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Lapse - Disposable Camera Negative Reviews

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Lapse - Disposable Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Lapse - Disposable Camera app received 66 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lapse - Disposable Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about lapse - disposable camera?

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Lapse - Disposable Camera for Negative User Reviews

Desperate data grabI downloaded this app because my friends were getting it and it was the new hype social media. Upon downloading and using this app for a mere 15 minutes, I quickly came to realize that this app is purely built to take as much data as they can from you and sell it. It’s no different than the big ones, but at least the big ones hide it slightly better on launch. Only plus is that it’s beautifully coded and designed. The app once downloaded has a lot of invasive nonnegotiable information requirements. It asks for access for camera and microphone (don’t remember why they needed that got lost in the “new type social media” bull). Then it asked for contacts and photo access. However instead of hiding their access to my pictures they blatantly boast that they have access to my pictures prior to even clicking allow access to all pictures. This part didn’t really phase me because TikTok has been doing the same thing ever since I downloaded it. The part that made the data grab seem desperate was that when I tried to delete my account they gave me an ultimatum. If I deleted my account in the next data wipe, my number would be banned from using the app. I’m sure they have some legal bull written about this in their privacy policy somewhere to justify their desperation, but it’s all just a coy for this BeReal knockoff..Version: 2.70.0

Are not able to block people…Had recently tried to block someone from being able to see my account and that same person that I blocked requested me… ( a day or two after I blocked their account on the app) Be careful! And please fix this feature.Version: 2.80.0

Cool concept, so annoying to get inIt’s a cool concept and I was hoping to like the app but wow so so so many steps to get in. I don’t even have enough friends to see any content so I’m deleting the app..Version: 2.90.0

Easier to get a donor kidney than sign upThe sign up was so tedious that I deleted the app before I was finished. Cool concept but awful execution..Version: 2.75.0

Sign up is so annoying i wasn’t even able to use the appI downloaded the app because i got an invite from my friend and the concept seemed really cool and fun, sort of like a mesh between bereal and instagram? but the sign up is BEYOND frustrating. first it makes you add at least four friends and does not give you the option to skip. all of my current contacts on the app are acquaintances/people i barely know and i had no interest in adding them yet i had no choice if i wanted to use the app. then it forces you to invite five people. this is where i quit because it’s clear they’re just trying to get as many people to download the app as possible, which i understand but it’s also not the user’s job to do that for you? maybe provide an incentive to inviting people or something. i can’t even speak on the functionality of the app because i couldn’t get past the ridiculous sign up requirements..Version: 2.85.0

Extremely aesthetically pleasing but set up takes 5EVERMuch more aesthetically pleasing than BeReal or Instagram, however, my 3 stars are because the software is hard to navigate. No real tutorial on how to navigate. And the set up alone took me 30 minutes. For an app that’s just starting out, to stop people in the set up to add 8 people and you CANNOT move past that step is ridiculous. What do the people do who are the first of their friend group on the app? I think the app would benefit from streamlining set up and adding a user guide..Version: 2.82.0

They wanna be bereal sooo badForces you to link contacts and invite 5 people.🤮🤮🤮.Version: 2.88.0

Terrible app don’t get thisCalled me a loser. this app is terrible.Version: 2.85.0

Hard to navigateI didn’t mind the long process to sign up but the software is so confusing to use that it’s annoying to use. hopefully with more updates and the app itself evolving it’ll get better.Version: 2.85.0

Too PushyWhy do I have to add at least 8 people, why do I HAVE to invite 5 people? I can’t skip those steps either, they are required for me to set up my account. On top of that, my number had been blocked since I deleted my account. Now, even if I decide to redownload and start using the app, I can’t..Version: 2.81.0

Needs a lot of work but it is a cute and good conceptRight off the bat, the inviting friends to join and adding random people should not be required to register as a user, not a lot of people are going to like that and i surely didn’t. i had to add random strangers to have access to the app. i invited 5 of my contacts and it glitched so now the app is making me invite a total of 10 contacts for me to be able to see whatever my friends are posting. seriously?? the pictures are cute at least but the app is so annoying when you’re not just using it to take pictures. the loading intro screen for the profile needs to be taken away not a lot of people are going to like seeing the repeated video about their profile details especially when they already know. I think adding a video camera could also be a nice thing. Another thing is that I wish that I could save the pictures i uploaded as my background “journal” thing from my camera roll with the filters you guys put on them. other than that the app is good and cute but none of my friends will go through the signup process and as i’ve seen per review every one else’s won’t either..Version: 2.85.0

Took foreverI’ve never written a post, but this app takes forever to make an account. The process was so long and annoying, why do you need my contacts? How do you know how many friends my contacts know? Also I found it weird they recommended me people who I don’t even have in my contacts, people I haven’t spoken to in yeeeeeaars. This is a new phone with none of those people???? Why do I need to invite 5 people. Why did I have to make it a widget? There’s so many steps. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. I’m deleting my account..Version: 2.85.0

Sign up is too complicatedI love the idea of this app, but the sign up, pop-ups, steps… it’s just too much. I had ZERO energy to actually use the app after the sign up process. I have numerous friends that won’t even try it when I invited them because they heard the sign up process was too long. I got done with signing up after being forced to add 8 friends (who idk how I would add them because none of the people I would add have Lapse because it’s so new (so that makes 0 sense to have that as a sign up requirement)), add photos, invite friends, and more. The intro, unnecessarily long & as a creative, I get that people worked hard on it, but it needs to be like 3 seconds long or you lose people. Just please make this user friendly. You have way too much competition with other social media platforms and ‘film’ apps to have something this annoying to sign up for..Version: 2.71.0

TerribleThis app literally has so many things u have to do, to even START using it. i deleted it after i made an account. sorry it shouldnt take me 10 minute's just to answer everything and do what u guys make people do and share with 5 friends? so annoying. such a turn off no one has time for all that.Version: 1.14.0

LOVE IT but disappointedI downloaded this app as soon as it was available and it was so much fun. I love everything about it and was using it everyday, multiple times a day. A little over a week ago my app crashed and it logged me out. I haven’t been able to get past the phone number screen to get back in. 😞 beyond disappointed that I can’t access this app while all my friends are enjoying it around me. I have contacted customer service 3 times and I keep getting a “reclaim your account” notification. When I click it nothing changes. I still cannot get past the phone number screen. I was able to access it on my iPad so my account is not the issue. It’s just the app on my phone. I really wish this issue would be fixed. 1 star until I can use this on my phone again. 😞💔 I really want to love this app but can’t without being able to use it….Version: 2.79.0

Stupid creepy appCan’t even go back or skip anything.Version: 2.89.0

Wont even let me sign upTypes in my number and said i was 13+, As soon as i click the orange arrow it loads and does nothing. App does not work and needs to be fixed. ASAP! Lol.Version: 2.87.0

Fix your appFirst off I wanna the concept and idea of the app is real cute and I can see the potential of using this app for cute photos. Now all that being said, why do I have to add like 10 people just to get the app running like I don’t wanna add random people or people I don’t like as my friends on here, like why do I have to go through all these things before I have to use the app, like yes I get understanding how to navigate and use the functions of it, but it’s doing too much with having to share it with other people, secondly there are so many bugs with app, like deleting or editing your photos they won’t fix or they don’t function right when you try to edit, thirdly, I don’t like how when you archive photos when they develop you can’t post them later if you decide to, like what if I don’t feel like posting it till later, and if I archive it I won’t be able to post it when I feel like it, and how do I even save my photos if I wanna keep them in my own camera roll, anyways I do like the app but there is too many bugs and required things that y’all are asking for that makes this app too much, fix it, thank you♥️.Version: 2.85.0

Not badMy only complaint is the interface and photo uploading. Interface is kind of difficult to navigate it comparison to other apps, and the photo uploading is really slow and I often get errors where I have to re-select all of my images. Other than that, it’s fine.Version: 2.84.0

Continues to access contacts even after turning offI specifically set up the app after installation to not access my contacts. I got a notification from my app today that someone I know joined. Lapse should have no way to know we know each other or to suggest them since we have 0 mutual friends. Again: I. Turned. Off. Contacts. Access. I turned it off. The app should not be suggesting contacts and should not be storing that information. As others have pointed out, this is a blatant data grab and I’m frankly horrified that a company would be so shady with user data, especially since they seem to market to kids and teens. I checked the privacy policy and terms of use, and it says that contacts and the data there is a contractual obligation, however in a developer response to another one star review criticizing the same thing I am, they say it is “optional to use the app”, so which is the truth?.Version: 2.85.0

VibesIt’s cool.Version: 2.85.0

Privacy concernsI couldn’t even get through the app set up because it was so convoluted. First, you have to be sent an invite, then you have to send 5 people who are NOT on the app an invite (so a pyramid scheme). Most of my friends were already on the app so I ended up sending it to people I barely know, I felt like an annoying telemarketer. You HAVE to link your contacts and you HAVE to add a home screen button that take photos and directly uploads them onto the app. What I’m getting from that is that the app constantly has access to your camera feed (besides the fact that having an extra button on your home screen is just annoying). Then you HAVE to take an initial photo to start using the app, except it doesn’t tell you whether the app uses your front or back camera (nor is this info available online). For those of you who don’t know, you can’t see a preview of the photo so you don’t really know what’s being photographed. Yeah you can make an educated guess it’s the back camera but I would like that to be clearer. You can’t opt out of any of these steps. I ended up jumping through hoops to use another social media app that will sell my info..Version: 2.85.0

Can’t Login?I was super excited to get this app since my friend hyped it up and invited me to it. However, I couldn’t make an account from my phone so i decided to make it from my ipad, which worked thought it’s the same phone number. I thought I could make it from my ipad and then just login from my phone however it hasn’t worked for about a week. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it, powered my phone on and off, and even tried on both wifi and data but nothing seems to work. Anytime I enter my number on my phone it just doesn’t load but on my ipad it loads instantly. I’ve also checked and my phone is completely updated too I was really looking forward to using this app however there’s no way for me to have it with me on my phone..Version: 2.75.0

Trying too hardFirst off, the audacity this app has to force you to add 5 people to continue, ASK 5 people to download, permission for contacts and camera and have a widget is simply too much. Then, if you choose to delete your account you’re BANNED from using it with the same phone number again? Really turned me off to wanting to give the app the time of day. It’s super clunky and lots of annoying bugs. The interface is similar to tinder imo with the emojis and the swiping left/right. It’s advertises itself as being more “authentic” but it’s clearly just as curated as instagram as you can chose what photos to show and and can put photos from camera roll on your profile. The disposable camera idea is cool but we already have apps for that, i’ve been using Dispo for years. It’s an okay idea but do we really need another fake “authenticity” social media?.Version: 2.70.0

Good ideas- mediocre executionI LOVE the ideas in this app- the Polaroid “instants” are super cute, and I love receiving them from my friends, but I don’t like that you can’t save them. It gives me similar vibes to Snapchat’s system, except way more my style. I just wish I could save them so I could look back on them. I really REALLY hate that you HAVE to add friends and do free advertising. I understand why, but it’s frustrating and I really don’t like sending messages to people suggesting they get an app I haven’t tried yet. I wish you could try it out a little bit beforehand so you could actually tell your friends what you like about it. I did only get this app today, so I’m sure my opinions will change as I use it more, but these are my first thoughts..Version: 2.85.0

To much going on just to sign upIs anyone else going to realize this is another version of Dispo? The David dobrik app that added a filter and took time to “develop” pictures that was invite only? To much effort for a concept that has already been done and has failed cause no one remembers it and is downloading this one..Version: 2.81.0

Wont workDoesn’t let me sign in past my phone number. tried for weeks and no difference. emailed and no response.Version: 2.90.0

Getting thereThis app has a lot of key ideas seen in other social media platforms, but it is basically all of their best features. This app has a lot of potential with some design changes and simplified functions. The sign up process was incredibly dumb, so very tedious, I almost gave up but it anyways..Version: 2.80.0

Can’t use the app unless you invite 5 friendsYou HAVE to invite 5 friends to the app to gain access to any of the features. This is a terrible shady practice to artificially boost growth of the app. Why should I spam my friends with an invite to an app that I haven’t been able to use for myself? Let me use the app to see if it’s worth actually inviting my friends. Be better..Version: 2.70.0

Obvious Data GrabberThis app is so clearly a data grab, it suggested people for me to add that I ONLY have on other apps (where I don't have their number and they don't have mine). People I have only discord for example. There is literally no way for lapse to know I know the people it suggested to me based on my contacts alone, because they aren't saved as contacts and I know for a fact that the people don't have my contact saved either. Incredibly suspicious app. I was also added by people who only have me on an app but don't have my phone number so I'm 100% sure Lapse accesses more than it says it does. Also- what kind of app doesn't give users the ability to disable notifications? That's one of the most basic setting configurations social media apps have..Version: 2.76.0

GlitchyI was invited to get the app by a few friends and went through all the steps to set it up even though it took forever because it looked cool and I invited 6 people and it’s still telling me to invite more people to unlock even though it says I only need to invite five people.Version: 2.90.0

Cool concept but some bugsSet up was a bit of a hassle long intros and fancy transitions when I just wanted to get to using the app already. Didn’t really like how we had to invite 5 people by messaging them in order to use the app. After a couple of days of using the app, the camera stopped working. Everything else like getting notifications and looking at other people’s posts worked fine but the camera just showed black for me. My normal camera worked fine. I even uninstalled the app completely and it still wasn’t working until I restarted my phone. Hopefully the issue doesn’t happen again because I missed some important moments where I wanted to capture on this app..Version: 2.77.0

Too many steps to get startedWay too much for start up.Version: 2.81.0

Cool concept but…It’s a cool concept and I could really see myself using it a lot if it was a little smoother to use. I want to clarify that I understand how to use social media however i kinda feel like i’m blacked out trying to use this app. I ended up sending a dm to multiple people and not posting, I also remember when setting up my account I was able to upload photos and now I can not find that feature anywhere or where those pictures went. Somehow I’m always just clicking around trying to figure out what the heck i’m trying to do, it’s just not super clear. It’s also hard to go back if you click on the wrong thing. Other than that, I love the aesthetic and the photos. one last thing, you should make it so we can press and hold to pause people’s journals so that we can see the photos better and that we can reply back to comments instead of just adding another comment..Version: 2.78.0

Not workingI got this app because everyone kept inviting me. But the moment i got it and went through the steps, it kept telling me to invite 5 friends. So i did but every time I invited someone it wouldn’t count and still showed I invited 0 people. And when I continued to try to add people it would glitch out, but im very confused because one of my friends got it and she didn’t have any trouble, so I don’t know why mine is acting up because I had good connection and a lot of storage. I deleted the app once and logged in again, but it still says the same thing. This was about 2 days ago but I checked today and realized there was a skip button, so I clicked it but it continued to stay on the same page and not change. This app seems like it would’ve been fun I just don’t understand why it’s acting up for me..Version: 2.81.0

Bad Sign Up ProcessNeeds to invite 5 people and many more steps just to sign up. Even when you get in it’s not even all that - just a Polaroid camera app where u can post..Version: 2.82.0

Weird needy pyramid scheme-esque app????Completely agree with the other reviews criticizing how many steps there are to get into the app. It asks you for a bunch of information and accessibility, like to access contacts and your phone number to send a code, which would be normal and fine if it actually sent a code. After retrying later and being able to get past this step, it then tells me I’m “almost there! just have to invite FIVE other friends to the app!😉😉😉”. Such a slimy barrier to put before being able to access the app, because for your friend to then be able to join the app, they would have to invite FIVE of their friends… Free advertising in the form of a pyramid scheme, how smart! (i don’t think you could invite friends that were already on the app either) Deleted the app after seeing this ridiculous requirement, I’m not going to harass my friends so I can have another social media. Cool idea maybe, but the whole thing seems very holier-than-thou high on itself..Version: 2.75.0

Bring back Lapse!!!We used to use the original app Lapse constantly but journal just isn’t as good..Version: 2.40.0

Love concept, needs work.I love the concept of this app. I don’t like usual social media cause it’s so fake but this app makes sense to me. My main issue is: excessive notifications that arnt obvious what they are and don’t go away when you tend them. Also, this app is doing too much. It takes too much time to setup and maintain and the app keeps asking me to aggregate my pictures into albums and various things that I just don’t find necessary or helpful. The friend recommendations are confusing too. I was recommended one person that I worked with years ago and the rest of the reccos are people that I have no idea who they are or how I am connected to them..Version: 2.81.0

Cool in theoryI downloaded this app 4 days ago. I had to go through the whole process everyone talks about being so hard in the one star reviews. honestly the set up wasn’t too bad. the into video got me hyped up, but tbh it’s kinda a let down. the darkroom (photos have to “develop” which takes anywhere from 1-3hrs) is really cool, and I like the design of it. I like how it’s geared towards friends not followers. THAT BEING SAID. I keep getting these weird notifications (like 20+ a day): “so and so just joined Lapse!” I don’t even know who they are 90% of the time. I cant figure out if it’s sending me notifications when my contacts join or what. also, when I try to turn off those notifications, I go to my profile —> three dots in the top left —> notifications and I get this error message saying I cant access this yet because the developers are still working on this feature??? 1) why is the feature to adjust notification preferences taking so long to develop??? like that’s the biggest reason a lot of my friends have deleted the app two days after having it. and there’s no way to unlink your contacts from the app to stop it from alerting me when 4 people I haven’t talked to in months joined the app. develop it and then release it. don’t develop as you go..Version: 2.66.0

First Born Child in Return for Sign UpMake it easier to sign up without needing to give away my first born child. More than 10 steps to set up an app in 2023 is wild..Version: 2.70.0

You Can’t Even Use ItBro please make it so you dont have to invite FIVE PEOPLE and im pretty sure they actually have to download it too. most of the people i know already have it and the contacts that do are people i have not talked to in years. it would be fair if you only had to invite one person. or get this? not at all. sure maybe you can give extra perks or something to thw people who do, but come on. I can’t even use the app because I don’t have 5 people im willing to send a “download this app 🤓” message to. if i really wanted someone to download it, i would want to experience the app myself at LEAST. im not gonna go around sharing an app that i havent even gotten the chance to use. i would rate it higher, but i can’t even judge it without even being able to use it. please fix this so more people will actually use your app. thank you and goodbye..Version: 2.28.0

Terms and Conditions🚩🚩🚩“Whenever you upload, post or share Your Content on or through our Services, you grant to Lapse a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable, sub-licensable licence to host, store, use, display, distribute, modify, adapt, edit, publicly perform or display, publish and create derivative works of Your Content. You also waive any moral rights that you may have in relation to Your Content.” - Any photos taken are their property and they can use them as they please and by using the app you consent to this. “These Terms are between you and us, and no other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its Terms.” - Meaning no legal recourse “You grant us a licence to show these aspects of your Lapse profile publicly where we so choose to. For example, where you choose to share a photo or video that you took on Lapse with the Lapse team, if we decide to share Your Content publicly on our other social media accounts, your account and other basic profile information may be displayed alongside such content.” - They can share any and all public information given to them alongside your captured pictures in which they can edit how they please, then they can post this alongside personal identifying information such as phone number, email, full name, billing address, profile picture. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩.Version: 2.88.0

Can't even get past the sign upStupid app with stupid developers, can't even get past the sms code, not to mention so many people talking about having to invite 5 people to the app, i'll stick to instagram thanks.Version: 2.87.0

Requiring phone number is annoyingI love this app so far and love the concept. The featured feed is great and I hope to see more activity there in the future. I love that it isn’t curated with an algorithm (as far as I can tell) and just focuses on good photos. However, I really dislike the whole requiring the phone number to access thing. Right after putting in my number I’m asked to follow exes and friends and I don’t want to be contacted by. I blocked them but still continued to see their profiles suggested for a day or so after. Later, someone I know joined and I got a notification that they were on Lapse. Does that mean my ex and my ex friends all got notifications that I joined? yuck. Change it to email for those of us wanting to protect our numbers..Version: 2.85.0

The app was good…untilI first got this app when not very many people knew about it, and created an account. I didn’t get on it for about a week, because like I said none of my friends had it. When I opened the app again, it had completely shut off and logged me out. Now, every time I try to login to the app the orange button just spins and NOTHING happens, I can literally try to login for hours and absolutely nothing would happen. The app was really interesting and all of my friends are using it to communicate and showcase memories and that’s why it’s so frustrating that I can’t get in, even though I had an account. I don’t know if it’s just my phone, or if this is a reoccurring problem with others. If you can get into the app, it’s great, but its hard to get into…..Version: 2.81.0

Too much data sharingThe sign up is ridiculous. It’s incredibly suspicious that they force you to sync your contacts list and then force you to invite a min amount of friends to the app before you’re able to get to the app features. The fact that there is no option but to proceed with these steps is extremely suspicious..Version: 2.85.0

Time consuming and annoying set upThe process to even sign up for this app is so time consuming and annoying. I only want a few close friends on here but apparently i have to add and invite people i barely even know just to use this thing??? It's actually infurating. You can't skip ANYTHING. The instructions for adding a widget is terrible... and the fact that you cant even access the app without adding all of these people to your friends list, sending spammy invite links, and creating a widget is horrible design. It makes me not even want to use the app. Also!!! the cutscenes for the intro and timely explanations are super cringey (and you can't even skip them). It screams "we want to cater to gen z!!!!!!" so badly. Calm down, tone it down, and simplify it. The idea is cool but there's too much work for something that should be so simple..Version: 2.89.0

Great Concept but I Refuse to Use ItCool idea, I see my friends using it and it seems fun, but it requires access to your entire contacts list, and I REFUSE TO GIVE YOU ALL OF MY CONTACTS. I don’t want to see photos from everyone in my contacts list, and I don’t want to share all of the phone numbers/contact info in my contacts with a third party application when I don’t know what they’ll be doing with it. If you build a username/add friend system that lets me control who can see my photos and what data I give you, then this would be an instant download for me. Until then, it is a complete non-starter..Version: 2.81.0

Lovely app but!!Beautiful app and the photos develop amazingly but Jesus Christ the amount of notifications I get you would think I’m the next Queen of England. I started to feel sympathetic for my phone, with its constant vibrating - almost like it was having seizures. I near rung 999 to get medical advice. One night I barely got any sleep because Journal sent me 50,000 messages in the space of 0.25 seconds. Please for the of god, tone down the notifications..Version: 1.1.18

Super demanding!This app will force you to send links to your friends (who arent on the app yet) in order to join and participate. Never even bothered to make a post because i didnt have 10 friends to send stupid links to. Don't waste your time and ignore the links your friends send you..Version: 2.89.0

Wont let me skip stepsIt forces you to add 8 people in your contacts already on the app before you can set up your account and also forces you to send an invite to the app to 5 people in your contacts through text. There are a lot of people in my contacts that I do not talk to anymore so an option to skip these steps would be great. Over all the account set up process is very poor..Version: 2.82.0

Seems fun but i can barely use itIf you have a vpn on your phone, this app might not work. it keeps blocking me from using it, so they should work on their security on this app. i cant use the full potential of it due to this, and it makes me wonder why this is the only app it has ever done this..Version: 2.84.0

Not a fanThis app is awful. I understand the marketing scheme behind forcing people to send out invites to others without the app, but I did not know what I was getting myself into. I got deeper and deeper into the start up process solely for the purpose of changing my profile photo. Now I’m done and I still can’t. I’ve sent invites to people because I had to and it’s a picture of me in the hospital bc I thought it would be jokes I didn’t know I’d have to SHARE THAT WITH EVERYONE and I still can’t change it. Zero stars if that was an option..Version: 2.85.0

“Deleted forever” and my account is still active 2 weeks laterIf this is what floats your boat, you can be all for it. But I should have the right to see for myself that I’m not interested and then delete the account that I made. Did the whole 8 page process to get rid of this app and finally got to the last screen “your account will be deleted soon. we batch delete users every week” and I checked a week later and had to do the entire process again to see the same “this number will be blocked forever from Lapse” page again. That is pretty shady. It insinuates that you prey on users to get sucked into forgetting to remove themselves and falsely advertise the amount of “friends” who are using the app. Requiring 8 people to get sent the cheesy “pls download this app 👉🏻👈🏻” message and then add an additional 5 more thru the app is low key a pyramid scheme. I got needing to build a user base but hardwiring it into the account making process is kinda a red flag. 👋🏼 Hey admin, please delete my account, I am not interested in your app and have the right to do so..Version: 2.82.0

Fun concept but requires friendsI like the concept of the app, but I’m quite content just having it be an app for me and my close friend to use together. I’ve now been locked off my own feed until I invite other friends, and no one else I know uses it at the moment and I’m not interested in texting them to join it. I understand wanting people to use it, but requiring it makes me not want to anymore..Version: 2.89.0

2/5 for nowI think that the whole of this app is really cool and could definitely be better than BeReal, another app with the ‘wait to play’ concept. I see a few similarities to Tinder, Instagram, and most noticeably, Snapchat, but the speed of the app isn’t up to par at all when it comes to quick, smooth popups. The camera takes around a second to load and that could mean so much when you quickly open the app to snap a picture to see later. I noticed how you’re actually forced to invite contacts to the app and I can’t doubt that this is just a way to spread the word that this app exists. It took me quite a long time to actually gain control on this app, since there were constant popups instructing me to do this or that. This app has loads of potential and I could see myself using Journal on a daily basis. TLDR: ehh. app is kinda slow. i like snapchat better. bad for stalking. no scrolling feature. 2/5.Version: 2.23.0

I only have one friendCan’t use the app because I only have one friend.Version: 2.75.0

Talk about invasiveFrom the beginning to the end, this app is clearly a huge data harvesting platform. Before finishing signup it is already asking you to invite at least 3 people who have not joined the app. It also will force you to add it as a widget to your Lock Screen or Home Screen. After the signup it’s clear that the app itself is poorly made with a loosly thought out interface. With the over amount of permissions needed just to create an account, it’ll rather email them all my data and skip the signup process. The idea of this app being a social platform is a underwhelming execution by the developers who decided to copy Snapchat and BeReal in a attempt to make some quick profit. I Can’t really recommend the app to anyone when it’s being compared to all of the other social media platforms already available..Version: 2.85.0

Cool but counterintuitiveIf Instagram and VSCO had a baby, it would be this app. Cool in theory, but seems like just another platform to make Gen Z people feel retro because their photos on their iPhone 15’s have filters on them. Interesting concept, though. I liked the intro video, but I hated that I had to invite a multitude of people given that it is only in development. Also didn’t like how I couldn’t block or restrict other users, but I get that maybe that feature isn’t available yet. I would say I would have downloaded it again once that feature was developed, however, cant since I can’t even use my number anymore🙃 That’s an ultimatum that doesn’t make much sense. For the amount of people you have to recruit to the app to actually make your own account, most of them will end up deleting it within day just to never be able to use it again. Counterintuitive, IMO. Fix that and maybe you’ll get people back..Version: 2.78.0

Total invasion of privacySomehow this app is the worst app I’ve ever used in my entire life in terms of privacy and security. Firstly, you enter your phone number to join & even if you decline to share contact info, the app can bypass your phone’s permission & access your contacts anyways. Secondly, other people WILL be able to find you if they have your number, even if you no longer have theirs. This allowed some people I’ve blocked to find out that I’ve created an account & added me, to my dismay. Thirdly, I’ve attempted to delete my account for the past 3 weeks and it’s still there. The app developers mentioned that they delete every week in batches but that’s a lie. Save your sanity, there are countless of other apps that turn your pictures into film-type photography that wouldn’t cost your privacy & safety..Version: 2.89.0

First review I ever wroteThis app is so bad that I made the first review I’ve ever written just to give it a bad rating. Unfortunately, I cannot give it 0 stars, so I have to settle with just one..Version: 2.70.0

Annoying to set upThe app itself and the concept is really cool, but -2 stars because of how annoying it is to use it in the first place (btw my complaints are really for the app creators to see) It forced me to invite 5 people before being allowed to use it which I understand is to get more users but it almost did the opposite for me. That made me want to delete it bc I barely had anyone to invite considering some friends were already on it. The intro was very long and I hated that it forced me to add the app as a widget before being able to continue. It’s only my first day using it though, I might update this review later. Y’all would definitely get more users if it wasn’t that annoying at the beginning I bet some people would even love to keep a private account without friends just for the fun of it but having to invite people ruins that..Version: 2.66.0

Poor ExecutionCute twist on BeReal and Snapchat and Dispo all in one. But the process to use the app is awful and so annoying. They make it extremely difficult to sign up with low commitment, you MUST add contacts or if not you MUST invite 5 friends to the app (for the beta version?). You MUST choose a profile photo. Sometimes you can skip, but it was so hard to find the option. Now I get a notification every time my friends post something, and it’s WAY more than once a day like BeReal. You can’t change the notification settings in the app. Taking pics and posting them is also confusing. I accidentally DM’ed a pic instead of posting it. It’s not fun when everything is forced upon me. If it was naturally inviting I would have probably loved this app. Getting into it was a turn off.Version: 2.78.0

Really demanding and uncomfortably intrusive setupI was willing to give this app a chance but the onboarding process is weirdly demanding. You are FORCED to add 8 “friends” on the app even if these are people you don’t really talk to anymore. You are FORCED to send spammy “get this app” text messages to 5 people in your contact list even if it’s been a good decade since you’ve talked to a majority of your contacts and you’re not even sure they’re the same numbers. All this before you can actually use the app to what? Take pictures that emulate the disposable camera aesthetic + a few hours delay before you can see/share them? Not to mention if you go to delete your account, a notification pops up that your number will be blocked from joining the platform ever again - like what???? Who do these people think they are?.Version: 2.81.0

Sadly disappointedI was really excited and eager to sign up but I was having the same issue as everyone else it took me two weeks to make an account and when I did I was so excited. Sadly I came across more issues such as my friends journals not popping up on my feed and my friends list saying I had no friends even though on the inbox it said I did. I wasn’t able to message or send any direct snaps to my friends. I tried logging out, deleting the app, emailing them, and even dming lapse on ig. I’ve had no response. I also deleted 1 snap but it still keeps popping up on my October recap & I’m just upset and annoyed at this point. This app has given me so many problems and it not worth the time wasted and these issues are definitely gonna be this apps downfall. It has a great concept though.Version: 2.81.0

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