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Zen Brush 3 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Zen Brush 3 app received 9 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Zen Brush 3? Can you share your negative thoughts about zen brush 3?

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Zen Brush 3 for Negative User Reviews

What a waste.More like an overall downgrade than an upgrade. Honestly haven’t gave this bad of a review to an app I once enjoy so much..Version: 1.07.1

Need support- support link goes to blank screenI recently purchased Zen Brush 3 for my IPad mini 5. Love it except for the fact I cannot open a new canvas. I’ve searched everywhere but cannot find an answer for my specific need. Also app kicks me out often when I click to add a layer or the button beside it- losing ALL my work. Will increase stars when I can begin a second project and crashing is fixed. Thank you..Version: 1.08

2 simple additions would make it perfectIt’s a lovely app and the brush engine is genuinely very good, particularly the natural blending of colour and wet inks. But there’s no way to rotate the canvas while painting - there’s pinch gestures to move and zoom, but the lack of rotation is frustrating. I know you can just turn the iPad, but I can’t when it’s on it’s angled stand. ‘Undo’ is limited to 5, which is also unfortunately frustrating and often not enough. I love the simplicity, but these two additions would make it much better..Version: 1.06

Badly butchered appZen Brush 2 improved on a great simple program with an intuitive interface by adding multiple undos. Sadly, ZenBrush 3 loses whatever made the original program so excellent. The dry brush effect so brilliantly nuanced, textured and expressive in Zen Brush 2 has been softened and weakened in ZenBrush 3. Equally, the intuitive interface of version 2 has been complicated and butchered in Zen Brush 3. For instance, the Layer function in v3 leaves you scratching your head wondering how the application of something so intuitive and straightforward in so many other apps like Procreate and ArtRage could be so badly blundered that it is unintelligible. That is a shame. I’ve always seen ZenBrush as being much more than a calligraphy app. The expressive quality of the brush strokes in the original lent themselves to abstract art or illustrative purposes. That expressive flexible utility has been blunted in version 3..Version: 1.05

Not recommended for apple pencil usersThe app is optimized for fingers on touch screens. It does capture pressure/tilt of pencil, but does not apply them faithfully for ink simulation creating a very awkward feeling. With rapid strokes, ink lightens regardless how much pressure you apply, and the brush continues to shoot forward due to some sort of motion prediction. So it works fine only if you write at snail speed and totally breaks down as you speed up no good for cursive script. @app author, please offer a mode disabling finger heuristic/optimizations for pencil users..Version: 1.09

LPLEASE FIXI I really resent the intrusive. as for Zen brush 3 that makes zen brush 2 unyseable..Version: 1.12

SorryHave to take this down to a three. Even on the larger iPad Pro, the palettes are too small. I really do not care for the gratuitous eye candy animations when scaling or tilting. These do nothing to aid the interface. Inks on black on paper don’t colour the black beneath. Or moveable layers. These need to be setable to multiply, at least. Two finger tap to undo is a standard. Embrace it. Once again, LOVE the colour addition. I’m already wearing 2x magnifiers. The palettes are too small..Version: 1.01

Still not able to delete a Saved workI sent my inquiry about deleting Saved works to the support 2 times without answer..Version: 1.06

Each update is worse than the previous versionThis is no longer fun, or user friendly. No instructions, the first version was really great, but when I went to use it, was forced to up grade, that was another bad upgrade, so I deleted said app, then saw an add, went back to version 2, it then said I had to upgrade to three. Now it’s basically useless. Deleting again. Zero instructions, played for an hour just trying to get it to do what the original did. Just not even usable! I’d look else where. I’ve seriously never seen any developer actually ruin a good app to render it useless..Version: 1.08

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