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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes App User Positive Comments 2022

Themify - Widget & Icon Themes app received 73 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about themify - widget & icon themes?

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Themify - Widget & Icon Themes for Positive User Reviews

Words Cannot Explain How Much I Love This AppI had been searching for ages to find an app that does all my app icons for me and then I stumbled across Themify. I’m not on unmotivated to do all my icons by myself, but I’m also broke, so I did a free trial for three days, chose which theme I wanted, fixed the homescreen up (added widgets, moved apps etc.) and I did this all for free! I’m unsure if this was a loophole I found or the free trial was meant to work like this, but it’s so amazing. My apps still work even after the free trial ended (which was what I was skeptical about when I first did my homescren. Overall, I praise this app for how quickly and easily it made making my homescreen aesthetic; I can undoubtedly vouch for an amazing app. It took me: •Ten Minutes •Absolutely No Money •Little To No Effort To make my homescren. This app saved my life and my homescren. Thanks <3.Version: 1.40

Works perfectly fineIf anyone is complaining about this app being hard to use or not working, it’s literally because they can’t follow simple and easy directions, that are displayed while you are installing the new app icons or widgets. It’s so easy, and the free design that are available are really good. They are so good you don’t even feel like they’re trying to get you to pay the subscription by offering ugly free designs and amazing priced ones..Version: 1.14

Love it! Could be better thoughSo I love this app of course, I just have a few minor recommendations! This app made my Home Screen look amazing and cute, but I saw a few things I kind of wish was in the app. When you try to download icons you can only download about 5 at a time till they say start a feee trial to download multiple at a time? 😕 when I also download the icons, they open my Safari to take me to the original app I wanted to open. Maybe if you can download the Themify icons like you download the widgets, so we can put it in shortcuts and it’ll work more properly! These were only suggestions that I really wish the app would have, but either way I still think it’s a good one!.Version: 1.49

Great howeverHey everyone this app is amazing you can continue for free but eventually you have to watch adverts which is fine . However when you reach a specific amount you will have to pay but just delete and re-download xx.Version: 1.56

Awesome App At A Reasonable PriceI have had an iPhone for 10 years and this is the second app I have EVER purchased. Not only does it have so many different themes, wallpapers, widgets, and icons- you can customize them also! If the developers do read this, I just have one request, (and can not be the only one that would really like this)- if you could creat a way to save all of your favorites themes within the app- that would be AWESOME! There are so many I love- but then I “loose” them and have to search for them, then while searching I find another one I love, lol. Just a thought!.Version: 1.51

Love itI love it, it’s got beautiful designs and fonts. It’s really easy to use. However, I wish we could make more types of widgets instead of just the time and date. Other then that the app is absolutely incredible would recommend to a friend.Version: 1.1

Amazingly beautifulEasy to use and perfect. I suggest you pay the ‘ for life offert’ which it is the best deal. I won’t use any other widget app now. Thanks.Version: 1.57

ThemifyBest app to change your icons I would definitely recommend.Version: 1.44

GreatAt first I did not know how to use it but then I could and it was great there’s another app but u had to pay but this app had pretty one and some free.Version: 1.56

GoodAlthough many things cost money in this app I think it is a generally good app you can still get a lot of things..Version: 1.56

Was Skeptical At First But Now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I was skeptical at first but now I love the app and it’s the first good one I’ve found, it’s easy to navigate and doesn’t take long once you’ve done it once, I love the app icons especially and thank whoever spent so much time out of their day to make all of them! Please download this app because it is easy to use, after I couldn’t figure out Widgetsmith I searched for another widget app and found this wonderful app! Five Stars!.Version: 1.55

ⒷⒺⓈⓉ ⒾⓋⒺ ⓈⒺⒺⓃI’ve been trying to find an app like this for a while,however, all of the others were extremely poor quality and overated- I thought it would be the same with this but this app is the best- it personalises home screens fit for you, recommends trending widgets and there’s only one thing I think could be improved. The money- now the yearly deal is good but somthing I can’t afford and some things I can use because of this- but this app has potential which is something I don’t see often. Congrats cReatour your my first 5 star review I’ve written- :D💖.Version: 1.40

Cutey cupheadKawaii Kirby and cuphead.Version: 1.56

Nice but missing somethingsI personally really love some of the options of the icons and widgets and think that they are very nice and easy to tell apart from one another. Only thing from giving this 5 stars is that some of the icons on some of the themes don’t have the matching app to choose from to make the widget, so i was a little upset/disappointed because I LOVE the Christmas Eve theme widget/icons, but some of the icons don’t have the matching app to go with it (venmo, facetime, etc). If that can be fixed so we have all of our apps on our phone downloaded available to choose from, I would appreciate that and that would make this a 5 star app!!.Version: 1.11

💗💗💗I loveee THiS APP it’s amazing it so easy to use and some things are free so u don’t have to pay for everything 5 STAR REVIEW I just love it get it it’s the best app ever!!!🥺🤩🤩☺️.Version: 1.36

AMAZINGThis app was the best app ever all the other apps make you pay but this app is just Amazing there are like no more words to describe just amazing I love it.Version: 1.47

The best for themes!This app you would think is your money hungry game that has 5000 adds. BUT NO! This is the best app for getting themes! It’s so easy to download an icon compared to the others! There is a subscription you can use. Witch I do think is to much money. But I can happily make my screen look amazing without the subscription! If you going to get a theme app get this one. The only thing I don’t like is most of the custom wallpapers cost money. There are not a lot that don’t require premium. But overall this is the app I would recommend it gives simple instructions on how to apply it so you should not have any promblems with the app!.Version: 1.34

Live wallpaper bug on iphone 13 pro maxI really like this app but that one bug annoys me the most. The live wallpaper for iphone 13 pro max is kind of bugged. It worked fine on my iphone 8+ tho. Please fix this. Thanks!.Version: 1.40

First app I’ve gave 5 stars!This app is incredible even with the free version, although there is a premium version where you get soo many more wallpapers, widgets and icons! 1 billion percent recommend 💓💓.Version: 1.37

Works perfectlyFor me this app worked great! They had tons of color options for me to choose from and there are a lot of reviews about not enough icons for each color section however there were enough for me to use! I wanted to have one full page of them and I was able to do that. This is a great app and saved me a ton of time. I like to change my icons a lot and this app was so much more efficient that the past apps I tried. Note: If it’s crashing for you then that’s not the apps problem lol it’s a personal problem not one from the software..Version: 1.13

Best app i’ve tried!This app has been the best app i’ve tried so far. Of all of the apps i’ve tried this is the easiest to work with and figure out how to use. If you’re looking for something that you can get good sets without paying, this is the app for you. All of the sets are so cute including the ones that are free. The icons are also way easier to download than any other app i’ve had. All it does is take you to safari (if your an apple user) and you download it to your home screen from there. They also have separate widgets, icons, and even wallpapers that you can use. (i like to use sets better just to get a glimpse of what it would look like on my screen) In all, pretty nice app. :).Version: 1.56

Themify!!I would just like to say I love love LOVE this app!! I’ve been looking for an app like this for a very long time as all the others are quite low quality or won’t work without premium. I love how you can download the icons, wallpaper as well as use the widgets even with the free version. So far everything works perfectly fine on my phone! One slight thing I was wondering about is when you click on an icon to open the app it takes a couple seconds and every-time I want to open an app it also opens safari. Is there any way you could reduce the time and stop it opening safari?.Version: 1.56

Nice🦋pencilTrop cool.Version: 1.56

I was very scepticalI’m used to finding apps like this that disappoint immediately. Everything that’s actually remotely good is hidden behind a pay wall and there are no ads. That might sound good but no ads means they’re making money some how. And if there are ads I’m sure it’s genuinely free and it’s not making money off of my information. There’s a massive variety of free wallpapers and widgets that are beautiful and high quality. I didn’t use the icons because as I said I’m sceptical and quite wary. But I trust this app and it’s the first one I’ve found that I trust and enjoy. I would give it five out of five but when I look at apps I rarely trust the five out of five ones as I wonder whether they’re fake. But this app is great and I hope it continues to grow!.Version: 1.53

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH I BOUGHT A SUBSCRIPTION!! It’s 1st on the chart for good reason! Just one question, with premium, does it come with evrething free? Because some of them I can’t buy, thanks so much 🙏😀🥰👏🤩.Version: 1.56

How do I use the free version?I loved everything but I didn’t want to pay because I’m low on money and I saw that people have the free version. How can I get to it?.Version: 1.44

There’s just one issue…Hi! I love this app but I just have one critique. I think it would be better that instead of whenever you open an app that it switches to a gray screen and then to the app, instead have a little drop down notification-type thing like how shortcuts does it saying that the app was opened with Themify. I’m not sure if this is anything you guys can control, but if it is, I’m just saying that it would be better than what happens currently because it’s a little bit annoying. Not sure if it’s just me that has a peeve about it though. Otherwise, I love the app! Keep up the great work! :).Version: 1.55

This is amazingI absolutely love this app. It is great that there are plenty of free things and also some payed extras I think it’s the perfect mix. My only question is is there a way of sharing your own creations made using this app.Version: 1.20

Love it❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.56

WOW!This app is amazing. You may have to pay for some but you can watch a video to unlock them and it is amazing. If you are wondering if you should download this app then you should because it gives you widgets wallpapers app changers if that’s what it is called it gives you phone or device a COMPLETE MAKEOVER. Wow I haven’t found any other apps like this I really suggest getting this, it is great 👍.Version: 1.59

Wonderful customisation!I very much love this app and the flexibility it gives me to customise my widget. However, there seems to be a slight problem with the time on these widgets. When loaded in, they do show up at the correct time but then doesn't refresh past it. For an example, the time could be 4PM and itll still be stuck on 3.15. Aside from that inconvenience, it's an amazing app..Version: 1.9

AlrightThis app is amazing!! But i dont like how you can only select up to 5 icons at a time, it took me forever to complete my Home Screen. But it sure was worth the 30 minutes!!.Version: 1.49

Best widget app!This is so good. I recommend it highly. Another app is colour widgets. These apps are the best sooooo good. Only bad thing is you have to pay but many options that are still great quality without having to pay..Version: 1.49

Try it!I’ve tried so many apps and they don’t work or if they do they ask for payment, I’m serious I did mine under 25 minutes and didn’t pay a single cent..Version: 1.56

ReviewI think this app is amazing and definitely recommend it but almost every time I went into the app it turned my phone screen black with a loading logo then turned off my logo which means is took hours to get my Home Screen but overall a great app!!.Version: 1.29

Good for other people but one problem for meHi so when I downloaded the app i was so excited but when i did all the details they wouldn’t load in well they did but it was just white please do something it worked for my cousin but not for me.Version: 1.51

It’s good but there’s a bugIt’s a great app but, after a while of downloading the textures my iPad starts to load and restarts my iPad. It might just be a bug on my device but it’s very annoying hopefully this can be patched. Over all it’s a great app..Version: 1.56

Good game but a bit slowThis game is really good but it’s quite slow at loading the widgets and home screens but other than that this app is amazing and I recommend it if you like aethstetic things and if you creative.:)😁😍.Version: 1.44

Get this appThis app is literally amazing I took me five minutes to customise all my apps nd two to do my widgets highly recommended ❤️❤️.Version: 1.50

I love it but have a few questionsJust downloaded the app today and love it, but ever since I have access to settings my phone started acting strange and glitching a lot. I have done all of my updates so I don’t know if the problem is from the app. I just found it weird that my phone started acting up after I downloaded the app. Also, I feel like there should be more options for other apps especially games. I say this because I’m a gamer (for fun) and don’t really use other apps very often. I’ve also noticed that whenever I save a widget from the app it doesn’t save to my photos. Thank you so much for understanding, other than that I have no complaints.☺️.Version: 1.47

What it’s aboutI haven’t tried one of these types of things yet but I read all of the amazing reviews and have decided to download it I hope you don’t have to pay but I've heard it’s amazing.Version: 1.51

Its better than most apps I’ve usedI really like the app, there are a bunch of widgets, app icons and wallpapers you can use without paying. I don't get why people are so mad, I just wish you could make packs yourself instead of using other ones.Version: 1.58

In love <3This app actually works, to my surprise. I love it so much! I’ve been on a quest to find an app that works! I fell in love with ALL the designs quickly. Most of them were FREE, which never happens :l But, this app has flaws. I think we should be able to download all of them at the same time without having to pay. Of course, you need to make money, but it’s kind of unfair. On the bright side, you can save multiple and make a TRILLION DIFFERENT ICONS TO GET A... dun dun dun... Rainbow screen! :DD Anyways, I highly recommend it. There’s so many icons, widgets, and more to choose from. This is probably the best app out of the others I’ve tried, and if you want a cute galaxy screen, a Kawwai anime screen, a aesthetic cottagecore screen, a dark academia screen, or anything else you can imagine, they will have it for you!.Version: 1.57

Fantastic :)I think the app is awesome but there is just one thing I wish you could add could you add more icons? Because like I want all of my icons to be filled up thank you!.Version: 1.56

Horrible Rating 5 so they will readThis is a good app but you have to use a free trial and then it is £4 a WEEK if it wasn't so pricey I would use and share if you could use it with out being charged.Version: 1.56

ThemifyThemify ! Themify Is a great app in so many ways and it has just a couple flaws-not that many actually ! Firstly, there are so many icons,widgets and wallpapers to choose from from trendy,retro,gothic,cute- in truly any style ! Even though there are many not free ones , there are many that are and that still includes a wide variety ! However , I would still love to see some more free items . Also,you can customise and make your own widgets top if you don’t find what you want out of their choices ! And the wallpapers all work too,and you don’t even need to be forced to buy the premium as there is a cross so I can decide whether or not I want the app and I think u might buy the premium! There are also very handy tutorials available that can help you install wallpapers and icons or to help you in general ! Now for some minor problems- •sometimes the clocks and times can get stuck at a certain point •When you have no WiFi or if you don’t have your mobile data on,the widget’s background from themify will turn white ! •sometimes they glitch and turn invisible ,but they always come back again •The icons don’t have all apps , so usually I have to hide them in the app library as yo not ruin the aesthetic But overall , a great app ! Thank you to the developers ! Greatly recommend the app and thank you for reading this very long review !.Version: 1.40

Good butI was editing my phone because I thought the app looked amazing reviews to so I thought I would try it and when ever I create a new widget all of the others turn the same it might just be me but idk.Version: 1.14

Pls don’t even botherI looked at the other reviews and they all say it’s great, I got the App and I was really surprised with all the cool wallpapers but then it told me that I can’t get one without paying, that’s the disappointing one, just like the other apps.....the fact that you have to PAY for a virtual wallpaper is just ridiculous.....that’s all thanks for reading!.Version: 1.14

Please bring back short cuts!I love this app and all of its themes and aesthetics! My only real request is to bring back the option to save icons as images so that I can just create the shortcuts for them. I’m sure that’s not a popular request, but I liked having the shortcuts. It’s frustrating that bookmarks don’t show notification badges, but the shortcuts do. It’s also frustrating that the installed apps have to redirect through safari. I understand why, and I have reduce motion on, but if my internet is slow, it means it can take time to open the app. Plus it means safari is always open in the background. I know asking for shortcuts wouldn’t be very popular. Most people don’t want to take the time to create them. But making in alternate option would be great for me! Otherwise, great job on the app. Can’t wait to see what other designs are added :).Version: 1.45

Issues with app loadingI had the app for 2 days and nothing would load, I tried uninstalling, clearing cache, everything! Weirdly, I disconnected from the WiFi and now it works!.Version: 1.51

Icon choosingI love this app and the options it gives but I would love it even more if it somehow synced up with your phone to see every app you have and coordinate that with the icon design options. For example I have a lot of random apps like the abc app or door dash. There is not an option for those when choosing the icons. I know when you scroll down further you can choose and icon and pick which app you would like it to go to but not all my apps are showing in the list. Also, I had saw on Instagram the Friends themed icon. I found some of them but not all. This was very disappointing as it’s the reason I downloaded the app..Version: 1.14

Fix my issue!! PLEASE?!?!I love the app!! A LOT!! But will you PLEASE?!?!?! Fix the issue?! Where it tells you what to do which is download the file then go to your settings and it shows you the download is supposed to be on the top under Apple ID thing above the airplane mode!! And it’s not!!! Then it shows where to install it and it’s not even there!!! I picked my theme saved it saved the widgets selected all the icons and still NOTHING!!!! I’ve tried different themes and followed instructions!!! How is it ppl that have this app?! Had no PROBLEMS?!?!?! With downloading their themes installing them where it’s easy for them to follow instructions it tells you! FIX THIS PROBLEM?!?!?! I WILL NOT USE SHORT CUTS FOR MY ICONS!!! IF YOU SUGGEST THAT APP IT IS A USELESS APP AND ITS ANNOYING!!!.Version: 1.35

This app is AMAZINGI’ve been looking for apps like this for months now. As all the other apps like this one are very low I looked at the views on this app and there were so many good reviews after a week or 2 this app made my back ground amazing!! I really do recommend this app!!.Version: 1.57

My widgets won’t workGood app I like but my widgets skins won’t work the only one that comes up is a yellow one that does not match with my iPad Theme so please help but overall it is good app.Version: 1.52

THIS APP IS AMAZINGI don’t know why people don’t like this app! I know it has some premium stuff but it still has free things! Also you CANNN add multiple widgets. I change my background every week so thank you so much Themify! This app is probably my favourite app on my phone! (P.S This is not a bot people) 🫡.Version: 1.56

FlawHi,this is an amazing app but i have a few flaws. one i got this app my phone has been resetting and powering back on. this causes kicking me off apps, and making all my apps glitch badly. if this has been an issue before, i’d love to know. this may not be the apps fault. there are a lot of different things to choose from and it’s a good app!.Version: 1.39

AwesomeI’d give this app a 5 star, but the only thing that’s changing my mind is that the advertising has some themes such as a Harry Potter screen, and is not included in the bunch. The rest of all the themes are phenomenal and easy to use. It allows you to have live phone wallpapers, which are very amusing. When you first download the app, it gives you a bunch of themes to choose from to put on your opening page, so you can see what interests you. Overall, the app is very easy to use and the flexibility is amazing. I really recommend!.Version: 1.49

Pretty Good 👍I have been looking for one of these for a while and found this one, I think I really would’ve enjoyed if I didn’t need to subscribe because I really just want a free app to customize my home screen. I think that the developers did a sensational job though, looking at how much effort it had put into it! Sorry if you find the review negative, but other than the subscription I would recommend it!.Version: 1.56

Get this appI just got this app and I’m starting to love it you get to choose loads of aesthetic, retro, trendy, neon, icons making it unique for you. I, however, am using the free version although, there is a premium version which allows you to get so many more icons/wallpapers/ widgets. As well as icons, there’s widgets and wallpaper. You can either make your own theme by mixing themes, or using themes already made. I would definitely recommend it to whoever is trying to find an app for icons/widgets / wallpaper.Version: 1.36

Great but…It’s great app and I love the fact I can change everything but I’ve noticed I don’t get notifications on WhatsApp or messages and don’t get notifications if I get a missed call which is kind of important. The only reason it’s not 5 star.Version: 1.54

:)Very good app, the only 2 problems I found were when opening an app it takes you to a black screen for about 2 seconds and then takes you two the app, the clock also takes about an hour to change so it can be a bit slow.Version: 1.30

AmazingI actually love this app! It’s so good and I love how you don’t have to pay for all of the designs because so have bought a lot of apps that do that! I do have a few suggestions for themes though, for example you can add danganronpa (an anime series) as theme! Amazing app though!.Version: 1.56

Just 4 starsI like this app a lot though there are some faults.I had to go through SO much trouble before making my home and lock screen nice. I hope you understand, Underpants Mummy..Version: 1.57

GreatThis app is so great helps my phone look amazing and wonderful like I have been trying to found an app that changes ma apps into something great and helps me call them what I want and this app is just to good for that like it does everything.Version: 1.7

BEST app for screen and phone customization out there!!!I love customizing my screen to fit my personality and to just make it cuter. I would like to say to anyone looking for a better app to use for this, it’s the best one I’ve ever used. It’s easy, adorable themes, not blurry or glitchy like other apps, and it’s good even without premium. Which I love. Most of these apps aren’t as good quality. And in order to get good things or to even download a wallpaper, you have to pay tons of money. As a teenager with not enough money to spare, I love that it’s cheap yet very well done. I recommend that you get this app. It’s really nice to use and it’s just so adorable 🥰 Thank you, keep up the good work <3.Version: 1.49

Great App!! Just some little issues. :)It’s a great app and I love using it! There’s a pretty good selection of backgrounds, widgets, and icons but I still think there should be a bigger selection of free ones. One think that I think would be useful, is if you guys added a search bar so that people could search up a color, theme, etc. For example, if you search up “blue”, then any blue icons, backgrounds, and widgets will pop up! This would also make it easier for people who want to find free things because you could just search up “free”. One problem that I had with this app is that I wasn’t able to add multiple widgets to my phone. I have this app a four out of five because of the few issues, but overall I give this app a thumbs up, and I recommend that you should download it!! 👍😁 I was able to add multiple widgets now so just forget about what I said about the widgets lol 😂..Version: 1.56

You have to pay for some but there are some other cute ones!All these reviews say that you have to pay to have anything but I disagree. I downloaded many apps that wouldn’t let me have any of this without paying and ones that were just glitchy and horrible but not this one. There are a lot of ones that you have to pay for but there are some really cute ones that are for free! It was a little time consuming but it looks so amazing! Would totally recommend!!!.Version: 1.31

Excellent app and great valueI downloaded this app with the free trial activated, to see if would be worth paying. I did have some issues at first but the customer service reps were AMAZING and I worked ‘with’ them instead of just getting frustrated and leave a bad review. I think the yearly price is reasonable and well worth it for what you get! Love the app!.Version: 1.56

Hi! Great app a few complaintsSo, I was trying to get a weather widget for my grandma on her phone because she said it would be useful and i couldn’t get her one because they ALL cost MONEY!! I’m sorry, I just wish apps would have a thing where you don’t have to pay! I mean yes, you can get other widgets without paying and you need to make money….but, I just think at least ONE weather widget without costing money would be GREATTTT! :) (not everyone can pay for stuff and might not have the money to) no rudeness involved just if you’re looking for something free for widgets….idk just yea! Ok bye, have a great thanksgiving! Lol :).Version: 1.45

Love itAmazing, only thing I would change would be able to make custom stuff..Version: 1.40

Maybe for more apps?Hello I love this app and I recommend it. The only trouble I am having with it so far is that when you select ur choice for icons it doesn't have many apps. I was trying to decorate my Home Screen and I had google slides but in the icons I had selected it only had google docs. Otherwise it is a great app to use for decorating ur device. Bye.Version: 1.39

Can’t get red notifications on new iconsThe app is fantastic. It has a wide range of themes and colours to use for free. But if I get mail/ texts/ what’s apps etc the red ‘alerts’ on the new icons don’t appear and more. I’d lo be to know if there’s is a way to get this added on?.Version: 1.54

AmazingI love it so today I was looking for an app that could do really nice iOS 14 widgets and that stuff and this was the only successful one I have found the other apps that are like this make you pay YEARLY for a Home Screen so I’m very happy I found this app x.Version: 1.13

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