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BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME EVER!Look, I appreciate Minecraft so much. I feel like it has been reading my reviews (on different accounts). I ask for enderpearls, stained glass, etc and they ALL add to Minecraft pe in order. So, here’s two more things that I need last. One being shields and number two being capes. We had capes for a while, but then it got patched down. A lot of Minecraft players were upset about this, and those groups of players included me. Now, I’m still keeping five stars because I wouldn’t know where I’d be without this amazing game, Minecraft. I made lots of friends and when I found out that they played as well, we played until 4 in the morning! Anyway, back to the shields now. Xbox and PC have this now. Im not sure about the Switch, but I really want to play using shields. If Mojang is going to let us merge games with different consoles, then it wouldn’t be fair if they had shields and we didn’t. See what I mean? Now that we merged, I have been looking for shield every update but all we got was Mixer LiveStreaming, Bug Fixes, and Minor Improvements. I would be a bit disappointed if Mojang “forgot” about shields, but I would also totally get it. Everyone makes mistakes. But I hope this is read and useful. Thank you, creators, for this amazing game that took me so far. Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day!.Version: 1.2.9

DIGNE DE JHONNY CRYING SECTEUR NORD MON PD, NOTRE DIEU A TOUSMinecraft est un jeu légendaire, bien meilleur que fortnite bande de pd, ha b**ch yeah Tkt mon pd Non jen rajoute pas un peu trop mon pd.Version: 1.16.50

I wish you brought back the old MinecraftSo I’ve been playing this game since before it was even a thing. What I wish came back was old servers. Ya there is a setting to go to servers that end, but those old servers, now they are like a mod. I was thinking for your next update, you should make more world settings that you can change to make it more advanced. For example, making it so you can put in words for the seed instead of just numbers. I mean, you could do that in old Minecraft. Also, a change that I’ve seen is the death sound was removed, I loved that sound man, animals walk around holes now, so you gotta do even more work to get let’s say carrots or wheat, the mountains that are added to servers, ya they don’t got any openings on them where you can build a house, in old Minecraft, everyone did that, and just the fact that old seeds don’t work breaks my heart. I had this server called the creeper cave server, right? No one knows the seed, and you can’t type it in either. I would tell you the seed, but it is on my kindle fire that is broke. What I’m saying is, you should make adjustments or even make a whole new game where it was just like the old days. And in my opinion, there was no downside, just the fact that updates overtook what I knew about Minecraft..Version: 1.12

I love it but..Dear Mojang, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years now and I love it but there is a bug that keeps happening every time. Anyways I made a survival world to unlock all the achievements there. And it was working fine but now it freezes from time to time and I can’t exit the game but I can still move so I wait about five minutes and nothing is happening. So I keep getting out the game and coming back but when I come back some of my stuff is not saved and it sometimes deletes my animals which is really annoying because it’s hard to find more horses that are fast. So I just take a break for a while and I come back. When I come back it seems to be working ok again, so I make a nether portal and go in to try and find the temple. I eventually find it and then head back to my house to get prepared and get better armor and stuff. Ok so I go back to the nether and it freezes again!!! So I exit out the game and get back on and enter the nether again, again it freezes so I keep leaving and coming back and nothing is working! I worked so hard on that world and now I won’t let me go back to the nether without freezing!!! I’ve already reported the bug to Mojang. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update because I really just wanted to have fun and beat the game for once. Please help me it needs to be fixed!! Thank you. -Annelise.Version: 1.14.60

I like MincraftI’ve played Minecraft for 3 years and I really like how you can build. But I wish you could make Xbox live a free thing. I like joining my sisters worlds but I want to join my friends worlds and I want to join severs as well. I also want to make a Realm. So can you please make Xbox live a free thing. I really like this game and all the detail it has with the new blocks in the Aquatic update. Thank you for reading this message. Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Version: 1.4.2

It’s Good Then, It’s Great NowHello There! My Named Is Madyson! I Have Been Playing This Game Since Kindergarten, I’m Now In 7th Grade. I Use Reviews To See If An App’s Worth My Money, Storage Or Time Because It Is. ..Or To See What The App Users Think Of A New App/Feature . I Am Re-Writing This Review BC I Wrote My Last In Like 4th Grade. Download The Game, Have Fun, Make The Memories. We Have An Apple Pad 2 ( My Sister And ) Of Course, We Have Phones To Play On. But We Got A Message Of The Game Characters, Steve And Alex Waving Good Bye. My Heart Dropped, When I Found They Cut Off Funding For Remlms, Muti-Player Worlds & More Updates Were Cut Off For That Type Of Device. I Personally Knew That It Hit Me BC When I Started Playing Minecraft, That Would Have Been The Most-High Tech Piece You Could Play On. I Then Reliezed Where Did Time Go? I Still Remember, My First Time Hearing About This Game, I Called It “Craft-Mine”. I Remember Thinking That The Minecraft Platfroms Were Small When Really, I Was Just On A Island. I Remember Making A Glass Bubble Around My Small Little Wooden House To Protect From Mobs. I Remember Printing And Cutting Out My Favorite Build On My Moms Old Printer. The Time Muli-Player Came Out And My Sister Joined Me And Screamed “SISSY AND I CAN PLAY TOGETHER LIKE PAT AND JEN ( Youtubers)” ...my mom figured it out and showered me how to build. now, I’m crying bc now I have mansions and are helping my younger cousins figure out how to build stuff....Version: 1.16.20

The most in-depth adventure, except in-depthThe game is unbelievable, and has a long history of continuously bringing out great updates with amazing content. For any newcomers it is a must that you download the game and try it out. But... my only bone to pick with the developers for the iOS app version of the game, and my only reason for picking it is that I’m reduced to playing on a mobile device and the newest update is all about aquatics. And that bone is how horrible it is now to swim underwater, “improved swimming” is definitely not the case for iOS. It is impossible to swim in a direction whilst holding the ‘sink’ button, especially not if you’re trying to feed dolphins or attack absolutely anything or do anything other than sinking in one direction or rising to the surface in one. Please just return the swimming to the old version. Just like walking on land where you just look and then move to where you need to. Literally the only thing that needs re-changing. Perfect game up until that update. Thanks for all the good times though Minecraft. Long live Notch..Version: 1.5.1

Minecraft is amazing, but could have more enchantmentsI think Minecraft is the best game ever, bypassing Fortnite by so much it’s crazy! However, I think there should be more enchantments like being able to make an item unbreakable and should have Minecraft dungeons enchantments like leeching, and could have better enchantment tables like making them with crying obsidian, or could make a different obsidian like blue obsidian and mine that, but it would be rarer and allow rare enchantments more often and being able to get a sharpness V enchantment without having to enchant heaps. I would love to have sharpness, smite and bane of Arthropods on the same sword, or all protections on the same piece of armour, or mending and infinity on the same bow. I think the nether update is amazing and it gives more reasons to go to the nether, there could also be nether gold ingots and that is what piglins and zombie pigmen make their swords out of, as they are so strong. It would also be nice to have piglin meat from piglin beasts. Other than that, Minecraft, in my opinion is perfect..Version: 1.16.20

Great Game But...Minecraft is AWSOME! There’s a few things I have to point out though. First of all, I love foxes, but in Minecraft you cannot tame them witch makes me pretty sad and all. Second, Minecraft has a lot of glitches like When you’re trying too join the game it automatically sends you to your Home Screen. And the other day when I was on call with my friends there were big deep pits in the ocean and on the land and my friends could walk on it coz they didn’t even see them, but when I tried to pass I fell through and died and lost my seven diamond. Also when I try to create a new world it says something about storage space when I only have 26 photos and 3 Minecraft worlds when my friend has something like 200!! So pls could you maybe fix that coz all I can do now on my three Minecraft world is pretty much nothing because in all of them I already went to the nether, have nether it’s sword + more and it’s now pretty much boring. And it keeps logging me out of my Microsoft account.Version: 1.16.210

AMAZINGGGGG!!I’ve had minecraft for about three years now and it just keeps on getting better and better! Yes, there have been a couple of updates at the end of 2017 that made a lot of peoples’ games crash frequently, (including mine) but mojang fixed it all up. I also LOVE the new aquatic update. (Thx Mojang!) I also think this game is perfect for all ages 6 and up, I got it when I was 7, and it’s super easy to understand. Minecraft lets your imagination run wild with imagination, and you can create literally anything! Highly recommended, although don’t play too often, I can guarantee you’ll get addicted! Keep up the awesome job Mojang! 👍🏻.Version: 1.4.3

Thumbs up 👍🏻Minecraft is amazing! I love it! You think of something awesome to build and they give you unlimited supplies of tones of things! You can choose different game modes to your preferences so it’s the perfect world for you to build and explore in! There are animals to look after or building cottages to building towns to defeating monsters and zombies while you building a house, this game is for girls and boys and for everyone! But, if you’ve never played Minecraft and buy it without an experienced person helping you get the hang of the game it may be very hard but after a while you’ll get the hang of it. My one problem is that when you would like to buy a cool type of world to explore in Minecraft you have to pay a lot of money to buy coins to then buy that world so maybe you could cut the prices a bit please, but other than that if you just want to buy Minecraft to build, play and explore its a great game, it has no minor bugs or anything like that so that’s why I give Minecraft and big thumbs up 👍🏻 and 4 and a half stars. ⭐️.Version: 1.7

Stuff to addI love this game but I do think you should add fireplaces and when you cut a tree down it also gives firewood(branches) witch you can put in the fireplace to heat up your house and different firewood last longer and I think you need to all more animals like deer, goats, different types of chickens (bc it gets boring looking at the same white thing, different fruit trees, solar panels and lights witch get powered buy the solar panels, switches to turn on the lights, and big doors so you can make barns, and also taxidermi animals for decoration of your house, and ducks would be soooo cool, and bees for a bee hive witch you can get honey from witch you can put on the bread. Please add this stuff and then many you might even get more players Thank you.Version: 1.6

Idea!I have a idea for the village and pillage update that is dogs like how we have the cats I feel like there should be a spawn egg for dogs like there different types of dogs like a Germansperd or a Labrador they will still have the model of the wolf but this will be a great experience for the minecraft world of having your very own dog I still love the 1.14 update but please add this I really love dogs!.Version: 1.11.4

Amazing! But..I LOVE MINECRAFT!! It has endless possibilities, yet educational. But recently I opened the app and it had a voice that red everything on the screen (It sounded like google translate oof). I also had to tap everything twice. Idk if this is to do with just Minecraft or my device, but it’s only happened to Minecraft. If you can, please fix this. I also found a glitch where I went in water but when I reached the surface, everything was white (I took a screenshot). Other than that, idk what I would be doing without Minecraft -w-.Version: 1.12.1

HelpHi I’m a ten year old girl I have had Minecraft ever since I was 4 years old and honestly it’s the best game I have ever had but right I just can’t enjoy it because my Minecraft isn’t working when ever I try to go into my worlds I brings me right out do you know if there is anything I can do . Now enough about this problem is it possible to add new features umm like coloured wood planks and more creatures I do like the foxes 🦊 and all the other animals you’ve put but If you can please add more . Also I would like to talk about something last year my mum bought me some coins on Minecraft so that I could get one of the worlds from the market my mum payed ten dollars or nine I can’t remember bet the point is that my mum payed money so I could get the world buuuuut here’s the thing I never got my coins and it already payed for it and till this day I have been waiting and still nothing my mum payed for something I didn’t even get ( GOOD DAY ) thank u for your time.Version: 1.13.3

Make more stuffI love Minecraft but when you build a house it looks a bit plain so I would love if you added decorations and some funiture. I would also love if you could create some fruit trees that when you click on them you pick the fruit. One move thing could you make some pet supplies like: fish tanks, pet houses, food bowls, and even like horse halters, bridles and all that and make like separate leads for each animal like a horse has to wear a halter to be able to lead it, and when you breed the animals they get pregnant and like birds and chooks make nests and lay 1-3 eggs that hatch in about 30 minutes, and cats and dogs have 2-6 baby’s. And can you actually make dog breeds with different colours. Oh and one thing that would put a cherry on the top is if you add gypsy cob horses on and they come in different colours. I hope Minecraft reads this and makes these things and I think if you add these I think millions more people will buy Minecraft. Please do this!.Version: 1.16.201

MinecraftThis is a creative and fun game that has kept me playing since 2014, I have absolutely loved Minecraft but it does need some fixes. I can’t tell if there is too much or too little in this game, because there is a giant world and sometimes it does get a little repetitive seeing just mostly nothing or villagers, but on the other hand it’s seem’s like there just chucking out silly stuff to make the game bigger. Also it needs more to interact with because I can sometimes get bored on my own and with hardly any story or bosses or an ending I feel like I’m playing for nothing. The one thing I would love to see is more bosses (especially in the over world) and also some more story to this game. But even in its flaws this is a great game with so much to do in survival and creative and I feel so happy that I have this wonderful game in its even more wonderful world. I also love that you can join anyone on mobile, console, and PC, it makes the game feel fair so I don’t have to buy it on something else and you can play with friends no matter what they are on. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone that loves games!!!.Version: 1.14.1

BEST APP EVER!Minecraft is brilliant! You can go in creative gamemode, where you every you have freedom to do anything you want; eg. you have unlimited resources, you can build whatever you want, everything is yours! Survival, where you have to thrive and try and survive in your own infinite world. Massive servers, multiplayer realms, anything basically! You can customise your own skin, and get add-ons on windows 10 or pocket edition. Mods are on consoles and other laptop company devices. I would like two more additions: If you kill a bat then it will drop a bat wing and if you brew it in a brewing stand with a mundane potion then you get Potion of Flight. This means you can fly for a certain amount of time, and control yourself like a bat. The other thing I would love to be added is if you chop down a tree called a Mystic Giant and wait for the leaves to disappear, instead of apples dropping it will be formation fruit. If you craft the formation fruit with bonemeal then every time you kill an animal with the formation fruit that had been crafted with bonemeal you can transform into that mob whenever you want. I would be very much appreciated if you added this with an update one day. TRY MINECRAFT OUT! IT IS UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! The price of around £7 or $7 is totally worth it 100% :).Version: 1.16.201

Updated a little too much🤷‍♀️I mean Minecraft is a good game. It’s fun and there’s also loads of servers but there is one problem for me. I think you guys updated the game a little too much for the multiplayer part. I love the whole water updates and all that but the multiplayer part is just making the worst in my opinion let me explain. When Minecraft first came out it was sooo easy to join each other all you had to do was be close to the person you wanted to play with and then join. But now you have to have this whole account thing and it’s just waayyy too complicated. And I can’t even join my friends because it just doesn’t work and when it does they immediately get kicked out for some reason and that’s the only reason why I liked Minecraft and now I can’t even play with my friends. But yet again that’s just my opinion. Also I’m on iOS so that may be the problem but idk?🤷‍♀️ Hello me again I have decided to update my review a bit more 💀 I think that you could make this game that 19x better by adding... MORE BIOMS!!!! This game is amazing but to be honest I get kinda tired of just seeing the same bioms over and over again but other that that still an awesome game and I love the new village and cat updates!! 🍬 Oh and one more thing.... you should definitely make jungle, Mesa and mushroom island villages..!! But other that that awesome game🍭🍼.Version: 1.12

I got a ideaThis game is amazing and I’m thinking what if the phantom had its own dimension or be in the end but the same part of the end where the endcitys are and there are caves and the phantoms hang like bats and there passive until you attack them because there is no time in the end and there could be a phantom boss little bit bigger than the wither but same health and the phantoms change eyes in each dimension and have a few phantoms in each dimension when the boss fight starts so in the over world they souls have green eye nether red eyes end purple eyes the boss could travel through dimensions to get to you but the phantoms can’t so that’s why a few phantoms in all dimensions the phantoms could swarm you so they got in the way of the boss fight to make it harder the phantom boss might not have its eyes changed in dimensions why the boss is in the end but where the end city’s are is because there is not boss there and phantoms kind of look they’re from the end and what the boss could drop is xp and a buff elytra that needs phantom membranes to be used like fireworks or a head that has no durability so it can last forever and it gives you infinity night vision when wearing the head so that was my idea for the phantoms I will hope this comes in the game because I think it’s a good idea.Version: 1.12

The Best Mobile (and all devises) Game Ever CreatedI started playing in late 2012 on PE with my sister and others (and always got lost) I stopped playing with my sister in 2015 and decided I needed better building skills so have dedicated my life to that and found that minecraft Alpha (at least on the 10 years) didn't even have doors! so my builds looked trash is that realistic? I do not play on the computer (except alpha) and you guys need to chill just 2 small updates a year is fine like first we had the update aquatic which was massive and then the village and pillage update also massive but please I need you to make a transportation update so you can hook up a horse to a cart or chariot which has storage space as if for example you were moving house and needed to transport your items quickly it would be so helpful possibly as a crafting recipe wood planks on the bottom with 2 chests on top and a stair block at the front as a seat and above the seat a leash to attach to a horse or 2 just please please please Thank you In game name is Bub.Version: 1.11.4

Best game everThis game is the best game you will ever play. Your only limitation is your imagination. You can build anything from giant roller coasters to adventure maps for you and your friends to play. The market place is a great place to browse with you able to buy so many things like moving cars, texture packs, worlds, special items and more. Over all the best game you could possible get on the App Store..Version: 1.16.50

Glitch..I spawned beside a village filled with life and action, but when a few days past weird stuff happened. First was there wasn’t ANY cats but cats soon appeared but another day went and villagers started disappearing.. The iron girl golem de spawned, the animals were gone and every villagers except two measly farmers disappeared also. There was no sign of a raid, zombie attack and the village itself was fine. The black smith had such good trades and I’m disappointed for all the wasted time to get emeralds. Please fix this glitch! Well I think it is...Version: 1.12

Absolutely Addicted!I first started playing Minecraft around about 2011. I have always been so addicted to this game and it was even more amazing since I had so many friends that adored this game as much as me. I am so proud to see that Minecraft has come such a long way since when I first purchased this game. This game is the best purchase I have ever made from the AppStore and was the first thing I bought when I got my new iPad in 2014! This game is so amazing and I recommend it to anyone who love anything from adventuring and playing with friend. Best game ever!.Version: 1.6.1

BEST GAME EVERI love this game I have played for sooo long it’s the best game ever plus it’s hard to get bored. The creators of Minecraft are amazing and so smart to think of this and actually make it! There is a few things I would like to see but I also like Minecraft the way it is. I would like to see different flavoured cakes it very simple but fun and cool. Also different types of dogs because there is different types of cats but only one type of dog. This game is soo good and I am excited for future updates. Thankyou so much for making this game it’s so fun and amazing! You have and are Woking so hard on this and I appreciate it so much! Thanks! I download lots of games but normally delete them later or think that they are not worth having because they take up space. But Minecraft I have NEVER deleted. When I decided what to delete because I don’t have space on my iPad I don’t even think about deleting Minecraft. Some people say you shouldn’t pay money for it but I would pay sooo much money for this amazing game! Keep up the good work and again Thankyou so much! 😊😊😊.Version: 1.16.210

Amazing Game, Playing for Years. One problemI have been playing MCPE since it was in the early stages (only had edged world, no wolves, only basic ,orbs like spiders, creepers, skeletons and zombies). I love it. Just one thing though. I find it annoying that in amidst the Coronavirus epidemic, more and more people will be playing the game, multiplayer or single player. So I was hoping for a new feature to be added for those with the XBox app and Microsoft login. I was hoping that a new feature could be added when making a world called “Share To Friends”, essentially letting your friends ONLY play on your world at any time (kind of like realms, but not everyone is willing to pay for it, like me) and so we could have a better experience by playing with each other without having the struggle of organising when everyone is going to be online so we can all play together, then when the host leaves, everyonegets kicked out. I hope this isn’t too much to ask for, just thinking of those stuck at home. 🙂.Version: 1.14.30

Update pleaseI think there should be parrots where you feed them seeds and they be your pet. they go on your solider in the game and get 1 on each solider and cookies kill them. please say it is from the Pc version so I think it should be coming soon. I do love this game Mojang keep it going. Also stained glass like blue red glass would be epic !!! And also what about Squirrels !!! They will go up trees and get ... saplings or coco beans are all closest to acorn or even could add a acorn. Please I love this game and I hope it should go on forever. This game will always have my back. even if I didn't like it I will always try to help if it. If it went blank off people (NEVER WILL) I will still always love this game even when I'm not on it anymore it will always be in my childhood :) I hope this update will come :) 🤗 (THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I LOVE IT I WISH I COULD BE IN YOUR COMPANY I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS so thanks) ONE OTHER THING I MADE A WORLD I LOVED IT SOOOOO MUCH THEN I GOT LAGGED OFF THEN I WENT TO GO BACK ON IT BUT IT WAS NOT THERE !!!! Quite annoyed :(.Version: 1.2.3

Starting to lose me after many great years...I played way back in the day. Minecraft PE was fresh off the market. There were no baby animals, spawn eggs, and gravel and sad didn’t fall! And best of all I remember the “Nether Castles,” massive nether forts made from very costly materials just so us PE users could get a feel for the nether. And I remember spending countless hours building building building. I loved it! I recreated some really cool worlds. For instance, I recreated Mean Street in Epic Mickey. But now as the new and exciting updates are being pushed out, PE falls behind. Not in the content! The content lacking version is the PlayStation version. But the bugs and the many glitches hurt us. I get it! It’s impossible to make the perfect game but sometimes the game fails to read simple inputs when I’m hitting the move forward button. This is just an example. Pros outweigh the cons all day. But what’s a review for if the developers don’t read them and consider how to fix it. I believe Microsoft is a very listening company and will hopefully listen to the PE community. Maybe they’ll take a moment and let the game breath! Push the new and exciting update back just a little bit and have an Operation Health😉 The game needs it and we want it. Love your work Microsoft/former Mojang! Keep it up regardless. Thank you for your time!.Version: 1.10

Amazing gameIt’s the best game ever but for some reason it’s now kicking me off and not allowing me to play I am really sad and maybe help me out I really wanna play with the new foxes.Version: 1.13

ImpressiveI know what your thinking why did I name the title impressive why do I think it’s soo amazing well here’s why I don’t know what to say it is loads of money to make a game notch had a whole team even tho you could not do as much things it was a amazing game from the start I like how they did the golden block before the game was published or just came out it looked like a neon orange slab at the bottom and a golden slab at the tomb they are not slabs what are in Minecraft but I think it will be amazing if they are or will be they are amazing Microsoft did buy this game of notch but the updates what they added in this Minecraft is amazing like for an example the new animal what can go on lava and like the chains but however, Notch does not like Minecraft dungeons I do and don’t you see my brother and me are still at creeper woods it’s getting annoying and but it is a perfect game Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons fun fact:Minecraft was originally suppose to be called cave game but what about the crafting I think cave game sounds boring but Minecraft it’s a much more fun title anyway bye good being with you XX.Version: 1.16.10

Best mobile game ever!Like most gamers, I absolutely love minecraft! It’s the perfect game for people that prefer all sorts of different game genres - for example if you prefer animal games, you can find/tame and care for all sorts of animals and if you prefer fighting games, you can join a multiplayer server and fight against other players (in games such as hunger games!) This applies to many other genres as well! It’s very hard to get bored in minecraft, as you can do as much or as little mining/building/exploring as you wish, and so you are completely in control of your experience! I highly recommend this game to all, and personally I believe it is very much worth the price. Mainly because it’s offline - and you can take it with you wherever you go! You can also connect Bluetooth controllers to this game if you prefer console controls! I hope you read this review and are encouraged to look into minecraft and/or games like it! :) (You can only join online servers while connected to the internet).Version: 1.14.1

A few glitchesI love Minecraft. I’ve been playing for years. But as things are updated glitches happens and make the game less enjoyable. I use a texture pack and shaders and they work great but sometimes when I take them out of a world I loose all my inventory that I am holding in my player inventory and I also can’t press and hold to deposit my items in chests and it’s a painful process to press a stack of cobble into my chest or out of my chest for building and such. I tried using hoppers and just dropping them item into a hopper but sometimes that resulted in my items glitching and disappearing from the game aka despawning when I drop them into the hopper. Just thought I’d share that. And also you should add a log in streak where everyday you log in you get 5-10 coins for the store because I have Apple Music and with that I can download music for free but I also can download what ever app I want paid or not, but it’s linked to me dads credit card and it gets taken out of there. So I can’t purchase coins for the store even if I have iTunes Store credit in my Apple account, so if we could get coins from a log in streak that would be great Mojang!!!!!.Version: 1.2.9

IPad Minecraft BugThere is a bug that I would love to be fixed. When opening the game, after the title screen loads, the game crashes. I love Minecraft, and I would love it if this bug was fixed. Thanks, Mojang!.Version: 1.5.1

Best game everEver since i played this game on multiply player I’ve never wanted to stop playing but one problem it glitches a lot on me please fix it but other than that this game is perfect for everyone it can be played in many different ways like singel multiplayer or online you can even play severs like the hive and life boat and a lot more but my favourite one is the hive oh forgot to tell a couple more problems i hate it when it says disconnected but i think maybe you can make a update where you can sit down on sets and ground anyway i think emerald ore is not really hard to find i see it more then i do iron can you please fix when it says to many people you can not join I always just want to play with my brother and family and friends I LOVE THIS GAME IT’S AWSOME so please download it oh forgot one last thing before i go can you make the price lower maybe $8.50 cents or $9 so my friends don’t have to beg there parents so much thank you so much for reading this and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for making this game☺️☺️☺️🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊i love it sooooooo much 😍😍😍😉😉😉🙂🙂🙂😆😆😆😁😁😁 Matilda.Version: 1.16.20

Not workingHi I have played minecraft for a long time and I left it in survival one nightAnd I want to play it just now it is 5 to 7 and I put it in creative and I think someone has hacked or for the bug in my game because when I put it in creative and peaceful mode it was still on survival so I went up to a cliff and jumped off it in Minecraft I didn’t actually do it in real life but I died and normally in creative mode you don’t die because you’re a creative you can’t you can’t die you can you please fix this because I want to try something in the never and I normally am in creative all the time and that’s the way I get my obsidian and Flint and steel and I double tapped The button on my iPad and deleted and wiped everything and I restarted my iPad and I went back tried it again didn’t work can you please fix it please I really want to play Minecraft now I have to build a new world and my storage in Minecraft is filling up my thing and I don’t know how to delete stuff in Minecraft so please fix it right away thank you..Version: 1.16.20

Animal heads & bugLove minecraft pocket edition, just giving a suggestion, MORE HEADS :3 maybe cow, sheep, chicken, pig. I don't mind :) (If we were able to get custom heads that would be cool) also I found a bug in the new aquatic update (18 may, 2018) that in creative you know how your usually faster in the air than walking? Sometimes the speed while flying goes the same as walking and its annoying. It also enables the sound when you walk on blocks (different sound depending on which block your above). Anyways thats my review, totally recommend getting!.Version: 1.4

MinecraftMany can agree that this is the app we grew up on. This app is amazing, along with its beautiful, tear-bringing soundtrack. As I look back on the app, it has changed so much. It sounds crazy, but I almost wish it was back to the days when you lived off of cows and used boats, but now it’s all cheats and crazy builds and bees. But my favorite part has to be the soundtrack. Listening to these songs, all the memories flow in and rush back, and I think about my brother and cousin building a mansion, and me begging to play, or when my brother would still play with me. This game was my childhood. And while everyone else is crooning over Fortnite, Minecraft remains the best. The music is just magnificent. But, there are a few things that need fixing. Whenever I get on, it says there was an account error, and I don’t even have an account. Also, I made a few characters and they fail to load. Finally, I just wish on Pocket Edition you could go back to different updates so I could play like I used to; no bees, no dolphins, no crazy stuff - just how the game started out. For me, listening to the soundtrack and the scent of Winter Candy Apple by Bath and Body Works brings back all the memories. Minecraft will always be with us. I know this is long, but this game is so worth it. Great job, Mojang, and Notch, and all the others. You have created history..Version: 1.14.30

Great game, was a bit better before but still awesome.Really fun game and I have really enjoyed it, the Xbox live feature is great and a bit annoying at the same time. First I love how mobile, Xbox, pc, and switch can all play together, except for ps4 (but that’s Sony’s fault) and is a really great addition to the game. The bad part about the update is 1, if you don’t already have a Microsoft account then you’ll have to make one, (it wasn’t a problem for me but I can see why that would be annoying) and also unless you’re on pc you can’t add any server you want, you’re just stuck with the original 5. (There is 5 as m writing this). Also, one great thing about minecraft was it’s simplicity, anyone could get the hang of this game and have an awesome time but now you’ll have to play a lot longer to know this game well. But anyway, fantastic game that’s getting more fun and interesting the more you play it, the servers are fun (unless you have bad internet) survival is fun, creative is fun, and it’s in my opinion, the BEST cross platform game to ever exist. I love how a game this simple and that is about blocks can be so fun and interesting. This is my favourite game out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the best game out there..Version: 1.11.4

I love this game!This game has changed my life! It has made me so creative!.Version: 1.16.0

Amazing but one big problem I can’t fixMinecraft is the first game I’ve played and loved for 6 years now, there are so many beautiful features that is apart of the game but there were a couple of bugs and there’s mainly one I want you to know about so you can fix it up. So the main glitch/bug I want so talk about is the wide all across Minecraft problem. The “Unable To Connect To Friends World” problem. No matter what I do it doesn’t work even if I restart my IPad, it won’t fix I tried deleting and downloading Minecraft again but it just doesn’t work. But still Minecraft is still great even if I can’t play with friends. I still do want you to fix it up so that I can play with my friends but if you don’t read this then it’s ok! I’m still fine with playing on just single player worlds (multiplayer off) and servers that are quite laggy even though my device was bought just a couple of weeks ago. So like I said I still would for you to fix the glitch so that I can play with my friends. If you can’t fix it I’m fine with it but please. Do what you can to fix it please. Thank you for reading this. Calm Regards -Unknown Minecraft Player.Version: 1.14.60

LoveIt’s so fun but I can’t sing up to play with friends.Version: 1.14.1

Great game..I love minecraft, and the story, the game the features are all amazing, but I can't get into my game anymore because it crashes every single time I open it, because of the new update. Is there any other way I can get back in by uninstalling the update? I have some of my favorite worlds on here. Thanks for any help I can get..Version: 1.13

OMG!!! WAY BETTER THAN ROBLOX, I CAN ASSURE YOU!This game is so good, and I hear there will be a new update featuring Axolotl in the oceans and dodo birds and a new way of hiking straight up! Do not worry Mojang, you will always have a loyal supporter, player, and encourager here. The only thing that I will say is that the Minecoins are only achievable if you pay real money, which doesn’t matter, because no one really HAS to buy worlds and skins, but it would be a bit better if they would be accessible in some other way as it is a bit annoying when you see a really amazing world, but it costs however many Minecoins. I absolutely love this app and it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than TikTok and Roblox. I know that some people will disagree, because their friends might have a influence on them or simply because they think they will be in with the in crowd and trends when they play Roblox, but I think you should try this game, and you will see it is far better than glitchy Roblox. Thank you once again for this app, can’t wait to see more!.Version: 1.16.210

PassionI love the game it’s so fun and interesting to play I got right into it as soon as I spawned in the over world. But over the years the game has lacked updates, there is now no more passion in this game I would like to see more things that catch people’s eyes, that keep them entertained. The updates that do come out are cool but they are only cool for a short period, then they become just another block in minecraft, the game needs updates that will stay interesting forever. That’s just my opinion if you disagree then that’s fine, I hope you read and think about my comment..Version: 1.2.11

Too muchSo I’ve been playing this game for absolutely ages now but I kinda feel like the game has TOO much now, I mean pandas turtles dolphins ect...... it’s just too much for me. I liked the game when it was a nice simplistic building game, but an alternate end realm!? I mean now no one appreciates the things from when it was simple, I also don’t really like concrete because it takes away what used to be appreciated as wool and clay but now... wool is just used for beds and clay is just your average sand tinted blue. Do keep in mind that this is just my opinion but I think the game is getting too much, I can remember when everyone was using wool and found it amazing that the colours suit there every needs but now concrete is just... taking the magic away from a lot of other blocks. The thing that used to impress me was the improvisation that people used to use to build things, using obscure blocks that you would never need otherwise. I also really wanted to like shucker boxes but I can’t, it replaced the ended chest, the ended chest was basically a portable chest wasn’t it? But now shucker boxes take away the title of a “portable chest” right from the ended chest, and thus, making the item absolutely useless. It’s just my own review and I appreciated when the game was more simple, I still love the game but it isn’t as amazing as it use to be for me, please for the next updates don’t add huge groundbreaking things that completely replace other things. Goodbye..Version: 1.10

A lifelong friendI recall my days as a child in elementary school when this game first gained popularity. All my peers were chattering about a seemingly endless canvas, a world so filled with animals and landmarks, yet so empty to the creative mind. A world to be filled with whatever you wish, all in your pocket. To this day, I still believe this is the best purchase I have ever made in my lifetime. Any boring, gloomy day was instantly changed upon starting up this masterpiece of an app. Any player regardless of age has the opportunity to escape to a place where your imagination can flow endlessly. A place to escape the sometimes harsh realities of the real world. I am now a teen in highschool, awaiting my days until graduation as well as my days until adult life. I recently started up the app after years of inactivity due to the minuscule amount of time available for leisure nowadays, especially for the average highschool student. I noticed the changes made to the game. And then when sunset arrived, memories came flooding back. The memories of summer nights spent with friends in this little world that taught us so much. A game that taught us to never put a boundary to our imagination. As I reminisced, I realized how much the game has shaped me as a person. As friends, days, months, and years went in and out of my life, this game has always remained by my side. A lifelong friend. Thank you mojang. Thank you for changing my life..Version: 1.16.210

AWESOME 👌😃😁Minecraft has been by far my favourite game ever since I got it and I play it all the time. There is no limit to your creativity. Although at first the updates are a bit hard to get your head around, you soon get used to them and they definitely improve the game. Overall, I think this game is fantastic for all ages and everyone should at least give it a try!!!! 😍😋🤪😜😏😃😅😂🤣☺️😁😊😆☺️😄😁😀.Version: 1.6

Great but... the netherHi I love this game I have been playing for about 5 years but the nether update needs some bugs fixed like I seem to not be able to back up my realms wich is very annoying (I can but it takes hours) and the game is unacceptably laggy this needs to be fixed as all of my devices are crying lol. Oh and for some reason I got kicked from my realm and only I can do that so if that could be fixed that would be great. But I highly recommend this game it’s GREAT I can’t get enough of it!.Version: 1.16.0

Animal updateTo mojang: I loved the cat update because they are so cute and it’s nice to have variety. The reason I’m writing this review is to suggest a dog update. I know you get this a lot and maybe you are working on it now idk. But a lot of people say wolves should turn into dogs but I like the wolves. I think (if it’s possible) you should make a new animal (the dog) that doesn’t attack mobs otherwise wolves would be pointless. I think dogs should do something like go out on their own and bring back things like wood from trees. If this doesn’t make sense to you here’s what I mean: So dogs play fetch right? So they can go “fetch” wood and other materials for you but you can only do it once every 24hours because the dog will bring back a full stack of whatever (not gold or diamonds or things like that. Only wood or sand or grass.) I hope you like my idea Mojang. The dogs don’t have to do this but it would be nice if there were just normal dogs that do the same as wolves or something. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.14.60

For any people youngThis is for young people who’s parents want to see if people think the game is good this review is for my cousin who doesn’t really understand clickbait and things like video game stuff now he really likes Minecraft and I recommend it to young children who’s parents don’t wanna pay much for a good game that isn’t too violent and isn’t too scary either. Most Minecraft things are myths like herobrine. Now more stuff for young people, if you see a video with a shark mod or any sort of mod then please read this. It will be in caps to stand out: WHEN SEEING A MOD OR SOMETHING COOL GET SOMEONE WITH VIDEO GAME EXPERIENCE TO EXPLAIN WHAT IT IS TO YOU AND LET THEM TELL YOU WHAT IT IS AND HOW YOU CANT GET THAT WITH NORMAL MINECRAFT AND YOU NEED TO SPEND MONEY TO GTE THAT I HAD TO TELL MY COUSIN THE SAME THING HOW IT WASN’T IN REAL MINECRAFT AND HE HAS TO PAY FOR IT. I think Minecraft is well priced because it’s not perfect meaning it’s not expensive but still has some glitches meaning it has to lower the price so people won’t be complaining hell about it now tbh (to be honest) Minecraft is good all the updates are good (still waiting for a cave update) that’s the last of me. Bye now..Version: 1.16.40

Less is moreTo be honest, all in all this game isn't a waste of time, though it is time consuming it's entertaining. But I do have to point out the few flaws with this app since, like every other app, there are problems with this one. I'm a bit disappointed with the "Xbox live" update since I'm not a fan of huge changes and because going online without an account seems better and less of a time waster. This addition may have seemed clever at first, but I feel like it's one of your downfalls. Now secondly, since many people have talked about this, I can't turn my head, at all! Some people are able to turn their heads, but the perspective is a bit laggy and slow, but I can't turn my head at all now? I don't really know why this happened, but please fix it, it's pretty annoying. Now onto my least favourite part: the inventory and creative menu. WHYYYYY DID YOU CHANGE IT?! I cannot get a block for the life of me right now, I'm finding it hard to even switch between items, and that, to me, is pretty stupid. Every update I do a review on this game and out of all the updates this is my least favourite. Please fix this game, it was potentially a popular game! -Four stars..Version: 1.2.3

64 out 10! Amazing!This game is just like a different dimension. It is just like home to me and I love it, it’s been my favourite game for as long as I can remember since I was two, it’s just so fun to play, it encourages creativity, it just makes me, me. Sure it can be scary with it’s myth and legends and music discs ( 11 & 13 ) it’s fun and sometimes fun to investigate those even if it’s scary and creepy, it’s fun for all ages. Some say it’s limited and boring but they don’t see it from the perspective people like me see it. You can make what you want, or play stuff like bedwars and servers and custom maps, or just play default survival Minecraft. There’s even tiny things like some times the game might title its self “Minceraft” instead of “Minecraft” and big things like Minecon or the myths of Herobrine or Null or Entity303. Its just got a feel other games like it don’t have but it’s so good none the less and personally I think it just keeps getting better and better and I’ll always have a place for this game..Version: 1.14.60

MINECRAFT NEEDS SOME UPDATESI LOVE THIS AP! It has been my favorite app for so long! I started playing at a really young age, and through all the updates, it grown on me more and more to where I could have gotten the “Passing The Time” achievement a million times! But I feel like it’s missing something that could make the game so much more fun! We just got the nether update which is SO COOL AND FUN but we need an End update. It’s the boss battle of the game! And it’s just an island floating on the void with a dragon on it and some creepy guys that kill you if you look at them. The end ship is really fun to raid but I feel like I’d rather go to the nether that not the End because it’s a little boring. Also, my MAIN request, MORE MOBS!! please!!! We need more mobs! We can add in different colored cows and chicken and add new features to some of them! We can have bears, owls, dogs, bulls, monkeys, RED pandas, elephants, and more!! Hedge hogs, tigers, lions, UNICORNS, DRAGONS, GHOSTS!!! It would be Soo fun if we had those updates and I know it’s a lot of work but it would be SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! We can have different types of trees with yellow leaves, purple leaves, red, orange, blue, magenta!! We also might need different types of dye and flowers and maybe a whole new biome.. Or a new portal to a new RELM! I have so many ideas for this game it has so much potential!.Version: 1.16.101

Add MOREI think Minecraft should add chameleons sables more animals to the game and make a lot of the animals tame able because the only ones you can really tame our dogs and cats it would be cool if you could tame foxes and add the Arctic foxes I also think it would be cool if you add more blocks and have more like armour have like flower crowns you with me like photoframes add more like decoration things like pillows soap toilet paper and you actually have to go to the bathroom and stuff because you are the cups and you had to drink water and you drink out of a cup or a water bottle and you added like school water bottles I didn’t like rats and mice and stuff and they can get into your house I know this is a really long review but I really think you should add all of this stuff and more I get that people think that Minecraft is too overwhelming at the moment but it would be so much cooler and I will actually want to play it more often when I play pretty often I have it on my Xbox can I have it on my Nintendo switch and I have it on my iPad and my iPod and I will be getting it on my phone but it would just be so much cooler with all of this stuff and more I get that I’ve already said that but it would be cool Ok thank you.Version: 1.14.30

Minecraft is awesomeCreeper aw man so we’re back in the mines pickax swinging side to side side side to side.Version: 1.12

SuggestionsThis is my fav game In my opinion there is not any other game that is better but I want to put a big thing I want as an update pls!! I love baby villagers I want the creater of minecraft to put a thing in the settings button that says something like any villager you want can turn into a baby forever. And that if you feed the baby’s potato’s they will be your kid so you can play roleplay where they act like real life babys like when they want something to get or some milk to drink they will cry and things but there should be a button on that in settings so you can turn it on and off or that if you click on the villagers you can pick things like this villager play as I baby in roleplay or I follows you and a button that says learn on him where you teach them to talk and walk and crawl. I am sorry that this is sooooo long but I want to be able to love baby villagers and keep them as babys and be there mom. I would also like if you could like if you eat something that you can find in villages and in timpels that if you eat it you have a big belly and one night you have a baby villager and you have to be it’s mom. But only add it for there is a button where you can switch it on and off. Sorry this is long pls respond back pls pls pls I really recommend getting this app it is the best EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER and a thousand more EVERS!lol!!😂sorry it is long bye get the app.Version: 1.16.201

Addicted to this game!Hi. So, first off I would like to start this review off with talking about how much I love this game. I downloaded this game years ago and still love it. It’s ultimately a great game. Here’s some of my requests you should do. First off, could you guys please make the game where you don’t need wifi to be able to join people? It always makes road trips boring for me if I want to play minecraft with a friend. Also, if you guys could make it where people can share a wolf. My first wolf from the beginning passed away tonight due to a skeleton attack. Right before he was killed he had just made a baby with my friends dog, Morgan, they had already had baby earlier on named April. I wanted another one, and decided to breed them again. A few seconds after that Buddy (My wolf) was killed. It was devastating. We named the baby after Buddy, Buddy Jr., it would just be so convenient for us both to control him. Considering we are his aunts. But Buddy Jr. mostly has to stay with his dad, Morgan, because he needs to live with his dad. Anyways my point is please make it where people can control other dogs. My third request is that you guys add slabs that are vertical. Everyone’s been asking for these, and it would be very useful, and helpful. Also if you could make it where villagers, foxes, and mobs can be leashed. That’s all my requests for now. Thank you!.Version: 1.16.10

Minecraft mods it want in the gameOne mod in want in Minecraft is wyvern you can tame with fish and you can ride it and it can sit and will follow you and can fly and you can put chests and they spawn in the never please add this for the never update and I have some more so you can teach you bog tricks like do a backflip and play fetch with a stick and then come back to you and add mud so pigs lay in it and look like it has mud on it and I wanted mermaids and the they can be your friend if you give them sea weed and they help you find finds stuff you write in a book and frown it they will find it and come to you and if you write in the chat home it will take you home at your bed and you can connect them to a boat a still take you home and they teleport to you and can tern in to a dolphin and you can ride it and when it’s. Mermaid you can only ride it and the dolphin and you can control the Ocean and add Marie bogs you can tame it with fish bone to get a fish bone just attack a fish and you can tran the Mari bog I can call dolphins and mermaids and back flip and walk on land.Version: 1.14.60

Market placeLove the game but I have perfect internet and it’s telling me to check my internet to get into market place other than that love the game😃😃😃😃😃😃😃☺️😃😀😄😁😎👍🏼.Version: 1.16.201

All subjectsI like this game very much but the thing that kind upsets me is that you have to down load mods for like new items and stuff and you also have to but coins with real money like why can’t you get it from a ore or some something. But this game is still very fun but not addicting (or else you would be going cRaZy for it😂) It’s also very nice and I love the new purple set thingy it’s really cool. Annnnndddd don’t forget you can also build you house out of what ever you want if your in creative but if you want more items then you can get new mods by getting coins (still not fair that you can only get coins by buying them with real money😰)also if you don’t know what “mods” mean it’s means like new items and pets and blocks and stuff like that, if you want a pet in creative you type spawn and you can spawn something but don’t spawn a bad guy! Or if you are not scared you can just get stuff to tame animals but if your not sure how type it on google and see how to tame them with the food they eat. Anyways hope you enjoyed my longgggggggggggggggg story.Version: 1.16.0

Best game ever but...Minecraft is truly the best game in the whole entire world but there is just a few things that could make it even better so my ideas are:So my first idea is we need a mermaid tail I know this is mentioned a lot but I think it would be amazing,My second idea is that I think we need insects in the game I think that would be really cool because insects are hard to find,My third idea is to be able to tame all animals big or small because I know some people who have a lot of different pets that are not just the common cat or dog or anything like that really and my final idea is that I do not find it fair on pocket edition that you have to have a Microsoft account or some type of account to sign into to actually play games with other people I feel like that is just so unfair and also it is not just me who feels this way about this it is also my friends and family so please do something about this!!!😠😠😠😠Anyway I hope you do read my review and actually understand where I am coming from with all of this..Version: 1.14.30

#1 CREATIVE, INSANE GAME EVER!!Minecraft one of the best games ever and I can’t stop thinking of great ideas that still fit the vanilla feel. I wish I could tell Mojang my ideas 😂 commands however are another of my favourite things. The two things I wish you could do with PlayStation bedrock commands are: testing for named items in inventory giving so many possibilities, like boots that give you speed, and also giving really high level enchantments to items that don’t usually have them. For example - making a pickaxe called the Dwarf Pickaxe and giving it sharpness 8. Minecraft is just soo so good and any one can enjoy it. I love just playing survival or brainstorming ideas with command blocks. Although I have loads of great ideas for Minecraft but one of my favourite is just a couple more types of tools. Like spears ( still wood - netherite ) that can be thrown or hit with a wider range . Or daggers that are close range but really quick damage. Hope this review just shows you how CREATIVE the game is..Version: 1.16.220

Bring it back :( !!I’ve been playing minecraft for pretty much my whole life and i have never stopped loving it, i’m just going to get straight to the point. I miss the old, more simpler minecraft, when there wasn’t all the useless and just unasked for blocks and tools, don’t get me wrong the aqua update was great, but after a while you just made it a little too much with the villages and the random blocks. i know what i’m saying won’t matter, but is it possible we could have a setting were we could send the versions back and play the minecraft we love and grew up with :) as soon as i saw all of the new things being added, i just felt like it’s all useless, no one asked for these and it ruined the simple game minecraft once was. It’s all too much and i’d just rather the game me and most other people reviewing grew up with, made memories with and started our childhood with. And just an add on the x-box live thing is a little too much, i remember when you could just start the game, press start and join a world with no problems. But it is your game and i understand that you like it :).Version: 1.11.4

Amazing but a few things...Ok, I have been playing Minecraft for years. Each update is better then the last, adding amazing animals and new objects. However I have noticed in the recent update, TONS of new bugs and issues have occurred. Such as, sometimes when I am crafting something, I craft it and then go back in the crafting table. But my item is still there. I try to remove it, but it just replaces itself with another one. I end having to close the app and reopen it. Another problem that has recently developed is, whenever I go into chat when I am on a sever, my game immediately freezes, then crashes and knocks me out of the app. Another thing that has recently happened is when I am playing and go into my inventory, it freezes and won’t unfreeze. One more is, sometimes when I go into the nether, it stays frozen on the “loading terrain” screen. Other than these glitches and bugs, I HIGHLY recommend this game. Whenever I want to play a fun game, this will always be my first choice. With the endless building ideas, the challenge of defeating the bosses, and playing countless games and tests Minecraft is the best game out there and will make you play for hours. A few animal ideas are: Bears, birds, snakes, frogs, mice, sharks, squirrel, elephant, lion, monkey, butterfly, crab, deer, penguin, kangaroo, koala, raccoon, alligator or crocodile and more types of dogs. Thank you for reading!.Version: 1.16.40

OmgSo so so so good omg I love it you can make endless stuff!:).Version: 1.16.210

BEST GAME EVERMinecraft is like the best game ever you can play with friend play severs and do all that you can make whatever you want in your builds. You can even add mods but there’s something that I don’t like only one thing and it’s the I used to be a mobile player I still am but I play more on my xbox it is that I can’t get any mobs on my phone that seem to work I really wanted the kitchen mod but when I downloaded it nothing poped up it could be the app that I’m getting it from bet oh well what would be a really cool update would be sharks but I don’t think we can get them and it would be cool if MOJANG could at a icon that you can click on to take you to a website or something to simply download a mod or texture packs like that would be awsome I also have some ideals that could possibly be added like maybe more foods or like more pets like a dog update the dogs not worlds dogs that have cool skins like big dogs and small dogs 🐕 🐶 like that would be so cool that’s all but Minecraft is a awsome game and you can Choos it you wanna go in a game by yourself or with your friends or with people you don’t know in a sever and the best thing is you and find treasure is a ship and a jungle temple and a desert 🐫 🐪 temple and others and you get really good loot and MOJANG if your seeing this do you think you could add these mods???? Well I got to go I recommend getting this app!!!!😍😍😍😍.Version: 1.16.40

MinecraftCan you make minecraft free I want more people liking minecraft and I don’t have many money.😞.Version: 1.16.201

MINECRAFT IS THE BEST!!!!Minecraft is the best game ever! It has so much do to. Fight off mobs with weapons, or build a horn your own creative way. Make farms for food, enchant your weapons, and explore villages. There is so much more to do! I’ve played this since I was 4 years old and I still do! It’s AWESOME! If people hate on Minecraft, then I’m very disappointed in them. Minecraft is a one of a kind game with so much potential that it has already given us. More cool ideas can always be added. It has an awesome community, lots of servers and cool mods, and even has cool stuff like Minecon for you to look forward to. Because of COVID19, this year’s Minecon might be cancelled. I really hope not. Anyways, that is off topic to this review. I have so many good experiences playing Minecraft. I can remember worlds that me and my cousins would play in. We would build hotels and make our own parkour courses. We tested out with redefine and command blocks, too. Seriously, games like Fortnite have NOTHING against Minecraft! I’m always gonna be a Minecraft fan. I can’t wait for the new nether update coming! It’s advanced the nether A LOT! It’s just awesome! Plus, Minecraft puts out 2 big awesome updates a year. Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend Minecraft. Not scary, not boring, it’s VERY fun, even if your not a gamer, there is a 99.9% chance you are going to love it! The best game ever!!! :).Version: 1.14.60

PerrrrfectDid you get the joke ocelot cat purrrr perrrrfect hope you did Iv been playin Minecraft for a while now and if I would be true I love the game to the core and I love playing with other people great interaction you can play something for example murder mystery etc and just have such a great time you would do it forever and never get bored every update is a MYSTERY (see what I did there murder Mystery every update is a mystery no? Ok :c)and every update I press the update button and can’t wait to see what’s the update to me it doesn’t matter if it’s a bug fix or a small little thing that you don’t even notice it’s amazing for me because i know that the developers work very hard to find all the bugs and glitches and find names and ideas for updates to I love the game and to support it as much as i can.I appreciate every single update I know this was long but I just wanted for you my gratitude for working so hard getting less and more popular every time and still working so hard every day.Version: 1.12

Love it!!I absolutely love Minecraft, I’ve literally been playing it since I was very young, since I always had a creative imagination and loved building my own things. I have Minecraft on my PS4, iPhone and iPad, and it’s amazing!! I have over 100 worlds, with different ideas and types of house or village, I’ve even made a massive city with my brother! I also love the fact that you can join to each other’s worlds when connected to the same WiFi, it’s amazing!! Because of this, I’ve been able to connect my brother to my worlds and we’ve been able to create a load of ideas together, which is great in developing imagination and creativeness. Minecraft is really one of my favourite games EVER, and I didn’t mind paying for it at all, because Mojang seriously needed the credit and they really deserve it! Sometimes, there are bugs and glitches here and there, but because the game is amazing, it’s really not a big deal at all! If anyone is actually reading this, I definitely recommend this game to anyone really! Laynie 💕.Version: 1.16.200

This game is worth your time! It’s free, it’s all about creativity and more!You should really look into getting this game. It’s amazing, any hate reviews are people who are jealous of the amazing developer of this game! (: it’s perfect for me when I’m stressed and need to relax and build and ride horses and just let my mind actually open up. Please get it and give 5 stars! It’s worth you doing it! I support you for making this wonderful app. Thanks!.Version: 1.16.1

I can make this game betterSo I love Minecraft. I’m obsessed with hardcore survival through never ending creative builds. I love the nether and the end. I hope the end gets updated but that is not what I am here for. 1st of, I want to make a whole new type of Minecraft world called service. This would be a pre-server world so that you can put the build in there into a server without the whole “24 7 hour update that I waste my day on.” 2nd, I want to make a new land called “the fade.” This area would be all faded. But it wasn’t always that way... if you find and defeat the forden (A small mob that is is visible but will fade if you look at it.) If you find the power source that causes this mob to fade you cow destroy it. That mob will drop something called the Fax enchantment to gloves (which y’all should add too) and you touch something the whole world will spring with life. Then a door will appear out of no where to take you back to the over world when you are ready. This will also contain Force oars and on and on. 3rd, A time traveler. If you kill a wither, enderdragon, and forden, they will drop something called Broken map. If you place the three pieces together it will unlock something called a time traveler. This can take you to places from When those shipwrecks weren’t shipwrecks to when the villagers actually LIKED diamonds. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.16.201

Good Portable Game...This game is really good and fun, I play Minecraft on my PC normally, but when I go on holiday I can’t bring my massive desktop so it has really good portability. Also, some games have a phone edition but it is very basic and doesn’t have nearly as many things as in the real game. I am pleased to say though, that this one is different. It has nearly everything from the PC Game and the things which they can possibly add into a mobile game they add a basic version of it at least and don’t just leave it and not add it in. But, one thing which could be improved is why to play online you have to have a Xbox account. Thankfully, I do but for only Pc players of PS players they would have no way to play online. I get why this is so, because Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and so is Xbox so they want to get people to play and buy and Xbox because obviously like any company they want money. But I still think this should be taken of the game even if you have to pay to play online. At least it’s accessible to everyone.Version: 1.4.2

Everything Is possible!Minecraft Is a AWESOME game. And I am never bored when it’s around. It feels like everything is possible! Creating is Awesome. And its hard in real life to build and get materials, and It would take a long time. In Minecraft it can take one day and you have a awesome creation Next to you. Its fun to make your world your favorite way. Also I can choose exactly what I start out with. I can do survival or creative, easy or hard, normal or peaceful, and I get to pick my seed. You can also explore which is really fun. You get to challenge yourself and fight which I love. If you don’t gave Minecraft I don’t know how you live. Also you can buy stuff in the store. You can get a world made for you. I bought luxury life and can’t stop playing. It was so worth the money. You can also buy textures for your worlds. You can change the look of you character and buy new looks or skins. And finally you can play with friends. You can come into your friends worlds or you can have friends come into yours. If you have a Xbox you can play on a world with 1000 other people or so. It is funner when a friend is in your game. It makes everything go much faster. It won’t be as scary hen your fighting monsters. Go get Minecraft right now. Don’t forget what I said..Version: 1.8.0

You must add challenges/questsThe reason of my asking is once you complete the game by defeating the dragon there isn’t much else. so I think that there should be a villager that tells you about things that disturb the village, so like a mayor or something. Another thing is that you people should put a boss that is in the over world of Minecraft, or turn the elder guardian into a harder challenge. One last thing is for every boss there should be an item that you get from them like a weapon, other than that everything is great..Version: 1.14.30

Furniture UpdateHi Mojang, Minecraft is an amazing game because we can mine, build, craft items and have fun. But now it’s gotten kind of boring (no offence), even after the 1.16 update. Don’t get me wrong the nether update is very cool and exploring the new nether biomes is cool, but it has gotten a bit old. Here is an idea for an update, using stairs, slabs and minecarts as chairs isn’t really what people would wanna be sitting on. People wanna be sitting on chairs and sofas. People want entertainment like working tv’s that don’t use complicated redstone. Basically, I’m asking Mojang to add furniture like microwaves, ovens, fridges, chairs, sofas, baths, showers, toilets, sinks, toasters, drawers, pianos, guitars,, TVs, etc. Oh and 2 more things, firstly could you also add sliding doors and secondly could you make it so we get covered with the blanket. Last thing of all your probably saying to yourself “Why don’t you just download add-ons?” trust me I just tried that and it didn’t work and I followed all the instructions. That’s the reason I’m writing this. Thank you for your time, bye!.Version: 1.16.1

Best Game Ever!!I’ve been playing Minecraft for over 6 years now and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’m not sure why some people say it’s a terrible game. I do have some suggestions though. I wish that on the phone and tablet there was a button so you can use the stuff in your off-hand and that we can put more stuff in your off-hand. I’ve managed to put rockets in my off-hand but I don’t know how to use them to make myself go faster on elytra. On the topic of the off-hand, I think it would be cool if you had a lantern in your off-hand it would light up your surroundings even without opptifine. It would also be nice if you put stained glass around a light source and it would make the surroundings glow that colour a bit or just different coloured red stone lamps. I just have one more thing to say. Sideways slabs. They would make detailing SO much easier and I’m sure a lot of people will agree. Like you tuber Grian did. Other than that the game is perfect and I love all the updates. A True Minecraft Player, Me cool. U not..Version: 1.14.2

I LOVE THIS GAME SMThis game is so fun! I love all of the updates and in my opinion the new update every one is complaining about is actually really good! But besides all of the amazing stuff my game has been glitching hardcore. So when I spawned into a survival world there was like the unfinished portal thing. Ofc I went to it to loot it and I got a golden pickaxe and sword. When I went to go mine coal it gave me the ore blocks instead of just coal. I didn’t think much of it until I went to go mine iron and it gave me nothing! This has been happening on every single one of my survival worlds. Maybe because it has Smite 1 on the golden pickaxe but if so why would you give that out to people? I stumbled across a village and went to go see if they had a furnace so I didn’t have to make one. Halfway through making cooking something in the Blast Furnace it just completely stopped. I tried taking everything out and putting them back in but no. I was really annoyed because I needed to cook food! Since it wasn’t working I decided to make a regular furnace. Checked the crafting recipe and it wanted a different block than cobble it wanted ‘Blackstone’? I didn’t even know that existed in the game! A lot other glitches have been happening I just can’t think of all of them right now. Those glitches stood out to me the most. Overall really good game!.Version: 1.16.1

MinecraftAwwwwweessssooooommmmmee.Version: 1.16.210

NeatHey um, i really like playing this game it's cool but can you guys add customizable layers to superflat worlds, thanks.Version: 1.14.1

Awsome! But something weird happenedThis happened in my main single player world. I was building a long bridge to try and get to a endcity, when all of a sudden, I fell off. I was really irritated, and so I cheated, yeah, sorry, but I went into creative, then flew back, and I went back, started flying around. Couldn’t find my bridge, then I found another endcity portal. Like the bedrock diamond that you throw a ender pearl into to reach endcites. So I threw it in bc I was curious. And, I ended up in the battle arena where you fight the ender dragon. I was confused, but I wasn’t to bothered. So I went back up to my other end city portal u unlock when defeating the ender dragon, and THEN I threw the pearl into there, AND I GOT TELEPORTED INTO THE VOID AND DIED! I WAS STILL IN THE BATTLE ARENA TOO I DIDN’T GET TELLEPORTED TO THE ENDCITY PLACE! I tried again, and this time I got teleported to the other portal that leads to the over world. I couldn’t reach the endcity. And I was so. Con. Fused. I teleported back to the other portal I found, and I got teleported back to the arena. I tried this tons more times, and the same thing happened. I broke everything. I don’t know wether this was supposed to happen, but I don’t think so. So I write this. I want to point out this game is awsome. And I spent lots of awsome times here, but I just wanted to point out this weird glitch..Version: 1.14.1

MinecraftVery good.Version: 1.14.30

MINECRAFT!!!!I love this game me and my little brother played it all the time every single day on the ps3 I bought many versions of Minecraft and some books to help me but I want to customise my super flat world that was so fun I can make the whole world tnt and about 64 blocks deep I would love to see this again but what I want to see is the tutorial worlds for free to buy and play again I loved them it helped me learn every new filter added and my brother would love is a way to come back to life by using a lantern sorta thing and when you place it down the dead player will teleport/Respawn there and they will still have all there stuff because I keep dying when getting back to my house and my things keep despawning I would also like a new bow I know we have the bow and the crossbow but maybe the Endbow were it can teleport the play wherever it gets shot at okay bye and keep making this game amazing I know you will make this game great and maybe you can add a Future updated were it’s all gadgets from the future like flying cars i would love a Vr headset in Minecraft anyway bye and keep doing what your doing.Version: 1.16.100

Few additions neededI love Minecraft! Though there a few additions that I see as needed. Flying animals, as we only have one tamable flying animal. Maybe there could be snowy owls that fly over tundras, ice spikes, and snowy forests, that you could either tame with fish ( or any meat )or steal an egg from a nest in a snowy forest to hatch. Once tamed you could possibly be able to let the snowy owl out and it could come back in a couple of days with a gift of meat. There could also be barn owls, screech owls, and great horned owls, that soared over forests ( no snow), and possibly grass lands with the same properties as the snowy owl. There could also be just normal birds in forests like blue jays, robins, cardinals, doves, crows Etc. Now that the real flying animals have been covered, this brings us to dragons! Maybe there could be one dragon nest in the heart of every biome with an egg guarded by a grown dragon that you have to defeat to get the egg, possibly when you get close the dragon nest the dragon will start slowly stalking your character. Then once you get the egg it will hatch in an area with lots of light. Then once full grown you can make a saddle and put chests on it for storage, and fly it! Maybe you must also give it lots of meat every now and then to take care of it or it will become feral. I hope you read this/ like the ideas mojang!.Version: 1.10

Great app!This app (Minecraft) is the most best mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s totally for kids. It’s family friendly. Even though it is worth around £7, it’s worth it 100%. There is some glitches here and there but in all it’s a great game! Definitely for kids or older. You can play with friends or be single player. If you bored of just a basic world, you must try out the servers there are the main servers which are hive, lifeboat, cube craft, Mineplex and MineVille city. If you want to try out something else for example skyblock or factions or UHC you can simply add a server. But before you add the server you need to know the ip so I would recommend searching up the server name and see what the ip is. The server that I use the most is FallenTech I highly recommended FallenTech normally, I go on skyblock but there loads of different game type like factions, prisons, UHC and much much more. Plus if you want to see if your friends are online or not. Go download the Xbox app sign into your Xbox account and it will tell you when the last time your friends where online; if they are online or offline; what achievements they’ve made on games. It tells you a lot more things. One more thing you can also change your profile pic..Version: 1.14.0

Minecraft for allIf you say Minecraft is stupid then you are stupid because Minecraft is the BEST GAME EVER. If you are interested you might want to google how to play: it is not easy to learn by yourself. Now for what I want to be added. So the overworld is filled with things to explore, grab, build, and mine. Same with the nether. But how about the end? Well while you can explore many things in the end, you cannot explore a lot. So it would be cool if you could kill the ender dragon, and then go through the end city portal, and then you could mine some end stone but it would take you to a bedrock layer at the bottom and then there could be a rare ore. Enderint. With Enderint you could craft a special smithing table. Recipe: 3 enderint on the top, a smithing table in the middle, 3 planks on the bottom, and two diamonds on both sides and you will get a masters table. With this you can turn Netherite ingots to enderite ingots. Then you put diamond armor in the masters table with enderite and you can get enderite anything that you can craft with diamonds (except enchantment tables). I also want this enderite ingot to be blue like an ender pearl and in the shape of a ingot. Thanks for reading and continue improving the best game on earth. Minecraft is the best game and I do not care what anyone says and I love❤️ Minecraft and it is the best game ever. Bye..Version: 1.16.220

Best app in the world definitely worth buying🤑💜💙❤️💚This is an extraordinary app it's Fit For All ages! I recommend you get this app for your kids When it's Are we there get? You: No but have Minecraft they'll be busy for hours it's definitely worth buying all of my friends on Minecraft lovers and I'm definitely a big Minecraft lover !!!!!! Definitely get it hopefully there's no glitches but it's definitely the best game in the world it's brilliant no one can ever beat it⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star! Thank you for reading! My review if you don't get it there is other sort of like minecraft app but not as good But free anyway this is about Minecraft! My two favourite apps of all time is Minecraft and Roblox if you don't already have ROBLOX it's free but you need data or Wi-Fi and the cool thing about Minecraft you can activate it in Aeroplane Mode!!!!!! Be entertained me for hours when I went on the flight To Japan 🇯🇵 it's just an outstanding game it's great and I recommend MCPE in the App Store or Galaxy apps I think it's call that anyway with MCPE you can put Addons in and much more!! Thanks for reading!! -p.s get MCPE hehe- byeeee.Version: 1.2.16

Amazing Game!Minecraft is probably the best game I’ve come across! I don’t see why some of these reviews say otherwise! I’ve been playing for at least 5 years, and have never come across any problems! Just one glitch that’s happened just recently is that I can’t seem to go on to my marketplace, and if I try to it’ll kick me off the game. Apart from that flaw everything else is fantastic!.Version: 1.14.1

My lifeThis game is the reason. The reason I breathe, the reason I work, the reason I am motivated to even brush my teeth in the morning. This game, this prodigy, this work of art is a gift from the heavens. The lord wishes he could create such a masterpiece. My love for this game extends far past anything and anyone, for each flower planted, each block placed, each creeper explosion adds to the beam of light in this dimly lit world. We need games like this, we are so desperate for art to make us happy again. I see it in our streets, where people have weakened themselves into acceptance. I see it in our work places, where people sit on their asses, watching their lives away, missing something they never had in the first place. I see it in our families, where even the elders feel that loss, that emptiness, that void. A void that can only be filled with a cubic block of rich and prosperous grass. This is what the world needs. This is what the world craves. This is what the world desires. This game will save the fallen. This game will save the world. So yeah it’s a pretty chill game I would definitely recommend to a friend.Version: 1.12

Fox & BeeHello, I’m speaking because the mobiles don’t have the Foxes & the Bees so I’m wondering if you are gonna make the Foxes & Bees on mobile it would make my day! But I think, that if you’re to busy fixing bugs or something you can add the Foxes & Bees later! I really don’t wanna throw the star rate down just in case you’re working on something! Thanks for reading this is you did and if not then how are you reading this? But anyways, anyone who had read it or is reading it just send me the reply <3 I’ve put it on 5 star cause I really am in love with this game! ❤️.Version: 1.12.1

Minecraft has come along from a single Java game to thisWell ladies and gentlemen, get your pop corn for an outstanding and successful game from 2009 - 2018, but now instead of Java, we have the bedrock edition now. Though you would need a Microsoft xBox account to play online on servers but it now supports Multi player cross forms which is pretty amazing. This game has really fun and intense gameplay and hard and raging gameplay which I loved, I played this when I was 11 years old and loved it since. The truth is this game is still up and healthy it’s not dead it’s alive..Version: 1.5.3

Best game in the universeThis game is the best because it’s on Pc,PS4,Xbox,mobile,laptop and Vr maybe some other electronic. Another reason why minecraft is the best is it is for 7+ so kids teenagers and adults can play. 3rd reason the title says “best game in the universe” is because people on the moon can play and they can play together because mobile has nearby open servers, what I mean by this is that you can play together if your close to each other on mobile or iPad. The new nether mod has been great it makes the nether cooler, and you can walk on lava with the new nether creatures. PS I’m doing this review on my iPad so this is very slow for me. Minecraft is cool for many other things like severs on PC and Laptop, you can do skyblock, bed wars, TNT run, kit pvp, soup and many others! Minecraft is cool for anything because you can do things like, Defend villages from raids, Farm Wheat carrots and others, you can kill blazes in the nether fortress or just chill and make a house. Finally the “End” I LOVE IT you have to shoot the end crystals or tower up and destroy it then you got to kill the ender dragon but make sure you don’t look and the ender men, when you defeat the dragon you get the achievement “Free the End” and the dragon explodes and drop the dragon egg, then you go through the portal home and then the credits. This is the end of my review By William. PS I would do more but I ran out of time.Version: 1.16.1

NostalgiaDo i even need to explain?❤️.Version: 1.14.60

A few new mobs I would like to be in MinecraftHi! I just thought of a few new mobs I would like for the developers to add into Minecraft! I hope they at least add in one of them. 1. Skele-Fish. It is a fish that can be found in all water sources in every biome, except for swamps. It can only spawn in when the world is in easy, normal, or hard. It can drop up to 3 bones when killed, it doesn’t attack you unless if you attack it first, (just like when you hit a wolf in survival when it isn’t tamed to anyone in that world) it deals three hearts when it attacks you, and it has a body made of bones with no eyes. 2. Black Bear. A bear with a brown snout, brown belly, and all the rest is black fur. It can only be found in Taiga (spruce forest) biomes. It has the same body that the polar bear does. It eats raw fish of any type and sweet berries, but you cannot tame them, you can only breed them (just like the foxes). They can spawn when the world is in peaceful, easy, normal, or hard. But when it is peaceful, when you attack them they won’t attack you back. But when it isn’t in peaceful when you attack one, they deal 4 hearts when the player is in survival. 3. Penguin. It only spawns in snowy plains and on icebergs. They eat raw fish of any type, but you cannot tame them, you can only breed them. They have a white belly and the rest is all-black. They do not attack you when you hit them in easy, normal, or hard..Version: 1.16.201

FabulousEach update is better than the last! I used to play minecraft on the PC obsessively but now I can play pretty much the same game on my iPad without having to fight my family for the computer. I LOVE the various ‘cheat’ options because creepers blowing up my stuff was a tad rage-inducing, but peaceful mode is borrrring!! I like the store, the things aren’t too expensive but a few more options would be good. I’m guessing you’ll never allow us to add our own texture packs because thats your income. BUT if we can’t add our own you gotta give us more to buy! I’m incredibly bored of the current texture packs. I have every single one except one which I’m not interested in. I don’t particularly like the ‘worlds’ you can buy, I prefer to play my own world, so seriously, more texture packs in the store PUH-LEEZ! Oh, and to all the kids crying about the xbox thing, you do NOT need to buy an actual xbox console. You just go on the net and create an xbox live account. I don’t have an xbox and I play just fine. Ask your parents to help you if you’re having trouble. I repeat, no XBOX needed! Reading all the complaints about that made my eyes bleed, like honestly. Get a clue y’all..Version: 1.2.3

👍Don’t get me wrong, Minecraft is a brilliant game on all consoles, but it has a few issues. 1. I was playing Minecraft and I went of it for about five seconds (honestly!) and I went back on it. And it had to load ALL OVER AGAIN!😫 . This happens A LOT so please fix this. 2. This is probably my fault but I have a Microsoft account but I can’t play multiplayer because of the way my account is set up.(apparently) ☹️ my mum is trying to fix this and it’s very confusing so maybe make it quicker and easier to do and also maybe...idk...say what the problem is so we can fix it more easily?!?! 3. My phone is an iPhone 5s but it’s in good condition and it works with all other apps perfectly so u think this Minecraft this time, not me. It hardly ever responds when I press pause or chat at the top so if you could make it bigger that would be nice because it’s tiny! 4. I also play on my Nintendo switch and on there you can press a button to see your character as if you were another player. I especially downloaded Skinseed to have nice skins! Maybe add this it’s not a big thing but yeah Also a tip maybe when you are crafting something in survive you might not know the recipe and so maybe when you click on something that you have enough materials to craft it could show the crafting recipe. Definitely download Minecraft and don’t get a free rip off instead there’s a reason y they’re not £6.99! The free versions r rubbish..Version: 1.16.1

Amazing gameI only have a few problems...I don’t find it far that you have to have a Minecraft account thing to play with random people on multiplayer thing I hope in a future update it bring it in so I don’t have to have one! The rest is good I like the new blocks and things. The banners are really cool and fun because you get to make them in any way you would like and I find it really entertaining. Having fireworks in the game too is a really cool thing to have as well I did some redstone to make them go if by a button and my brother found it amazing he loved it and won’t stop begging me on how to tell him how I did it. I do think they should bring out new jems and amour and swords because they could be pretty fun ie emerald amour/swords. Oh and some new bioms and portals (especially one to the end city as I have never been and would really like to go). And maybe like a decor bench thing like you get in them extensions that would be a really cool way to decorate houses because I always make my house to big and don’t know what the hell to do with it so a decor bench could really help. If any of these ideas are used I would be really happy thanks!.Version: 1.2.5

Xbox LiveAfter the last update the fact you have to sign into Xbox Live has been making the game less enjoyable. After signing into Xbox Live it crashes nearly every time and I have to sign in at least 3 times in a row for it to not crash. Another bug is even if I am not connected to the internet it still attempts to sign into Xbox Live and it graphically shows that I am signed in even they I am definitely not because I am not connected to the internet. Then after this when I play in a world it freezes after 30 seconds. I also don’t understand why you must sign into Xbox live before playing on a world or joining a server. Another issue 😒 is that when I tap on a online friend’s world to join them I join the wrong friend’s server. The only reason I like Xbox live is because you can join other players that aren’t using the same wifi as you and I suggest that you should really fix these issues in the next update..Version: 1.2.9

Good game but....I love minecraft, I always have. I’ve been playing for a good amount of time and have had no problems until now. Within seconds of starting the app it freezes and then crashes, I have tried resetting my phone and I have tried redownloading the game but that hasn’t worked either. Would love this bug fixed as fast as possible. Also the framing for iPhone X and all the other iPhone Xs is a bit of and cuts out some of the screen. Would like this fixed as well if you can fix it. Thanks Simon.Version: 1.12

On a scale of 1-10 it would be a 8I love Minecraft and have playing since it was on the Xbox 360, and I have loved everything about it! But recently it’s been laggy, glitchy and it even crashes when I try to play. Normally the game isn’t that slow but when ever I’m not on WiFi or have a poor connection , it takes 5 minutes to just to make the type of world that I want! Before the game would be a little slower than normal, but never THAT slow. I could be casually playing and it would glitch so bad, it would crash! And oddly enough when I try to pause the games it would take over 5 minutes for it to load the menu. Besides that, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are outstanding when you have a good internet connection. The servers are fun to play, and often has a variety of games on the servers. The game updates every once in a while and often features a fun new addition. And the in-game shop has a few free skins, worlds and has deals that are often good. However, when there isn’t a deal or a promotion for the shop the items can be quite expensive. The items range from 100 coins (0.99) to over 1,000 coins (around $20). Unless you are willing to put in money, you won’t have the more fun and interactive worlds/skins. TL;DR Good game overall. Has a fun shop with some free stuff and has fun updates. Has some bad glitches but bearable..Version: 1.16.0

PLEASE READ AS SOON AS POSSIBLE MOJANG!Can there please be a spectator mode! Java edition has it, and it would be so helpful! Secondly, OBSERVERS SEND REDSTONE SIGNALS WHEN PLACED!!!! It kills my redstone contraptions. Thirdly, can sideways slabs be added! This would make derailing a building a lot easier. Fourthly, currently if you put an item frame on the floor, place a block next to it, you can not put an item frame on that block so it is adjacent to the item frame. Can you at Mojang please change it so you can. Also, please don’t make any more MAJOR updates by adding blocks! I am personally better at building than redstone, and if furniture and fishbowls and dog beds, it would lose the Minecraft feeling! I like the Village and Pillage update when Minecraft was Minecraft! A blocky world with some small adventures to take on! Now it is a complex system of wired and wacky blocks, deadly and creepy animals! This is just a suggestion but it would be deeply appreciated if you take this into account. Other than that the game is amazing! From colourful coral to buzzing bees! Another appreciated addition would be planets, as I feel some other games are taking the lead. A game called ‘Astroneer’ in particular. Astroneer is a game where you explore foreign planets, and collect resources. This is very similar to Minecraft, but some say that Astroneer will leave Minecraft behind. So, please add different planets!.Version: 1.14.30

BEST BEST BEST GAME EVAAAAAWWAAMinecraft is one of my top five favourite games for 6-7 years now!! There was a slight glitch for me but thankfully it has been sorted and Minecraft is as good as it ever has been!! I like how it’s changing more to be like the PC version with the crafting table and stuff. One thing I lowkey am really sad about is the stone cutter!! It was a couple of years ago now but the stone cutter now is purely a decor item rather than a functional piece of equipment for crafting things with stone. To be honest I’m not really that sad about it but in the update it was taken out I was much sadder. But like I say, the updates always bring more amazing things!! THERE’S MORE CATS!!!! And there’s pandas, llamas, polar bears and loads more cute animals. I would love to have hedgehogs and penguins and maybe more birds? The parrots are so cute tho when they dance to the music 😍😍😍 Basically what this review was written for was to congratulate Mojang on the amazing game they have created for me and so many other people to use. Thank You Mojang!!!!!! I would definitely recommend 🥰🥰🥰.Version: 1.8.0

-M i n e c r a f t-Minecraft is the best game on my iPad introducing creativity and bravery (if you like yeeting stuff out the world). There are a few bugs and glitches here and there but not that bad. The first one is the crashing glitch. This is where you load the app, it says it’s nearly done loading then... crash. I know a way to fix this though. Go to files, go to one that says ‘on my iPad’ then press ‘Minecraft’ press the XBL file and delete it. Go head on back to Minecraft and it should load. (I’m not 100% sure if it works on all apple devices but it worked for me!) When Minecraft loads, go back onto files, restore XBL and that’s that! The next glitch is the skin glitch. This takes place on your private server when you’re with a friend/sibling. You play Minecraft for a bit and go onto your inventory. Look! Your avatar is theirs! How strange? Not really. When the other player looks at you, you still have your own skin. So... yeah. I have a update suggestion! Add penguins to the snow biome! And maybe a sea boss please? Anyway thanks for reading and lots of meows from my cat! -CherryBxn. Edit: I got a virus on Minecraft from importing an addon. Minecraft, please keep your security strong!.Version: 1.14.30

I LOVE Minecraft but....I absolutely love Minecraft but I don’t love the new update that just came out. For example my inventory is weird. I personally like using the classic version instead of pocket and ever since the last update both versions is very glitchy and it doesn’t show the name of the item. Additionally, when you press an item it sort of highlights the box and I don’t like it. In addition to the latest update I have some suggestions for the new update to make it more enjoyable. 1- New breeds of dogs and cats! I feel that Minecraft needs more dog and cat types to kinda freshen it up and for it to be more interesting. 2- More food! Maybe coffee, sandwiches, burgers, French fries, etc would make it cool. 3- Crazy Craft! I see you tubers (ldshadowlady,smallishbeans,etc) using crazy craft on their computers and I think a free version on Minecraft PE so that all players could get crazy craft and play like the minecrafters they look up to would be really nice! 4- Cameras and Phones. I feel like we need a technology update. I think working phones, computers, cameras, and any thing technological would be really cool to add to the game. Finally, more furniture! Couches, vanity’s, toilet bowls, mirrors, closets and basically anything you would find in a house! I think that, that idea is really cool and would attract many players! If you can do this than thank you! Sorry for being so needy :(.Version: 1.2.14

Love. It.This game is the best game I’ve ever played in my life. It helped me when I had to get surgery. It helps me when I get home from school. Hands down this is the best game ever, and if you’re reading this you should definitely get it. It has structures to explore, over 30 biomes, achievements to get, about 85, you can playin friends worlds, in your own worlds, and if you sign in to Xbox live you can pay on servers with players across the globe. You can play worlds in survival or creative, with cheats on or off. The 5 default servers are The Hive, Lifeboat, Mineplex, Mineville City, and Cubecraft games. But there are tons of other servers around too. It constantly updates proving it won’t go out of business for a whiiiiiiiiiiile. If you’re looking for an awesome game, get Minecraft. Suggestion: Maybe in the create world slot you could add more textures and not just the default. You could add past tense, or future tense, or Realistic Minecraft, whatever you want. And possibly, could you eventually add more bosses. Knowing the fact when you beat the Wither and Ender Dragon, there’s not really anything else to do. Really you could just go to end city, get achievements, that’s really all that’s important left. And maybe you could add some guns in the game. There’s only a bow and crossbow, maybe you could have an AK-47, or a Sniper Rifle, really anything just please add guns..Version: 1.11.4

I have a question.In the next update, will Minecraft be only played on apple version 13. The reason I’m asking is because I only have a IPhone 6..Version: 1.16.210

Quick Notice For New Players!Minecraft is my favourite game on all versions it’s available on. You may want to ensure you have a good device or battery, due to this games amount of stuff going on at once, you may need to lower resolution inside the app to ensure nice, smooth, gameplay..Version: 1.11.4

Please more wood and biomes!!!Can you please have more tree colours like more irregular ones. Make dyable woods and fun colours for everything it would make everything better. Have magical biomes and new dimensions and new noses too! Minecraft is so easy to complete there’s barely anything to it and it’s BORING! Make it interesting with new woods, biomes, dimensions, boss’s, Flowers, trees, tamable pets, ORES MAKE MORE ORES we barely have any ores! Make more ores make more ores better than diamonds! Make it so that you barely even need to use mods because it’s so boring please. Make a spooky biome and different dirts and dyes and make it COLOURFUL! Minecraft is a simple game and it falls into the endless Line of games that are exactly the same! Change that and make it good and different. Make minecraft a game that everyone wants to play again like it used to be because now I’m emmbarresed to tell people I play minecraft because no one really plays it anymore. I haven’t given up ne minecraft just yet because. Know you can still save it so please do, please please do. Please make minecraft fun again..Version: 1.6.1

Minecraft updatesHi I have been playing mine craft for a long time and I think that you should add these things number one add mods like new beds and TVs and sofas and etc number 2 maybe add a horse trail or or some cars because that would be nice in a creative worldand maybe add like tents and live RVs ! If you could add new craft able things like a new crafting table and maybe like something new please and maybe some like maybe add high tech like a coded door and chests and maybe even add the small baby’s like u see that you tubers have and use when they play daycare definitely add new ores and new trees I really wish that you could add some like trucks and some bikes and like a crafting table that could make a house for u please because then it would make me play whenever and if you could add like new shapes so like a real life house would but if you can’t I would like u to try your hardest and maybe do the mine craft update every month please 😀👍.Version: 1.16.10

Awesome!Hey, I might not be a great builder myself, but this game is the best app in the App Store! Even though now it is about $10 (It was around $4 when I purchased it), it is totally worth it. If you don’t have Minecraft, you have definitely heard of it. There were a few bugs that I have found over the years, but in each update they have been fixed! The developers (Mojang) are a hard working team, that listen to reviews, etc to improve Minecraft with every update. The concept is awesome, and the graphics amaze me. Worth the money. If you are thinking about buying this and researching to see if this is worth the money, then listen to me. It will save time. Just buy it! The only thing I can suggest is a trial, so that players can freely try out this game, without doubting a waste of money. This game is perfect for anyone looking for a good quality game to spend short or long amounts of time on. 5 stars for life! To those people getting angry because of servers, you don’t need an Xbox to make an Xbox account!!!.Version: 1.12.1

BEST GAME EVER 😘😊💖I have been plying this game for a long time and I have loved it all the way through. I love the new updates the different animals and stuff. It is just my fav game in the whole world. This game has came so far from the first version. Millions and millions of people r plying it because it is sooooo good this game is the best. But there is a bug on my Xbox at the moment we’re I click on Minecraft then it goes on then goes off and it will not let me on and I have all my main worlds on there. Some times I click it and it dose nothing. But I love this game so much I ply it on every thing my phone my Xbox and litraly most things I own has Minecraft on it because I just love this game sooo much and I ply it like all day every day . I can’t wait for the nether update it looks so good. I can not wait for the new animals and stuff too. And I can’t wait for the new updates on i think it was there snowy hills that one. But it’s a amazing game I would defanatly recommend it to every one no matter what your age is it’s good for all ages and Yh I love it. Keep up the good work and keep up dating. :))))).Version: 1.13.1

This isn’t a gameMINECRAFT HAS BECOME MY LIFE NOW it’s so fun and I’ll spent three hours on it, great game to play late at night you can do almost anything! The developers must be very creative if only PE edition would have all the new versions like 1.17 I want to see some Axotols and find the diamond maybe even a notch apple.Version: 1.16.210

Cool, but...I love Minecraft so much! It is very funn and there always something to do. But he recent update is really annoying. Every time i go and play it is very laggy and drops out of the whole game. Also i had some pet parrots and they disappeared after a couple (minecraft) days. My biggest complaint is that i downloaded some texture pack and one of them was a robot one, it made it so when you make a iron golom it would turn into a huge big robot that you could ride and shoot missiles. But instead the "robot" still looked like a giant iron golom and you could ride it but there was a massive glitch that made the game drop out. Please fix this! I have already tried deleting and re-starting the app but it didn't work..Version: 1.2.1

AMAZING APP!!The new version was the only thing to say about it and the app crashes a bit but it’s not the same one but it was ok to be honest with my new friend it would not even open up my iPad or iPod but it won’t get the app until it does a good start and I don’t know if it’s ok for a free game than the free one and it’s ok for the price it’s a free version for me but I have a few more to get it but I am a new version free game I just wish I can play the free app free free app I love this new game it just gets the game and it’s a great way for kids and I love to play this one and play the free version free free version for a good free version of this version of free free game I play this for hours on the way home but it gets a great app for you I don’t have any more fun to do but it’s a free free app but it has to have to go play with it to be more like it gets to be the first app you can see and it doesn’t make any sense it’s just an amazing app not worth paying more money than it was to be able and it is ok to get the game and it won’t let it come in love you have no one can ever do this and get free..Version: 1.16.101

I love it! A few suggestions...I’ve been playing pocket edition for years and years now. It has got me through so many stressful times. I love all the fish and the villages sooo much! A few suggestions I thought of was different dog coats, like the cats! It would be nice if you kept the original coat too, because it is so well known and holds so many memories! Maybe something like a pet bed or a pet leash would make pet builds easier, so players wouldn’t have to use carpet, but then again I don’t know how hard these things are to make! I recently encountered a glitch in the pillager raid. I couldn’t find the final pillager and I tried ringing the bell and other things that were suggested but the end I changed the game modes but this might not be possible for someone encountering this problem who may have a build including mobs that disappear when the mode is turned to peaceful. Either way, this is a brilliant game and I really recommend!.Version: 1.14.60

Great! But it won’t let me even open it.(Keep in mind, this is the mobile version, PE) It’s such a great game and I love it, but recently it’s been getting more buggy than ever. A few glitches that I have experienced that get very annoying are things such as, when a friend joins, I’ll be wearing their skin, and they’ll be wearing mine (in their POV). It gets annoying when I join only to be wearing their skin. Another thing is that the game constantly kicks me out. I’ll be playing and my screen will freeze a lot. Keep in mind, I’ve tried everything. I’ve deleted tons of apps, cleared data from things, just to make sure that I have space on my device (and it’s not that). The most recent glitch for me, however, (which is why I’m writing this) doesn’t even let me into the game. I’ve tried purging all my apps again to clear even more space and I don’t know what else to do. It gets to the last couple of bars in the loading screen and freezes. It doesn’t kick me out, just freezes on that and won’t go into the game. I’m becoming impatient, waiting for it to go into the game and it still won’t. I swipe up the app then go on it again, only for the same result, over and over. No matter how many apps I’ve had before, it’s never done this and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to delete the app for fear of losing all my data and worlds. Anyone have any suggestions??.Version: 1.14.1

Better than Roblox better than fortnight better than every game ever combinedI love this game best game ever I’ve been playing since it came out it was even good then I’m such an old player I can remember the 404 challenge such a fun challenge you should play this game it is so good after you’ve been playing for 10 days you will want to join the Minecraft community you will want to become a Minecraft YouTuberDo you want to watch dream that YouTuber for 75 years straight you want to make your life more square after getting pretty much every achievement I am such a pro the more you play the more you want to play you will never play another game and say that it is better than Minecraft this is the best thing in the world I love this game this is the best thing ever can anyone else hold the excitement Minecraft 1.17I will play until Minecraft is deleted I will be playing well there is Minecraft version 75 Best game ever download this right now.Version: 1.16.221

GREAT GAME AWESOME I LOVE IT!!! 😍❤️First I would like 5o say thank you to Mojang the creator of this game it’s so full of life creative and survival mode are the best two suggestions becuase first you can build anything in survival and creative plus sometimes you can cheat and build things like a mansion I’m so happy with this game!!! (number two) I would love it if mojang would add dragons and squirrels and more different animals in minecraft to make it feel more like a real life experience for everyone and I read one of the comments and I agree you should totally add food bowls and mabye add more realistic animals we have already but more changing like for an example a wolf you tame it to be a dog it makes no sence because if it’s a wolf and it turns into a dog it just makes no sense becuase you would probably need meat to tame it becuase it eats meat not bones also could you please add a new type of mob like mabye a unicorn instead of going in the marketplace and buying it it would be amazing if mojang would please and enjoy minecraft you should totally get it thank you so much mojang and the other creators bye! (Also sorry if the review was long 😂).Version: 1.16.201

Bluetooth keyboard must be addedMinecraft need to add this... everything is good but we have one small problem. And that is, you need to add Bluetooth keyboard settings to ios cause whatever i do it not working, i play minecraft on pc recently i got so used to it that it starting to get annoying that we people cant use Bluetooth keyboards for ios mcpe you need to fix that. On 0.12.1 w were able to have the chance to use Bluetooth keyboards but now we cant it will be much better if you did that.Version: 1.2.10

MinecraftTo who ever made Minecraft they probably Is the best person on earth I mean Minecraft is this really good game I love it so it’s so crafty ha ha I just wanted to say thanks for bringing Minecraft in the world and yeah my brother alsoReally loves Minecraft he’s like playing it every day on this iPad maybe you haven’t seen them but my character is Alex but the name Steve for some reason so I don’t know why that is it but can you try and make a different version of Minecraft like Roblox Minecraft a SpongeBob SquarePants type Of Minecraft or maybe you could do an descendants Minecraft Disney channel descendants get it okay so this is Keilah Writing the review so yeah just keep making Minecraft and why do you have to get coins to get new clothes I don’t know how to get any so yeah You have to make sure everyone loves Minecraft I love everything in it it’s just so great and I love how you added all the extra blocks and everything and updated everything it’s really cool ps: from Keilah fryday.Version: 1.16.10

I love love love Minecraft!Minecraft is one of my all-time favorite games to play! I love seeing all of the different updates that are added. Recently, I went at least 2 months without playing which really sucked (STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS) but when I did return to my Minecraft world, there was so much new stuff waiting for me to explore! I think survival is a fun mode if you’re up for a challenge. Then there are people like me. I start with creative and build everything I want (sometimes I get lucky and find a village) and stock up on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. From food to blocks to animals to weapons, I never want to be caught by a monster in survival without the proper weapon! The villagers are really fun to trade with. When I play Minecraft, I listen to the sound on my airpods and I love the noise that villagers make! I recently made a new world titled “Covid is killing my brain cells” where I used everything from the inventory. I have my own little zoo and a very enforced prison where I keep the monsters. Ok I didn’t use EVERYTHING. I didn’t use endermans because (1) they scare the heck out of me and (2) they could just teleport out of their prison cell and murder me ruthlessly in my sleep. I have an aquarium too with all the sea animals. Whoever thought to add dolphins is my new best friend! So what I’m trying to say is that I absolutely love Minecraft and would recommend it to everyone! ❤️.Version: 1.16.201

I love Minecraft but...I love Minecraft it’s a great game but I wish they had more animals for and more interactions with pets like, pets can have stats and you can train them like some stats could be Combat, or speed and adding more animals like snails, Slugs, Racoons, Rats, Mice, Goats, More pets, Snakes, and more, but I really want is more food! I think you could add food like More pies, More Fruit, More Vegetables, More Soup, Coconut milk from coconuts, Chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, Fruits I want to be added in soon but it’s okay if these will be in a later update you can take all the time you need to add these like dragon fruit, bananas, Avocado, Pear, Cactus fruit, Mangosteen, Mangos, Lychee, Pineapple, Grapes, Green Apple, Peach, Oranges, Blueberries, Plums, and tons more if you are reading this thank you for reading this Minecraft is one of my favorite games I have had since I was little normally I don’t write reviews but Minecraft is just something I felt like I had to do and I was thinking maybe adding Venus fly traps and flys, maybe more flowers?, onions, and more types of fish like, bass, catfish, and possibly whales! It would be amazing if in a later update one of these are in it. Minecraft is I think one of the first games I got and I remember back then what it was like compared to now it has improved so much thank you for working hard on Minecraft :)😁🤗😋❤️❤️👍🏻.Version: 1.12

CrashingMy game is starting to crashing after 1.13 update.Version: 1.13

It’s great but.........I love this game but there is a few things wrong with it now the first problem the app and Game is amazing but the price that it is it’s 6.99 that’s 7 bucks down the drain just for some pixels problem 2 even in survival mode it gets extremely boring fast so maybe add some more portals?more mobs like a....a duck are a lizard just pleas add more animals problem 3 whenever my iPod is like 20% I definitely need to charge it but when I get bored with Gacha life I play Minecraft but whenever I click out of Minecraft it has to reload and it takes an eternity (it’s Spanish for forever)to load then I pick my world again it takes forever 4 why are all the skins in Minecraft so expensive like I had to make my character look as nice and me as possible without spending any money so can you also fix that problem your already erning a lot of money like over 2million I think 🤔 but still at least make more skins available and free and that’s basically it sooooo.........And I don’t know if I said this already but can you make the games free pls pls pls I’m tired of searching and searching for free Minecraft worlds it’s bad enough that the game itself is 7 bucks so pls make most games free pls it would mean a lot to me if you did but yea that’s it 🤗 By:Purple Cat Chan Hai and bai🤗 Stay home and you will be safe From the COVID-19🦠🦠🦠🤗.Version: 1.14.60

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME- but...I’ve been playing Minecraft my whole life it feels like, but something is wrong with the custom skins. Say you download this skin from one of the skin apps and your so exited about it. Well to bad for you, you can’t wear it. I checked a million times to see if it’s just a update or something like that but it’s not! It’s super glitchy too, me and my cousins usually play together but it’s been lagging a lot. Then randomly it kicks you out and doesn’t let you join back in unless you reset the whole thing. You guys say that you keep fixing the game- but your not, your making it worse. We love that you are adding new things to the game and I’m not saying that’s the problem...but maybe...it is? I’m so excited for all the new things! Don’t get me wrong, everyone is! But there was a few I didn’t like personally. It was the customize your own skin thing you guys added not to long ago. We are happy that you tried to make the game better, except I really think you made it worse. That’s might just be me but I loved the game where we didn’t have all this glitchy stuff and we can play without that. And without that confusing customize your own skin thing. Please fix it! This is the game I love and will always love- but just remove some of the updates you think made the game better. Thank you!!!.Version: 1.14.60

Thank you, MinecraftMinecraft is truly an amazing game. Reason being, how it really makes you wonder about life’s unexplored lore, and a bunch of possibilities that may come across you in the future. I recently beat the ender dragon in the bedrock version, so I decided I wanted to to stay at the credits screen and read it all the way. Which actually happened. The way the credits screen was written out really had me speechless just because of how simply powerful the language makes you imagine about life, and imagining how far you may go. I never really thought about life that deep before, when I was still very young, but now that a few years have passed, I definitely have developed a drastically deeper understanding for Minecraft. I believe that Minecraft just isn’t a sandbox game where you can let your imagination and creativity raise the bar as high as you want, but I honestly think it’s more than just a game. The credits screen feels like you’re living a dream come true, which I feel like it’s more than just a game. This is why I’ve been sticking with Minecraft ever since the past decade, and would definitely recommend this game to anyone that is into video games. If anyone actually read this all the way until the bottom, thank you for reading. If you just started Minecraft, keep playing, you won’t regret it one bit. 😇.Version: 1.14.30

WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HATING?!This game completes me this game is my life I play it all day all night I legit never sleep instead I play minecraft idc that nobody wants to play with me I like to play alone🤩💕🥴😍.Version: 1.14.60

My personal opinion about Minecraft.This game is just breath-taking. I don’t think I have ever known a game so fun in my life! Minecraft really is top notch and I love it. I am also loving the new aquarium update as well as new features added to the game. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very pleased when I found out that you had to make an Xbox Live account to play online servers, even though it was free. My favourite thing about this game is that it is so fun and it really can teach young people a lot. Another thing, there is a tiny glitch in Minecraft I want to get rid of. As you know, you have to hold down the screen to break something right? But the glitch is that the screen is almost doing it by itself and is breaking things even if I don’t touch the screen at all. Please fix this for me :) One last thing: I would LOVE there to be spawn mermaids and unicorns on the game! It would be so magical! And spawn minecraft characters/people! (If you know what I’m on about) I really love Mojang for making minecraft! I do agree with other comments though, it has been crashing a few times and I hope you can fix it. Thank you for reading my review..Version: 1.4.2

Minecraft is amazing but it definitely needs a few updatesI’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 7. It’s one of my favorite games to this day and I still love playing it. But I still have a few things I really want added to the game. Backpacks would be an extremely helpful feature to add to the game. On long adventures I’ve run out of space in my inventory many times. Backpacks would help solve this problem. I’ve tried to download mods for backpacks but they never work. Flying creatures such as dragons that you can ride on would be so much fun. It’s a bit of a stretch considering the only dragon in the game is the ender dragon but honestly it would be a lot of fun. Instead of having them spawn randomly maybe it can be a quest to find a dragon egg and then have some specific way to hatch it. My last suggestion is different kinds of dogs. Cats come in 11 different kinds and I would be overjoyed if dogs did too. Maybe instead of taming wolves, dogs can be separate just like cats and ocelots. Preferably I would love breeds like pugs, collies, German shepherds, huskies, corgis, golden retrievers, poodles and bulldogs. Since dog breeds all vary in sizes I would suggest making them different sizes as well. I love what mojang has done over the years with the game and I hope these suggestions will come into consideration, please and thank you..Version: 1.14.30

I love MinecraftI really love playing Minecraft and I like all the new updates that are going to come. There is one thing though, can you pls add more dogs like in the addon Dogeystyle you have a variety of dogs and you can make them do other things rather then just sitting and standing and following you. It would be great if Minecraft could team up with the creator of Dogeystyle so all the people that can’t get Dogeystyle can use it anyway. Anyway I think Minecraft is awsome..Version: 1.8.1

An 11 year old game that's still popular? NICE!I love this game! It might be a bit buggy at times, but it's still cool! I really think Markus and Jens really did their best programming and making features for this game. And it's even over a decade old! As I did with my Minecraft Earth rating, here are some answers to your questions so you don't have to bug Mojang about them! Q: Why are the updates so slow all the time? Why can't 1.xx be released on both versions at once? A: Java edition is Mojang's main priority, as it can do more things than Bedrock edition. This is because it runs on a more reliable runtime than C++, but that's beside the point. The real reason is because Mojang has to port everything from the Java version of the game to the C++ (Bedrock) edition. Q: Why does my game keep crashing? A: It may be because you either have too many programs running in the background, or because your device is unable to run an 8th - gen game at a sufficient speed without it overheating. Q: Why am I unable to open the app after signing into my Xbox account? A: This is actually unknown. But if you want to play online using an Xbox account, I recommend getting the Nintendo Switch version instead, as it is the 2nd cheapest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, with an added $4+ for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, totalling at about $45. I couldn't find any other questions that were exactly appropriate to be answered, so I'll have to end my review off here..Version: 1.14.60

This is a great game, but one thing...I love to play this game, and I have about two worlds. My main world I’ve had for about three years now and my old iPod that it’s on is starting to get outdated. Im still on IOS9, and the game lags sooo much, especially when friends are joining the world. I’m just worried I might lose the world if I can’t update Minecraft or the phone breaks. This world is really special to me, and I would be disappointed if it got lost. I have an iPhone 8, along with my old iPod. All I’m asking from you is one thing. Please please please add a feature where you can download your friends worlds onto your device. This will allow me to get my favorite world onto my new iPhone, and not have to worry anymore about losing it. I understand that it is probably really hard to add features out of the blue, and that it may take time, but please! I would love you guys forever if you did that. I know some other people who have this problem, and it would probably help many other people if you could put this into Minecraft pocket edition. I realize that there are bugs in the game right now, but honestly, I won’t mind if this feature was added. Please... that is all I want. Now that I think about it, no one will probably ever see this that can make this happen... but whatever, I’ll put it out there for some ideas. Thank you..Version: 1.4.3

OMG MINERAL CRAFT XDI love minecraft and I think stray dogs, ducks, swans and penguins should be added and that u can hang up sticks because I build bird aviaries and I have less space because I put up logs and that there's a non teleport mode for dogs and cats because it's freaking annoying! Ok bye love this game Update: I agree with kaityminecraft except I also would love to see toys for pets and that you didn't have to leash up or make pets sit to make them not follow you and if that you walked further away they would free roam or a potion/food to not make them follow you and water bowls that animals actually drink from ooh and I think it might have been fixed but on creative, I caught a tropical fish in a bucket and it was a clownfish but once I put it in the water it wasn't a clownfish and plz if u do add animals make like an extra thing for them example scratching post for cats only, cat bed, cat bowl of water/milk and food, cat food that makes them stay and food for cats and maybe call it... MINECRAFT: ALPHA PET EDITION.Version: 1.11.4

MinecraftHonestly, Minecraft is an amazing game. You can build with your friends, play minigames, fight; pretty much anything a good game should have. However, I have noticed an issue with the marketplace. You are booted off the game whenever you attempt to go on it. Now before you tell me to update my device, let me tell you I have the latest iPad mini. (iPad mini 5 with iOS 13.3). It seems that the marketplace is currently bugged. This game is a blast, IF you are okay with playing with a default skin. For those of you who do want to play with custom skins, you will be better off buying the PC version for $26 as I have done. The game is epic, but let me inform you that even if you have a microsoft account that owns Minecraft, you’ll still be required to buy it again on other platforms. This game is honestly great, and keep up the good work! P.S. I have noticed that some people are getting really frustrated about not being able to upload or make custom skins. This is an option only available for the PC version..Version: 1.14.1

MineCraft isn’t workingSo I have minecraft in my ps4 and on my iPad but for some reason I’m the new update on the ps4 all my worlds got deleted, my city I spent 3 years on and all my favourite worlds. Also because of my internet on my iPad when I play minecraft doesn’t load servers, but when I change my wifi it works? I absolutely love minecraft but this is making me disappointed!.Version: 1.16.200

Add stuffYou need to add seasons where in the winter you lose health if you are outside for too long and the villages can develop to become modern and start wars against other villages and you can start a village.Version: 1.14.60

100% RECOMMEND THIS GAME BUT THERE IS A FEW PROBLEMSI love this game but I am writing this review as I have a few ideas: Firstly I think you should have a mode where you can fly ( like in Creative) but it’s the same as survival so basically like survival mode but you have the ability to fly because everyone gets so annoyed when they get stuck in holes. Secondly I think you should have a starter tutorial on how to make games because I have been playing this game for about a year now and still don’t know how to make games like sky wars and hide and seek. Lastly could you please change the fact that so many things are locked and you have to pay to use them such as realms skins and resource packs and other perks that makes your experience more interesting. I know this is a very long review but these certain things are getting on my nerves it would really help if you could add or change these things..Version: 1.14.1

Best game EVERI started playing minecraft back in 2012 and ever since, I have LOVED IT. I love how you have the freedom to explore and build anything! I also LOVE the idea of bringing life to the nether! Minecraft is NOTHING like anything else and NEVER will be. But with all good games, there are some bugs such as: logging into your Xbox account and coming back to the game and having to log in again and there are some times that I have had to make a new account and it really is annoying. Also I have a new update idea! Since the nether update is here, maybe we could have an update to the end! Btw that was when 1.16 was released here is a newer one: When I started playing minecraft I was only about 2. I played it on my cousins Xbox and when I got my first iPad, I BEGGED my mum for minecraft. Sadly I was only about 4 when I got my first iPad and so I wasn’t allowed the app. But when I got my second iPad, I was allowed minecraft! I was so stoked! Anyway, Back to the present! These days if I’m on my iPad I’m probably listening to kpop so it’s been a while since I played minecraft pe bc I have been playing java Soooo much. when I got back on it (yesterday) I had to sign in again! I’m gonna call Microsoft and see if they can tell me my email bc i have forgotten it. Anyway, I LOVE minecraft 🥰 and I love how the new mountains are gonna be generated but, I don’t like how the warden can 2 shot a player in FULL NETHERITE. Please lower the attack dog ty bye.Version: 1.16.210

Great game!The first time I heard about Minecraft, was when my best friend came round for a sleepover. She started talking about this amazing new game called Minecraft and told me to download it. So I did, and she invited me onto a game. It was a New World Survival and we were in the middle of a desert. Back then, Minecraft was quite bleak. The only skins you had were the Steve skin, and when you hurt yourself you made that “Ooh!” sound. As soon as I started playing, I was completely hooked. Me and my friend played on it for absolutely hours! We built Minecart tracks, and had fights, and built traps. We laughed and got angry but it was so fun! Nowadays, Minecraft has changed a hell of a lot. The most recent update, the Aquatic update, blew my mind! To think how much it had changed since my first time playing it! Minecraft is still really fun for me, but my friends don’t seem to think so. I play it in secret, because it would be social suicide if my friends found out! But, I take that risk. I love Minecraft, and I have had some really happy memories playing it with me and my friends, so thank you. 5 Stars. 10/10..Version: 1.6

That one review...Okay this game is amazing. We all know that. Though I think it can be better. I’ve played Minecraft all my life, it was the only game I grew up with. It’s become a part of my life and I can’t let it go. Therefore, I come from a period of Minecraft that was simple and didn’t have much to it. Which was what I loved about it. It stood out from Call of Duty and Halo. The only reason I won’t rate it a perfect 5/5 is because of one reason. This game has become too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game so much to stop playing. Although, I miss it being simple and not having so many mechanics... Back to when it was a simple game, just blocks, a few things. The amazing feel of inviting your friend that was right next to you into your world, just so you guys could goof off and build some awful world. That’s what made the game special. Now this game updates faster than half of the other Minecraft versions. It’s basically Minecraft Java, but mobile. I hate it. It doesn’t have that same feeling. Though, like said before, it’s not like I can just let this game go. So I’m still here playing it. I just wish that it was more how it was before. Before minecoins, the xbox live sign in, the new blocks that don’t even have a purpose. Just let me play the old Minecraft... the Minecraft I remember... the Minecraft I fell in love with... the Minecraft I stayed up for. - TheOneReview..Version: 1.10

It’s so laggy nowI really love minecraft, but the new update has been nothing but laggy and glitchy. I just downloaded the Steven universe pack and whenever I try to use it, it glitches out, which is just so annoying. Also, in one of my other worlds, villagers keep despawning from villages, especially villagers that I’ve gotten to really high levels through trading. Please fix this! It would also be great if Minecraft PE could have new mobs like bees and foxes that are on other versions of Minecraft..Version: 1.12.1

ImprovementsHey. Please make chests be able to hold down to add all items into them it’s really frustrating now and wasn’t a good update. Also so frustrating is that I don’t know how to copy and paste on iOS and I don’t think you can please hangs this. Maybe apple and orange trees will be awesome to add and rare to see them! And also servers tend to crash with me a lot and crash in the middle of a game I’m playing so please fix it soon. But overall love minecraft!.Version: 1.2.10

Fix issue with update.Hi I love minecraft a lot but I have now been having a issue with the new update. I go onto minecraft and I get the load screen then it goes white, then kicks me out. Can you please fix, thanks..Version: 1.13

The old days..Yes, it’s true, I’m an OG. I’ve been playing cave game, now Minecraft for as long as it’s been out. I remember how you could press g or h and you could “Clone” yourself. The old days of classic. I remember when there was a girl in Minecraft, and the old avatars.. (Notch messed up a bit..) it’s a fun and awesome game. The days of beta were the best. I remember surprise Friday or Friday surprise, but then it stopped. Until an exception- Surprise Saturday. Ah yes. I remember why polar bears were added in the game, and the reason. Jeb’s wife (I think it’s Jeb’s..) liked polar bears, so that’s why they were added. The original Mobil lite version, and I remember when Minecraft PE was free. All this time it’s been downloaded in my cloud storage, so I never had to buy it. (Heh) This game never stops improving. But of course, I’m more of a Java version myself, of course. The days of me and the boys, staying up all night, gaming, building whatever we could. I also remember the day when Microsoft bought Mojang, or did they buy Minecraft? Anyways. The first minecon was about 30 people, mostly Notches’ family. The good ol days of Minecraft. A few things could be changed though. The shooting speed of skeletons is very high, I dislike that, I have some other things, but I don’t want to keep you from doing your jobs. Thanks so much for these amazing 12 years of Minecraft! You guys rock! I can’t wait for the cave update! :).Version: 1.16.201

PLAY THISTo fun you can build almost anything I have a joke YOU WILL PLAY FOR THIS lol.Version: 1.14.30

Old Game That I Still EnjoyI enjoy this game till this day, if you knew like me what the nether reactor core and when you could glitch stack armour. It has changed so much and suddenly blew up out of know where! I have been creating boat racing maps, and almost everything I can imagine. If you can imagine it build it, not only does it show how creative you can be but also make you get more ideas, it’s almost an addictive cycle. Weird I know I took a break from this game for a year and then boom out of no where blew up. I would always love to think back to 2011 to when I enjoyed this game on an old pc at my grandparents. Now I can’t stop playing it. All I can say is thank you, bringing us entertainment for all these years. This game has been there sense the start and came out rough into the best sandbox game I have ever played. Sure there are some negatives about the game, like you can’t get custom skins off files on Xbox without having to decrepit the games files. I always had used MCPE skin creator/editor and it worked amazingly but sad to know I can only do it on mobile. But put that aside, and you have an overall 90/10 game right now for me it’s perfect as it is. Sadly the original creators of Minecraft are gone and now bough by another company, if your reading this you might say, the new company is bad. But what they did to the game is so amazing, doing more than the original game designers would to with it. Thank you!.Version: 1.16.50

Amazing game, but...This game is fantastic, but there are a few things that I really think need to be fixed: 1. You cannot place carpet under ladders and doors. It is really annoying and I hope it can be fixed. 2. VOLCANOS! There should definitely be so,e volcanos, ones that are erupting and not. I also think that before creating a new world you should be able to deactivate the volcanos if you wanted. 3. It would be really great if there were different kinds of dogs, especially if there are different types of cats. For example, there are Siamese cats, black cats, orange cats etc...but there is only one kind of dog. I also think that’s there should be wolf spawners (which there is) AND dog spawners for the villages. There are cat and ocelot spawners, but not for dogs. 4. For the people that want the old Minecraft back, the simple one, I don’t think Mojang should change Minecraft, I want Mojang to keep adding more exciting things. HERES MY IDEA SO EVERYONE IS PLEASED: before creating a new world, you should be able to check/cross off certain blocks, mobs, animals etc...this will make it so it’s simpler if you want it to be. For example, you want a world with no cheats, no ravagers, pillagers and dolphins, just cross them off and boom, back to old simple Minecraft. Anyways, thank you so much for creating this amazing game, I am forever grateful!.Version: 1.13.3

This game is great but....You know how you add so many new mods and creatures I wish you would put in the game a new mod that foxes can have babies like cats and dogs if you do you do that can you add one more minute if a cat or a dog has baby or even a fox you’ll have like at least two or three like in real life! In Minecraft and vanilla it should be easier they get packs like the dragon pack in the pack that let you get married and stuff ( like you can have kids ). I know it’s weird but I really want to add these or like fix it and when I try to turn my head in the game it like glitches out I’m down left right and I’m only looking down to see if there is diamonds below me. And I wish you didn’t have to be special in the game to have friends and make like servers! And I think you should add like toys and treats you can give to the dogs and treats that you can give to cats and like stuff for the animals and you should like make new blocks like pillows or cloud blocks they would like stop you’re falling from a high distance at least two blocks! I’ve known Minecraft ever since I was a little or girl and I think the sword what Minecraft mean and thank you so much riding fox says it’s the best. So pls add please Atlees things that I said! And I think you should add dragons just for fun :). And I think you should be able to ride the dragon. So thanks for listening and your game is the best game ever!.Version: 1.16.50

Amazing, but...Minecraft. One of the worlds most played games. This game is really good and the updates your doing are great. But I really want to join servers and play with my friends but the Xbox live settings are really annoying especially for people with no xbox like me. It would be great if you could add a settings in the actual app and we could change the setting that stops us from getting on servers. If you changed that I’m sure minecraft would be so much cooler. I would definitely make it 5 stars. Please read this Mojang..Version: 1.4.3

Improvement Suggestions:I'm happy to see that most of my previous suggestions have been considered and added but now I have one more suggestion that will really make the pocket edition of Minecraft that much better. This is an idea will make it more equal with the PC and Xbox versions and honestly I think that's the way it should be. Since the X- box version has an awesome multi player split screen thing and the PC has fun games and servers such as on Hypixel. I think that we should be able to place the skins that we can now change in game onto armpit stands, sort of like mannequins. This will make it so much easier to make stores and things. I know this is possible because there are things like this on Hypixel and you can see the skin. Then, you can also put the skin into a chest, then put it on, this way you can also mix and match skins to create your own unique flair and to impress your friends. I also would like to bring up the nether reactor core block, please add it to the cool new inventory. I hope you seriously consider my suggestion and have a good day! Sincerely, anonymous..Version: 1.2.3

Minecraft is an amazing game!!💕💕I love Minecraft! I’ve been playing it since I was 8 years old, and it’s come a long way since then. Most games I play I usually play them for about a month or two, three at the most, and then forget about it. But Minecraft is different. It’s stuck with me for a long time now (almost 6 years). It’s a great game to play with friends and family, whether you want to create a massive structure or survive in the wilderness while fighting monsters, or do a bit of both. However, like every game, it does need some improvements. First of all, I suggest that it have a wider variety of animals in the game, (elephants, lions, tigers, sharks, etc). Also, I think their should be more options of furniture, especially in creative mode, rather than having to use steps as chairs. There are also a few glitches that can be annoying. For example, if you add to many mobs in creative, it will lag out your game. Also, there was this one time that I had to delete and reinstall the game because it wouldn’t let me open up the game. Regardless of some minor issues, this game is absolutely phenomenal and highly suggest downloading it! My advice to you is to first read the “how to”, it will tremendously help you get a head start on the game. Once you download this game, you won’t be able to stop playing! Trust me, you won’t regret getting it!!!💕💕.Version: 1.12.1

ScaffoldingI love this game but after the new 1.8 update it got even better! But there’s just one problem. It about the scaffolding’s. So, I have my sneak and jump button switched (jump is on the left with the move buttons and sneak is on the right.) and whenever I walk up to a scaffolding the ‘go down’ button is inside the sneak button and it’s very hard for me to press it. It only works when I switch it again (when jump in on the right and sneak is on the left.) so please fix this!.Version: 1.8.0

Just bought itHiii Ive been wanting Minecraft ever since I was young, And now I have it! I was really excited to play the gam but..Once you open the game it takes forever to load! And when you want to creat a world, I dont even think you Can! Since whenever you press create it stays there for like 30 mins and then when you go the tips after a while it would crash! Please help me mojang and make the game better for other people.Version: 1.4.3

Minecraft Tamed PetsI love minecraft and I have been playing it for years on xbox and ipad but i also love animals and I hope you see this because it would be a great update for the future, i think there should be different types of bowls for each type of pet (cat bowls, dog bowls, ect) and troughs for farm animals and horses (cows, oigs sheep) they shouldn’t be able to jump on them but they should have health bars and have to be fed too so you must fill their bowls with food (dogs-meat, cats-fish, horses-apples/wheat, donkeys-carrots) animals and human players should have a hygiene bar that drops over time and to clean you can go in a pool of water or a river. There should be more tack for horses (reins, saddle, whip?) Im pretty sure you get lots of reviews about this but we need dog breedssss and the shape and size of a dog should also change after being tamed (like when a cats tamed) I also think animals should have life spans (just to make it realistic) horse trailers should be attached to horses (or vehicles) to help with transportation. A feature on creative could be a blue print book as the only issue i have with minecraft is when i’ve ran out of stuff to build a blue print book would give me ideas. There should be an update on horses appearances so they have more of a variety of colours and breeds. I hope you see these ideas and I’m sorry about how long it is 😂.Version: 1.8.0

RealmsMinecraft is a great game but yesterday I decided to buy a 10 player realm for my friends to play on. I brought it last night and it said there was an error creating the realm and told me to check back later cause it said it would create it. So I waited and checked on it every 20 minutes but It hadn’t created and then when i went on to create a new realm it said that the purchase succeeded but the realm wasn’t created. I tried multiple times and the realm wont create. Even tried it this morning and it won’t work. Plz fix this cause my money has been spent on the realm and my friends and I can’t wait to play..Version: 1.16.40

Pls read this whole text, it is more important than you think!This game is great! I would be heartbroken if it were deleted because of how old it is (edit) There is just 1 itty bitty issue: I realized that the shield isn’t customizable with a banner. However, you were able to put a banner of your choice right next to the shield in the crafting table on Minecraft Java Edition, so why not on 🛌 rock edition??? Notch, if you are reading this, i know you aren’t with the Mojang team anymore, but can you please contact the old team? All of you are my best friends, and friends help their friends. Thx Notch, The game of my ❤️ couldn’t exist w/out u and Jeb! 😉 I remember how I hated survival mode until my bro taught me what 2 materials I needed to start w/ : stone and wood. Then I could play! (Edit #2) ok, it’s been a year! Have you got my review yet!? I really wanna customize a shield! When will you ever listen? Pls, I have spent a long time waiting, and I check this after 1 whole year, the shield customization thingy has not been added in the past several updates you have sent out over this entire year! How long am I gonna wait until it’s done? Pls, I’m tired of being patient here, ok? Pls help me out and get this shield customization thingy over with, and I would really appreciate it if you did add the shield customization thingy. Sincerely, Daniel H. Lay.Version: 1.16.201

I love it but not much updatesI love Minecraft and it is soooo fun but it gets so boring with not much updates coming out. I really want goats, deers, squirrels, meercats, lizards, frogs, leopards, lions and lionesses, mice, also more home/ decoration stuff like dressers, shelves, fruit, fruit bowls, better stairs, pet beds, pet bowls, bird cages, more variety of clocks, mirrors, mail boxes, oven, tvs, sofa/couches, toys, pillows, desk, computer, actual seats, table, more paintings, paint, makeup, cups, pizza, pizza box’s, lights, light switches, more pets, also wide range of dogs not just the same dog pattern/ design. Minecraft you really need to start doing better updates and more.Version: 1.14.60

We love MinecraftPlease do not shut down Minecraft in 2020 please.Version: 1.14.1

How minecraft changed my realityWhen i escaped Syria and got on a refugee boat on our way to australia one of my fellow refugeers introduced me to minecraft, we would play minecraft day and night and create new worlds, it was an escape from reality gave me a new meaning of life. When the times got tough we would play minecraft and the times would no longer become tough. Unfortunately my friend died on the trip over and before he died he gave me his phone to continue playing minecraft, this brought a tear to my eye and i new it was my responsibility to look after his world and his pets. Day and night id do all i could to make sure everything was perfect. When we reached to australia we were deported and sent to christmas isalnd where i live today. Here i play minecraft all the time and my world has developed a lot, this way of rehabilitation and escape from reality has kept me living today and pushed me through these tough times, i just want to thank you all for giving me this new way of living and hope..Version: 1.11.4

NEW BOSS MOB!I have thought of a 1.18 boss mob called the Raid Leader. Aside from the captains, there will be a 1% chance for the boss to spawn at the end of a Hard mode raid. This will increase by another 1% for each Bad Omen level added. It will have 100 HP with all the powers of the raiders amplified. It will have a crossbow with harming arrows (5% harming level 2), a netherite axe with enchantments and can summon red vexes that deal twice the damage and take 10 whole minutes to die. As this is very overpowered, I would reccomend having all the villagers in a safe place with a door at all times. This boss would make raids rather devastating on top of our current worries, though this could have a gamerule to only have the typical raid. As a reward though, you get a hero crystal. Collect nine hero crystals and put the block of hero crystals top of a full diamond or netherite beacon and you double the radius and power of your beacon effects, but also get hero of the village 7 within that radius too! This could be put next to trading halls and used for insane profits. Though maybe consider NOT adding this into the game, but put it as a downloadable mod that can be copied from another app you make into Minecraft. PLEASE do not make this mandatory for hard mode worlds. By the way, add hardcore to pocket edition.Version: 1.16.201

Support and overall experienceNeeds more support for the new devices, I have the iPhone Xs Max and sometimes the notch is covering the buttons on the screen, can this please be fixed ASAP! And the game has gotten very confusing to use, I remember playing back in the early days when there wasn’t infinite worlds and you’d never get lost, and the game was just so simple to use, I really miss the old days. And the new textures, I think it should be an option to use the new texture as they look weird, I prefer the older ones. otherwise I love using minecraft, I’ve played it for about 7 years now and still love it 😋.Version: 1.10

Awesome game, would be better with more creative ideasI have been playing for as long as i can remember and i love the game. I actually play on playstation but this is the easiest way to write to you. I think it would be a good idea to be able to train dogs and cats and you have to feed your pets. And it would be great if all animals could sleep at night apart from nocturnal animals. Also it would cool to feed an ore to a dog and they would be able to sniff it out, or even be able to sniff out a player by feeding them clothes or a tool that player has used. Even if you can't manage all this i still love the game, thanks Mojang and the amazing team to make mine craft a thing..Version: 1.16.0

Needs more things!!!I love Minecraft so much. It’s one of the only apps in my phone that I spend hours on. But I think there could be a couple more things added. Such as, fish tanks. I think it would be really cool if you were able to put the tropical fish in little tanks, even adding fish nets so you could catch fish and move them around more easily. Another thing that could be added is some furniture. Things like fridges, ovens, couch’s etc would be amazing to have. Because when you make a house, finding what to fill it with, there isn’t a lot of options. But I still think the game is great. One more thing that could be added is more fruit and veg. Things like corn, pineapples, pears, tomatoes, etc would be so cool to have. And they could be like the berries were you just have to click them and it comes off without needing to replant. All in all, the game has progressed so much and I love playing online with my friends. Definitely one of the best games I have ever had. There is one more thing that I want to add. I think cats and dogs should have beds. And you should have to feed them with cat and dog food. Also, if cats had kitty litter trays. I think that would make having cats and dogs really cute. It would also be cool if you could have it so that your own cats could roam around without following you. So like they could do what they want to do. Ok that’s it. But again, amazing game..Version: 1.14.1

Awesome! Just... Something to add.I love Minecraft. It is very fun but sometimes there just isn't much to do. I have a house, a mine and everything is lit so no mobs will spawn. What else is there for me to do? I don't like taking risks like going somewhere where I'm gonna die, like, the Nether. Please add something I can do, and make sure I can do it all the time. Like you don't need mods to do cool stuff. Just add everything that's normal. Not anything crazy like making cows have emeralds growing on their leather. That would be heavy! Regards, Blazingburner115, a Minecraft player.Version: 1.14.1

Weird custom skin glitchI’ve been playing Minecraft PE since 2011 and it’s awesome! But ever since Character Creator has been added to the game, my custom skins have been looking off. I use slim-armed skins because I prefer them over classic skins but the glitch only occurs on slim-armed skins. Let’s say you have a slim-armed skin, and you wanted a unique design on each leg. Like different-lengthened socks, or a flower on one and a star on the other. Then when you upload the skin on the game, whatever way you designed the right leg (it looks like the left leg if you look straight at the skin) gets copy and pasted automatically onto the left leg (right leg if you look at the skin straight at the face). It looks distorted, as I don’t know if other players can or cannot see the error besides yourself, but it’s basically both legs are symmetrical while a lot of skin designers like not making symmetrical, and the second layer on the leg that gets changed to looking like the other stays. So basically the glitched leg looks exactly like the other leg that looks perfectly fine, but has second layer on it. Like then both legs would have like a flower on it but the star’s second layer is stuck on top of the copy and pasted flower. Pretty odd right? For me it makes me feel like I have OCD, I can’t stand skins that have something off on it, sorry. It doesn’t do the glitch on classic skins though. So, if you can fix it, please do..Version: 1.14.1

I LUV MINECRAFT!!!😍😍😍😍I luv minecraft it's definitely one of my most used apps. I love all the updates and try to keep on top. My minecraft doesn’t glitch out or anything like that. But I really want some different dog 🐕 types. some more types of cat some dog houses 🏠 cat houses feed bowls technically in the animal area. AND SOME PANDAS 🐼 PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Complaint: I’m kinda sick of all the same biomes. Suggestion: CAKE 🍰 BIOME!!! Where everything is cake 🍰 and there’s cakeshroom cows 🐄. Also more wood it would be really superb (and heavenly) If there were cherry 🍒 trees. Kind regards Pachirisu Pippa A (almost) Satisfied player.Version: 1.2.8

Minecraft is Boss but just one issueSo first of all. Minecraft is one of the best games out there at least for me it is. I basically grew up playing it on my xbox 360. Nothing wrong with the gameplay or anything. But I do have one complaint. Now i’m not entirely sure if this a bug or a glitch so it might be nothing but it bothers me. So basically I play on the server: MineVille City. And when i go into one the minigames, that minigame being High-School Roleplay there are problems with my custom skin. So idk if this has to do with the server but this has happened most of the time. I walk around and when i pull up the pause menu my custom skin is replaced with a random skin. And I sometimes see other players with my skin equipped. And idk if my skin is working or not. Even when i do the inventory menu my custom skin is still there. So Mojang, if you see this then please reach out to me. My Minecraft account is a Xbox live account named Endermen21YT. So please if you can, look into this. Now this could totally just be the server or something else so this might not even be happening. I’ve even noticed that this has happened to other ppl before on those servers. And it only happens when I enter the minigame. In the main server my skin’s fine. So anyway yeah that’s all. I personally still love this game to freaking pieces so keep up the good work Mojang..Version: 1.14.0

PETS!!Hi there fellow Minecrafters, I’ve been playing this masterpiece for many years now, and I’d like to say this game has inspired me in more ways that you can’t possibly imagine, but even though they added many cute and cuddly animals I just can’t get enough of them. I know some people are more into Roblox and Fortnite but us Minecrafters are unique in our own ways, for example me, so I’m a mixed player and a Cutesie player that means that I like all the game modes (Survival, Creative and Adventure) and there are more types of players that I won’t get into because there’s 45 of them but the point is that this game is enjoyable to me and it’s worth the money in MY opinion and a Cutesie player loves animals and are mostly found talking to their animals while their friends are on a raid, and it’s kind of sad if you think about it. Now l’m finally getting up to the point of the title, so I would really appreciate more furry companions to look after, like: Deers, bears (not pandas), lions, tigers, elephants, zebras and penguins. Btw this is only an eighth of what l’m suggesting, thank you for reading if you did and a special thanks if your a Mojang developer. :).Version: 1.14.30

ADD MORE!!!!!!!! PleaseI think you should add more food. If you stop adding cool new stuff it will get boring to people who’s parents say there not allowed mod or anything! I am one of those people and there is barely anything to eat! I think it’s great but somethings I want to do…I JUST CAN’T. I really want to make my own Mac Donald’s store but there’s no Mac Donald’s oh and I want some of the cooool mods to be well not mods I’m not allowed mods so I don’t get pony’s with wings or hippocampus and I don’t like it. AND! Shulker boxes are cool but you have to PLACE them down to open the and I want a button to press (I play on a iPad) to open the bag while it’s still in your Inventory. AND (sorry) my sister (little) wants a collar for animals and I mean you can HOLD the collar and PUT IT ON physically by pressing a button. While we’re on what my sis wants DIFFERENT BREEDS FOR DOGS they are only wolfs oh and not mods but just in PE ok. You are a great Company and make an awesome game I just think you need MORE for it. It’s the best And THANK YOU!!! For reading this your the BEST!!!! Please think of adding what I said it would really make my day thank you!🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 1.14.60

Amazing game but...So I have had this game for about 5 years. The game is Amazing and a LOT of people like it still, but it’s losing people, please keep reading.... when it had no panda’s, bee’s, turtles ect (I know this game isn’t just for building so don’t come at me) most of the blocks that people used to build with such as wool has just been taken over by concrete. I personally think the game was much better when there wasn’t this much stuff in it. I know people have told you to add bee’s, turtles those sort of things but since you added all of those things people have started to not play the game anymore. Now this is just my opinion about Minecraft, I’m just trying to help you here so you get more people to play it. All of my friends played Minecraft ALL the time. But ever since you added all these things they have stopped. Once I asked one of my friend if they wanted to play it with me and they said “no” so I said “why?” They said “ because there is to much in the game now” I’m not trying to be rude because as I said earlier this is just my opinion anyway p.s sorry if I said “this is my opinion” 2,000 times. Thanks for listening bye..Version: 1.14.0

Hey can you helpHi can you please help me I was playing on my world just haching some turtles when I saw a zombie in the distance. I saw that it was holding a rotten flesh so I went over to investigate I saw that the zombie who was standing on a hill was frozen. I looked down to the hill and saw a line of zombie villagers and they where frozen. All the mobs in that area where frozen including my pets. It looked like a zombie giving orders to his army of zombie villagers. I freaked out a bit but when I came back on to my world everything was fine and the zombies had disappeared. Please can you help by investigating this Love your game A minecraft player :).Version: 1.16.101

How to Work a serverMinecraft is so fun it can be youse on I pads phones and. Computers if you play Minecraft on a computer and you play like sky wars bed wars cake wars and much of that you can do that to but you will has to sign in first then you go on to a server and there are like 10 games to choose from I like the big m server it has all of my fav game on it some of them will be in survival or a creative but just have fun.Version: 1.16.201

BEST GAME EVER BUT I GOTTA QUESTIONHow does All these youtubers have the caves and cliffs update and no one that Ik does and also anyone reading this and doesn’t like Minecraft cause you have problems with it:don’t hate on them it hurts the creators feelings and other minecrafters,if it wont load it could be because the battery is dieing off and you might need a new device,if you can’t do multiplayer it’s probably because you might have a older device multiplayer doesn’t work on that anymore,downloading any packs and it glitches is probably because the pack still needs to load,you might not have enough storage to download it so don’t even think about saying IT WONT LET ME DOWNLOAD IT FIX IT NOW OR IM SUEING YOU 1:doubt the court would take you seriously 2:if you do I want this on a episode of judge Judy plssss thx,now if it’s just reallllllllllly glitchy don’t blame it on mojang updates come with glitches but glitches get stitches to fix them you can chill and sometimes when I get a huge update my Minecraft is glitchy BUT I DONT BLAME IT ON MOJANG CAUSE I BET THAT YOU WOULDNT COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE GAME GLITCHING AFTER A UPDATE,and last but not least WEAR YOUR MASK AND WEAR IT RIGHT KAREN I MISS HUGS AND GOING OUT SAFE NOT WORRYING ABOUT GETTING COVID now if you exuse me,Minecraft is my favorite app on earth do leave mojang alone and don’t hate on them please.Version: 1.16.201

Please fix this issueOkay, I legit love Minecraft, I have been playing since 2016. Now, every time I get signed into my Xbox Live account my Minecraft always jams. It doesn’t let me on. When I do get in it doesn’t load my world, so I’m just stuck there for 30+ minutes. Also I’ve bought mine coins and they won’t load in the marketplace. Right now I should have 100 mine coins after my purchases. They just don’t load, the things I’ve bought don’t load either. Recently Minecraft locked my account and idk why. The marketplace wouldn’t load, like I physically could not click the button to open it. It said that there was “an account error” so I just played as an LAN player to play with my friends. Anyways, I got that issue fixed but now my Minecraft won’t load anymore, no severs, it says “coming soon” when I open that tab. Ironically it worked better and would load and let me play with my friends when I was an LAN player. Another thing is the skins. When I try to put in a new skin it just gives me the one i had before, or it just goes invisible and I’m legit a ghost as I play. It’s honestly annoying. I paid for this app with my own money and I would very much like it to work. I love it, so I really don’t want to have to delete it but rn, it looks like I might have to. Could like Mojang get this fixed please? Thank you for your time..Version: 1.14.2

Update ideasI’ve been playing the game since roses and dandelions were the only flowers, there was only one type of fish, dark oak and acacia didn’t exist and there were only red beds. I absolutely loved (and still do love) this game. I think there are a few things that not only myself would like to see be added to the game; banners can go onto beds creating even better and unique colours/patterns, a new boss; whether it’s another dragon found up in the sky or a new mob such as a giant spider, I think everyone would agree that the ender dragon, the wither and elder guardian just isn’t enough. I also think a new wood/tree would be a nice feature. Perhaps a willow tree to replace the oak ones found in swamps where the planks are tinted a blue/green, this would give a lot more building opportunities. And finally: dog textures. Cats come in a variety of colours such as ginger, grey, white, black, ect. Dogs however, only have one existing skin, the wolf texture with a changeable collar. I believe there should be different textures found in different biomes like for example; huskies found in snowy biomes, German Shepard’s found in forests, Dalmatians found in extreme hills and golden retrievers found in deserts. Hopefully the Mojang team sees this review and puts some of these ideas into consideration. Thanks, -Bri :).Version: 1.14.30

Honestly love this gameI have been with this game since it had come out on computer it is one of these best games to ever exist and it resides within so many world record books it’s a place to let your mind run wild in creative and build anything you can thing of or go into survival and create a connect with your character and the journey you take with them and if that isn’t good enough it’s multiplayer so you can play and fight with all of your friends I would definitely recommend getting this game it’s one of the best..Version: 1.11.4

My ReviewOk I've written reviews for this game before and I do know you read through them (last time I mentioned Stained Glass should come soon and I mentioned allowing people to add textures and mods AND YOU DID!! ((Proud)) so the next thing I don't want you to add I want you to remove. 1) There is a bug which will no longer let me hold down to deposit items in chests. 2) I'm not sure if this is a bug but literally NO SQUIDS will spawn in me and my friends world. It isnt a realm or a server, we have no mods, textures etc. on but we DO use Xbox live to play. I don't believe this is the issue but I would very much like it to be fixed as we play constantly and have farms, stores, nether base, our own bases etc. and have gotten to the stage where we need inks sacs/squid for many reasons. I have checked the co-ordinates whilst in rivers and squid should be at the right level to spawn. Help? Thank you again I'm still really enjoying this game :D (also you should make an alert box saying that Xbox live requires no extra payment you just need to make an account with an email dress since many people don't seem to understand that ;) ).Version: 1.2.9

An Honest OpinionMojang, thank you so much for making the best game this planet has ever seen. I played MCPE one time for a couple minutes on a friends tablet almost 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve then watched java and bedrock YT videos up until the point when I downloaded PE this April. One thing I did miss about bedrock though was that the ambience noises were removed. I’m so happy you re-added them with the nether update. I look forward to more updates like the nether update, although not any that are too massive, because people like me (and there are a lot of us) don’t want to lose the simplicity of Minecraft we grew up with. We all want improvements (bug fixes and Java parity specifically on this version) but we don’t massive changes that make Minecraft unrecognizable. For example, the cave update everyone wants, every one expects a massive change but don’t realize it would completely strip Minecraft if it’s simple mining aspect. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t want a cave update, but I just don’t want Minecraft to become something else. I’m sorry this is so long, and I feel bad if any devs actually read this, but I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for a while. Please don’t strip Minecraft’s simplicity from it. This is the game we grew up on, please don’t make it a different game. Thank you, and have a great day..Version: 1.16.1

Great gameThis is a great game and I love everything that’s been added recently. But there are a few things that would make the game a bit more interesting. Such as carts that horses or mules could pull, and the player could put stuff in it. Armor for animals like dogs, and cats. It would also be nice to have more birds, like sparrows, hawks, falcons, cardinals, eagles, etc. and something I’ve been wanting since forever, backpacks and torches that light up surrounding areas when held in the hand. Those two things would be very useful for the more adventurous type who don’t like to settle down. There is one thing that I think would make Minecraft off the charts great. If the terrain wasn’t as poorly generated as it is now and it has smooth transitions to each biome. With true mountains that reach the max build height and unbelievably large caverns that dominate the underground. It would make the sense of adventure so much more incredible if a player could wander into a town and visit a tavern and hear the local news or stumble upon a mighty castle in the mountains. A YouTuber named Jeracraft transforms old Minecraft structures like villages and jungles temple into breathtaking structures and makes mountains realistic. And something a bit more manageable would be to increase the world build height to something like 400 or even 500..Version: 1.12

Minecraft is worth it...Minecraft is an amazing and fun game. It was definitely worth the money for it. I loved everything about it from the villages to the mob- fighting. The players are super nice and cool to hang with and to be honest, I’ve made TONS of friends just from meeting them on servers such as the lifeboat server or the hub server. We now play multiplayer games all the time and tell each other about our life situations. We build huge cities or small funny random buildings that we’d give names to. It’s never ending fun. I’ve seen the underworld and been through the nether, but it never gets old. I’ve walked through biomes and have always enjoyed it. I have it on multiple devices such as my ps4, Xbox and phone. It’s super fun and you don’t even need an internet connection to play on your own worlds. I used to play minecraft lite but was able to convince my parents to get me the full game and now I love it. I have been playing it since the start and still am. Have fun and keep building :).Version: 1.10

Best game ever but need's better updates for dog breedsI really want dog breed because I think that would be cool because cats have breeds but wolfs don’t what is going on in Minecraft it’s my favourite game in the world every day I play it I so want dog breeds because that would make Minecraft better and plus add more food and make how to build in Minecraft seeds I really love Minecraft animals I thing they are cool but I think how they added skeletons and zombies but there are no werewolves If werewolf’s ever come to Minecraft and u get bitten by a zombie or a werewolf and then u would be able to turn in to a zombie or a werewolf but one little thing wrong there’s an ender dragon but where’s the other types of dragons and if u add more dragon's would u be able to ride them I hope that happens one day in 1.17 will that be a mountain update because the mountain's would look better if that was an update. I really love the game it’s well made and good art on animals I really really really love Minecraft I hope it will have way better animals and mobs in the future..Version: 1.16.10

The game is going down hill a bit ...I have to say the game is great but is getting boring over the time. I really just really don’t like it now that when ever you try to look (by swiping the screen) for some reason which ever way you try to look for e.g. right your character looks right then twitches left (the opposite direction you are trying to look) ,it’s really annoying. I don’t know if this glitch is still out there but if you die next to or coming out of a nether portal you respawn do stuff (most likely collect your infintory) and if you quit and go back to your game, your infintory will appear were it was previously and if you did collect before you left the game you might’ve put it in a chest and if you look in the chest the items are there so it’s pretty much duplicated. There are some more bugs I know of but of will be to much, and I’m sure that others will find out the other glitches. Though please fix up the looking glitch because it is very annoying but other than that the game is fun but also please do put in something new..Version: 1.2.8

DOG’S ARE NEEDED ,🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐕🐶Hi,I love Minecraft but one more detail is really needed. DOG’S! Dogs are my favourite animal ever and I don’t really think it’s fair that in Minecraft there’s breed’s of cat’s but not breed’s of dog’s and there are only wolf’s. Sure the wolf’s are great but I want poodles, cavoodles, dalmation’s and more dog’s. All the updates and NO DOG’S! I’ve mad a whole dog world on Minecraft and I’ve been waiting and waiting for my dog’s to enter my worlds. If all breeds of dog’s are too hard to all put on at lest 30 would be nice 👍🏻! If all is to hard can you many make getting copious dogs mod a bit easier. And with a dog’s update could like dog houses, dog bed’s, dog food bowls and water bowls and also dog leads and collars that can be dyed any colour! And with the leads can they be able to stretch out a long way and also that the dogs don’t teleport so that they can run around standing up not when there standing up they just teleport like wolf’s and with the bowls for dogs can the dogs be able To eat out of the bowls and heal themselves by themselves! Thank you! Puppy!👍🏻🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐩🐶.Version: 1.16.0

Minecraft is THE BEST!Minecraft is one of those games that i LOVE playing! Other games, at a certain point I get bored and just end up deleting it but Minecraft is one of those games that I will NEVER EVER get rid of! It’s fun and entertaining. The only bad thing that I find about it is that whenever a friend comes on to my world everything starts glitching and I can hardly move the screen! Otherwise THANK YOU Minecraft was ever made!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.8

MinecraftSo everyone likes getting templates and stuff like that on the minecraft store , but to get coins , we have to pay with real money , what if you weren’t allowed to use in app purchases, you would’nt be able to get one thing from the minecraft store , we don’t want updates and we don’t want in app purchases, So please take out the in app purchases and we will be very happy and no more updates , we’ve had enough, From an annoying minecraft fan.Version: 1.4.3

Best Game EverHello, I've been playing Minecraft since it first came out and It still isn't getting boring. But I do have a couple of things to complain about. There is a bug where you can see yourself in your imported skin but the other players can only see you in a Steve or Alex skin. Please can you fix this because I'm in the middle of a Minecraft roleplay and my friends that contribute in it only see me like Steve and I only see them as a Steve? Please fix this..Version: 1.16.1

Color or food update???I always thought what it would be like to have MORE food and colors. Sure there is a variety of colors and a bunch of food that I wish I could eat in real life but I thought perhaps you could add more. You could even add colored bricks. Maybe you could add another type of food that can be placed like a cake! Or maybe add crisps? That's my request. The game itself is very good. It might have a few bugs but I haven't experienced any so far (apart from my parrots turning into block textures but I don't want to talk about that 😞). I would recommend this to all ages since if you don't want your little ones being afraid of the hostile mobs, just put it on peaceful mode. You don't need an account. Most of my friends play Minecraft too! The game isn't just about crafting and building. It's also about unleashing your creativity and discovering what you're capable of doing! No matter how many hours I spend on Minecraft, I just seem to keep producing more and more ideas! Thank you for reading..Version: 1.16.1

Plz read this developers!!!!!!So I’ve been playing Minecraft since around 2014 and I’ve seen updates come and go. I remember when Minecraft just had a play button in the middle of the screen and when Minecraft didn’t support X box Live, but since around the panda update when I tried play Minecraft (going into a world) it would freeze so the game would not respond and the background would stop moving. So over all the years I’ve been playing I’ve never seen this so in the few seconds I have before it freezes I’ve deleted worlds, templates, resources packs, behaviour packs and cached data from my friends, but still didn’t work so I timed Minecraft to see how long I have before it freezes. So the results were surprising, it took about 25 seconds if I did nothing. So it seems I can wait or after about 10 seconds and if I open a new window (by pressing play, settings...) it freezes as well so I’ve tried offloading the app still no progress. So at this point there’s nothing I can do so I’m relying on the App Store for me to write a review so the developers fix this bug. Btw, I’m using a iPad Pro (1st generation) and the exact same iPad except different colour works fine and all my friends iPads work fine. So developers plz read this and fix this bug!!!!!!.Version: 1.8.0

Amazing! But..The Updates are extremely small, I've been playing Minecraft for years now, I know so much, I've stopped playing lately, but there are a few updates which will make me play it all day! A few of my ideas.. 1. More Animals/Mobs 2. Dreams (nightmares and good dreams) 3. More food to cook 4. Books to read in the game 5. Working items as in computer, chair, etc. 6. Instruments as in drums, piano, etc 7. De-hidrated (as in you NEED water to drink to survive, like hunger. 8. Ageing (as in you could start as a kid and then grow up) 9. Bosses (I've been reading an unofficial Minecraft book, and it has a wizard that can control zombies, I think you should add stuff like that) 10. Magic (like I can craft a wand and do magic!) I really hope this stuff will eventually get added! Even if you add the dreams one, I will play Minecraft again and tell my friends about it. I told my friend Amy about Minecraft, and she bought it. Could you please add any of these so we can enjoy Minecraft much more! Thank you for reading..Version: 1.14.30

I love this gameThis game is really good but I think it could be even better! So I was thinking that about the dogs you should have different dog breeds and shapes and stuff etc and with dogs and animals and cats and cows a pigs and sheep’s there should be like trough and bowls and sleeping mats for dogs and cats and with you should like stroke the animals in the game and you should have different animals like goats I know there fishes but add more ground animals like goats birds and bees and like the little animals and after you don’t the little animals do the big animals like the dogs make different breeds so a German Shepard a Doberman a Turkish kangel/ Anatolian Shepard and huskies and labdour and other breeds etc and like can you make the house more realistic and the grass and the blocks and stuff and can you add more house stuff like decorations in the house stuff etc and can you make the parrot better like make more colours for the parrot and make them more realistic yeah and that’s it if you do that that will be amazing sorry if it has to be so long :((( :).Version: 1.13

MINECRAFT IS SO GOOD!!! 5 STARS!!!Hello, reader, I am here to tell you that Minecraft is an amazing game and that I highly recommend it and I love 💖 playing it, survival mode is kind of difficult, bear in mind that it is supposed to be hard or easy or medium depending on how you do the settings, or if you don’t like the mobs you can always go on peaceful mode, if you do go on peaceful mode and you find mobs that attack you, check your settings again and if it still says peaceful even when you’re being attacked, something is wrong. Creative mode is very fun as well because you can build whatever you wish, and you don’t have to craft it! Now, one thing I can’t decide is which is more well known, roblox or Minecraft??? I think it’s Minecraft though. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the game when you get it! P.S. redstone is very difficult to master, trust me, even is creative mode! I haven’t mastered it yet and I’ve been playing every day for five years! I am not kidding!.Version: 1.16.50

A creative masterpieceI don’t have long to write a review, but this game is amazing. I started playing from around age 6 and have enjoyed playing this game for 6 years. Even though I feel I’ve only gotten decent recently I think this game is really fun. Not matter your trying to survive the night with your friends in survival, or building the mansion of your dreams in creative, best game ive ever played and has sculpted me as a gamer and in real life from the way I think of architecture and design. I can still remember being scared out my socks when I was only a kindle fire and it was day in the desert, and I went into a cave, then it was pitch black, I started to spin, and then I was lost. No escape. I was in survival for the first time which made it worse. Then Im spinning trying to see a light going deeper and deeper and BOOM! Got blown up by a creeper, let’s say I stuck to creative for a bit lol 😂. I love going on the MC discord and looking at all the amazing feedback I get from other players now that I have some actual good idea of what I’m doing and I’m trying to figure out redstone. One thing I would suggest, stop advertising the game as a game for little kids because even though I’m a kid I know when I’m an adult if you keep updating I’ll still be playing! But great job mojang otherwise! Woah this was a lot longer than I anticipated. Keep up the great work! -Conor.Version: 1.16.101

Where are our updates!?!? And my update idea.Forever now I have been waiting for the nether update and the strider update to hit pocket edition but You (if this is the creator) has been lazy and only added it to the computer. At least add it to the switch please. Now here is my update idea it is a new dimension update, this adds two different dimensions, the rewind dimension which takes you back to the start of the timeline of Minecraft and it has all the resources that got taken away. The second one would be the space dimension which would be , well space. You would take damage if you didn’t have a space helmet which to craft you would have to put obsidian on the bottom three and glass in the rest. To make this portal you would need neatherack on the bottom and the top and soul sand on the sides and light it up by pouring a bucket of lava in it. To make the rewind portal you would need ruby blocks (another addition ) and light it with three strokes of flint and steel it would light up green..Version: 1.14.30

The best game everThis is my favourite game ever. I play it everyday a love the new caves and cliffs update 1.17. I play Minecraft with my dad, who also thinks it’s a cool game because he always goes exploring and finds ruined portals,villages, etc. I do also play minecraft dungeons and that is awesome as well. One day when my dad came round to my house, I got a little try on minecraft earth and I even liked that quite a lot too. On my realms server, my friend from school plays some times too! To add to that, I have a little house under ground and have a little concerete converter and I used it this morning and it is a cool little thing. Still carrying on, my dad is making a new underground house! It looks good so far and I cannot wait for the stuff inside! I play pocket edition my dad plays pc bedrock edition. I love this game. Thank you for making it 11 years ago 2009. (One more bit) I watch some minecraft red stone youtubers one is called mumbo jumbo and I like him. Again, thank you for making this game, I hope for a response! Byeeeee!.Version: 1.16.50

Nether Update ReveiwFrom the Crimson Planks to the Crying Obsidian, this is by far the best update yet. Now please get rid of the new ambience. It’s creepy. It’s weird. It’s everywhere. I was in the middle of mining when I heard a noise and it gave my leg a heart attack. And that’s IMPOSSIBLE. Please add new dog breeds, ruined villages like those in BotW, and Wild West villages with new types of villagers (sheriffs and shepherds and things like that) and buildings (saloons to sheriff's offices and things) located in the Mesa. Also, Tameable, rideable, controllable (make them breathe fire or whatever) Thunder dragons, fire dragons and ice dragons. They also attack for you like dogs. I owned some packs (kingdom survival, silvermist, inspiration island, and catastrophic pandemonium) and now whenever I try to make a world with these templates it says I do not own them, and I have to purchase them to unlock them. I do not know if this is referring to Minecoins or real money, I do not have any Minecoins and if it was real money it would be robbery, and I do not know how to earn Minecoins, if even possible. I was really looking forward to playing on Inspiration Island... sigh..Version: 1.16.50

I love minecraftMinecraft is a great game and I have something to do with horses. In the next update you should have a horse armour stand and be able to pose it like When they go up on there back legs and neigh or make there hooves and lags move. You should be able to put saddles, horse armour and bridles on the horse armour stand. You should be able to put only a bridle on a horse with nothing else and lead it by it mouth where the leads are supposed to go. And you can put just a saddle on without anything else on the horse and you can have everything on at the same time. But a third box into the horse were you can put saddles on and make that the bridle. And you can ride the horse without a saddle but only with a bridle and you should still be able to ride a horse with a saddle on. You should also have many more different colour of horse and many types of horse. Different coloured tails than the colour of the horse. The horses socks can have one two three or for socks. That’s what I think you should do..Version: 1.11.1

Can we add different types of accountsWell yes it was the right thing for players to play with a certain account but y limit it to just Xbox live when Minecraft can be played on consoles like PS4,PS3,the failure console(AKA the wii u), and even Nintendo Switch. This game doesn’t need any limits in fact that is y players play this very game so they can have unlimited potential and part of that unlimited power that players should still able to wield is servers now what is gonna happen next you have to gold and lapis in your first survival world just to create 1 more. Look wat I am saying is u are starting to put limits on the game (I’m not talking about limits like the build height limit.) The limits I am talking about are the account limits we need PlayStation and Nintendo accounts added so more people can play. Maybe we can the loved mini game feature exclusive for console editions. Also can u ask Nintendo to make Minecraft style controls and cases.(joy con and pro controllers designs diamond, creeper, zombie, Steve in a shirt that says M for Minecraft and sheep lol). That is it, goodbye mojang developers..Version: 1.4.3

Infinite Wonders, Endless PossibilitiesI’ve loved this game since I was really young. It is such a great way to be creative in more ways than just “placing blocks.” You can use math, science, art, architecture, music, and so much more in this incredible app. There are literally endless possibilities, and with the new updates, 2019 could quite possibly be its best year yet. My only problem is when it comes to texture packs, the really large and quite amazing ones like VanillaBDCraft don’t work on my phone. They cause the whole app to crash. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but other than that, I have no problems with the game. The only other thing I wish would be changed is the variety of blocks. You have slabs, staircases, and full blocks, but there aren’t any smaller cubes aside from heads and you can’t have sideways slabs or staircases. I think this is a hug limitation in what is possible for art and architecture in Minecraft. With it, there could be so many more possibilities and overall efficient and better-looking builds. And don’t get me started on the Minecraft Store. That thing just gets on my nerves. Why is the most expensive texture pack in the store so simple? And the description of it isn’t professional at all. Other than these things, I have no problem with Minecraft and enjoy playing pretty much everyday..Version: 1.10

Amazing game- a few issues.Overall this game is quite amazing with the amount of endless entertainment however I would not give it five stars because of the bugs. Every update brings its own plate of bugs, the next update will mainly fix those bugs but sometimes will fail to and it will bring a whole new plate of bugs with it. It is so annoying when you are playing on a survival world and lose all your stuff because you died to something caused by a bug. There was a even a ‘meme’ / joke created around this where whenever something would go wrong on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft me and my friends would just say “Blame Bedrock Edition.” Despite the bugs I would definitely recommend this game as it has exceeded my expectations, after all it has most of the features that the PC version has, on a mobile device! There are definitely some extra features that I would improve a customers experience while playing the game but I will not go into detail..Version: 1.14.60

Great, but not PerfectI’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012, I first started on Java, but transferred to Bedrock after awhile. I would’ve given this a 5/5 star rating, but the game has become more complicated with too many new things. I remember back in the day where you couldn’t even go to the nether, you had to do a whole ritual thing, which I loved. There was only the set of basic animals cow, chicken etc, but now it’s just gotten odd, fishes, turtles, dolphins, lava monsters, piglins!? It’s lost it’s simplicity, and it’s relaxed kind of vibe. Although I still love the game and play it often, it’s just not the same as it used to be. Some of the new features are good, like smithing table, target, blast furnace and smoker, however some things just weren’t meant to be. It’s ruined such a nice simple game, and made it jam packed with too much stuff that doesn’t fit in. Anyway this is just my opinion, and I’ve seen some other people with similar ones too. Either way it’s still a good game, and I still play it..Version: 1.16.40

Plz add foxes to minecraftPlease add foxes as a mob.Version: 1.12

Love itI have played this game since I was 6 (I’m 12 now) and I love it but do you think you can add some furniture to the game please???.Version: 1.14.30

Stop complainingI don’t know why everybody is complaining this game is so much fun if it upgrades too much then don’t do a good world.Version: 1.14.60

It’s PerfectThis app is Great I love to play with my friends and I can’t stop playing this app! I play this everyday that my parents say stop playing😂.This game is VERY good for kids but what about they can add new stuff and animals. If u play Minecraft download the Xbox app you can send messages to your friends and make party’s. I had a friend called kaway world but 6 weeks she didn’t play with me. So I got a new friend call AriPony10 she starts with a A in her name in life and me to and we are both 6 and both nearly 7 she is next month and I am after 4 days! Just so Amazing! I like to call it: Perfect Minecraft. You have to go in survival to get G I have got 40 G! You will have to keep going in survival and get G lots Of G. You can even get recourse packs and different mods from different apps its absolutely amazing 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😃😄😃😄😁😆😄😃😀😄😆But 1 thing when I play my furniture: Modern recourse pack it go’s all glitchy some how they should fix that even if I see my friends walk or fly or run they look glitchy so hope they fix that or I will have to make another recourse pack world well the same recourse pack!😕.Version: 1.12.1

Downloading for 10 years!10 year anniversary!!!.Version: 1.11.3

LOVE IT! Can you consider adding some things?Hi I absolutely love this game! The update is fantastic. But there’s a couple of this that would make the game. Absolutely perfect! First of all. It’s a little odd there’s many types of cats. But I’m kinda a dog person and the only dog breed there is. Is the wolf. Mabye next update you could add some new breeds like. Beagles, pugs, golden retriever, and more :D. Second request there should be a portal to a whole bunch of different portals that lead too. The moon and stuff like that, Third request there should be another mob more powerfull than a wither. Like a griffen or something. Forth request there should be a mob that you can ride across lava. Last request there should be frogs and order to tame them there should be a item that is a bug and a bug Cacher. Look at logdotzips vid of 10 new mobs that should be added it’s really good and it would make a fantastic add in Minecraft. Also a honey sattle that allows you to ride bees, a polonator witch allows u to click on flowers to give u pollen. 🐝 Thanks!.Version: 1.16.10

SpeechlessAll the other 1 star reviews are from potato phones or 9 year old Fortnite kids. My childhood and my favourite game..Version: 1.16.10

This game...This game is the game what is respect and no copy write reasons what so ever. This game is 5+. When I played it I played peaceful. I loved making my farm bigger and finding gold. I didn’t like easy or hard, or other modes with mobs. I liked creating modes this mode is like you can get unlimited blocks and no mobs attack you. I build on flat lands. Like cool homes. It’s fun. I like it. I think some people wouldn’t like it. Like I don’t like roblox. Like it’s fun. I think you shouldn’t call any one a noob. I mean even people in Minecraft who have 888 diamonds, sometimes they have 64 dirt. Now the bad things. I think endman are to scary. Even tho I’m over 6 I still I’m scared of them. I don’t like the fact there’s not so much food. It’s really not real. I lie Minecraft..Version: 1.16.50

Such a good game but some issuesI want to prefece thsi by saying I love this game and always have I’ve been playing Minecraft for year and it’s only gotten better. Except there are many issues that have caused me grief, one being crashing if I leave the game and come back to it it kicks me off my world and nothing will work until I close the app and reopen it. Also realms is fun but many issues one being whenever I want to put kne of my own worlds on my realm it says error and won’t cooperate I’ve found ways to get around this but still it’s unnecessary also you can’t change much about your realm once it’s made like game setting such as fire spreads and more, however I do apretiate the fact that there is automatic backups of your world constantly so you don’t lose everything. Another issue is people getting kicked from the game when they are already in it just kicks them off for no reason that it says But besides crashing this game is so much fun there isn’t a day when I play this I don’t enjoy besides when it crashes. Also I have the newest iPhone the 12 pro max and have these issues but my close friend with an 8 plus can’t even launch the game without it crashing, and I can’t access marketplace nothing will load and my work is decent nothing will load and I can’t make purchases besides these issues I live this game and it’s worth the money 100%.Version: 1.16.210

♥️♥️♥️♥️I have been playing this game for at least six or seven years and it is so addictive and awesome 😎 please make it a little bit better because I want more animals! Plus please make it a bit more realistic so you can pick things up without breaking them. Overall, it’s a very addictive game and I will continue playing for more years. Plus- people say that creepers and stuff like that should go but I think it makes Minecraft a challenge but in a good way. And also creepers look so cute! ( in my opinion ) And what if you could have double weapons like: two swords or two axes and things like that! We also need more dimensions like a sky dimension or a SPACE dimension! And also make some new weapons and ores and other things that you don’t have in Minecraft yet. Like Sapphires Silver And some sort of cave paintings. I love Minecraft the way it is but I do like some changes too. Also I like Stal Chirp and Mall.Version: 1.12

Stop the crashing, please.I love Minecraft but there is one problem for whom play Mine Zoo 2. It always crashes and exits your screen. You’ll have to restart anything that you did at least 5 seconds ago. Mojang-you are a legend but the crashes is my least favourite thing. The crashes only happens on the IOS system (IPad). I was just playing some Mine Zoo 2, like always! I started working on the Giraffe habitat for the largest enclosure in the zoo. It crashed and I had to restart almost every progress that I did since 5 seconds ago. I opened Mine Zoo 2 again and I continued on the Habitat and it crashed again I got really frustrated so I didn’t play Mine Zoo 2 that much anymore. Mojang, if it was not you, ask Cyclone Designs, the creator of Mine Zoo 2. Thanks! Really appreciate it! 🤗.Version: 1.16.210

Minecraft is my lifeI love minecraft my brother told me about it and know I am addicted to it and I have been playing it for 3-7 years and I was playing it when I was 3 and my brother said I was brilliant at it but I was scared if I died in it but then I went on creative and know I go on survival I told my friends about it and I lived the updates and when it was just a block I woul of still played it and I am so glad that you didn’t call the game cave game and I am so glad that herobrine is gone! Yay and can you add phones and different coloured water and red gold Armor and add sharks and panthas and lions and tigers and I pen so you can draw things instead of building oh and can you make it so you can dye anything with dyes and so you can dye dogs fur and security cameras what about blanket’s and pillows and toys oh and can you add printers in I really wish you can add pictures of you so can you do that please and TVs what about mirrors can you just make it so it’s more like real life please and thank you for making the game.Version: 1.12

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