins. Each round you can earn coins by guessing words that aren’t in the puzzle using the letters given. You get one coin per word; ripoff. I guess it’s a money thing. The hints cost 100, 200, and 300 coins so be mindful of how often you ask for hints, unless you don’t mind buying coins. Some words that are real words, aren’t recognized by the system. Some words you’ve probably never heard of, are definitely a part of the game. So with all that being said, I recommend the game, but it could be better..Version: 1.0.47

WordscapesHours of fun with words.Version: 1.0.50

Addictive, but now ditching due to political propagandaA colleague introduced me to this app. Very addictive. Being free, you are subjected to regular ads that you have to endure. You don’t need to watch the full ad. A cross appears half-way and you can then dismiss the ad. I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and have recently found that you no longer get a daily bonus, which I found puzzling. As a previous person mentioned ; words start to repeat themselves and some words aren’t recognised, but then again, this is set up for American English rather than English. This morning the ads were all about the political Labour Party. In the space of half an hour, 3 Labour Party adverts had been on. I am sick and tired of all of the political drama shoved down my throat, and the last thing I need when I try to escape with a bit of Wordscapes is having to endure political adverts in between, so therefore I shall be uninstalling this app and finding a less annoying one. I did enjoy the app up till that point..Version: 1.4.0

WordScapesAfter playing this game for the past few months I am finding the same issues as your reviewer, Terry Fields. Today, whenever I have picked up the game for a few minutes of relaxation it has been slow, unresponsive or completely freezes requiring the memory to be refreshed. Unfortunately, if that clears the problem at all it is only for a few moments. I also agree with Terry’s comment about the game designer having a low standard of English (British English). Many of the words used have the American spelling, others are slang whilst even more annoying is when a perfectly correct word is completely rejected, ie not even dropped into the bonus word area. I don’t make a habit of playing with app games, this was an exception and I really enjoy playing it. You really do need to fix these freezing issues (even if you can’t fix the use of non British English words). I was checking for an update when I came across the reviews; no update. Sadly, I will not continue with this game if the irritating problems persist..Version: 1.21.2

WordscapesGreat word game. Makes you think.Version: 1.1.7

It’s fun, addictive, relaxing I supposed.. B U TOnly one thing I cannot comprehend, is that thig called “bonus mystery silly word”, which is separate from the rest of the puzzle. I’m on level 104, i’m upset a little bit, why? not only, you can get a hint or whatever, but because I have a total of 10 bonus words, that’s (10 already, for fries sake) that I already guessed and not in puzzle. but I still cannot guess your “mystery word”?? I get it, you need to forced the player to spend the gold coins, then eventually spend real money, I cleary understand that part, it’s all business in the end. but, I repeat. I have already 10 guess, and still can’t guess the word. c’mon. just be fair and try to fixed this thing. because if you don’t, there’s no used of installing this game, and you can’t move to the next stage. hope you read this, thank you.Version: 1.0.45

Wordscapes 😎👍It’s one of them games you play on a bus or waiting too go in at the doctors office! Yeah it’s a good little word search game it’s abit over priced £2.99p too remove the ads but saying that I’ve noticed that the price of games seemed too of gone up n price I mean last year most games like this was aprox £0.99p too remove ads which I think is a cool price just too remove ads the if you want too buy coins or whatever then that’s a different matter but personally all games should be £0.99p to remove ads surpose it down too what kinda game your in too alot of game remove the ads when you make any purchase within the game that’s just the way I think it should be!! But all n all it’s not a bad little game bit overpriced but that’s that depends how much you wanna get rid of the ads!! Whatever way you look at it they have us by our short n curleys 😎👍.Version: 1.0.48

Good gameIt’s a great game to play to keep you busy and guessing the thing I like about it most is that the words are right there plain as day but you still can’t see it until you think of it and figure it out.Version: 1.14.3

Addictive but small probsHighly addictive while educational Is however annoying and frustrating when words are identified as ‘bonus’ words but later appear as game words and so you can sometimes enter the same word and have it rejected on three attempts, only for it to be accepted on the fourth, but doesn’t happen too often. Also VERY annoying that even with sound turned off on the game, the sound reactivates on the adds with very annoying music. As expected, uses an American dictionary and so spelling is sometimes surprising however is still an enjoyable, educational and interesting game..Version: 1.0.55

Good brain gameEnjoyed playing last two years, only downside is when you have to send iPhone away for new battery under warranty all data is cleared from phone and I had to begin again after reaching level 245,000 and lost over 7,000 coins 🥲.Version: 2.7

Five star!The reason that I think this app is a five star is that it expands your range of vocabulary! It helps you learn new words, improve your IQ and most importantly, it educates you! Personally, this app in one of my favorites out of all of mine. Furthermore, this wonderful app has relaxing music to let you listen to when you try to complete one of the levels! Not to mention that it helps you train your patience by trying to find out the new word that it tries to challenge you with! Best educational app I ever downloaded!.Version: 1.23

AMAZINGI love this there are pros and cons but mostly pros because I absolutely love this game and I haven’t took my eyes off it the really good things about this game is that it helps people in school learn how to spell but in a super fun way I never even realised that I was learning because I was having so much fun another pro is that this game gets you concentrated on what to do and it is VERY ADDICTIVE that is why I rated this a 5 star I rate every game I get and I am very very very very very fussy this is the only game that I have rated a five star there is only 2 cons and one is that it is so addictive that it would stop smaller kids from listening or interacting with any other kids or adults and the other one is that there is quite a lot of adverts but not enough to put 4 stars I absolutely love this game and it’s very tricky my favourite part is the daily puzzle you should get this game it is amazing Thank You.Version: 1.13.1

Great gameOne of the very few games I’ve ever actually spent money on. I only wish I could spend another couple of bucks and get rid of the annoying hint buttons that jump around on the screen when you take longer than 10 seconds thinking about a puzzle..Version: 1.20.0

Great word game!Edit: Unfortunately I need to rescind my comments about not having PG-13 words. Starting in the 200’s levels, there are words I hope most children under ten years old would not know. Not curse words, but nouns and verbs that are more adult in content. Disappointing as it could be a great game for elementary and middle school kids to help with spelling and vocabulary. -——————————————————— Great word game. Gets progressively harder over time but not each more than the last, so there are little respites of easier ones between the hard ones. Uses everyday as well as more obscure words. I like that you can see definitions and uses for words by tapping on them. I also like that you get bonus points for words that you make that aren’t on that particular puzzle. I have more respect for this game compared to others because they don’t ever put PG-13 words in the puzzle, so it’s appropriate for kiddos or tweens too. The tournaments and challenges are fun to have if you’re into that, but also not too in your face if you’re not. The ads are the only bummer, but not unbearable. Overall really happy with this word game!.Version: 1.19.7

Excellent gameWordscapes is a fun and engaging game that offers a variety of benefits to players. Firstly, it's a great way to improve your vocabulary and enhance your language skills. The game challenges you to find words from a set of jumbled letters, which can help you learn new words and improve your spelling. Additionally, Wordscapes is a great way to pass the time and relax, as it's both entertaining and mentally stimulating. The game also offers a range of different levels and challenges, which means you'll never get bored. Overall, Wordscapes is a fantastic game that offers a range of benefits to players of all ages..Version: 2.3

I want to give this 5 stars but...There are a lot of words that the game doesn't recognise. It's really frustrating, especially when you've got challenging letters! Some of it I can allow as being colloquial terms where I live (so may not be valid), but others seem to me to be common words. This is my biggest complaint, since this game is literally about creating words! It's also annoying because it doesn't accept names (like Rome), but accepts words based off of names (like Romans). The other thing I find annoying is when you've got multiple words you're wanting to spell, but you've just filled in the last word slot so you automatically finish the level. I can accept this as a challenge of the game, but it is nonetheless frustrating! Aside from these things, I'm finding this game really enjoyable! It's exactly what I've been looking for awhile now!.Version: 1.14.2

ProgressiveOnce you reach the point where it’s challenging it just feels so good. I’m more hooked on the feeling of completion rather than anything else. The tournament’s are an added bonus as it’s a good indicator of your contribution to your chosen team and your individual performance. If you like forming words you should try this..Version: 1.23

Love it!Great relaxing game really makes the brain work. There are lots of ads but you get coins to watch them makes it tolerable. The only thing is lately it has been crashing a lot which is annoying. Please fix it!.Version: 2.1.1

Wordscapes - very good but tech issuesI really enjoy playing Wordscapes but there are a few shortcomings - quite frequently the whole thing just freezes and all you can do is to log out and come back later; the cost of the 'hints' is too high and designed to force using actual cash to buy a small amount of game coins; the dreadful music. At least you can just turn off the music. I'm not spending any more on the game as I find that if I get stuck trying to find a word, l just leave and come back to it later - the word becomes obvious then, and I can progress. This game is great for crossword/Scrabble addicts. When they fix the game glitches, I'll give it 5 stars..Version: 1.3.3

I’M SPEECHLESS 😍Advice: if you don’t like reading 📖 long reviews like this go down to the advice column like this one down there at the of the review👇🏾 Thank you!! 😜 I’ve had this game for a very long time now and I’ve just got my report from school and from last year my spelling has improved a lot and I got this game years ago I have nothing to say I’m just in love 😍 with Wordscapes because it’s not just a fun app you can enjoy 😊 but it’s also an app that can help you learn new words and if you put a whole bunch of words together thinking 🤔 it’s not a word but it turns out to be a word and you don’t know what it means you can just click on it and it will tell you what it means normally I wouldn’t really enjoy 😉 educational games you know like times table apps or something like that but I would say this is an educational game but it’s really fun. Also I’m sure when you download a new game you get ads and I’m sure you get really annoyed 😠 but this game does have ads at the start like any other game but I don’t care 🤷🏾‍♀️ about the ads anymore because I’m hooked this game is so fun and it has a little help slot thing that can help you I recently told my cousin to download this app and now she’s hooked too we both are really happy 😆 because we’ve never came across a like that’s so fun before. Advice : download this game you’ll have so much fun!! And you’ll have a great 👍🏾 time 😋.Version: 1.0.47

A good time waster...I’ve been playing the game for a while now. The positives are that it’s not overly frustrating but hard enough to get you thinking and there are many, many levels. It runs seamlessly, and the graphics are excellent. Can be a bit repetitive with words they allow. The downside is that unless you are American, and play it as though American you can struggle. Words in English that have an ‘ou’ such as ‘colour’ is ‘color and so on. Also a lot of slang words and word abbreviations. Many perfectly good English words the game doesn’t even recognise. My pet hate is games that don’t turn round, and this is one of them. If iPad is plugged in it’s annoying having the cable in the way. Lots of ads but they are short. You can pay to remove them. If it wasn’t for the above niggles I’d give it 5*. Add a UK dictionary version and the ability to turn game around please. Edit. I’ve increased my score to 4* as having paid to remove ads it’s far more enjoyable. I’m in my 60s and don’t want to spend too much of the rest of my life watching pointless adverts. Just knocking one star as there should be a UK English version. I’ve come to guess at a lot of American spellings but too many perfectly good English words are rejected. I really, really dislike the way it jerks/shakes when you’ve found a word not included in the solution. It’s like you’re a naughty child being admonished. Apart from these niggles I really enjoy the game. Thanks devs....Version: 1.8.1

Amazing gameI play this game all the time and I find it really fun and relaxing. Beautiful scenery backdrops and loads of different levels to do. Levels are challenging but not hard to the point of frustration. You can also take join teams and take part in team/solo tournaments and earn beautiful crowns relative to the season. You can also complete challenges to earn different profile pictures and do daily puzzles to create a gallery of stunning wildlife pics you get for each puzzle done. There are also rewards each day that you play, and hints that you can earn and use. All in all a really good game, great for doing at home or in public transport... I would really recommend downloading it. It’s all free, no drawbacks or catches.Version: 1.19.2

A good version of many many in the genre.This is a good game version of many many many similar versions in this word game genre (Word Calm, Word Games etc etc). All are clones of each other in regard to set up, game physics etc. I wonder which was the originator, & how the others get away with blatantly copying it without facing legal action (copy right), or maybe they are all owned & run from one large “parent” company! I like this game but find Word Calm just a little bit better, to me it feels more polished. That said I play both! I love word games, have fun & exercise the grey matter. I play many from Scrabble to Word Searches. I find the vast vast majority of all theses games are based on very American vocabularies. So for the rest of us from the other English speaking countries of the world, you often have to think like you’re from the USA! If you’re into word games this game is worth having along with all the others..Version: 1.5.1

Fun and intriguing…if you have some spare dollarsI really like this game, and even though I’ve only had it for a few days I can’t stop playing it. As someone with ADHD this is a really good focus her, and gets my brain working. There have been some words that I didn’t know where words, and there’s also a lot of things that should be counted as words like the names of countries, so that is a bit annoying. Plus you earn coins by completing the daily puzzles and crossword’s, but you can’t use those coins to buy things in the store that will help you out. You can use them to buy a helper thing when you are playing the game, but if you save up a lot of them you just have to do that rather than using them to buy spelling bees or some thing.I also don’t like that every time you complete a level, 25 coins go into a piggy bank that you then have to spend $1.99 on to get the coins when you reach the 1440 Mark. I feel like this game won’t be very fun if you aren’t willing to spend a few dollars, which is why I gave it four stars instead of five. But overall it’s a fun game that doesn’t get old and also challenges you to think..Version: 1.19.2

What I love about this gameI love this game because I don’t get distracted by anything and anyone l can think about games and play with my brother Ollie and Oakley they play this game with me too and we try have a race together and I always win so you should check out this game wordscapes so don’t scroll I know you’re scrolling so stop scrolling come check this game out it’s so fun bye bye.Version: 2.7

EnjoyableHelps to while away some time. Easy to understand and the puzzles vary from simple to complex. You can play without spending a penny which is great but I do purchase the odd bundle for about 2.99 as the devs deserve something for this game. The ads. are bit of a pain and some go on too long but no worse than any other game. The only tiny downside for me is that it mainly uses US spellings and words that are common in the UK are often not recognised. A lot are very obscure which is irritating when you spend your hard earned points to be given a word that you have never heard of! But overall I would recommend this game and I expect to be playing for a long time yet..Version: 1.16.0

Hooked for life!I am a granny aged 64 and have played this game over past few years. I was in the thousands of levels when my i-pad had to be reset. I am so annoyed about loosing all my levels and so I am starting all over again. No choice because I love this game. The thing that has me smiling is that here on holiday in Panama I have now got my two grandsons of 5years and 6years hooked as well. We challenge each other with timing how long it takes to complete one game. They are not very keen about spelling and reading and without them realising they are doing just that with the help of this game. The further amusing bit to me is that their parents are also now playing the game. So while relaxing at their pool we are all playing this fantastic game. A BIG thank you to who ever developed this word game..Version: 1.0.45

GreatMany words are overused for example you see words were used in multiple puzzles and far too many words that are good words- words that are not overused, are not included in the puzzles. Beautiful backgrounds and a very relaxing game. Kids should not be worse or cost 100 points but it takes 100 extra words not included the crosswords to come up with that many. To clarify what has to come back with 100 words that are not included in the puzzles just to be able to get want to hint at what hit is only one letter at a word either the entire ward that proportion is way off. Yes the same words are used over and over and over again that will be the reason that I stop playing this game. There are billions of words at the English language to use the same words over and over again completely deplete the purpose of the game. But it is a great relaxing way to enjoy a Phone game at all so I do find it addictive. It only needs slight revision. With the game finally finished is there a grand prize? it’s not clear on that..Version: 1.0.31

AddictiveAll of us in our family are playing Wordscapes. My son which is just 5 years old is already on Level 560. We also share ideas how to create words that matches the choices. It is fun, enjoyable, it creates social interaction and skills to all of us. It also educates is to words that we don’t even know exist. It develops our intellectual capacities. Thank u for making this application..Version: 1.0.37

Mixed feelingsThis is a really fun app that I have enjoyed playing at various times on my own or with the whole family and it has helped introduce my two young children to new words and spellings. But for me, and the reason I’ve dropped two stars, is that there is no two step authentication for using the help buttons for ‘hints’, ‘targets’ and ‘rockets’. This means that it is far too easy, as you slide your finger across the screen to make word, to accidentally touch one of the various hints on the sides. I have wasted a lot of coins unnecessarily by doing this and have subsequently had to spend money on buying more coins. Is it intentional or something the developer will sort out - no other game that I use that has similar functionality is so poorly laid out or doesn’t have two-step authentication for spending the money you’ve accrued..Version: 1.0.53

Very good.The reason why I gave it four stars is because I love how you have daily gifts and coins but ADS. The ads. Can you PLEASE REMOVE THE SILLY ADS THAT POP UP AND THEY ARE ANNOYING BECAUSE I PLAY IT OUTSIDE AND THE ADS DON’T LOAD SO I CAN’T CLOSE THEM DOWN. Otherwise, as it’s not a very bad thing about the ads, I absolutely love this game and it is so addictive! I love love love love love this game it challenges your brain and is absolutely fine for kids and I have a young friends that love this game too I’ve been playing this for 14 months now. I would recommend this to 9+ since the ads aren’t inappropriate 😊The only problem(s) is the ads. It can have slow internet but not often…Thank you for reading this. Sorry one more thing… plz make the higher levels harder plz I’m on level 427 and it is probably EASIER than level 59. Oh, and I changed it to five stars to show my passion for this game. 😇🥰😍.Version: 1.23.3

Awesome gameHonesty so fun I just turn off my wifi so I don’t have to deal with the adds, it’s so fun and my partner has it on his phone to so we can help each other when stuck! A lot of fun and keeps your mind working hard, love it honestly.Version: 1.23

Can play this for ages and exercise my brain at the same timeBeen my favourite game on my phone for roughly 2-3 years. The kids help me play and get themselves addicted along with friends and family 5 star game i would say.Version: 2.9.1

....Good game to get the brain thinking the only issue is the Ads I can't stand them & i cannot bring myself to pay $$ to have them removed also some common words aren't accepted which is kind of stupid off ask me aside that u won't be disappointed downloading this game ..Version: 1.0.8

AddictiveThis is a highly addictive game. As with other games, it is possible to buy tokens however, there are plenty of opportunities to gain these without having to spend a cent. One can therefore advance indefinitely. There are weekly activities and challenges to keep it interesting. Make sure that you log on when playing or you will lose it all if it needs to be reinstalled. The greatest PLUS of this game is their support team. They respond quickly and efficiently and fix your issues. Highly recommend it..Version: 2.1.2

Master mind blowoutThis is the best game ever!! I first saw my younger cousin playing this game and ever since I downloaded I have been addicted. If you are looking for something that makes you think, will keep you up all night and is age appropriate then this is definitely it.. Each level gets harder and harder and the words get longer and longer as you go. There are awesome daily challenges for you to do and the best things about it is that if you get out of the puzzle to start a new one and then you decided to go back to the other puzzle, your progress will not be lost! In my opinion this is one of the best games ever and I highly recommend it!😇.Version: 1.5.1

Great game - could be made even better...Would be even better if it told you how many additional words that could be made from each puzzle. Sometimes I’ll get an additional 25 words for a puzzle but I have no idea if that’s good or not? Thanks :).Version: 1.8.1

AddictiveThis is a well written and addictive app which is let down only by the dictionary that it uses. Many valid English words not allowed and this is not only due to the fact that it is written for an American user base. However users do need to be aware of American spelling and vocabulary to be most effective. This includes a number of Spanish words that are in common use in the US but might not come easily to those in some other countries. Another annoying feature is the use of onomatopoeic so called words such as ooh, aah, ouch etc. etc. Also annoying is the inclusion of prefixes, abbreviations, apocopes, Greek letters and occasionally foreign words. So if you are stuck on a word in a crossword you will often find it is because the word falls into one of these problem categories listed above. In summary the app would be improved by the use of a comprehensive dictionary and only allowing full English words..Version: 1.1.8

I really got a game to learn new words😎I have 224 boots and my mum has 2000 something brilliant this is a really good games I can learn new words and support me how to read it’s really good game! maybe you could update it but my favourite thing is that you also put the animals in it since I played this Wordscapes! I really like this and thank you for making this game maybe you’ll be Wordscapes two!😎 yes be really cool for me and was a really cool and challenging my mum is actually in super hard I’m in hard😎 and my brother also has a scheme he doesn’t have a lot of brilliance if you do Wordscapes two I really like it and thank you for this game please update this game or a Thank You so much anyway bye!!!😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.1.1

Photos and butterflies are too longI really like this app. I like that there is a dictionary so if one in unfamiliar with a word they can click a button to read definition. I’m not digging how it seems in challenges words tend to be alphabetical. I’m not happy with being forced into a tournament last week. I’m also not happy with the “photos” that in order to reach 100% it’s taking so long to get rest of category. I played last week a lot only because I was riding in a car traveling. My life does not permit to sit and play for hours on end. I only have one photo left to complete a category but after playing for several hours I’ve not gotten anything but repeat photos. I don’t have the whole photo time to play to get one final photo. The Butterfly thing I will never have the time to play to fill the entire goal. It’s not attainable for people with a life outside of game. How do people reach 6000 or higher in one weekend without having a robotic arm? I will continue solving the puzzles but.Version: 1.14.5

Review going downI love this game. It’s the only game I play. I love the tournaments BUT the game always freezes. It is especially frustrating when you are in first place in a tournament. I almost didn’t play third weekend because I was worried the game would freeze and it did not disappoint. It froze after I had maintained first place for about an hour. Apparently the makers of this game can create it but can’t keep it functioning so it can be played for any amount of time. Despite my many complaints and complaints from other players this remains a problem. My initial review was five stars. This is an ongoing problem so I have finally lowered my review to three stars. Update: This game doesn’t seem to freeze as much, but now my complaint is that you can enter a word correctly and it will be rejected. This happens quite a bit and so you waste time looking for a word that isn’t there, only to enter the rejected word again and have it be the correct word. I entered one seven letter word ten times before it was accepted as the right words. This is still the best word game out there, at least for me..Version: 1.23

Very fun!This game is very fun and satisfying for me, and we hold little competitions to see who can get to the highest level in a certain amount of time. This is not an online game though so you’d have to get a couple of devices to play with you (and also, you can’t join people in this game) here’s how we play it: what we do is look away from each others screens then we play until our time is up then we tell everyone our scores! I think there are some ads here and there but the game is still fun! Aswell as playing the actual game, there are also lots of other things you can do aswell like, earn gems to buy eggs which will hatch into a pet for you to take care of, and the best part about that is that it gives more gems and coins to save up for more! You can earn coins buy completing Wordscape levels and finding the bonus words, and with the coins, you can buy hints to help you if you are stuck! It gives you a tutorial on how to do it first then, it will let you try it by yourself and then you will gradually get better and better! Overall, great game I’d give it 5 stars!.Version: 2.13

Quit fun , but to much addsI give it a 5 out of 5 because it's basically teaching me new words like Lea and that stuff so that's why . Also too much adds , like after a level there's a add so please can you change that I am bored watching megredom and stuff like that so hope that's get changed . This might be a long revue I am doing it because I like the game I am getting sick of adds but it's so fun I am on level 20 and that is hard going but I finally made to level 21. How much levels are there I why to know how much levels there are . My Aunty is on about 299 I think because I helped her get there . Well hope this is helpful.Version: 1.18.1

Really enjoy this game.Starts easy, gradually gets harder. I paid the small fee to get rid of the ads and it’s well worth it. More enjoyable not to get interrupted all the time. You earn coins in the game, which you can spend to get hints for letters. I’ve only used these rarely. If you keep shuffling the letters you can usually see the word you need. Or leave the game and come back and you can often see the word you need. I’m at level 400 and haven’t spent any money apart from removing ads. Buying coins would let me get through the levels quicker, but my purpose for playing the game is to exercise my brain so I won’t be doing that..Version: 1.0.45

OMG!…OMG, this is literally the BEST GAME ON EARTH. No Joke. It is soooooooooo amazing, the backdrops, the graphics, the levels, the design. Every aspect is so good it’s an absolute must have for everyone on earth! I luv it and I only just got it today! It’s incredible. Thank you whoever designed this incredible, interesting and amazing game. It also really helps you learn new words, even though it can be tricky at times. I know there’s a few ads every now and then, but still… I’M IN LUV WITH THIS GAME! EVERYONE WHO READS THIS MUST DOWNLOAD THIS AMAZING GAME! I know it says 12+ but it is only because it can be hard, because some of the words are tricky to guess. I mean, I’m under 12 and I find the tricky aspect of the game good, because it means you really want to pass that level! If ur reading this, I repeat YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! Thank you. (Bow bow, applause).Version: 2.8

Fun and relaxingI enjoy playing this so much, the background music and images are very pleasant. It has so many levels and it’s now one of my favourite games for a mobile device ever. Bookworm used to be my longtime favourite, but I think this one just might beat even that. It’s easy to pick up and use and is swift in loading times. The only complaint I have is that there are a little too many ads for my liking. Some of them are skippable from the start and a few others aren’t and I think the ones where you have to wait a little longer are a tad annoying..Version: 1.0.52

Love it…. Super addictingJust started this game a few days ago and I got hooked Super fast and now my 15year old is leaning over my shoulder and helping me with words too! Family fun!.Version: 1.17.0

Simultaneously annoying and funOverall, well done, but the dictionary of words is stupidly frustrating, and it’s sluggish. The dictionary includes words like nan, which is not a word at all, despite the provided definition of naan, which is a word. Siesta is not English but it’s in there, while many other non-English commonly used words are not - be consistent, at least. Amnio is found in a puzzle but it won’t accept amnion. Amino is there but not ester (someone needs remedial chemistry). Bro, repo and other slang and abbreviations are also frequently used, which are not only annoying because they’re not proper English words, their use is just lazy puzzle building. Vino? Really?! Also, there’s a weekly game within the game in which you accumulate credits toward portraits you can choose to use as avatars. The thing is that they keep using those credits for portraits you already have, rather than giving credit toward new ones that need new credits. Frustrating and annoying. Having paid for ad free has made the game more enjoyable but flawed dictionary, sluggish performance and silly repetition in weekly games remain. They recently fixed an annoyance that was added a couple of months ago in the game to accumulate butterflies. Kudos for fixing your mistake. Adding back 1 star for making it fun again..Version: 2.3

Wordscapes GlicheGood app but there is a glitch. I use two iPhones and have logged in on both. When I play Wordscapes the second phone does not “remember” what was done in the first. Brilliance score may be different, you can do the the daily puzzle a second time, and and you can collect tournament winnings twice. And you end up playing the same word games. Also the portrait count is different on the second phone. portraits won on one do not appear on the other. Feel free to contact me. Cheers Mick.Version: 1.21.1

Enjoyable, but buggy and thirstyEnjoyable game, but burns through the cpu and drains the battery fast. The daily puzzle also has had a counting bug for a long time where you get three stars, but it doesn’t count them all. Those issues need to be fixed..Version: 2.2.1

Amazing game needs some workWordscapes is an amazing game just like others have said. But there is something I need to say. When you complete a level or daily challenge you can’t go back and see what it is, wordscapes uses interesting words that I don’t know and I play it without wifi so I can’t look up the definitions of the words... if only I could go back and do it when I am on wifi. Or sometimes people I know need some help with it but I can’t look back on the levels or daily challenges I’ve done. It is a pretty good game apart from that and the music being the same. Thanks for reading.Version: 1.0.45

Wordscapes Review/Rating - WonderfulWhat a relaxing and engaging game! Even though its simplicity can make people skeptical of its worth, I think that how simple it is has a connection to how enjoyable the game is. The comforting features are plentiful, and the levels are of a good difficulty so you can learn as you go. There’s also support networks such as hints and shuffling which is helpful. There’s also a great variety of words and the sense of accomplishment is present when you reach the next level. Sometimes it’s the less complex games that are the most popular. The company produces other games too, like the Wordsearch app, and they are very soothing and educational :).Version: 2.13.1

Message to the developer, you did an awesome job with this one!I'm having so much fun playing this game and I've even picked up a few new words which I can now incorporate into everyday conversations, I attribute that to the fact that I'm actually able to see the meaning of each word. I play this game whenever I'm waiting in line somewhere or if I'm early to an appointment. It helps pass the time for sure! On the flip side, I also play when I’m struggling to switch my brain off long enough to fall asleep. It calms me down at night with the soft music and sound effects. I’m ready to pass out now after only playing a few short games. One of my fav top 3 apps! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.4.1

OkIt is ok but I have to be fair because some of the puzzles are SUPER hard!!! I was stuck on level 3 😭! Mostly my dad helps me but even he thinks it is hard!!! But, on the bright side this app is amazing! I love how you have to guess what the words are 👍🏻. I hope they can fix my problem, I rate this app 4 stars because although it is great it has its problems. It would be better if you could play against other people who have this app. Just to add to the bright side this app is really cool 😎 because if you have a word that is not in the puzzle then it will put it in a box that has the other words that aren't in the puzzle which I think is cool 😝. Honestly, I wouldn’t get this app because it isn’t that exciting but it is not my opinion because you might love it. I hope my problem will be resolved x Bye 🤞🏻.Version: 1.5.1

This app is great!This app is good because it helps with anxiety and it is good to help get to sleep if you can’t sleep but also can’t be bothered to read a book. Also I’m pretty sure that this game increases your I.Q I’m not sure but yeah. Also this game is addictive but not too addictive so if your playing it and you have things to do you are able to go and do it without feeling the urge to keep looking at your devise or whatever. Also as I mentioned this really, really helps with anxiety, I have really bad anxiety and whenever I play this it calms me right down and also because I am so concentrated on the game I forget about my worries and stuff. This app has really helped me and also really, really, really fun. His app also doesn’t have much adds, when your in the middle of a puzzle it doesn’t interrupt you with random adds. Definitely recommend getting this app. 😊.Version: 1.16.0

Can be challengingGet frustrated when I have to pay 100 coins for a clue, especially in the puzzles with bonus letters to find. Still have not found out how that works. Is it supposed to be a word? I refuse to pay actual money to find out, and I’m stuck. Can’t progress to next level unless I complete the $&@/(! thing!.Version: 1.0.23

Love it! Just one little thingI love Wordscapes it is a great game. I play it for almost a while everyday. I like that there’s wide verities of hints like bees, rockets, normal hints, shuffle, and targets. I have heard some complaints about the ads but I disagree they are not interrupting the game because they only come after a round. I also enjoy getting a prize everyday weather it is a free hint or just coins, it is a great feature. I love that there’s a dictionary space because when I write,I haves wide selection of words to choose from. But there is two little problems. One: when you start the daily puzzle but don’t Finnish it you can’t start the next day. I know that the point of the daily puzzle is to do a new puzzle everyday but maybe you could make a “Resume” button or a “Start a new one” Two: there is a space for ads on the bottom of the word bank, so if my hand slips it brings me right to the App Store. I know that Wordscapes themselves don’t provide the ads but they can at least move the bar. Aside from those problems Wordscapes is a great game, thanks for reading. And a wonderful game!.Version: 1.5.1

Good for elderly howeverYour game is great and I enjoy it a lot except the only thing I want to say is that I was playing a level and i’m Christian mind you and eventually I realised the devil’s name was actually in the game this offends me and I think many other questions so I perhaps ask you to change your levels because one of them is offensive to me I forgot what one though I hope you and I both understand regards Leo.Version: 2.14

Wordscapes reviewWordscapes is a fun and addictive game for anyone with high vocabulary or wishing for higher. I enjoy the different levels and I am beginning to like it more and more every day. The only reasons I didn’t give it a five star rating is because: 1. It needs a bit more variety and we have to unlock EVERYTHING. I agree that we should have to unlock some things, but not all. 2. We seem to only ever get small amounts of coins for completing levels or areas, yet somehow, the hints are 100 coins each!! So either we receive more coins or the hints are worth less and then I will be happy. So to sum up this great game to challenge the mind and your vocabulary, I absolutely love it but their are some things to think about, take consideration, and possibly change, to make this game better..Version: 1.0.35

Not much adsNormally I only see one ad when I finished the puzzle unlike other apps when you are halfway through you get two ads, Even though I got this game from the ads there was no granny, I think I downloaded the wrong game but it’s still great! I got this yesterday and I’m already loving it! I’m so obsessed and it makes me feel calm, I got tons of bonus words (in total 11) and this app teaches you words like a dictionary! You must buy this app because it’s free too! It’s challenging what teaches you, you will get smarter and I love the maps! Yes I’m begging you, please buy this app!.Version: 2.3

An amazing game I totally recommendWordscapes is a fun, challenging and all around amazing game which I recommend to everyone. Each puzzle is different and by playing I feel so much smarter already! You discover so many words and improve your English skills due to the puzzling levels requiring you to think both logically and creatively!!!!!💖 There are literally NO flaws within the game itself, and the only complaint I would have is the fact that there are quite a few adds. But other than that wordscapes is probably one of my favourite games in the App Store it’s totally free so there’s no reason NOT to try it out!!!!.Version: 1.14.5

Enjoyable with little nigglesMy partner and I do enjoy this game we enjoyed it so much for Valentine’s Day my partner only wanted that I purchase the game as the ads are a pain. I get that they use mainly American spellings which we caught on to quite quickly. Our only criticisms are. On odd occasions when opening the game it freezes and would continue to do so while playing , backing out and back in didn’t really help . We have noticed it has been a little better lately. The other is when playing safari you keep winning the same portraits over and over again, I think our sea horse portrait is at 18 !! When you get duplicates they appear to trigger another circle that when it fills up and you can get whatever is in there it’s another thing we already have !! So we are a bit puzzled as to why bother ?, to be honest safari is my lest favourite part of the game.Version: 1.14.0

WOWI don’t usually rate iOS games. But WordScapes is fantastic, incredible, inspiring, uplifting, fun.Version: 1.5.1

Entertaining and joyfulI love Wordscapes and when playing, makes me think faster yet also processing the meaning of words. I discover new words and I personally like the daily rewards and I am happy that you don’t have to keep the streak. It brings me pleasure when playing it and I hope it does to the people who play it. I am on the level “Dew” and I enjoy it quite a bit. I also like that you don’t have to create an account. It’s a calming, quick-minded, peaceful game and I don’t ever imagine anything different. But, if possible please maybe add like sea, or rain music when playing the levels. I would like it on another level if you did. Thanks Gracie, P.S This game is fun, GET IT.Version: 2.6

Fun Addictive Brain WorkoutGreat game set on beautiful backgrounds..Version: 1.0.8

Fun and always improving!I’ve been playing this game for years now, and the games gets only better and better. You can go through the game without ever feel the urge to purchase coins for beating levels, although of course the option is there for those who appreciate the gatcha approach. I always appreciated the nice collection of landscapes, however since they inserted the cute animals I feel even more involved into the game: it’s a silly and honestly a very basic mechanic, but the illustrations are so cute that I could look at them for hours, especially when the penguin dances or the elephant falls asleep. Too cute. Thanks for this little nice addition to the game, it’s genuinely lovely..Version: 2.1.2

You should definitely Download!This isn’t one of those games were that ads are nothing like the game. 😯What you see is what you get. It’s a word puzzle game where you make as many words as possible to win. Sometimes you might be stumped 🫤and can’t find a word. There is a skip option and you can shuffle 🔀 your letters to look at them from a new perspective. Hints do cost in game money 💵 so try to save up. You can make money 💴 by solving a word that earns you money, doing a daily puzzle or finding a word that’s not in the puzzle. Power ups, daily puzzles, a leaderboard! It’s so much fun! Now I’m going to talk about everyone’s lease favorite thing. Ads 😑yes there are ads after a puzzle and before and a little one at the bottom of the screen that doesn’t get in the way. But you can purchase something for 6.99💸to get rid of them. Or you can put your phone on ✈️ mode while you play. You can’t see texts or anything while using this so turn it off as needed. Overall this is a great puzzle game for passing time and I think there is a way to play with people? 👥 I don’t know for sure I haven’t unlocked🔒 it. But this game is great and of you like word puzzles you should totally download. ⬇️⬇️.Version: 1.23

WordsThe best one !.Version: 1.0.8

Fantastic game, love the Challenge eventsI got this app and after getting fed up of adverts, paid £2.99 to get rid. Money well spent, game is much more enjoyable. Some levels seem familiar, but one letter may have been changed so it’s a challenge to find the word that uses all the letters. The new challenge daily events occur periodically over weekends and can be amusing watching the table of players trying to catch each other up. Love the daily puzzles too trying to get the butterflies in the right order. Hats off to the makers, a very enjoyable game with great backgrounds. My only gripe would be that the challenge events give you points for finding all the words. The regular crosswords only give you points for words not in the crossword. Sometimes this can mean only getting 2 or 3 points for completing a big crossword as most of words are in it!!! That’s when this game is annoying but I still love it!.Version: 1.0.50

Not everything can be suitable for everyone!I love the app, I'm currently on level 21 and throughout the game, it made me learn some new words! The music helps me focus so much, and it's all because of you! I thank you for making this game. Although, I do have some feedback to make this more efficient to people. It would be better to have an option to challenge yourself, and what I mean by that is you should put a timer as an option to see your record. This will help know your vocabulary in a very fast way! On level 20, I've noticed the word "abs", this word is a little bit inappropriate for children. And yes, I know it is a part of the human body, but I don't think kids should know this yet. Last thing is that you should put 2 letter words countable, such as hi, he, me, and many more possible. I hope you see this review and take it as a feedback! Please do not change the best parts of them all. Kindly Regards, The person who wrote this..Version: 2.13

Great gameBeautiful visuals, and challenging but not too difficult. Lots of levels, and not too many ads. Have recommended to my friends..Version: 1.0.8

Most Relaxing Game EverI suffer from anxiety and ADD (attention deficit disorder). Sometimes I get so anxious that I flick between gaming apps on my phone to try and calm myself down and distract myself. Nothing worked until I downloaded Wordscapes. Now, whenever I am anxious or I find that I can’t focus on anything, I open Wordscapes and within minutes I am calm and relaxed. I can spend hours on this app, which is normally incredibly difficult for me to do because of my ADD, but the simple but thought-provoking puzzles can keep me focused. I’ve had Wordscapes downloaded for a few months and I only ever use it when I am anxious or when I can’t focus, but I am already at level 157..Version: 1.1.7

Was 4 but now I’ve deleted the gameThis is a great word game with a reasonable game / ad balance. It has a lot of content to keep you active and seasonal changes to keep things fresh. If you want to play without paying anything extra you can. However, this morning I had a pop up asking for my consent for advertising and cookie preferences that had only an ‘accept all’ and to reject all you have to manually reject every single vendor. This is done to force people to accept having their data sold, making the process of rejecting so Herculean that most people give in and ‘accept all’. So I deleted the app. If you can’t respect me, I don’t want you..Version: 2.13.1

No problems with the adsI don’t write a lot of reviews, but after reading the criticism of a few other reviewers here, I’d like to add some of my own thoughts. Yes, it can be addictive, but usually I don’t have much time to kill anyway. I do at least one puzzle a day and I love the daily one because you can get lots of extra points and coins. So far, I have reached the TROPIC level with 7942 brilliance points and 3440 coins. Not once did I buy a hint - just by systematically playing around with the letters you can “guess” every single word. The new dictionary which came with the latest update is absolutely amazing - kudos to the developers for this fantastic idea!! English is not my native language and I’m sure this will help me broaden my vocabulary 👍🏼 And the ads? I often buy the “pro” or ad-free versions of apps, but it was through an advert that I became aware of WORDSCAPES, and the ad videos within WORDSCAPES usually suggest interesting other apps which I find quite helpful. The app is very stable as well (iPhone X) - so far it has crashed once or twice only. All in all, highly recommended and definitely worth 5 stars..Version: 1.0.24

Not happy with latest updateI really enjoy this game. The storyline is entertaining and it’s a great way to pass the time. I also loved it because it had no ads. However with the latest update, the ads appeared. I don’t mind an ad every now and again but it’s an ad every single time you pass a level. It’s annoying and frustrating and makes me not want to play anymore. I get you need $$ from the game but when you fill it with ads people will stop playing. Please review your decision on this part. Make it enjoyable again.Version: 2.12.1

Great…. Except the advert glitchesHave been playing this for a while. There has been a lot of thought in keeping the gamer’s interest with different backgrounds, tournaments & wildlife you can collect. The words get slowly longer and harder to decipher as you progress. I realise APP creators have to earn money but be aware the amount of adverts do test your patience. I’ve just deleted the game because the more you play the more aggressive the adverts seem to be. You click to remove them and they go on to a second, third and sometimes fourth page. If that wasn’t bad enough sometimes the screen freezes at the end of the advert and you have to turn the APP off and wait for a while for it to sort itself out. So, if you want to keep playing long time, you’d be best to pay for the APP..Version: 1.17.0

Words can’t explainWhile trying to write this review, my pregnant wife kept trying to tell me about how all her tops have either food or toothpaste on them because her pregnant belly keeps getting in the way and she can’t reach the sink…. Pretty good game.Version: 1.21

Keeps jumping to app store😡Overall this game is great nice to switch off and play it, I can even get past the adverts although I don’t like the sound on the adverts. The thing that has been really annoying lately is that it will jump from the game to the app store and when you hit the Wordscapes button to go back to the game it does take you back to that page but just for a second then it goes back to the app store. I keep pressing to return to the game and it keeps repeating that a few times before it stays in the game. You carry on with the game for a while then it does that whole process again, maybe it’s just for me but either way it’s highly annoying and unless it stops soon I shall have to quit the game which I don’t want to do as I actually really enjoy it..Version: 1.0.50

I love this gameMy nan made me get this game and I wasn’t sure on it at first but after playing for a while it was ok. I do not like the little bird that is at the bottom of your screen but whatever. You know I am watching Everton vs Aston Villa whilst writing this review. That is how dedicated I am to this GOAL EVERTON oh wait it’s offside. Anyway I love writing reviews for my favourite games like FIFA and Fortnite but not Words capes, I hate it. I mean I love it… or do I. Ha ha ha ha 7 minutes extra time! COME ON EVERTON. In the meantime I’ll just ramble on for a bit. I wrote the number one review for outlets rush with the same style as this one. The truck is just to give it dive stars, a good title and a good first sentence then you can do whatever you want, like I’m doing now. 1 minute left. SO CLOSE EVERTON. Ha ha the fans took the ball. Oh it’s full time now 0-0. Oh well. Bye then..Version: 2.13.1

CoolI like this game.Version: 1.12.1

Addictive!UPDATE; I love this game but since the update 2days ago, I can no longer turn it on landscape onto my iPad and my husband and I both loved this feature and wished for it for quite a while, as this way we don’t have to hold the iPad in our hand while in bed and can use the stand. We play it before we go to sleep and a bit awkward to share this way. PLEASE bring it back! This an amazing addictive game. Good for stimulating the brain as well, to get that brain moving. The only thing I would say, after trying to find a word that I’ve never heard of, I would like some of them to have the pronunciation of them, as they don’t do that on this game so would be helpful, especially for younger ones.. Other than that...you will also learn a bit more by tapping on the Aa tab and finding out the meaning. If you play a lot, I would suggest removing the ads, but that’s just me. Good luck!.Version: 1.22.1

Daily challenge issueOnly problem is when doing the daily challenge for stars, when there are multiple words that could fit a slot you end up wasting opportunities for later stars because you unintentionally do them all first. Either less options for each word length or more star opportunities at once rather than just one?.Version: 1.0.52

WordscapesThis game is seriously enjoyable. In my view, it’s a great way to help family and kids too to grow their vocabulary, spelling and thinking processes. The only limitation in my view is that it is based on Americana languaging. Contextualise the wording to a specific country and hey presto, your in with a grin. I have learnt words I have never heard of and I’m an academic. Great game. Cheers Tony Iwikau..Version: 1.0.50

Love to live to work with words!Not a bad free app but ads are a pain. Need to close off app but love that it doesn’t make you start again. My 9 year old grandson and I make it competitive so love that the ads aren’t gross either - thanks. Great free mind exercising app..Version: 2.3

Fun to play when bored and very educational.I recommend you get this game as it is really fun when you get bored and it might also be educational for some people. You can learn and guess words with a selection of letters. Also it is a good game to play in schools. It’s great for kids spelling. It is also really fun and you don’t need internet for it so you can play it anywhere..Version: 1.6.2

Canadian GalI love the challenge..Version: 1.7.0

My word play thoughtsThe word games although simple at this level will get more difficult but my only negative is the use of word abbreviations But having said that, it’s certainly mentally challenging which is good at any age level, but is mandatory the older we get. Thank you.Version: 2.5.1

Bug fix neededGreat game, but there is an issue with the daily puzzle not giving the stars despite getting the words right. It will start to give you a star then glitches and takes it away, so you only end up getting 1 or 2 max per day. This is happening on all our devices, and we’ve updated to latest version.Version: 2.3

Way to many ads. but still addictiveHonestly, I would play this game for hours but some of that time will be ads. Most of the ads are fine, just advertising more of your games but the other ones get annoying..Version: 1.8.1

Good for Seniors young brains going old .It brought me enthusiasm to do solve the problems - looked hard at first .If you work slow and steady you can win and finish the games .Excellent hats off for those made these games to play at home especially seniors alone -after death of loving partner who used to play this games in his sick cancer days of treatment .Charles loved it .In his memory I’m alone yet I play it bringing back loving memory of my late hubby .Now I’m love caring my cancer with me now .We better start loving our illness .As we have games to play to keep us healthy and busy and NOT LONELY ..KEEPING OUR BRAINS HEALTHY -AVOIDING DEMENTIA …GOD BLESS YOU ALL CLEVER GAME PLANNERS .AMEN !.Version: 2.16

Great game but ads steal your stars earned in daily puzzleGreat game that gets the brain working. Only downside is the ads, which always run immediately after I finish the daily puzzle and somehow end up stealing the stars earned in that puzzle. I’m trying to collect the animals and coins but it isn’t possible to get very far. Today I completed the daily puzzle, earned 11 stars, two rounds of ads play and then I only get 3 stars! 3 out of 11!?! Bonkers. And no, I don’t wish to pay $13 for an ad free version. Fix your app please, this is such an annoying bug..Version: 2.1

This is great but pls teadFirst of all this is a great game there is no. Ads so i dont know whats wrong bc im level 59 and i have no ads so far. BUT there is 1 problem and that is its to easy its so easy i mean its fun but sometimes its just to easy u know? I like it easy but some levels are too easy pls make them easy but not too easy apart from that its a great game i get bored often and this helps with boredom. BORED? Play this game ( unless u cant bc u cant go on ur device or something). THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING ( COPIED ) GAME 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤲👍👍 P.S is it just me or do u have the same response to everyones problems...Version: 1.23

Amazing!🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼I absolutely love this app! It’s so much fun and it works my brain. I’m doing competitions with my family to see who can be on the highest level! Honestly I really recommend this game. And here’s why! Firstly: It’s fun and simple because you can easily make sense of the words in the first few levels! Since it’s simple so many people can play this game. Secondly:It gets harder as you go along! This helps so you get stuck and work your brain as you make progress. This helps because you challenge yourself making you smarter in your learning making random letters into words! Thirdly: THIS APP IS FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!! It’s so hard finding a good app for free that is for all ages and makes you a lot smarter. This game is very well made and very calming so I’m happy that a free game is a good one. You can buy things if you want but it’s not necessary! Thank-you for listening to me! Yours truly ✨Me✨ 👁👄👁.Version: 2.6.1

Awesome word game!!As another reviewer has pointed out, the advertisements in the “free” version quickly become both invasive and prolific. However once you pay the few dollars (less than a coffee for goodness’ sake) to buy the ad-free version, it’s nearly perfect. My only complaint along those lines would be the more subtle advertisement of the developers’ other products on the main screen. Fix that and it’s easily one of the best iOS games I’ve ever seen. The gameplay is fantastic, smooth and well-thought-out. It’s a mix of the traditional crossword and anagram games, and is challenging, with extensive levels and just the right amount of fun rewards. This is one of the only games other than Tengami that I would almost unreservedly recommend to anyone..Version: 1.0.55

Missed Credits on Daily ChallengesI haven’t seen any other reviews on this so I’m not sure if I’m one of a few that has this problem. I love this game but the problem is with the daily challenges. I’ve played this game for months (possibly a couple years) and always, always do the daily challenges. It’s a ritual I do while eating breakfast. For every so many days you complete, you can get coins and it goes up in increments so that you should (on the months that have 31 days) be able to get the big prize of 500 coins. The problem is there are usually about 2 or 3 days out of the month that it doesn’t give me credit for that therefore insuring I will not get the 500 coins. It always happens!!! It goes to the next screen after I complete the challenge and goes through the sounds and motions but my number/count doesn’t go up one. Super annoying and it’s almost like it does it on purpose so that no one can get the 500 coins so we will be forced to pay for hints since they cost an exorbitant amount to begin with and always run out of money. It’s been bothering me for months so just wanted to complain..Version: 1.0.63

Some suggestions for the developersI really enjoy playing this game and I have a team which I am the leader of. I have a few suggestions that I have to help out the leaders of the teams. First it would be great to be able to go into my team member list and be able to see which members are currently online and which ones are idle. You could put beside their name where it would say online or idle with how long, for example it would say idle 3 minutes or idle 1 week. This way we as leaders will know who is an active player and who isn’t. Another suggestion is to give us the ability to promote players of our choosing to become coleaders where they can have the ability to kick/ban people from the team or if the team is set to invite only they can accept a player to join the team when the leader is absent. It would also be nice to see like a separate team message board where the leaders can post team rules and expectations or other notes to the team so the players will know what to expect by reading them and that the leader doesn’t have to keep typing it over and over again. I really hope you guys put these ideas into the game to help out the teams and the leaders..Version: 1.23.3

W gameW games I have a few weeks to do so I’m not sure what to say I don’t want to spread my mind to the same person as my friend or not but I’m sure it’s a lot better and I’m sure it is not a lie lie I don’t know what I was talking to but I’m sure I can get a better job I just want you in the world to do that but I think I can just stay calm down there and stay in the hospital or something and I’m sure you can stay up with you all day but you can’t stay here for you to stay home with me and stay with me all right and I’m just trying not to do that right but you know me I just don’t do anything right I know I don’t know what I do with that but I’m not sure why you don’t do.Version: 2.1.2

Very fun, but one thing I want to give advice about...So far, this was the best word game I ever played. You can make words to complete puzzles, get coins, or just fiddle around with the letters until you make some words. You can also use the video on the Earn Free Coins section to get 25 coins per vid if u get stuck, but there's one thing I want to advice about.....whatever you do, DO NOT use the surveys to get free coins. When I checked it out I found out that whoever runs this survey thing is really just trying to get a hold of your personal information. Even the 15 question survey is trying to get personal info from people. That's why I did not even complete the 15 question survey and I'm glad I did not summit it. If you want to get free coins, I would recommend you just do the videos for coins and not mess with the offers or the surveys. I don't know what company runs this game but they might have someone like hackers running this survey thing so don't use the survey thing whatever you do or they may get your personal information. Otherwise, this is a really great game..Version: 1.0.50

Too many adsLove this game. Way too many ads. Top players from each country should be excused. Just a suggestion. Have since uninstalled. the game was awesome but there were far too many ads & it got to point where it was an ad after EVERY GAME🤦🏽‍♀️😩 So unless you stop with the ads, I won’t be playing this game again. If it improves greatly, You know where to reach me ....Version: 1.0.61

Almost perfectTo the developers: PLEASE provide a way to choose a different event. For example, I’ve got all the butterflies for the butterfly event that has been coming up for the past several weeks. I don’t have as much incentive to play during the event. But if I defaulted into the current event when it starts, but could change to one of the butterfly events I still need to collect things for, I’d be playing more! Previous review: This game is nearly perfect. I play this one every single day. The tournaments are fun. I’m on a team of great people I would have never “met” without this game. All the little extras that keep getting added keep things interesting. However, there is one VERY annoying thing that needs to be fixed. If it was I’d give this 5 stars. I don’t know if the developers read these or not, but PLEASE put a “Do you want to use the firework” pop up before using it! I cannot tell the number of times I have accidentally flicked my finger over the firework and have it get used. 99% of the time when I DON’T need it, like I am down to my last word and I’m about to spell it. Or at least put it as an option to do this, and if people don’t want it then they can turn it off. Thanks..Version: 2.4.1

Needs more updatesThought I’d take the time to write a review as I never leave reviews. First, I’ll start with the positives: This game is fun and keeps the brain active. The levels get progressively more difficult but are not impossible. The daily puzzle adds an extra element to the game and with the latest update you can earn 100 coins with each daily puzzle. The Wildlife are cute and fun to collect. Now for the negatives: This game is laggy and sometimes unresponsive. The dictionary is heavily US based and doesn’t accept certain words. The support section within the app is useless as my feedback gets dismissed without a response. A lot of the levels repeat certain words. And perhaps my biggest gripe, getting duplicates/wildlife I’ve already maxed out on! So I’m on the shiny eggs as I’ve collected all 32 animals and I’m now at a stage where I’ve maxed out on certain animals. Yet when I hatch eggs I’m still finding those maxed out animals! This is a waste of my heart gems and can easily be resolved/implemented in an update but instead I’m told “This is a flaw and we’re aware of it” please sort this out!.Version: 2.7

This is a great game!I started playing this game when I was quite young! And I didn’t really enjoy it because I could never guess the words. I just started playing it now and it is the best game! It is so fun and addicting and really helps you with your words! Highly recommend. Also you can play with your friends and family which is also a extra star! Bye have a nice day!.Version: 2.11

UhhhhWhy is shrek not a word????.Version: 1.1.3

Really Enjoy!!So far I really enjoy Wordscapes. I’m on level 1356. So far, I’m familiar with the vast majority of the words. I especially like that the words are not rare and unusual. If they were, I would not play. The backgrounds are pretty. However, there are several things that clutter the screen. As someone else mentioned, a " coins full " message keeps showing, with an option to buy the coins you have already earned. I won’t do that. It’s annoying. If the words ever get so bizarre that I can’t solve them, I will quit. There are other pictures on the screen and icons you can earn, but they are confusing and useless to me, so I ignore them. Also, it's too easy for my finger to accidentally tap on the “help” clues that cost far too many coins. I don’t use them intentionally, and it’s very annoying when I accidentally tap on one and lose a hundred or more coins. It’s easy to look up help on the internet if you are stuck For me, though, if I ever find that I have to look up words, I will quit. I don’t mind using a clue once in a while, but the clues cost way too many coins, compared with other games I’ve played. All in all though, the game works well on my iPad 4th generation now that I updated to the newest iOS version..Version: 1.22.1

Good. ButToo many ads. 2 ads instead of only one, makes it annoying to sit and wait to cancel them.Version: 1.0.8

Great game.Only just got into Wordscapes and it’s a very good game with minimal adds but still an ad every now and then. There’s also plenty of other things to do which I couldn’t be bothered learning what are but the point is that this is a very good game. Would recommend..Version: 2.1.1

Your Doing A Great JobDon’t listen to the mean stuff some people say about the app/game because it’s not true and it’s probably because of there phone or iPad that that stuff is happening because I assure you that isn’t true. It’s a great game for all ages and for anytime trust me once you get the game you’ll see what I mean. And everyone who work for it try there hardest to make you and everyone who plays the game happy so I just want to say thanks for all the effort and hard work you put into this game to make it so fun as enjoyable. 🫶🏻👍🏻😀😃😄😁😊🙂🥰😍.Version: 2.17.3

Great GameThis is an absolutely amazing game that is full of new and unique things everyday. The daily puzzles are great because I can do them with family members while they are on different devices and we can help each other out. I also love that we can join a team and chat with people from around the world and help them if they are stuck on a certain puzzle. There are lots of different teams to chose from (one really good one is called Stay Strong and its logo is a golden lion on a blue background) but if you don’t like the look of any of those you can always create your own and either let anybody join or they have to request and invite and you can look at their brilliance and see if you want to invite them into your team or not. I just have one question for people fun and that is if you purchase the option for no ads does that mean you can’t watch ads for coins? All round I think this game is fabulous and I strongly suggest you download it ..Version: 1.9.0

What happened to the bonus stars gameSat there yesterday and played to earn lots of stars to get in to top 10. Logged in today after game had auto updated and no longer has the stars game. So what happened?? Should have received extra coins.Version: 1.0.48

Great test for spelling nuts, best word fun app out thereI don’t write many reviews but I just had to let other spelling geeks out there know about this game. I don’t know why anyone would give this less than five stars unless they found it to hard. Me? I search for games that will test me, push me, make me really think. If you love scrabble, words with friends or any of those games out there that require you to have a good knowledge of spelling, this game is for you. It doesn’t matter what age you are you will enjoy it. One of the things I liked best is that you don’t have to spend weeks getting through the easy levels to get to the good stuff. You can join a team (to compete in tournaments where all team members scores are combined, or where individual play is rewarded) you can chat with your team members from all over the world, and there are many games within games as well as progressively harder levels to challenge your brain. I happen to be an English Teacher for advanced students in Elementary school and many of my kids play this game. We can even keep track of each other. I know, geeky right? Geeks rule the world my friend! Not high school or early school maybe but the REAL world. You need this game, download it today!.Version: 1.23.8

LOVE 🥹I absolutely adore this game, it’s free AND is not heavy on ads. Unlike other games! All the free games I have need to be heavy on the ads for the developers to make money that way, OR instead of tons of ads the developers will be constantly shoving in game purchases in your face. But with Wordscapes, it’s so different. I’ve been playing for about a week and I’ve seen about 3 ads and 1 in game purchase which just popped up as a tiny photo on the side of the screen which you simply cancel. Moving on to the actual game, I think it’s so smart and calming. It’s calming from the background music, to the backdrop to the totally chilled out vibes that you get just by not seeing a timer or countdown like other mentally challenging games. This is the perfect game for any occasion to be honest, but especially before sleep or when you need to chill. I LOVE it and will keep it on my phone !! <3.Version: 2.13

Pretty good so farFun to get the mind working and to pass the time. I haven’t encountered any issues yet but I also haven’t had the app for very long. The puzzles aren’t overly complicated and they don’t use words I’ve never seen before, so that’s a plus... Give it a try, I recommend it.Version: 1.0.58

Fun but idiosyncraticGreat time passer but words are at random - dozens of real words don’t register (eg creel, llama, ewer, carl, dux - to name just a few), lots of weird archaic terms, random abbreviations (sis, bro, doc, grad, ads, abs, coed) and prefixes (pro, pre, doc, anti, per) some foreign words and Greek letters are in some are out, obscure compound words in (my fave was uptick) but genuine combos out, some cultural spelling oddities add challenge - especially when both US and British spellings might be included in the same puzzle. But apart from that, it is fun and keeps the brain agile. Love the animals esp wolf, fox zebra, hate the weekend comp - esp when u get several 4 stars in a row but don’t change order..Version: 2.1.2

Great game, but…I’ve been playing Wordscapes for a few years now, so I admit to being slightly addicted! But over time, some flaws do show that lead to some frustration and annoyance. Some puzzle words can be repeated 2-3 times over a few hours of play, yet others may not be seen/played for weeks at a time. I wish I could remember the exact words, but it’s happened multiple times for different words. Another issue I have is with the Portrait events that allow you to collect sets of portraits that can be used as your personal portraits if you’d like. The events give you a special portrait if you collect all of the sets in the particular event — my issue is that, after playing some of these events for years, I cannot seem to collect all the portraits — there are always one or two that never see so the collection can’t be completed. And when I say years, I am not kidding! I’ve been unable to complete the Halloween portrait event for the past two years. Working on the Christmas event now and collected approximately 60 ‘gifts’ that revealed no new portraits over the past 24 hours. Looks like I won’t finish this event either unless I find time to play 20 hours a day to maybe collect these elusive portraits..Version: 2.1.1

Perfect for word puzzlers!This is one of the few games around that is still really easy to play without having to buy anything. Yes there’s a few ads to glaze over, but as someone who rates their word skills as pretty high, I am surprised at how hard the puzzles can be at times. There’s no variation for the core game, it’s the same puzzle format every time, so it can feel a bit repetitious, but sometimes you just want a familiar format, and there are a couple of side game options. It’s the perfect balance of being very low key & easy to play, but challenging enough to keep you interested..Version: 1.23

WordscapesSo far so good. Easy but getting harder. Nice neat graphics, and looking forward to getting rid of irritating ads! Later. Still enjoying this addictive game, BUT getting very irritated by the way the completed puzzle just slips away the instant it is completer. Would enjoy to reflect on all those hard sought words, for a while, or to be able to bring them back from storage. VERY irritating to lose them all instantly. Now finding ads very irritating, either getting stuck for ages and refusing to go or going on for far too long, continually adding more seconds to wait! This seems to have become much worse lately. Extremely irritating and I often just switch it off and leave the game. Ads getting stuck on, and not being able to free them to continue the game. So I just leave it, feeling very frustrated. Not good for your image and popularity..Version: 1.19.2

ThAnk youSo awesome for my brain. I’m old and need to keep my brain working. Thanks Wordscapes!.Version: 1.5.1

Relax all the wayI would recommend this for people who get stressed out easily. It’s trustworthy, not like other apps. This helps you know new words and it can teach young kids how to spell. There is nothing wrong with this app. The music is nice and I love the backrounds and when you try to make a word the sound is really cool. Sooo plz read this, this app is definitely worth getting. Although if your thinking about getting this for a young child around four or five it’s a bit too much for them now because the words would be hard for little children. So get it for a teenager who has anger issues or gets stressed out all the time, this will definitely help people to relax more or calm themselves. Hope you consider getting this app it’s totally worth it❤️.Version: 1.7.0

Like itVery fun.Version: 1.0.53

Elegant and fun but could stand to be more rewardingVery lovely uncluttered layouts and short puzzle times make this a great app for de-stressing and passing time on short bus rides, standing in line, etc. My kids also love it and will beg to "help" me find words if they catch me playing it. A few critiques: you have to do seemingly endless easy puzzles before getting to any remotely challenging ones; I wish they increased the difficulty sooner, maybe based on your solve time. Also not sure what the "brilliance" is about, and there's nothing to use the coins for either. I finished with over 3700 coins, but when I press "shop" the only option is to buy even MORE coins using real money. It's also kind of annoying that it won't accept certain real words for no apparent reason (e.g. girt, purl, cote, hod, coir, trice, creel, cant... and the list goes on). Yet it DOES use a bunch of slang words like blog, pic, toon, etc. What dictionary are they using?! Overall an excellent app, I'll probably go back and redo the upper levels from time to time (fortunately it unsolves them again after you finish)..Version: 1.0.8

Awesome gamePlay this every spare moment and have not been disappointed. It is definitely worth it to pay a few bucks to remove the ads. Game play is not too difficult yet still very challenging. I enjoy being able to play against others in regular star tournaments. It feel like this game goes on forever as I’m over level 1035 and still going strong. Highly recommended..Version: 1.8.1

I AM SPEACHLESS ✨So normally when I download any game I would look at the reviews and check it out first. This game had great reviews so I decided to download it. When I first tried I would expect it to give me an intro then try and make me buy stuff. At first it gave me a nice easy intro and then there was nothing to buy! I love this because I want to be able to play to full game but without paying. Also this does help expand your vocabulary. You can choose to buy something that gets rid of the ads but you honestly don’t need to it makes no difference. The only changes I would make would to be that the words can also work in English because it is American. Also the hints could be like 50 or 75 coins. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS THE BEST!!!!! 💥.Version: 1.0.31

JenA bit obsessive and helps you learn new words too. Also probably more healthy mentally to be doing Wordscape on phone than some other activities…good to do it when your bored and far easier than a crossword..Version: 1.23

Please give me my life backI am dangerously obsessed with this game. i start giggling and twirling my hair when i see a wordscapes notification 💀💀💀 i have wordscapes as my background because it is the only thing that sparks so much joy in my life. I connect the little words and i feel complete and overall joyous. to anybody wondering if they should download this game: although i adore it more than anything in this life, i dont suggest it. do you know how embarrassing it is to pull out WORDSCAPES in a social gathering to get my fix?Wordscapes is truly a marvel of modern science and if this is ever taken off the app store i will riot. this game is my everything, and as much as i desperately want my old life back, i cannot imagine a future without wordscapes..Version: 1.24.2

Surprisingly addictiveI saw this add so many times , and thought it seemed pointless and annoying as a game. But after trying it out it’s actually really good, very challenging. My children 6 and 9 even enjoy playing with me. One thing that is frustrating is that you have to pay for hints , sometimes I’ll be stuck , or the kids will be , and there seems no way to move forward except for paying to get a hint. Sometimes it’s just a hard level or it’s kids playing , and aside from not wanting to waste money, I don’t want to teach them that when things are hard in life you pay money and get help. I would like to see a kid version of the game , with some smaller words etc , my kids would love it..Version: 1.20.3

Wordscapes helps to escapeTimeout from the noise of the day, choose wordscapes to retreat and enjoy. Challenging but rewarding game and good to do half hour before bed each night. Increases your wordpower and the persistence required to complete a section increases as you feel the need to take action everyday..Version: 1.14.3

Brain gameGreat game to kill time.Version: 1.5.1

It’s great...Except for the fact that the music remains the same throughout. It’d be nice to have different music for different sections, so Forest could have a soft background sound of rain with some forest-y music over it (preferably with a woodwind instrument; they tend to be evocative of rainforests), and Sky could have some twinkly music or something (maybe using chimes; they tend to sound “twinkly”). What I love about this is it’s backgrounds. They’re all gorgeous, and I love that the colour of the filled in word changes according to the sections. It does, however, get a little boring looking at the same shade the whole time, so maybe keep the same colour but change the shades that appear (e.g. Forest could go from a light, almost lime green colour to a deep, forest green colour by the time you’re done with the section). Alternatively, use different colours progressively as levels are completed, but colours that correspond to that level (e.g. Sky could have green that fades into blue that fades into purple that fades into magenta...(think the way the Auroras work or think of the paintings of the cosmos and the colour schemes and colour fades from there)). Other than that, this game is great for making me realise I don’t actually know as much English as I thought and then teaching me the stuff I didn’t know..Version: 1.0.35

Very well thought out game.I love this game, I think it’s really well thought out and it’s very smooth and fun to play. It’s not really relaxing to me especially when I’m stuck on a hard word. I like some of the features such as the bonus words, rockets, and hints. The ads do pop up randomly, but there aren’t that many so I wouldn’t complain since the game is free. Definitely recommend this does get challenging after a while so it is really fun to do..Version: 2.5

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