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Lapse - Disposable Camera App User Positive Comments 2023

Lapse - Disposable Camera app received 58 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lapse - disposable camera?

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Lapse - Disposable Camera for Positive User Reviews

STOP MAKING IT TAKE PICTURES AS SOON AS I OPEN ITStop making it take two pictures as soon as I open it, it’s super creepy.Version: 2.81.0

LapseThis app is awesome you can really find some hot girls on this.Version: 2.85.0

Love itPics look legit af.Version: 1.1.0

Very cute concept, painful startSo far, I really love the app. What I don’t like about it, is that it’s imperative to invite at least three friends on the app to have access to it. I understand marketing strategies, but sometimes it’s best to put them aside for user experience. What if I don’t have three to five friends right away? (Is this app calling me lonely?) I love that the snaps take a bit to develop (delayed gratification), I love the preset that makes phone pictures look like disposable camera photos, it looks very real. Overall, i strongly recommend this app.Version: 2.80.0

An amazing app!!I really do love the concept of this app. I would have never even gotten it in the first place if my friend hadn’t snapped me abt it and then invited me. It is a really great app and I hope it outweighs BeReal 😈 bc let’s be honest this app provides a more “in the moment” capture unlike be real where you have to quickly take a photo when it wants you to, and only have 2 mins to do so. what I’m saying is I like that this app provides a comfortable platform where you can enjoy yourself, and I really love it and hope it becomes something SUPER popular like TikTok and stuff :D.Version: 2.77.0

Authentic beautyLove the feed, image treatment, and whole feel of this app. Feels like the first authentic social app to come out in years.Version: 2.66.0

Interesting 🤷‍♀️Good but like okay 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.89.0

Designed beautifullyThe graphics and the intro was dope - it felt like a party in my hand. Starting with my biggest con (hoping the app creators see this lol) but the watermark on the developed photos is too big. I love the film look and would want to share it on different platforms like Instagram, or even share it with friends, but the watermark logo with the logo is too big and right in the center that I’m less inclined to share it or save it on my phone. I just use other apps to get the same look when thinking of sharing the photo. I’d love to use Lapse’s saved photo but that logo watermark is not it for me. On the positives, posting photos is so easy and I like the notification that my photos have “developed” so that I can share my pictures. I also LOVE the widget on the Lock Screen that makes it SO EASY to immediately take a photo. Makes me more inclined to use the app and I use it every day!! (I’m a person who rarely takes photo to begin with.).Version: 2.52.0

It’s giving artsy vibesI do love the concept of taking a photo and allowing it to “develop” so you aren’t standing there trying to get the best photo. You can be more present & it’s fun to see how they come out. However, once you post or archive a photo it sometimes has a little note at the end. Some are cute, but some I find to be very low vibe & opposite of what the app stands for… I have gotten “back by UNPOPULAR demand” & “Your pictures are so ugly they are cute” & “Your photos are so chaotic”. It seems belittling and does not match the vibe of the app. So please fix this! However I am taking these photos for ME, so I don’t take these comments seriously. ✌🏼.Version: 2.85.0

Love itBetter than BeReal in my opinion.Version: 1.0.30

Epic appSo cool. Amazing design.Version: 2.66.0

SUPER CUTEThis app is cute af! I wish the music would work though:(.Version: 2.81.0

Could be betterPersonally, I think this app is great. I think that it's safer for kids than Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media platforms although I do have some changes in mind that could potentially make the app better first off just having filters that you can play around with kinda like Snapchat, but a safer version also being allowed to scroll through your contacts would just be so much easier also I think having an easier access to memories would be great because the first time that I use this app I was kind of lost on how to find my memories but I do think that this is a great app, but it has the potential to be better.Version: 2.35.0

ExcitingInstagram is dying and I hate posting on there. Really just hate getting on any social media. So right from the beginning when they introduced the feel and purpose when I got the app it got me really excited. I don’t think the set up process is too long. It’s not that big of a deal. It has to be longer than other apps to be more personal and meaningful. I’m excited to see where this goes. Also love the music feature and cute emojis you can put with your profile picture. It’s fun, new, aesthetic, and intimate. Just like how instagram was when it first came out. And how social media should be. It’s still new to me and I haven’t gotten many friends yet so it’s still a 4/5 stars for that reason. Glad we are moving on and creating better forms of social media🥰 Thank you to the creators for being creative and putting so much effort into this.Version: 2.75.0

AMAZING!!This is such a good app i love the quality and just the whole idea.Version: 1.1.19

Lapse reviewI loveeeee this app! I use it all the time! It’s way more fun to take pictures, and as a photographer, it’s a lot like a camera, but the developing is easier. I’m always checking to see if my pictures have developed! I definitely recommend this app!.Version: 2.90.0

This app is amazing, even with its issuesI am in love with this app! I have so much fun using it and the pictures always turn out so perfect. I love the edit it automatically does it’s always just on on point. I will say when i first downloaded a few of my pictures taken in .5 mode didn’t appear? I already spoke to someone through email about it and actually one popped up in my “darkroom” the other day! Even with the small issues, that I’m sure will continue to get fixed with updates, this app is perfect and i love the concept of it being a journal and your memories not for likes or anything else! ✨.Version: 1.1.23

Love the app, a couple critiques.First off, i’d like to say i hope this app becomes the next big thing and dethrones the current apps which have chokeholds on the market. i love the accessibility, and the profile customization is SO COOL. i love being able to share what music i’m into with just a quick glance at my profile, and the emojis on the profile picture is a nice touch as well. i also absolutely LOVED the intro to the app, coolest thing i’ve ever seen. my only complaints lie in the instant part of the app, they’re a little clunky to get to, being hidden in a notifications tab. i believe they should get their own tab at the bottom, and that they also shouldn’t be “hold down to open.” it’s a little clumsy to do, and with an app that’s already slow (it being a new app), it kind of takes you out of the immersive experience. also, i’d love to be able to add more than a few words at the bottom of an instant, the current character limit is much too small to say anything of value. all in all, i’m in love with the vintage vision for the app, i’m excited to see where it goes, and i appreciate the thoughtfulness you all have as a developer!.Version: 2.87.0

Capture the moment, don’t curate them!This app does a good job mimicking the feel of film. As someone who is familiar with using film, the app does an excellent job of capturing moment, as opposed to curating them. I do wish that the devs would be able to add an option of shooting with 24 and/or 36 roll films and not having them developed until the roll is finished. I think half the fun of using film is capturing moments, forgetting what was captured and then getting them developed to look back fondly at them. Although it won’t be as quick as posting regularly on your journal, I think this option would give a more nostalgic feel for those who really want to mimic film photography. Overall, I think this app is great and would love to see that added as a feature!.Version: 2.80.0

Good but needs improvementThis is a fun app and a really cool concept but it’s kind of weird to navigate and just isn’t a super well organized layout. Kind of confusing and discouraging to use compared to other apps. I’ve talked to my friends about this and they agree, but still cool app.Version: 2.82.0

YAYThis app is such a fun way to connect with friends without worrying about likes/follows/comparisons. it feels more personal than other forms of social media which i love! the pics always turn out so cute too. i will say that the beginning experience of creating an account was kind of frustrating and it took me about an 45 minutes to finish setting it up because of lags and it wouldn’t load after i added friends. the fact that you have to share with five people before you can even use the app was also frustrating but i understand the intent behind it because of the newness of the app. overall i think this app is amazing and i can't wait to use it more..Version: 2.29.0

Reply optionIt needs a reply button so we can reply to our friends when they add comment.Version: 2.82.0

Bringing back the joy of taking picturesBrings me back to days when pictures did what they were supposed to - captured life! Thanks Lapse!!!.Version: 2.81.0

Such an amazing app!!!This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. My old photo feeds were filled we stuff I didn’t want to see. Lapse is perfect ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.66.0

Honestly obsessedThere’s still some changes and things that need to be made as it is new, but fr fr it’s become my favorite thing no gassing. It’s like VSCO, MySpace (with the profile music), photo dumps, and like Dispo or Huji in one it’s great. Seriously take advantage of it and the widget and just use it like a blog but then having your friends on there is so cool cuz you can look at their little blogs too!!! It really helps to romanticize my life more and like pick out little moments and capture them it’s so much fun and so cute and really easy to take aesthetic and pretty photos all the time. I hope in the near updates we can add music to the created albums too and not just the monthly ones so that we can really curate the vibes on our journals, overall though I just love it.Version: 2.81.0

It’s goodIt’s good.Version: 1.1.17

Photos won’t deleteIt’s an amazing new app, and I love it so much, but the photos won’t delete if you try to delete them, it just goes to a weird photo that looks like a finger covering the camera!.Version: 1.3.0

Digital disposable camera albumLoving the app, use it daily with my friends. Would be great to have more disposable camera effects other than camera grain. Something in the likes of HUJI maybe, just a slight variety..Version: 1.1.28

The best an app can getMake your memories look as sexy as they are in your head..Version: 1.1.36

Locked by Invite ScreenDuring sign up you get hit with an “invite friends” screen and it’s absolutely mandatory to invite 5 friends before getting any access to the app itself. A bit much, but once the invites are sent it doesn’t matter if they accept or not you can get in. It’s a pretty decent app once in, I love the way photos develop like they’re in a dark room (it’s even called the dark room) and the results are classic retro style. The app is definitely good for nights out and captures the atmosphere well..Version: 2.85.0

Cool idea, needs some tweaksLike many others have mentioned, the sign up process is kind of a pain. You shouldn’t have to invite others before you’re able to use the app. It’s a cool idea and if it didn’t make you do that I think more people would be into it. The concept is super cool and it’s been fun to share photos and react to other peoples photos. Feels kind of like if Snapchat had evolved with social media instead of turning into an unusable app with a bunch of ads. That is also the direction that Instagram is going as well so this feels like a nice respite from seeing ads everywhere. I really hope they don’t decide to include ads in the user experience. I’m excited to see how this app evolves and improves over time..Version: 2.88.0

Lapse is sickThe camera takes mint photos and the app is really cool. Can’t wait to see how it develops..Version: 2.57.0

Love this app, absolutely amazingYe.Version: 2.89.0

Amazing Simply AmazingCould write a some long paragraph but there no point lol The app is amazing, it’s so good I deleted Instagram.Version: 2.47.0

Best social app to share photos with friendsHaving a shared ‘disposable camera’ on your phone is so good!.Version: 1.1.17

This app is like drugsDrugs.Version: 2.81.0

I likeyI like the app. I like that my feed just my friends, and friends only. No ads, no “suggested accounts”, no random links to stores or OF. As long as this app doesn’t sell out to advertisers, I think it can remain cool and fun. And as long as it stays that way, I’ll keep on using it! My only gripes so far are: - camera sometimes takes a second or two to snap a picture. Sometimes I snap something really fast, and once it develops, it turns out to be a blurry mess - Landscape pics don’t show up in landscape orientation on the feed :/ - this is a weird one, but tbh I feel like pics develop too fast. Sometimes I’ll be at an event taking pics ✨in the moment✨, and while I’m still at the event, I’ll get a notification that my pics I snapped only an hour ago are ready to view. And that… kinda takes me out of the moment. idk just seems to go against the intent of this app. Aside from all that, it’s been refreshing to be on a social media app that isn’t all about likes and follower clout. Just friends.Version: 2.82.0

Super cool!It’s so fun! I just wish after taking multiple pictures at once, you could look at them all and decide which one you want to share. As after you archive a picture you’re unable to share it. Other then that amazing app :D.Version: 2.85.0

LapseThe concept of this app is phenomenal. I can not remember the last time I went out or my way to review an app. It’s basic. Easy to use with a really solid idea and intention. There’s no gimmicks what they advertise is what you get. I had just recently deleted all me social media when a friend came across this app. The one thing I missed was sharing with the people I have a relationship with. Would absolutely recommend this app to someone and have. PS. You should make it so I can see ALL of my monthly pictures in the little flash thing as it goes through the music. Half my album doesn’t play with the music I put and I was so bummed. I purposely took more pictures so I could get it to sync with the music 😂.Version: 2.89.0

Solid app, needs some workI’ve really enjoyed using this app, having a small friends list and spamming my day is a lot of fun. Its helped keep me off the other big name social media apps with a net reduction in screen time. My biggest gripe is that saving photos you take on the app leaves this really weird watermark that tries to make it look like a disposable camera. I at least want the option to save my pictures without their logo so I can share them elsewhere without giving them non-consensual marketing. I think a more intuitive interface and fixing the photo-saving system this could easily overtake snapchat or instagram as my primary app..Version: 2.79.0

AMAZINGI LOVE THE APP!!!!.Version: 1.1.34

It’s alrightNot too bad cool app Uk definitely taken more photos here.Version: 2.81.0

Social media without the toxic partFriends not followers, nuff said..Version: 2.81.0

New and DigestiveI love that I can keep memories on film, upload and create a story with my personal account and not view everyone else’s media if I don’t want too. I can go on, capture memories, and I get to wait for them to develop which is fun! Without being bombarded with hour glass figures and content creaters. The way you can choose loads of pictures and a song for your profile is like watching your life in a small film. I watch it just to take in my days, I get to reflect on this app, see the life I do live when time moves so fast. Adore this app, can lay low and enjoy it. Without the mental overload of media. If it ever changed that, I wouldn’t keep it. I like to stay off media and indulge in my every day to day life and explore myself. This app lets you have fun with your phone and do so..Version: 2.47.0

Love it, but def needs some fixing…Let me say, i absolutely love this app. as other reviews have stated, it has all the great parts of an actually disposable camera (super cute pics you can wait to look at) and all the fun of social media. i find myself actually going on this app multiple times a day and feeling little to no pressure to pretend, just capture fun and small moments and see those of my friends. now, onto the bad… i absolutely hated the onboarding process. the videos were unnecessarily long and having to invite five people was honestly kind of annoying (however, i do understand it’s the creator’s way of increasing users), but it’s definitely a turn off. i’m not sure if this app is here to stay, but i love the concept of it so far and absolutely LOVE that there are no ads. hoping it doesn’t turn into an Instagram wanna-be.Version: 2.78.0

I LOVE ITIt’s literally the cutest app ever. There’s messaging, it’s like MySpace with the song selection, the photos and the albums and the journals i love it. I hope it never introduces reels or videos and remains this photo-focused app.Version: 2.84.0

LOVEEEEI love this app it is so much fun to do with friends glitchy at times but is overall awesome..Version: 2.82.0

I actually really like itI thought this is just another lame version of be real or Instagram, but it’s not and it’s a really cool but interesting app. Often I take the picture and just forget about them until the end of that day then it’s a fun lil surprise. I will say the “invite 5 friends” I wasn’t really a fan of and seems the same for everyone. y’all need to remove that it’s killing the app!.Version: 2.81.0

Very niceMuch better than BeReal….Version: 1.0.30

LapseAbsolutely love this app not sharing too much tho cuz ima gatekeep😆😆👍.Version: 2.85.0

Love itSuch a cool concept for an app, the film effect is great and love the excitement of waiting for the pics to develop!.Version: 2.85.0

Here for the aestheticWhat a fun way to focus on the creative, brief snapshot from your personal perspective! The app is still in early phases with bugs to pick out, however I am so excited to keep sharing the snapshots of my life with friends alike. Yay Lapse! lol The first step is to upload pictures or to take a snapshot to be developed. Like a disposal camera, you can’t see what your snapshot image looks like until it’s developed, but in Lapse, it’s just a “darkroom” until the app alerts you of its development. I like the idea of a quick pic, move on, look later. It really takes the harsh criticality we put on ourselves. Really love it, super aesthetic, v kitschy, 10/10, would recommend!.Version: 2.82.0

Great AppLove the concept a very fun photo sharing app.Version: 2.6.0

So much fun!!A refreshing app with a new concept! Feel like I’m using an actual camera when I’m snapping random pictures throughout the day, waiting eagerly to see how they develop!!! My only complaint is that it’s a litttttle confusing and the software isn’t the easiest to navigate. Hoping with time and further development, these small issues will be fixed. Looking forward to seeing this little community skyrocket!.Version: 2.75.0

Such a fun appSo fun and cool. great place for aesthetic pics! love it.Version: 2.28.0

AMAZING!I love this app and I post on it pretty much every day! I love sharing my life in such a real and raw way and expressing myself through these disposable photos. I also love seeing photos of my friends and what they’re doing. I have gotten 8 people to get this app so far and everyone loves it!!.Version: 2.82.0

Makes my pictures look musty i love itBy musty i don’t mean gross i mean like old but it’s cute.Version: 2.85.0

Great App only 1 Concern!I absolutely love this app. I saw a friend using it and immediately went to download it. I think the look of film is beautiful and make pictures much more interesting and detailed. I’ve sent it to several of my friends and they have all downloaded it and loved it as well. My only concern is how during setup you get stuck until you add 10 friends and share the app with 3 people. For me that wasn’t an issue, but a lot of people I’ve sent the app to it has become an issue because they either don’t have 10 friends using the app to be able to add or don’t have anyone new to send the app to. I think the app shouldn’t require people add that many friends or share it with that many people as it can cause some users to be unable to use the app altogether if they do not have enough friends to connect with. Hoping in a future update this gets fixed! Other than that I’m very much enjoying this app and love showing it to friends and family :).Version: 2.80.0

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