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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure? Can you share your negative thoughts about 60 seconds! atomic adventure?

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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure for Negative User Reviews

My game doesn’t openI bought it a week ago and the game doesn’t want to open since then i didn’t play since i bought it can someone fix this or give me my money back please.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Full of Bugs and RNGThis could be a decent game, but the bugs and the poor movement controls in the 60 seconds portion (plus the bugs) hold it way back. Like others here, I've frequently gotten the black screen of death. I've also managed to get permanently stuck on furniture on decent 60 second runs, getting me nuked. Even if you're doing well - You'll likely never win the game. It's entirely RNG. After a few playthroughs (or even the same game), you'll start seeing the same material over and over and get bored. A good idea stymied by poor execution..Version: 1.22

Not the best, but pretty goodI have played this game on the computer and I'm glad to see it transferred over to iphone/pad! The game is essentially the same but with some minor tweaks. The low point of the game is the scavenging part. I have only been able to play Survival which takes away from the experience. This game is worth the money IF you don't mind the flaws!.Version: 1.22

FrustratedThe game is nice BUT it crashes so much every time I'm done choosing items for survival second I jump in the bunker CRASH!.Version: 1.22

Please Read Developers: Pretty greatNow you probably get this a lot, but please fix the bad controls when you have 60 seconds to grab supplies. People haven’t been that pacific on when the bad controls are there, so I feel that’s why you haven’t fixed it. Please fix that bug, that took one star away. Also, please fix the medical kit, you should be able to use it at LEAST three times. It’s a medical kit not a bandage, that’s one star away. Other than that this game is a great, so anyone who is looking to get this game, get it. The controls don’t work that well when you are getting supplies, but there is a button where the game stocks your shelter for you. 3 STARS 60 seconds!.Version: 1.24.2

GameIt’s fun but It has like 6 endings.Version: 1.27.9

White screenWhenever it goes to “day 1” it stays on a white screen and I can’t see or do anything at all. I just bought the game and can’t even play it... I’ll give it a good review when I can actually play it....Version: 1.24.5

Update it.I adore this game however I like doing challenges and because there’s not been any updates, I haven’t been able to play survival challenges Please update it :(.Version: 1.27.9

CrashesI bought the game and it keeps crashing.Version: 1.2

I want my money backThis game shouldn't be a paid game..Version: 1.22

I loose my moneyWhen i start the game it return to the home page of my phone.Version: 1.22

Fun just not much to do after a whileThe game is fun for the first few days but after that feels like you completed the game there is not anything else to do with the game so is it worth the money I’m not sure in my opinion maybe not because I didn’t really get to play it much because it got boring after a while but it was super fun at the start of playing it by the way this is just my opinion don’t take this too seriously because you probably have a different opinion if you play it thank you for reading by the way sorry for making so many reviews I just wanted to change a few things after writing reviews because I want to write down a few other things that I didn’t know to write the first time.Version: 1.27.3 Trapper's Delight

Expected something better than thisScavenging control is nightmare. Played for 60 seconds and already getting headache unlike pc version. Don't buy.Version: 1.22

DO NOT PURCHASEIf I wanted to read a book I would’ve gone to the book store. False advertising. It’s not even interesting. Do not get this game.Version: 1.27.9

Controls driving me insaneThe game has good potential!! But the CONTROLS while scavenging are terrible, makes you wanna punch the creator in the face after you constantly die or get stuck somewhere! Thx - don't usually write reviews but this drove me to insanity - I had to vent! Don't spend the 5 bucks until they update and fix it!.Version: 1.22

DécevantSes vraiment Décevant un jeu pour 5$49. J’aime pas du tout et il ne rembourse de rien !.Version: 1.27.10

It’s goodI really like this game, but at times it can be really bloody frustrating. I had a playthrough where I had 10-12 cans of food, 11 water bottles, and nearly every item needed to get the ‘rescued by the twins’ ending. I had sent Dolores on an expedition with the axe, had previously used the bug spray and lock, and couldn’t fix my gun because I had given the scout book to the twins for their ‘school’ when suddenly the bandits came. I had survived for 50+ days! I had tons of resources! All the random events I got were super lucky! AND THE BANDITS CAME AND RUINED IT ALL! This game is good, but if you get angry easily don’t buy it..Version: 1.27.9

GlitchyWe play it for a while, and its ok, but it frequently goes black, and exits the game. Most of the time its between days, when we are about to start, or between gathering items and the actual survival bit. And now, a day later, i cant even load the game. It's sad to think I wasted $5.00 on this game..Version: 1.22

Okay this is getting annoyingWhen I first got this game it was fun until around day 70 when the screen went black I pressed the home button and I knew the battery didn't just die i had 2 reset my game and the same thing happened! So I thought I'd just delete it but months later i saw that it got updated apparently there was some "bug fixes" and I'd consider the crashing thing a bug so i re-downloaded it... same thing happened so I deleted it AGAIN even more months later an update about fixing a crash bug so I thought... "they must've finally fixed it so I get it AGAIN and guess what... same exact glitch happened... WHY???!!!!! (But aside from that it's a great game👍).Version: 1.22

New updatesI love this game its been so fun to play. I know it would take a while but if you were to do a big update you could be able to go outside and scavenge just like the he start when you have to grab the things. I know this would be hard to do so its just a suggestion. I would recommend this game to every one its so fun..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

No no no noI was really enjoying this game, but when I got the robot Ted Easter egg, I have been paranoid for the past few days, I’ve also been scared to play the game, but I still do so, other than that, it’s a great game!And I can’t seem to find out if you get robot ted every time he dies...🤔🤔🤔.Version: 1.25

Not so greatSo the concept is great but the execution is not so great. Most people whi write reviews for games do so within 48 hours of their purchase. Well having play the game every day this week Ive noticed the random events storyline generator is ridiculous. Why do I feel this way? Because its critically hard to get ahold of specific equipment that you need to get rescued. You can start off with all the items in the beggining, but the game mechanics on medium difficulty will make sure you break or lose the "event required item" you need to be rescued. This in turn, will extend the game until you get the item replaced, which 80% will not happen before you perish. I challenge you folks to actually spend some time playing the game before you give it a good rating. All in all- this game is a little on the *plain ridiculous* side..Version: 1.25

Love this game but...I would love to give this game a 5* rating cause it deserves it but since latest update it keeps resetting everything I log into game play for a bit and exit when I go back in it reset itself it says my longest survival day is zero, no cans of food ate etc my longest survival is over 90 days but now have no record of it cause of the constant resets everytime I exit game please fix this I keep having to redo challenges that I previously done and I need to keep redoing my achievements over and over just because I leave the game fix and I will give the game the 5* it’s deserves.Version: 1.25.11 SOUP HOT

When is it going to get the reatomized updateI love it but it needs the new update Edit- it’s been like 6 months come on!.Version: 1.27.9

Cool but weirdThis is a cool game, The rush to get supplies to the shelter before the nuke hits is rather intense when you run low on time and remember you needed an important item. However, Survival is a bit reliant on luck. Don’t have an item you need? TOO BAD! You died. I got my first survive today, complete with the rescued by military achievement. However, it said “you perished.” Even though Timmy was alive and the military were in the bunker. Ted was on an expedition, but that shouldn’t change anything. Unless the military just left poor Timmy to die, it shouldn’t have been a perish. It counted as a win though, but it still bothers me that it perished me..Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Wont workI’m not sure if it’s just me but the game won’t boot up and it stays on the loading screen. Somehow it works now but I think that when they get in the bunker they all get sick around day 10-20 for no reason because I didn’t send them out and I didn’t accept any decisions yet so I don’t know how also it happens on the easiest difficulty which is small boy. I think The pc version is better and the gameplay is more realistic.Version: 1.27.9

Terrible ControlsGreat game concept, nice graphics, great story line. This game is very hard to play due to the extremely short quest time counter. Quest timer counts down, then when time reaches “0”, You perish. Game over. The problem is, TERRIBLE game controls and short quest time. The control rotation swings around way to much to pinpoint an item to retrieve. Even if the rotation speed is set at the minimum speed. With that being said, the countdown timer does not allow you to complete levels. If there was “double time” as the quest time, then the game would be playable to enjoy it. DO NOT!! waste your money on this game until the Developer has fixed the game control issue. Hopefully they will be able to configure the controls to stop swinging around so much. And possibly “up” the quest time from (20 seconds, to at least 40 seconds). Overall, the game play controls are 1990’s game controls. Help us out Game Developers, money has been spent. It is not hard to program changes in the game platform. You guys make great games and this should be added to that list. Thanks..Version: 1.24

I want my money back it crashes every timeThis should be free.Version: 1.27.1 Dolores & CAT

Kind of good game ?It was a great game but whenever it was the next day it would crash and do a black out but it is all right game 😕😑.Version: 1.27.9

Needs fixingWhen ever I go into the shelter it crashes on the loading bit. Also I know it's new but that's one of the key things to be fixed.Version: 1.21

The controls is terribleIf I buy it on PC I will give 5 star. But in iPhone just one or zero..Version: 1.24.2

It’s a mehSo I got this game for Xmas and I was REALLY excited because Kuzbass scouts played it and I have some recommendations:1. The medkit:YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT MORE THAN ONCE because it’s not just bandages there is also pills and other stuff NOT JUST BANDAGES!!!!!2:personally I think that you should be able to find other thing than soup and water more often because most of the time they come back with soup and water. Another thing is that you should make the trades better because lots of the time I get people who want to trade water for my REALLY GOOD STUFF! It’s a good game but kinda a meh.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

The white screen...I was looking forward to playing 60 seconds on mobile. When I got to the shelter the screen was right.Version: 1.24.5

Crash after leaving the bonkerIm using the best phone in 2019 and the game better fix it.Version: 1.27.1 Dolores & CAT

Needs polishingI was enjoying the game until it crashed on day 54. Every time I continue it crashes on the same day. I will probably never play this again knowing I could lose that kind of progress..Version: 1.22

Not worth it right nowThe game costs far to much as to what it's really worth, the scavenger controls are awful and make half the game really unenjoyable, it also constantly crashes every time the scavenger mode is done or every 6 days I game. This games serious issues should be fixed and the priced reduced because this is clearly not a $5 plus game..Version: 1.21

Awful controlsAlmost impossible to gather resources at the begging of the game.Version: 1.24.2

Fix it😤I paid 3$ for this game but everytime i get into the bunker it crash.Version: 1.22

It is crashingPleas help I am using a I pad air dose it work pleas help!!!.Version: 1.22

ScamDevs made a new one just to milk money they should be ashamed.Version: 1.27.9

Keeps crashingLove the game but I can’t afford to buy the game on steam. However when I found out I could get it on my iPad I got rly happy cause I got a apple voucher for Christmas. I brought it on my iPad and it’s a older iPad ( about 6ish years old) and it can’t install iOS 10 and over. Launched the game and it crashed. Tried troubleshooting but still keeps crashing. Pretty annoyed .... help anyone ?.Version: 1.24

Game is terrible.Don’t bother buying it. You’ll enjoy it for maybe an hour but after that you’ll have no reason to ever use this app again. Nothing changes, everything’s the same. It’s boring. Awful..Version: 1.27.4 Ted's Army

Don't buyScavenging controls are terrible. I'm also getting a black screen after a certain point in survival mode..Version: 1.22

Awful then crashesLike everyone else it looked good on viewing but after spending £2.99 it's just not a game at all. It crashes at a certain level which the makers have known about for months and they still won't refund!.Version: 1.22

RobbersMy son downloaded this in November and did not subscribe to anything then 3 months later they took £1 a week from his account for no reason. They have not responded to why and took money for no reason he didn’t even use the game in that time! Beware!!!.Version: 1.27.9

Read Before You BUYI’m not one to write negative reviews; however, to think that I had to pay £1 for this... Not sure what the premise of the game is, but it is pretty much unplayable no matter how much you mess around with the controls. If it was free it would be deleted straight away, that’s all I’m saying..Version: 1.24.2

Y'all owe me $5Y'all ripped me off $5.... This game is amazing on PC but the iPad version makes me want to rip my eyeballs out. The game is glitching and turning off and don't even get me started on the survival mode controls.... I bet the free copycat version works better than this piece of trash..... Ps only giving it 1 star because I have to .....Version: 1.22

White screen bugWhenever I finish scavenging and jump into the shelter it says Day 1 in black with a white screen behind it. And then when the Day 1 fades away it’s just a white screen. I even waited an hour for something to happen cuz it’s my favourite game. I mean c’mon I payed for this and now I don’t even get to play it! Please do something about it. I love this game so please fix it for me. From my iPad mini 2..Version: 1.24.5

PLEASE JUST FIX THE CONTROLSI think this game has the potential to be a fantastic game, but the controls are so crappy it frustrates everyone when they are trying to scavenge for stuff! Please just fix the controls!.Version: 1.22

Not worth 2.99Was expecting it to be a scavenge game but you literally just run around for 60 seconds then the rest of the game is just making decisions from a book.. Boring.Version: 1.27.6 4th of July

Fun game - a few bugsI really enjoy this game. It's interesting & fun. Unfortunately at times I get a black screen, have to hard close the game, and can't resume my game without getting the same black screen. Hopefully this bug will be fixed in an update!!! Other than that, cool game :).Version: 1.22

Low key boring lolSee at first it’s exciting but it kind of gets boring like after a while (like most games) it starts to get overused and it’s just like what’s the point of playing this it’s only taking up storage and there’s no new levels it’s just boring, so honestly if there’s anything i would wanna say to the creators it’s that you should make it more interesting and create newer and more creative levels, other than the fact that it gets boring REALLY easily it’s a good game with an awesome concept and it’s extremely creative and cute. i also kind of wish there was more lore involved in the game <3.Version: 1.27.9

WitI got excited when I saw how much like the pc version it was but was very disappointed when it kept crashing and also the scavenging controls are really flimsy and it doesn't make a good phone game..Version: 1.2

Its badI want my money back.Version: 1.27.9

Don’t BuyPretty bad app, doesn’t play well at all and is more losing time than actual play time. Don’t spend money to buy this sad excuse for a paid game..Version: 1.25.8 Holidays!

Worst game DONT BUYThis game is so bad for three reasons 1.the scavenging is a nightmare 2.during survival mode you get a black screen at a certain point 3.is really expensive even though you cant play So say good bye to the $5.00 you basically threw in a garbage bin The only good thing about this game is you can show your friends you have the game even though you cant play it. 😡 WE JUST GOT RIPPED OFF..Version: 1.22

Where’s the cat?Don’t get me wrong this is one of my favorite games of all time and pancake is the best dog ever but that’s beside the point for what I’d read the catomic dlc was going to come out on all platforms but there nothing at first i though I was getting unlucky not seeing the cat I would say his name but I can’t spell it then I checked achievement and no catomic achievements nothing no cat no new events until they get the dlc on iOS my review will stay 3 stars but if they fix it 5 stars because this is my favorite game.Version: 1.24.8

Good Gameplay, Poor PortGame is really fun, too many bugs and crashes often in its current state. I would love to give it 5 stars but it needs some work..Version: 1.22

HorribleI want my back the rounds only last 10 days not worth it.Version: 1.24.6

Waste of moneyCrashes before you can get in to the bunker.Version: 1.22

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