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Match Factory! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Match Factory! app received 130 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Match Factory!? Can you share your negative thoughts about match factory!?

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Match Factory! for Negative User Reviews

Stuck on a levelReally enjoy the game but have been stuck on a level for weeks and there are no freebies or options to help me pass the level. No option but to delete the game..Version: 1.7.75

False advertisingNot a true version of what the ads show you will play !!!.Version: 1.17.98

Expensive from AustraliaGreat game with no adds but for extra coins the game says $15 bundle and charged me $60. I did not see this I purchased another $15 bundle and was charged $45. It should say what price it is for what country your in. Too expensive for me..Version: 1.14.123

Not as advertisedIt’s just sorting/matching 3 of a kind over and over. I was hoping for fun levels like what was shown in the video. That is not the case. Deleting the game..Version: 1.6.56

Long advertisementsMaking advertisements too long would only get people annoyed with your game, NOT making it more attractive..Version: 1.11.113

Used to be fun!This game used to be fun, in the beginning! I certainly don’t mind a challenge as that is the point of the game, however when you are stuck for days or weeks on ONE level which is impossible to beat with no boosters and the time given.. it makes it not so fun to play at all anymore!! I’m sure it was designed this way to get players to spend money on the game but from reading the other reviews, is it worth losing so many players? You have to wait foreverrr to get more lives! And when I originally saw this game advertised it showed other games like putting the donuts on pegs and putting the colored tubes in different slots… these games are nowhere on the app!! It’s just the same old background with the same old items! False advertising it terrible! I’ll be deleting this game for the reasons above, which the game makers clearly don’t care about, but just wanted to add my review with the others who are ALL saying the same things with NO changes being made!!.Version: 1.12.112

Where are the other levels from the ads?I have been playing this game for a few months on a off and am currently on level 3000 but all the levels are the same style with the pile of things you have to sort the items by 3s. In the ads there were other style levels and I’m wondering when I should expect so start seeing those? I do enjoy the game and get lost in the satisfaction of sorting the things but I was definitely looking forward to having a variety of styles of gameplay as advertised. Would of given the game 5 stars but it will remain a 3 until I see the other type of levels. I don’t really care about different items (y’all are adding them every 2 weeks right now) to sort as much as I value the type of level. I hope those will come soon. Again I’m on level 3000..Version: 1.14.123

Good until it becomes unplayable!It’s a good game, until it becomes unplayable - I.e. when you get to a “hard” level but you can’t continue because all the “free” boosters and unlimited lives etc have been used up completing other levels and they want you to pay to buy more. You can’t even retry a level or clear space for more items because you never earn enough coins to do so. At least there were no ads which I suppose was a positive. As others have said it is also nothing like the ads - and the time given to complete each level is far too short - especially “hard” levels which logically should have proportionally more time allowed than easier levels..Version: 1.14.123

Nothing like the advertsSeen the adverts for this game quite a few times, loads of different games ie moving coloured pens in a pyramid and moving ocean creatures however the game is literally just a massive jumble of items and you have to match 3 till you reach the target. Couldn’t think of anything more boring than doing the same game over and over and over again. Needs some variety for me to continue playing. Only downloaded this morning and read other reviews of people in levels 100+ saying it’s nothing like the adverts so deleting the game.Version: 1.17.98

I’m Getting Bored With ItI started playing this game a few months ago. At first, I loved it. Couldn’t put it down. I was excited when the developers started releasing new items because I thought that would add a new level of difficulty to the game (which it did). But even though there are tons of items, it seems like a lot of the levels are starting to look the same. Or the things they want you to find are the same. I can’t tell you how many levels in a row I’ve had to find yellow bowling balls and blue swords. Or, I’ll play a level and then it feels like 3 levels later, the board is almost identical to one I just did and the items they want you to find are the same, too. Basically, it feels like you just keep replaying the same like, 3 levels over and over with only slight variations. I have already spent a lot of money on this game because some of the levels (to me) are so hard, they KNOW you can’t do it in the amount of time you have. At the end of the day, I know the main goal for the developers is to make money. And I am willing to spend some money here and there. But I don’t want to feel like I have to spend money to beat at least 50% of the levels, only to turn around and have the same one only a few levels later..Version: 1.17.98

RedondantToujours la même chose à chaque tableau. La publicité montre plusieurs type de challenge. Très décevant. On se lasse vite..Version: 1.17.98

MisleadingNothing like the adverts - false advertisements in terms of game play..Version: 1.15.136

DisappointedI downloaded the app based on what it was showing. It bears no resemblance to what is advertized. After playing for over an hour, it was the same version of sorting . Boring game.Version: 1.6.56

Too expensiveGreat game, but nothing like advertised. Stuck on Level 41, and can see it’s going to cost me money to progress. So, deleting it..Version: 1.11.113

Level Difficulty Is Not AccurateAfter you’ve played this game for a while you get a feel for what is a regular level, a hard level and an extra hard level. And you can use your power up options before you start the level because they tell you the difficulty beforehand. BUT, the difficulty they say the next level is going to be is not always correct. So you might waste a power up on a super easy level or you might not use one when you should have and you end up losing that round which means you lose all the buffs you had gained beforehand and have to get another winning streak to build them back up. (Difficult to do after you lose them on a hard level.) I will say after you lose a level enough times, they make it easier to pass that level so you can move on. My other complaint it that sometimes the screen does register where you tap correctly and you select the wrong object and can overfill your bar and have to pay coins to clear it or lose the level. And sometimes an item you selected just disappears mid screen. Besides that, if you like redundant games so you can zone out and not think about anything, this is a good one..Version: 1.12.112

Too difficult nowFirst thing is that the adverts are nothing like the game. The game only has one mode - pick up objects from a massive pile. I didn't mind that overly, though would have liked more variety. But recently the levels have got more difficult, the time is shorter with the objects being more similar so it's difficult to see which ones are the same. I've now deleted the game as I'm not going to spend more money on it..Version: 1.16.127

UnstableGame shuts down after a few rounds and causes you to lose lives. Probably a ploy to spend money on more lives. It is a good game but very unstable..Version: 1.8.76

So soI downloaded it for the add which looked super fun the game vers the add were completely different two different games I am very upset I would like too know what that game is the game itself is not too bad.Version: 1.16.127

Money GameGame used to be great and was fun & challenging but recently the developers made it so hard that you are forced to die & not play or to purchase extra items to stay in the game, all money motivated now. Sad.Version: 1.16.125

Game doesn’t match AdThis game doesn’t match the Ad, it shows multiple different games when in reality it is just one game over and over again..Version: 1.17.98

Eventually you use all your coins and it becomes too hardThis is really fun and addictive. HOWEVER. I have lost 100’s of coins due to the Clear Board for 100 coins popping up in the play zone when you’re on a roll and you don’t want to! You don’t always have an eye on the fact you’re full - the use 100 pops up and you press it when you’ve no chance of winning. Can you build in a buffer before you use that option - or at least move the bar away from the bottom of the play board. I’ve now no coins and super stuck on level 500 with no way of progressing..Version: 1.4.14

Money grabLove peak games, been playing toon blast for close to 10 years on and off! Thought this would be a similar game but quickly realized it’s just a cash grab. Game is great to play but once you get to the high levels they become impossible to beat. I’ve been on the same level for 2 weeks and realized it is impassable without paying. Im not willing to pay $10 to pass a level to get stuck again in another 2. You’re not getting my money for a simple match game. Deleting app and moving on..Version: 1.16.127

Starts off ok, but gets too difficultFirstly the game is nothing like the advert I was shown, but it started off really well and I liked the 3D challenges and that there are no adverts. The hard games were more challenging, but doable. After a few days even the regular games became very difficult to complete and I soon used up any extra lives and coins I had accumulated. The only way to progress would be to spend money and I wasn’t prepared to do that so I deleted the game..Version: 1.11.113

Misleading advertI've seen multiple adverts for this, and it looked like it was going to have something different than just lots of muddle and keep picking things out. It isn't any different from several other games I've looked at, and the interface is more annoying. All of the 'interesting levels' don't seem to exist, or if they do you have to grind through far too many levels of the muddle..Version: 1.11.38

Game ruined by recent changesUPDATE May24: so this once great, fun game has become so different with updates over recent weeks as the developers have made it increasingly difficult. Team game targets have increased so much they are almost impossible to change. The number of hard and particularly super hard levels have increased. Used to be able to request lives every 3 hours, now it’s every 4 hours. I appreciate developers need to make money but making a game so difficult that you can really only progress well by buying coins etc will probably spell the death of this games popularity. It’s become much less fun and I can no longer recommend as a fun pastime. I love this game. Have been playing it a few months and am totally addicted. Got my sister addicted too haha. No adverts, brilliant, and teams to help with lives. Love it.Version: 1.16.127

Pretty Fun Game, But To Earn 5-Stars:1. As someone else pointed out, in a game of collecting 3 of something, do NOT make “Ks” one of those things ever, because…well…DUH! (Deducted one star from my review because this is just so dumb) 2. I saw an ad for this in another game, and I wound up having to search for it, because I accidentally closed the ad instead of clicking it. When searching the App Store, I almost downloaded other match-3 games that looked closer to what was advertised. But I was unsure, so I waited until the next time I saw the ad. BUT the false advertising of this game almost cost you a new player & several rivals almost got me instead. Quite stupid, since this game is fun, addicting even, so why the false advertising? Now I do want SOME levels of the game to match the ads. The variation from the regular levels would be nice, I suspect the repetitive nature of this game will eventually make the game boring. (Deducted 2 stars — should the devs match their advertising before I grow bored of the game, I will amend my review accordingly).Version: 1.12.112

Not As Good As Triple Match 3D Game.So, after downloading and playing a very similar game to this one, I’d thought I’d give Match Factory a go as well. What a disappointment. Like most games that are free to download and play, they make their money by either paying to remove ads or buying coins etc. I’ve got to level 125 now and after several days of playing, have realised that it is impossible to progress with out using an extra add on like extra time. Eventually you’ll get so far into the game that other levels will be impossible to pass unless you start using the extras which in the long run will cost you money. With that in mind… time to delete. I would suggest others should try Triple Match 3D! Its better by a long way. Triple Match 3D is frustrating as well, but at least you can progress in the given time allocated, even if it takes you several goes to do so. 👍.Version: 1.4.14

TimerI’ve been playing this game a few months. Your timers toward the end of a level, are NOT accurate. E.g. it may say I have 17 secs left, but then after 3 seconds game is over. Please look into this and fix. It’s happened numerous times. Very disheartening to want to keep playing this game.Version: 1.11.113

Terrible rewardsThey’re so cheap with the rewards. Especially the coins.Version: 1.17.98

Nothing like the ad.It’s a good game, however it’s nothing like the ad. I’ve played over 200 games & still haven’t seen any of the games advertised. Is there a special trick to unlocking these games? Very misleading..Version: 1.14.123

Yet AgainFun little game. Nice there aren’t adds. But yet again not like the video and get rather boring after a while.Version: 1.7.75

Not what’s advertisedLove the game but not one of the games on the ad for this app have ever appeared..Version: 1.12.112

FUN AT A PRICE!Game is great to play. But stuck on level 45 and basically you need to spend money to progress which is disappointing! I’ve spent some money but I can afford to spend money on every level if I get stuck. I probably won’t play anymore for that reason..Version: 1.8.76

Fun game but need to spend to progressI really enjoyed this game but got to a certain level that is just too hard to pass unless I buy a whole lot of extra ‘help’. I’m happy to spend money on a game to support but the amount I’ve estimated to get past this current one level isn’t worth it.Version: 1.7.75

They sell your personal data. Read the privacy policy before using the app.They’re privacy policy is fascinating. User beware. They don’t just collect your data to target ads like every other app. They also Sell that data to companies to whom you have not given permission to use your data. You know those telemarketing calls you get trying to scam you? Yeah. They get your number from people like this. Horrible. 100%do not trust this app..Version: 1.8.76

When do I get to the advertised gamesI’m enjoying games however only just started few days ago. I would love to know how and when I get to play the games where you clear sticks and other items rather than just a heap of toys. Advertisement always shows great sorting games with coloured items but I have yet to see these. Do I have to get to certain level ?? Hope I won’t be disappointed and end up deleting app..Version: 1.15.136

Fun game but hard to pass levels without payingI have several games like this on my phone and play them regularly. This is by far, my favorite. But there are levels that are so hard, they’re impossible to pass without a hoard of coins and helpers to get through it. As insult to injury, the game makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to earn coins to advance without paying real money for them. Which is frustrating. When I’m playing games, it’s because I need a break to clear my mind but soon discover that I’m frustrated more than having a relaxing, mind clearing moment once I reached a certain level so I play this one less often than I once did. I don’t want to have to pay to keep playing but find the super hard levels built to keep you there unless you fork over cash because they don’t give you ways to earn coins at all..Version: 1.8.76

Unreasonable Time ChallengeI LOVE this game!! Unfortunately, I have to agree that you just can't get far without paying money. The time allowed for a "hard" or "super hard" level is unreasonable. Without power ups, it's next to impossible to get through those levels. Yes, you can request lives from other players but you are limited to the number of times you can ask and you can't accumulate more than 15 at a time. With 1 minute and 25 seconds for a "hard" level, I am only getting about 15-30 minutes of gameplay per day. I have read other reviews that said things like "It might take me three days but I can pass the level." I'm sorry but it's not entertaining to play the same level for three days!! I play other games like this from this same company and I am awesome at those, this one is just too ridiculous. I hate it because I love these types of games..Version: 1.12.112

Not worth the timeI like the game and it’s been fun playing it however once you hit the 400+ levels you basically have to pay to get stuff to help you or your staying on that level. I’ve noticed that even when your constantly clicking on stuff and matching the stuff it’s not able to keep up with you and somehow no matter how fast you click and clear stuff out you still dont get enough time, not to mention that the levels that are considered hard should actually be super hard. I’ve also noticed that when you start the basic levels that aren’t considered hard or super hard you usually get 3 of the rockets and 3 hour glasses but if you still fail the level and redo that same exact level it then goes down to 1-2 of each of them and why is it you don’t get also get help with the levels they consider more difficult. Some of the add ones that you save up and use (which are few and far btwn) aren’t even worth it like the time freezer you do all that work to select it as an add on and it only stops time for what 5-6 seconds it’s not worth it. Also why are some levels the EXACT SAME COLOR and size and they are all small items like level 431 which I’ve been stuck on for like 3 days.Version: 1.8.76

Match 3I agree with narissa71 I cannot even get back into the game as it does not load. Lots of bug fixes..Version: 1.14.123

Hate this gameI hate this game the Hard levels are unbelievably hard, it’s just no fun..Version: 1.17.98

Don’t waste your time. Deleted.Update: I think the developers need to look at what their players are saying. The idea is to make money, you can’t make money when everyone is deleting the game. I don’t mind spending money to play but I’m not gonna waste money for boosts on levels I can’t get passed in a day or 2. After 7 days stuck on the same level I deleted the app. Too bad too because I actually liked this game. First the game is nothing like the ads, I was looking for that game not the one I got. Second I’ve now been on the same level for 3 days, I like a game that offers a challenge not one that’s impossible. Games are supposed to be fun, not frustrating and there’s no fun in frustration. Just too many super hard levels. Lastly it takes way to long for lives to regenerate. It’s too bad you made this game so difficult, I was enjoying it.Version: 1.13.81

Great game but could be improvedI really like this game. It is fun and addicting, but I have a couple of issues that will probably make me stop playing soon. 1. There are levels that are super duper hard and you can't pass them without spending money. Now, I will spend money on packs in a game but there are some levels I've had to use multiple items to get through them. Also, there are so many pop ups at the end that I have accidentally spent the coins I have to extend time when I didn't want to. 2. Please add one "undo" for each level...or add them as a power up. If I accidentally fill the board I would like one chance to undo before the pop-up appears to spend coins. 3. Please update the game to allow us to bank the unlimited items we earn. It was the end of a few challenges so I had to collect my winnings. There were 4-15 minute unlimited lives and 2 unlimited pink rockets. I didn't want to sit and play this for an hour. Then as I played I won 2 more 15 minute unlimited lives...that's an hour and a half. If we could bank them, I could choose to play for an hour, or I can use them when I'm ready. You could even put an expiration on them so people won't just hoard them. Thanks..Version: 1.15.136

Fun Up Until Level 200This game is super fun up until a point. Once it reaches level 200 you will acquire another pack. This pack is not a pack that you will play on its own, it’ll add to the pack that’s already available when you download the game. And it doesn’t end. Every single pack you unlock by playing more only ADDS to the packs you are playing with which means more things to be in the way. My issue is it makes the game unbearably hard. It takes 3/4 times to beat one level because of how much stuff is loaded into that level. You spend more time trying to get everything else out of the way before you can get to what you are actually searching for. The time given is nowhere near sufficient to pass. It 100% forces you to either pay for coins or boosts just to pass these levels. I’m almost at level 400 and it’s not fun anymore..Version: 1.16.15

Disappointed….not as advertised. STOP LYING!!!I will start by saying this game is great and very addictive. My disappointment comes from the fact that this game is not as advertised. I have been playing for months now and I’m in level 2000s and I’m still playing the same type of game with the piles of objects to match. I downloaded this game because the adverts showed different types of games…matching tubes, matching food to customers etc and I still haven’t seen them. I contacted the developer through the app twice to ask about this and they have not responded. When I continue to see ads for the different types of game it annoys me because it’s a lie. I’m sick of developers lying and tricking people into downloading games that in no way resemble the games advertised. The disappointing thing here is that the game is good and would probably attract enough people by just advertising it as it really is. It’s time for developers to stop lying to customers..Version: 1.17.98

Too hard too soonThis game is totally addictive! I was loving it! But as a person that’s on level 7,800 + in royal match and has spent a ton of $$$. This game will not be one of them. The coin packages cost too much for as often as they will be needed. I’m not even on level 400 yet and it’s already so difficult on the hard and super hard levels, no way can I invest for a long term commitment. The pieces are so tiny on the phone screen it’s impossible to win on the harder levels without using coins. Granted it’s mostly because of my older (near senior) eyesight, but it’s the older crowd that likely has the time and money to play. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And as hard as it is to see what tricycle or scooter you’re picking from the four different colors there is to choose from, it’s almost as hard making out what objects you’re supposed to be searching for from the banners at top. The only way I win the levels on the easier ones was by clearing the entire board. If this was available in my tablet App Store it may be a different story..Version: 1.17.98

Updates are awfulPlease reconsider the updates. A couple of weeks ago I could progress through levels, some at first attempt with others taking 5-10 attempts. Now every level takes at least 10 tries, even the easiest ones. Hard levels take 25+ so you can only finish those levels if you have unlimited lives. Super hard now = impossible without unlimited lives, lots of boosters and coins. I’m about to give up and uninstall. This used to be a great game. Not anymore..Version: 1.17.98

Not as advertisedThis game pops up in tons of ads. However, the actual gameplay isn’t anything close to what is presented in the ads. Basically, it’s just matching items from a pile. Similar to the bus games where you fills buses with characters of the same color without overflowing your holding area, that’s what this is, but everything is in a big pile, so pieces are under other pieces and many look alike. This game is not much fun on my phone because the screen is too small and it’s hard to select the exact piece you want with so little real estate. I played it on my iPad for a while because that’s a better experience, but I quickly got bored because again, it’s not the same game as shown in the ads. Personally, I think apps should be banned from the App Store if they do this because it’s not what’s advertised, which I against the terms of service..Version: 1.13.81

Not able to play what I signed up forI downloaded this game because it showed me games in an add that I was interested in playing. I cannot play those games until I get through other levels that are too hard to pass without spending money. You have lost me, and I will not spend money on boosters or continue to play games that are timed and stressful and frustrating..Version: 1.15.136

Was a great game til nowI loved this game bc I could play for long periods of time without frustration. Now that has changed and it’s no longer fun when every level is hard or super hard and takes every booster you have plus money to pass 1 level only to get stuck again on the next level. My whole team is struggling. I hope the developers listen to everyone bc all I have seen from them is a automated response to reviews and plenty of ppl saying the same thing. I get making it harder for higher levels but it’s ridiculous that every level is the same no matter where you are at in the game. I can’t build up coins or boosters bc every level takes at least 3 tries. Plz fix it and make it enjoyable again. I don’t wanna have to find another game but I will if something doesn’t change. Update - a little better but I’m over every other level being blue swords and blue helmets. Multiple colors to choose from yet every time it’s blue swords and blue helmets. Still wishing this game would go back to what it was before the last couple updates..Version: 1.17.98

Ads galoreLove the game but a ridiculous amount of ads. Really puts you off playing..Version: 1.12.112

False advertisingNothing like the ads, it’s just picking up stuff, no organising colours or anything that the ads describe, disgusting.Version: 1.15.136

Greedy DevelopersThis game used to be such fun, but the developers are getting greedy. Levels are impossible without the use of boosters. In the early levels they lead you into a full sense of security by you gaining loads of boosters but don’t be fooled. You will end up using all of these and then being unable to pass levels because you don’t have any. And super hard levels become the norm with them being either one after the other or every other level you won’t be able to take part in the daily contests like the jetpack or the ball challenge etc because you simply don’t have the boosters to complete the super hard levels you’ll be stuck for days on end! Factors the developers want you to spend more money in the game which are refused to so do my teammates so we stay stuck until such times we can pass..Version: 1.17.98

Plusieurs jeuxBonjour! J’aimerais savoir pourquoi j’ai seulement un jeu? Quand je regarde les annonces, je vois plein de sortes de jeux de casse tête mais pas dans mon appli. Merci.Version: 1.11.113

Match factoryExcellent graphics and very addictive..BUT “rigged” to make sure you have to spend money..And why does it freeze while the hourglass is still turning, and eventually asks if you want to “continue or quit”, having wasted valuable time ..Version: 1.14.123

AdsI love this game but after a certain level the ads came after every game win or loose. A bit rude to introduce the ads after at least 100 levels without them. I get you have to have ads or pay to have them removed but after every single game is way too much, disappointing!.Version: 1.8.76

Fun game till they want you to payAt first I really did enjoy this game. I got stuck playing this game because of how addicting it was. The graphics were also pretty great. What I don’t like is how you really can’t keep on playing this game unless you’re willing to spend some $$. You’ll get stuck on levels without having anymore power ups or coins that realistically you cannot beat with the time given. I have been stuck on level 156 and I have found that it is literally impossible for me to beat this level without purchasing power ups or coins. I refuse to purchase anything on this game. I would love if I could play a game without it basically making me pay to play later. Might as well make it cost money to download the whole game so you can fully enjoy it. Overall the game is addicting but unfortunately you’re not going to be able to play without coughing up some money..Version: 1.11.38

If you’re looking for relaxing this is NOT for you!This game started off very relaxing and that is the point. You keep playing and build levels until you get to certain levels that are impossible to pass without boosters. They say you can pass any level without spending a dime, of course you can… with boosters. But when you have no boosters and you are stuck on a level for weeks on end, it gets very annoying and boring looking at the same thing so it makes you not want to play. Level 500 for example, there are too many items to have to click on for the little amount of time you have without boosters. If you have no boosters and you are stuck on a level, the only way to do it is to purchase them. Unless you want to spend a ton of money to keep going the game will eventually come to an end for you. I have also seen my time jump forward literally going from 43 seconds left to 13 seconds left. Is this a glitch? This is only just a game but when they make it to where you have to rely on others to play after five lives, and you have to wait a long time in between each life, you just lose interest. People would hang around and play longer if they could and I do not understand why the creators do not see this, don’t waste your time..Version: 1.11.113

Match FactoryCertain levels have many more items to find than others AND in a shorter amount of time. Level 125 is near impossible. Support is good tho. Certain levels are waaaaaayyy too difficult.unfortunate because graphics are awesome.Version: 1.17.98

Decent game but pay to winI like the game. It works well and it’s entertaining. My problem is, when you get pushed to a point where the design of the game is to get you to pay for perks or more time so you can finish a level. I understand they need to make money and I liked the game enough to where I would’ve bought it outright but it isn’t designed like that. It wants you to pay what seems like a lot for very little in return. Why would someone pay 5 bucks for one of each perk and 500 coins and you can burn through those in minutes? I’d rather buy the game and be given more time to finish each level. Whatever…’s deleted and I won’t be playing games that are designed to get the revolving door of cash flow coming in for things that don’t really matter..Version: 1.13.81

Predatory but funThis game is a lot of fun. Unlike other match games where the challenge is basically figuring out the crappy graphics, this game has fantastic graphics and is a pleasure to play. However, beware, one of the things that makes it fun is no ads. Now the developers have to make money somehow so they do it with hard and super hard levels. In your first five attempts at a super hard level, you may literally not even see a goal object, but if you do, you won’t see three. You may literally not even see a match of non-goal objects. That is because they are intentionally impossible to find. The goal is to wear you down by 15 or 20 attempts until you buy something. It’s unlikely that you can win a hard or super hard level in less than 25 tries. You need extra time too and that is going to cost you, too. But even the super hard levels get easier as you repeatedly try. There is some built-in mercy, so that is nice. I have enjoyed the game and spent money. I give it 3 stars because you just can’t spend an hour playing it. Spending an hour on a game is what I like to do. And to do that you would have to spend maybe $20. You only get five attempts and the best players might end up playing ten or so, but the game is programmed to make it increasingly difficult. It’s predatory. But it is well designed and that’s more than I can say for the tons of crappy match games out there..Version: 1.11.38

Has become nearly impossibleRecent updates have made this game unplayable. I have loved this game for some time, my level is over 11,000. Now there is no incentive to continue if most levels can’t be passed without using coins. Spending 90, 190, 290 coins on multiple levels to pass a level so that you can win 200 coins - maybe - after 15 levels with other people in competition is ridiculous. There just is no reason to continue when almost every level is frustrating. There is no getting ahead anymore. If it ends up costing 1000 coins to compete to win 200 coins, what’s the point? Using all the boosters and coins and getting no where. With the introduction of new item “packs” there’s just way too much stuff on each board. And in competition, I never really know if my competitors are on the same level. I complete one level and they’ve already completed 5?! How is that possible? Oh well, after I lose all my coins (which will be very quickly) I’ll look for some other match game. And no, the game isn’t anything like the ads 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.17.98

Starts off funAs others have said it isn’t at all like the ads. At first I loved the game because it was ad free and challenging but fun. Eventually it becomes so hard that you can’t complete rounds without buying extra coins. After playing the same round 50 times and failing, and not wanting to purchase $12.99 in extras the game got annoying. I wish there was a choice to play old rounds over at lower stakes. Some people probably have the dexterity to compete and succeed, I don’t. I want to go back to the beginning and see how far I can get but that doesn’t seem to be an option..Version: 1.8.76

Not like ads at allGot bored with the same thing every level. Nothing like the ads show, no variety and rewards are a little “cheap”. Deleted after 1 day and 70 levels..Version: 1.8.76

It’s fun to level 50 then it makes you feel like a hoarderI find the game, very enjoyable until you get to around the 45th or 50th level and then it starts to give you piles of so many things on the screen that are just all sitting on top of each other that it feels like you're in a giant trashcan full of garbage and you have to sit through it. At that point it’s just really no fun at all. in fact I've deleted the game multiple times and started it over at level one up to level 50 just because of this. I don't expect to ever go over level 50 because it's just not enjoyable after that and have no desire to sift thru piles of garbage to make matches. What I enjoy is being able to mindlessly and quickly find matches. After level 50 that becomes impossible and the enjoyment of the game - for me anyway - disappears..Version: 1.5.54

Deceiving.This game is just a timed match game where everything is in a pile and you have to collect 3 of certain items to continue. This game is nothing like the ad for this game. The add shows various items to find and put in specific spots to defeat the puzzle. I am on level 138 and have never seen the games shown in the ad. Deleting..Version: 1.8.76

Okay - but not anything like what’s advertised.All the levels are the same pretty much. Advertised are different levels like changing all the cylinders to match or serving to people’s trays but there’s nothing like that. So I thought I was missing other games but nope thousands of levels of the same thing repeated with different objects or less time. I thought it would be a bit more puzzle-like but it’s just quick matching.Version: 1.17.98

Higher levels lose the relaxation/satisfaction of the gameI really enjoy this game. However, once you get to the higher levels it becomes impossible and loses the therapeutic aspects of the game that I enjoy. I’m on level 2120, and every other level is either “hard” or “super hard.” You have to use coins to extend your time or pass and the only way to really earn coins is by winning the mine dash which I can only do if I use coins to extend time to beat the mine dash. Also, I don’t understand how we are all within the same range of levels on mine dash, but others are beating 5-15 levels in a short amount of time whereas I keep failing the levels. Are people paying money to get coins and pass levels? Idk!!!! But the coins are expensive, too, so it’s not like it’s feasible to buy them..Version: 1.16.125

False advertisingGame play isn’t at all what was in their ads..Version: 1.11.38

Not the game I was expecting!I downloaded Match Factory having seen the (many!) adverts in other games. I was expecting lots of variety as the advert version implies there are a few different versions of play, but so far (I’m on level 138) there’s only one game that is pretty much the same as Match3D. The one type of game there is good. I find it just frustrating enough (in a good way!) and my reason for the 3 star review is because of the very misleading adverts..Version: 1.16.15

Misleading advertisingGame play is not as advertised- no different mini games to play as show in add just a pile of different objects to match - they do add news to it but the game is NOTHING like advertised.Version: 1.17.98

Calling it quits!!I used to enjoy this game a lot. Now it’s just frustrating. Levels are near impossible to beat. If you finally do beat one that was “super hard” without having to use everything in your inventory, it will give you another “super hard” one back to back. And why is it it takes beating 5-6 levels to get a full toolbox but the first time you lose it takes it all away. Either you win and automatically get them all or if you lose it slowly takes it away, like when you have to earn it. It’s ridiculous that you have to clean up 4-5 layers deep of objects to get what you need in a short period of time. You ruined a really fun game!! Anyone that claims that they are in high levels and never spent a dime and was able to beat the level in a couples day is LYING! I’m moving on to something else, I would advise others to do the same since I have read numerous reviews complaining about the same thing and the developers don’t seem to care!.Version: 1.16.127

Another”free” game. Doesn’t last AND false advertising.It started out disappointing because it wasn’t any of the puzzles that the ad showed. Totally different puzzles than I was expecting from the add. That was the first bummer. I played along and it was okay and got a little more fun. I was doing very well and finishing with a lot of time left. Then that quick all of sudden, like so many other “free” games on here, it went from doing really well, to impossible to complete without purchasing. So, it’s not really a free game when after a short while you’re either forced to pay or don’t play. I’m not paying for games. I have free games that really are “free” and the puzzles aren’t even the ones shown on the advertisement which is what I was interested in. The puzzles they actually have are not something I would have wanted in the first place so I would definitely not pay for them. False advertising And, not free..Version: 1.14.123

WAS addictive BUT made impossible to play!!!I’ve had this game for some time. And really really enjoyed it. Then they started changing things up being in different packs, that was fine as made it interesting. But then the new items had slight differences and on a phone these can be difficult to spot. Result the game is near impossible to play. You’re having to use up all your boosts, then all your coins and being stuck on the same level for hours, days and now with so many packs and subtle colour differences weeks. On top of that they’ve reduced the amount of base time you’ve got. And don’t get me started on the group goals target being increased but the number of goal items you can get per game being decreased to such an extent that every member needs to play constantly just to get the first prize. PLEASE RETHINK EHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR GAME!!! Or I’m out of here..Version: 1.16.127

Same sameThe commercials for this game give fakse hope; The same style puzzles are repeated that l am not only frustrated but delete the app. The repeated fun commercial makes me want to download again (commercial has satisfying gaame but in reality it seems impossible to get to) but to great disappointment-l will delete all over again..Version: 1.16.15

Advertised gameplay did not match actual gameplayAgain, as 99% of games advertised, this did not match the advertised gameplay! I have made it to level 50 something with every level being practically exactly the same as the last, just with different objects and time! It’s fine for the first 20 levels or so, but then just gets repetitive and boring and dull when levels cannot be completed without purchasing further add ons..Version: 1.5.54

Not like the adsI downloaded the app because of the adds. Yet again another app that uses false advertising to get people to download their game. I don’t mind the boring repetitiveness of the game but it’s isn’t anything like the ads. Do better app people..Version: 1.11.113

Had it for a few days now and I love it so far.I downloaded this game because it was made by the same people who make my other favorite mobile game. The aesthetics are cute and the game runs well. I’m on level 241 and have only had it downloaded for about a week. Great game to play on breaks at work and at home when winding down. It’s definitely challenging but not so difficult that it makes you wanna rage quit like many mobile games. Best thing about it is no ads. That’s one of the only reasons I’ve played it so much honestly. Edit: I am now on level 3212. I still love the game but the game owes me like 30 boosters because I had to waste so many of them to find things because the game glitches and makes bigger items teeny tiny sometimes. I have screenshots if the developer wants to see what I’m talking about. It’s super annoying. Taking away 2 stars until this is fixed..Version: 1.13.81

Not the advertised gameThis is not the game that was advertised. Why do developers put misleading ads in other games. It’s disgusting and a waste of everyone’s time. I have played a number of games now expecting it to change but I suspect it will be the same old thing again and again and again..Version: 1.11.113

Rip offI paid for extra coins and it said that it didn’t go through . No coins were added and it came out of my bank account ! Buyer beware !,.Version: 1.17.98

.Disappointing and boring. Nothing like the ad.Version: 1.11.113

Such a shame.At first i really enjoyed this game but trying to not spend any more money (the prices are high) has meant being stuck on a hard level as the timer runs out for three weeks. Now it is no fun at all so i plan to delete it. A real shame..Version: 1.13.81

64 levels in and still not like adsThere is only one game. You just play it over and over. Can’t find any others. The ads are very misleading..Version: 1.16.127

Used to be one of the best gamesI absolutely loved this game , yes you get easy, hard and super hard levels which were great, but they have become increasingly difficult, I’m almost on level 2000 but when you get stuck for a whole week on one level it gets very boring and frustrating and no chance of earning coins as you can’t pass the level They just want you to purchase coins and boosters, a one enjoyable game is now boring trying to conquer levels that are just impossible to pass, don’t led your kids download it!!.Version: 1.16.127

No variationAll the variety in advertisements doesn’t exist. Only one kind of matching. Gets boring..Version: 1.11.113

Match FactoryYep, it’ll leave you no choice but to pay if you want to carry on. About 150 levels in you get to one which is impossible to beat - I tried about 200 times! It’s a fun game with great graphics but I won’t keep paying out continuously, so I deleted it..Version: 1.14.123

Stingy GameThe creators of the game should of charged for the game. But rather made it “free” but are so cheap with giving away boosters and coins they count on people paying for them. Being “stuck” on a level for multiple days isn’t challenging - it gets BORING. And you’ll lose players. I don’t spend $$ on packages, I’ll stick it out - unless I get bored. I’m about at the “bored” stage. And for ppl saying it’s easy to earn coins in races - no it’s not! You’re competing with 5-6 other players at each race and if you’re on a harder level - of course they’re going to beat you. And you don’t even win a decent amount of coins. The opportunity to get a free “booster” is 1x a day. And may not be a booster you need. Keep it fun and keep it fast! Trying to bully ppl into buying “packages” is gross. Charge for access in the first place. As I said above - being stuck at the same level for longer than a day - isn’t challenging. It’s BORING..Version: 1.16.15

Another misleading ad - but not a bad gameI downloaded this app after constantly seeing ads for this where it seemed the game was matching sticks into different colour levels, it didn’t state anything about it not being actual game play so I gave it a go. But after playing for a few hours it’s nothing like those ads. The game itself is not bad, so I have kept playing but not what I expected..Version: 1.16.127

Take a hard pass on this oneThe app starts out really fun. It’s the typical match 3 app but it has little events and contests that take it a step above the others. However, after awhile it becomes way too difficult. I don’t mind a challenge thrown in here or there. But when I first started playing the app I would have at least a minute and a half or two minutes left on the clock when I finished a level. Now I am lucky if I have ten seconds left on the clock when I finish a normal level and forget about being able to complete a hard or super hard level. How is that fun? If it’s money the developers are after then make it a paid game. I would rather drop $5 on a game that is going to provide hours of fun, than try to be squeezed into having my wallet drained because the only way to proceed is to constantly buy power ups. With the flood of match 3 apps out there I will be fine deleting this one and moving on to another. It’s too bad though because this one started out really fun..Version: 1.6.56

Too hard past Lv 2000I have been addicted to this game but now that I’ve passed level 2000 it’s getting too hard to play. Every other level is either ‘hard’ or ‘super hard’ with which shorter time and a much higher number of things to collect - all of which are often small items like cutlery that are hidden below all the other items. I should not be so stressed playing this game! I like a challenge but this has gone past enjoyable to pure frustration to the point where I think I’m just going to say goodbye to what was once a great little game..Version: 1.16.15

ImpossibleIt may be because I’m on a phone playing the game and not a tablet. However there is a level that you have to knock out 60 items in 50 seconds and that leaves no time to uncover items as you should have to be faster than the clock. That is possible if you do not click on anything else. But the screen is covered in items that have to be matched to uncover the ones you need. I have probably played this and refilled my lives more times than I can count and have not been able to get half of the items in 50 seconds. Most of the other levels give you over a minute or almost 2 but this level only gives 50 seconds and 60 items to clear. Unless there is a glitch in level 210 I’m probably going to uninstall. I loved the game up until now. I have now exhausted all coins and boosters so this is why you get a one star from me.Version: 1.17.98

Developers Don’t Post All ReviewsNot sure why I’m writing this review, I doubt it will ever show up in the “Reviews” section (none of the other reviews I’ve written have, so why would this one, right?). I’ve noticed that the Developers, for the most part, only respond to certain types of reviews: 1) 5 stars - w/gushing accolades such as “obsessed with this great game!”, & “I don’t understand the reviews that say you have to pay to advance. I’m on level 2531 & I’ve never made any purchases.” 2) 1 or 2 Stars - Dev’s respond to these reviews when it’s related to purchases. 3) 3+ Stars - They respond to some of these if they include comments related to super hard levels that can’t be beaten without using your own $. Then, they use their most FAVORITE reply: “It is always possible to complete levels without making in-app purchases”. Maybe it is “Possible”, Developers, but that doesn’t mean it’s Probable..Version: 1.13.81

Want to Love it, but have to hate it!I have never played a game that required me to spend money soo many times to pass levels! Other comments are true! And it is sad the development team would rather lose a customer than create more ways to help them through the difficult levels - like automatically add more time to those levels to start with would make a huge difference and take playing this game over the top! My goodness! The developers truly have rigged the game and it is shameful!! This could become the 3dmatch game that truly blows the others out of competition because of graphics but they need to make it passable without actually having to have to pay as much as it does! They know which levels become unpassable! Iʻve begun to tell the difference myself as soon as those layouts appear! Iʻve tried waiting it out - waiting for lives to refresh, and trying again every chance i could, for weeks on the same level... but truly could not get to the bottom of the pile fast enough without the time running out! game is rigged-you have to buy coins to give yourself more time to get through all the pieces! Weird concept to NOT want your players to advance on purpose like that! Soo unfortunate because this game is the better one to play of them all. All it would take is to give more time for the difficult levels to give us a fighting chance... Two stars for awesome graphics..have not seen any other product in this game genre come close!.Version: 1.10.97

Recent update has ruined this game!I’ve loved playing this game, I’ve played a huge amount, (8000+ levels) but the updates this week have ruined it. It’s unplayable, far too difficult and the time limits are a joke. I quite like the introduction of new objects, keeps it interesting, but it has to be able to be completed in the time given. Far too many levels are impossible without loosing all your bonuses, it’s totally unfair. I’m not going to play a game that is impossible, where is the fun in that?? If it stays like this, I’m sadly out, plenty of other match type games out there..Version: 1.16.127

Publicité mensongèreLes jeux ne sont pas ceux annoncés. Trop banal.Version: 1.16.127

I was addicted.I’m actually one of those people that spends money on coins to play longer. When I found that one of the challenges gave me 600 coins, I was excited and went on to play the next round. After I finish that round, I noticed that my 600 coins was gone, so I contacted the help site and let them know this happened. They said they were going to escalate the problem and they gave me 100 coins. When I asked about the other 500 coins, they said they couldn’t do that. I then said well if I was supposed to get them in the first place, why aren’t you giving them now? I was upset and said as much. Their response was I’m sorry you feel that way and that is the last response I’ve gotten from them. So if you play this game, don’t waste your money like I have because they don’t fix their app and they sure the heck don’t reimburse you..Version: 1.16.125

Poor value for moneyI’ve only had the App for about a week, and it is already wanting to update. The add ons are expensive, they don’t last very long and are pretty useless when using on a smaller screen. The harder levels are much smaller and faster, which makes it difficult on my iPhone 12 (I had to turn the brightness up to full resolution to see everything and even then it was still dark) I’m not tecky but it didn’t look right..Version: 1.5.54

NOT LIKE THE ADS SHOW!Fun challenging game but it gets boring after awhile because it’s always the same! Not once in the months I’ve been playing have any of the advertised levels come up!!.Version: 1.17.98

Fun at first…Fun at first, until it becomes too hard to play. I hate it when games do that… As others have mentioned, the ads are deceiving and the levels are all the same, just a pile of stuff. No shelves, no customers.Version: 1.8.76

Manque d’aideJ’ai beaucoup aimé jouer à ce jeu. À deux occasions, après avoir passé plusieurs jours sur un même tableau et épuisé toutes mes vies, mes jetons et mes outils, j’ai communiqué avec l’équipe technique et j’ai obtenu de l’aide. Or, au niveau 2848, impossible à résoudre. Il faut récupérer 126 objets en 90 secondes. J’ai demandé de l’aide à deux reprises. L’aide n’est pas venue. Je me suis contraint à quitter ce jeu..Version: 1.17.98

Good but not like the adsI got it after watching the ads, thinking there would be variation in types of matching games. Every level is a pile of items to match, which is enjoyable but it’s certainly not what’s advertised.Version: 1.8.76

It’s a great game until…I have all of the games downloaded by PEAK games, and I love them all. Except this one. It starts out really nice, and is a calming game to play. Challenging, but not impossible. Until you get past level 200. Unlike their other games, if you need more time, you can watch an ad. They don’t do that here. Straight for the buy more time or coins. I was on the same level for a week. I’ve uninstalled…and it’s really a shame. This was my favorite game for a while..Version: 1.16.127

Ad is misleadingI don’t get how you are allowed to have an ad that doesn’t resemble what is actually in the game..Version: 1.17.98

No fun anymore.I was obsessive about this game, loved the new items then suddenly after level 4100 it gets so hard that it’s no longer fun. I’ve left my team & I’ll probably only play now and again. Once you’ve used up all your coins & bonuses and can’t get past a level it’s frustration over obsessive fun so I’m moving on. Any ideas??.Version: 1.17.98

Overcharges! Be watchfulI realized the other day that the purchases I’ve made for extra time like the $1.99 purchase I was charged over $12 for and the $6.99 purchase I was charged over $16 for. So for anyone that plays this game. That’s probably why there are no ads. They will get you during the purchases by overcharging. So it’s best not to make a purchase at all. I know Monopoly Go was doing the same thing to people and was even charging people when they weren’t even playing. (It was talked about in a Facebook group for monopoly) So be watchful on your account linked to your phone if you have Applepay or Google Pay on your phone setup. I loved playing Monopoly Go but I ended up deleting it and putting it on an old phone with nothing setup on it so I wouldn’t have to be concerned with bogus charges. I believe I will be doing the same thing with this app though I’ve already leveled up so high and I’d have to start over. I will if I get one more charge from them because I shouldn’t be getting any apple charges since I won’t be making any further purchases since I realized what their doing..Version: 1.10.97

Not a fanThe game was different on what it showed on the ad i didn’t like it that much.Version: 1.17.98

Frustrating once you’ve passed levelsDisappointing that once you’ve passed hard levels you’re stuck in super challenging levels. No option to clear stats and start from the beginning again. Therefore can’t be mindless fun!.Version: 1.11.113

Not as advertisedFun game but it’s another one that is completely different to what it shows you in the ads. You don’t have to spend money to progress though, which is really good..Version: 1.13.81

Ads don’t match the playI liked this game but you don’t get to play the games shown in the ads. If you want what you see in the ads. Don’t download this. It’s just a pile of stuff in every level..Version: 1.16.125

Game not like adsI keep getting ads about getting peoples orders right (through sorting) or putting pens in the right colour home or sorting colours of donuts. The actual game play is what’s pictured on App Store but nothing like the ads that play in other apps. I’ve been playing for a while and it’s been the same over and over. Fun but I was expecting other things.Version: 1.17.98

Fun game but developers don’t play fairPeak Games has perfected Toon Blast to offer challenging levels that are beatable with some difficulty, but not to the point where players are stuck for weeks. I’m on level 1000-something of Match Factory, and this is the fourth time I’ve experienced being stuck for weeks on the same level. It’s not fun to keep playing the same level and not having any way to pass it. The helps are few and far between. There is no “easy mode” after many days of being stuck to help you pass. There aren’t many opportunities to win coins to help. The only option is to pay to play, which feels unfair. Especially when you’re stuck for two to three weeks, and then you play a few levels and get stuck again. You don’t even have time to build up your coins again. Another questionable tactic is that they make easy levels extra hard if you’re doing well and moving through levels, just to make you fail and lose your advantage. It’s pretty messed up. But the game itself is actually really fun. The graphics and gameplay are excellent, so I’ve given 3 stars - fun game, messed up tactics. I hope they fix this - I don’t mind paying to play when I don’t feel coerced..Version: 1.11.38

Not like the ads!Great graphics and quite fun to play but nothing like the ads that pop up. Where are the different games shown???.Version: 1.14.123

Don’t waste your timeVirtually impossible to earn any coins and add-ons. Shortest game on the market because your “lives” are lost after only a few rounds. Extremely difficult to advance level to level and additions of time and other features to prolong the game have little or no effect. Far too challenging to actually be enjoyable..Version: 1.11.38

Not greatNot as advertised in pop ups. Serving customers, matching food, other puzzles. Just the same thing all the time. Why isn’t it like advertised?.Version: 1.13.81

Better graphics then most, BUT…This match game definitely has better graphics than any other match game but it is nothing like what is advertised! . I’ve seen the ad pop-up multiple times while playing other games with a bunch of different kind of match games and puzzles and the only thing this has is the piled match 3 search and find like all the other match games so it’s very deceiving. It’s too bad because the other puzzles look like a lot of fun! Unfortunately I’ve seen this in a lot of other ads for similar games.. the other thing is, like everyone else says, you kind of have to spend money to get anywhere in the game. Unfortunately, they don’t have any options to earn any coins to get the tools you need to pass levels.. I’ve been trying to find a similar one with the quality of graphics that is more play friendly….Version: 1.11.113

Reaches an impossible stageThis is a great game but it becomes difficult and costly on some of the harder games. I’ve just spent £10 on level 156 and have decided it’s time to delete. The coins are even expensive and this level is virtually impossible without them. It’s great fun and addictive. There are no adverts either, but once I lose 5 lives it’s done for several hours. I am going back to my ‘old faithfuls’!.Version: 1.16.125

Fix the touch response and the game will be betterThis game is a lot of fun in theory, especially for someone like myself with OCD. However, the most glaringly obnoxious thing about this game is the touch response. I’m clicking items that it’s not choosing to put into my bar of items I clicked causing me to constantly lose levels that I never should have lost if the game actually responded properly and selected what I WANTED it to select. It’s also seems to be delayed when clearing out 3 selected matches as there have been a NUMEROUS amount of time I’m trying to pick certain items to clear some room on my board, and end up with a straggling object cluttering up my chosen item board taking up space and ultimately has cost me numerous levels the same way the touch response to select a specific item has. This game overall is a lot of fun and has kept me busy in the last week since I downloaded it. But as the levels get more difficult with more random items, it’s really causing me issues and making me not even want to play anymore at all because I’m losing at times I shouldn’t be..Version: 1.14.123

Not as advertisedThe game in the add is completely different from the actual game..Version: 1.17.98

False advertisingLove the game however the advertising of all the fun mini games is false as they don’t exist you only play the one type of game over and over..Version: 1.14.123

Addictive but ridiculousLove the game, not at all what was advertised though! The thing that bugs me the most is the inability to earn boosters without spending money, which I won’t do. Being stuck on the same level for a week or more because it’s so ridiculously hard without boosters, then using up all your lives and having to wait to play again, earned this 3 star review. I love playing and would love to just be able to play, period. There’s really no reason for a set amount of lives here! Some other games let you earn boosters by watching ads, though I’m not a fan of ads, I am a fan of a fair chance to win a level and earning boosters to do so! This is how I found this game to begin with (despite it not being as advertised)…while playing a game with endless chances to earn boosters and lives, plus free lives and boosters at the start of each day PLUS the ability to request boosters from team mates! Make some changes and it’s a 5 star game! As of now, I’m a week into level 125, no boosters in sight and not enough time to get close to completing the goal. Eventually I’ll give up and not play anymore..Version: 1.15.136

Another fake game!I’m sick of downloading games because the ads look great only to find the actual game play is nothing like it. These types of games are so common it gets boring so how about you actually live up to your advertising and put those games into general play. Will be deleting as I already have the same type of game cluttering up my phone..Version: 1.11.38

No second chanceWhy is there no second chance with these games? You either win the first time, or you can pay to get another chance. If you don’t pay, then you start all over again. Other Apps remove the items in the row, and you carry on from there. But not these guys. They won’t do anything like that. They need to check the other Apps to see what they’re doing..Version: 1.12.112

Used to be a lot of funWhen I first started the game, it was a lot of fun. Levels were fun and had a wide variety difficulty. Some were really easy, some were really hard, but most were somewhere in between. For the past week, the difficulty has increased dramatically so that the “regular” levels are even hard to win on the first try. The “hard” and “super hard” levels have increased in frequency and have become even more difficult to win. I had one level where I had to find 126 items in 2 minutes. Most “super hard” levels now take me a few days to clear and require the use of power ups. I’m considering quitting the game because it’s become too hard and frustrating. * The ad that brought me to this game showed a game play that I haven’t even seen yet and I’ve been playing for over a month. That’s disappointing..Version: 1.16.15

Fun and frustratingI consider myself a pretty good match player but getting stuck on the same level for weeks is frustrating, I’ve had teammates stick it out for months on one level before they move onto something else. At some point it just isn’t fun anymore. The levels do get harder as you progress, once I hit 400 I’ve been stuck constantly. Another problem, unlike other games, unless you are winning you don’t get to participate in any prizes so the once daily prize is it. I’ve had teammates save their dailies for a month just to blow it all trying to get past a single level. I understand the point is for people to buy packages but we also need team mates that can participate and many people can’t afford the extra cost. So you move from team to team trying to find one with active players. Thankfully there are other match games out there that understand this..Version: 1.13.81

Fake adsNone of the games from the ads that I wanted to play are in here. I’m so sick of games that lure you in with fake ads..Version: 1.17.98

DisappointedAlthough the finding itself is fun there are more ads than game time. There is an ad after every game and ads after ads 😱.Version: 1.11.113

Do the developers know their audience?I just passed level 6000 and here is my take: I downloaded this game because it seemed relaxing. My boyfriend calls it the matchy matchy game. I play this when I listen to my audiobooks or podcasts. Originally, this game was one of the best games I’d ever downloaded. Mostly normal levels with a hard one sprinkled in here and there and a “super hard” one on occasion. For the last 2 months or so, I feel as though I have more hard and super hard levels than I do normal levels. This is supposed to be a relaxing matchy matchy game, but it’s turned stressful and aggravating. I’ve spent money on the game, and that’s fine with me, but I’ll be stuck on a level for days and end up breaking down and spending some money to get what I need to pass the level, and the very next level will be another “super hard” level that I’m stuck on for days. I DONT WANT TO BE STUCK ON A LEVEL FOR DAYS. I want to play my game mindlessly and listen to my books. Give us the ability to turn off hard and/or super hard levels in the settings or something. I’ve spent a fair bit of money, and a much more significant amount of time, on this game, but I’m on the verge of deleting it if something isn’t done. They’re also releasing new “packs” way too quickly. I’ll just barely stop hating the new pack when they come out with another. It’s becoming too much. Know your audience!.Version: 1.17.98

Not like it used to beI loved this game when I first got it several months ago. I used it to wind down after work and it soon became my ‘go to’ game. Unfortunately over the last few weeks things have changed and the developers have made it nigh on impossible to pass certain levels without the use of boosters. I had accumulated lots of each over time (I’m almost on level 7000) and have used them all up the last few weeks. I understand the developers need to make money, but this is now ridiculous. I joined a team to take part in team challenges but these too have become difficult to achieve and several members have left the game for the reasons I have mentioned. What a shame I shall be looking for a different matching game :(.Version: 1.17.98

Fun, but keeps crashingReally liked this game, had a lot of fun with it. However, in between each and every level it would close. I would open it back up and start the next level. I got to a point when I had the option of a side game or quest when it would freeze and then close. I tried to open the game again and it would go to that side quest screen and immediately close again. I removed the game and tried to reinstall it and now I can’t even install it again. Is it me? Is it you? Too bad as it was a fun game..Version: 1.11.113

Ads deceptive.And yet another game that doesn’t deliver. I’ve seen various ads for this game that look fun but the game is not as advertised. Was waiting for the other forms of this game to start after a certain level, but no, same boring old levels. Disappointing..Version: 1.15.136

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