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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 App User Positive Comments 2023

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 app received 196 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about poppy playtime chapter 1?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 for Positive User Reviews

Chapter 2When is chapter 2 coming out on mobile? This game is 5✨✨✨✨✨ stars! Very good game.Version: 2.2

Bro this is amazing!I make a lot of videos on poppy playtime and wow this game is apsolutely amazing! the huggy wuggy jumpscare doesnt even scare me and in my parents' point of view, thats a good thing! the graphics aren't the best but im here for the story, not the graphics, so i dont really care. i cant wait for chapter 2 to come out on mobile. 5 star rating. if i could give a 100,000,000 star rating, i would. 100% recommended for people who like puzzle horror games..Version: 2.2

Poppy playtime chapter 2 mobileWill there be a 2nd one for mobile I really hope there is going to be because I have been waiting but I get why so long. Because of development of the movie and 3rd chapter. Please could you send predict release date please. Thank you I hope you can make a 2nd one for mobile..Version: 2.2

It’s good but has a few minor bugs please fixSo I always wanted to play it and I bought it and I was playing it just fine but then I found a few minor bugs and glitches in the first part of the game =( and one is when u move ur screen, it flashes and it like doesn’t move correctly, so please fix that, but otherwise it’s amazing! -sincerely Ariya part of the bug finders group,.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2I really like the game but as possible maybe put it on PS4s,switch,Xbox because I have been waiting for chapter two on ps4 but it hasn’t came out yet so if possible make chapter 2 on those devices.Version: 2.2

GreatIt was so much fun it costs money but I think it was Worth it I hope that you’re planning on putting chapter 2 on mobile because I really want to play chapter 2 but I do not have a PC to play on so if you were originally not thinking of putting it on mobile please do this game was fun the graphics were meh but I didn’t really mind.Version: 2.2

Please add chapter 2 soonI love this game but why aren’t there more chapters. please add chapter 2 I really wanna play that chapter so please add it. I hope you have a good day..Version: 2.2

Worth the moneyThis is such a great game and definitely worth the money I don’t wanna say it’s exactly like the pc but as far as I can tell it’s the same also the graphics are outstanding and I’m really glad I didn’t get one of those knock off poppy playtime this is worth 5 stars I really appreciate mob games for taking the time and making a mobile version I’m really grateful I only have one critict and it’s that you couldn’t really tell the difference between the grey and the pink on the train but maybe that was just me Idk.Version: 2.2

*moans*Oh dadddddyyyyy! It’s so biggg.Version: 2.2

Pls fixIn chapter 1 of poppy playtime iOS one either when you start a new game, it kicks you off or when you load a game it kicks you off. Please update this bug. It makes it worse unplayable and you have to get lucky were let you in the game. And blue hand tape doesn’t work so please fix.Version: 2.2

Great game still waiting for chapter 2Huggy wuggy (poppy playtime also) is a great game for everybody and would recommend playing it but i am still waiting till chapter 2 on mobile.Version: 2.2

CalebThe game is pretty short but it is really fun I would give it an 18,000 star if I could.Version: 2.2

So goodI love this game and I just got it today but I don’t know how to unlock the other characters like YouTubers do because when I set free poppy I can’t play other toys.Version: 2.2

GoodIt’s huggy wuggy you moron😂😂😂.Version: 2.2

Good gameI wish for poppy-playtime to come out ipad and it look’s good 5 star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.1

Has Pixelated graphicsI get that porting big quality games to mobile is hard, but I feel like this could be a lot better if you gave it better quality and load time. The loading reticles are pointless unless a area doesn’t load properly and then you can have them there. Not only that, but the graphics just look pixelated compared to chapter 2’s. You guys can do better. And the lighting in some cases just looks awful. Please fix the UI and graphics to look like Ch. 2.Version: 2.2

FunThis is by far the best game I have ever played it is so much fun with huggy wuggy chasing you down the vent it is really scary and I have played this game 10 times now and I can’t get enough but the game is a bit short and the game can be really difficult at times but it still is fun ALSO PLEASE CAN CHAPTER 2 BE ON MOBILE. Because I really want to see how fun it is SO PLEASE CAN IT BE ON MOBILE..Version: 2.2

Good game, needs some workOk so I was really exited about getting this game on mobile because I couldn’t get it on my MacBook Pro but when I got it it was really buggy and I couldn’t stretch my grabpack to far because it ran out of line to fast. I also kept falling out of the map and into the void. Please fix this so I can get back to playing this awesome game!!!!!?!.Version: 2.2

Chapter2 is out!!!Chapter2 came out like a few weeks ago it was awesome I played it and I am still playing it I never finished the game I’m at the part where umm hmm I think where I needed to use the green and the blue hand but it was an awesome game so far same with chapter1 I love poppy playtime if chapter3 comes out like in 2023 like the trailer said then i will freak out if it dose but it might come out sooner😋🙂😇i’m just saying it might happen😋.Version: 2.2

MOB GAMES IS THE BESTWhen I was downloading the game I was like, ‘IF THIS IS A RIPOFF I SWEAR TO GOD.’ But when I loaded in I screamed with delight so loud I didn’t care if I made my parents go deaf. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS GAME I was like ‘€£¥£¥£€£¥€€€£¥£¥€¥€€€£€¥£€££€€££€§!!!!!!!!!!’ I bought all the plushes, stickers and even magnets!.Version: 2.2

It’s really fun but a few bugs that you could fixSo since I’ve played it’s been really fun but a few things there’s some glitches you can do them when huggy comes from the vent next to the shut door you can run on wall and huggy goes past you and when he does you can go back and There’s nothing. Also when are you going to put poppy-playtime chapter 2 on AppStore?.Version: 2.2

Just yes 👍👍👍👍This game is the best horror ever I can’t wait for chapter 2 to come out on mobile I highly recommend if u love toys that move and horror 10/10😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇.Version: 2.2

AMAZING! One thing though.When is chapter 2 gonna come out also if I does could I not be with money, that will be very helpful. Also the graphics are good but not good enough for pc, please make it better, thanks u guys are the BEST!.Version: 2.2

Story!This game is amazing I’m nonstop making stories about it!.Version: 2.2

Pretty goodOne of my favourite horror games is poppy playtime and I was really exited for it to come out on Mobile. The graphics aren't as good as the pc version but it’s pretty impressive for mobile. love the game..Version: 2.0

The best gameI love the game but also a few game bugs, sometimes there’s some black fur on huggy wuggy that’s interrupts the game, and when huggy wuggy chaises me, I went down in one of the gaps, huggy wuggy passes me and I get to chaise him, also in poppy playtime chapter two, mommy long legs chaises me and I hide in one of the corners and she just passes me and she keeps going, I had a lot of other game bugs too. I enjoy playing chapter 1 and chapter 2, after I play it a few times, it doesn’t feel like it’s a horror game, I am a kid, I love playing it, I can’t wait for poppy playtime chapter 3..Version: 2.2

Great game!I’ve played it 3 times already, and I beat every single one! The mobile game may not have the same great-graphics as the original, but I still love it! It’s Always been my dream to get the game since I heard about chapter 1!.Version: 2.2

YAY!I waited a long time for the mobile version to come out and it looks AMAZING! However I did find a glitch where if you fire the blue hand in the corridor sometimes it grips onto the air then after you Retract the hand you can’t fire it anymore, can you fix it please?.Version: 2.0

Chapter 2Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is out now in app store you can get it in app store now….Version: 2.2

The game keeps crashing nowThe poppy vhs does not show anything and when I press skip into button the game exists out and doesn’t work I’ve had the game for a few months and it never did it before.Version: 2.2

This is an amazing game!I’ve always wanted to get poppy playtime but I was on iPad. I’m so happy it’s out on this! I’m so excited for chapter 2- tbh I have no idea what else to say.Version: 2.0

AmazingI Download This Game On My Pc But I realised my storage on my pc was low so I can to the mob games YT channel I scrolled through the vids and I see poppy playtime mobile I watch the vid an I go to the apple link and I download and open it up an wow this game is excellent and exactly like the pc version I recommend this to people who don’t have steam or a pc.Version: 2.2

Absolutely fantastic!!!It is amazing being able to play such a FANTASTIC game on my iPad, just downloading chapter 2, I am a massive fan of Poppy Playtime and watching YouTubers play it made me not want to wait, thank you for releasing it on mobile and perfect timing, just before chapter 3s teaser trailer!.Version: 2.2

So gooooodThis game is so good but it’s getting boring now I completed the and my mum won’t let me get chapter two😑😑😑.Version: 2.2

I love PoppyPlaytime!Omg I really love PoppyPlaytime because the monster are so original and really cool + I love to Restart the game when I finished it! 😃.Version: 2.2

This is really good 👍The game is really great and for some seconds I really thought I was in the game but in the end while Huggy was chasing me trough the vents I tried to push the box to make him fall but the second hand didn’t work and I’m stuck here so, can you fix this please ? Also really nice graphics..Version: 2.2

Please fix thisCan you please fix all the lags and also please make the same Graphics as the pc version. But although it’s pretty good..Version: 2.2

Good but glitchyI have seen a lot of YouTubers play this game and it looks epic and I can’t wait to complete the game honestly I love it highly recommend for others but it is really glitchy and has a lot of bugs that really ruin it like when huggy wuggy chases me he disappeared and killed me when I couldn’t get to see him and when I respawned I was at the start of the whole game and had to restart it Also when I was in the vents I could not move then when he tried to get me I fell through the entire map and say huggy T posing it was really weird anyway please fix this and maybe make it longer.Version: 2.2

Can you tell us who’s for chapter 3?So I really like chapter 1 and chapter 2 i see lots of fake poppy playtime chapter 3 vids one looks like it going to be poppy playtime chapter 3 so tell us how to you get the voice lines By Ryder.Version: 2.2

Awesome GameThis game gave me a great scare and experience. I recommend this game to people that love horror games Well done Mob Games.Version: 2.2

I love the game where is the movieI have a question first off why are your mystery boxes for six year olds but your game is for 13 year olds I’m just confused it also where is the movie did it come out or was it canceled I don’t know if it was canceled please bring it back also great game love it one of the best games Yeah I watched those stupid morning huggy Wuggy videos they’re saying parents don’t tell your kids he’s not real even though everybody knows that and plus your toys are so soft I love them when I take it out at the end of my day at school people actually hug him well you probably guess the character now HUGGY WUGGY also do I.Version: 2.2

Game awesomeIt for so long I didn’t find this game but finally I found..Version: 2.0

Poppy playtime is the best game in my lifePoppy playtime is a horror game but big brain can play poppy playtime this is a good game but what is horror is killing monsters diying and blood but this chapter is shorter chapter 2 is longer than chapter 1 let me tell you what is this game. You have blue and red hands and there is a monster called huggy wuggy you have to find a way to kill him in the end.Version: 2.2

Just fineIt runs fine, few things are off though: The dizzy effect from when you fall doesn’t work, lighting’s not quite right, and (for some reason) Huggy’s a little taller than I remember (may just be me). The only real thing I want is full controller support, If you need button inputs (Xbox controllers) here are some: Interact = X, Jump = A, Blue Arm: LT, Red Arm = RT, Pause = the button with the three lines on it..Version: 2.0

Amazing! But one question.Hey MOB games! So I love the game and I was dying to pay for this. When I played the game I was super happy about it. And then I figured out that Poppy Playtime made a new chapter. I heard some about it and I was starting to get sneak peaks of the game. It seemed super fun to play and I’m hoping you could make a chapter 2. So that’s my question. Can you please make chapter 2? But everything else is great and I don’t notice any bugs or glitches. But please make a chapter 2! I was super excited to hear that there is a chapter 2. But anyways, have a great day!.Version: 2.2

Sound not workingIt’s A good game and everything it’s just that my sound won’t work (just on this game) also when chapter 2 coming out.Version: 2.2

BeautifulI love how they bought the one game that couldn’t run on my computer to mobile I hope they do chapter two soon.Version: 2.2

Good game but where’s chapter 2?This is a awesome game but could we please just get chapter 2 I mean I don’t have a windows pc or laptop the only way I could play is on mobile..Version: 2.2

Love this gameI love this game I am a fan please give me a huggy wuggy push put it in the mail I am from Australia 🇦🇺 19byng Road Birkdale make the plush free please my family is a fan too but they are poor if you are from a different country just mail it In are mail.Version: 2.2

Poppy playtimeThis game is so good I love play it and the first time I did I could not stop playing and I love huggy wuggy he’s so cute I love him I would do any thing for him lol 🥰😍 and all of the other characters are awesome too I love all of the characters too I love playing chapter 2 as well I love poppy playtime mob games pls never delete this game ever I’m a big a big fan and I have lots of poppy playtime pluses and shirts and huddies I also have stickers and Moore love this game and chapter 2 love this all of the huggy wuggy stuff I have-poppy playtime stuff is your merch I’m your biggest fan pls don’t delete thank you 😁.Version: 2.2

Everyone it isGuys poppy playtime chapter 2 is on App Store you need to press the MOB Games under the logo on App Store and it will take you to chapter one and you’ll also see chapter 2 so there you go.Version: 2.2

Needs thisSo this game is VERY good, but in the room where u get the red hand, the cranes light doesn’t flicker on, this triggers me, and in the make • a • friend, room in the background there aren’t boxes, even if we turn on the power, or turn on the machine, this also triggers me, can this be fixed please, thank you, ♾/10 game right here, can’t wait for chapter 2, I recommend getting it.Version: 2.2

Is there gonna be a poppy playtime action figures?It would be very cool if you release action figures of the characters on your website and also is chapter 2 gonna be on mobile?.Version: 2.1

I love this game😍😍😍😍Within the first 10 minutes I was booming with obsessively and I got stuck on a puzzle for a while but I eventually passed it in chapter 1 I haven’t managed to get past chapter 1 or chapter 2 yet but I hope I will by the way please make chapter three soon is there a chapter 3 if there is please make it soon by the way how many chapters are there supposed to be please tell me I love this game so much😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😍😍😃😍😍😃😃.Version: 2.2

Good but can you please add chapter 2This game is amazing I love it it’s just like the one in PC because you please add chapter 2 because everybody reply like if you can play both chapters I just want to check the grammar check no hold on I just want chapter 2 in like three days now two days two days because it’s kind of fun but I already beat it I wish you could go onto chapter 2.Version: 2.2

Chapter 3 plsI shall play more SOON it’s very fun and can you make a 3rd. Chapter please.Version: 2.2

Great but….It’s a great port and I had a lot of fun playing it my only problem is that on pc the graphics are much better. Plus for a 3$ game on the App Store at least I do expect nice graphics. Also when will chapter 2 come out for mobile?.Version: 2.2

This game needs chapter 2SO I love this game really much but chapter 2 came out a little over a month ago. I don’t get why they just won’t update pc and mobile at the same time now we gotta wait double the time. Look I’m no expert but I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME it’s just boring how it’s the same chapter over and over again with no updates. If by any chance if mob games or other people read it keep messages popping up so mob games can read it. That’s it cya have a good day..Version: 2.2

Good game butPlease just release chapter 2 on mobile I am so exited to play it but it’s not released I have played chapter one and completed it about 100 times and it does get a bit boring so please release chapter 2 otherwise good game.Version: 2.2

Make chapter 2 free!Please make chapter 2 free on mobile please!.Version: 2.2

Fantastic but…This game is exactly like the one on pc but because pc’s can run applications a lot better so the IOS one has to be a bit worse (graphically) and one of the drawbacks is how much darker it is. You have to turn your brightness up to actually see things really good but the higher the brightness, the more the battery goes down and games use more battery then eg TikTok. so the games is already using a little bit of battery but then plus if you turn up your brightness it will use a lot of battery. Apart from that games if amazing and I recommend it to anyone. I hope Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 will be same price. I would rate this game a 5 star but the darkness thing it wouldn’t make sense. Apart from the darkness 12/10.Version: 2.1

Wow!I can’t believe I actually get to play it now, also I don’t know why people say it’s bad the graphics are really good it’s just the loadings some of them are at bad times like when you leave the vents.Version: 2.0

My fav gameI love this game so much that I can’t wait to get the game on my new iPad. 😃👍.Version: 2.2

What about chapter 2 on mobileSo I’ve been waiting months and months for chapter 2 and it finally came out I was excited but I cannot get the game because I’m on iPad it’s been 4 days since chapter two came out and it’s still not on play store or App Store yet. I understand if the game needs to be lowered a bit as it will be a bit laggy for low end device players.Version: 2.2

Love itThank you so much for putting this game on phone it’s so good and if you did not put it on phone I would be running to my mom crying for a pc. I love the game so much but there is one glitch that I would like to get fixed, it’s when your about to make our old pal huggy wuggy fall to the abbis if you don’t go far enough away from the vent it won’t close and if you are someone that likes to break the game, you can still grab the box and pull it down without going to far from the vent and you can stay on the platform without falling to the lower one.Version: 2.2

Pretty GoodI was really happy when you guys released a mobile version and I bought it as soon as it came out. For the most part, it’s pretty good. Recently though, it’s suddenly having a lot of weird bugs and glitches. At first I thought it was just my phone acting up, but everything else is working just fine. Random sounds just randomly stop playing. During the huggy wuggy chase, you could hear everything except the actual chase music. I could still hear footsteps, my grabpack, and other sounds. It’s a weird glitch and I don’t know why it’s happening, but I hope it goes away soon. I still have a lot of fun playing it and I’m not too worried..Version: 2.2

It’s amazingThere’s loading points but it’s ok and huggy wuggy is way faster so it’s way more chalnging wich I like but the ending could’ve been diffrent so when huggy gets hit by box he doesn’t fall in to the depths of playtime Co mommy longlegs grabs him so we get a sneak peek for chapter 2 also by the time I’m writing this poppy playtime chapter two is out on pc can’t wait for it to come on moibile. Also I got a idea for chapter 3 huggy wuggy comes back with the prototype arm bc we see his fur and blood on the pipes and wall.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2 and chapter 1 same 😱They are the same, they die at the end but poppy too, it’s like there the same but with a little edits, so update chapter 2 and chapter 3 when it comes, put it on every phone in the entire universe, I sent my dad poppy playtime chapter 1, he didn’t play it, so if you get this message ,pls update chapter 1 and 2, this is one of the editors, out! 📸.Version: 2.2

Just play it on pcIt’s a good port but looks a whole lot worse. Haven’t played the pc version but a good old google search and yeah this port doesn’t look so good. I don’t know if this is also a thing in the pc version but if this feature is in both of them then please add it. What I am talking about is add a crouch button instead of making it do it automatically it would be a whole lot more stressful while huggy comes if this was added..Version: 2.2

I like it butI love the game but please make chapter 2 Mobile edition.Version: 2.2

I’m speechlessI need to talk to you mob games or mob entertainment what is this game is so good how did you h-h-how this game is over 5 million downloads that’s INSANE what Poppy playtime has become one of the most popular games in the whole world oh I’m sorry horror games in the whole world and I don’t blame people for lemon poppy playtime I mean I love it right now project playtime is about to come out and I’ve seen YouTubers do it anyways how do i get the clap emoji👍👐🏾👐🏾👍👐🏾👍👐🏾👍👐🏾👍👐🏾👍👐🏾👍👐🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻💋💋💋👀👀👀👶 I mean literally this game is just too good bye.Version: 2.2

Buggy wuggyThis game is like the real game on pc but theres alot of bugs like when you are diverting power the blue hand just goes threw and sometimes diverting power sometimes work and sometimes when you try to kill huggy the box cant go down and sometimes i lose my hands listen mob games its a wonderful game but you gotta di something about theese bugs ok..Version: 2.2

Easy to add chapter 2Its so easy to add chapter 2. Just take the game from pc and put it on mobile, add a joystick, buttons, and put it on the app store/google play! EZ.Version: 2.2

Good gameThe graphics are kinda good but when I go to that part when I die I takes like about 2 min to load me back in again pls fix this is super annoying and I’m sad thanks.Version: 2.2

Very goodIt is very fun😁.Version: 2.2

Omg this game is so awesomeThis game has been so good but hen the new chapters and project playtime it really makes sense how much work your team put in and we fans respect it a lot🤩🤩🤩🤩.Version: 2.2

Hmmmmm?! Not too sureLovely game on IPad, graphics are good. The game play is a bit clunky generally with the controls. It’s a very VERY short game. A few puzzles were tricky but the end of the chapter is somewhat of an anti climax… then you have to wait for chapter 2 which isn’t available on IOS. When compared to competitor’s games (Bendy etc) it is left wanting because of that. I suppose I’ll just have to wait for chapter 2… but I’m not sure the game play or length of it will be enough for 5 stars..Version: 2.2

This is the best gameOMG I LOVE IT THIS IS THE BEST GAMER EVER… wait there is some bugs. After I finished the game it won’t let me place the toy down in the “nobody leaves without a friend. It’s still a great game and that’s why I’m rating it 5star.Version: 2.2

Amazing gameI love to play this game ever since I played chapter 1 I was pretty scared but now I started playing and I defeated Huggy Wuggy I can’t wait to play chapter 2 and see all the new characters thank you mob games!.Version: 2.2

Please fix this bugThis is a great game I had lots of fun playing it the only this is at the end I tried to pull the box down but the other hand won’t stick I’ve tried about 10 times and it still won’t work please fix this, but anyway this is a great game five stars I would recommend..Version: 2.2

:DLove it but please can you make chapter 2? I really want the chapter 2 but still nice game! Oh and I liked and subscribe your vids and channel!.Version: 2.2

Some things to fixIt’s a great, awesome game and all but when I was doing the power thing in Make A Friend, I was trying to get the power thing over to the other side after I wrapped it around the two electrical things and it was pushing me backwards for no reason, also, after the vent chase, I was trying to pull the box down and it wouldn’t go down and I kept on dying from Huggy Wuggy. Also, I want all the chapters and better lighting like the PC and MacBook and other laptops/computers. When I was in the room where you got the red hand, there was one battery thing missing and I searched around everywhere, and then when I loaded in again, it was in a spot that I already checked. MOB Games you need to fix the game immediately or when you have the time to fix it. Thank You!.Version: 2.2

Love this game pls can you make poppy playtime chapter 2 come on App StoreTo MOB games I really like this game and think it is amazing I just wanted to say can poppy playtime chapter 2 come out on mobile as well I really think that maybe it should be free but otherwise thank you for bringing chapter 1 on mobile and i think everyone that is a poppy playtime lover is so grateful :thanking you very much MOB games:.Version: 2.2

THANKSI bought the game, but when i did the game at least 20 times, i was like ''im so excited avout the chapter two release, so now its here and im gonna buy chapter 2 right now!!! by the way thanks for mobile versions😭😭😭😁😁😁😁.Version: 2.2

It’s good but The graphics are badSo I started out like in every Poppy playtime game they played I was in the part where on the wall hug you argue were saying welcome and I’m telling you in that part of the game the graphics are horrendously bad come on we can do a better job than that I play on PC the graphic should be good but chapter2OMG the graphics are amazing I hope you come out with a chapter 3 because if you don’t then all of us have to wait like a lot of months and stuff like when chapter 2 was being made and alsoI play on PlayStation a lot so I hope you come out with the console versions soon have a good day MOB games and I hope you come out with some new merch too.Version: 2.2

Hey MOB, could you please please please read thisThis is an amazing mobile port, sure it’s not exactly like the pc version but it was very fun nonetheless. BUT ONE PROBLEM, the price of 2.99 is outrageous for this shot (but still fun) game, AND will you be adding chapter two (when it comes out) to mobile. If so will it be added on to this current app, or will it be an entirely different app that you have to pay this this outrageous price for. I how you’ll make A GOOD CHOICE. PS. I wish you luck on the development of chapter two. Thank you for reading this..Version: 2.0

I love it but please add chapter 2Being a fan of the series I would love chapter 2 to be added having it coming out recently you should really add it to your mobile game personally I just finished chapter 1 and I was really hoping to play chapter 2 but when it didn’t appear I got a little sad but then I realized it might be a separate game but it wasn’t so please either add chapter 2 as a separate game or into the mobile game thank you so much - Rori.Version: 2.2

Amazing ExperienceEven though it’s not much like the PC version, it’s still amazing and it’s not laggy. The visuals, the shaders, and the simple designs don’t effect me, IDC if the mobile version is like that, it’s still honestly 100 times better than all the roblox versions I have played. Now I am patiently waiting for chapter 2 to come out, you did an amazing work making Poppy Playtime one of the best horror games I have ever seen, so thank you MOB Games 👍👍👍.Version: 2.2

It’s a great game but a few minor problemsThis game was really cool and was really good! Except for a few things that wouldn’t of changed the story, but were different from other versions of the game ( I mean pc version ) like for example, when you go to turn the power on in the room where in the pc version, you would see the kissy missy poster, but in the mobile version, you just see a poppy wants to play poster, as seen in the beginning. I’m not saying this would change the entire game, but i am wondering why they changed it? Was there something wrong with it or… and this doesn’t happen just once it happens again and there are other problems. But, yet again, I’m not saying it absolutely ruins the game, I’m just asking why change them?.Version: 2.2

Really good can’t wait for chapter 2Game is really good! Had it since it first came to mobile and I’m loving it I’ve had a few glitches with huggy getting stuck in the vent but other than that it’s really good!! Can’t wait for chapter 2 on mobile.Version: 2.2

Try it you mike like it I know I did :>This is one of the best horror games I’ve ever played! I like the small puzzles you get to do and the chase scene and HUGGY WUGGY looks super cool! I promise you if you get this you won’t regret it! If you hesitate just watch someone play and after the video you’ll be dying to get it! I’ve played this many times now and I’m happy chapter 2 is out! Hope you have fun playing it when you decide to get it! Cause I know you’ll get it cause if you don’t you better sleep with one eye open tonight……..just kidding! I have such weird jokes don’t I! But that was a warning……. welp Imma go off to play it again bye!😜👌🏾.Version: 2.2

SOOO GOOD just a tiny tiny problemThe game is sooo good it is just that when I am running from huggy the place where it has a hole and it drops you down in the early running the game just glitches right before I go in the hole and I am getting freaked out but when I realized that I make it and that when you do a new game it works . BUT ALL I CARE ABT IS THAT IT IS FUN AND IT ISON MOBILE AFTER ALL THIS TIME I BEEN WAITING. Ty for your such a good game and enjoy the rest of your day,bye enjoy..Version: 2.1

OmgThis game rules. However when I try to turn the power for make toy on it won’t work can you please fix this glitch. Other than that I love this game..Version: 2.0

Great Game!Cant wait for Chapter 2 to come out on mobile and for Chapter 3 to be announced maybe we’ll see more of experiment 1006 Bit laggy and can you add a save option whenever I quit game it doesn’t save apart from auto save.Version: 2.2

For poppy playtime 1 and 2I love the game thx mob games I can’t stop playing poppy play time but thx your game is the best.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2When is poppy playtime chapter 2 coming out I just want to see YouTubers play it like markiplier and the games good job it’s prefect.Version: 2.1

I love thisI love this game so so much it’s amazing but I really really really want chapter 2 to come out on iOS.Version: 2.2

Amazing game I’m waiting for project play time to come out on mobile devicesGoodest game ever mob games so good luck to make project play time on mobile I hope you add project play time to mobile chapter 2 was amazing on mobile also colud you add project play time on mobile it’s no fair that people that have computer has project play time because I selled my computer so I would like it added tø mobile so please add it I’m going to wait and you been doing amazing job you worked hard on all poppy play time games and also you did good so good luck I hope you add project play time to mobile so perfect if you do..Version: 2.2

Great gameAmazing but if your making chap 2 on mobile u should add a crouch button other than that great.Version: 2.2

Where’s chapterChapter 2 supposed too be today where is it?.Version: 2.2

Best Game Ever!Can you add chapter 2 a bit quicker. I found out that it is coming out on mobile in October, is that true? if it is true than can you speed up the process so that it comes out in August or September. But anyway I love this game more than bendy, Bendy thinks that poppy playtime copied bendy but you guys only took a small amount of inspiration but you guys did not copy bendy. Developer please respond!.Version: 2.2

You should buyFirst of all,there is loading points but that doesnt matter, no glitches at all! Its graphics are amazing.Version: 2.2

Great game!Great game except you really should realease chapter 2 please🤩 Otherwise great game!.Version: 2.2

Sooooooooo Good!I have literally played this game 50 times in 1 day it’s so good!.Version: 2.1

My 4.99 is for good gameYeah I know It's hard to convert PC to Mobile but you make verry good, Sometime my game auto turn off, I don't know why. You must fix lag Graphic. Thank for listen to me😁.Version: 2.2

Never get to the chase part as it glitchesAbsolutely love the graphics on the mobile version!!! such a wicked and intense game, but i’ve noticed once you’ve made the toy , it mostly glitches as it doesn’t let me place the toy onto the machine where it opens up to when huggy wuggy comes out! I have to restart and resit just to get it to work but overall good !.Version: 2.2

The vent chase.Every time I do it I get stuck in a place with no exits and it’s annoying pls fix.Version: 2.2

Best game everSo it’s Super cool But it took me a long time to get the grab pack so just add that so when you first get in the game you have the grab pack please.Version: 2.2

Other chapters?Some thing I really want to know is if there are going to be other chapters I’ve been waiting sooooooo long for chapter 2 to come out on iOS not to rush you but please send out the other chapters as soon as possible..Version: 2.2

I didn’t know what to write so this is what you gotThis will probably be short but this is a really good game and I’m addicted to watching you tubers play it and this made my day when I bought it and that’s pretty much all I wanted to write in here so yea can’t wait for the chapter two version if there is one.Version: 2.2

It was amazing 😉This game is the full version but on IOS I also recommend buying the second chapter as well.Version: 2.2

I love this game and here’s whyI love this game! Why? Well bc it’s amazing it’s exactly like the pc version except for the graphics there a bit bad but the game works perfectly it has no bugs or glitches like other ppl complained. Huggy looks like huggy and not like a blue blob!😍 I would say that this game for sure is gonna be my all time fav and I would love to see more like this plus I would love if this game was on ps4-5, Xbox and maybe even on Nintendo I have played awesome recreation on those but if the real game came out I would buy it almost immediately so I hope MOB games keeps the good work up I will soon buy the chapter 2 one and I’m looking forward to it!🤩.Version: 2.2

Quite a good gameIve seen lots of youtubers play this and now having the chance too play around is so amazing! 10/10 i recommend downloading, there are some bugs tho like when i spawned it too my last load it spawned me out the map then i got huggy some how jumpscared me! but its fine :D.Version: 2.2

Finally poppy playtime is on mobileThank you mob games for sending poppy playtime on iOS but I really want chapter 2 on iOS too..Version: 2.1

WhyyyyIt was working before I had to restart- now the door for the power won’t open and I’m just stuck doing absolutely nothing. Sure this games awesome but it’s really….load-y.Version: 2.2

10/10 must play againHi I’m legacy and ever since this game came out I wanted to play it but I couldn’t because I didn’t have an Xbox so I went on the App Store and try to find something that would like it but I couldn’t find anything until I found this this is so fun if I could give it 101 stars I would 10/10 must play again I play this game every single day now this game is the best game that you could ever play highly recommend play it right now and you’ll see what I’m talking about.Version: 2.2

The best game ever👍I was begging my dad if we could get it on his phone he said yes I have more then four dollars I beat the game already 😁.Version: 1.0

My honest review.Okay, so I’ve played the pc version and this version. I must say, for a IOS/mobile port, it’s outstanding. The graphics are not good, but I understand, for low and high end devices. The only issue I have is the subtitles. They become big then small. I hope this is fixed. This is the only bug I’ve encountered. BEST GAME. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT..Version: 2.0

Poppy playtime game (love it)When I asked my mom for the game she said yes I was so happy I beat the game already 🥳.Version: 2.2

This is AWSOMEThis mobile port was wayyyy over my expectations, I thought it wouldn’t be as good as the pc version. The glitches that are in the pc version are patched up In this version it’s just crazy! The cool thing is that this is really challenging because huggy is sped up by lots so is the player. These are the ONLY differences I saw in this port: The kissy missy poster is not in the power room the poppy one is, your a lot faster so as huggy, you just walk up to stuff to pick it up and you can’t use advanced settings.Version: 2.2

Super AwesomeThis is a very fun horror survival game the jumpscares are so scary it took me like 5 minutes to build up the courage to walk into dark rooms I recommend this to every one. The things bad about it is that it costs $4:50 and it is a short chapter but still is very good. Can’t wait for chapter 2 on mobile.Version: 2.2

Why cant you guys just make a update for chapter 2It’s still good.Version: 2.2

Can you Add Poppy PlayTime Chapter 2 PleaseI Wanna Play Poppy PlayTime Chapter 2 With Mommy.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2?I love this game but you should add poppy playtime chapter on mobile+if you want to make money more put it on mobile hopefully your money you get you use it for good.Version: 2.2

Something you need to add when you don’t have the grab pack…Okay so I love this game and I played it once and it went like it should have but when I played again there was a bug where in the make a friend factory it would not let me place down the toy, and I’m thinking, well maybe it’s just a bug and I will come back tomorrow. So that’s what I did. But… it did not work so what you need to add is: a grab button that is white(no offense) so that you can grab items with your HUMAN hands please..Version: 2.1

Chapter 2U lied 🤥 u said ch 2 would come out when ch 2 comes on pc and pls put it on Mac pls I realllllly want to play it plssssssssssssss.Version: 2.2

Pretty good! but one problem …Hey mob I love poppy playtime HUGE FAN but as soon as poppy playtime released mobile version after that a few days later chapter 2 for pc and the og chapter was free! On steam… that leaves the mobile players HAVE to pay for it so at least make the game free for all devices then it will be fair to all fans or at least do this when chapter 2 comes out for mobile then it will be TOTALLY Fair for everyone! And also I can’t wait for poppy playtime to come out on mobile!!!.Version: 2.2

Please get this gamePlease get chapter 3.Version: 2.2

Amazing!For a mobile game this is pretty good. The controls weren’t too hard to manage and I noticed that the pc version has more detail than this one. The tapes were a lot easier to find in this version. I was also wondering if all the chapters will be separate on mobile causing me to have to pay for them separate or if they will all be in this one as updates. I can’t wait to see what happens in chapter 2, Keep up the amazing work!.Version: 1.0

AMAZING but of corse 1 or 2 bugs😑Thank you so much for make it poppy playtime on mobile I am so! grateful it’s quality graphics and so much more! But yet again you can walk though the walls sometimes and stuf but still Ty so much for the game Hand shake of victory!🤝.Version: 2.2

When will poppy playtime chapter 2 come outI really have been waiting to play chapter 2 I’ve tried downloading it on pc but won’t work so pls can you make chapter 2.Version: 2.2

How to you move the trainWhat’s the code how do I do it.Version: 2.2

Question/update requestHello MOB Games!! I loved this game! It… well… it stressed me out a little on my first time playing but it’s awesome! I would like for you to please update the lighting or just the map for the game. I don’t want a new interior. But I saw people play on pc and it looked better…. Please update that and my question was…. Well I have 2 questions but the 1st one is… When will there be a mobile release for Poppy Playtime Chapter: 2? And the 2nd one is: will Poppy Playtime Chapter: 2 be in this app? Or will I have to pay again to play chapter 2…. Well that’s all I had to say! Thank you for making this game and I hope I get a reply! Goodbye and have a great day!.Version: 2.2

Where’s chapter 2 on ipadPlease make chapter 2 appear for iPad and any other chapter as soon as it comes out make it appear in the game as I have never played it before please if you have the chance please reply thx ..Version: 2.2

FINALLY HURRAYHi I’m deacon my anicals is DAB anyway it’s finally here so I’m happy I’m a big fan of poppy playtime and I can finally play it also I have a creepy pasta: a kid was lost in playtime co. He was injured and had no where to go he asked a man for help that was his last words as a human as he woke up something more well blue.Version: 2.0

AgreeWhy are all the reviews ungrateful be grateful that it even came to iOS but I do agree with them and make all chapters.Version: 2.1

Amazing butThis game is honestly the best game ever I love the puzzles and the chase scene is really easy for me but one thing has happened to me while playing this game. When I go to the make a friend machine and I get the toy but sometimes when I play it it won’t let put the toy in the scanner and it really annoyed me because I have to redo the scene again pls fix this MOB GAMES thank you.Version: 2.2

Thank you so muchI played it on my pc but I wished it was on more devices and it wasn’t so kept waiting for the mobile on and it came!!.Version: 2.2

Great game, more chapters, a few bugsThis game was really good but I noticed there weren’t more chapters so please add that. I also noticed in the make a friend area, the first sliding platform was bugged. I was able to drag around a solid, invisible block and completely seal of the area. I ended reloading from checkpoint. Please fix. I would also like if you could make your game support controller..Version: 2.2

ScaryIt is the perfect game it has the right experience in it I have played 100 in a week! It is worth it.Version: 2.1

It’s goodIt’s good and plays very well on my iPad. Very short but fun. The only complaints I have are: I would like it if there were graphics customization or sharper images/better anti aliasing/full textures for more powerful devices, sensitivity slider, and the intro screen after pressing play doesn’t fit the whole screen and I can’t see the whole text. Other than that, the game runs well and fits the full screen after that intro. Can’t wait for chapter 2 😁.Version: 2.0

When’s Chapter 2 coming out?When is chapter 2 on this coming out? It would be really good!.Version: 2.2

Great Game but….The game is great, even amazing, the detail, and all the characters are great too! The only thing I ask is that we need more chapters, that’s all we need~ Thank you!!.Version: 2.2

Best game ever!Poppy Playtime is such a fun and mysterious game and it’s exactly like the one on PC and it’s so wonderful that they combined a puzzle game with a horror game. I am basically addicted to the game you should definitely buy it!.Version: 2.2

ChaptersHey when are you going to add chapter two or three to mobile other than that amazing game.Version: 2.2

Amazing graphics amazing everythingOk this is just outstanding! The graphics are perfect for this game and the game is really enjoyable. I do have 1 issue though I am really annoyed because we non pc players have to wait ages until chapter 2 comes to mobile iOS so on so on. Overall amazing game keep up the good work I really enjoyed chapter 1..Version: 2.2

A small bug but still greatIt’s a really good game! I had a little issue with the part where you get the key from Huggy Wuggy and enter the room, when I was inside of the room and tried connecting the power, the lightbulbs in the electric stands didn’t turn on causing the lights in the building not to turn on, I just started a new game and was able to play all the way through but I just thought I’d mention it..Version: 1.0

When is chapter 2 coming out on appleHello there this is a really good game and all but I just wanted to know when chapter 2 is coming out on apple and other ones Ik that I think it’s out on -pc- but when on apple and other ones I really want it to come out it looks fun and all. So please Tell me when chapter 2 is out on ipad and other 🤞❤️.Version: 2.2

Were’s chapter 2Poppy playtime is such a good game but I’m kind of sad because poppy playtime chapter 2 isn’t out to play but it’s still good the sounds are scary huggy wuggy is detailed and there’s scary jumps scars so I hope they add poppy playtime chapter 2.Version: 2.2

This is one of the most original games I have ever seenThe only drawback I have found is that I can’t save progress and am having to redo it all from the start each time I play.Version: 2.2

Me likeHeh Heh.Version: 2.2

PleaseCAN we have poopy platytime chapiter 2.Version: 2.2

Love it just one thing you can fixI love this game it is so much fun and I tell my friends all about it. But there was one thing you can fix the graphics on the game seem a little off then on on the computer I don’t mean to be rude. But if you can help fix the graphics on mobile that would be a huge help. If you do thank you so much, if you don’t it’s OK and thank you for your time. PS I’m really excited for chapter 2 to come out on mobile in chapter 3 of course.Version: 2.2

This game is so coolI really really love this game it’s so cool and very cheap too it’s only $3.99 keep up this amazing work have a good day 😀 and don’t forget to smile 😃.Version: 2.2

It’s pretty fun but a couple of things happenedI got in 2022 because I didn’t know when it was coming and that it was sooo I really enjoyed playing but when I first got on the game I could only hear the VHS tapes and the intro so I had to exist out but good thing there was an auto save Huggy Scared only once because he caught me off guard and it’s not easy to scary me because I grew up with Scary games and I’ve seen multiple game plays so good job MOB I want to get the 2nd one (Chapter 2) and hope that I’ll get it soon that’s all excited to see Chapter 3 BYE YALL.Version: 2.2

ChallengingAmazing game when it’s your first time playing it you won’t know what to do or what to pick up. So i it’s really fun to figure out and run away from buggy wiggy.Version: 2.2

Best Horror Game I have ever playedDear, Mr MOBGAMES I have to say this has to be the best horror game I have ever seen with lot’s of fun puzzles the jumpscares are non scary enough that my pratically 5 year old twin sisters can’t be scared of the jumpscares. If anyone is looking for a fun and awesome game, the first game I would play is Poppy Playtime, although I’m not trying to demote this game but when will chapter 2 come out on apple because I don’t have a pc so I can’t play chapter 2. I’m not expecting you to make in overnight but try to give me a detailed answer and keep me updated ok thank you MOBGAMES..Version: 2.2

Amazing!!!!!💅✨✨✨❤️I downloaded it One day a girl and then my iPad got locked for one day and then I downloaded it again I love this app so much and I heard song it’s like my name is huggy Wuggy I don’t want to sing the whole song though I like this game it’s like more to you a girl like chapter 2 it’s not coming up but I know it’s going to be a mummy longlegs I think this is my factory this is my home how do you want to see❤️😱✨💅🍄.Version: 2.2

Love itVery well made, perfectly priced. Thank you for making an awesome game.Version: 2.2

This is a message to mob gamesThank you for adding poppy playtime chapter 1 on mobile but can you please put poppy playtime chapter 2 on the App Store and mobile thank you for making this game on mobile 😁😁.Version: 2.2

It’s so goodI thought it was a scam at first but when u experienced it all it was exactly like the game you would see people playing on your tv but on mobile!.Version: 2.2

Great gameThis game is amazing it a lil scary but it is also amazing this game used to be so famous in 2021 everyone played it boy so popular now but it should be it definitely worth the money. The only reason why I gave it a 4 star is because firstly it is pretty short and because u don’t make to many of them ik there’s a chapter 2 now but again pretty short can u make them a bit longer even tho there great games but it would be amazing is u could make it longer thanks..Version: 2.2

Chapter 2!I love this game because it’s coming out this week.Version: 2.2

When is chapter 2 gonna be out on mobile ??? MOB GAMESI played this game like a milion time because I been waiting like a few weeks now and chapter 2 is not on mobile yet Maby when chapter 3 is gonna come out on pc we will get chapter 2 I understand that is hard to work it for mobile but I been waiting weeks now.Version: 2.2

Great but there is bugsI’ve beaten the game but every time I die or finish I have to close the app because after there is no audio. I love it because I always wanted to play poppy playtime and it was hard because PCs are expensive. Another glitch is sometimes on the make a friend I can’t place cat bee in the scanner so I have to reload the game. Please see this and fix these bugs..Version: 2.2

When is Chapter 2 compatible with IOSThis is amazing the game is phenomenal but theres just one thing when will chapter 2 be compatible with IOS.Version: 2.2

Chapter 2This is one of the best horror games I have ever but I have been waiting for chapter 2 to come out on mobile for to long now and when I looked on the pictures of the game it had better graphics.Version: 2.2

Poppy playtime mobileAlright Finally Okay graphics not good but it’s mobile what do u expect overall gameplay exact same as pc but a phew loading screens but buttons and movement are clean.Version: 1.0

Won’t regret buying itOne of the best mobile games I played other games are buggy and some games don’t even work. This game is just like the pc version but graphics are a bit bad but other than that it is the same thing. This part is for the developers I would really love it If you guys made chapter 2 I saw it on you tube that It came out and it is really good and I would love to play It on mobile please. And have a great rest of your life, bye.Version: 2.2

AmazingI love this to bits. It is such an amazing game and exactly like the computer version. Can’t Wait for chapter two to come out on this..Version: 2.2

Chapter 2 coming on mobile next week by mob gamesI couldn’t play poppy playtime chapter 2 on my computer because it was too laggy to bright from light bulbs in game and to dark to see the button colors in musical memory and i wait for an official mobile version of poppy playtime chapter 2 for the next 3 months to August 8th or 10th or 11th of the release..Version: 2.2

I know when chapter 2 comes out on mobileSo chapter 2 will come on mobile in 4 months I know because chapter 1 came out in October 12 on pc and 5 mouths later chapter 1 is on mobile in march.Version: 2.2

Thank you Mob gamesThank you mob James for releasing chapter 2 on mobile.Version: 2.2

I LOVE THISSThis game is sooo fun but once I was in the vents and killed huggy my heart was racing so much I’m waiting for chapter 2 and it was to bad we didn’t get more grabpack use!.Version: 2.2

POPPY PLAYTIME!!!It’s the best I love poppy playtime it’s a good game i’ve been waiting a long time for it😄😄😄.Version: 2.2

Put ch 2 on ch1I went on google and searched poppy playtime ch2 release date on mobile and it said it would come out on 5 may but it’s 7th of may.Version: 2.2

MY FAV GAME!!!I looooooove this game! Can chapter 2 pleeaaaaase come to Apple iPads? I love this game so much, it’s the BEST game ever! I love how there’s sooooo much horror. I’ve played this game on 1 of my friend’s computers, when we were like 3 yrs old, and now I have it on my own iPad, I’m like 9 now. Sometimes me and my friends pretend to be characters from poppy playtime and fnaf, sometimes we join then together. In my mic, we’re also like; ‘What’s the time? PLAYTIME!’ And like yeah, this game is the best game ever. I can even make perfespct mommy long legs’ imitations. I love poppy playtime, so pleeaaaase, I’m begging you, can you make the second Poppy playtime chapter come to iPads. Think about it,more moneyyy…..Version: 2.2

Good gameI think they should add chapter 2 but it’s good.Version: 2.2

Amazing gameAs I’ve always wanted to play this but it was only on PC so as soon as I found this out I bought it btw it is £2.49 sometimes the download can fail but the game is amazing so 5/5.Version: 2.0

Can project playtime COME out on apple iPads PLEASEYou added daisy so what’s mobile apple iPad looks like? Chapter 1 or 2.Version: 2.2

Do DownloadI recommend this game to anyone you likes a horror game I do not recommend this to people who do not like horror games. I also like it because if you don’t have pc you can play it here. It is awesome. The only bad thing is that it cost $4.50 in Australia..Version: 2.2

I killed Huggy WuggyScary/fun I rate this a 10/10 the best game I’ve ever played. Now I just need to play chapter two😀.Version: 2.2

The graphics should be improvedThe gameplay it’s self is amazing but I think you should have improved the graphics but I am amazed that you put it on IOS.Version: 2.2

Me again 😎There is a concept thing in the files for chapter 2 on PC I know what it’s for it’s for the mobile version you’re just still doing a little tweaks for it but I know what you’re doing and I can’t wait for the mobile thank you for updating chapter 1 of poppy playtime because I hated when he was all bright back but now it’s more scarier when you turn it dark 🫶🏻🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👋.Version: 2.2

Mob please do thisI live your game I have beat it tons of times the fact you added it on mobile is amazing but I have one question when chapter two comes out will we have to buy it separately or will it be on the same app I would very much appreciate it if you added it to the same app. By the way good luck on making chapter two I saw the trailer it was amazing. Sincerely-mrunknown.Version: 2.1

We need chapter 2 of poppy playtime!Chapter ones graphics was remarkable 8 am age 12 and playing poppy playtime has been so fun but I can’t wait for chapter 2 to come out on App Store! Please make it soon!.Version: 2.2

Amazing but a huge glitchThis is a very fun game MOB Games I’m glad you made this game but there’s a huge glitch that’s making the game unplayable sometimes like when you put in the vhs it’s doesn’t work like it’s just there’s like static or something. I don’t know if this is occurring which I don’t know how long it it’s been starting happen, but still happen please fix it..Version: 2.2

Amazing, but…Alright. So, the game is absolutely outstanding in every way, but I experience a problem. Every-time I make it to the bridge and grab the giant box, it doesn’t fall and Huggy catches me. It’s annoying, I’ve tried to beat it two times already and still doesn’t work. It’s a tiny bit unfair, because on computer, when you grab the box and Huggy comes, it drops automatically. Please fix this, it is annoying and I would give the game a five star rating if not for this. Thanks for listening, have a good day..Version: 2.2

Chapter 2OI MOB BOIS you said that chapter 2 would release on mobile and pc at the same time…I’m waiting for it please hurry I’m busting to play it.Version: 2.2

Great game, but why does some people get the next chapter first?This game is great and I enjoyed playing it, but I see all these YOUTUBERS playing it early when you said it will come out on computer and mobile at the same time, just want to know what’s happening..Version: 2.2

I LOVE this gameI like it because I just do.Version: 2.2

Official game release on mobile.The game seem so fun in October! Sadly couldn’t play now I can play all I want!.Version: 2.1

I love the gameDear mob games you should really get project playtime on AppStore but the game is really good and you should get better graphics on the game not the picture chapter 1 is too short and you should extend it a bit but there all a good game.Version: 2.2

Please make all the chapters on here!I want a full collection like bendy and the ink machine! I am not telling you to rush I am saying that when you’ve finished all the chapters can you please make the game name “Poppy Playtime” not poppy playtime chapter 1 mobile! Everybody’s gonna think you’re fake! And also put all of the chapters when your finished into one game like I said before! I love your work and appreciate all the stuff your doing, but can you just tell us the release date for poppy playtime fans sake! From Sheldonthebeast.Version: 1.0

Poppy playtime chapter 2Hi mod game I really want chapter 2 Mobile.Version: 2.2

LOVE IT abut add chapter 2 on mobile :(I love it but can you add poppy playtime chapter 2 pls I played chapter 1 ALOT on my iPad I rarely play on my computer ( I don’t even play on it ) so PLSSSSSSSS I am SOOO tired of waiting it’s August 17th and my google said THAT POPPY PLAYTIME CHAPTER 2 MOBILE WILL RELEASE AUGUST 15TH BRU WHEN WILL IT RELEASE? Plus I want you to add a new feature we can grab Huggy Wuggy when we throw the box on him….. SO you can make a random discussion when we save him make him GO CRAZY, kill us , or be friends :) well that’s all! Pls do this 🥺.Version: 2.2

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