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Business Empire: RichMan app received 52 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about business empire: richman?

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Great Game.This game is great! I have been playing this for hours the past few days and it’s great! At first it’s mostly watching ads for the clicker but after a while if you can save enough for the car business invest in that. I went from 100k to 40 million in a day just by flipping cars! (There is a typo in the fortune page. You guys spelled “business” as “busness”.) Other than that it’s an overall great game!.Version: 1.11.20

To long and boring.This app is OK but it takes a ton of time to become good so I deleted it. This kind of app is more made for people who have A LOT of time,instead of people like me who have to go to school. And even people who have a lot of time might not like it either. And this is not a terrible complaint but FAKE ADDS. And tapping to make little money. I only rated it 5 stars so people would see this.Version: 1.11.20

BrokenIt is a great game but I don’t seem to be getting my whole hourly income. I should be getting just over 500k and all last night I only got 300k.Version: 1.11.16

This game is awesome!I love this game because it is showing and simulating how in reality you have to work for money I mean obviously in reality it's harder than just clicking in one place for a long time but it still shows that. I also think this game would be helpful for college and for highschoolers who don't know what the adult life will be like yet. I know I'm only 13 but I think this could be really helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!.Version: 1.11.20

Lovely gameThat a very nice game you can do a lot of thing that very realistic.Version: 1.11.14

MarriageThis game helped me find my wife Frankie Young and we have been happily married ever since, however.... since the marriage all he has done is play this game and our child passed away due to neglect. Great Game!!!.Version: 1.11.16

Great game other than a recent glitchI’ve been playing this game for a few days and I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t mind the frequency of ads all that much and the content is very enjoyable. My one issue is a recent glitch with the business income. It shows me how much I should be making from my business, and I used to be making that, but now all of a sudden the hourly income from the businesses has stopped for no reason. I think it is just a glitch, but it is really getting in the way of playing the game. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.11.16

Ads hold it back from 5 starsI got to 3.7trillion net worth but i want 4 more max leval factories that i can aford but i have to watch 200 30 second ads if i want to not wait 3 weeks per factory but early game is fun. also the business mergers are worthless, i put in a factory that makes 8,000,000,000 an hour and several other businesses and only get a business that makes 128,000,000 an hour out it makes no sense.Version: 1.11.16

Two things keep it from 5*Hooked on this game!! New favorite game!! Keep it coming my guys!! Stock and cryptocurrency history. If you guys could show at minimum the previous 24hr on the graph, that would give it a more realistic look and feel. It gives us more to think about and consider when choosing the right investments based off the previous tends. That would be so much more fun! I am experiencing slow “earnings” progress. I make a little over 13billion and hour on business and real estate income. That’s roughly 180mm a minute. I should be able to see the earnings move consistently. Or log out and back in again and have it catch up. But that doesn’t happen. Can you please work on that glitch. Cause I need to buy out companies on the market for my next insignia 🤑🤑🤑.Version: 1.11.16

Love it!I originally came on the app store to see if the creators were still making updates which i am so happy to see. Like the one review that i read, i would love to have an option to get rid of ads. Every time i buy something have to wait 30 seconds because of an ad. Cant wait to see where the developer takes us on this ride. Excited about it!.Version: 1.11.20

Went good at firstLoved it and was playing it everyday for the past 6 months. My big factories were making billions per hour. I was making a total of 23 billion per hour until today. For whatever reason today my per hour went down to 97 million. All of my factories are now only giving out 8 million. What happened? Did the factories get a nerf? If so I feel like there should be a news bulletin or something that tells you about new updates because that’s a pretty major change to my pay per hour. Other than that it’s a pretty great game. Slow start but that’s to be expected from these type of games..Version: 1.11.19

Great Game!!!!!I have to say, that I don’t think I was going to like it. But it turns out, working on a team and being able to Chat with them and to help each other out is really fun! Your not just by your self playing the game and it makes it interesting too. I would give it 2 thumbs up!!.Version: 1.11.16

Finally workingI have an iPhone 12 and the clicking area where u tap to earn money wasn’t working. I deleted the game and re-installed it a bunch of times and it seemed to work. Now, they just need to remove the adverts from the bottom of the screen so that you can actually see what the hell ur doing.Version: 1.11.15

Enjoyable - limited adsBeen playing a week and expected to be very ad heavy, to my surprise it isn’t! I think there are few creature comforts that could be made, - taps capping at $10 is pretty silly given that it is worthless after a short while. - the planes/yachts/cars are worthless for personal garage other then spending money, thought they would’ve been some sort of upgrade, they aren’t. - HOURLY INCOME DOES NOT MATCH OVER TIME!!!!.Version: 1.11.20

I love it so muchI am addicted and I've been playing it since kindergarten my only issue is that there are too many ads I hope you don't find my response offensive because I love the game so much. It's like I love my school but there are some ups and downs and I don't like somethings in my school, I love this game so much you get 5 stars! Just fix the ads.... ?.Version: 1.11.16

Game with lots of potentialI feel this is a good game with a lot of potential for future. One of the things, I didn’t like was the limit on number of businesses I can own,after a certain threshold was reached,I couldn’t buy anymore businesses. I think it might a good idea to increase the threshold for the number of businesses I can set up I am also looking forward to see more businesses being added to the list..Version: 1.11.16

Just need to fix the income per hour bug.Hi, I’ve been seeing people comment about this bug (i’ve also been hit by this bug) I’m supposed to be making over 2M+ in income hourly and yet i can stay off the game for a full day and only come back to 3M in total cash. This bug is a little frustrating because this is a great game and i’d hate to have to give it up due to something so trivial as this but it’s slowly down my progress in the game..Version: 1.11.16

SolidAlthough confused. There is no way I should be making that much by opening and closing the game. Either something is messed up, or my game is glitched. I can open and close and take in millions. Not super realistic. Almost takes the fun out of it when trying to buy things. Just open and close the app 10 times and boom I can buy the island I want. Wish that was fixed.Version: 1.11.20

My opinionPls make it 2 player so people can work together on the business and stuff if u do thx and good game btw.Version: 1.11.16

Cool game!!!In the ad it shows you clicking on the screen and getting money and also buying yachts, cars, trucks. BEST PART IT: it’s a true game and not just an ad to make you add and play. It’s a very realistic game it’s like real life just getting money faster then every lol. Other game have the ads that’s fake and totally different. You should add this game if your bored and need entertainment. I recommend you read this in case you think it’s a real life game, even though you know it’s fake🤩.Version: 1.11.20

Great Game!!!!!I have to say, that I don’t think I was going to like it. But it turns out, working on a team and being able to Chat with them and to help each other out is really fun! Your not just by your self playing the game and it makes it interesting too. I would give it 2 thumbs up!!.Version: 1.11.16

Great Game and should add a few featuresI love this game! It’s a great experience to play and I’ve even competed with my friends to see who could get rich the fastest, one feature I wish was in the game was the ability to bet against or short shares. Another great addition would be an airline. Overall love the game and can’t wait to play more!.Version: 1.11.20

Good gameI love the game so far. I’m having a fun time figuring out what will make me the most money. There has definitely been a lot of work done to make this game, and it shows. I never expected the app to have this many features. My only gripe is that there are more adds than I like. I’d be more than willing to pay a few bucks to skip the forced adds. consider adding this as an option please!.Version: 1.11.20

Minor Bug but fun gameI have played this game for the past couple of days and had a lot of fun but I’ve run into one bug that hinders game play. My income per hour is no longer giving me the full amount. My IPH (Income per hour) is about 5 million and I am only receiving about 500,000 per hour and it has hindered my game play. Overall I like this game and hopefully they can fix this bug in the next update..Version: 1.11.19

Actually kinda realistic. Grade-AI have been playing for around 4 days, and it is pretty solid. There is only a few issues. 1. Stocks don’t seem right. I know stock market a bit(I am in fact doing a project over it.),and I notice in this game it doesn’t feel like the stock market. With stocks it’s randomized,with mostly a trend of going upwards except some companies which ultimately fail. The games market is just going up and down one price to another,making invest in the market nearly useless. I suggest a fix,as I think that would be easy. 2. Clicks. I want y’all to keep the clicks to a maximum of 10 dollars per click,with a $100 if an ad is watched. The game is about letting you businesses make money,not you. You just start it. That being said,a buff on businesses and stocks is acceptable. 3. The Garden yacht. I think it’s to expensive. That thing is more expensive then most countries. That’s it. I say just have ad revenue to make money for you app. If for some reason you have to make a subscription or pay to win item,just make it 2x money per click with 1.5x revenue multiply. Simple,naming is unique. Overall good app and not a scam. Recommend for simulator users..Version: 1.11.20

Amazing but new so bugsI really enjoy the game and I just got like 3 days ago and have already spent hours on it and it deserves 5 stars because I know its in early development so bugs are common. I can’t wait to see future improvements. There is one thing that’s weird, it doesn’t seem like i’m getting my hourly pay or just not the full thing, i was making around 400,000 an hour and it was coming in nicely but then I hired more people in my IT Company and my pay decreased to 179,000 but it doesn’t seem like all of it is going in. I may be wrong but it would be nice if you could check that out Also I am upgrading my clothing brand and i can watch an add to decrease upgrade time but every other ad works please fix that. Thank You.Version: 1.11.19

Idle incomeFor some reason my hourly income just stopped giving me money.Version: 1.11.19

5 star but …This is an amazing game but I wish it was multiplayer so I could make and trade money with my friends also would love to be able to pay to get more money per click 👍🏻.Version: 1.11.16

Great GameThis game is very addicting and allowed me to get used to investing and controlling business. Although I have a few problems. First there was no tutorial so I was confused of the start. Please add a tutorial to show the new players how to start a business, how to invest, how to make money, and generally how the game works. Second I believe you should add a usage to the planes, yachts, and cars. There is no point in buying them other than selling them for a 2/3 price. If I am wrong please correct me. Please consider this..Version: 1.11.20

Great game with one problemHonestly I love this game it’s very fun to play when I am bored but there is one BIG problem, I’ve played it so much that there is no content left for me to play. I’ve bought everything, I’ve owned every business and I’ve even make billions of dollars per hour but the only fun I can have now is just flipping million dollar cars. Please add more businesses and content I beg you..Version: 1.11.20

Great game, But A Few RecommendationsOverall the gameplay is great! Gives off a semi-realistic feel, but still allows for you to grow and advance at the same time! Wish there was a better way to manage your business other than just purchasing upgrades! Recommendations: -Allow the user to set prices and choose a type of business. If I purchase a store I would like to have options of type of store, etc. Example of type of stores clothing, sports, electronics, food, etc. -Have in app purchase options such as eliminating adds! Dislike having to watch adds everytime I go to upgrade a business or purchase something! Could also help those who are a little more impatient and want to grow their business faster by purchasing funds in order to grow faster! I’m all for the realistic feel of it taking time to grow! -Allow a continuous upgrade of taps! Not sure if it’s a bug, but my game only allowed me to get to $10 dollars per tap! Again not sure if it’s a bug or the overall plan to make the game feel more realistic, but could always adjust the amount received from taps! Again I just want to say that I enjoy the game and it definitely has me hooked! Can’t wait to see what new upgrades and updates are to come in the future! I also would recommend that others download this game if they like idle business games! Game is super addicting and again I plan to continue to playing! -Thanks.Version: 1.11.20

BradVery Fun!.Version: 1.11.13

Great Game, some suggestionsThis is an excellent game, really none like it that I’ve seen so props for that. There are some suggestions I have for the team. - Allow us to level the clicker up to $1000 per click. - Add more businesses and more customization for businesses. (example: more sports teams to buy/build (also make more expensive), - add a video game/movie studio that earn as the success of each release) - Unlock buildings on different planets after getting space agency (like colonies on mars and the moon etc) - Loans when you buy the bank (take out a loan to help pay for bigger businesses) There is so much this game can become and it’s already amazing. It has a lot of potential to be one of those iconic games. PS: for the life of me I can’t find the pay for removing ads.Version: 1.11.19

GoodThis game is a great game for when you need to pass time for when your on a long roadtrip. The only reason for the 4 stars is the ads. Some of the ads show content that only people 16+ should see. There was no request for an age meaning that little kids couple see the inappropriate and profane content. It features videos of women in inappropriate clothing… I wish they would change this as a lot of people don’t want to see this type of ad… It just isn’t right….Version: 1.11.20

Awesome sauce!Class game, just wish I could upgrade the clicker further..Version: 1.11.15

Good But can be improvedI personally enjoy this me and my friends found at school and we just play for fun although I would love to see more company’s and maybe going in more on running the company as well as having the collections and vehicles stuff you buy actually be useful other than that it’s good, but those are just improvement thst can be made!.Version: 1.11.19

WowowweewaGood gaym. Thenk yoo (::.Version: 1.11.15

Amazing!So whenever I play this game it is so much fun. I’m able to make money not real money but I’m able to make money and I can buy stuff and whenever I want my kid wants to play then I’ll just let her tap. This game is fully functional there is not a lot of ads and you can play it without Internet..Version: 1.11.20

Lose money when you re-enter the sameI noticed that you lose when you close the app and come back and the collection doesn’t go up in price for re-sale . But other than that everything is super smooth love the idea. Could possibly see about having a room to put things in and customize..Version: 1.11.20

Good Game but a minor bugThis is my new favorite game. I love the stocks, the real estate, and the assets you can buy. But there is a minor bug where i am not collecting the majority of my income per hour. I have a shipping company and two taxi companies that just dont produce anything. The car mileage doesnt go up, so i dont get any income from it. Please fix this glitch, because i could be earning millions of dollars. Also, make the max amount of money per click something like 500 because 10 is too little. Other than that, this is a great game..Version: 1.11.19

Great Game need updates and Improvements.The game is a good idea and all but there some minor bugs. To improve the game add more cars & make it that you can change the color or something. Add more planes there is a limited few. Add necessities like Xbox, PS5, Pc, Tv, PHONES, and more. Add Motorcycles and Bikes. Make a separate game like this but multiplayer which you can buy other peoples company’s if they want. More about this game, Add an actual shipping business with container, Oil, Gas Ships. Add a train company to transport cargo on trains. And finally make Houses where you can buy your own houses like a mansion or something. Update: Now I keep getting this bug. I in total earn 23 million and for a while it stays like that but when I leave and come back after a while it goes to 15 million. And earning 15 million is not enough to keep up with the banks. Plss add another random update for it can reset this bug..Version: 1.11.19

UhI just started but, how do I get money from clicking. There is no clicking area.Version: 1.11.13

Great game to learnLove to play this to warm up the brain but it’s not very optimised for iPhone users, the stocks screens and business screens are cut off at the bottom with your ads,Ik you need to keep the ads s please let us scroll further or move it up somewhat.thank you..Version: 1.11.15

Cool gameNice game but my clothing brand business stopped making money its supposed to give me 465k but.. nothing.Version: 1.11.14

Awesome gameThe game is really fun. It’s pretty slow to progress and a little confusing at first but once you get a hang of it it gets a lot easier Also devs, there is a typo in the profile section where you can view how much money you have in different things, businesses is spelled as “busnesses” jsyk.Version: 1.11.20

The exact type of game I’ve been looking forGreat game! I left a 2 star review explaining a bug where my businesses stopped accruing income and I’m not sure how to edit reviews so I’m writing a new one. I realized this occurs when I leave the app open in the background instead of closing it out. Hopefully this info is helpful.Version: 1.11.16

Fun game butI really enjoy playing this game but the hourly income doesn’t seem to be working properly. I will go to bed with 16k and in the morning I wake up I still have 16k. Please fix this or this game becomes unplayable. You can’t generate enough revenue to keep growing if you’re not receiving income from your investments. I should have had over 300k when I woke up. Now I have to wait all day to see if it will work for tonight. If it doesn’t I guess I will wait and see if this gets fixed. Fingers crossed. Update: it seems they worked on it and it’s better than before but I still notice times when my income doesn’t change after being a way for several hours. Still a very fun game..Version: 1.11.19

Love it, But.This game is awesome, a good stock trade simulation, buying companies out, businesses and managing them, real estate, collectables. It’s so good. Although I wish there were no ads unless I was trying to get a bonus or even the option to pay for no ads..Version: 1.11.16

Minor fixes need to be madeSo starting off with a bug I’ve ran into, I am no longer getting my IPH (income per hour) I don’t know how or why that has happened but it is just after I bought 2 banks and upgraded them a bit. Other than that bug which I hope will be fixed soon, it’s a great game! It’s a bit slow at first hard to make money at first so it’s missing a stepping stone or two for you to get started making the real money. It’s a great overall game and I haven’t even seen all the high end features and businesses yet. Summary: great game, slow at first (could change the max click to 100$ or something like that) I’ve ran into a minor bug where I am no longer collecting my business hourly income. But other than that I have thoroughly enjoyed the game and hope to see it updated regularly..Version: 1.11.16

Amazing Game in an Age of Lame Mobile GamesThis is an amazing game that is educational in many different ways. I enjoy the strategy involved as well as the ability to earn more base money to invest. I am excited for future updates, specifically in regards to expanding businesses in different ways. I think it would be cool if you could invest into your own businesses/companies. Wonderful game..Version: 1.11.20

Great gameI’m in the early stages with only 3B to my name so not far in but I’ve mastered low value crypto and business. The game is entertaining and easy to play it’s not dependent on activity after a few hours of playing but also isn’t another boring idle game. With many options for making money and ways to use such money I think the game is great and perfect for me who likes to be hands on but not stuck on the game..Version: 1.11.16

Great game but could be betterGreat game to show you how to become an entrepreneur and invest my concern is and was I go from having 3 billions in cash with fortune of 6 billions in fortune to having a -117 million cash flow and not understanding why did it happened when everything was on the plus size of things. If we losing money atleast show why bc that’s drastic with no explanation and try to add ways to get out of it to rebuild maybe..Version: 1.11.20

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