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Dana-Great Counselor!To whom it may concern, supervisor, boss, etc., You need to know that Dana gave me great feedback to my myriad of questions. She is very articulate, yet warm, engaging and insightful. I felt very comfortable speaking with her, and her lighthearted nature allowed me to share more about myself. After letting me yammer on, she had me well figured out as to the general type of person I am, and used her natural insight to provide guidance, which was the reason I decided to call Match dating counselor in the first place. So, thank you again Dana for giving me some direction and things to really think about to have a better chance. This counseling experience far surpassed my expectations!!! BTW Match, pay attention to Dana. She really is an asset to your company. Give her a raise or at least let her know how important she is to your team. Happy holidays..Version: 19.15.00

Talked to BriyahShe was so detailed and thorough about my dating strategies and past experiences. Very helpful tips. Thanks very much B!.Version: 20.18.00

Been around... worth it.I had been married for 10 years and felt confused about how to find a solid guy. My friends said try online dating so I did. Over the years I have tried several sites... Hinge, Tinder, Jdate, elite singles, zoosk, OKC, Bumble... in that time- 5 years - I went on a handful of dates but never really met anyone that stood out. Out of all of my time on those sites in the end I dated one person exclusively for a few months and wound up with some “texting buddies”- some of whom I have kept in touch with periodically, but never anything more than that. That is until Match. The truth is I had given up. I thought all the good guys were taken. I spent 2 months and 3 weeks on Match and although had a lot of interest- A LOT of interest - hadn’t really felt a connection with anyone. That is until my last week. Just when I was about to give up- I met the greatest most loving beautiful man. Now my life has been turned upside down in ways I couldn’t have imagined. What I would say is, don’t give up, and be willing to play with the geography. In the end when I opened up the miles to allow for more matches it made an enormous difference! Also I like match because you can be very particular about what you want and don’t on the front end. Also there’s no question people are more looking for serious relationships not just to hook up. Good luck and don’t give up! Match works. If you want a serious relationship it works. That’s the bottom line..Version: 20.19.00

Dating expertKarrin one of the dating expert is the best. She is really knowledgeable and helped me set up a perfect profile..Version: 20.17.00

Amazing AppOk, the secret is writing about yourself and show good photos. Never hold the camera low because nobody wants to look up a nose. Use a photo taken within a week. If you show up and look 10 years older that your pic, most of us will leave. Because if you lie about something that obvious, then we suspect you will lie about other things. No time for games. If there is a fault, it's you get so many matches. I only will serious date one at a time so your burning subscription time with your profile hidden. Wish we could suspend membership and save it for later. Always meet in a good safe place for at least a couple time to make sure the other person is not crazy, or at least not crazy in a way you don't want. Don't think your locked into your first date. Your not marrying the person on the first meeting, your just getting to know them. Then Serious dating then it becomes exclusive. Exclusive is where "intimate" may come in. Guys, don't rush this. Good way to end up with a bad trip to a doctor fir painful shots or worse. Get to know them first. Recap, write a lot, good photos, be careful. Love this app!!!!!!!!.Version: 20.01.00

Coach Mac has your BackI called into the dating coach to get some help with my profile. I spoke to Mac ('nCheese) who was absolutely awesome. He helped me change around a few things to make my profile a bit more attractive to the potential matches. He was "tony the tiger GRRRreat"! I can appreciate the jokes and laughs we had during the brief conversation to make me more comfortable about it all. It was like I was asking advice from a good friend and not some robot. Although he could be half human-half robot, idk Cyborg Mac still had my back on making sure I am presenting my best self. Hopefully all this hard work will let me find my Eva Mendez kind of " Ball and Chain". - I don't want no scrubs, you know? All-in-all he's a great guy to be your coach , I highly recommend maybe sending him a thank you note or something..Version: 20.11.00

Match’s Dating CoachesI picked up Match after having tried Zoosk, EmilyDates, and Adult Friend Finder, none of which succeeded for me. I didn’t like the women who liked me, and the people I liked didn’t like me back. At Match , a similar pattern atarted to emerge. I was liking a number of women 20 years or more younger than me. That weren’t responding to my messages, though. So I took advantage of a feature Match offers members: Free Dating Coaching. I called them up and spoke with a warm, polite woman named, Olivia. I explained my issue with messaging, and she gave me three clear and simple points to put into practice to improve my message results. Then we went over my photos and my profile. Olivia gave me constructive, useful and clear feedback in thise areas too. This is a really good feature of Match. I would rate Match higher than other sites as a result..Version: 19.15.00

Victoria Dating Coach SessionHad a very good dating coaching call with Victoria. She was very genuine, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive in listening to my challenges/questions, reviewing my profile, providing advice on conversation starters and searching for matches. I felt very nervous making the call to a dating coach but felt completely at ease, empowered and motivated after the call. Thank you Victoria for all your help!.Version: 20.19.00

Mac in customer service is awesome!!I just recently became a paying member about a month ago. I wasn’t finding very many matches, mostly due to the area I live in being smaller. I wasn’t getting very many responses despite me being very intentional about reaching out to what little potential matches I would find or receive. As a paying member I was offered free dating coaching. I decided to try it out. It was a Friday night and I had no other plans. LOL! Anyway, Mac answers the phone with a very friendly and encouraging tone, and we start chatting. We looked at my profile together, discussed what was great and what could be better, and discussed how I was reaching out to potential matches, and if I was saying the right things (I was 😉). We discussed demographics and other ways to increase traffic and responses. We also talked about the fact that there are a lot of people on the site that are not paying members. They can still read your messages, but they cannot respond. There is a service that they offer, for a monthly fee, where your matches can respond to your messages! We discussed this in detail as well. The phone session was very pleasant and I learned a lot. I was starting to get a bit discouraged, but Mac was great at encouraging and helping me out. Thanks again Mac!.Version: 20.03.00

Great Advice!Nestor was very helpful and gave me great advice on editing my match profile. Thank you!.Version: 20.17.00

Date coaching with SamI just had an awesome coaching session with Samantha. Help me find tune my profile and also gave me some really great advice on the first few texts. This is a really nice feature of the app..Version: 20.17.00

Victoria dating expert.Very helpful and knowledgeable..Version: 20.12.00

Amazing app and dating coaches!!!I’ve used dating apps in the past. But I have NEVER seen such customer support. After subscribing, I saw that they were offering “coaching” to people like myself who have really no idea what they’re doing on here. So I got to speak to LeAnn. She was PHENOMENAL. She took the time out to look over my profile and go over any trouble areas on there. Then she went over the perfect structure of the dreaded “first message” and how to do it. The service I received was so personal and I felt like I was talking to a friend. Super comfortable and she was soooo nice. I can’t wait to try out the new message structure she taught me. I will give an update soon! I really think I’m gonna have some success on here. Thank you LeAnn! You rock!!!.Version: 19.12.00

HelpfulGot to chat with dating expert Mac who was super helpful & insightful with my approach to the app & profile!!.Version: 20.17.00

Dating CoachFinally gave in and decided to try out the free dating coach trail that match offers and I’m glad I did. I got connected with Dana who was very easy to talk to and clarified everything we were going to cover in the beginning, she told me the offer was for 15 minutes and I’ll be honest I was a lil worried and thinking how much can you really cover in 15 minutes. Well Dana made it seem like it was longer then that but we covered everything and she caught several things I could fix to improve my chances to get noticed. It was nice to not feel rushed yet still cover all the bases and she even gave me a free boost at the end of the call and another five to use later at my leisure. I would definitely recommend using the free dating coach, I’m actually thinking about getting the package..Version: 19.13.02

Great app overallGreat app would definitely recommend Victoria really did change my mind on this whole online dating stuff.Version: 20.18.00

Call a date coachHad great phone call with date coach Temica. She gave great advice to move my online dating experience to the next level. Would recommend calling to others who may be shy about asking advice to just go for it. Looking forward to using the advice given..Version: 20.02.00

Best dating coach ever - Edward!!!I just joined MATCH and took advantage of the free coaching session that they give you. Edward is amazing! He answered my questions, listened thoroughly and was able to create an opening for me to address my concerns about dating online. He made some recommendations to make sure that my profile was sensitive to current health concerns. There were things that I didn’t think about which Edward shed light on. There was an immediate lightness after my session with him and I now have a new freedom and optimism that I didn’t before! I wasn’t totally in before my coaching session. I knew that eventually something would happen that would cause me to cancel my membership. Now, I’m looking forward to having many successful connections and dating on Match! Thank you, Edward!!!🥰.Version: 20.10.00

“Mac is Where it’s at!” (LOL I KNOW IT’S CORNY)So I came here to give my Match Coach a glowing review, just to be pleasantly surprised that he has this same impact on others as well! I called to receive consultation for general dating advice, such as moving too fast, not ignoring red flags (or intuition), and giving others the benefit of the doubt by being willing to engage in difficult conversations; all tips that Mac was able to provide! Mac was superb in his guidance and was able to offer the advice in a nonjudgmental and unbiased manner. He was also able to set a personal tone for the conversation while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Truly, there is no wonder as to why his experiences with other customers has already been highlighted as a “top rating”, and I couldn’t agree more! I hope he is recognized internally for his expertise in this field, especially since a lot of people are looking to connect online these days (#Quarantine 😩). Thank you very much for your service, Mac! Keep up the good work, the world needs you! Lol P.S. 5 Stars are not enough!!.Version: 20.07.00

Dating Coach ReviewI have to say I am not thrilled with Match as a dating app, but, have recently tried the free dating Coach phonecall and I am so pleasantly surprised at how awesome the Coach was. Carla was extremely helpful, patient, kind and full of great suggestions for the use of the app. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt it was very helpful in continuing to use the site. Before speaking to Carla, I had all but given up on the app and was rarely online, but, her suggestions and coaching, listening to my questions was really great. Thank you Carla, for your patience, consideration and humor, I thoroughly enjoyed the call and will try to implement the concrete suggestions you offered. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for success on the site, but Date Coach Carla was awesome!!.Version: 20.01.00

My coaching experience with VictoriaI was hesitant to call. Unsure of what to expect, already feeling awkward because I’m close to 40 looking for dates online.. not how I handled business in my 20’s, but I digress. I don’t even remember if there was a ring because the next thing I know a warm, kind voice greets me. Victoria is the kind soul behind this voice. Victoria actively listened to my needs and made me feel heard. She gave me a checklist to help me express myself in a way that I will attract what I’m truly looking for. Victoria also helped me identify ways to further ensure I’m getting messages from good matches. I am excited to write my summary, expressing my desires for my match using the tools Victoria provided me with. I am so happy that she and I had the chance to chat..Version: 20.10.00

Date coaching is surprisingly helpfulEveryone probably looks at date coaching with a little bit of skepticism and an uneasy feeling about someone telling you how to do better at online dating over the phone, but after doing my free session included with my membership I can say that it wasn’t bad. They give some reasonable advice that makes sense and walk you through some ways to better your profile. Dana helped me sort of organize my profile better and answer some questions about how to better approach using match and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Others have mentioned it, and I agree, having two free sessions would be really cool so that you can reassess how well you are doing on the site later..Version: 19.13.00

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