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American Farming app received 104 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about american farming?

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American Farming for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeI love the games so much the mechanics of the games are well built same as all the machines keep updating and I’ll never forget the game.Version: 1.4.51

FarmingWhen is rcc opening.Version: 1.4.61

Better than expectedI’ll tell you what the people over at squad built really overdid themselves this game is awesome. In my opinion the mechanics are better than farming simulator on console. I feel like there is a lot of potential with this company. I am from Northwestern Ohio and I feel right at homein the Maps that they have created if I could give you 20 stars I would.Version: 1.0

I love this gameHi grant and the whole squad built team I hope you see this review I have been waiting for this game for ever and I’m so happy it is finnaly here I think it is crazy that people are comparing this game to fs22 and saying that it is expensive I paid 60 bucks for fs22 and I wish I could get my money back this game is way better I’m so happy that you put anhydrous in the game I have been waiting for fs to change their fertilizer setup for a long time I love all the little details but I wish the mirrors would work some things I would like added would be a feedtruck a self propelled chopper multiplayer and some sort of haying system but other than that I love this game and can’t wait for it to grow Andrew.Version: 1.4.51

SuggestionThai game is great definitely the best mobile farming game with lots of cool mechanics but I would love to see a 1990 to 1993 model magnum.Version: 1.4.61

Comparison to Farming Sim (console)So, this game has a great variety of equipment. The map is also bigger than most other mobile farming games, and the in app purchases aren’t bad or p2w like EA. You can buy the ability to purchase large tractors like a Steiger, but don’t have to for large scale farming as you can already buy a quadtrack (or vice versa, I’m still in the first few hours and just checked the store at the beginning) I would like to see maybe the D21 and 5020 from the Squad’s 60s farming series on YT, and just some JD in general, but the game already has great variety. Another big plus is that the graphics are comparable to FS17, better than most mobile games. Overall, I give it a 9.5/10. Y’all are way better than any FS Mobile game (:.Version: 1.0

Constant crashingI just planted my first 20+ acre field and every time the game autosaves it crashes and sets me back 5-10 mins of gameplay or sometimes even right back to the last save which could’ve been more than 20 mins prior. I am on an iPhone 12 mini and have great internet connection. Ive had nearly 40 acres planted at one time before so this might not even be related to the amount I have planted but I would still like for this to get fixed. $10 for a game on mobile is not cheap. Thx.Version: 1.4.61

Can’t updateMy lpad will not update it is still on 0.4.61.Version: 1.4.61

Dang good gameThis is a really good game that impressed me. At first, I had a lot of skepticism considering its a small group of youtubers who were making this, but after I played the game, I can say that it exceeded my expectations by a lot. The game is far from perfect but thats expected considering it just released a few hours ago. However, I think that the game is missing a few crucial things that it should have, here they are. 1. Bale mechanisms. Yeah you can buy bales and feed your animals with it, which is great, but I also think itd be a great feature to be able to make your own bales using bailers, tethers, etc. Along with this feauture, grass and mowers should also be added along it. 2. Build mode. I don’t know if it is possible but it would be a great feature to have. It could take some inspiration from fs22 in the mechanisms on the build mode. 3. Jobs. Much like what fs22 has, it’d be really cool to have jobs you can do for other farmers like harvesting their fields, tilling them, etc. or maybe some contracts for bonuses on your crops and animals when selling. Thats just me though, and I don't expect any of them to be in the game. With or without them, the game will still be incredible and still continue to impress me. Great job Sqaudbuild, may you continue to find success in your game..Version: 1.0

Love this gameLove this game although I did not like the price I feel it was high for a mobile game but as soon as I started to play the game I realized the steep price was worth it it would be nice to have a four wheeler or side by side that is non dlc and I would love to be able to make hay for the cows because where I am from it is very rare to see someone feeding silage out of a silo you would just wrap the bales. Also love the dog feature but would like to see different breeds of dogs like labs or golden retrievers. Over all love this game and it’s very fun and the pigs are very realistic..Version: 1.4.84

Kicks me outGood game but there is a bug it keeps kicking me out I am on iPhone 8.Version: 1.4.90

Great gamePlease can we have colour options on the truck and let us sell land. The greatest game ever. Yeeyee.Version: 1.4.51

American FarmingThis game i very good there are some problems with the game but the game is very good also there are a lot of things they can add..Version: 1.4.61

Great gameThis is a great game i like it better than FS any day of the week I would love to see more improvements and to see some more farmsteads. One thing i would like to see is with the starter cattle farm if you could start with a combine… Cows themselves can east shelled corn. Another thing would be a corn picker to pick the ear of corn than you could grind it to feed to mix or feed to the animal. Overall great game.Version: 1.0

American farmingAbsolute best mobile farming game I have played ever. Since I don’t have a pc it is hard to find some quality farming games on the App Store..Version: 1.4.61

Love it, butCan you add another starting farm ( a dairy farm ) and can you add a bigger trailed harvester and lastly more customisation for 1206 tractor such as canopy , cab, nothing , front loader ,no front loader ,narrow front ,wide front . and for all old equipment turbos for 15 extra horsepower . but that’s it tell grant I love his vids and have subscribed . good job, love the game Ps please try add these features Yours truly Ashton..Version: 1.0

Best farming game for mobileI watch squad play fs22 and I wondered when this game would come out I got it right away this morning and was amazed by the quality and realism I’m from the Midwest and the hills are so real so far love the game just would like John deer in the game to not just case and the grain baggers you sneak peeked where are those. Overall great game and thank you to the developers and the SQUAD..Version: 1.0

FIX THE GLITCHESIt is the best game ever created but has lots of glitches please fix it.Version: 1.4.51

Support teamI have a few problems with the game a the start but after the update and the help from the amazing support team I am really enjoying the game.Version: 1.4.59

Great game but NEEDS improvementFor a company’s first game it was incredible so realistic but simple, the only problem i have with this game is if you want to make money fast you have to purchase it. it took me over 25 hours to get $100,000 on the cattle farm and i’ve spent 18 hours on the hog farm just have a total of $28,000. the prices for grain are so low and so unprofitable. in my opinion it’s unfair that you have to spend days just to get a couple thousand dollars when other people just spend $5 to get a couple hundred thousand, it’s especially unfair to the kids who’s parents wont buy them more stuff for a $7 game.Version: 1.4.61

My reviewThis is an amazing game definitely recommend if your into farming games.Version: 1.0

Good gameWhen I try and restore my purchases it’s not letting me and it kicks me out of the game when I bought the $10,000,000 and bought not that much equipment and it still kicks me out.Version: 1.4.61

RatingJust a very good built game.Version: 1.0

Best mobile game I ever playedAfter two and three minutes it kicks me out. Can you add 1086 to 1586 and a case flexi coil air drill and Charolais cattle..Version: 1.4.61

I take back what I said earlierI paid 7.99 for the game and so far it’s great but the only problem I have is the base game maps are the only two that work and it says there’s more options but for some reason the game just crashes every time I try and pick a New World but other than that a great five star game.Version: 1.4.59

WorkersYou need to fix it so you can hire more workers on a field. And you can hire more than 2 workers like 5 to 7.Version: 1.4.61

Game lags outIts amazing but it lags out when i play for a bit on it.Version: 1.5.23

Very goodVery impressed with the game and find it to be addictive too. It might not be perfect, but I expect that from a game that has been out only a few days. I think that in future updates yall should add bale making equipment and I would also like to see the fields on the map that I don’t own planted in crops. Other than that I think its a great game and I will continue to play it. Keep up the good work..Version: 1.0

Best mobile gameThank you The Squad and other employees at Squadbuilt for making a great game that I will play more than any other game. Even before you announced the game you have been my favorite YouTuber and that just made the game a little bit better. I’ve loved farming my who life and I was so excited to get this game. It cures my boredom and I have been playing it all day every day since the game has came out. The game has really lived up to the hype..Version: 1.0

Need to be able to take out loansThis is such a good game and I’ve been waiting a really long time for it but making money on the starting farm is really slow. I think that be able to take out loans in $20,000 to increments would really help. I get that licensing is difficult but if we could get an old combine that can run like a 20 header for pretty cheap would be really good. Thank you Squad Built for all your hard work and dedication for this great game..Version: 1.0

I want to be richI want to start with 100,000$ because it’s really hard to do everything in it..Version: 1.4.90

Good gameIt is a good games but it needs more tractors like John deer and more trucks like dodge and a square body Chevy.Version: 1.4.61

KawasakiIt’s a great game but it needs Kawasaki in the off-road pack.Version: 1.4.90

American farmingI think this is a great game but it is missing some things, even tho it is a brand new game that just got released I understand that it is hard to do it all at once but anyway i think it should have more verity in the dealership more than two trucks and again it is new so it may be coming but I think there should be at least one Doge, Chevy, ford and GMC but other than that i think it is a great game and definitely recommend getting it..Version: 1.0

Love the gameLove the game been playing it since it came out! But now every time I go to play I get kicked out..Version: 1.5.23

Best game everI play it on iPhone no problems at all. I tried to play it on iPad then I changed to iPhone and it worked.Version: 1.4.61

Great gameThis is definitely a great game. You can tell that they put a lot of work into it. There’s just some things I’d like to see added to the game. I would like to see a smaller green cart for the people that are starting out small so they don’t have to run wagons back-and-forth, I would like to see crap destruction and depression in the corn fodder once you’ve cut it. I like to see dynamic weather changes within the game. I feel like if you add all those together the game will definitely be more well rounded and be a lot more fun and more of a great experience for people to play..Version: 1.0

American farmingI have one problem with this game and it makes me kinda annoyed and I would like if you guys could add in big loans or some way to get more money because I have been playing for 19 hours and only have $35,000 and would love to farm with the bigger equipment. I am not allowed to spend money on purchases like that so I would love to be able to get big loans so we can grow more. I love this game other than that. I would also like to see I a up date like one of the old 9330 case stringers or even some old green Steiger because I have ran lots of those and they are so much fun and I think it would make the smaller farms more fun..Version: 1.4.61

Works great on iPhone XrOve it thx for making this i axtually cried playing it💚.Version: 1.4.61

GoodThis is by far my favourite game but since buying stuff it glitches every ten too twenty seconds so if possible please fix.Version: 1.4.61

I can’t Login At allI have tried so many times but nothing happens.Version: 1.4.90

Loving the gameI am enjoying this game a lot! I’ve watched your guy’s videos a long time and was very excited for it! I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if the starter pull forage harvester is the largest implement you can buy to make chaffe. I’ve been grinding hard and am still having fun with it I’m just hoping there will eventually be something a bit more effective for it..Version: 1.4.61

American farming tractorsI love the game but there’s something you guys need to fix and that the tractor brands. Like mate, Most of you guys love John Deere, so why don’t you add some of your favourite John Deere tractors, but I’m not saying I don’t like it, but I’m just saying I think you should add some other tractor brands..Version: 1.5.23

American farmingOnly been playing for a day best mobile farming game ever.Version: 1.0

Realistic gameThe game is really awesome. It had lots of neat features that other farming games don’t have like helper on the headlands, large fields, big map, and realistic yield. The whole game is very American. Some things I really hope to see in the future is more equipment variations and multiplayer. Multiplayer would really make it fun especially as you progress in the game. Another thing I would like to see is the season incorporated more. January looks the exact same as July. It is a great game and has a lot of potential and I am hoping with some updates it will happen..Version: 1.0

Best game everI’ve been a big fan of the squad for many of years now and my cousin actually worked with him a little bit to make him mods in fs 17 and the beginning of fs 19 but whe. I heard he was making a game I knew instantly the game was going to be amazing so I knew I was going to buy it as soon as I could so that bough it and if there’s any bugs they fix them right away I have not my played to see any bugs because there mostly all solved and I’m super excited to see more of the dcl come and I really hope they get John Deere which I bet you grant is probably already trying to work on that’s and I hope thery add the 4020 and the 440 and there already working on Chevy that’s coming to the game I have also been playing mobile farming games for years and this is the best of the best good job grant we love the game thank you som much for the days of work you put in it.Version: 1.4.61

Fun, expensive gameThis game is awesome. I found it after a long hiatus from the farm simulator game series, which is made by the same developers. This is a great rendition of a farm simulator game for mobile, including the most classic parts of the farm sim series into an app. It’s fun and fulfilling. BUT the downfall of the game, which is most likely in its infancy of a long line of updates, is the money component. To authentically play this game, it takes many many hours of play time to grow your basic farm they start you with, to a larger farm. To play the game without spending USD to purchase in-game money is too time-intensive. It took me about 20 in-game hours to buy the next field from the basic pig farm for around $72,000. While I understand the developers need to be paid, and in game purchasing is a revenue net… Playing the game legitimately, which is how I prefer to play, is too time consuming for the regular person to be able to grow a farm from scratch to actually affording the big tractors, etc. On top of that, I eventually did buy in game money, which resulted in a loss of interest in my authentically grown farm. Just hoping that growing a farm legitimately becomes more feasible for the average mobile user..Version: 1.4.61

Best game In the category “farm”I love the game graphics are super good fort the first ever version of the game. It is super realistic, other than a few things; pigs are all good ready to go that is super realistic; cows, so chaff is used for dairy cows, you can use chaff for beef cows it really isn’t that realistic if you could find some type of way to get “cake” is what we say down here in the south area of the USA; you could do more maps like how the main map is Iowa and then you could do like Texas or Oklahoma for cotton ( but the machinery has to be green ). And like kansas for wheat all that stuff I mean if you want to do potatoes in Idaho be my guest. NEED a fuel trailer I was planting then I hired a worker and then it ran out of gas. I figured out how to fix it but still, we need a fuel trailer. Oh and make the DLC prices for the dirt bike and the heavy equipment DLC like lower it down it will be a lot more fun of a game if you would have cheaper prices on the DLC. But other than ALL this pretty good, cool, great, fun, awesome, little bit pricey game.Version: 1.4.51

Very Great GameThe game is great and it has competition with Farming USA. It just feels like it is missing a few things like vehicle leasing and it would be nice to get money faster from the start. Here are a few recommendations for the game, Vehicle auctions, leasing, and fewer DLCs. The last thing would be to have the graphics a tad bit better but they are pretty good for how early the game is in work. With all that being said thank you for making this game and I wish you luck on your journey..Version: 1.0

Great Mobile GameTo start out Grant and his team did a great job with this game. They created a very in-depth, fun to play mobile game that could very well beat the Farming Simulator mobile series, only being out for a couple days. The intelligent AI allows you to be doing other thing while they are taking off point rows and rounds on the fields, they will though sometimes drive over the same spot over and over again which will most likely be fixed later. Overall they have a very good base to start building off of and I am looking forward to the future updates and additions..Version: 1.0

American FarmingThis game is very good and is very enjoyable. There some minor features that should be added like dust effects and dirt build up on vehicles and implements, there also should be another map eg an Aussie map. All in all it is an a grade game and should be considered as growing..Version: 1.4.59

Good gameGreat game but throttle is annoying maybe an option for one that doesn’t lock?.Version: 1.4.61

My game won’t workI try to start a new game and I’m loading in the i get kicked out of the app.Version: 1.4.84

Dairy farmHave a dairy farm as a option for maps.Version: 1.4.51

Don’t buyI’m only giving this a five star rating so you will see it I love the squad and all but I paid for the game and I could not play at all the released a patch but it still kept crashing after 2-3 minutes I emailed tech support they did not reply. Someone told me to have 4 gigs of storage open but it still did not work.Version: 1.4.84

This game is funIts so fun but need to add mud.Version: 1.4.84

Could you please fix this problemHi I have an iPad mini 4 and the game just rapidly flashes between the load screen and the character customization It would be very much appritiated if you could fix this problem but from what I can tell this is a very quality game I got the update and still nothing same problem I really want to play the game can you please fix the problem?.Version: 1.4.51

Update makes a huge differenceI have a very large scale farming operation in game and I play on a iPhone 13 so pretty new but before this update it was nearly impossible to play I had to have it in the lowest quality and now I can have it in the highest quality and it makes gameplay so much more fun, also the new trucks look so cool love all the options that come with them, haven’t gotten them in game yet but I’m super excited about this awesome game, by far the most realistic mobile farming game out there..Version: 1.4.84

Better phone = no more crashingGot a new phone and decided to try playing the game again. Did not crash in the first five seconds and am very happy. Would love to see multiplayer as farming sim don’t have that on mobile yet and this game would probably really take off with multiplayer. Also you guys should ask ford and John Deere if you could put there vehicles in the game. Also would be sweet if we could customize trucks a bit more but you guys also basically just launched the game so probably better to deal with the more important things..Version: 1.4.61

Best farming game ever on mobile but just a problemThis is the best farming game on mobile just how realistic it is just makes me so satisfied really cures my boredom but there is one bug I’m experiencing and this is after the 2nd update. The bug I’m experiencing is when I go to the grain bin site on the Pine Valley farm and I go to dump the crop in the grain bin the prompt shows me what grain bin to dump it and I go to press on either one and there’s no response but I go on the other map and it lets me. So please fix this one issue!!!!.Version: 1.4.61

Great gameLove the game The only thing I would say about it is that the game keeps crashing for me and when I go back into it, it didn’t save where I left off. Please make the save time faster so when it does crash it saves exactly where I left off. Update: I got the game to work properly and am able with very little to no crashing. Thanks@SquadBuilt for creating a great game for everyone to learn more about modern day Agriculture!.Version: 1.4.84

Good But One of my games doesn’t load and it’s a bit expensive tooI love the game and I’ve been waiting since you first announced it. The few problems I have are mainly bc the game just released and workers not being perfect are expected, but I feel that the game is a bit pricey, especially for younger poeple who may not be able to get a job or kids who have to spend their parents money. Otherwise, great game Squadbuilt :).Version: 1.0

Good gameGood game but it doesn’t let me buy the off-road and pack or anything.Version: 1.4.90

Based off on hour of play will updateSo far this game is going to be the farming sim of the mobile world. Controls are pretty simple and easy to use. Front loader controls are something to get use to but not bad. Graphics and game play are pretty good for a mobile game. I’m sure with more updates and user feed back this game will get better and better. Need a better way to view how much grain are on silos and what’s the moisture level is. Maybe I haven’t found it yet. All this is based off about an hour of play time. So far so good would recommend.Version: 1.0

Great game but wish there was some johndeerGreat game but wish there was some johndeer.Version: 1.4.90

American Farming reviewI love American Farming, I’ve been playing it for hours. But I have seen some issues. 1. The graphics, after months of waiting I expected a little better graphics. 2. Some things are a little pricey, with the expense of some things it would be nice if the grain would sell for a little more per bushel anyway. And the money you can buy is a little expensive to. These are my main two complaints, I love the game and hope to see fixes in the future. Thank you SquadBuilt, and Grant Hilbert for delivering such a great game. I love all the IH tractors on the game and can’t wait for Rollin Coal Customs to open in the future..Version: 1.0

Great gameBut have a 4 year old iPad and keeps sending me out of the game . Not sure if this has something to do with the new update .But never did this since I updated..Version: 1.5.23

Best mobile farming gameThey are lots of nice tractors and equipment.(I am still learning how to play)it would be cool to see more pickup trucks.Version: 1.4.51

GREAT GAMEGREAT GAME BUT NEEDS MORE EQUIPMENT I’m thinking maybe a big bud 525/50 and can you put the grain Bager in the next update but please don’t put it in the one of the dlc packs.Version: 1.4.90

BeautifulLoving it so far..Version: 1.0

American Farming ReviewAmerican Farming, the latest mobile game to enter the virtual farming genre, offers a commendable experience for agriculture enthusiasts on the go. With a strong focus on realistic controls and an impressive array of farming equipment, it brings the charm of managing a farm right to your fingertips. One of the game's standout features is its excellent control system. The standard gear-shifting mechanism provides a realistic touch, enhancing the overall immersion. However, the addition of an automatic control system would undoubtedly cater to a broader audience, making it more accessible to players with varying preferences and skill levels. Moreover, the option for remappable controls for game controllers, as well as keyboard and mouse support, would be a welcome addition, allowing players to tailor the gaming experience to their liking. This would further enhance the accessibility and appeal of American Farming. Visually, the game holds its ground with impressive graphics for a mobile platform. The attention to detail in the selection of tractors and harvesters is noteworthy. While the current lineup is diverse, the inclusion of iconic brands like John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, and Claas would add a layer of authenticity and satisfy the cravings of true farming enthusiasts. Looking forward, the potential addition of forestry equipment could broaden the scope of the game, offering players more avenues for exploration and diversifying the gameplay experience. Additionally, the prospect of enhancing vehicle customization with options like changing colors, rims, and body kits would provide a personal touch to the farming machinery, allowing players to create a unique and personalized virtual farm. The well-thought-out map with expansive fields contributes to the immersive farming experience. The game's resemblance to Farming Simulator is apparent, and American Farming successfully brings many elements that fans of the genre appreciate, making it a close contender for a mobile Farming Simulator experience. In conclusion, American Farming lays a solid foundation for a mobile farming game, offering realistic controls, appealing graphics, and a diverse selection of farming equipment. With a few refinements, such as the addition of more tractor brands, an automatic control system, and expanded customization options, this game has the potential to become a staple for agriculture gaming enthusiasts on mobile devices..Version: 1.4.61

Only get if you have a compatible deviceThis game is pretty cool I have logged 6 hours in it and by far the best mobile farming game. The reason for only 4 stars however, is the fact that even though it is supposedly “compatible” I have tried nearly everything and still have not been able to successfully load into my farm. So all I can play on is a small phone screen. I contacted support and all they said was that my device might not be compatible. I can’t see how this can be possible however, because my IPad can run every other app fine. I am playing on a 6th generation IPad and it should not be having “compatibility” issues with this game. I would recommend you make sure that your device is “compatible” before paying 8$..Version: 1.0

American farmingMy game keeps crash every 20 to 30 seconds i can’t do anything.Version: 1.4.90

CodesLove the game so fair I have put 20hrs on it already? Where would we find the gift code.Version: 1.4.59

American FarmingIt is a very good game but it needs multiplayer maps and DLC taken off and went you go selecting the what farm you want to start it doesn’t have the milk farm to select went starting a map but overall the game is very good..Version: 1.4.61

Great Game just takes a lot of grindingI have like 20 hours in a save game I’ve been playing while waiting in line at the elevator and in the field. It’s just taking me a lot of time to get any money and I would like a manure tanker but the one is so expensive and the tractor to pull it is the same price. I just wish there was some equipment to bridge the gap between the expensive stuff. Other than that it’s a great game and I look forward to seeing what happens in the future. This company has great potential, Giants software better start shaping up.Version: 1.4.51

Needs John DeereWould be really nice to have some more variety of equipment.Version: 1.4.90

Very goodThere's only two problems with this game 1. There's no hay or straw operations and 2. There's no multiplayer. But apart from that a really good game this simulates farming very well ( and that's coming from a farmer) I would even say the cattle operations In this are more realistic than in the proper farming simulator made by giants software I love this game so much I'm already about 10 hours in a save in about 24 hours it's so addictive and entertaining very well done squadbuilt💯.Version: 1.0

You can’t put it downThe cattle starter farm is a work of art. The ability to sustain a small/large operation with base game equipment and limited fields 👍. You can grow as big as you want or stay as small as you want. The physics especially the 1206 FA 🫡. It’s the best game for mobile, or console in the farming world imo. From someone who grew up raising beef cattle, this game gets nothing but thumbs up from myself and everyone I’ve shown it to. Keep up the good work👏.Version: 1.0

So funThis game is so fun it’s my son’s favourite YouTuber and the rolling cold makes it so much better.Version: 1.4.90

Kicking me outIt gives me one minute and then I get kicked out.Version: 1.4.90

Sooo goodBest on the go game in forever, loving the game , please don’t stop advancing and updating.Version: 1.4.84

Pretty goodIt’s an excellent game but some more variety of machines would be nice and 30$ for 10 mill in the game is a bit expensive and better graphics would be nice to but overall I love it.Version: 1.4.51

Good gameGood game but I get kicked out all the time.Version: 1.4.61

Need new trailersYou need a tanker and seed haller for fuel and stuff and p&k and liquid nitrogen.Version: 1.4.90

SuggestionI think America farming is a great game I just think you should add a sandbox mode where you could go and get all the money you need and just have fun and farm or role play owning a business and not run out of money.Version: 1.4.90

Good Game butNeeds John deere.Version: 1.4.90

Pls fix I can’t play if you don’t fixHello squad built I have a problem that needs fixing again the game keeps crashing this time I last a bit longer without the game crashing but still if you could maybe make the game a little more compatible with older devices.Version: 1.4.90

Overall decent game, but there’s a few things to be improvedOverall I love the old tractors and the equipment, but I do wish they had older combines and stuff, there’s only 2 options for combines, and I do love the cattle operation too. Much better than FS. However I understand the graphics aren’t gonna be as realistic because it’s an iPhone game, but hopefully improvements will be made, and other equipment will be added. I also love the AI workers that actually work well, unlike FS. I just purchased money in the game, but it has not come in yet, so I’m confused about that, I’d like my money that I paid for. I was connected to WiFi when making the purchase..Version: 1.0

Great game by a group of amazing developers.I have followed Grant and his team for the last couple years as they developed this game. Glad to see it released so I can try it. Basically a light version of farm sim and much more easy to use. Super fun so far and I am glad they released a great game that isn’t like most of these crappy other games full of ads on the App Store..Version: 1.4.61

Good gameGood game but a few things to be added or changed to make it better but do enjoy it mostly.Version: 1.4.61

Great GameWhen i heard about this game 2 years ago i was so excited but when i finally got it killed my expectations. The feel the look and the gameplay of the game is good and smooth. Very good game and worth getting. 5 stars.Version: 1.0

Great gameI really enjoy this game I'm giving it 5 starts but the 1 exception is that I anm not able to purchase the offroad pack. I bought it I spent my money but it won't let me use it in game. Any replies are appreciated. Once again it's a great game. It says unable to log in and I've tried restoring the purchases and it still doesn't work..Version: 1.4.51

What a game squad builtI have played this game for about 24 hours and now a big Time operator. I love the map and really think there could be some improvements to this great game. One thing that you guys need is seed and fertilizer and fuel tenders to the game. I have enough coming sense to look at all of my gages on the screen to look to see if I have to fill up anything. It just gets annoying when I have to fill my 4440 patriot almost every time when applying nitrogen. That’s one thing and the second thing is more hired workers. I would be fine with more than 5 and paying in game money to work them. It’s just time consuming to only have 2 works. That’s my second thing and the last thing is John Deere equipment. I like case ih but for being born with John Deere blood inside me, and using it on my real farm. It would be cool to see that on this game. All and all. I really appreciate all the hard work squadbuilt put into this game and it is a very cool game. Thanks.Version: 1.4.84

Best game in existenceI’ve been watching grant and his friends for such a long time and when I heard that they made this game almost 9 days ago I knew I had to try it out for myself to see how good it was and it was so fun playing it this game is all I’ve been playing for the past 9 days I hope that grant makes more trucks and tractors for all of us to play with and make more maps but no rush because I know they just started this but I am very excited to see what happens in the future. Thank you Grant!.Version: 1.4.59

Great GameI love this game! It is amazing for a mobile game. the graphics are good. The realism is off the the charts amazing! I play this game almost everyday. I love that they have a dog that you can interact with. One con for me is that I think you should start with just a little bit more money like 50 grand but otherwise good job SquadBuilt Inc! I can’t wait for what is to come!.Version: 1.4.61

Fun gameCan you a old 7.3 obs ford crew cab on the game and it is so much fun.Version: 1.4.90

Good but bugsGot a tractor stuck next to a barn. Now it’s totally useless and I can’t do tillage. Game was fun until then.Version: 1.4.61

StuffCan we please get some John Deere and some more crop and maybe some multiplayer but a great game overall also can we be able to sell land.Version: 1.4.90

IssueJust wondering if you guys could fix the issue with workers only using 3/4 of the Case 1265 planter. Thanks.Version: 1.4.51

American FarmingGuys this is the best American farming game ever made!!. I’m a big fan of you guys, keep up the good work and please reply to this review. Thank you for this game I love everything about it..Version: 1.4.90

Great gameI’ve been playing it the entire past weekend. It’s a good game. You can do a lot of things that you can’t in FS22, and the opposite is true. Making bales for the livestock would be nice, but not really necessary. I don’t care much for the speed control (I like being able to go slower when needed, and the minimum speed is 6mph). I can’t say much bad about it because there isn’t much bad to say. It’s a well thought out game. I like how the different farms are laid out. The fields vary in size which is nice. Highly recommend the game overall..Version: 1.0

It’s a great game fun to playGraphics are good. Everything is good. The only thing that I don’t like and I wanted to reach out to you guys but I didn’t know how it won’t let me access the shop and it won’t save my progress. It keeps saying Internet connection, invalid and my Internet connection is good. It works perfectly fine on farming simulator 23. What I used to play on but I would like to play it but it’s not saving my progress. Thank you..Version: 1.4.61

Great game but one suggestionThis is such an amazing game and how you can do things that are not offered in other games makes this a great farming game. One suggestion that would be great is to make the forage harvester bigger. Right now it takes a super long time to use the forage harvester and harvest a field. Other than that suggestion, it is a 10 out of 10 and definitely recommend to anyone..Version: 1.4.51

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