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Koala Sampler Negative Reviews

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Koala Sampler App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Koala Sampler app received 11 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Koala Sampler? Can you share your negative thoughts about koala sampler?

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Koala Sampler for Negative User Reviews

The hell happened???This app was so great, I made a whole 8 song tape on it and it worked fine until the latest update... loading takes forever, always crashes, sometimes doesn’t save, even if I save it manually, crashes if I turn off my phone for a second, deletes samples and loops for no reason... This app was so good until this update... if you patch these bugs, this will be a 4, maybe a 5 for me..Version: 1.3795

Brilliant, but not quite perfectAmazingly designed app. Incredibly fun and inspiring to work with. And the extra (very reasonably priced) add-ons greatly increase functionality. I’ve only had this app for a couple days and I already have multiple projects going. That said, I have run into multiple bugs during the short time that I’ve been playing around with this app, including one in which the audio can suddenly become incredibly loud and distorted. No fun if you’re wearing headphones.. Also, I have to deduct one star because I feel the the app could benefit from a couple basic features. As someone who works with a lot of ambient, drone-type samples, I believe the sample editor desperately needs some sort of loop crossfade functionality. Also, simple LP/HP filters would go a long way. All in all, a very powerful and fun app. Would highly recommend to anyone. Will update my review when the bugs are inevitably ironed out..Version: 1.4049

Great but unstableI owned a Roland SP-404SX for triggering samples but had to sell it and it was too bulky for me. This app is very similar to it and I was initially happy with it for my purposes, once I’d mapped my controller to the app (instead of the other way round with MIDI learn not a feature) it worked well... until I used it as an IAA channel in AUM. I wanted to use it for my weekly radio show with Djay Pro and AUFX:Push for auto-ducking. It worked for a little while but if I swiped it offscreen on iPadOS it would randomly crash. Not so good for live radio, especially with a second or so of digital crackling when reloading Koala’s projects! I play chill out music so not good for the listener and I now have to change back to an inferior setup :( Would have been 4 stars (5 with MIDI learn on all controls) but unreliable in a live situation so pretty useless in its present incarnation. Hope this is useful developer and anyone wanting to get this..Version: 1.370

It’s good but it’s not quite CarlingEven after upgrading to Samurai, the limitations become evident. The next obvious changes for me, would be an improvement in the ability to play your patterns. Chaining patterns & ‘pattern change snap’ would greatly improve the playability. The effects section is very limited. Effects on mic recording but not imported audio? Master only effects? Predetermined controls with only wet/dry controls? In order to utilise these creative controls, requires a lot of re-sampling, which completely breaks creative flow. I was hoping for an iPhone successor to Werkbench but found something less thought out..Version: 1.4035

It’s good. I have made good music out of it but that’s all there is to it.This music making app is okay. I’ve been using it for a while. First it was complicated, but now i finally know what i’m doing. But yet, it just isn’t enough. Whenever i’m using the keyboard to increase the pitch of whatever sound i programmed into Koala, it doesn’t sound right because the octaves aren’t right. It pretty much skips an note instead of giving me the exact note i want. Another thing is that whenever i want to roll a certain beat, i can’t do that. There’s a lot that Koala is missing & i am suggesting an improvement..Version: 1.370

Easy to use, save doesn’t workEnjoyed using this, nice and easy record, edit and arrange interface so giving it 3 stars for that. But after spending a bit of time putting together something that I liked and then saving it, the next time I opened the app it was gone - so pretty annoying and I wouldn’t bother using it again unless this was fixed. I have retested it, and it shows the file as saved while you are in the app, but close it and reopen and it’s gone. If the developer fixed this I’d give it 5 stars..Version: 1.374

Tried very hard with this appI’ve had koala and it worked amazingly for a long time. It chopped and meshed samples perfectly and I loved the intuitiveness of it all. Easily the best feature is the capability of using recorded videos from your camera roll to use as samples as well. Sadly, this app has been crashing like crazy. When I get a notification regarding full iCloud storage, or even trying to open a wav file using the app (for some reason it defaulted to koala) it would crash and clear my samples. Just today I was switching apps and upon switching everything was gone. Devs should really try to fix these random crashes, because even with updates the issue persists. Would have gotten a 5 if it was capable of storage for longer than a few days..Version: 1.4001

Really promisingDope pad sampler/sequencer but seems to have been abandoned prematurely which is a shame. Would have been so good if fx automation & settings could have been recorded in to patterns!.Version: 1.370

Useless on a laptopIf you have an iMac the app will not recognise the microphone, and no amount of security settings changes will remedy it. This makes the app pretty much unusable as a serious live sampler... but fine for fun on the phone.Version: 1.4035

Great app however one tiny feature requestThe latest update has put it in a different league just one small request though. As we now have the sequencer is there any way to tie all of them together to create a song.Version: 1.4022

Like a mini sp-404This is a very flexible app that allows you to chop samples and make songs. The controls are easy to learn. This would be a 5 star app if they improved the effects section. There isn’t really much ability to EQ the sounds so that’s a limitation. Recently the app has deleted four songs that were saved. The song name is saved but all the individual sounds deleted themselves. The app has also crashed quite a bit. However the app is less than $10. It lets you do way more than you’d expect. A positive thing is this app helped me learn how to sample, chop breaks, assemble my own breaks, make fun little songs. I’ve taught myself a lot with the help of this app and it’s increased my want to make music. I’m now saving up to buy an SP-404 so I can continue doing what I did with the app but with the real thing. This app is worth the money but not if you plan on making anything you want to save because this app might accidentally delete your saved progress.Version: 1.4038

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