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Gap app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Gap? Can you share your negative thoughts about gap?

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Good products, terrible appThis app used to be so easy, I loved it and used it frequently. I could shop, manage my card, and make payments all here. Now EVERY TIME I open the app, it makes me sign back in and reactivate the facial recognition. Then if I want to go to my wallet and check out my credit account, I have to sign in again and it’ll tell me my password is wrong, even though it’s the same. I’ve had to reset it multiple times. They make it difficult to PAY them, imagine that! Most recently I had a cart full of presents for my family, thought my transaction went through, but it did not. No sign of an order placed anywhere and suddenly my cart was empty. So frustrating. They are absolutely losing money with all these bugs..Version: 6.28.3

Disconnect between app and fulfillmentThis is the third time I have placed an order on the mobile app and there is consistently an issue with fulfilling the order. Last time the item wasn’t in stock yet I was billed for it. One month after the estimated in-stock date, I had to email customer service to locate the item. It finally arrived four months after placing the order. Before that, my order took an entire month to receive. I find that unacceptable. And most recently, I placed an order on 4/12 with an ETA of 4/21. Then shipping changed to 4/24. Here it is 4/26 and still no order or update received. I have doubts that the app is actually sending the orders to the correct area of fulfillment. Maybe it’s just poor operations of the company but nonetheless, very disappointing, especially when I made the purchase to have clothes for my daughters school pictures and we missed that date..Version: 6.26.6

App doesnt workI have an iphone 13 with the latest os. For the past year, this app almost never logs me in. Each time i open the app, im prompted to log in and when i enter my credentials, i get the spash gap icon and the square around it showing its trying to connect but it rarely ever does. I try to rest the password, though i know its right, same deal. It has horrible issues to connect and authenticate. They only reason i use it is so i can check to pay my bill. On the rare occasion it connects, then i still cant see my rewards. That does the same thing. Garbage app..Version: 10.0.0

Please fix!I buy from Gap and Old Navy quite a bit and love their clothes and sales BUT the app has so many glitches. There are many times I sign in but it doesn’t really sign me in. My shipping information is missing and I keep having to put in my payment information although I check the box for it to remember it. There are also times it will not bring up my shopping bag. Theses are just a few issues. GAP, please fix this app!.Version: 8.0.0

GlitchySo many weird issues - here are two: I made a purchase with Apple Pay yesterday and was logged into my account for the free shipping. I made my purchase and the amount charged to my card all of a sudden included a shipping charge. Called customer service and they refunded it but let me know if I use Apple Pay it ‘logs me out’ and shipping gets charged. Why offer Apple Pay if it doesn’t even work with the app??? Today when I enabled Face ID and logged into the app I was stuck in a never ending loop of it scanning my face, logging me in, loading my account…then re scanning my face, logging me, loading my account …repeat…repeat…repeat…repeat. I can’t even get into the app to shop. Finally I covered my camera with my finger!.Version: 8.1.0

This app used to be the best...For a month now every time I go to check out, I get an error message “something went wrong” and have to refresh, which continually brings me to more of the same error messages. I see I’m not the only one reading other reviews. Ive tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re-downloading, everything. I’ve notified customer support now three times with a week or so in between, hoping for an app update. Each time I get a standard “restart the app” response. Gap customer service won’t even acknowledge my issues. It’s unfortunate because I would be spending a lot of money but the app won’t let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Version: 6.14.0

Love this app...but...I love this app and I love gap. Everything they sell fits and fits me well and is such good quality. I’m not complaining about their quality in products but some minor changes they could make in their app! I love using the app to make all my online purchases and I purchase so much I get a lot of gapcash to redeem. However, every time I make an online purchase I WISH they would prompt me to use my gapcash when checking out!!! I constantly find myself discovering I had gapcash I could’ve redeemed AFTER I’ve made my purchase. I’ve even called customer service and they can’t help me. Like I said, I love this app just wish they had easier ways around this!.Version: 6.23.2

PLEASE FIX GLITCHES!!!This app was great about a year ago and recently I started noticing that as your scrolling it switches you to a different page as your scrolling down. It’s really confusing to find items this way and it has made me close the app and not place an order. Instead I find myself waiting until I can place the order on my laptop. Also, the app no longer leaves you signed in to your account like before. It’s really hard memorizing the hundreds of usernames and passwords for all the apps or websites that require it now days so it’s nice when you can just go in and shop or pay your bill with the Face ID function. I’ve noticed that I have to constantly log in to shop or pay my bill and that the Face ID function is not activated and it’s very frustrating. Please make this app functional again..Version: 6.26.10

Old app was great, new one is junkI used to love this app, but it seems as if the most recent major update caused the app to go downhill. There used to be an option to switch between their sister retail sites (Old Navy, banana republic, and athleta) and that option is no longer available, making it more convenient to use the web browser to combine multiple purchases between the stores. Another major issue is the “refreshing” of the page as your scrolling through items. I’ll be browsing a specific item (ie dresses) and mid scrolling it will refresh and replace where I was originally, making it difficult to figure out if I have scrolled too far up or down. And on occasions, I’ll be scrolling and many items just vanish once it refreshes. The gap company needs to hire some tech people on their team to iron out these glitches, the previous version was so much better. This new app is junk..Version: 6.27.1

Frustrating to switch between storesThis app is so frustrating. If you go out to a different window (perhaps to look at a screenshot you took of a product to know what to search for) when you return to the app, it home pages to the Gap app, even if you were looking at Old Navy. I would much prefer an app for each store if it meant this wouldn’t happen. Favorites aren’t saved. I can even get search results to load right now in Old Navy. Time for a refresh!.Version: 8.9.2

Always troubleI like the app for shopping. Quick and easy. But for some reason, it always makes me sign in again when I want to manage my gap card and pay off my items. Says my password is incorrect, even though I’m on and in the app. Such a pain. I can’t even count the amount of times Ive had to reset my password just to pay my bill. They also double took a payment! One time I paid my bill, the app never updated, I logged into see if a payment was pending, it didn’t show anything, so I paid the bill, again, and they took my money twice! I was in the phone for over an hour getting them to reverse it. Why on earth would you take a double payment? This app alone has curbed my shopping with the companies..Version: 6.25.3

Nice clothesI love everything I have purchase from Gap; everything is good quality, stylish, and comfortable. However, I cannot handle how society today has to shove disgusting propaganda down everyone’s throats and Gap has done that as well. It is horrible and it makes me and many other people sick. I am not judging anyone, so don’t label me as a racist, homophobic, transphobic, judgmental, woman hater, like everyone else who isn’t afraid to speak freely is labeled; I am simply saying that people are tired of the sickening propaganda and it’s about time that it is stopped once and for all. It’s this same propaganda that is dividing our people, instead, we need to be united and stand together against the evil. Have a wonderful day, God bless. ✝️❤️.Version: 8.1.0

Sign in too oftenWhy do I have to sign in every time I open the app? Even if I leave the app and go back after a few minutes, I have to log in again. It should remember me. Also every time I sign in, it gives me pop ups with features of the app like it’s my first time ever using it. Very frustrating. I also can’t add my reward points to my cart when trying to checkout. I have to use the website in order to use my points which defeats the purpose of the app..Version: 7.3.0

Horrible appIt is unbelievable that this app has high ratings. Ratings are supposed to be based on the functionality of the app not how cute the clothes are. I will continue to shop in the browser because this app on iPhone is horrible. The filters are inaccurate and not well organized, “denim” isn’t an option for filtering pants even though they show up together, the search function doesn’t pull up known products, it stalls at login, it doesn’t allow the app to use keychain/passwords to log in, it lost shopping cart items during the login process between the browser and the app. The worst part is that there is an ad right now for an additional discount to use the app. It’s like gap is confused about why their app has such high ratings but people aren’t actually using it? Does anyone who works for this company actually shop in the app??.Version: 8.8.1

App keeps crashingI downloaded the app to get an extra discount but every time I added something to my shopping cart the app kept crashing. After trying multiple times I finally was able to get to the shopping cart page, then the login wouldn’t work!! The gap logo kept loading on top of where I have to enter login info. The discount was only available until midnight I tried over and over and missed out on the discount so now I am not buying ANYTHING! Ps- I tried to buy on the website instead, not the app, and the same thing happened. The shopping cart page is messed up. YOU JUST MISSED OUT ON A SALE GAP!!!! And I’m deleting this app now..Version: 8.8.1

Buggiest app everPlus this is the third time I’ve started to write this review and have had the screen refresh on me and take me out, erasing everything i wrote. 45 minutes and 20 open windows later, stuff I put in my cart not there, unable to stay logged it because it continually opens new windows and logs me out, freezing up on every item I click on to view, unable to reach customer service because your chat doesn’t allow me to fill out the boxes, beyond just my first name…it’s like you don’t want people to stay, or something. Winner of frustrating shopping experience and never even get to actually follow through with the purchase.Version: 6.28.6

What’s going on?!?******PLEASE FIX THE APP GLITCHES******* I used to love this app but for the last month it’s had some terrible glitches. I cannot shop, search, or filter. When it does work, it will restart the search mid scrolling and display only a few items even though at the top of the screen it says there are 130 items in the search. It will also continually populate the “uh oh” screen and say that your request cannot be completed at this time and to refresh, I have great internet service so connectivity is not the issue. Recently, I placed two orders and both of them are not recorded on the app. I called customer service and they told me that I used the guest check out. There’s absolutely no way that I checked out as a guest because I used the saved for later items and you have to log on to have access to them. I did however use the Apple Pay option, they said that what happened was the app used the Apple Pay as a guest and override my login and that I would not be able to access to those orders on the app. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Their other conclusions were that the server timed out or that my login timed out and that because I used Apple Pay I didn’t notice. That’s seems rather convenient. At the end of the conversation with the rep he said they couldn’t do anything about the app or the orders. He had me on hold for 30 mins trying to take down my complaint. I called to get help with the app’s technical issues not to vent to a stranger for 30 mins..Version: 6.26.8

Mostly Good, Some Minor Hiccups.Gap is one of America’s leading clothing brands, and when you buy their clothes you’ll understand why. They’ve been doing this for quite some time now, but, this is why I urge them to fix the app and it’s bugs and glitches ASAP. They’re too good to fall short with their online experience. The app mostly works great, I love the fluidity of switching between all their sibling brands with ease without having to download their separate apps, but, it seems each app is plagued with the same bugs. Crashing occasionally, constantly asking me to login every time I open and close out of the app, and I’m sure there are others, but, these ones are the most apparent. Can’t really say much else right now, overall it’s a good experience enough to get the job done, but there should be more bug fixes for the glitches that keep reappearing consecutively..Version: 8.2.0

Don't you want to sell your clothing?!App is crashing, won't recognize my password, or let me get past the reset page to change it--it sends me to the website. Guess what, that is a dead end too. It's not saving items in my shopping bag. And blends all stores' shopping bags together..... Athleta, BR, Gap. The "reserve in store" option is only available online not through the app. I'm trying one last time to purchase, but thus time through your website on my computer. If I'm asked to reset my password I will be purchasing similar clothing from your competitors..Version: 6.6.0

Glitchiest retail app I’ve ever usedI’ve had the Gap app for years, and despite updates supposedly resolving bugs, it never works properly. Sometimes there’s a way to save favorites, sometimes there isn’t; looking at a product within a category page means going back to the category page and finding the items are now in a completely different order; I get the “something went wrong” refresh prompt every couple of minutes; and the latest issue: Face ID popping up over and over, forcing you to quit the app in order to try again. I remain hopeful, hence two stars instead of one, but this is truly one of the most frustrating apps, and inexplicable from a company that seems to have significant resources..Version: 8.1.0

It’s like they don’t want you to spend $The app is terrible. Visually it looks fine but there are to many glitches. It’s poorly organized and god forbid you have to leave your phone unattended for 90 seconds bc then you have to login, which is the least reliable login experience ever, then you have to scour the app and scroll to find where you were last shopping. I genuinely think the app developers are playing a trick on the company: make it look good but make the user functionality garbage so we give up and just shop at H&M instead..Version: 8.6.1

One really annoying thingI like almost everything about the Gap app. The thing that seriously annoys me is that the app resets anytime your phone goes to sleep. So if you are shopping and doing anything else that may take your attention away for a minute, you have to start back at the home screen. I really wish it would just save that spot you were on for a while before resetting to the home screen. It took much longer than necessary to buy a jacket and shirt for my son today..Version: 6.22.0

Orders canceledI have had multiple orders or items canceled from using the app. They either take forever to process them and then they run out of stock for what I ordered or they flat out cancel it as a “suspicious order” (when I also ordered from gap factory the same day with no issues). If you call in, the feedback is so bad you can barely hear anything and they will just tell you to wait instead of resolving anything. This last time they took so long that my gap cash expired before I could put in a replacement order. Not impressed..Version: 8.6.1

Tired of this & Old Navy appsEvery single time I open either one of their apps (& the only reason I have two was because I was trying to bypass this problem, but I can’t) I am asked to sign in. Yet, no matter what I do, 9 times out of 10, that’s not happening, and the other one time, it will take many, many tries to get in). After about the 10th time I try to sign in, I get an “access denied” message that tells me to do a couple things, and if they don’t work to please click on this link to let them know. Buuuut, when you click on that link, it never opens. Btw, if you’re curious about The Gap’s ethics: I just purchased something that was sold and listed as being made of the material Modal, which is essentially a luxury fabric, but it ended up being once I received it and according to the tag, 95% polyester! I don’t do polyester, ever. It is a garbage fabric, is plastic and the equivalent of wearing a garbage bag, and it’s the cheapest, hottest, most unbreathable fabric on the planet; it’s just disgusting. And I don’t trust The Gap, anymore. They even put that it was Modal in the title of the item. Shame on them! And I’ve spent a heck of a lot of money at their company stores, recently, but after that, some issues with not receiving credit for returns, and the apps, I’m done..Version: 8.1.0

Can’t stand the appI love Gap, Old Navy, and Athleta so it’s convenient to use the app to search all the stores. However, I’d rather go to the website on my phone or computer vs use the app. Every time I switch from shopping on this app to using a different app (i.e. check a text message) it completely closes out and I have to start my shopping search process all over again. It drives me NUTS. It never opens back up to where you left off. I also have to sign in 8 times out of 10 that I open it, which also makes me crazy. Fix the glitches!.Version: 8.9.1

I love the Gap!So I love shopping at the Gap in store and online, I buy for my entire family so I love that I can do all of it at one store. The reason I give it 3 stars is that the App isn’t the best I don’t shop in store too often (we don’t have one in town) but I shop online at least once a month and when I input my coupon it erases it I have to input the coupon several times, sometimes I get so frustrated that I end up canceling my order I don’t want to sit here for 20min inputting a coupon that as soon as I go to check out it erases it..Version: 6.9.0

Apple Pay order flow is messed upI signed into the app with my gap rewards and used Apple Pay to checkout. Apparently this causes an issue where the app considers this a “guest” checkout and doesn’t give you free shipping or apply the order to your account. I had to contact the Gap customer service team to remove the shipping fees and the whole thing was a headache. Just a bad customer experience in relation to the checkout flow altogether. I would recommend not using Apple Pay on this app or just ordering on a desktop/laptop..Version: 8.3.0

Needs IT HelpI have been a gap shopper forever. This app this the absolute worst. Having to log in every time I want to checkout and renter my gap cc is so tedious and time consuming. And that’s when it actually lets me sign in, most of the time it circles the gap sign endlessly. I just updated the app for the umpteenth time thinking that would magically help… nope! Still can’t log in to MAKE A PURCHASE! An app should stay logged in, unless I want to log out. I couldn’t even retrieve my last order status because of these issues. For such a big long standing company these IT issues are just unacceptable..Version: 8.8.1

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