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A bit clunky but usefulGreat for tracking food but not particularly intuitive with too much scrolling and unclear at times where to find different things. Also the activity list can be different for different users. I raised this with connect and was told the activities I was looking for were there and to look again - kind of irritating when you’ve already checked several times. Also if there was a meal planning function that would be brilliant. I would then know what we are eating which night and be able to click straight to the recipes..Version: 7.13.0

Corrigez le français!PU CAPABLE!!! L’application Canada français devrait être en français non? Vous venez de faire une mise à jour... vous auriez pas pus en profiter pour traduire tout le contenu? Même votre présentation de l’application dans apple store est pleine de fautes. Vous traduisez certains mots, mais pas d’autre. Et c’est sans compter les fautes de français!!!.Version: 8.24.1

Data hog/constant overagesI don’t review apps but this app is so awful I have to. This app uses more than three gigs of data every month (10.3 GB in four months with cellular data off the last month) and I have been having to pay about $30 in data overages every month since joining WW even after talking to the tech support and asking for help in the studio. To try to combat the data usage, I have deleted the app and reinstalled, logged out, set it to not automatically stream video, and turned cellular data off for the app. The problem with this is that it means you can’t track food when you aren’t at home and you can’t scan anything at the grocery store to see the point values. This makes WW really hard to follow unless you only eat zero point foods. Also, you can’t use the app without a connection so would be unable to use on cruise ships or while traveling internationally unless you buy additional data. My app was set to sync with Fitbit and made me share all data to sync, so this may be part of the problem, but I would not download or use unless you already have unlimited data or budget and extra $30-$50 a month for data overages. I am actually decently tech saavy but just can’t get this app to not burn through all my data. For reference, I use a hipbone and had a 6 when I joined and upgraded to an iPhone 11 after one week on the program. AWFUL!.Version: 8.7.0

Irritating shortcomingsI’m finding this app really irritating . It has so many limitations. Eg on activity they’ve created ‘fit point’ but you can’t look at last weeks activity and see how many points you got. And there’s no explanation of what a fit point means - I know how much I’ve walked. If it correlated with my diet and gave me some useful info like ‘ you can eat a bit extra today’ or ‘for your current diet you need to get xx fit points per day or per week - it wd have some value. As it is it’s just an irritating number . And why doesn’t the app remember meals I’ve eaten and list them ? It’s not that hard. The app makes it such hard work- entering numbers 3 x per day. Would also be really helpful if this promise of a ‘personalised plan’ was delivered. Eg I’d really appreciate the app taking the no of food points and suggesting dinners that would keep me each day within my points I thought it would do this.Version: 8.24.0

Buggy app makes it hard to engageThe application is quite buggy - from overlapping elements which you can’t click on to navigate to, to tasks you can’t complete so they never disappear (I’m looking at you Take My Personal Assessment) and FAQs that don’t match the application at all. It seems hard (maybe impossible) to add items not in their database, even if you know the nutritional values. Overall it makes it very hard to engage with for tracking when it’s a poor user experience..Version: 8.24.1

Issues with subscriptionI really like this app - when I can get into it. I have paid the subscription but when I log in it says I dont have a subscription. I spent an hour on the phone to Apple who didn't do anything. I still can't use the app. I cancelled the subscription and re-subscribed. The money has gone from my account, I have an iTunes receipt, the subscription section says I have a subscription but when I log into the app it says I don't have a subscription. It's really frustrating. This is the second time this has happened. Weight watchers don't want to know about it and apple just say " well there are no errors". Useless..Version: 8.9.1

App good, could have more functionalityThe app is useful for keeping track of what you’ve eaten, but I think it could be a lot better if it could be used to plan too. There’s no way to build a meal planner in the app, nor can I create a shopping list. I end up having to “track” my meals a week in advance and use that as my planner, and have to write my shopping list manually. Life would be easier if I could add recipes to a plan and then add them to a shopping list. Also, if I were able to adjust the quantities of the recipes, so I don’t buy and cook for four when I only need to feed two..Version: 8.11.0

Missing basic thingsThis app comes up with a great idea treating your eating habits with points, however, after using it a week I have to say there are things which make using app a real pain from endless scrolling to set a food weight to the totally weird way of submitting where you never know if the food was actually added or not. I got used to it but it was real hassle. No track on proteins or daily food ratio summary (carbs/proteins/fats) to review where you stand. I am definitely up to bad points for sweet but disagree with low fat diet where healthy nuts and seeds are almost same points like chocolate? I have synced the app with Garmin and unfortunately saved a duplicated activity as I used more sources for activity tracking, duplicates then got loaded onto app and cannot be removed. Spoke to support and synced activities cannot be removed manually which is surprising if you consider the amount you pay for premium. Not sure it’s worth it. I have no doubts this app helped fair amount of people just I don’t think I will be among them although I still give a chance to it..Version: 7.7.1

Disappointed in the latest updatesMy badges have disappeared on the App and my weight journey has been moved to my profile?i hate this because my weight is not me - ie it’s not my profile - it’s my journey and it belongs to what I’m eating - in the my journey space. It was also really helpful having the food and the results on the same page so I could analyse how I was going, now they are separated it makes no sense to me. Also it’s like all the things that motivate me - like my weight going down and my badges - have been out in the closet whereas that’s why I use the App? Finally I’d like a private journal space to make notes associated with my journey - write down my goals and challenges and things, in the my journey space..Version: 7.19.1

Love WWWW program with use of this app has truly changed my life for the way better! Love this program, but I agree with a few other members with all these updates that continue to change the layout which is annoying. 1) top area of app is too narrow when trying to select to type in the "search food & activity" and the "scanner" 2) when on Connect wish could access the "trending" "new" "following" at any point without having to scroll all the way back to the top, we were able to access at any point before upgrades 3)for some reason when trying to access my food "favorites", does not load all items that I have added, stops loading items when reaches the "W's" and I continually have to rescan or use the search food. 4) it’s annoying when the app is fine and then changes are made on items that do not need to be changed making it more difficult to use instead of user friendly, like before used to be able to select a time of day (Morning,noon,evening icon) to enter food item, if I wasn’t able to enter at time of eating, and now it wants to default to current time of day at time I’m at entering food data and I have to go back and reset each time and there are other app changes that are just making it more time consuming to use.Version: 6.10.1

Limited Logging Options + Beware Hidden FeesI have attempted time and again to use this app, but the food options are so severely limited that it makes it impossible. They don’t have up to date menu items from most restaurants, half the brands of Foods from Whole Foods don’t show up when you try to log them. It’s a nightmare, I’m coming from the MyFitnessPal/Lifesum world of logging, and it’s clear Weight Watchers just isn’t there yet in terms of data. I also have to mention, not associated with the app, that there are hidden fees when you attempt to cancel. They use an external payment processor, not the subscription service within Apple. They do this to ensure they can charge you an “Early Cancellation Fee” to the tune of $40, I’m sure it hidden somewhere in the terms of service when I signed up, in that mass of text no one reads. It wasn’t anywhere clear, and honestly this is the first and only app I’ve ever installed that got me for that much money. If you eat their pre-determined meals, using their limited ingredients—this might be your go to. But if you enjoy flexibility, and don’t feel comfortable paying $60 ($20 membership + $40 cancellation fee) because you forgot to cancel on your 14th day it’s not worth the risk. Stick with apps that use Apple’s internal billing, so you know what you’re signing up for when you sign up for it..Version: 7.11.0

Don’t Purchase Through App!The app charges $70 for one month! If you buy online via WW it is $17 per month. You can sign up online via WW and then still access your account via the app without being so royally ripped off. 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 6.10.1

False advertising. Not worth the moneyI feel like I got scammed. I contacted weight watchers to cancel my account. I thought I signed up for a 3-months-free offer to give it a go, and see how I like it. I used it around 3/4 weeks. But when I tried to cancel, the system wanted to charge me a $66 for the next 6 months. When I signed up to the app I did not know I was signing up with a free 3 month + 6 paid months commitment aI thought it was truly a promotion for up to 3 months free and then charging monthly fee after the 3 months free trial ends. I do not believe I should pay $66 a month for an app I do not use because I did not know I was doing a long-term commitment and barely used the app, which I'm sure can be verified in their system. I think it's disgraceful that Weight Watcher's organization is trying to fleece its customers with a ridiculous monthly fee when you can easily check my account activity, which proves I only used this app in the first month . I talked to serval different people and said I can only cancel under special circumstances. I was told there was no early cancellation fee. I am not payibg $66 for the next 6 months when their promotion showed up on my phone as a "3-month-free" promotion and not a long-term commitment as they claimed I signed up for..Version: 9.8.1

Love the concept, UX needs improvementThis is my first time returning to WW in years. I had a lot of success in the past (when we had to write everything down) and wanted to try it again. I love the points concept and how easy it is to understand. HOWEVER, the app is so hard to use.. I work in tech designing apps and I struggled! There is way too much promotional information in every tab, it’s completely overloaded the actual functionality of adding foods, saving recipes, scanning bar codes, etc not to mention made it overwhelming to know what to actually watch/read first. I’m sure there’s great content but idk where to start! The first time I tried to add a food I had no idea how to do it.. I didn’t realize the search bar was the access point to everything. More of the day to day functionality needs to be surfaced on the Home Screen with clear action icons and not 3-4 screens deep hidden behind a search bar. Being able to add foods/barcodes/recipes for future use without tracking would be a great feature. Also, it’s frustrating that only some frequent items show up and not others or any of my saved foods when I’m trying to log meals. This app has so much potential but it seems that content creation and promotional ads were prioritized over the functionality and user experience..Version: 9.3.0

Search function frustratingThis app is meant to be used to track food. The search function is pretty poor. Even if you have previously located a food and added it to your favourites, then you search for it again is does not show up! .unless all the words, brands, types, match and are in right order. Some basic foods are very hard to find or search for but show up instantly if you scan them. not show up at all in searches! Would love a better search function where it searches for more than just the first word to match. Please get improve this. Otherwise, this app has had a few great improvements, I like the connect part and progress features..Version: 6.1.3

FreezingThis app is ok but freezes too often and this means using it can become a pain. Consumer use should be seamless and it isn’t. Also sometimes searching for simple things is quite frustrating and not as intuitive as it should be. Otherwise it mostly does what’s needed. Update- this app continues to disappoint. When working it’s good but everyday there are issues with it freezing and being unable to access data. For people doing WW online this is irritating and time consuming. In addition the chat feeds jumps around when the feed updates and you find yourself back in posts you have read previously. Very annoying. It’s not snakes and ladders guys! You really need to sort this out. People pay good money for access to the app and it should work properly..Version: 8.6.0

Generally good with a few exceptionsApp is generally excellent and easy to use. Dailey pages, weight goals etc clear and good. My two criticisms are that the data base of foods is not nearly as comprehensive as it should be, especially for home cooked items, raw ingredients and things that aren’t from a chain restaurant. Not infrequently I cannot find a good match. Second, there are items that will pull up in general, like anchovie paste, but would not pull up as an ingredient that I wanted to add to a custom recipe. And I couldn’t even find red vermouth, for example, at all. Another big criticism of something that should be easy to fix is that when you click on a meal (as in breakfast) for the day, there should be a direct button for going to your own created recipes, to choose from those and not have to remember what you titled it to search for. Also, it would be nice if you could go to your meals for the previous, or a recent, day and say something like “repeat” for the current day. It only appears to let you switch or update it to the current day but that then screws up the past day’s accuracy. For a world class app, these are convenieces that should all be built in to make it easier and more intuitive to use..Version: 7.9.1

Ww appFairly often there are times when the app is down and I am unable to log my daily food intake. When I get back on I’ve forgotten points because it’s probably the next day.Version: 8.4.1

DO NOT DOWNLOADI’ve used WW for years, and they gave me an eating disorder! This is very dangerous, please go see a dietician instead! You don’t need to lose weight in order to be loved!.Version: 8.12.2

Definitely an upgradeBetter recipes and better organisation than previous apps. More vegetarian options. (Do wish the star that you elect to select if you save a recipe would be red instead of changing from grey-black to blue...not visible on an iPad, much less a phone! ) On the whole an invaluable adjunct to tracking. For the younger crowd there is a "connect" function like a Facebook type share site...personally I find it irritating and avoid it..Version: 7.12.0

Love WW but the app is buggy!!Really loving the Weight Watchers program. I’m losing weight and not missing out. BUT ... the latest version of the app is very buggy and needs some refinement. Recipes can show one set of points and then change when I track them! This has nothing to do with the colour program I’m on either ... I’ll get sent a recipe from my wife and save it, but viewing and tracking display different points. The same goes for when I create the recipe myself. We’re both using the latest version so I’m not really sure why this happens. I hope it can be sorted out soon because the program really works well and the App should replicate it..Version: 8.3.0

Rebrand was a badly judged waste of money!The little messages on weigh in day have stopped! Hence the reason for the average rating! What with no weight being recorded at the scales any more, and this stupid rebrand- totally unnecessary and a total waste of subscribers money. Must have really cost a lot- all the rebranding if the foods as well!! Stupid idea! if I could manage to lose weight without Weight Watchers( sorry but it will always be that to me!) I wouldn’t bother with meetings( sorry another word you decided for no good reason to stop using!). A studio in the UK is where TV and radio programmes are made. Meetings are held in community centres and church halls, about as far removed from any studio you could get! You asked for my views and I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this! Would appreciate a proper survey being done of all members, ask them what they think and what they would like to see before making rash, expensive and unnecessary decisions and remember whose money you are using to make them!.Version: 7.25.0

What happened?????First, the program itself works. It’s helped me lose 95 lbs and keep it off for 14 years. When I slip, it gets me back on track. I love that there are lots of preloaded foods. Part of what’s made me stay is the personalization. The worst part of any new food tracking program is setting it up. I tried Noom & returned due to all my saved foods & portions here. Now you’re diminishing that value by continually making it harder to track & get to My Food. First you split Food & Recipes. Then you moved quick add & My Food to the bar at the top. Now I put in the exact name & I can’t get to some of my recipes without going to My Food & searching. Others I have to type the whole name where I used to just type part. I search Mixed Fruit & get greens, milk, ribs & cobbler—no fruit??? I eat the same things most days. You should ask me if I’m going to eat XYZ again. Reduce steps don’t add. Are you trying to push your recipes on me? Sort by frequently used & filter by my saved foods without having to go to a different screen. Also, change up the weekly messages after weigh ins. It’s gotten so I don’t have to read them. I know exactly what they’re going to say. How hard would it be to at least add a few more to the rotation? Honestly I feel like you’re just phoning it in with those..Version: 8.18.0

We Deserve Better!While this app is helpful in assisting you with your weight loss efforts, it is absolute crap. We pay for this app and deserve so much better. It’s search functionality is ridiculous. For lunch I typed in Chick-fil-A hoping to see all items with that keyword. The first search result was Crispy M&M’s. Even if you save an item as a favorite to try to make it easier to locate for tracking, there is still no guarantee that it will be the first search result when you look for it. You can’t add multiple items at a time, so you literally have to use the crappy search functionality to search for some of the same foods in the same portions that you may eat daily. Did I mention it’s slow??? Being able to track your food is literally the entire basis of the program and it is by far the most difficult thing to do. Again, we pay for this app! WW is a multimillion dollar company. Yet there is better technology and functionality available from smaller companies with free or cheaper apps. What gives?!! It’s seems like more focus was put into the social aspect of the app in being able to connect with others. While that’s important, that’s not the reason any of us bought into your program. We need to be able to easily and efficiently track meals. If you focus on nothing else. Focus on that! This app needs a major upgrade. ASAP!.Version: 8.3.1

The App is good, but...It is quite often hard to find the food you are trying to track. Sometimes they are in members additions, but other times you have to pick the closest and run with that. I know you can’t have every food eaten in NZ and Australia, but some of the more common things aren’t there. Noticeably the things that are not so good for us aren’t there which makes it hard to track when you have no choice e.g. out for dinner at a friend’s home..Version: 7.9.1

Something’s wrong with fit points on AppleFit points are duplicating when connected to apple health and reading workouts, steps, distance. It’s tracking workouts AND the steps from those workouts. Makes the ‘fit’ part of the app somewhat unusable as the fit points are not real. Going to test not allowing WW app to read workouts to see if it stops the problem but will mean I lose workouts and minutes. Please sort the data feeds on this!.Version: 9.1.1

Has a few technical issuesThe app is generally pretty good, however it doesn't sync well; eg I can have the app open and be looking at it on my phone, but my watch says "You must login to the app on your phone". And despite having my Fitbit scale added to the app, I have to manually enter my weight as the app seems to have given up syncing with the scale since the weight moved to "my profile". It doesn't seem to be able to pick up the info from Apple Health either which it's set to sync with. Also, if I have to"create a new food" I generally just give up and go to the website to add it as it's so hard to find the option in the app. (I've stumbled on it once or twice so I do know the functionality is there somewhere) Once the bugs are sorted out I'm happy to update my review and give it 5 stars..Version: 7.20.0

‘Smoothed’ full journey weight graphs are incorrect and uselessFirst: The x axis says the month but not the year, and is at weird (13?) month intervals, so you can’t really visualize your journey. Second: the graph downsamples all of my weight recordings to wide x-month (13??) intervals, so I don’t get any sense of my full journey. This is highly misleading and uninformative — what do I care how much I weighed at 13 month intervals? Why did I bother tracking it weekly? Third: I guess in some half-hearted attempt at trend graphing, the weight journey curve is some kind of cubic spline interpolated through the severely and arbitrarily downsampled time points. This completely misses and aliases important periodic trends, overshoots the nadirs and peaks, and makes the data look smoother, in an incorrect way, than it actually is. Whomever programmed this part of the app is clearly not an experienced data modeler — I’m guessing a coder who found a couple of plotting functions and put aesthetics over accuracy... To be fair, it’s challenging to find a way to represent trends in inconsistently sampled data, but this ain’t it. Even just plotting every weight record as a dot would be a major improvement. And then maybe a loess (1-3 month) window-based smoother to show the trend over time..Version: 8.3.0

Used to love the app, but not so much anymoreIs this up last year with my husband and really liked it. Upon rejoining I found the app has changed and not all for the best. A lot of useful areas are hidden and take a lot of school to get to now. I feel like before it was easier to access things like sharing recipes or quick add The biggest loss of feature that I have is being able to share tracked items. This was SUPER useful for my husband and I as I would cook or prepare something and scan the items and then send them to him and vice versa. A lot of times I would scan an item and then throw it away but I could later share the tracked item with him from the app and he could then take and adjust it to fit the portion or serving size that he ate. Quick adding won’t make adjustments for serving size because it doesn’t calculate the exact nutritional facts- not to mention sharing items was much simpler and way more convenient. The loss of the share feature really destroyed the app for me. Sharing tracked items was the staple of our previous success and without it we’ve been doing a pretty lousy job of accurately tracking everything. I know the recipes can still be shared which is a little helpful but only covers maybe 5-10% of what we used to share with the app. I’m not sure why WW would remove such a useful feature and intentionally make it harder on people joining or working with a support partner ☹️.Version: 8.18.0

I'm sick of the problems with the latest upgrade.Was a good app until this last upgrade. Since the last upgrade the app keeps crashing if you try to open any of the recipes you personally entered. I contacted the online chat for support and was told to delete and re-download the app. I did this but the problems persist. Every new upgrade has caused more problems. I have been a member over 5 years but have become so frustrusted with the app I'm thinking of dropping using it as it doesn't work well anymore. Ironically at the same time the app has deteriorated Weight Watchers has raised it's use fee 25 percent. I am so frustrated I am planning on dropping out of weight watchers. There are other point type apps to get with no monthly fee to use them. They may not be as full featured, but once you buy them they don't crash when using them. NEW ENTRY Well here we are in Aug 2018 and another update with even more problems. When I go to my recipes now it only lists the food items but not the amount so if you want to make the recipe you have to go to the website, the app won't work. Again in the chat line I was told to delete and re download the app and it didn't fix the problem. When I finally got tech support they told me they would let the programmers know about the problem. I asked when they would fix it and they have no idea. You should start over the app is becoming useless the bug are growing bugs..Version: 6.16.0

Pretty goodQuite enjoying the app, couple of things - firstly i often can't find the food i want to track, which is annoying enough i have to knock it down to 3 stars; secondly its not as intuitive as i hoped, it was 4 days before i got a grip on some of it (or even noticed it was in there)... probably mostly my fault as i didn't do much research, i was just expecting to count my food and not the other stuff like fitness and synching to apple health, and other stuff i'm still finding out about. But i'm glad the fitness and other stuff is in there, makes the experience much more useful. I do get lost in the app though sometimes and really feel like i may never find those interesting bits again later. Also messages pop up and disappear too quick sometimes, leaving me baffled. Hopefully most of this will become clear soon though..Version: 6.1.3

Cost of AppI have been using the app for a few months now & have had some small benefits to date and many more to come in the future hopefully, but I don’t understand the cost of $38 / mth to use and access the app. I feel this app could and should be much cheaper to run as it wouldn’t cost too much to keep running efficiently. I love the app, but just don’t see where my money is going each month & feel it should be at least halved to get more people into this lifestyle choice. Would you change the monthly cost or is it something that can’t be considered owners?.Version: 7.19.1

Very GlitchyApp is currently experiencing a lot of glitches. -notification bubbles that will not go away despite message being opened multiple times -food items previously used or created recipes unable to be found, meaning a lot of time wasted and a frustrating experience -being continually locked out due to “connection issues” Any plan to update these issues?.Version: 7.8.0

App Not FunctioningWhen I first joined WW and downloaded the app, everything was fine. I was able to upload a photo of myself, write a little bio, and join the online groups and forums. I was excited to join bc I was a Jenny Craig customer who reached my goal weight on their program but wanted WW for maintenance (JC food costs too much). I pay $50-ish a month for WW. Like I said all was fine...until two weeks ago. I went to find a virtual meeting and suddenly my profile picture, bio, and access to groups is gone. I had followers and was following people too. THAT function is also gone. I have tried everything from updating the app, deleting and reinstalling the app, spending hours on chat trying to resolve the issue and meanwhile missing the virtual meetings! They could not fix the problem and it is still not fixed. One of the ladies I chatted with gave me a Zoom ID to use through the Zoom app. But I had been able to use it through the Harrisburg group before. And aside from that, I can’t talk to other members because of no group access. I can track my meals and weight but that’s all. For $50 a month I want full access like I had in the beginning, or I can go back to JC and use their app like before.Version: 8.9.0

Needs fixingIt’s getting better but has a way to go. So many things don’t work properly. If you select a walking activity and enter 60 minutes as the time then select the star to make it a favorite you would expect that the favorite would be a duration of 60 minutes. But no the favorite is for 15 minutes. So each time you select that favorite I have to manually change the time to 60 minutes. Worse still if you track the 60 min walking and then try to update it to 75 min it refuses to accept the update. Please fix these and many other bugs..Version: 7.22.1

Love Weight Watchers hate the AppI find using this app to track my points very frustrating. It frequently takes me three or four tries before I can enter the food I want. Simple things like a banana took multiple tries this morning. I find the search mechanism to not be very smart. I tried entering sugar snap peas and they didn’t come up instead I got coffee without sugar and other totally unrelated items. Eventually I figured out that I needed to search peas, sugar snap. So because my search terms were not in the same order they didn’t find it. Very frustrating. In addition trying to create recipes is difficult. I wish there was a way to mass import ingredients like with my fitness pal. Instead you have to wade through the frustrating search for each ingredient individually. I have started shortcutting and only entering ingredients that have points because it isn’t worth the trouble. Then even after I’ve created a recipe it isn’t easily found to track. I cannot just enter the name I gave it in the bar. Instead I get other recipes that aren’t mine. I have to scroll down to recipes and the select through a couple of menus until I can search for the recipe I made. Sure it is pretty and has lots of features but the main thing I use it for is clumsy and not intuitive. It makes me question how long I’m willing to stay a member even though I have been successful with weight watchers before and really like the new points system..Version: 8.0.0

Disappointed!! I have rated this as 1 star ONLY because Zero isn’t an option.I used the WW app a few years ago with great success- I lost 12 kg - the app was absolutely wonderful, easy to use, very intuitive. I loved it!!! I gave that app 5++ stars. This is a different app. It is a “DOWNGRADE”!! I am totally baffled as to why the “almost perfect” old one was replaced by such a clunky, difficult to use app. It does track points, which is great, but it takes 5x as long to do it. It’s hard to find recipes, there used to be many more search filters - eg based on meal types, points, special dietary requirements, cultures.... For example it was easy to find an Asian, vegetarian dinner under 7 points, now you can’t use filters to search, you have to search in dinners and read everything so there’s no way you’ll find anything quickly! That’s only one of the many amazing things the WW app has lost; along with many previously happy dieters, no doubt. Why was it changed?.Version: 6.1.2

This app is almost worth the fee aloneJoined WW at end of January & have lost over 23 lbs to date. The app makes life so much easier. Regular meals I can save so don’t need to go through all the ingredients every time. Have linked Apple Health to app for number of steps I do -doesn’t always update plus I know roughly my steps when I don’t carry phone around so always add those. Unfortunately my local supermarkets have a really unreliable WiFi & poor 4g connection so I am regularly walking to entrance to check points on items - which lets the scanning function down. The recipes are great &, in the main, very tasteful. The restaurant function is also useful but the last time I’d done my homework, got to the restaurant only to discover they had a new menu! Not always clear, esp with weight, when you earn points for weigh in. So I add the Saturday weigh in every day in the following week. Whilst Aptiv fit & meditation sessions tick a box building exercise into your daily life is as rewarding. So I ditched the car & parking charges for regular trips into town which I had been doing before WW. If you take the app as part of the whole the WW delivers in the main. Just a shame they are let down by others restricting the effectiveness of the app..Version: 7.17.0

Good app but room for improvementThe fitbit data doesn't persist so you can't go back and check your history taking into account smartpoints earned, they seem to drop off fairly quicklyafter your current week. Would be good if you could get a weekly summary or snapshot that included these if it's not easy to make this data persist. Would be good when creating foods if you could specify how many servings per package so if you used a whole packet you could easily specify this, especially in a recipe. Also sometimes searching food doesn't always come up with a keyword,you have to know the precise name, but this is only a small issue..Version: 8.22.0

Good content but a bit clunkyIt would be much quicker to enter food consumed if the number field was type-in instead of the dial selection. It takes ages to scroll the dial to get 900 g of something in a recipe. I’ll also like to see the portion options expanded - Easy Diet Diary is much better in this regard as it offers selections like ‘a bite’ and ‘a serving’ (for foods that are sold as servings). The same app offers many more options for food preparation e.g if you select ‘chicken’ you then select the cut and then how it’s cooked - baked, fried, steamed etc. it’s also easier to find and add the same foods from previous days in Easy Diet Diary..Version: 6.1.3

JunkWhy do you have to pay over $69 PER MONTH to use this app?!?! We pay enough for weightwatchers, now this? Quite a money grab. If I could give it no stars, I would. The Fitbit app has the same features and it’s all free..Version: 6.1.3

It’s broken it’s brokenI am a totally blind customer who has been using the app for the last 4 1/2 to 5 years successfully. Yesterday there was a major update and now I am not able to use either the calculator or the quick ad. They have broken the edit fields so that when I try to put in the information rather than just excepting the words as I find the letters it’s putting in every single letter as I go by them as well, when I try to put in the numbers that I need to put in it will not except the numbers when I go back to make sure the words and the numbers are in the app it shows every single number I went by to put them in but it doesn’t really put them in it just creates a mess. I really hope someone can fix this. So much of the weight watchers material and products that involve using scales for calculating foods etc. are not accessible and I am completely dependent I’m using the app as many of the books are not available to me. The app is the reason I have continued in the program, and I use and value both a quick add and the calculator. I really hope someone looks at this and considers fixing it. Weight watchers had an agreement many years ago that they would keep the app accessible. It is this accessibility that has made it one of the better programs for those of us with vision issues. I strongly urge someone to please please please fix it. We who cannot see depend on it..Version: 9.7.0

Good but could be better.I like the app but there are certain annoyances that stop me loving it. For example when you are creating a recipe why can’t you manually enter the weight of the ingredients rather than the scrolling function to find value you want? You can manually enter weight when tracking weight loss so why not the same for foods? Also when you have scanned a barcode why is it not the first option when you open the scanned foods list? Wouldn’t it be more sensible if it was listed by most recently scanned instead of alphabetically?.Version: 6.8.0

MeasurementsLove the app but wish there was place to include your measurements..Version: 9.8.1

Love the program too many bugs with the appI absolutely love the program and can’t sing its praises enough. I love the idea of the ease of using an app in my own home however I have had so many issues with the app that I’m starting to feel very frustrated, especially with the amount of money I am paying every month! Problems with the app closing down when trying to talk to an online coach, points not adding up correctly when trying to track and the app freezing up. Please fix the app so I can rate it the 5 stars I really want to give it! The app is not doing the brilliant program justice!.Version: 8.3.0

Why should I report an issue with WW (formerly Weight Watchers)?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

Is WW (formerly Weight Watchers) not working?

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact WW (formerly Weight Watchers).

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