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NBC LA: News, Weather & Alerts Positive Reviews

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NBC LA: News, Weather & Alerts App User Positive Comments 2024

NBC LA: News, Weather & Alerts app received 41 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nbc la: news, weather & alerts?

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NBC LA: News, Weather & Alerts for Positive User Reviews

Good source of newsI like that this news app gives me up to date local news information, it always works and never crashes. I have a few other news apps and they always crash!.Version: 6.10.3

Solid ReportingI appreciate NBCLA’s mobile app as it keeps me updated on vital news and urgent updates in real time as well as providing an overview of the daily news. Living on the East Coast while having family in LA this keeps me connected to family news..Version: 6.10.3

David BiggarDoes a great job with the weather. Very nice person and presentation. My only complaint is that he “didn’t get the memo” that brown shoes are out, black shoes are in and should never have left..Version: 7.11.3

NBC app reviewThis app gives me a quick and easy way to see what is part of current news. I like the alerts because I am able to see what is on the forefront of having occurred and can then know what I want to follow up on as the day progresses into night and day returning..Version: 6.1

California residentI have appreciated this app and getting present news. Especially with the fires, I need to know if we are safe and what is going on. It has allowed me to be informed quickly and accurately. Thank you!.Version: 6.8

SoCal refugeeI moved out of California a year ago, but I like to keep up on the news so I remember why we left. It’s left wing, but at least I get to read stupid stuff Newsome does, see homeless encampments expand and watch high speed chases. NBC was my favorite news when we lived there and I watched it multiple times a day. I moved to a red state where people have more sense and it’s not crowded..Version: 6.17

Family LOVES this appBEST. APP. EVER. This is a must have app if you love watching SoCal car chases. You get notified the moment the chopper is on scene. Best coverage of car chases too. My kids can’t get enough of it. The reporters are always respectful and will pull back the camera view if things get too violent. I just wish that they’d leave footage of the car chase on the app so that those of us who missed a late night chase could watch it the next day. Thanks.Version: 6.4

Keep informedI love this app that keeps me up to date on all of the latest issues going on in my area. It allows me to view many events that are not telecast on most news stations..Version: 6.0

My #1Love this AP on SO many levels. News, weather, live TV. It’s awesome. I use to use ABC7 app but after Garth and Alysha left I was done and followed Alysha to channel 4. Download this app and was pleasantly surprised to find out I could watch live TV on it as well. Now I can watch news and Ellen while working. Win Win.Version: 5.6.5

User FriendlyYou’re app is one of the most user friendly news apps I have. I enjoy it very much. Please continue to have it user friendly especially for searching for articles that may not be in the current news cycle. Being able to obtain or revisit information is very important..Version: 6.14

Local LA NewsThank you for making a great news source app, because of my work hours I don’t have the opportunity to actually watch the news on my tv, I’m not gonna lie, I have all the local LA Stations news apps on my phone, but the one I go to hourly, nightly, and daily is yours. Thank you for the updates, keep up the great work..Version: 6.5

Great AppThis is a very great app, the only issue that I have with it and I am also a voiceover user that is not the issue though. The issue that I have is sometimes there are photo galleries that voiceover does not recognize. If VoiceOver could recognize that this app would be a five star app..Version: 5.6.6

News The Way I Want ItNBC4 So Calls Mobile News app has created the news tool of convenience. I can’t tell you when I last sat down in the family room to watch the news as a newscast was happening. I am more likely to have been on the go, at work or in another part of the house. Convenience with a capital C. Alerts that remind me of an upcoming story or broadcast. A traffic story or potentially dangerous pursuit are just some of the features I rely on. Lastly, it’s dependable. It’s especially valuable while traveling. Good job and thank you..Version: 6.4

Heads upI use the NBC4 LA up because it gives me good heads up when there’s danger on the streets. Such as a police pursuit or a tragic event at a college campus or on the streets. It also keeps me up-to-date with sporting events such as the Los Angeles Dodgers going to the World Series. To me NBC4 LA App has been a lifesaver and yet a game changer. I think you NBC 4 for making my daily life just a bit easier..Version: 5.6.3

News AppBest local news and weather app for all of our Angeles! Even I’m at hundreds miles away because my work I still can read all important news events plus local/national weather information regardless where I am. Best and essential app!.Version: 6.2

YOLLIEI have watched the news on channel 4 for at least 35 years. Since the internet came along I watch you wherever I. Can get WiFi. Coleen and Chuck have been my favorites. I love to hear your reports, they are always precise and honest. I am 73 years old and I watch you on my iPad in Coolidge, Arizona. All I can say is keep up the great work you all do. God Bless You all..Version: 6.8

Great News appI always get the latest news wherever I am. When I am at work, I can’t read long articles on my oh one, bit with this app, I can at least get up to date information on the local news..Version: 6.10.3

Great news appAppreciate the wide variety of news and all well written and documented. I’m glad they have it both in video form and written information to read. Highly recommend!.Version: 6.14

The best for the news in the greater LAstes&&I always turn to Channel 4 news when watching TV. It’s a no brained to do the same thing on my phone. I trust them the most to give me accurate and up to the minute information. The only negative is I hate it when the devote a whole newscast to a stupid car chase. I’d rather know the news than watch the car chase..Version: 6.12.2

Informative and easy to useLove this news app. It presents the current information easily and clearly, so if I’m short on time I can just grab the basics. If I have more time, I can read the story in depth. Like their coverage too usually. It is presented more neutrally (less political slanting) than the other big news outlets in the L.A. area..Version: 5.8

News from homeGreat keeping me up to date since I am no longer living in the broadcast area. Real news that I know that I can trust. Great mix of breaking news, weather, local sports and just plain news from home! My go to in the morning..Version: 6.15

Ellen nbc la tickets giveawayHello Again trying and trying and trying to register for the 12 days of Christmas NBC LA that they keep advertising it’s in possible they make it so very difficult that’s why nobody wins it’s very sad that NBC is doing this I have been trying and trying and trying please please help.Version: 5.6.6

Love Live News lalalalaI live in Oregon now, yet I spent my youth in West L A. . I even Worked in L A News in late 60s. Today , NBC does spot on job with the news reports. The typical national news of a CNN gets a little boring after a while. The most compelling service they offer is the News Alert. Day or nite, I get an alert for breaking events in the City. Patrick.Version: 6.12.2

Up to the minute news!For the latest breaking news in So Cal, our state and even national news, this app provides timely alerts and articles. I recommend using your phone alerts to notify you as some news (such as fires, car chases, traffic jams, flooding, earthquakes) can help you prepare or avoid those problem areas. Overall, this app has provided excellent, concise coverage for the highlights of the day..Version: 6.17

KNBC News appI am very satisfied with my KNBC news app because it’s easily accessible from my iPhone 7 home screen for whenever I need up to the minute news whether it’s from my local news, weather report or current sports scores. Also there’s so much more news nationally or international. Thank you KNBC NEWS..Version: 6.0.2

Definitely the best local news appThis is clearly the best local news app except for one problem: it is hard to close a story you have read; sometimes it is impossible to close the story, so I quit and go to another app. 😢.Version: 7.5

Great app!I get the news in a timely and fast manner. This has been especially important between the virus & the riots. Their reporting is actual reporting - facts - no opinions. I appreciate their attention to detail and their professionalism. Lastly, I appreciate being alerted when to turn the TV on (or see it there) if something newsbreaking is happening. Thank you..Version: 6.12

Comprehensive news coverageI’ve always been an NBC LA tv news watcher so it seemed a natural thing to get the app. It provides great weather info for my area outside of LA county and I can choose news reports for my interests. I like the layout and easy navigation..Version: 6.11

Long Time GoneBeen a New Yorker for nearly 30 years but still need to know what’s doing in LA. This is a fantastic resource for all that’s happening and news alerts that are meaningful and current. These get the closed screen banner and sound..Version: 6.15

Up-to-Date FastI spend a lot of my time tracking business news which often incorporates national and international news so I don’t have a lot of time to stay on top of local events and developments. This app allows me to stay in touch with SoCal in a time-effective way. Excellent!!.Version: 6.18

One best sources for LA’s newsThe KNBC News app is a great source for local, national and world news. It’s easy to navigate and has all the pertinent local news. You can also watch the news broadcasts live through the app if they’re on the air. If you’re into pursuits, they provide great coverage and continues the coverage even after the live telecast goes off the air..Version: 6.4

Great AppI enjoy reading the local and world news in the evenings on my iPad. There may be breaking news that we didn’t see while watching the morning news each day. This app works great on my iPad Pro, no issues whatsoever..Version: 5.7.3

Keep alerts on !This is one of the only apps I keep alerts on. Big shout out to our teams in News Chopper Alpha! News Chopper Bravo has made a great addition to the team. As long as police chases are shown live in this App I will keep telling people about it :) 5⭐️ all the way.Version: 6.2

News in a glanceJust the right type of news as I need it when I need it, it’s on time right to the point and accurate. I get my weather and local happenings on my device any time anywhere and above all I get live news like police pursuits so I know what areas to avoid. This app is a great source of the news locally and nation wide, so get it..Version: 6.14

Excellent Wild Fire CoverageLiving in SoCal w COVID. and we don’t have cable TV as we cannot afford it anymore. Trying to make ends meet during hard times now. Money is tight. This app has been a nice addition in that it is free for poor people like us. And it gives us the coverage we need on news especially with the fires. Thank You NBC 4 LA. Somethings in life being free really help the folks in dire need!.Version: 6.14

Staying Up To DateThis app is the perfect way to get more details on local stories of interest. Up to date, and easy to find news. Plenty of local city and county stories for all of SoCal without the noise you find on Twitter and Facebook.Version: 6.17

Channel 4 NEWSI Love Channel 4 NEWS(NBC 4LA) and I zLove the Staff when it comes to the news and treat people with dignity and respect loved one(s) when they are reporting a shooting or stabbing and console the loved ones talk to the loved ones and console them and respect wishes that the family or friend be it family or friend they are there to lhear and listen what is said or talk with with dignity, Love and honor requests that is asked for and prayers as well. ❤️👫❤️😀❤️👫❤️😊❤️😢❤️.Version: 6.9.1

Keeping upMost helpful for me in Illinois to learn about conditions my family is living through in the great state of California when it’s under such duress as the fires. National news makes a strong effort but the local news has a personal motivation that can’t be matched. Thank you..Version: 6.1

Best Place to Get Local Weather & NewsWe rely on this app to get accurate forecasts when ever my wife and I want to go somewhere or just to see what to prepare for locally. It works great for news videos or written updates on breaking stories too..Version: 5.9.4

I love this app and the alertsI enjoy this app so much! I love being the first to be informed about what is happening in my area or receiving alerts about major breaking news of the world. I especially like getting pursuit alerts and being able to watch live pursuits, wherever I am!.Version: 6.0

My source for local newsDue to the ridiculously high cost of cable, I have become an avid streamer for my electronic entertainment needs. KNBC allows me to stay informed with local events when I want to or am in the mood to do so. Thanks for this option that allows me to control my time and money without being a victim to a merciless, unfeeling, greedy group of shareholders at a cable network..Version: 6.3.2

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