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ESPN Tournament Challenge app received 49 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about espn tournament challenge?

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ESPN Tournament Challenge for Positive User Reviews

Tournament challengeI love this challenge. Excitement everyday. Easy to follow your personal result with millions of participants..Version: 8.0.4

GodBlessDoes not get more convenient than this, awesome job.Version: 5.4

Great App!Really helps with picking teams, makes enjoying March Madness very easy.Version: 5.4

What happen to bracket cast **update**The bracket cast feature use to be amazing. It would show live scores, the teams you picked, and the effect of the outcome on your point total based on the current game leader. It was an all in one station to see multiple games at once. Now it’s barely better than just looking at a paper bracket. **update** they she the scores live now which is a great improvement..Version: 12.0.2

Great appAwesome.Version: 5.0.2

GreatPerfect way to fill out brackets, makes it so easy to make a pool for people..Version: 5.4

Love this appI look forward to the Tourney, just so I can start using this app. Has everything you need. This new version seems to update the scores of other participants in your pool a little slower than the old version, but the app is still the best out there..Version: 5.0.2

Wish it had it's own 'score' component...After using a few other tournament apps, this one is probably the easiest to use and the most user-friendly. I only wish ESPN didn't make you install it's own 'scores' app if you want to use the navigational tab at the bottom of this app..Version: 5.1.1

IncompleteThe app is excellent for creating brackets. No doubt. EYE had no problem with that. It was difficult to figure out how to see channel listings for games. But they are listed. one can not really see the next round of the tournament. It’s all subdued text. Very hard to see for seeing impaire. Please consider addressing these issues next time around..Version: 7.0.1

BracketAwesome.Version: 5.1.1

FinallyESPN must have listened to there u.k. Fans we didn't have an app for march madness last yr which meant I had to keep checking my bracket on the mobile website. Great app and I can go in between my bracket and all the info on each team in the tournament..Version: 3.1.0

Exceeds Expectation ⚡️💡💣Outstanding! Really enjoy the stats!.Version: 5.0.2

Great appGreat quality, lots of detail and offers you help from experts on ESPN on who they think you should choose.Version: 5.4

Thank youFor years, I dreaded the filling out of paper brackets...not quite understanding the scoring involved as I picked teams based on favorite colors and underdogs (whether I’d heard of them or not). No judging...I’ve come a far way from there although I think I was somehow more successful back then in my clueless years. Anyways, thanks for creating an app that makes it easy to fill out and calculates my points so I can easily rub my predictions (that are still horridly off) in my friends faces. It has made March Madness fun instead of a yearly dread of watching friends lose their I can join the madness too. :).Version: 7.0.1

Love it!Fantastic app! So easy to choose your picks & so fun to be part of a team challenge bracket! I check it constantly and it's always right up to date! So easy I was able to talk on the phone & walk my 87 year old mother into creating an account & making a bracket so she could be part of the fun!.Version: 5.5.3

Awesome!So good👍.Version: 5.1.1

A++++ Easy to useAwesome app easy to use and great for making pools. Scores play by play and more.... point system is decent.Version: 5.5.3

AppVery simple to use and easy to read excellent app for the tourney.Version: 5.0.1

Yeah!Love the access to my brackets!.Version: 7.0.1

NCAA tournament bracket on ESPNWas a lot of fun , it should have a award for players that fill out only one bracket. Picking 25 brackets takes the skill and some fun out of it. I'm sure others would agree. Thanks for the chance and I'll only be doing one pick again next year. Anyone can get lucky with 25 picks it takes skill to make a good run with one bracket..Version: 5.5.3

I love the bracketcast featureIn bracket cast u can see what other people in your groups picked and see whose in the lead and see who has the best potential. u can even click on a certain game and see what everyone picked to win that and how far they have that team going. its the best place to make a bracket and i hav experience so i highly recommended. also u can read abt tournament news in the app! GREAT tournament app..Version: 7.0.1

What to add to the appWe love the app and me and my family do a bracket tournament against each other, but we wish there was a way to send a text or a message some how, maybe have a point system that each round it goes up, so it gives the guy at the bottom a chance to come back, thanks.Version: 7.0.1

It's Great And Very Easy To UseI like the in bracket scores, the featured section with celebrities and VIP like Obama. Can't think of any bad things to say. Would be nice to get instant updates, but so would dating Kate Upton. Maybe don't cut off the ranking numbers and list total users like 103,453rd out of 1,446,782..Version: 5.0.2

GREAT!Great way to keep updated on your bracket!.Version: 5.4

Pretty goodOnly if i could watch highlights on it though.Version: 5.0.2

PerfectEasy and quick.Version: 5.0.1

Not so easyI was excited for the tournament looking forward to filling out my bracket, but as I got going it became quite obvious that it will require more work and maneuvering around the app than it really should. Inviting friends and family to play along and join our private group was painful and way more complicated than expected. My hope that next year ESPN puts in a little bit more work on developing more user friendly features within the signing up process...go Zags!.Version: 7.0.1

Can we pick for the First Four in future?I have loved this app for the past few years. The brackets are simple, easy to fill out, and fun (especially in groups/with friends). I have noticed one thing this year and that is that we can’t pick for the first four. I know the official March Madness app has that feature and I wish that could be carried over here..Version: 10.0.3

Great appCan make multiple brackets and create your own groups.Version: 5.5.3

EZ activationEasy to set up, that's what counts. The scores weren't up to date until day 2 but otherwise so far so good. JohnnyRockafella' "90-Now Past 2-thou' make the heads in da' house out there wonder how" OGC represent Strang-Wonda'.Version: 5.0.2

Scores at your finger tipsScores update quickly and keep u up to date on who is in and who is out.Version: 5.0.2

TeeurupThe Bracket makes following that much more interesting. My team is out but the bracket keeps my interest up..Version: 5.5.3

Love this appI find this app easy to use, easy to navigate. Brackets were easy to complete. Now I'm wondering if I'm using it right. Save button would be helpful. If I could rename the bracket before I filled it out, I didn't figure it out. We used this app to track different groups, plus we put the entire family on one account for easy tracking and trash talking..Version: 5.5.3

Good appGood app.Version: 10.0.1

May we please start brackets early?I was so excited last year when MM was about to happen. Then.... yeah. This year is completely different, and yet we have our brackets. But there is one feature that has to be added, to make a custom bracket with custom teams with custom rankings, etc. And with that, we should be able to control that bracket until the real MM happens. A feature like this would make the app more popular, convenient, and unpredictable. If you devs can take this into view, that would be nice. Stay safe out there, and have a great 2021!.Version: 9.0

Easy to Use!Easy to set up and follow from multiple devices. It doesn’t hurt that I have two picks in the Final Four and won our office pool!.Version: 7.0.1

BoomAwesome app. Keeps the tournament at my fingertips 24-7..Version: 5.0.2

GreatFun, simple way to fill out brackets..Version: 5.4

Update is not helpful for less updated phonesThis app totally worked for me last year, but this year the update won’t allow me to do anything in the app without 16.0. It allowed me to download it, but the recommendation to update it keeps popping up and doesn’t allow me to do anything on it. Does anyone know how to get around this?.Version: 11.0.2

What more to like?This is a great app to keep you in touch with your bracket..Version: 5.0.1

Always up to dateGreat app. Scores are very quickly updated!.Version: 5.0.2

Great!Good app and easy to use..Version: 5.0.2

Don’t bury the women’s tournamentThe app is a lot of fun. I appreciate the opportunity to fill out lots of brackets (one in which my fave teams win, one in which I predict lots of upsets, etc.). I like the auto fill options as well. But I care as much about the women’s tournament as the men’s, and I’m surprised that the women’s tournament is still an afterthought. It is a hassle to have to dig for it (and dig even deeper to get the game times). What’s worse, after I dig down to game level within my bracket, there is no way to go back one screen to the bracket. The only option is to hit exit, which sends you back to “Play More Games” level, where you have to select “play” the women’s tournament. Come on! Maybe you should just create a separate app for the women’s tournament. But I’ll give you credit for including the women’s tournament in the app; the NCAA’s own March Madness app doesn’t include anything about the women’s tournament! Crazy!.Version: 7.0.1

AppLove this app and the easy access to brackets and the updates......Version: 7.0.1

Awesome App!This app is great! I enjoy working on the bracket. It’s a lot of fun. I enjoy talking to my friends and comparing perspectives of each game and watching our points go up and down depending on who wins or loses. I also like that I see when each game is and what channel the games are on. This season’s March Madness has been a crazy mad house. Love it!.Version: 7.0.1

EspnAwesome,a great way to participate in the bracket..Version: 5.1.1

A fun APP!I fill out a bracket every year from the paper & by the time it gets to the Final Four, it looks like a book report graded by a strict teacher with red circles & corrections all over it. This was easy & I did multiple brackets. I can see my ranking compared to everyone else. I won't win any prizes; but, it is a fun activity. I enjoy checking out the Celebrity picks as I am hanging in there with them as far as points earned. (In some brackets).Version: 5.5.3

Good but could be betterI agree with Lisa from Dayton regarding the app and the women's brackets - while the mens regular and second chance brackets were easy to maneuver to and manage it was difficult to get to to the women's bracket and never found the second chance bracket. if you make it as easy as the mens bracket to use, more players would take the time to play, as there are a lot of fantasy sports players around the world.Version: 7.0.1

BracketcastDoes anybody know how to access Bracketcast on the IPad? I can easily access it on my IPhone and it is the best feature but I can not find it anywhere on my iPad. I love this app.Version: 5.4

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