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Instant ECG - Mastery Of EKG Positive Reviews

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Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG app received 62 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about instant ecg - mastery of ekg?

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ECG TechThis app has a lot educational information that helps me knowledgeable constantly on my job.Version: 3.5

Support at my fingertipsAs a nurse in the medical ICU of a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on being proactive. This allows me to be that and more. And it’s not a thick book in my pocket. Thank you for years of information and teaching..Version: 3.4

Can zoom!Pinch and spread fingers to zoom for the detail wanted by first reviewer. Great use of time in lifts and free minutes in theatre. Have improved my ECG knowledge rapidly and enjoyably. For price of two cups of coffee, I'm giving this five stars!.Version: 0

Great ValueFantastic Paramedic Tool and cheaper than ECG made easy.Version: 0

ParamedicVery useful ... And good teaching tool !.Version: 0

متشکریم ازت 🏆تو ورژن جدید کلی تغییرات داشته این دوستان که نوشتن مار نمیکنه ورژن قدیمی استفاده کردن mo30ka.Version: 3.4

Great review!A near must for med students..Version: 0

Cool appAwesome app but it would be even better if u added sound to the ahrithmia videos. XD.Version: 2.7

Pretty goodI purchased this app and opened it up the other rhythms as well. It ended being a little less that $10. I think it’s worth it, I enjoy seeing and hearing the rhythms, some even have real world examples of EKGs. Between this app and my note cards I made to go with the rhythms, I feel confident in recognizing the ones that are on my certification test..Version: 3.2

Very HelpfulI’m an EMT trying to take ACLS soon and just expand my knowledge in general. This app has been super helpful in doing that while I’m on the go and can’t necessarily pull out all my books to study. Lots of good information here. Obviously not a replacement for a good cardiology textbook, but a great supplement on the go..Version: 3.5

Great appI’ve used this throughout med school and into practice. Very helpful. Can use it as a quick review if I have trouble remembering criteria for a specific rhythm or I can use it in quiz mode to keep my skills sharp. Highly recommend this app..Version: 3.4

ECGGreat app. Very clear & easy to use. Recommend this to people wanting to know more about ECG..Version: 0

Very usefulAs a paramedic it's a very handy pocket tool..Version: 0

Just wonderfulIm pretty week at ECGs so from what i've seen, i think its really superb. Pls include a landscape mode pls! - Hash.Version: 0

Notes from an ICU RN (new)The app is great for beginners and the tests help with rhythm identification. The app serves as a good resources for basic ecg and rhythm knowledge. I would like to see more rhythm options to make the identification more difficult..Version: 3.4

Very gdGood level for learning! Especially for emt's and paramedics, 100% buy.Version: 0

Misleading informationThis is a study app. It does not give ecg/ekg I bought this because of heart conditions so I can check my heart. I was upset when I wrote this. As a past EMT 1A in training for EMT 2 (got hurt on job) this is a great app. As a reference and teacher. I wish that it was available in my time..Version: 3.4

Great AppCurrent nursing student in my last semester studying under critical care and this app has been a nice study aide when I'm on the go. I'm able to read ECGs better each day. My only suggestion is more variety in the quizzes and maybe some different strips of the same rhythm to make it a little less convenient. Awesome app though, I'm very thankful for it!!.Version: 3.5

Great app!!!!Love this app. I appreciate how actual real patient ecg's are shown instead of just computer generated. I will say it's a bit pricy but I guess the makers gotta earn a living some how. Awesome app!!!.Version: 3.2

HelpfulI’m a paramedic student and i downloaded this app to help me memorize rhythms. I like that it explains what it is and has test to help you learn. Ive used other stimulators that I found as websites but not any good apps until finding this one..Version: 3.4

Impressive and comprehensive.In the middle of Paramedic School, wanted an app that would help me study Cardiology and Arrhythmias without having a big book to tote around. Got more than I expected from this app. Definitely helps to visualize arrhythmias and explain the causes. Keeps me from having to hound the instructor day and night and lets me test myself on the content..Version: 3.4

GreatGreat app for review and practice. Easy, user friendly interface. App support helpful and addressing issue I had with crashes - now resolved..Version: 3.4

Nice appThe app overall works quite well. There are insufficient diagrams in covering the basics section. Showing labels and diagrams for the analysis process would be helpful. I am using this as a refresher for my skills and knowledge..Version: 3.4

Great appThis app is great for learning about ecg was well worth $1.19.Version: 2.7

Love it since the upgradeIt's a great app then it got stale, they never updated it. Then all of a sudden it got a major update and upgrade and it's been a great app ever since!! Quick easy tutorials and tests..Version: 3.2

Very helpfulI’m in paramedic school right now and a paramedic friend of mine suggested this app to help identify rhythms. So far I’d say it’s helped me a lot.Version: 3.5

Great resource on phone to get basic EKG reviewIt’s a fun and easy way to learn the basics of EKG’s, all on the comfort of your phone! I find myself doing it all the time with little bits of free time, whether that be waiting in a long line, in between sets at the gym, or any other free time! Thank you for the great resource..Version: 3.4

Excellent app!This app is a wonderful review of the cardiovascular system and worth the money. I am an ICU nurse and ACLS instructor. Whenever anyone asks for help with cardiology, I send them here..Version: 3.5

Registered Nurse (cardiac)So far, it’s the best ECG app that I’ve found. I work at a very busy cardiac hospital and precept new nurses and nurses new to cardiac. This app helps me show and explain different rhythms to them. A picture is always worth a thousand words..Version: 3.4

Concise EKG essentials I can carry with me everywhere I take my phoneConcise, portable reference with helpful visuals. Also contains quizzes to help reinforce critical concepts. Perfect for practicing during downtime at work. I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years, but have recently switched to cardiology, so have needed to enrich my understanding of 12 leads beyond identifying basic ACLS rhythms, which this also is super helpful for..Version: 3.5

Excellent app.This is a very user-friendly, informative program that is terrific value for the current price..Version: 0

Good infoThis is incredibly helpful starting out to learn 12 lead. In fact it still teaches me things and reminds me even now. Well worth the money....Version: 3.5

Marvelous!This app is the best ECG app so far. It is helped me so many times on the spot. When ever I have slightest confusion it instantly resolves it..Version: 3.3

Helping a desperate paramedic student!This app is exactly what I needed to help me understand rhythms and to make everything click! Thank you for making this app with students in mind, and also for making it affordable for students! Thank you!.Version: 3.5

Great...butWhy don’t you guys shuffle up the exams when they’re reset? Seems kind of like an easy fix. Why not?.Version: 3.2

ParamedicI'm a working paramedic and for me it's perfect. The best of the ECG apps..Version: 0

Easy and fastThank you for providing a great app. It is easy and quick interpretation. I enjoy the running EKG and the explanation to follow..Version: 3.5

...It's Grand.Version: 0

Amazing Teaching ToolI am an instructor of EKG, and this app is absolutely AMAZING. It has everything that my students need to know, and helps with a description of exactly what their patients are experiencing. Thank you so much EKG Team. ♥️.Version: 3.5

Excellent App!Well thought out and easy to use. Great way to keep current and test your skills. Recommend..Version: 3.4

Excellent AppBeing a paramedic working in chicago and south side of city this is an excellent fun app to learn or refresh memory in downtime definitely recommend add the 5$ content purchase its definitely worth it.Version: 3.2

Accurate instant ECG TestingWhat I love is that accurate instant testing of ECG Rhythms with instant feedback and review. Great for keeping sharp, when I am not reading ECG'S all day ( Family Medicine / Lipidology). Thank you!!!!.Version: 3.4

Thank you!I love this app! I have trouble interpreting rhythms-just can't get the hang of it. This is so helpful,you have no idea! Now,throw in simulations with treatments and it will be spectacular..Version: 0

Great appI’m a paramedic student and like a lot of other student reviews I love the app. It’s convenient and the information is concise, just the facts. One thing I’d find helpful is if you included National Protocol treatments for the specific rhythm you’re looking at (shock, cardizem, adenosine etc) along with the dose. That would make this app even better than it already is.Version: 3.4

Clinician III Mental Health ProfessionalI have found the readings almost exactly the same as ones paramedics who have had to take to the Hospital doctor agrees it is almost dread on to hospital machine..Version: 3.4

Good for revisionGreat for revising all your ECG interpretations and rhythms. Perfect for before acls as it has a function for having the rhythms run across the screen in front of you!.Version: 0

ReviewThis has been amazing so far I’m in medic school and this has been great to review on the go.Version: 3.5

Super helpfulSaw this before I started emt cardiac / advanced class and now that I’m in class it’s the most helpful app I’ve found for rhythms.Version: 3.5

Ecc/ ekgI have the new Apple Watch and I thought this is to test heart rate I am not in any medical field it’s not what I thought it was it it refundable I can use so what can I do about it! I thought it work like the heat one on the watch sorry.Version: 3.4

Love it, but the info has no sourcesReally handy for learning ECG, the design is also very easy to use and pleasant looking. My only issue is several spelling and grammar errors lead me to question the reliability of the information given.. There are also no sources for the information. Would love to be sure everything I'm memorizing is correct as I don't yet have a text book to refer to! Also sounds would be a great addition..Version: 2.7

Great Simple AppSo helpful! Exactly what I needed to get the basics down. My only compliant is that it makes me “register” ever time, rather than just recognizing that I’ve already registered. Still, overall, very pleased..Version: 3.5

EcgVery helpful and tidy presentation, thank you..Version: 2.7

Great app!This app does a great job of giving the information needed for ECGs. I haven’t used the in app purchases though. The included material is well thought out and present in a clear and concise way. Great job guys! 👍.Version: 3.5

Good aid for paramedicsExcellent value.Version: 0

Best ECG app ever!I’m a paramedic student and like most other medic students who have trouble reading the squiggly lines, I started looking for an ECG app and downloaded this one first and didn’t need any other app. I will DEFINITELY recommend this app to my fellow medic students!.Version: 3.4

Very useful appI have found this app very useful and have told people I work with to get it.Version: 0

Dr.C.s KThis is a good teaching aid , I have recommended this to my colleagues whom I supervise , it takes away the need for bulky equipment and acts as a ready refresher. Would be helpful if if axis deviations different and MI patterns etc are grouped and displayed as a chart for instant recognition, it is value for money as I have payed lots for text book versions ..Version: 2.7

Nice but?It’s a tool for learning on how to read and study the ECG properly’s not for actual live readings on you Apple Watch...paid $5 thinking it was a live I gave it 4 stars for its learning tools....Version: 3.4

Needs updatingGreat app, but badly needs updating. The video part, which I found useful with previous IOS versions, does not work with the latest IOS..Version: 2.7

Landscape mode on iPhoneI'd love to give this 5 stars. The only drawback is the app closes every time I turn it to landscape on my iPhone. If an update would fix this. 5 stars all the way. The app is phenomenal. I'm utilizing it daily to help me get a greater understanding of rhythm interpretation. Great app for the beginner or advanced clinicians. A life saver for a student in paramedic school like myself..Version: 3.2

Instant ECGBrilliant bit of kit cannot be faulted as a diagnostic tool ,best money I've spent on any medical application.Version: 0

Perfect!Most comprehensive ECG app, full of pearls, but never ever think all you need is an app. ECG needs exercise, every body knows!.Version: 3.2

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