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Threads, an Instagram app app received 94 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about threads, an instagram app?

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Works fineNot sure what other complaints are about about accounts not being eligible - I’ve never posted once on Insta, and Threads allowed me to join straight away 👍.Version: 289

WORK IN PROGRESS but goodThis is literally the better twitter. the community is less toxic and the app as a whole is just better. there’s way less ads which is also a plus. HOWEVER one of the main problems is in your main feed, there tends to be a bunch of random threads from people you don’t even follow or associate with who you follow. i do understand that this is a new app though and the algorithm is a work in progress which is understandable. one thing i think would make the app a little cooler, and even better than twitter, is if you had app theming, kinda like how you can theme the direct messages on instagram, but instead have it on threads, and have it be the whole app. (it would be really cool to open up a pink threads app 🤭) overall i think the app is really cool, good job 👍.Version: 291

Its deeeecentObviously very primitive in its’ functionality, but offers a lot of what is expected of a Meta-made app. It probably won’t be this peaceful for this long, it’s pretty inevitable, but at least it feels like what a text-based platform should be like..Version: 289

No multiple profilesJust something I think would make the app way better for people who use insta. The quality is low but obviously this is day 1 so it’s gonna be. But other than that way better than Twitter already, never really enjoyed Twitter.Version: 289

Let me default to FollowingSearch and hashtags. Have 100% replaced Twitter with this app, but just love to browse Following first and then For You, not the other way around..Version: 293.0

Reminds of me Facebook in 08’I Threads to post statuses like the old Facebook days before walls and we just had profiles. The stuff you see on your home page isn't organic, it's just content managers pushing generic content. One room for improvement is to add a draft mode for posts. Has the potential but lacks support atm..Version: 296.0

Good app but..The app in itself is ok. However, there needs to be a separate page for posts ONLY from people that I follow show up, none of that stupid algorithm recommending me some random accounts. There should be a sort of “explore” page for the algorithm to be implemented and suggest any content including from accounts I don’t follow and another page only for posts from those I follow. There should also be a mechanism to get rid of bots and spam accounts easily and quickly as I have already seen many bots under several posts. This is an issue that Twitter suffers pretty badly from and it looks like threads is going to as well. Allow gif replies too. Also should allow replies to be hidden from followers👍🏻.Version: 289

I got in easilyU guys just need to read it properly if u want to log in ur account from instagram.Version: 289

Getting Better Every Day!I downloaded the app a few minutes after its public launch and have used it daily since then. I like the interface and the regular updates that add more functionality to the app. I think this could be the most viable alternative to the X app and I can already see that it is becoming and exciting progressive space. It is also heartening to know that the app is not at the mercy of the whims of a single owner but that there is a team behind it. It’s also good to know that the team is responsive to user suggestions and actually incorporates those suggestions in further development. Overall, I am hopeful that Threads will keep growing and become a vibrant space for a diverse community of users. Thank you so much, Meta, for creating this app!!.Version: 295.0

Deleted the bird appLoving Threads but would like a way to share/post photos/reels to Instagram Or maybe the possibility for a Insta/threads joint widget showing newest notifications/posts for each. Threads is linked to Insta and also deletes Insta account if we delete threads - so threads should be allowing cross posting in a similar way to Facebook and Insta posts. You already have the advantage over bird app so make this work by being as user friendly as possible 🙂.Version: 289

So easy to useThe poor reviews are clearly review bombing attempts by minions of Elon Musk. This app is extremely easy to sign up for and to use - it’s a game changer..Version: 289

Better than Twitter and you don’t have to payI’ve always wondered why someone hasn’t copied Twitter surely it’s not that complicated.Version: 289

Everyone is already on thereTwitter is a dumpster fire of hate, disinformation, spam and bots. So having a new conversation feed built on Instagram with everyone I know from IG and Twitter already on there is fantastic. Sure, it's early hours, but i'm looking forward to feature additions and improvements over the coming days, weeks, months. But, goodbye Elon, you broke Twitter, and Zuck just leg-swiped you..Version: 289

Good start, feature to be addedIt’s a good start to a new conservational app. I am loving the no-ads and sync between Instagram. As I have two Instagram I frequently use (business and personal), I’d like an account switch feature. Would make life 10x easier!.Version: 289

Change the App CoverTwo things 1: Now that Twitter is X they have gone with a black and white themed app cover. Which is exactly the same as Threads but with an X instead of the threads logo. Which causes me to sometimes accidentally open X instead of threads. So if I had one wish it would be that the threads logo could change to maybe the background color being white and the threads logo being black. Or put Instagram colors in the threads character since it is technically an Instagram App. Anything to make it look different. 2: Maybe I am misunderstanding how this app is intended to work but if this apps purpose is to be a more stable Twitter then it’s missing a major feature. That feature is when you go to search you can only find other accounts. But on Reddit, X and even Instagram when I hit search it gives me tabs for accounts and other things including the latest feed from people who post anything with the # related to what I put in. Which is great when you are watching anything live because you can see other people talk about it. So if I had two wishes for this app this would be it..Version: 296.0

A Better Version Of Twitter But Also Needs TweakingI expect the posts on my feed to be from only the pages that I follow but what I get in addition to those posts is posts from pages that I don't even follow at all & have zero interest in following on Threads. So Meta/Instagram/Facebook could fix that please. The other thing is since I have two different Instagram & Thread accounts (one is my personal & the other is my artsy one that I use for arts & crafts, beauty, quotes, entertainment, & other fun, innocent stuff), I need a way similar to Twitter's way of switching accounts that makes it easier to switch accounts. Other changes need to be made as well but these two are the ones I want the most. I am not asking for perfection & the most perfect app since perfection is an overrated illusion, but I also understand that this is a new app & so there might be things to improve so I'm sure constructive feedback from users would be appreciated..Version: 289

It's really surprisingly goodFresh, easy UI, real twitter killer. Improve search functionality to find news and your niche, as well as lists to organise who you follow, and you've won. Great opportunity for Meta..Version: 289

Giving twitter a run for its moneyEasy way to install and link my account. Twitter has a fight on its hands.Version: 289

Better Than TwitterThreads, an app renowned for its unique features, has gained significant popularity and emerged as a preferred choice among users. Offering a range of advantages, Threads stands out as a superior platform. One notable aspect is its emphasis on fostering intimate and focused conversations, allowing users to create private groups and establish genuine connections. Moreover, Threads excels in content curation, providing personalized recommendations based on individual interests and preferences, resulting in a more tailored and enriching user experience. The app's intuitive design and seamless interface further contribute to a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience, setting Threads apart as an innovative social media platform. With its distinct features and user-friendly approach, Threads is redefining the landscape of microblogging and gaining recognition as a prominent contender in the realm of social media..Version: 289

Going to take some getting used to but I like itWell I just downloaded this app and it’s a lot different than being just on Insta. Here is what I have noticed so far . Instead of tapping on the post to like it you have to tap the heart instead of double tapping the pic itself to like it which is fine complaints. And to reply or post a comment on a picture or video then tap the post and post your comment. I also noticed that one post so far had a swear word but wasn’t a bit offended at all …Freedom Of Speech and Expression. So I do hope this continues as so many of our rights are being taken away by people that are trying to rewrite our American Constitution. All in all all I will say is this….ignore the negative reviews and read the positive ones about this app…if you want your full voice to be heard which is the way it should always be!.Version: 298.0

Fairbrother was here 2023Great app just unsure why it says my IG account is not available to link up.Version: 289

Honest Review After 2 DaysThe app is obviously in its early stages, with missing features like dms and a trending page. Still, I think the app runs very smooth, looks nice, and has great potential. I’ve already seen an increase of activity as the days go by, and I’m excited to see the app grow! To everyone who is leaving 1 star reviews, realize that this app came out less than a week ago. You have no sense of how apps work if you think they would have all functions available at once. Of course it’s not perfect, and you shouldn't expect that from ANY new app. Especially considering a new social media platform is impossibly difficult to start up. But we know it’s more than just another app review for some of you out there..Version: 289

Is good but can be betterGot fed up with Twitter and decided to use Threads. I already have an account on insta so the sign-up process was smooth which is appreciated. If you’re familiar with how Twitter functions, Threads is similar and will be easy to pick up. Some stuff I’ve noticed that I hope will be added soon: “search engine” is nonexistent, hashtags don’t work (cuz there’s no “search engine” I’m gonna assume), and if you wanna plan out future posts you can’t. Idk if it’s due to this being an early version of the app and it not being completely finished + not wanting to be super similar to Instagram + wanting to differentiate itself from Instagram since all those features are available on that app but it would be nice to include them in Threads. Pls add these functions to Threads! Thanks in advance.Version: 291

So far so goodSo far so good not much to complain about but think few added features would be good inc, hashtags, and a cover photo? Also for someone like me that has a business Instagram account I’m unable to log in to two different accounts at same time like you do on Instagram and then switch between both? This is defiantly needed in my opinion.Version: 289

Please add multiple account accessPlease add the same function you have for Facebook and instagram where you can toggle to different accounts. Have multiple accounts. Especially for personal and business accounts so we can keep it all relevant. Excited to see where Threads goes. Thanks.Version: 289

Wonderful 🧵✨🪡🧵Thank you Meta for created another plataforma when we can talk and meeting friends around the world 🌎! And the best is we already bring others friends of another’s plataformas 🚀.Version: 289

Some suggestions :)It’s been a great app so far, but it will be better if the homepage is not full of random verified accounts and just be the actual accounts that i have chose to follow. 🫡.Version: 289

AccountAs a new platform, Threads is going through a very smooth launch, with users able to very easily migrate from their existing accounts with Meta’s Instagram. For those managing multiple accounts, there is not yet a smooth solution to account switching, though admittedly these are the minority. The search functions currently as a way to locate accounts, with Instagram (as well as it’s primary competitor, Twitter) still maintains better explore and trending feeds, as well as the capability to search by text content..Version: 289

1 missing feature m, or should be more clearI think it should be possible to get the list of instagram followers even after setting up ur account. As currently if u don’t follow people during set up, you don’t get a list of instagram followers again to easily add..Version: 289

Wayyyy better than twitterNot sure if the warm fuzzy new platform feeling will last forever (or once meta finds a way to monetize with ads), but right now Threads is super fun and has been making me enjoy social media for the first time in a while. I appreciate threads’ moderate approach to moderation - add disclaimers to fake news / fake news posters while also not outright censoring people. Elon musk lovers are mad, but they really should just be worried since this will definitely kill twitter. The UI is slick and the features work so far. My one request would be to add a “close friends” posts features so that not all my insta friends following me on threads see EVERYTHING..Version: 289

Slow account changingPlease add a way for faster account changing like instagram has. + Instagram doesn’t directly link to threads like threads does to instagram..Version: 289

As a brand new app, it’s greatI am really hoping Instagram continues this momentum and truly creates a Twitter killer. I am absolutely loving the platform so far! It’ll get better with time. Don’t listen to the poor reviews. They are judging the app thinking it’s Twitter. It’s not there yet but it will get there.Version: 289

Pretty solid, room for improvement though⭐️💕So far, i like threads. it’s pretty solid for now, it can be better. that being said, i do have some suggestions for the app developers to improve the app for users: CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER! only the ppl i follow and their activity should be in my timeline, not these other random users…put them on a separate page the separate page should be our home page with news, pop culture events, hashtags you follow, and the random users/suggested posts here pls give us hashtags! search by hashtags and words, not just users thumbs down for threads (dislike count not shown public) pls give us a gif library in the threads post area a drafts/save for later tab for threads following count put by the follower count too. why is it just one? show both or neither, pls pick one show list of likes + the option to keep it private saved/bookmarks tab (private) dms/private messages on here voice message for threads close friends thread list these changes would make a lot of people (including me) use the app a whole lot more and come back to give a higher review rating. we thank you for the hard work so far. and thx for listening!🩷.Version: 289

Hidden Words Not Staying HiddenSo far, i am enjoying this app. obviously there are some features missing that i want, but it is good so far for it’s first update. my one complaint about the current features though…the words i have hidden are still showing up on my timeline. this must be a bug, but it is a frustrating one, because there are certain posts i absolutely do not want to see and yet i’m still seeing them. i hope this can be fixed soon!! otherwise, the algorithm seems much better to twitter, although it still needs some work. i’m looking for a following tab that hopefully i can make my default timeline, so i’m not seeing so many random accounts. i would also like a feature where you can switch between accounts easily, like on instagram, and i want their to be a close friends equivalent!.Version: 289

Will there be a larger version released for tablets soon?Threads is already a hugely better app than the dumpster fire that Twitter has become under the South African Blood Diamond heiress, space penis builder, and exploding car maker. It seems to operate smoothly, but there’s still a feeling of difficulty on how to post and repost like it is at instagram. I’m not sure if the hashtags are going to be as awkward either, as in more geared towards marketing than trending topics. This would all be easier to navigate if the app wasn’t showing up so small — basically smart phone size — on my tablet. I mean, I can just switch to my phone, but yeah it bugs me when the size won’t integrate smoothly to the size of the screen. Otherwise, it’s a good app, and will likely replace Twitter in my social media time. Hopefully the size of the app to screen ratio is figured out quickly. I’m happy they provided a functioning app that’s not forever in beta..Version: 291

Solid startImpressed with how many people have already joined. App runs well and fairly intuitive. Main issue is lack of a followers tab on the feed. Also videos not being able to fast forward or rewind is odd..Version: 289

Potential To Be The Greatest Social AppThis app is super smooth. I love everything about it. Would be dope to be able to DM friends on here. The day that happens, Threads will most likely become my 1st app choice. There's a few bugs I hope they crank out, but overall smooth. I would prefer seeing post of people I follow vs seeing a bunch of random checkmark folks & businesses I don't even follow talk nonsense. I'm trying to see what my friends are Threading, not a verified wendys account. The only other issue I have is the app keeps force quitting when I try to thread. I try to log out and even reset the app. I've updated the app & updated my iPhone, yet it keeps booting me out the app every single time I try to post a thread. Its super annoying. Makes me not want to open the app and thread when I inspiration to post something. Kills the motivation..Version: 289

Hope?Threads is a twitter clone, the first of which that is a genuine threat. In this early period, it is a mix of the people you talk to on twitter, the artists you follow on instagram and your irl friends who you have a public communication platform with, and it feels great! Elon was driving twitter to the ground, hopefully the app stays like this and doesn’t become the cesspool twitter is imminently approaching.Version: 289

GIVE THE BADGE BACK PLEASEThe app is fine. But I don’t understand why we can’t have the badge back after hiding it. Please let us unhide it on our profile. This is unfair! Imagine if someone accidentally hid it :(.Version: 289

It’s a good startIt’s just twitter. It’s clearly early days and there are features being implemented that it’s competitors have but it’s a good start. It’s reliance on instagram is a bonus and a negative - I can import all of my friends over if I want to and things like blocked users carry over but it also has the same type of users instagram has, which makes Threads a different vibe to its competitors.Version: 289

Missing one thingHave the ability to edit posts and then I’ll be completely sold on this app.Version: 289

WE’RE ROOTING FOR YOUPlease don’t fumble this app. I’m not trying to see a bunch of random people w/ check marks on my timeline. Let me choose who and what I want to see. I don’t want to see ads and bots everywhere like on Facebook & Instagram 🙄. I’d like to see more UI changes, everything seems small. Not compressed but the font & profile pics, names and three dots to mute/block/report is kinda on the small side and very easy to misclick. Is there an algorithm? Will there be “based on what you like”? Will we be able to switch accounts like on Instagram just by double tapping the profile tab? Will we get a following tab, so we don’t have to weed through random threads? Will we be able to have muted & blocked accounts carry over to our Thread account? If I mute someone why am I still able to see their replies in others threads?.Version: 289

Great AppI like the easy integration with Instagram, and the idea of text posts leaves lots of room for discussion. Haven’t had any problems so far. Appreciate it!.Version: 296.0

Mammoth Activewear SustainableGreat app for my sustainable customers to see the character and community around what makes my brand special.Version: 289

Not Twitter5 stars because it’s not Xitter..Version: 298.0

GREAT APP!This app is strangely addictive. i really like how close you are with your followers and mutuals, you really do get to choose what your feed is. if you want it to be news related, follow news accounts and regularly like the posts to make sure it’s in your algorithm and you’re all set. same goes with any other type of media you’re looking to see. features a lot of us would like to see: -a “follows you” indicator for your following tab so you can keep up on who is and isn’t following you back without having to check their account and list - maybe some more account personalization. many yearn for some myspace-like customization -slightly less restrictions on following people and liking/replying to threads - maybe a little bit more streamlined media player. idk if it’s just me but it’s clunky when i try to play videos and turn the sound on i end up having to reclick the video like 3 times those are just some ideas. other than that the app is really fun and a great alternative to twitter for those who don’t want right wing opinions being boosted over the majority of the users replies to every little thing..Version: 295.0

A great place to be part of a communityI mainly use Threads to keep up with news on Tech and to learn things from my peers. It’s been great to have a space like this again. Exceeds expectations!.Version: 293.0

Great at Launch, but not perfectLove the app already. The integration with instagram when creating your account is smart. Whole communities are finding each other. However, there are some caveats: 1. I can’t switch accounts easily like I can with Instagram. I operate a small business account and a creator account to boot and I have to hard log out of my personal account to switch. Please add switching functionality please! 2. GIPHY keyboard from iPhone does not work like it would on competitor apps 3. There is no chronological timeline or sort by feature. If there were buttons similar to Reddit or Twitter that lets you scroll between “new, hot, best, etc”, then it would make it fantastic to scroll through.Version: 289

Modernised twitter minus the Elon factorThe title says it all.Version: 289

Best conversation app to date with potential!!Threads by Meta is an exceptional app that takes conversations to new heights. With its clean design and user-friendly interface, it’s a breeze to use. The vibrant community, combined with powerful features like seamless link sharing, carousel posts, and quoting, make Threads perfect for growing your business and platforms. It’s the ultimate transition from Instagram—a must-try for conversation enthusiasts..Version: 289

Basic But Could Be GreatEarly Days Still In The Apps Life, But One Thing That’s Bugging Me Is All I’m Seeing Is Celebrity Threats And Brands. Would Be Nice To See “Following".. “Friends” “For You/Explore” "Popular" Feeds So You Can Choose What You Want To See. Not To Worried About Fancy Media We Have Instagram For That, Keep This More Text Based..Version: 289

Peaceful and elegantA real sense of community without spam, nudity, and general content you do not wish to see. There may be a sacrifice of my anonymous data being sold to corps, but I am getting exactly what I want so I don’t care. Peace and tranquility and a sense of community is what I was attempting to find on other apps, and this is the first one. It’s a conversation! It’s not an argument. It’s not spoon feeding me videos all day as I scroll past over and over again. This is a new way for me to interact with people of my interests without being bombarded with outside influences. Nevertheless, there is still a great mixture of conversations you can randomly begin to be a part of that may not be of interest. This is the gen z app where inclusion is of the highest priority, and community is cherished..Version: 289

AmazingThis app is funny as and way better than I thought it was gonna be.Version: 289

First user and reviewSo I’ve just downloaded the app and my review seems to be the first. As it just became available 2 minutes ago. I’m excited to use threads and see where it goes in the future. I can tell it allows us to see and understand like insta but express in threads which sounds exciting and familiar. 😍.Version: 289

HiI am having fun while high on this app (allegedly).Version: 289

Similar to twitter but missing featuresEasy to use app however one cannot go between personal and organisational accounts so hindering the other accounts being in the app too. Hopefully this is rectified quickly.Version: 289

Really enjoying thisTwitter is ruined. So I tried Tribel and may go back, but my feed was full of US stuff. So am having a go on Threads. This seems much more promising. I am finding my tribe of educators and political tragics, and having fun. Hope to see you here.Version: 289

Hope it makes Elon madI got it to spit Elon Musk, I hate him, for a billionaire he’s stupid I’m glad that Mark Zuckerberg made this to fuel the fire (love him for that) I mean twitter was crashing and Elon spent $44 billion on that crap he deserves this. But overall the apps good feels better organised than twitter and I hope it makes twitter declare bankruptcy..Version: 289

Love itLove the app! Thank you … would you consider enabling being able to “pin” a thread? Thanks in advance 🥰.Version: 289

AmazingLoving this battle, but I like it here more than the other side of the game.Version: 289

Not being able to see only followers postsOnly problem I have is not being able to see feeds from only the people I follow.Version: 289

So far, it’s alrightJoined day 3 of the app and so far it’s enjoyable. I love that it mimics the mode you have your phone in (dark mode/light mode). However it is lacking accessibility in the way of captions. As a deaf person, I rely heavily on captions, so hoping that will be a feature added sooner rather than later, to have have the option of auto-generated captions available on videos like Facebook and Instagram have. I do like that muting and blocking are easy and quick to do, being able to remove any toxicity instantly has been great. Full sized photos and the photo carousel are also great, but it’d be nice if we could zoom in without it bouncing back immediately. I know it’s early days yet but this app shows promise..Version: 293.0

Better than Twitter but very basicIt’s new so it’s expected that there’s not many features. At the moment it’s missing hashtags, pinned posts, explore and profile customisation is limited (no banner/background image) however the image and video quality is much better than Instagram. I think what you repost should be in a separate tab from your posts on your profile like replies are to make it easier to see peoples posts. If this app starts showing ads and promotions people will probably leave for more established platforms. Good job so far threads 👍.Version: 289

Better than TwitterHonestly with the newest update this clears twitter now, great to see they are listening to user requests!.Version: 292.0

First rate of the new app?Surely I get a reply from a talented developer!.Version: 289

Many BugsWhen I click a thread I can’t see any replies. Instead I get a message saying “Sorry, something went wrong. Try again.” Same thing when I click on someone’s profile. I go to their page but don’t see any of their threads or replies. It says “Content not available”. When I try to reply to a thread it shows up as a reply but it says “your thread failed to upload”. If I click the heart at the bottom I go to the Activity page. On that page no matter what I select from the menu: All, Follows, Replies, etc… each says “Sorry,something went wrong. Try again”. My wireless connection is strong. I’ve tried both with and without a VPN. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app a few times. Nothing helps. Always the same result with the same bugs..Version: 292.1

ZuckyboiSuch a good app. Comes with free cck shots from zuckburg himself.Version: 289

Good but missing a few thingsVery good for a new app, a lot of handy features and familiar ones ported over from Instagram. There are a few missing though, such as, double tap to switch account, and edit reply..Version: 289

Easy to joinPulled all my info from instagram in an instant and I’m off and running. Not sure what’s going on with the other sooks reviewing here..Version: 289

What is the differenceI think Twitter is LIKE THE SAME AS THREADS I can’t really see the difference but if u put this this way I think Twitter is still better but I think threads will be more popular bc the owner created the Facebook by mark so like idk.Version: 289

Promising so far, but needs a few tweaksDownloaded yesterday and I’m enjoying it for what it is so far; sign-up was super easy since you can import all your data from Instagram, and I love how you can directly access other accounts’ Insta pages to follow them there too. My only issue is that the app feels a little bare-bones as of now. I understand it’s brand new and will be in the process of developing itself over time, but I’d love to see a bit more in terms of interface. The app feels a bit empty without a proper tagging system and it’s extremely hard for me to find new content and users to follow because my feed is mostly people I already follow on Instagram (plus random verified accounts and one or two new creators I find interest in). Please consider implementing a hashtag or keyword function for the Search bar (or maybe even an Explore page), and I’d probably find a lot more interest in the app! Overall, this is a pretty decent start and I’m interested to see where it goes next… and to have a place to post my 3 AM intrusive thoughts..Version: 289

Nice app, few comments.I like the feel of the app, but there is much more that can be done to beat twitter. I suggest a way to filter the threads, so that I can have more control over my feed. For instance, create something called needles that I can add or remove. The needles will segregate locations, so that I can know what is going on in my location, as well as around the world. This would also create marketing opportunities for businesses looking to connect with customers around them. So I believe the app needs a little bit more refinement, so that I can add and remove needles, as well as post under a needle, so people know what I am posting about. So my feed can contain information from needle and threads, I can filter out things I am more interested in..Version: 289

No issue at allI have a long term Instagram account and had absolutely zero issues signing up. The look is refreshing and it’s nice not being bombarded with ads and hate messages..Version: 289

New ideaSo basically since you are all owned by the same company I wondered since instagram robbed phhhoto’s boomerang feature and implemented it on instagram why not do kinda the same but with like the music feature that phhhoto had. The concept was basically you could add a song to your profile and whenever someone looked up your profile it would have the song you chose playing in the background meanwhile they looked at your profile and pictures. I figured it could work since instagram has a lot of licenses from known artists so I don’t know it might work and a lot of people would appreciate that including me. Anyways threads by far is a great social networking app and I’m glad I got to use it more than Twitter..Version: 293.0

W appSmooth app so far Excited to post nonsense for my friends to see.Version: 289

It’s great, but…Can you make it easier to see who’s following you that you need to follow back without having to tap on each profile to check? That would be fab. Thanks.Version: 289

Good app, could do with support for other platforms other than mobile.As title says, -Have website, -Support a wider range of devices (in way UI is shown) to work on other devices like a tablet and not just a phone..Version: 289

At least it isn’t owned by MolluskQuit Twitter when he bought it, downloaded this the moment it was clear it might upset him..Version: 289

So far so good.The bird houses a lot of hatemongers, fake news spreaders and those who can’t move on after losing the election. So Threads is a welcome alternative, yeah, I also have M. Anyways, so far everything is running okay..Version: 289

Nice app, but…I don’t want to see post about people that I don’t follow and I don’t care about. You should do a feed only with the people that I follow..Version: 289

App can beat twitter with a few QOL updatesFirstly a playback system, maybe if I double tap the right side of the screen it plays forward a few seconds and vise versa, a media only section to where we can only see videos and picture, ofc with the option of being able to pick which one we wanna see only which in fact twitter DOESNT have, and maybe also like a page that’s called stuff you like, that’s based off your follows and likes, like a for you page, but with a different name. Actually maybe it can be called THREADED I kinda like the sound of that honestly. Tho even if you didn’t add these things the app is already really good, I’m pretty you guys won’t F this up. GOOD JOB DEVELOPMENT TEAM.Version: 289

Far better than twitterGreat app with a lot of potential. Although not at the level of Twitter with its functions, the app doesn’t have the bots, ads or the negativity that Twitter put me off..Version: 295.0

A whole heap of stuffI feel like it’s just a whole bunch of features from every social media app in one. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad..Version: 289

Good just twitter 2.0I would definitely recommend it for sure, its basically twitter but run by Instagram, I understand the concept of it but I think for content wise I just like instagram it’s pretty pointless but if you want something new to scroll through go ahead and get it, it’s probably a good place to build a fan base and talk to fans more easily etc or build a business, go follow us lukemundenmusic1 much love 💪🏼.Version: 289

Read !Everything’s going smooth and I know this is a very recent app that just came out but I reckon we should have an option that allows us to put back the threads badge back on our Instagram profile. I know it just says temporary and it’s there to advertise but it’ll be nice if you gave us and option to put it back whenever we want..Version: 295.0

Great but…Would be fab to be able to switch between business and personal accounts without having to log out of each account every time..Version: 289

Good appNo issues with performance. Solid app, and there’s still a lot of growth opportunities. I like threads… but more than that, I’m keen on a friendly place replacing twitter..Version: 289

Stable, worksFor a launch day product this has been solid as a rock. No issues whatsoever, you’d be fooled into thinking this platform had been around for years..Version: 289

Zac was hereZac Terrell here. Pronouns she/them. This app is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Lots of love from Canada. Tre Scott.Version: 289

The app in generalTHIS APP IS AMAZING JUST LIKE TWITTER And u don’t have to be 17 to get it if u have a strict parents that don’t allow it but threads make possible since u need to be 12 yrs or older, The reason I’m giving it four stars is because I think threads is trying to be twitter or reddit That’s why it’s a four not a 5 but I see where Instagram is taking this way..!.Version: 289

Really good, but needs workThe app is really good and has a clean interface. I know this app is still a working progress so here are some features I think should be added… Feature 1: More options in threads like GIFS, Polls, Hashtags, Locations, Bold and italic text, and lastly voice threads as-well (hard to moderate but would be really cool feature). Feature 2: A trending hashtags system.. This would be a good feature to add because it can give people insight on trending topics in their region or country. Feature 3: Adding more profile customisation.. A good start to this would be the ability for users to add a banner (could be GIFS aswell) to their profiles. You guys are doing super good with the app right now but these were some things I think would be a good addition to the app! 😆.Version: 289

Good startLuckily Meta have the audience that they can release a competitor to Twitter and have the biggest chance of it succeeding. I hope it does succeed if anything to push Twitter to become a better player in the game. Still missing lots of features but they are open about the fact they will be adding them so that’s good..Version: 289

OkIt is overall fine not that confusing but there are too many ads and random accounts on my home page.Version: 289

Here firstWe’ll see if this app is a flop or not lol.Version: 289

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