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AMAZING!!!First when I downloaded this app I thought that it was a app that I would play it for a little and than never play.I did not get bored one Time playing this game🫶, the pot wisters And story line was great⭐️l can’t wait for An update🤩.Version: 10

Super Fun & Overall a Nice MessageThe only reason I felt this deserved four stars rather than five was the lack of dialogue and also the grammatical errors. The game while seems at first to support the act of gossip actually shows at the end of the game that gossip is harmful and hurts everyone involved. I enjoy that as it is targeted towards children. The mini games inside the game were fun and engaging..Version: 4.3

Actually well made!I was surprised how much simple but fun it was p.s i would add a revenge part on the person that didn’t wait for you at prom.Version: 11

I love it!I honestly really love this game and have played it about 5 times already and to be honest I wish it was longer or it would at least have a continuation game for this part like what happens next year or anything like that and I hope you guys make another game of this or like this! :D.Version: 10

AmazingLoved it, the mini games are so good and the storyline played out nicely. There may be a few ads but turning off wifi made it more enjoyable! Awesome app..Version: 12

I loved it but here is a suggestionI loved it but I was able to finish it in half a day. So maybe I was thinking that you could make it to where we grow old and we get to pick what we do in life, but it’s your game I’m never going to force you to change your game. Goodbye and have a fantastic weekend! Love ya!.Version: 9.1

I need more storyyyyyI just finished playing it after only getting it yesterday lol. i want more shenanigans and story! i liked it a lot it was oddly calming in a way which is nice especially since i’m going through a hard time right now. I would love for there to be more gameplay added and more story!!.Version: 9

We need a part twooo!!This was the only game i player for two whole days in a row. It was phenomenal and i hope there is chance you would make a part two!!.Version: 9.1

My opinionThis game was very good, most of the options were very smart and simple. This is a good game to play if you are bored. Some of the characters were hilarious, overall this was a very good game and I recommend it if you are bored..Version: 9.1

I like the game but wayy too shortIts a good game, I like the concept of it. (big plus for no ads) It's wayy too short though definitely should have a longer story! plus we should be able to make our name and character! that would be fun.Version: 4.3

LOWKEY GOODI’n all honesty I thought it was gonna be some boring game that has hella ads.. but this game… this is lowkey so fun to play I played the whole thing in under 2 hours and this NEEDS a part 2.. I need to see more problems happen.. but if you chose the wrong one no solotion over all GREAT GAME LOVEEE IT.Version: 7

AmazingThe game plot is so much fun. The storyline is awesome. It took me two hours to finish and I already want another game like this. It is so much fun how do you get to pick your answers and choose how you want it to end definitely download this game..Version: 9.1

So fun but one tiny problem!Hello! I just finished the game a few minutes ago and I absolutely loved it! Just the only problem is that theres ads everywhere! But other then that this was a very fun and good game! 11/10.Version: 10

Fun but the ending..It was a very fun game that looked exactly like the ads no ads actually on the game and a good and engaging story and different things to do but the ending was very underwhelming and I feel like there could have been more also GIVE LUCY MORE LINES I LOVE HER!! 😡😡.Version: 5.1

Great but minor errorThe game is overall great and awsome thoughts my one minior set back is that in one of the challenges it keeps making u span next to the teacher making you get caught instantly though overall its pretty good! Just one small error!.Version: 4.3

New story lineI finished the whole entire thing I need this company or game store to make another game adding what happened I wanna know what happened with JP and the new girl and what happens with everyone else I’m really interested in the drama please make another series.Version: 9.1

PLS MAKE IT LONGERI actually loved this game. it works well with short attention span, felt like i was going on missions and it was fun watching how the storyline and characters played out. i really do wish it was longer tho. i would be here for hours !.Version: 5.1

Good but…It’s a simple game, go around looking for dirt on people and spreading it around. I enjoyed the story and characters, however there is a huge glaring issue. ITS TOO SHORT!!! It finishes after the third setting, then it just restarts!!! A good time killer for maybe ~10 minutes, but I wish there was more!! Please add more to the story, I need to know more!!! Otherwise, good game! Simple to understand and the controls aren’t complicated at all. Hope there’s more coming soon!!.Version: 1.0

AmzaingIt remimds me of those silly, goofy games i used to play with a straight face somehow. I also really enjoyed how you could make up with Emma in the storyline, and I was expecting to see more of Billy but after he gets expelled hes just gone. Also stan Torpedo and Benedict..Version: 9.1

BEST GAME EVER!This is amazing. I love the detail, the story, the characters, everything! I finished the whole story, it was so engaging and interesting. I was shocked when Ricky got expelled. What I suggest is that you add like chapters! The one that we played is chapter 1, and make atleast 5 if you can, for me! This game is just so amazing. I love it!!! I just wanna point out that there is spelling mistakes. Other than that, AMAZING! 90/10..Version: 9.1

I love ittI don't write reviews often lolol but this one does deserve a review, i do have a short attention span so i really did love this and it kept me very entertained, i just hope there will be levels or more added to the storyline. But overall i really do recommend playing this, i love it..Version: 9.1

Pretty okayOverall pretty decent game. The biggest flaw I’d say is that it has no music. Some milder flaws would include the at times choppy english and eaves-dropping avoidance moves, of which there are only three. Some even lesser flaws would include the general difficulty and graphics. The game invests most of its time into the story, which did captivate me to continue to play until the end. I just wish there was more character development. Overall, a pretty decent game if you want to kill a couple of minutes in cold blood.Version: 5.1

I LOVE ITIt is the best game ever it’s so fun I don’t even care that. I deleted all my apps just to get it. I’ve been playing it forever. I literally went to the bathroom and forgot I was in there cause I started playing it. It’s literally so fun highly recommend..Version: 9.1

Very fun time wasting game!This game was actually pretty fun I just finished it in one day. I wish it was longer it’s a great way to pass the time and the plot is really funny and worth the time. If your reading this you should definitely play!.Version: 8.1

I loved this game so much!I finished it in two hours. Something I wish the game had was more content, like after the main story they can introduce a new school with a new student? And more after that maybe. That would be nice!! When that happens, I’ll give my last star 🙏🏻.Version: 6.2

Amazing!The game kept me entertained for the whole day, it is really good and having the privilege of upgrading makes the game a little bit more interesting and enjoyable. It has ads, but still really good! When you finish the game you can start again and it is still fun because you can select answers you didn’t the first time and see what happens if you do things differently. I recommend!.Version: 8.1

Update pleaseThis was a really fun game and very funny to play. However, I feel it would be better if you date Emma because it was very disappointing to kiss her and then it was left and forgotten. So please update and fix this issue..Version: 9.1

Amazing GameYou have no idea how rare it is to enjoy games from the App Store. I finished the game and I honestly feel sad. This game is actually amazing!! I wish I could play this game for the first time just to experience it again! This game’s amazing I recommend getting 100%!! 🤍🤍.Version: 9.1

Very good gameThis game is so fun to play and it has a plot very interesting story and you can change how u look and boy when I tell this is literally the craziest plot ever it is so many turns and all although there a few thing u could add to make it better maybe add music in the background and longer levels more ways to get coins and a life out of school where u can work jobs to make money stay home play mini games on ur phone and visit different places with friends and more tasks to do also plz update it!!!! I really want to know what happens next afterwards plus that was the first year of high school so now make the second year of high school plz!!!.Version: 10

LOVEHonestly, I thought this was gonna be a dumb mobile game at first but when I started playing it?? Honestly my new favorite game! It has a good storyline and keeps me entertained for so long!! Definitely recommend getting!.Version: 5.1

Please make another partThis is the absolute best game ever it was so fun I played it all in 1 day. There are a lot of ads but I think it was definitely worth it. The story is so fun and I love how you can change it for the better or worse. Also the avatars are really cute. Download this game asap you won’t regret it..Version: 9.1

I recommend , but..I played this game in 2h 43m it’s fun some story lines are enjoyable the game has so many plot twist that i started to suspect almost everyone one but in the end it’s pretty fun i was kinda disappointed when i finished the game but i’ll play it again to get different outcomes. there’s a part the the short mini game where you can’t beat it idk if i can’t but it’s like a glitch i watched an 30s ad to finish it but don’t let that stop you from tryinn out the game ! ( i loved the game so much i had to review it this is my first ever review 😅😅 . ).Version: 9.1

Okay 👌I must say it’s a pretty good game at first but… it’s pretty inappropriate for 9+. It has kissing the p word and stuff like that. Overall it’s a pretty good game. I recommend 12+ to play. I’m just looking out for the little kids. It also has a glitch. In one of the levels ( it never says what number) when I’m looking for gossip on Mike to find out the school hacker to get back in the school I went in the circle to find gossip on him and it said I was caught even though I was literally just right there and the red thing that catches you wasn’t even there and it didn’t catch me it just said I was caught for no reason please fix that🫨😞. So it’s a pretty good game tho just fix the glitch. Also it’s pretty short. I finished the game in less then 24 hours. Please add more levels. I hope you take this review into consideration developers. Thank you! And I must say once again it’s a pretty good game without all its flaws.😌.Version: 5.1

An actual game!When i downloaded this i expected another mindless game with 3 levels that repeat with a billion ads. Its nothing like that at all! Its got a whole storyline, characters, minigames inbetween, and choices you can make. I even got my girlfriend to download it and play too. If I had one complaint it would be the typos. (honestly i think it enhances the experience but thag could be just me.).Version: 5.1

AMAZING! I NEED A CHAPER 2This game was a 10/10!!! no bugs that i could tell of so that’s good, and the storyline is amazing! the only thing i didn’t really like was that you couldn’t customize your character at the beginning (skin color, hair color, etc.) other than that im SO EXCITED for part two and to whoever made this game HURRY WITH UP MAKING THE NEXT PART!! all love xx.Version: 10

Amazing butIt’s really good but maybe add more storyline’s to it, also.Version: 12

Great Game! ❤️Firstly, I downloaded this thinking I’d delete it in a few hours, once I played, I realized just how well designed this game is! It follows an exciting storyline, fun gameplay, and some bonus challenges! While it WAS short, it was definitely worth downloading. However, I’d rate this as 12+ since they do talk about cheating, hacking, and one or two swears. There were also QUITE A FEW ads. Otherwise, I loved playing this game. Nice job to the the devs!.Version: 9.1

Loved thisThis was my favorite game I’ve ever played so far!! Not only is it challenging, it’s also fun and has a great storyline! I just wish there was more :( what a fun and fantastic game! Will be playing again..Version: 9.1

10/10 for meI really loved this game and the overall drama. It was really entertaining and it was definitely pretty sad that it ended so quickly. I really hope to see more games like this or an addition to this game in the future..Version: 6.2

This game is terrific.If you’re looking for a game with absolutely ridiculous plot and dialouge, this is it. gossipmaster has it all from a talking raccoon to a vampire gym teacher. there is little ads (except for the choices with ads obviously) and it is hilarious if you have comprehension skills and are above the age of eight. i absolutely love this game and i will be thinking about it for the rest of my life. i will be on my deathbed remembering gossipmaster. being sent on strange quests, gossiping about wonderfully weird things, and breaking into someone’s house dressed as a pig demon, i’ll recall it all. if i ever become famous this app will be mentioned in my memoir entitled: me and gossipmaster: the never ending story. praying, wishing, and hoping for an update (no joke i’d sell my first and second born children for an update.).Version: 9.1

UPDATE RNNI completed this game in like two days and it was literally so fun!!! I cannot stop playing it but you guys should definitely do it other update and maybe have a little twist at the end, you know what I mean? But you guys should definitely download this game but they were like little typos too but that’s fine for me! It takes a little time to get to the end of the game but you should do a part two lol and update the characters in the game. It would be EVEN MORE FUN if u added even more characters, even like a teachers pet..Version: 9.1

Love itI love this game a lot it took my 2 days to finish but the story line is awesome, the mini games, and don't forget the gossip😝 It would be nice if you could keep playing after prom or there was a second game.Version: 9.1

Fun time wasterI like playing stupid games a lot like this one just to kill some boredom and this is a really good one. there are a lot of surprisingly funny moments (the PE teacher violates the geneva convention and you dress up as a pig demon to torment a classmate??) and i really enjoyed it. the game mechanics are surprisingly pretty fun, and the game is just so goofy and strange i love it. i really recommend it if you're into these strange sort of games like i am, i got about 5 hours of playtime or so out of it. minimal ads, really funny story, and bizarre dialogue. this is the perfect weird game to waste a few hours.Version: 8.1

Needs a new update!!!This game is so fun!!! i managed to finish it in under 3-4 hours though, and i really wanna continue playing it. maybe for like the next school year? and i also wanna a lot of moments either between new girl and JP or new girl and Ricky possibly! i feel like since new girl started dating JP, I didn’t get to see that many moments of them together. maybe do like a date or something! or maybe Ricky and new girl end up getting together! other than that, this game was very fun to play and i hope they’ll be new levels for me to play! 😋.Version: 9.1

AmazingEven though it only took me 2 days to finish it has a really good storyline and plot for a gossip game. They added new challenges and obstacles as the game progressed. It’s nothing like one of those Memoji games where you only do the same thing over and over again. It’s so time wasting that I played it for 3+ hours yesterday. Even though it is a bit short, you have multiple options and choices. You can interact with characters how you like. This is one of the best games I’ve downloaded in a while. (obviously apple doesn’t have very good games. I’m looking at you, Royal Match).Version: 5.1

Like it but…But there’s a problem when i was playing it in the gym trying to find the key then it was pointing where it was i was like oh over there but then i don't see it like i only see the void at least fix it please and i know the bug was fixed but i just tried this game and is only pointing to the void please fix it?.Version: 6.2

This is a lot better then I thought it wasIf you ignore the typos it’s actually a really good game and the story kept me on my toes. I figured out some parts but overall it was a really fun game that made me excited to play it. It was really fun and interesting.Version: 10

Actually really funI got an ad for the game and I just thought I should try it because I was bored, but it actually kept my interest to play through the entire game in one sitting. The only flaw id say it has is that there’s no music, but other than that it’s just grammar/spelling issues (that in my opinion made the game funnier) so I would recommend anyone play it..Version: 7

PLEASEEEIt’s good I LVOE it!!! One thing I would love if we could date that boy I’ve forgotten but the doreign boy who’s in LVOE with someone.Version: 5.1

Good game but some things need fixingThis game was actually very addicting when I first played it. I like the whole concept all the controls were nice and east. A few problems, the game is way too short, the avoiding the characters and getting away with gossip was WAY to easy. There was some cool different parts at some times, but other than that. You talked to someone, found gossip, spread it, and repeat, over and over and OVER. I do recommend it though if you have time to waste..Version: 5.1

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