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WeatherBug Elite App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

WeatherBug Elite app received 51 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using WeatherBug Elite? Can you share your negative thoughts about weatherbug elite?

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WeatherBug Elite for Negative User Reviews

Not that badBut if you are going to show weather maps then use some that actually show Canada in better detail than North Am..Version: 0

Latest ver. crashes on 4SUsed to be a great app. Not possible to use now. After removing, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting again... Crashes immediately after accepting terms and conditions. PLEASE fix this. Pity, as I was really looking forward to the 10 day forecast..Version: 3.1

Hourly forecasts? Where?Paid for this despite warnings was almost same as free, because it apparently has hourly forecasts. I can't find em, and developer not responded to an email asking about this. First experience of sour taste in mouth left by app store..Version: 0

Hugely disappointed in my fav appI have been a devoted user through thick and thin with WeatherBug Elite from the very start a decade ago. I ALWAYS rated it 5 stars and it was my most-used 3rd Party app. I loved that I could quickly check the temps in other cities with a quick swipe to the left. But I hated it when they changed how a swipe to the left instead takes you to the next page of info for the city you’re currently on. That was several months ago. But they still allowed a swipe left on the name of the city to take you to the next city. Now, even that has been taken away and replaced by taking you to the list of cities. Hate it. Time to start using Weather Underground more..Version: 5.4.3

BuggerjunkNo different than free version. Keep ur money.Version: 1.6.1

Undecided About My $9.99!First, if you click on local temps, the digital number often overlaps the name of the city. So, it is impossible to read the number. Second, I don’t suppose the developer ever heard of the ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act). I happen to be red-green color blind. So, all the pretty displays of temperature, or whatever, with colors mean zilch to those of us who are RG color blind. I seriously doubt my paying $9.99 for the elite version is giving me much more info than the free one. Mr. Developer, you need to get with it. If you are going to charge me for an app, it needs to be worthwhile. You have some ways to go yet on your elite version of Weatherbug..Version: 5.5.0

Don’t like the new updateThis is always been my favorite weather app, but this new update does not allow me to customize the homepage into seeing things in the order that I like to see them. I am forced to see a commuter update near the top of the page. I don’t need to see a commuter update. Besides the fact that it has nothing to do with the weather, I live in a town of 10,000 people and there is no traffic. So now the things I want to see right off the bat are not there. I have to scroll past several meaningless videos to get to the weather information that I want and paid for..Version: 5.19.5

Nice, but spywareI have always liked this app. However, this app has been sold to a web marketing/ advertising platform company. In reviewing their privacy policy they state they track your personal data and track your location even when the app is not being used. They state this data is sold to marketers and is correlated with any other data they can glean about you from multiple other sources. Spying doesn’t get much more prolific than this. Though I have used this app for many years, it’s time to find a new weather service that doesn’t abuse the privacy of its customers. I get wanting to make a profit, but this amount of spying / data collection is excessive..Version: 5.15.2

Suddenly not updatingFor the last week the dates are incorrect..Version: 2.0.3

Charts No Longer WorkIt appears since some change in Bing maps the WeatherBug app is truly that ... a BUG. Worked OK til 3 days ago. Customer service unresponsive to repeated requests on issue. Well...a week or so later developers have finally replied and admitted that this is now a known issue and that their engineers (a guy in pyjamas working between bowls of cereal?) are working on it; yet there is still no update to fix this bug. Don't buy it until this bug is fixed!.Version: 0

JunkApparently weather does not exist outside the US. Complete piece of junk, don't waste your money. Only giving one star because I'm not permitted to give zero stars..Version: 1.6.1

Weather bugDoesn't open after update please fix this then will give better rating.Version: 3.1

Great till last updateLoved this app for quite awhile. Recently I started getting notifications saying that it was going to “rain in 15 minutes”. I live in the Pacific Northwest…it’s going to rain in 15 minutes for half the year around here! I wouldn’t mind the update if I could control what I am being notified about. I have found the past notifications for wind storms or thunder storms useful…but rain…around here? As the app is currently designed, all notifications are either on or off, no ability to customize what you are being notified about. Please fix!.Version: 5.23

No upgrade for UkFor uk it doesnot seem to add anything over free version.. Don't bother upgrading..Version: 0

EljefitodosMight be a fine app if you live in North America. However, for someone in Australia its features are not as rich: haven't found an Aussie WeatherBug location which supports the camera and video functions, nor is the map of much use down under. I jumped right in and purchased WeatherBug Elite -- I should have tried the free version first..Version: 0

Canadian Buyers Beware!!!I just paid $1.99 to find out that I cannot get hourly forecasts for my home of Toronto Ontario! This is highly unusual fo a paid weather App! Amy little American town can though?????.Version: 2.0.3

Not accurateJuly, 2020: Still a zero-star app in my opinion. I like to try it out every few months to see if it has improved. Nope, still zero. Another update: Current temperature is 63 degrees at 7pm. Hourly forecast shows temperature for 7pm should be 78 degrees. This is a 15 degree difference. How can this app supposedly be so accurate for other reviewers and yet be so inaccurate for my area for the last several months? I find myself looking at the forecast in this app just to get a laugh. Update: The forecast for Baton Rouge, Louisiana has in recent weeks been off. It is now way off, calling for freezing temperatures. I have contacted you recently about this and you give me a canned “thanks for your concern and support “ reply, yet nothing changes. Your forecast is so inaccurate and unreliable, it is both comical and pathetic. Please fix your forecast for my area OR REFUND MY SUBSCRIPTION. This app is totally unusable for me. Original review: Current and forecasted temperatures are off by 10 to 20°. Hourly rain forecast is usually zero percent for the next several hours until it starts raining and then it magically changes to 90 or 100%. I have emailed the support staff and receive the generic thank you blah blah blah. I am surprised to see other reviewers reporting accurate temperatures and forecasts. Two stars for nice map and lightning strike data..Version: 5.17.4

Users should be able to turn off air quality featureUsed to like this app a lot. I liked tapping it and seeing everything I needed to know - temp, conditions, wind, and at the bottom was the sunrise/sunset time. However since it was updated, the air quality feature takes up the bottom third of my screen, and the sunrise/sunset got pushed down off the screen forcing me to scroll to see it. There’s no option to rearrange the features you want to see without scrolling. The air quality doesn’t need to take up so much space. And it should be optional. Very disappointed. Regretting updating this app as I was happy with it before..Version: 5.4.4

For the us onlyI think this app is for the US only it does not give you any thing but mph. They say you can change to km. but it does not. They say the paid version does more then the free version but as far as I can see it does not.I do like the map part but the video and camera only works in the Us. I guess because it does not here and I am only 5 k from the Us.Version: 0

IPhone app vs blackberry appThe Iphone app is worse than the built in weather app. Nothing works. The Blackberry app is fantastic AND FREE. I should have been paid to get this for the Iphone. I think they owe me money back !!!!!!.Version: 0

Doesn't work in AlaskaI've used WeatherBug for years and have always enjoyed the app but several things don't work in Alaska. I just purchased the elite version thinking there was more functionality but it was a waste of money. In Alaska the lightning reporting feature (Spark) doesn't work. The observation section doesn't work. The UV, Pollen, and live cameras don't work. And several of the radar layers don't work. Also the only alerts I can get are watches and warnings. I cannot get special weather notices or advisories which are very important as they usually contain life threatening information when traveling in Alaska. I would also like to see the moon rise and set times as a nice feature. To really add pain to this purchase is that I get ALL of this information on the Free Weather Underground app. I just don't like the way they have it laid out..Version: 5.0.2

Misleading description!As far as I can see, none of the features advertised for the paid-for version (except for advert-free) are available - description is completely misleading. At best it's an oversight, at worst it's just dishonest..Version: 0

The update ruined itBeen using this app for years. Was so impressed by the old version that I forked over some cash for the paid version. After waiting forever for an update, I now wish they left it alone. The interface is a confusing mess of useless info. Whereas the old version showed everything clearly as soon as the app was opened, now you have to scroll through endless graphics just to get to dew point, humidity, etc. Plus, the current readings no longer seem to be accurate. They update way too slowly. I check them against other apps and the readings are nowhere close. Hate to say it, but I'm finally giving up on this app.Version: 5.0.2

Not a good app for AussiesVery little information for Australian users, the developers really should look into providing more for Australian users. However, the information for American users is excellent. The interface is easy to use ... It's just a shame I am from Australian and therefore wasted my money..Version: 2.1

A daily morning alarm that has no off buttonWeatherbug use to be a very useful daily info app in my life, with reliable weather alerts that I depended upon. Now it serves as an uncontrollable daily alarm clock to wake us up and numb us to weather alerts that we depended upon, such as tornado warnings. Every morning I get a Pollen Alert, through the same push alert mechanism used by real weather alerts. There is no way to turn this off except by disabling all push alerts (which would include disabling tornado warnings). Presuming this might have been some insidious scheme by an allergy medication sponsor, I deleted Weatherbug app and spent $10 to get the non-advertiser sponsored "Elite" version. Nope, the daily Pollen Alerts occur there too, also with no way to stop it. Pollen alerts occur even on days when there is nothing but rain for the day. I must now consider abandoning this weather app altogether. Humans need to sleep. I have written the developer three times, and found that to be a little better than broadcasting radio transmissions into a black hole..Version: 5.4.8

So inaccurate wish I could give zero stars.I previously reviewed this program as accurate for current conditions for Edmonton, but that is no longer the case- it's as though Alberta no longer on the map. There are no advantages to purchasing the Elite version, except losing the small ad found on the free version. Save your money this is a bad app..Version: 0

Red triangleIt’s still there. Today it’s for the pollen count. Yesterday it was for rain. All of this info is on this app and can be easily found. But it’s about key clicks and drama, right? Please refrain from your canned response. I use Apple wx more now because of your sensationalism. Learn that it’s a WARNING sign, remove the drama and I’ll give it five stars. My 2021 review- Red triangle signify danger or warning. Why does it now include daily precipitation????? Really. Precip is what the forecast is for. That's worse than the pollen alert. About the time you get this app nearly perfect you over think and mess it up. Don't do like the media with sensationalism. Please..Version: 5.36

Don't botherShould have read the reviews first. Unless you want ad free version, this is a waste of space and does not deliver any of the promised extras. Nothing elite about it..Version: 0

Used to be a good appI have had this app for 10 years. It has turned into a total joke. Out of 365 days in a year, about 260 days are 40 to 50% chance of rain. Is it going to rain or not! When I first downloaded the app, I loved it. Here’s another beautiful thing. My wife has the free app and I have the elite app. The forecast is always different on both. If you pay for the elite app, do you get different weather? Maybe I should pay more. How much to get the weather I want? The only thing this app is good for is checking the radar to see what is going to hit you in the next 5 minutes. How about actually making a weather prediction? Oh, and thanks for the pollen alerts. God forbid we go out there unprotected from “pollen”..Version: 5.23

Very disapointed.First of all, I really like the free version of this app. It showed true live weather from places not to far from my place. But I was very disapointed of this app, I thought with all the features I was getting a good deal but none of them work and I can't even find the places I had before. The only thing this app has over the other is ad-free. I will keep using the free app but I don't think I'll be using this one unless something changes..Version: 0

Not for the UKI've had this for a while and it's totally unreliable. The star is for the idea only. If only it worked it would be great. It's -2c where I live and the app is telling me it's mild at 23c. Where is it getting its information? It's often way out on the forecast when the location is correct. Waste of time and money, now deleting..Version: 0

Weatherbug eliteHaving just removed weatherbug because of ads, and installed this piece of junk which I was led to believe was an elite version I find it is only viewable at iPhone size, not worth the money, I feel cheated. I have to give it a star to submit this review, it would not get that if I didn't have to. I will look for another weather app..Version: 0

Don't buy if you are in Québec, CanadaC'est décevant de constater que la version pour HTC fonctionne beaucoup mieux que celle du iPhone, du moins au Canada..Version: 0

Weatherbug Elite7.9.10: I purchased this weather app yesterday & would rate it a total waste of money for Australians. Contrary to stated claims, there is NO weather alert updates for Australia. Instead I would recommend Oz Weather which provides a lot more information & is constantly updated. When I last looked at Weather Bug, the last update was still 12 hours previously! Not worth one star but I see my comments won't send without a rating star!.Version: 0

Radar animation doesn't work in CanadaIf an app advertises a feature that doesn't work in Canada, then this should then before the app is published on the Canadian app store the description should be updated to reflect this. I blame apple for not ensuring this happens!.Version: 0

Excellent appOne think missing no hourly forecasts. Salo.Version: 2.2

Not accurate - all about selling your locationI have used WeatherBug ever since Automated Weather Source first developed it. Unfortunately something has changed and I find the quality of its actual and forecast weather to have declined, especially in the last year. Yesterday was the perfect example with WeatherBug showing 0% chance of rain for every hour of the day, while we experienced constant rain showers instead. What I didn’t know was that AWS sold WeatherBug to Ground Truth (xAd). Their website describes themselves as the “largest location-based advertising platform in the world”. Yep their business model is all about selling your phone’s location information (even when the app is closed) - not providing you excellent/accurate weather forecasting. Sad because AWS had a great weather model, collaborating with educational institutions and local communities such as my own. So if your business/occupation is like mine and you require accurate weather forecasting, maybe it is time to look elsewhere..Version: 5.15.2

Bad, Blackberry free version is betterFirst, the description is misleading, animated radar images are not available, they even admit this in their in app FAQs. Second the free BB version is better, i was hoping weather alerts to be pushed in my iPhone but that function is not available either. Seriously, stick with the free and better Weather Network app..Version: 0

Cheated!! - radar maps do not work in canada as describedThe description of this app is lies!! maps do not work in canada - do not waste your money - get TWN for free instead. i want my money back!!.Version: 0

Don't waste your buckWhat a piece of crap. Good thing it was only 99 cents. the free version is better.Version: 0

Totally inaccurateI’ve used WeatherBug Elite and it’s earlier versions for years. For some time now, I’ve been noticing that it totally missed the forecast. Since I was a longtime user, I just put up with the inaccuracies. Friends have used other, better apps and would often know better what the weather would do. Today was the final straw. The hourly presentation showed 0% throughout the day. No hint of precipitation anywhere the WeatherBug forecast. None. Of course it was pouring rain with lightning, thunder and pea-sized hail. No hint at all from WeatherBug. NONE!!! I was getting significant weather warnings from other apps, but WeatherBug was showing sunny with 0% chance of precip. If this was just one isolated incident, I’d blow it off. But this is the norm for WeatherBug. I gave it two stars because the radar presentation is actually quite good. I spent 30+ years as a radar air traffic controller, so I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a commercially rated pilot. I have formal education and training in meteorology. If the radar presentation wasn’t good on this app I’d permanently delete it..Version: 5.4.8

"Elite"?Turns out the free version has more functionality than this paid version in Canada. Very disappointing..Version: 0

Elite appI am a medical provider that relies on the most up to date information for the safety of my patientS, athletes and by standards. This is the closest app to saving lives. I appreciate the easiness of the app interface. But information usually gets backlogged or missed when trying to update on the most up to date radar possible even with the elite app. I guess I will need to purchase a whole weather system to save lives in the future. Also, when trying to read articles, the story lines overlap and are impossible to read. I would go and choose another app if you are advising patrons and patients if their safety. If you are a civilian then this would be a great app otherwise!.Version: 5.4.7

A first class product let down by a 3rd class network of weather stationsThis is peerless in the information displayed and the way it displays it and what's theoretically available. We Brits don't have much in the way of seasons, we have weather and like to obsess about it. And that's where this product falls down - it seems to be tapped into a sparse network of weather stations connected to military avaiation. There are at least 2 weather stations closer than the one it selected for my location. If it was tapped into the Met Office - I'd rate this 5. Still not bad value for money though..Version: 0

Slow to loadI’ve been a weather bug user for many years and it’s been great up until a few months ago. now i open the app and nothing happens, no new info. usually 60 seconds later it does eventually load the data, but it’s incredibly frustrating. this is the case for the free version and the elite. i tried to use the send feedback feature in settings and it’s “not available” thus this review. disappointed, WB. going to have to find a new weather app at this rate. i want my reliable weather bug back. 😕.Version: 5.18.5

I proffered this old interface.The design is rather sloppy looking now, and I have to dig for much of the information that was previously at the top level..Version: 2.2

Should be called WeatherBuggyCrashes like a DC10..Version: 1.4.1

Same as free oneGood app but same as free one!!!!! save your money.Version: 0

Keeps crashingNo video or pics for Canada.....and keeps crashing as soon as you load the video for the US sites......Version: 0

Push NotificationNo push notification. Deleted this app. For many years it supposed to be fixed already..Version: 5.4.6

I lived by Weather Bug.. Not anymore.I lived by Weather Bug. I even forced friends and family to use it religiously over other weather apps and sites. I even paid for the elite version to remove ads. Now, with you’re update, it asked me to turn my location on 24/7 and I was glad to, until... As much as I appreciate the transparency, knowing that you’re not only taking my money so I don’t have to see ads (which I’m okay with, you deserve the money) but now you’re going to log my location to sell to advertisers as you clearly state; hardly for the purposes of readying me for severe weather at any given moment of where I’m at.. From the early 2000’s on my Windows XP to 2020 with my advanced iPhone 11; so sad. Goodbye Weather Bug, it’s been real..Version: 5.18.4

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