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Mobile app no funcionalityCannot sign in using Facebook or google account, no add existing reservation option or import from email option. I try not to use this service if I do not have to use this service.Version: 3.18.0

Easy AccesIt is my first time using this app & it will be my first time parking here. So far, it has been a great experience downloading the app & finding a suitable parking garage for our future activities!!!.Version: 3.48.0

Not user friendlyFor someone who pays for parking daily this is one of the most difficult apps to use because it does not permit the user to create an account or store ANY info such as name, address, cc, etc. so all of these have to be entered each time..Version: 1.3.1

App ExperienceVery easy to us add that is very intuitive to use. Given that I am using this in Canada recommend adding options for Canadian license plates..Version: 3.46.1

The app worksThe app operation is fine, the problem is there are so many unnecessary complicated steps every time you use it, even though I have an account and use it 3-5 times a week..Version: 3.15.0

Best and easy app. All the bestBest and easy app.Version: 3.42.1

Easy, Fast, AccurateWhen I tried to use the parking lot kiosks, it wasn’t giving me the “early bird” rate of $6 but $32 for 12 hours. When I scanned this app it did give me the option of $6 since I drove in over an hour earlier than need be for the rate, plus saved my info for future parking which I will need to do every day this week. Great app. East, fast, accurate. Thanks!.Version: 3.50.0

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