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Pandora: Music & Podcasts app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about pandora: music & podcasts?

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It Used to WorkPandora used to be my go-to music app. I was introduced to artists I never knew existed because they were similar to what I already enjoyed. When I got a new car with SYNC3, Pandora was rock solid. I could move from house to car and back without missing a beat. But several months ago, Pandora started having problems. When I get in the car, especially when using CarPlay, there’s no better than a 10% chance that I’ll be able to open Pandora, select a playlist and actually hear music. Most of the time it will give me a list of my playlists, but selecting a playlist just snaps back and does nothing no matter how many times I select it. Sometimes the app on the phone tells me “Poor network connection”, or its stuck asking me to start a free trial, or there’s a “Skip to Pandora” button. But you know what’s not there? Music! My home wi-fi is unchanged. There are no new cell towers. I have at least three bars. There is no reason why I can’t do today what I did for months without any problems, and that’s listen to music. So I have deleted the app and reinstalled twice. If I have to delete again, there won’t be another installation. And that’s sad because an app that once brought me so much good music and introduced me to so many artists, now brings only daily frustration..Version: 1710.2

Not a good algorhythmThe problems I have with Pandora are that I type in a group or a song name I want to hear and maybe I’ll hear one song by that group and then many, many songs by all types of other bands, many of which I give a “thumbs down” but they still cycle around. Sometimes I’ll dislike a group and then Pandora will send 2 or 3 more songs by that group, when I HATE that group, but no songs of the group I want to hear. Another point is that when you give a “thumbs up” to various songs, Pandora will just repeat those songs first, when turning on that station, and no other songs by the group you WANTED to hear. Like that group made no other songs, ever! But It’ll give you 3 songs in a row by some group you hate. Also, Pandora will, after cycling through the liked songs, play an endless list of songs you never heard of and don’t like and not a single song you want again. Don’t even get me started on a finite number of skips. Yes, I use the free version of Pandora, but truthfully why am I going to pay to hear tons of other crap? Sometimes the music you disliked bleeds over to other unrelated stations. Why would I pay?! I will not give you my money, Pandora..Version: 1809.2

Great DisappointmentI was really loving pandora. Playing music I knew and finding new music to love and then after a few weeks it started crashing. I followed the support directions: stop and close app, reopen: same error. Turn off device, turn back on: same error. Delete app, download app: same error. The support team the put a “trace” on my account supposedly. No error for 2 was. Then the error started back up, so I went back through the above steps, as advised by support who had a “trace” on my account. None of the fixes worked, and the “trace” apparently means nothing. Support then advised that I need to delete the app, and connect to my computer to sync my iTunes, then download the app...blah blah blah blah....Guess what? None of that crap worked either!!! Huge waste of time and effort! I fail to understand how iTunes is at fault, but pandora surely isn’t going to solve any problems, let alone take responsibility and fix their app. No no no...instead they are busy creating ridiculous processes that fix nothing, and useless updates. Great job pandora! Some may pay for the service, and perhaps that prevents the crashing, but there are other apps that provide much more, that are stable, and don’t play games through their support team..Version: 1804.1

Last update makes pandora insufferable.I have been happily using Pandora, commercial free, for years. Everything worked great, I never had to think about it. The last update has caused many many issues. First off, now I have to be on WiFi or in cell coverage to open pandora. No offline stations are accessible unless you are already online. If I am out of cell range I cannot open pandora until I am in cell range or WiFi. I get notices that pandora cannot he signed into, the station cannot he reached, or to change stations. There is no option to change stations or to go offline. When traveling this is incredibly frustrating to have to wait for the next cell coverage zone to open pandora. Why have offline stations downloaded onto my phone if I’m no longer allowed to use them? Also, when I run out of cell coverage, Pandora stops playing so it can tell me, “it looks like you’ve lost your internet connection so we are switching you to an offline station to keep the music playing”... you stopped the music to tell me you aren’t stopping the music. The regular chime that alerts me that pandora is switching to offline mode is adequate and not annoying. Please stop the lengthy diatribe about not stopping the music by stopping the music..Version: 2008.1

OrganizationHi. First if all, I would like to thank you for reading this request. Now I will get on with it. I really like Pandora, but I think that you should make it more organized. I think that the favorites should be on the top of all of the stations. I also think that to make it more attractive, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen should be either white, black, or non-existent. It’s just not attractive, and all of my friends and family agree. I’m sorry if you feel as if I am taking over your business, but that is just the way that the people want it. Only the album covers should be full with color. Everything else, I feel, should be black and white and grey. More modern = more attractive. Sorry, but it’s just what it is. My friends and I would also like if everytime we opened the app, music would not automatically start playing. I hope that you can find the time to make the changes in the next two weeks, or I will definitely be compelled to delete the app. I really do think that this app is a very good app and would like to give you props for making it. But the main point of this review is to tell you that the visual appearance of this app is just not attractive. Thank you for reading. Goodbye..Version: 1901.2

Love you, but there’s one problemI've been using Pandora for years and I love it. Yeah, they have some bugs, but a lot of apps do. Some of my now favorite bands I found from pandora. I pay $5/month for the premium version and it’s really worth it. My only complaint, which is more of a suggestion or request, I wish I could choose which stations I had offline. I have stations that I’ve listened to so freaking much, that’s how the app decides which stations are available offline, but I don’t want those for offline use. The fact that the more you listen to offline ones, the more hours you accumulate, solidifying their spots on the list. I frequently find myself with little to no data connection, so I really appreciate and rely on the offline mode. I tried deleting those stations and re-loading my offline stations, but alas it did not fix the problem... it honestly just made it worse. I deleted all of my stations that hadn’t been listened to this year and I’m realizing that to get the stations I want offline, I’ll have to delete all of them but the ones I want. So if you could choose the stations to download, that’d be dope and then I’d definitely give you a well-deserved 5 stars 😬.Version: 1807.1

Terrible app!I really like Pandora, so I decided to get the premium version. 1. Unfortunately, one of my biggest issues is that the songs stop playing randomly unless I stay in the app with my phone on the whole time. This can get really annoying when you have to keep going back into the app to resume the song. 2. When I put the app in offline mode there are still lots of problems. I’ll be listening to my music while I’m doing something like hw and then it will start playing two songs at once. I can only pause one song and the other one just keeps playing. So, I have to go back in to close the app and wait a few minutes to reopen it and restart my playlist. 3. When I want to add new songs to a playlist i go to turn off offline mode, but then everything freezes! I can’t scroll, edit, or turn offline mode back on. I know that all of these have little fixes but it is such a pain to stop what you’re doing to fix these. Listening to music is supposed to be enjoyable and this just ruins it. I suggest to anyone wanting to get premium not too. I’d take the ads over this any day..Version: 1907.1

What happenedI used to love Pandora because it was free music that played all my favorite music and had a wide variety of music from movie soundtracks to music you hear everyday on the radio. But this past year or so Pandora hasn’t been the best. For one it used to have a problem where it would just shut off for no reason at all but that problem seemed to get fix. But now there’s a problem with loading the music, sometimes radio stations won’t load and you’ll either have to play with a couple of other stations and then go back to that one. I understand the concept of liking songs and hearing similar songs like that one you liked but they continuously play the same liked songs all the time. I realized that you’re better off not liking or disliking a song if you want to hear different music. The last thing is the ads. I know that’s how you make your money and a lot of us can’t afford to pay for premium but it’s annoying when you can only listen to 2 songs before an ad pops up. I wish y’all would fix some of these problems.Version: 1901.2

No longer in DenialI’ve been in denial over the functionality of Pandora for over a year now. After years of free listening with manageable ads I found that the number, frequency and length of ads went up exponentially about a year ago. So I decided to upgrade. Commercial free and offline listening were big selling points to me. However it’s not really commercial free is it? I would have to play an ad to replay a song and sometimes even to skip. And don’t get me started on the offline listening feature. I am a commuter and am often on the subways and I find that not only do I have to have turned on the offline listening option before I’m underground but I only have a selection of maybe a dozen songs in that playlist. If I don’t switch to the offline listening option before I’m out of range there is no offline listening for me at all. Instead I watch as Pandora skips and buffers through dozens of songs as I listen to the complaints of commuters around me. I can’t honestly note a praiseworthy aspect of Pandora right now and since I’ve canceled my subscription I have such a sense of alleviation. I am no longer wasting money or energy over an app that doesn’t work..Version: 1909.2

Newest format is a let down.I have been a paid customer for three years and have used Pandora for long since I chose to pay for it. The ads never bothered me even as the frequency increased, but I paid for the service because I liked the random music sequence. A few years ago I’d select or make a radio station and then keep editing it. A song might become too repetitive so I’d just mark “I’m tired of this song” and my station would start playing different music. I was able to get my stations tailor made to my liking through this setting, but since the beginning to mid 2017 I had this feature disappear on my iPhone. No problem, it was a annoying, but I’d just use my iPad. Yet, it seems that I the past few updates the format has been changed on the iPad too to get rid of this feature. In one of those updates some of my channels were deleted and I can’t find them on the browse genre option anymore. Also, without the option to place a track on temporary hold, I have to down thumb it, and the the song is lost forever on the station. Please bring back my old stations and the option to listen to random music while placing liked but overplayed songs on hold..Version: 1803.1

My go to! But....I’ve had Pandora for a very long time and i enjoy how it knows me so well after a decade of listening. There are a few things i would add, such as a driving mode where touch controls are bigger and more pronounced. The upgrade pop up is freakin annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do, i do suggest maybe a delay when it pops up, because it appears as soon as you wake up your phone and ive hit that banner a million and one times so far when i try to change a station or song. As for the biggest issue right now is pandora when apple maps is open. It completely messes up voice turn by turn and you only get audio prompts which defeats the purpose of eyes on the road. No matter what settings i change in Pandora or maps, no voice turn by turn possible when playing a song. This doesn't happen with any other music app...just saying. Overall great music service and ill update the review as soon as these issue get fixed....running on iPhoneSE....i need to upgrade, i know, but youuu have the money? Exactly, so shut up. Lol jk Love you 😍.Version: 1910.2

Not easy to useI love the music I’ve found, BUT they say one is a single artist Chanel or station or whatever and the next with the same name plays that artist and others . But how can you see the difference . I’m basically using two stations because I can’t figure out how to navigate or try new things. I have premium and I think I should have a much better experience than this. Maybe an online how to use the thing and separate it Into free, plus and premium . Meanwhile I have two stations that play a variety around that artist and I like that. The other complaint I have is some of the artist choose that artists music from the worst they ever did, I’ll use Stevie Ray Vaughn for an example. The “ station” was playing all from an early album almost anyone who knows his music would cringe. Many of those same songs are on live albums and are so much better. To get them I had to search . Then it played one live album over and over. Very disappointing. Not all of his live songs are on one album! Gets worse . Got premium family. All this great stuff you can supposedly do, but do they say how? No. So you really don’t have any thing you didn’t have free.Version: 1911.1

Thumbprint Overrides SelectionWhen I choose an Artist to listen to, I expect the majority of the music for that channel to be the Artist I selected, not just a few. It seems the more thumbprints your choose, the less of the actual artist you want to listen to actually get played. Recently is seems to be maybe 10-15% of the actual artist/musicians channel that is chosen actually gets their music. The only way I can see to fix the issue is to “Un-THUMBPRINT” the individual channels other artist/musician thumbprints to be able to listen to that channels music. The thumbprints should only be used as a guide for using the thumbprint channel itself, or to fill in an occasional selection. There should be no more than 25% of the thumbprint selections on an an individual / group artist / musicians channel except for thumbprint or various selection channels. Perhaps if people prefer thumbprints over the actual artist /musician selected, a setup panel for individuals to choose how much thumbprint they want to listen to Vs actual artist / musician channel would be appropriate. Very frustrated as a main source of listening and won’t subscribe because they (PANDORA) feels they know better about what I want to listen to than I do..Version: 1911.2

Nothing compared to Apple MusicThere are a lot of adds on Pandora and after paying the smaller subscription (something like $5 a month), I found that I was still limited in what I could do. I was not able to make or edit playlists nearly as well as Apple Music if at all (I never figured it out), the amount of likes and dislikes was also limited. There came several times when I noticed an apparent glitch in the system as well. There was a type of song that continued to play on a certain violin station (Daniel D) that sounded almost like a metronome. I pushed dislike. But then, as if I actually pushed “like”, it played another similar song. Before I knew it, I was listening to nothing but that type of music and patiently disliking every last one. Then I ran out of dislikes. I have noticed that a lot of stations are seemingly preset mostly by popular trends. My likes and dislikes don’t have as strong an influence as they should. Basses on these disappointments, I decided to find somewhere else to get my music. I got Apple Music unlimited for $4.99 on school discount. I have unlimited access to anything - unlimited skips, easily editing of playlists, unlimited likes and dislikes, recommended albums to add to playlists, I can skip to the middle of any song. Pandora served its purpose, but Apple Music, while compared side by side with pandora, is much better..Version: 2001.2

Rather lacking...I do love Pandora, and I use this app all the time, but certain features never work on my phone; for example, the friend search, and Facebook linking. I tried those on my husband’s Samsung phone, and they work, but not on my iPhone for some reason. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t help. I also think it’s rather lacking in features. There are some things that I would love to see in this app, and this is just my opinion of course, but I think Pandora should expand the social aspect of their service. The current friend feature is kind of pointless. I always thought it would be cool to be able to have more interactive features with friends’ profiles, like commenting, sharing, liking, etc. Having the option to display what you’re listening to at the moment, either publicly or just with friends, would be nice; I know there used to be a similar feature but it’s gone now, and it only showed the last station listened to, not real-time listening. (Of course this should be optional. Everything should be optional.) Another thing I would like to see would be some kind of listening statistics, more than just the vague ranking of what you’ve been listening to most recently..Version: 2003.2

Pandora Premium may not be so great after allMy headphone controls are not working with Pandora anymore over the last few days and Pandora no longer comes up on my lock screen. This is absolutely irritating. Who do I need to complain to in order to get this fixed?! Pandora is great. I always thought so. And I figured, it would be fantastic to upgrade to Pandora Premium (PP). I don't regret my decision, but it (PP) concentrates on playing thumbs up songs. Now that might sound great, but it 1) disallows the listener from gaining new music experiences from different artists, genres, and albums. 2) soon enough, I will grow tired of these favorite tracks. 3) you cannot undo a thumbs up after it is done. So if you thumbs up a song, you can neither unhighlight thumbs up nor hit "thumbs down" (although that may be extreme). What I want from Pandora Premium- and was available in the free version - is the flexibility of liking, unliking, disliking song tracks, and exploring new artists, genres, albums, and tracks. Still Pandora is great and receives 4 stars, but Pandora Premium, itself, is probably worth 2. It's not bad... just disappointing..Version: 1710.1

Pandora HarassmentI’m only giving Pandora one star based on their usability and not the streaming quality itself. Using the app is generally good and easy. When you open the app while listening and attempt to change something you must wait every time and tell Pandora you do not wish to purchase Pandora Premium for $4.99. Asking me every time I want to change my station, look at your app, or give feedback to a song I’m prompted to deny paying for their service. How asinine it that? If a guy ask gets turned down once and keeps asking a girl out it becomes harassment. Essential Pandora is harassing its users into paying for its service when I clearly do not and will not do so. Sooo IF anyone reads this, why don’t you ask for a raise every time you do your job and see how well that works. If it works, keep the service. If it doesn’t, suggest changing this to maybe once a day and earn a raise with better customer support/ friendlier interface. Or do nothing because you don’t care and I’ll leave my review. If you change this I’ll also change my review to 5 stars because it is a good service, you’re just being obnoxious for no reason other than being obnoxious. Best of luck..Version: 1904.2

Ads, ads, and then more adsToo many ads of course. I spend 1 minute (two 30 second ads) listening to your ads, ok great. Then a song comes on that I don’t like, press skip, instantly 2 more adds. So now 2 minutes have passed and I’m still stuck with listening to the SAME ads over and over and over again. The ad frequency is way too high compared to any other free radio out there. Plus, the music that does get to play isn’t even what I like to listen to. And a lot of time the music isn’t even tailored to the station. And then there’s the issue where after 8-10 songs, it literally LOOPS!!! It will the start playing the same songs you listened to an hour ago, or where you last listened to Pandora. Pandora is the WORST out there. Compare that to iHeartRadio who has a way better tailored music experience and less ads that are actually relevant to me. On top of that, the only benefits you receive after paying monthly for their premium is just “more skips” and “less ads”. There are definitely way better services out there that when you pay you get “no ads” and “unlimited skips”. Pandora is just a major waste of time, they’re only in it for the money and because of that they’ll eventually die off as someone else overtakes them; unless they radically change their business model and put the user listening experience in the spotlight..Version: 1710.1

I want an improved music serviceThis is Pandora’s last week to prove that it’s the music service for me. I drive a lot between major cities and service drops all the time. Even when i have good service the app locks up and makes me reboot. Lastly, it’s not clear what or how im paying for plus. I guit once because of the ridiculous monthly tap when all i wanted to do was pay for a year and forget about the hassle of remembering to deduct monthly payments. Now, i cant see (on the app) how I’m paying, again. Ill logon to the website and find out if I’ll just quit then and there. Apple music had been sending little treats and Pandora hasn’t been concerned enough to make the app work through my iphone ( so far) and without a pretty rapid service improvement ( i just updated the app) and a means to see how I’m paying for plus from my very secure phone, i will quit and move on. I have to add one more, i was engaged many years ago by a stellar customer service representative. She was so helpful that i nearly stayed on, in spite of the required monthly payments option at the time. When Pandora finally adopted the annual payment option again, I don’t return. But now service is suffering. Please make this right. Thank you very much for reading my novella! 😁.Version: 1710.2

Tricking people into buying the app... disgracefulI am a long time Pandora listener. Decent streams of all sorts of genres of music but a lot of replay in a short period of time which is bad/good for some so I’m not judging on that. I would happily pay a fair price for their service ($2.99/month). I feel they are greedy and not in touch with the reality of the situation, the fact that the internet is saturated with online music provides many of which are free. But the reason I will never buy service from Pandora is because they purposefully try to trick you almost every time you click on the app by moving the “purchase” button at the precise time the average user goes to click on “not now”. They have spent way to much time and energy trying to trick users into buying their service when a few days of honest assessing of the current competitor market would yield a fair but lower subscription price. This would in turn give them a larger subscription base and in the end more revenue. Please don’t do business with a company that practices borderline unethical business practices, if they are willing to do this everyday in front of our faces what else would they do to keep you locked in as a subscriber? Come on Pandora, is this really the relationship you want with your customers?.Version: 1805.2.1

App needs so much workThe service itself is great. All of my complaints are with the app and not Pandora itself. 1. App seems to get shut down in the background after only a few minutes if it’s not playing music. Even if you’re not doing anything else with your phone. So when you open it back up, everything needs to reload and whatever song you were listening to is gone. 2. CarPlay issues. OMG, where to begin? CarPlay with Pandora is a disaster. Keeps going from Now Playing back to the Stations screen. Stations don’t load (blank screen) sometimes, forcing you to use your phone to get started. If you change stations or skip songs, sometimes the Now Playing screen will still show the previous song for a good 10 seconds or more, during which time onscreen controls like Pause will not work. 3. Offline songs are noticeably louder than if they’re streamed. Offline mode also seems hesitant to switch back online despite a strong and solid network connection. 4. Ever since Offline mode was introduced, the streaming cache has been severely reduced. It used to cache 3-4 songs. Now it doesn’t seem to cache the next song until the current one is half way done. If you’re in a spotty area and you skip the current song, you’re out of luck. I would happily trade Offline mode to get back a bigger streaming cache..Version: 1903.2

Slimy sales tricks. Classless.Barely able to navigate app due to the overwhelming number of adds that they jam down your throat. Back to back Pop ups that require you to close, lazily slopped together commercials, and if that wasn't enough the variety of songs is pitiful. After the first 7 songs it just goes to a loop where I hear the same familiar songs day in and out. For how little this app provides it's not worth sitting through horrible repetitive commercials and closing swarms of pop up ads. Goodbye pandora. (3 month later-update) If I had the money to buy out pandora I would. Upon owning the company I would then run it straight into the ground and erase its existence from the planet. How you have managed to create a music listening experience that is so horrible is beyond me. Your listeners should love you not hate you. Annoying users with ads until they cave and purchase premium is a slimy business tactic. I have more respect for telemarketers. I came back to use the app to see if anything changed and I can't even open the app. I have a top of the line phone that can run everything but your app. It's almost 2018 and you can't get your app to function on a modern phone. There has been 3 updates and nothing has been resolved. DISGUSTED!.Version: 1708.2

It’s the little thingsI’ve been a long time user of pandora.. since middle school days which is more than 10 years, and I love every aspect of it, especially as a premium user.. but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming repetitive.. for the longest Pandora would introduce me to new music based off of songs or artists I liked and that’s how I discovered new music.. but now if I try to find new music based off a song it just adds the music I’ve thumbed on other stations so I have to dislike a majority of the songs I liked on another station to make the station I’m listening to have similar music.. I’m all about listening to repeated songs.. but after awhile it gets tiring Another issue I’ve been having lately is the clearing of my offline stations/songs/ artist/ ect every time I’m logged out of the app which has been happening recently. Idky, and I don’t realize it until I’m at a point that I need to go offline. It’s the little things that really effect my feelings on this app. I would love to keep using it and being a premium member.. but if I wanna just repeat songs I’ll use and MP3 player.Version: 1809.1

An Unfortunate End.I've used Pandora for almost a decade for my main source of music, and can remember discovering some of my favourite music here. However do to a recent and unfortunate experience, I will no longer be able to continue using them. This sudden change is do to the advertisements. Obviously pandora is free because of the add space they sell, and I'm generally understanding of this on any given day . Today however, was different. As I was waiting for the next song to play a rather unfortunate advertisement began to play, and it was incredibly disturbing to me. The advertisement was from a fringe political hate group that specifically fights for racial supremacy , a group that i consider the equivalent to a modern version of the Ku Klux Klan cult. Now I'm not usually one to get political, which is probably a reason why I'm so frustrated with this add, and in fact I avoid politics as much as possible, but this was over the line for me. I'm not going to get into who this group was exactly, as I don't believe they deserve any recognition, but unfortunately I will not be using this company again. People don't need political ideologies shoved down their throats, I just wanted to listen to some music man....Version: 1805.2.1

Unfair! I’m outraged!!I am taking my business elsewhere. They don’t have a number you can call if you have a quick question and they drag to respond. I sighed up for the premium family plan and I was actually kinda excited about it. I had it for 3 months and had my sister and parents on it. Just two days ago they didn’t take the money and pandora asked me if I wanted to subscribe to one of their plans. I thought there must have been a problem with the card I have since it’s been acting up. I went to where you sign up to the pandora family plan and it asked for my log in information. I logged in and it said “Unable to subscribe to Pandora Premium Family You must be 21 years or older to start a Pandora Premium Family plan. To join, have someone else in your family who is 21 years or older start a Pandora Premium Family plan, then they can add you to the plan as a family member. Alternatively, see other subscription plans” I am outraged and feel this is unjust if that was their policy in the first place why didn’t they just deny it in the first place. I don’t want anything for free I have been paying and before that I had the regular premium. All I want is to be able to enjoy the family premium plan once again..Version: 1808.2

Done with this appThis app seems to have a new unfixable bug where when I connect to my car (wired or Bluetoot) the skip doesn’t work. I press once on my wheel to skip, and pandora app skips 1-3 songs, effectively using all my free skips. Wrote to help desk telling them I tried resetting, reinstalling, updating the app, and restarting my phone. And what do they say? They completely ignore what I wrote and tell me to do exactly what I just said I did. It’s like they didn’t even read what I wrote. They literally advised me to do everything I said I did. Now, with all the overwhelming amount of ads, it’s impossible to navigate the app without accidentally clicking into the upgrade button. And I accidentally bought the upgrade because the ads are so well timed. It shows one ad and you go to hit close ad or whatever it is, and immediately the pandora upgrade ad appears with the purchase button in exactly the place as the close ad button so you hit the purchase botton. I apparently hit tbat thinking I hit the close ad button and then I went to open my phone with my finger print not realizing it and bought the premium. Immediately cancels my subscription but the damage was done. I will be deleting this app after the month is over. Really disgusting how you trick your customers..Version: 1803.1

Pandora Plus...has its flaws.First of all, with Plus you’re supposed to have the ability to listen to a few offline stations. In theory, it’s supposed to switch to offline mode automatically when you lose cell service or internet access...rarely ever does this happen automatically. Also, of the 4 available offline stations, usually only 1 works. At least a third of the time it will say all stations are unavailable and will play nothing. My second complaint is something that annoys me so much, I’ve been looking into other music services. Even though I pay for ad free and already have Pandora Plus, ads for Pandora Plus pop up constantly! Initially premium ads were coming up, and that’s annoying enough, but then to keep pushing Plus on me when I ALREADY HAVE IT is just too much for me. UPDATE... 2 years later still having the same issue with the switching between offline and online modes. Always messing up or making me do it manually (which is a massive pain due to an update a while back.) makes it very difficult to access this option while driving. Also still says stations are “unavailable” when offline even though I’ve downloaded them. Ugh..Version: 2002.1

Used to be awesome but then...I've been using Pandora for a couple years now I think. But after an update probably 6-8 months ago, Pandora no longer works with a USB cord - on players, in my car, nothing. This is really annoying because the USB allowed me to control Pandora through the radio/remote/device it was connected to and now I have to use an AUX cord. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and done everything I can think of to no avail. The Pandora Premium pop up is really annoying - shoving it in my face isn't going to make me buy it. Also, why, if I pause Pandora for more than ~15 minutes, does it "refresh" and start playing a new song?! On the app and site it does this. I don't want to pause it for long periods during songs I like because I'm afraid I won't be able to listen to the rest of it! And your ads are WAY louder than the music, which is REALLY OBNOXIOUS because I'll be jamming out and suddenly I'm blasted with a commercial (I'm already hard of hearing, you don't need to make it worse, kay thanks) Fix these issues and you'll be golden 👌🏼.Version: 1709.1

MehI listen to pandora pretty much everyday. For the most part I like it. Some of the things that drive me insane, though... some days, when I pause the music, doesn’t matter how long, when I push play i have to reload. I get really sick of the adds all of the time wanting me to upgrade. I get it, you want some money. I totally understand this. But asking me to upgrade for, what is it, less than five dollars a month 600 times in one day isn’t going to make my budget magically change to where I fee comfortable adding five dollars a month to it. Not quite a top priority right now with my bills. And why does the app crash in the middle of a song quite often on some days? I’d like to be able to search for an artist or a song by that artist and at least have that particular song be the first song I hear. Instead I get music that’s I may also like because of my search history. Well, I think hays enough complaining. Other than some of that stuff, like I said, I listen to Pandora pretty much everyday. I like it better than some of the other options out there..Version: 1811.1

Why should I report an issue with Pandora: Music & Podcasts?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Pandora: Music & Podcasts to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Pandora: Music & Podcasts customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Pandora: Music & Podcasts.

Is Pandora: Music & Podcasts not working?

Pandora: Music & Podcasts works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Pandora: Music & Podcasts.

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