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Thank youThank you so much for creating this app and continuing to improve and develop on it! I'm so mobile and cannot carry the paper version around. I do love the print version and it sits at my desk. All the best to you and if I can support please share how!.Version: 3.2.5

Very coolCool app, useful in diagnose a day..Version: 1.7

GreatGreat way to keep track of birth kin of friends and family. The Time Vector Potential function is a nice addition..Version: 2.1

ClockGreat timepiece.Version: 5.2.1

13 year Mayan calendar user:MAY 2019 update (lol the irony!) This app just keeps getting better. AMAZING Update. So many deeper features as well as little nuances which are just priceless. Thank you again, I would gladly pay for more of these updates if there is anything possible. (One suggestion would be to add some Long Count options). Anyway. Can’t get better than this. Thanks And this app is perfection. I have used Jose Arguelles’ Dreamspell oracle since 2005 and remember having to calculate everything day to day just to get the reading. Since it can take time to memorize everything I often didn’t have “time” to check each day’s reading. With this app I have been BLESSED by the developer with a painless way to access the dreamspell is countless DEEPER ways than I would have been able to calculate myself. This must be the future. Thank you SO MUCH 🙏🏼.Version: 4.0.2

Even if I don't open it...... it is just great in so many ways and sits on my home screen so I just need to look at the icon, and I think to sync with the days' energies, like today is 4 Lamat Yellow Self-Existing Star. I like to draw the oracle and then use this app as a reference throughout the day. Also you can look up by Gregorian date or by Kin and add to kins together and see their detailed oracles. This app is the perfect gift for anyone interested in galactic time cycles and the 13 Moons of Peace calendar..Version: 3.1

Best app I haveThis is the most sleek easy to understand way to incorporate the Dreamspell calendar into your life. It has a lot of features and information to explain it to beginners. The only thing I would like is for it to expand and have more information daily on the other aspects of the day, runes, etc. and perhaps notifications when we enter new moons, wavespells, and when it’s a contacts kin or your galactic birthday..Version: 5.2

CosmicGreat adaptation and a wonderful learning tool. Also looking forward to further improvements and expansions. Keep up the good work..Version: 1.63

Brilliant!Awesome piece of kit. Just got to learn how it all goes together. Blue Self Existing Night..Version: 1.40

Great app!Great app.Version: 2.1

Great appPerfect for our curious human minds - Opens and expands.Version: 2.1

New additionI have used this app for over a year with no glitches until now. The new diary intro page-haven’t bought it yet-would not allow me to navigate away from it. I had to delete the app and reinstall. I’m not trying it again until that’s fixed. Everything else is good no everything else is great..Version: 4.0

Use It DailyGreat App! Easy to navigate, intuitive layout. Just what I need it to be! The Tzolkin toggle effects are pretty nice and the descriptions they have for each glyph and tone is great as well..Version: 2.0

Amazing AppI am extremely grateful and satisfied with the app. Thank you to my dear fiend Mark who intoduced me to this way of sycronicity..Version: 2.1

Time traveler TrackerThis app is one of my favorite tools to teach and share Natural time with Kinfolk I meet. It’s a whole course in it self. Thank for this valuable application..Version: 5.3.1

Great.I love it! The only inconvenient is you cant put too many contacts birthdays otherwise it doesnt open anymore..Version: 1.63

Kin 190: White Galactic DogI LOVE this application!!! By far my favorite of all of the ones I have AND the funnest!! The descriptions of the Tones & Seals are very enlightening! I am grateful for this tool to help me integrate the natural calendar into my life even more and share it more easily!!! Thank you a million times over!! In Lak'esh!!.Version: 2.1

Where've you been?I wish this app was out years ago when I first learned about dreamspell on Coast to Coast AM. Great app..Version: 1.61

Much improvedThe monthly calendar always shows Magnetic Moon day 1 and will not update! I look forward to the new update soon so I can enjoy the app fully, thanks. Elaine.Version: 3.2.7

Love! With a wishI wish there was a search button for all the articles. Love either & every way❤️.Version: 2.1

My most favorite appIf you are interested in Mayan astrology thus is an app you NEED :) I use it so much it's on my home screen. Nice job, developers..Version: 1.3

ClarifyingFor me, this app clarifies key aspects of the Law of Time, and for that, I am grateful. Thank you!.Version: 3.2.7

Amazing and helpfulVery well designed app and exactly what you need to get synchronized with 13 moon calendar✨.Version: 3.2.7

Dreamspell realizationThe website said it was free but man I have gotta say even at two bucks this is a great deal. Using dreamsspell to figure out birthday oracles would take, with practice, a half hour and in the early days an hour and a half. Much appreciated! White SelfExisting Worldbridger.Version: 3.2.7

Essential to rememberI love it, thank you for such a gift.Version: 5.3.1

Best Galactic Decoder there is!!!Love this app... so many features... Even next step people to learn from ... Thankyou The primary reason to have an iphone.Version: 5.2.1

Excellent!Perfect app for instantly connecting with Mayan calender I love it!.Version: 1.3

GreatLove that this app is available and helps me keep track of the 13 months easier. Defiantly an interesting calendar to say the least. I think the link to what birthdays are on what day, is still not synchronized correctly, regarding my contacts that is..Version: 2.0

Only one gripe...Very good - only pain about this app on the ipad is one has to switch it off & back on again to update from contacts to the app... Otherwise great.Version: 1.71

Great AppThank you for making this practical & easy to use app!.Version: 2.0

Galactic consciousness here we come!Great app to find out instantly your galactic signature & wonderful to find out compatibility & synchronistic connections too. Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.71

ExcellentBest Mayan calendar app. :).Version: 2.1

Great dream of the Mayan calendarIt's really nice to see this interpretation of the Mayan calendar get delivered in such a nice interface. Can't wait to see it's progression. Thank you very much for the effort..Version: 1.3

Best Mayan CalendarSimple, intuitive, attractive interface provides ready access to the current conditions guiding the day. Seeing my contacts appear automatically and then being able to see who I surround myself with and how they assist me...magic!.Version: 2.1

Great app!Wow! Time vector potentialities, too! Awesome! Stay in synch with natural time! Maybe offering info about the body parts each day represents, planetary holon, 13 moon date and 7 day chakra cycle would be really great! You could share the quiche Mayan glyph and long count, also... Thanks! Inlekesh!.Version: 1.3

Wave spell your momThis app works for what it is supposed to, and isn't shabby to look at, though from calculating the days value and setting the read for the value and reading the value all take several step.. Don't expect a long count calendar either, not that it wouldn't be a simple little script, and should be implemented, but it's just not there... Instead there's a countdown to the end of the long count, with the actual count mysteriously missing like some authentic artifacts... Clever.Version: 1.7

Loving Life with this AppI LOVE this app. Use it every single day. Been using it for ages it seems now. Forgot I never wrote a review! I cannot express my full appreciation of what this app provides in this limited space. Though I will make a humble attempt. Following the day to day progressions of kins and wavespells, I find myself inherently flowing with source synchronicity. I have learned and experienced so many new and enlightening things of all sorts by syncing up with this app every morning and day. Absolutely phenomenal. My favorite part about this app, comes after checking it daily and syncing my system with these waves of time. I begin to notice how each day truly fits the tone described, in terms of my experiences, my friends’ and family’s, and what I see in the works around me (news etc.). But the truly miraculous part where cannot help but realize the truth in this, is when I go through a day without having checked this app/the calendar, have a whole day of interesting and particular experiences...then check this app to discover the kin of the day Precisely describes the nature of my personal experiences from the day...I can’t help but laugh out in pure astonishment and joy at the synchronicity, existing regardless of any placebo creation! Whether one just dabbles their toes in this, or finds themselves compelled to research the fundamentals by which this dreamspell calendar works. And let me tell you- there’s TONS of material on the lawoftime site, more than I would’ve imagined. Extremely useful for learning about the kins, wavespells, Tzolkin, 13:20 time reality mindset, etc. etc. All in one user friendly, clean-interface, multi-faceted app. Pretty much all I would hope for in such a dreamspell calendar app created by the lawoftime folks. There’s a lot to digest out there, but this app makes it simple and fun to just jump in and roll with it. Would highly recommend. Let’s make the move to the humanly harmonic 13:20 calendar way of thinking! And appreciatively leave the old 12:60 ways behind us. The results will astound us. Time = Art! Thank You Friends!!! - a White Solar Dog.Version: 3.2.7

FabulousI follow the Mayan Tzolkin since the 2010. This app is absolutely a game changer. It took me to another level of understanding. It’s easy and intuitive. Just tweak and try all the features. Thank you so much to the creators. I’m a yellow crystal star: cooperation and innovation are my things 🌟 In lak’ech ✨🪷✨.Version: 5.2.1

Amazing appI'm totally delighted with this app. So much needed information is given so precisely. In Lak'esh Ala K'in.Version: 3.2.6

SuperSuper easy to use clear,love it , check it every day.Version: 5.3

Does the jobJust what a blue resonant eagle wants from his iPhone :) ... Although living in New Zealand, the birthdays are all a day out (hence 4 and not 5 stars).Version: 1.7

Helpful Learning Tool (And Feature Request)I am interested in studying the Dreamspell more thoroughly, and app is very helpful. Easy to use too. I have a request though: Can you make the glyph images link to the pages which describe them? For example, I am Blue Electric Hand. It would be very helpful to be able to tap my occult kin, White Wizard, and go directly to its description. Or perhaps an easier solution is to include all the descriptions of the guide, analog, antipode, and occult kins on the same page. Please consider this! Thank you :) Bless, Devin.Version: 3.2.7

13:20This is an amazing app & it's aesthetically appealing too! I do wish you could type in a birth date in order to find out what someone's kin is, in case they didn't know...Version: 1.63

Love this appMinor thing but Could you fix the spelling mistake and one of the seals still talks about "in the lead up to the end of the age" - probably time to update that :).Version: 2.0

Made syncing possibleBefore this app my consciousness of the 13:20 whirl was sporadic... Now I am actually living it and making the connections because I have the ability to check the day while I am on the go. It could use more features like being able to see more easily which days on the gregorian calendar fell on which 13:20 days but for the price I am super happy. Thank you Emmanuel <3.Version: 1.71

13 MoonThis app is perfect. Inform yourself and your loved ones at the touch of a button on why and how we really are connected in the most positive way..Version: 1.3

On lakechWell done brilliant application votanix.Version: 2.1

EvolutionaryAwesome to see this 13:20sync app available for anyone from any walk of life who can access the synchronic order ... Encouraging to see it's updated regularly with refined improvements for optimum functionality in our mutual synchrodestiny..Version: 1.61

Simple and deepI love this app- I use it in conjunction with The Galactic Calendar by Skytime. This app gives you a great summary of all the different ways to dive into this info, and directs you toward outside sources for further reading. I appreciate the care and love taken to develop this for the community!.Version: 4.0.4

As aboveThe Only Game In Town Bro! We Are The People We Have Waiting For! Ho! In Lakesh.Version: 1.3

AmazingI am very excited that this app exist and is available as a phone app. My body and soul has been looking to connects to something more grounding in life and this was it. Worth every penny!.Version: 3.2.1

A new wayFantastic calendar. Full of great info. Easy to read the tablets and charts. Thank you!.Version: 2.1

13:20 SyncNot my favorite UI but a decent basic app, I do appreciate the affirmations. Please Update Solar Seal info.. No clan or planet info is included, most of the chakras are incorrect, and the finger/toe placements are mostly incorrect as well. Thank You Namaste 🕉.Version: 4.0.3

Love this App!Makes it so easy to understand and work with the Dreamspell!.Version: 5.3.1

AwesomeGreat app, assists me to keep in sync with the cycle of life..Version: 2.1

From Gregorian calendar To Galactic calendarI love this Galactic approach to life! This galactic calendar has transformed my life over the last couple years, now I’m fully aligned and have more of an over standing of 13:20.Version: 5.2.1

BrilliantAn awesome app.Version: 2.1

A worthy legacy for Jose ArguellesBeautifully articulated, brilliantly conceived. I met its creator, Jose Arguelles, at the Prophets' Conference in Vancouver a few months before he passed in Feb. 2011. He shared his vision of forming a twin rainbow through the axis of the earth and around the planet, as a manifestation of the One Mind of humanity. Hugging him was like hugging a cloud. He did not get to experience 2012 from this side, but he personally handed me this calendar as a small pamphlet. Wonderful to use it now in app form..Version: 2.1

Great app!Incredible app! Wish I knew the inner workings, though, as a friend had another report done by a practitioner which gave her a completely different answer..Version: 3.2.7

Still learning....I am new to the 13:20 system of time. This has really helped me along with understanding the system better. Love the detailed explanations of the seals and tones. Looking forward to more features..Version: 1.7

Wonderful!Wow! What a gift this app has been for me. I have been studying the calendar for many years now and this app has taken integration to a new level. Eye opening and inspiring explanations of tones and seals. I highly recommend this app. The contact integration is genius and makes it so easy to look up someone's kin. Thanks so much for the time put into this app. I honor your dedication to sharing the deep wisdom of the Mayas..Version: 2.1

MayanistaThis app is great, and allows easy manipulation of dates. I spent years in books doing in hours what I now do in seconds! Thanks.Version: 1.7

Amazingly, just what I was looking for 💖🌈🧠💙🔥I suggest everyone download this amazing corrected calendar and enjoy the beautiful new world that has opened up to ya 🐌☄️🥀💥💫🌪😻🌳🍁💐🦄.Version: 3.2.7

Optional knowledgeA fine app...the wise consider all things..peace {:>=.Version: 1.7

Absolutely love this app!Shows me everything i need to know. My friends jealous cause she cnt download this app on her phone. One of the most accurate calendars as well as an app.Version: 2.1

13:20 SyncExcellent app, I read it everyday.Version: 1.7

Love this, super easy to useI am new to using the 13 moon calendar and so appreciate this app as it simplifies this complex calendar. The more I use it, the more I find it helpful. highly recommend this, as simple way to tune into the cosmic energy for each day. it also has section where one can combine kins to explore how they interact with one another..Version: 3.2.4

In'lakech!Great app. Does everything it says it'll do and more, can't wait to see what's next! How about iCal sync and a way to save friends kins maybe. Keep up the good work!.Version: 0

GreatWorked it out, oops, fantastic app! Thanx guys!!.Version: 1.40

Blue Monkey.Great app thanks guys keep up the good work in 2012..Version: 1.63

Essential appBeing using this app from day one. First thing on the morning: check kin day, any kin birthday from friends and relatives, reminds me the energy of the day and how to make the best of it! Thanks.Version: 4.1

13.20: syncSimple and perfect!!!! And the app ain't bad either o(•_•)o...love Uak Zotz Eb, yellow rhythmic human!!!.Version: 1.3

Well doneVery cool app... Simple yet usefull.Version: 1.61

Red Spectral SerpentEvery morning at sunrise, just before or after yoga, I open this app with the intention of keeping my system in sync with the natural 13 moon cycle. To see how warped the Gregorian calendar is vs. the perfectly synchronized Mayan Calendar, touch the "13/20 info" spot, then "why sync" and scroll down to where there is a side by side comparison of the 2 calendars. You will easily and immediately see why your system wants to align with the perfect/natural 13 moon cycle/calendar. I was one of the original 144,000 people who received Jose Arguelles' original Dreamspell kit in the late 80's. This app is based entirely upon that work, which I greatly appreciate. Jose studied the Mayans, including their system of time observation and space connection. He then created the kit with individual kin pieces that could be moved around on a game-like board with an area for the wavespell and a book that translated each symbol. All of those features are in this app. But now, instead of a large board with little pieces that cats can knock around, it's just a few clicks on the phone and you are there! Thanks to the creators of this app. It's well worth $1.99.Version: 2.1

Awesome13/20 Sync Rocks.Version: 1.3

Clean design, works great!Been looking for an app for this for a long time. Wish list: Easier Navigation, Push Alerts for Bdays, way to add notes on a Kin day..Version: 2.1

Great little app!Just what I'd been looking for to keep the count, Galactivate my kin and delve deeper .Version: 1.71

Pretty goodIt's pretty good, but I would like to have the ability to use it as a calendar so that I could list appointments and so on. Also it would be nice to be able to make notes to correlate events that happened according to the Dreamspell codes..Version: 2.1

Great, useful appI love this app! So helpful for tracking where we are in real time and working with the energy of the day(s)..Version: 1.3

App shutting down when clic in contactsI really love this app!! But lately every time I clic in contacts it shuts down! How do i fix this??.Version: 1.7

LanguagesGreat app. But how do you change the language option? I want to share it with my Spanish speaking friends but don’t want to make the recommendation until I’m sure they will be able to use it. The app store lists 9 different languages, I haven’t seen an option to change it in the app itself..Version: 3.2.7

Outstanding appComprehensive and easy to understand, this app works for the beginner and seasoned Dreamspell follower. Lots of information included allows for additional learning at your own pace. I tune in every day!.Version: 4.2

AwesomeBy far the best 13:20 app I've used..Version: 2.1

PerfectThis app is awesome I want more!!! I'm so intrigued and it goes along the lines of my reiki and it is just blown me away. I would like to see more info on the general, info for time vector and would love to see grouping time vector. It's incredible, time has change all together. Thanks from a blue resonant eagle gracias quiero mas!!!.Version: 1.50

Mystery of timeExcellent tool to find more about yourself.Version: 3.2.6

Enjoying this AppHave had this App since December 2012. I try to check it every day but doesn't always happen. It's intriguing and complex to get my head around the concepts. However, I enjoy reading from the site and bought one of Jose Arguelles' books. It's fascinating , and I'm planning to learn more..Version: 2.1

Fantastic AppEverything about this app is first class. I was taught a long time to always seek wisdom. It’s here..Version: 5.3.1

Dreamspell in your pocket!This app is so awesome, I can't believe they made a dreamspell app!! I remember when we used to play the game and it would take some time to figure out someone's kin. This does it for you in a moment. If you're a fan of using the Mayan calendar and want to begin to sync with 13:20 time, this app is for you! It's simple to use and the graphics are perfect. My only wish is to see a month and the Mayan year with the portal days indicated..Version: 0

In lakech- I am another of youThank you ❤️🙏.Version: 3.2.7

Great! ThanksSimple but well designed!.Version: 1.63

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