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Match Factory! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Match Factory! app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Match Factory!? Can you share your negative thoughts about match factory!?

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Match Factory! for Negative User Reviews

FrustratingLove the game but so hard sometimes and I’m app purchase are too expensive! Plus I got to level 300 and it kicked me out of the game and I just got a black screen! So annoying! Please sort out this issue!.Version: 1.3.14

Takes moneyThis game takes money from your bank account without you knowing, even if you’re not on the game. I have given one star because I can’t leave review without it.Version: 1.3.14

CrashesGot to level 300 now crashed with a black screen. Gutted!.Version: 1.3.14

Crashed with black screen for over a weekWas really enjoying the game however it crashed with black screen and has been the same for a week.Version: 1.3.14

Not loadingI’ve just reached level 300 and it won’t load!! Very frustrating and no info on how to fix this issue.Version: 1.3.14

After updateGame has been really good but since update the game won’t load. I just get a blank screen..Version: 1.3.14

CrapKeeps crashing.Version: 1.4.84

Fun until it’s notSuper cute and addicting until you get to levels that are impossible to pass. Deleted, too bad..Version: 1.4.84

Not as advertisedI bought this game because the ads showed a lot of different sorts of matching situations. From shelf rearranging, balloon flower making, and various other scenarios. I’ve been playing this for a couple of months, and it’s the same thing over again, there’s no variation, and I’m on quite a high level. It seems to me that unless you spend a large amount of money on getting extra time, or the other tools, you get stuck on the same level for ages, and have wait for your lives to recharge, or ask other players for lives and wait for them. If it doesn’t get better soon, I’m going to give up!.Version: 1.4.84

Need to wait for livesWould be a good game if you weren’t restricted to lives and having to wait for more to be given..Version: 1.4.84

Eventually you use all your coins and it becomes too hardThis is really fun and addictive. HOWEVER. I have lost 100’s of coins due to the Clear Board for 100 coins popping up in the play zone when you’re on a roll and you don’t want to! You don’t always have an eye on the fact you’re full - the use 100 pops up and you press it when you’ve no chance of winning. Can you build in a buffer before you use that option - or at least move the bar away from the bottom of the play board. I’ve now no coins and super stuck on level 500 with no way of progressing..Version: 1.4.14

Super badSo bad you wanna give it a one review if you give it a five star review and I’m sorry it’s just so bad maybe that’s my opinion used to like it let me do it!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.14

Too hardGood game but levels are too hard get stuck on them for weeks and takes the fun out of it.Version: 1.5.54

Progress made unseen…When a level is failed, it would be useful to see what goals weren’t reached. There is no image afterwards, nor figures of items not found. Other than this, it is a thoroughly mind-absorbing game - for those who need to escape their own head. But this factor - this would make it a great game..Version: 1.1.50

GrrGreat game but impossible to get further without buying lives. The more you play, the fewer lives you get without having to either wait half an hour or pay. Good fun but definitely manipulates you into paying actual cash to progress. So Grrr..Version: 1.4.84

Addicted but stopped workingI loved this game but it’s stopped working. There are no updates so, if the creators don’t sort it out, I’m deleting. Can’t get passed a blank screen when I open the app. Otherwise would have been 5 stars..Version: 1.3.14

Too hardGreat game but so hard it takes the enjoyment out ! Not here to challenge myself, just pass the time at appointments ect ! So moving on to new& better 👌🏻.Version: 1.4.84

Ads don’t match the gameThe ads that made me get this game were totally different from the real game. I’ve done these matching games before where you pick stuff out of a pile of junk but I wanted to play the game in the ad with the swirly flower petals. So foo on you guys for being misleading. At least there aren’t super annoying ads in the game itself.Version: 1.5.54

DisappointedLike many other games it doesn’t do what was on the advert. Just another basic collection of items.Version: 1.2.10

Not as shownOnce again you see an interesting spin on the 3 match game and nope! It’s not even close. Same old. Just different graphics. Sorry deleted after a couple of days..Version: 1.4.84

Meh. Not like the adYeah yeah, I should have known better. We’ve long known that it’s much easier to make a cool ad for a game than a cool game. The ad looked pretty, colorful, and soothing. This game is a messy hodgepodge. Also, I have had a similar game in the past and ended up deleting it, so I was disappointed to see it was the same old same old. Deleted in less than 10 minutes—I kept playing in hopes that a higher level would yield the cool gameplay from the ad. Ah well. But clearly some people like it—good for them..Version: 1.4.84

To many advertsLove this game , but will be deleting . To many adverts . 1 after every game the plus 1 mid game ..Version: 1.4.84

Not As Good As Triple Match 3D Game.So, after downloading and playing a very similar game to this one, I’d thought I’d give Match Factory a go as well. What a disappointment. Like most games that are free to download and play, they make their money by either paying to remove ads or buying coins etc. I’ve got to level 125 now and after several days of playing, have realised that it is impossible to progress with out using an extra add on like extra time. Eventually you’ll get so far into the game that other levels will be impossible to pass unless you start using the extras which in the long run will cost you money. With that in mind… time to delete. I would suggest others should try Triple Match 3D! Its better by a long way. Triple Match 3D is frustrating as well, but at least you can progress in the given time allocated, even if it takes you several goes to do so. 👍.Version: 1.4.14

Cash grabAfter level 20 I began getting sets that were pretty challenging then it moved on to impossible levels unless I spend 8.99 for coins to get a power up that actually helps for that specific level, after 10 or so resets I gave up entirely and couldn’t believe I was getting that bad of rng or even a mulligan nah just spend 10 bucks to move forward if you truly want to progress I’m not going to play several more times to finally get a lucky layout that isn’t clear cut but is possible without power ups.Version: 1.4.84

Daily RewardsWould be helpful to have daily login rewards as with other games. As stuck on level for a week.Version: 1.3.14

Crashes all the timeIt would be a good game but crashes all the time, and it steals your lives when it does, takes ages to re load after it crashes as well - very frustrating, I’m only on level 8 haven’t lost a life yet but haven’t got any left as it’s crashed 5 times!!.Version: 1.1.5

Game is not like the ad!Just once I would like to play the game that is shown in the ad! I’m deleting this. It’s the same old thing..Version: 1.4.84

App malfunctionWhen I just paid another £9.99 to stay alive in the game, the App just turn totally BLACK. I tried to report to the developer but no one answered. I cannot try to delete the app and reinstall it again as I will lost all my data. I don’t believe it would happen in any of the game. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3.14

EnjoyableI’m enjoying it but annoyed that the game play shown in the adverts seem to be very misleading as they don’t seem to exist!.Version: 1.4.14

GoodI’ve just deleted the app as some of the levels are incredibly difficult, and the rewards for gaining them are a bit pitiful. Enjoyed it until it became a bit expensive.Version: 1.4.14

Great game till I updatedGreat game till I updated and know there’s nothing there..Version: 1.2.10

App isn’t workingMy app hasn’t been working since this morning. Just a black screen???.Version: 1.3.14

Fun Game, But Kills Your BatteryFun and challenging with no ads, but will absolutely destroy your battery life..Version: 1.4.84

It’s a lieSo u put on here different things to sell it but it’s the same old stuff on here over and over boring and a shame as could be good if u did different ones like u promote.Version: 1.3.14

Not enough time to complete any taskI love the game but there is never enough time to finish the game and you never win any power ups. It needs improvement.Version: 1.3.14

Could be betterThis game is good for concentration and skill but you get far too little time on each level once you get to a certain point and lives can only be requested every few hours. Needs to be more generous to players otherwise you can only play for too short a period while waiting for lives to refresh and team support..Version: 1.4.84

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