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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 app received 109 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about poppy playtime chapter 1?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 for Positive User Reviews

Sooooooooo Good!I have literally played this game 50 times in 1 day it’s so good!.Version: 2.1

Can’t put toy on the “shelf”Hey guys game is fun but ran into a bug when after I turned on the toy machine and collected the toy tiger it won’t let me set him down in order to get out of that room 😐. Please fix🙏🏼 Playing on iPhone 13 Pro Max on latest software. Edit: latest update seems to have fixed it! Awesome game..can’t wait for chapter 2!.Version: 2.1

Poppy playtime mobileAlright Finally Okay graphics not good but it’s mobile what do u expect overall gameplay exact same as pc but a phew loading screens but buttons and movement are clean.Version: 1.0

IntenseThis game is pretty fun. not scary until you get the end, and you also patched a LOT of glitches. The only improvement is the graphics because it’s not so good. But I still love huggy wuggy..Version: 2.1

Very fun gameIts nice how the game was ported to mobile..Version: 2.0

OmgThis game rules. However when I try to turn the power for make toy on it won’t work can you please fix this glitch. Other than that I love this game..Version: 2.0

This game has really good graphics and gameplay it is scaryJunior.Version: 2.0

Amazing!For a mobile game this is pretty good. The controls weren’t too hard to manage and I noticed that the pc version has more detail than this one. The tapes were a lot easier to find in this version. I was also wondering if all the chapters will be separate on mobile causing me to have to pay for them separate or if they will all be in this one as updates. I can’t wait to see what happens in chapter 2, Keep up the amazing work!.Version: 1.0

ReviewI think it is a good remake of the game, but I wish there was an option to change the size and location of the ui. It bothers me to have to click the middle of the screen to jump, and it bothers me that the arm buttons are in the same place..Version: 1.0

ReviewVery terrifying and awesome game can’t wait for more. But do you have to pay another 5 dollars for chapter two or any other future chapters?.Version: 2.0

I love itI wanted to play it since it came out but the vent where hard and I got jumbscard at the end..Version: 2.0

So goodThis game is amazing thanks for bringing it to mobile 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I can’t wait for chapter 2 to release on mobile.Version: 2.0

A lot of failsYou should’ve made chapter one better like longer or maybe scarier but I wish chapter two is way better.Version: 2.0

The best game ever👍I was begging my dad if we could get it on his phone he said yes I have more then four dollars I beat the game already 😁.Version: 1.0

FINALLY HURRAYHi I’m deacon my anicals is DAB anyway it’s finally here so I’m happy I’m a big fan of poppy playtime and I can finally play it also I have a creepy pasta: a kid was lost in playtime co. He was injured and had no where to go he asked a man for help that was his last words as a human as he woke up something more well blue.Version: 2.0

So good 😊I love this game I wanted it when I was 7 it is so good . Good graphics and poppy looks like the pc version. It is only 2.49 and I love the game.Version: 2.0

Scary and good 👍Huggy wuggy is a little scary 😨.Version: 2.1

Poppy’s playtimeI really enjoyed playing it but I got really confused in the chases seen but that just made it even better..Version: 2.0

HelpI can’t get the key from Huggy, it won’t show up. I’ve tried everything, but he wont dangle a key for me. Is this a bug? If so could you fix it soon please? I want to play all the way through. I might’ve skipped a step but I looked it up and didn’t find anything I did wrong..? Please reply to this so I know what to do..Version: 2.0

Graphics and bugsI love it but could you work on the graphics? And could you fix a few bugs, but overall, I love it!!!.Version: 2.0

There’s a problemIt’s a really good game! But there a bug so in the vents part I was trying to connect the white thing I try to go around it and when I did it it like stop me by getting around it but it still good game it just like from the pc version and can you like delete the loading thing it’s kinda annoying I will rate it a 4 have a good day!.Version: 2.0

Absolutely amazing!Yes, the lighting is a bit off, but I don’t care! It’s absolutely amazing! For a mobile game, this is great! I never thought Poppy Playtime would be so good on iOS! Oh, and I’ve completed it about 3 times already so yeah! Well done MOB Games..Version: 2.1

Detectors read nowBoost up graphics and make keyboard mode and make controls easier for little kids like my baby sister to use..Version: 2.1

Great gameI’ve been waiting for iOS port for so long and now it’s here yay.Version: 2.0

HOW do you get past the make a friend part it’s way too hardLOOK it’s so hard I tried everything but my reach keeps going out can you make it show our reach has a lot more on mobile please fix that mob games.Version: 2.0


SiiiiI love this game so much I can not wait for chapter 2.Version: 2.0

Hey MOB, could you please please please read thisThis is an amazing mobile port, sure it’s not exactly like the pc version but it was very fun nonetheless. BUT ONE PROBLEM, the price of 2.99 is outrageous for this shot (but still fun) game, AND will you be adding chapter two (when it comes out) to mobile. If so will it be added on to this current app, or will it be an entirely different app that you have to pay this this outrageous price for. I how you’ll make A GOOD CHOICE. PS. I wish you luck on the development of chapter two. Thank you for reading this..Version: 2.0

One problemI played it today it was awesome but I have one problem, The graphics compared to pc are not that good their is some crates that aren’t clear. Tho I understand that stuff I don’t believe the full experience on the pc and be put on a phone or tablet..Version: 2.0

The best horror game everOk I used to be a bendy and the ink machine fan but poppy playtime is the best I just got it today and I’m in love with it if you have 3 dollars to spare get this game great work developers.Version: 2.0

I love mob gamesMOB Games I finally get to play poppy playtime and it was so amazing even though the PC graphics are better I still like it I hope to make chapter 2 on mobile too good luck making chapter 2.Version: 2.1

No loading screens in the gameThe game is so good but the loading screens are not good.Version: 2.0

Please make all the chapters on here!I want a full collection like bendy and the ink machine! I am not telling you to rush I am saying that when you’ve finished all the chapters can you please make the game name “Poppy Playtime” not poppy playtime chapter 1 mobile! Everybody’s gonna think you’re fake! And also put all of the chapters when your finished into one game like I said before! I love your work and appreciate all the stuff your doing, but can you just tell us the release date for poppy playtime fans sake! From Sheldonthebeast.Version: 1.0

AWSOME GAMETbh, i didnt knew if it was worth it to buy on mobile but i did and i dont regret, I just hope i wont have to pay for next chapter!.Version: 2.0

WowI really like the game but as possible maybe put it on PS4s,5.Version: 2.1

I❤️ poppyplaytimeI see lots of YouTubers play it.Version: 2.0

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME(YET)Graphics needs updating and polishing needed. However if you're a die hard fan then go ahead.Version: 2.0

Huggy fun is here! ⭐️Really great I love the game but there needs to be 1 change the change is the loading screen while your running from huggy wuggy The music is so intense and it’s like a glitch and I wish I didn’t have the screen because I died like five times trying To run from him ..Version: 2.0

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD5 star.Version: 2.1

Game awesomeIt for so long I didn’t find this game but finally I found..Version: 2.0

What is I gots to sayThe game is good I want to hit Huggy in the bootie. Only problem I crashed. But the screen when I’m about to crash it… I just love it! Love Axolotl_gaming.Version: 2.1

I really love the game very crazy kinda scared me but I was confused with the puzzlesAnd thank you for putting it on mobile! Thank so much!.Version: 2.0

I like it but……..If anyone saw the game on computer you would think it would have more graphics but I know how hard it is to make go graphic Games so I’ll cut you some slack but plz try to make better graphics I’m sure chapter 2 will have better ones right?.Version: 2.0

Good gameThis is best game in the world.Version: 1.0

His name is huggy🌚👖👕🧢Good horror game on mobile _______________. ___ __ \. / | ||||| | \. 0 0 /. | ____/ \. _______ /. //// \\__ //// ___ _/ \___. //// | \. //// / | | ______________ / |. | | _____ | |_____________| | —————— | | ||||| ||||||. | O ——- |. |||||| |||||| |______________ | ||||||. ||||||. | ||||||. |||||. | ||||||. |||||. | |||||. ||||| | |||||. |||||. | || |||||||| ||||||||||. | _____________________________|.Version: 2.0

One complanteWhy is there is there a loading screen when your in the vents it’s the bast part ever but 5 out of 5.Version: 2.0

Loading screensGood but the loading screens take a little long I don’t know why they take so long Mob games please fix this.Version: 2.0

Pretty goodOne of my favourite horror games is poppy playtime and I was really exited for it to come out on Mobile. The graphics aren't as good as the pc version but it’s pretty impressive for mobile. love the game..Version: 2.0

GoodA bit glitchy but please add chapte two I beat chapter 1 in almost a minute..Version: 2.0

Good great!It’s the most greatest game i have ever played and i really need help on the part when you get the red hand and go to the vents good game good for iphone pc and ipad great game mob games keep up the good work!.Version: 2.1

OMGI love it! Just pls make better graphics MOB.Version: 2.0

Just fineIt runs fine, few things are off though: The dizzy effect from when you fall doesn’t work, lighting’s not quite right, and (for some reason) Huggy’s a little taller than I remember (may just be me). The only real thing I want is full controller support, If you need button inputs (Xbox controllers) here are some: Interact = X, Jump = A, Blue Arm: LT, Red Arm = RT, Pause = the button with the three lines on it..Version: 2.0

FINALLY 🥳🥳🥳I would recommend this to anyone! It’s my favourite game rn but it’s so identical to the real one! (On pc I mean hehe) well done u got another 5 star ⭐️.Version: 2.1

Good game but one problemI’ve gotten to whereHuggy chases you I’ve got to the box part but the box always 100 can’t reach the box.Version: 2.0

Great game but I can’t get box to kill huggy wuggyOne of my hands will not grab the box to kill huggy wuggy. Am I the only one who is having this problem?.Version: 2.0

Hey mob it looks easier to get away from huggySo I played this game after the toy part it was difficult the wiring stuff it was hard but luckily I found a way how to do it and now about the vent chase it creeps me out.Version: 2.1

I have the pc and mobile gameI loved Poppy playtime since I played it in the beginning and I even create my own Game series I even want to the mobile one. So whenever I’m on an airplane I can just grab my phone now and start playing it. Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 favorite game ever.Version: 2.0

DcnvjlizhdfSdbfBVBvbbvvvvbbvvbv-&=T h i s, i s, a m a z i n g.Version: 2.0

It’s very good! But there’s one problemIt’s a good game you did your best to make this but there’s one mistake or glitch when I get the plush from the machine and I put the toy where it scans it it dosen’t let me put the toy in so I have to load the game and play it again Please fix this thank you 😊.Version: 2.0

Amazing gameAs I’ve always wanted to play this but it was only on PC so as soon as I found this out I bought it btw it is £2.49 sometimes the download can fail but the game is amazing so 5/5.Version: 2.0

AMAZING⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️When I first saw it I emmidiatly downloaded it never regretted it WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR BUY NOW!!!!!.Version: 2.0

Nice game butGood game!! But I hate every door we open it says playtime co. We will be right back next update please fix that🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.Version: 2.1

Great gameIt’s got good graphics for a mobile game so fun scary.Version: 2.0

The best game ever! 🤩This game is so great no bugs no menu glitches good graphics well done Mob Games and I love your YouTube channels such as Zamination and EnchantedMob great game just sooo good.Version: 1.0

Add chapter 2 Please and bug.Ok i can’t grab the box with the blue hand only the red hand can but it is still nice 👍.Version: 2.0

GREAT GAME but 1 thingHi I like it is on mobile now but it not like pc it loads every part instead. I play on ps5 it be better on ps5 PS4 please add.Version: 2.0

Best game everI love this game it is definitely less money than it should be because it’s so high-quality it’s not glitchy and it’s really good so 10 out of 10 I haven’t found any problems with this game just things that interest me so yeah definitely try this out.Version: 2.0

Not rip off not money stealer one thing thoI went back to power and I went in and I fell into the void but great game.Version: 2.0

SO CREEPY AND FUN DOWNLOAD NOW!!I LOVE IT 👍👍👍 I like how GOOD y’all made the main mechanic the grabpack plus love how you made EVERYTHING I love scary things like this plus I hit huggy 3 times in the lobby in the starting of the game to try the jumpsscare but it flung me out of the map I made a new game and tried again it worked this time and it’s not scary so I suggest loads of people get this game. P.S.plz make a sandbox just for fun..Version: 2.0

YAY!I waited a long time for the mobile version to come out and it looks AMAZING! However I did find a glitch where if you fire the blue hand in the corridor sometimes it grips onto the air then after you Retract the hand you can’t fire it anymore, can you fix it please?.Version: 2.0

Best game😁I love the grab pack can we have a pink hand 🖐 in the game.Version: 2.0

Is there?Sup mob games, idk if in allowed to ask questions but will mobile ever have the same graphics as pc?. Review: this game is amazing! I love how its so smooth and entertaining! Keep up the good work! 💙💙.Version: 2.1

Wow!I can’t believe I actually get to play it now, also I don’t know why people say it’s bad the graphics are really good it’s just the loadings some of them are at bad times like when you leave the vents.Version: 2.0

This is an amazing game!I’ve always wanted to get poppy playtime but I was on iPad. I’m so happy it’s out on this! I’m so excited for chapter 2- tbh I have no idea what else to say.Version: 2.0

W O WI have beat the game The game was so easy! I thought I was about To Waste money but it’s a great game! Thanks.Version: 2.1

Great app but shouldn’t chapter 2 be out by now?This game was great I played it and it was awesome.. but one problem chapter 2 should be out probably by now..Version: 2.1

AmazingIt’s so amazing but do you think you can please get Poppy playtime chapter 2 out soon.Version: 2.1

Poppy playtimeI love when you get the red hand and the grabpack AND this is for MOB GAMES.Version: 2.0

I love love this game!When the game came out for this device I was really exited but when I started playing it I noticed that the pc version has more graphics than this one but is still a great game! Regards.Version: 2.1

Almost perfect…The game runs well and hardly has any frame drops and/or bugs. The problem comes with the graphics, more specifically, the lighting. It’s an odd mix of too bright and too dark, but it’s an otherwise decent port, and it’s nice to have the game on mobile regardless. 4/5.Version: 2.0

Mob games pls read thisIf you guys make chapter 2 in the same app then that would make My brother so happy so pls add chapter 2 in the same app.Version: 2.0

Ch.2?I love this game but I can’t wait until ch.2,but one question, can you send a release date for it?.Version: 2.0

Great port!Graphics are impressive and the game is nicely optimized, it runs smoothly on low end devices too. The game glitches occasionally but that is expect from a brand new game/port. In other words, impressive port!.Version: 2.0

Very good gameI love this game I watched a lot of videos so it’s good to finally get to play it and I can’t wait for chapter 2 all I want is the graphics improved and it would be great.Version: 2.1

My honest review.Okay, so I’ve played the pc version and this version. I must say, for a IOS/mobile port, it’s outstanding. The graphics are not good, but I understand, for low and high end devices. The only issue I have is the subtitles. They become big then small. I hope this is fixed. This is the only bug I’ve encountered. BEST GAME. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT..Version: 2.0

It is impossible to beatHi I played the game but could not complete it because I could not get down the box becauseWhenever I used a hand the other hand would not work so just make it easier to get the box down please..Version: 2.0

Good gameI love horror games and this is one of my top 10 but I hope I don’t have to pay another five bucks to play the second chapter.Version: 2.0

Huggy is amazing🤩✨I love this game so much! It is the best out of any other horror game I’ve played, and I love the puzzles. They are super challenging! I also like the screen because the vent Chase is amazing! The first time I played the game, the only trouble I had was put in cat be in the toy scanner, To enter the door.Version: 2.0

OMGThis is one of the best horror game I’ve ever played the graphics could be a bit better but busied that perfect.Version: 2.1

I like it but…Every time I get to the huggy wuggy chase at the end I go both ways and he just gets me anyways so….Version: 2.0

Thank youThank you mob games for releasing this cool game for iOS thank you.Version: 2.0

NiffaI love the game but it takes so long too load like so long i can’t even believe how long it takes but good game 4 stars job well done.Version: 2.0

Poopy playtimeI poop on toys yea yea yea yea..Version: 2.0

YAY!! OMG!! LOL fire GAME!!! LOL thanks Mob games BYE BROMob games your games are on fire! Dude when i Fist got it I was so excited bro I loved the game lol.Version: 2.1

Cool gameI finally got this game and it’s amazing perfect game can’t wait to see chapter 2.Version: 2.0

Sooooooooo…….Ok I love this game it’s a easy short game but it was amazing! Like I’m probably not the only one who thinks that the graphics are better on PC! I don’t have a PC in all or maybe it’s just my beautiful 75 inch T.V😍 Any way I kinda hate the vent scene, not in general but the graphics in the vents are not my favorite but anyway it’s a worth it game!.Version: 2.0

Chapter 2When is poppy playtime chapter 2 coming out I just want to see YouTubers play it like markiplier and the games good job it’s prefect.Version: 2.1

Poppy playtime your is the best game everAwesome.Version: 2.0

Pretty goodIt’s the legit game so pretty cool but there’s only like an hour of gameplay so….Version: 2.0

Good gameThe best.Version: 2.0

Came to mobileTHIS GAME FINALLY CAME TO MOBILE!!!!!😃.Version: 2.0

It’s a good game but there’s possibly a bug on the bridge puzzleLiterally every time I keep doing the bridge puzzle it won’t let me finish it I keep using the blue hand while there’d hand is in place but it literally won’t let me do anything can u fix this thx.Version: 2.0

Just like the original game!I would highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to play a horror game! Thank you, ZAM!.Version: 2.0

There’s 1 problemThe game is great it’s just the loading screen that I hate. Like I get that it needs to load. But after the vent chase, ur relieved from escaping Huggy. Then u just put a loading screen. Otherwise I love the game..Version: 2.0

A very good gameI haven’t had a good game for while am extremely excited for the next chapter😃.Version: 2.0

A small bug but still greatIt’s a really good game! I had a little issue with the part where you get the key from Huggy Wuggy and enter the room, when I was inside of the room and tried connecting the power, the lightbulbs in the electric stands didn’t turn on causing the lights in the building not to turn on, I just started a new game and was able to play all the way through but I just thought I’d mention it..Version: 1.0

I don’t know any titlesI wish the actual game was as good as it is in the images.Version: 2.0

Message to haters before they write a review.Listen, this game may have not fully HD graphics, but it is just as awesome! If you came here just to complain about the graphics and say PC is better, why’d you download it? Or even bother speaking. This game is awesome. 10/10.Version: 2.0

FunPlease put the mods on the mobile version. Excited for chapter 2..Version: 2.1

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