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My Epic: Skiing & Snowboarding Negative Reviews

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My Epic: Skiing & Snowboarding App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

My Epic: Skiing & Snowboarding app received 122 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using My Epic: Skiing & Snowboarding? Can you share your negative thoughts about my epic: skiing & snowboarding?

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My Epic: Skiing & Snowboarding for Negative User Reviews

Need to be able to turn mobile pass offThe mobile pass is a great idea. However the app almost forces you down a path that turns the mobile pass on. Without reading the FAQs it’s not obvious that you shouldn’t have the mobile pass turned on and have your physical pass with you as it confuses the scanners. I did not want to turn Bluetooth off as I have others devices that use it. Really need an obvious way to turn mobile pass off from within the app. I ended up going into settings and prevented the app from using Bluetooth..Version: 14.0.03

TemperatureJust wish the temperature was also in degrees Celsius so I can understand it.Version: 13.4

Horrible for the new seasonFirst things first. Great you can use your phone as your pass (virtual 🙌🏼). However, the tracking for this season is gar-bage (that’s French for garbage). Did this app change to cater to those who only ski for dining and drinks?? What happened to all the features that actually matter? Where is the snow stake for Breck? Their camera is stuck on Peak 7 since August. 1. Why can you no longer see what runs you completed? There used to be a map that showed which runs you went down during the day. Not so much anymore. 2. Not only that (maybe it’s a glitch and needs an update), but there is no tracking of which lifts you rode as well. Yes the vertical feet/distance is there, but that’s based off your own phones GPS tracking. I’ve skied four times since opening day and no lifts have tallied. 3. If you ski more than one resort in one day (I skied three in one {Vail, Keystone, Breck}) the app only recognizes the first resort you did that day and tallies the rest of the stats to that resort. Kinda lame. Is this app built for those who skiing once a year, or those who take it seriously? Can we outsource the developing to say China or India? I’m sure they would create a better product. #disappointed.Version: 14.0.03

Only works with some resorts, GPS always onWhile this is an OK, app, it has many deficiencies and issues. Number 1 issue — it wants to track you on and OFF the slopes. There is no need for that and it’s a massive invasion of privacy. Issue #2, it only works tracking your skiing at some of Vail’s properties, typically the larger ones, definitely not the smaller mid-Atlantic areas. Issue #3, it lacks complete information regarding ski areas, i.e. - vertical drop. This is often the typical measure to compare areas. You need to use other apps or websites to find this basic info. What it does well is as most areas it will show an interactive map that show which lifts and slips are open/closed. It does an OK job giving current conditions, though not great and often incomplete. When many of these ski areas were independent, you would have a personalized reports on what to expect from the day’s conditions..Version: 13.4

StatsNever keep the stats and they are always wron.Version: 12.7

Why update to make it worse?I got the app a few weeks ago and yeah it wasn’t great but it also wasn’t terrible. It did what I needed it to do. Just updated it and now it’s awful! The top and bottom menus are blacked out so you can’t see the navigation icons and makes the UX like we’re running an app that hasn’t been updated since the iPhone 4 era. You have to just randomly tap around the screen and blindly hope it takes you somewhere helpful. It’s also WAY glitchier. you can’t scroll or click on anything without it spazzing. I didn’t have to re-log in every time with the old version either, now I do. Saving log in state is very simple guys. Can you use some of that extra money from this year’s astronomical sales to hire a better developer?.Version: 12.1

Can’t log inUseless. Can’t log in and yet my details and password work on their website, and my account portion of the app..Version: 13.4

Some good features but...Super frustrating being logged out all the time, and which is made worse because there’s no function to remember your details. It’s actually easier for me to log into my bank than it is to this app, go figure..Version: 11.7

Joke appTerrible! I switched to Peak Live for information for Whistler Blackcomb, it’s much better..Version: 14.2.0

Broken systemThe only thing it really is good for is days skied. The turnstile an the bottom works to check your ticket and register your day but many of the lift turnstile are disfunctional.So alot of info is inaccurate.Version: 13.4

Make this work for WB, VailUseless for Whistler Blackcomb, doesn’t track half your lifts, those it does are all in the wrong order. So, no idea what my vertical is per day. Silly pins not relevant because the app doesn’t know! No information about this mountain. Not allowed to put in my ski level. No info about where I’ve been, what I’ve done. Been this poor all 2017/18 season with no attempt to improve. Have fed back twice and just got weasel words from Vail - WB info was not compatible with new app etc etc. Useless!.Version: 8.3

AwfulI never ever review apps but this one deserves its own novel of problems. Aside from everyone else’s complaints about the UI and accessibility, the app is generally broken where maps don’t show up, lifts aren’t displayed, and crashes happen constantly. The funniest part is several of their trail maps are wrong! For example the Breck map is actually missing the 5 chair which is one of the longest chairs on the mountain! Cmon Vail. Edit: as if they couldn’t make things worse they replace the trail map system with a FAR WORSE map!! Now it doesn’t update on its own, you can’t zoom out, and it doesn’t show lift line waits! How do you upgrade a system and make it so much worse?.Version: 14.0.03

Poor replacement for old Whistler appWeather forecast is vague and only in imperial which is super annoying. Deleted - can use Strava to track my runs and Snowforecast to track weather..Version: 14.0.8

GarbageCan’t log in even though my credentials work on the website. Tried resetting password, nothing. Tried deleting and re-downloading the app, nothing. USELESS..Version: 13.4

Wasted opportunity1 star but not from hate on Vail. The old app was bad what worked with what it was supposed to do in its base function. So far, the app has not tracked, not recorded, missed many days, lifts, shows old images on the mountain cams, collapses throughout the day with errors, lift line times? Yeah right. None of it is functioning properly including the “scan from phone.” Vail has the money to do it right but hey, screw the app and make the lifts better. Park city is dying. Lifts break down and stop all the time. It’s outdated and now unsafe. Make some investments and you’ll see profits and less hate from the locals. Maybe other vail resorts are different, but I have a feeling that I’m not the only lover of the sport that feels the pain..Version: 14.0.8

MarginalBad: GPS unreliable, battery hog, grooming status wrong, cannot find epic pass, buggy maps zoom/pan. Good: map is available, lift queue times.Version: 14.0.8

Great when it works; but frequent episodes when it doesn’tAt my local Vail hill Stevens Pass - seems like more than adequate cellular data signal. Yet the Epic app frequently doesn’t load any content. In contrast, other skiing and sport apps I have work fine. This leads to the inconvenience at food services, when I can’t use the app to pull up my Epic card, for the discount that goes with all mountain Epic Pass. Argh. At a minimum, the app should buffer a static view of the user pass, so this problem does not occur. About to got to Whistler for a week. Hopefully it will be more reliable there, where supposedly the app will pass credential to the lift gates….Version: 14.0.9

Privacy a concernThe app still rarely works when Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone. If you want the app to function well, use it with Wi-Fi off. More importantly, precision location-tracking never turns off. It is supposed to turn itself off automatically when you leave the boundaries of the mountain. If you forget to check this, the app will map you to your apres ski area, your home, and your drive to wherever else you go - until you change the app’s location tracking settings. This is an awful violation of privacy and it needs to be fixed. (Apple should remove this app from the App Store until this is fixed.) In addition, it completely screws up your stats for that day. I did not ski 900,000+ feet, nor was I on the mountain for 30+ hours..Version: 13.4

Not greatMisses several chairs taken and even the time is off by an hour. Stats are unreliable.Version: 13.4

False lift time timeSays 5 minute wait when it’s really 1 hour..Version: 12.4

Compared to Ikon this App is TerribleJust got done skiing for two days using the My Epic App. Recorded both days day one recorded zero data, tallied a total of 2 lifts and 1904 ft in vertical on day 2. My wife who was skiing with me and used the same tracking feature tallied 9 lifts and 13,000 feet of vertical day one and 8 lifts and 10,000 feet the second day. We know that’s not right either since we noticed that after a break for lunch it didn’t log any more stats. Would love to a be able to tell where I’m located on the actual mountain. It’s supposedly collecting my GPS information, so shouldn’t be much to translate that to the map..Version: 14.0.10

Useful like a rock in your bootThis app serves absolutely zero purpose if you visit Whistler Blackcomb. Vail is amazing at selling seasons passes but clueless when it comes to customer service, respecting ski/snowboard culture and even less skilled in creating apps for their resorts. Thanks Vail, you managed to turn North America’s best resort into the Walmart of ski hills. Fix your lifts before offering more broken technology like this useless app..Version: 14.0.6

Very clunkyFind my Friends doesn’t work.Version: 13.4

Go back to the basics because this app is GARBAGE!This app is TERRIBLE! It features are never updated! It will say there is a 5 min line to get on a lift when in reality it is 30-45min. The weather is also never updated and only forecasts a day or two out. Even after a pow day it will say 2” when in reality that was from two days ago and really they have 8”. The grooming reports are also inconsistent. Please go back to using a website or even a phone call where you can listen to a recording of a weather report in the morning. Or for god sake at least give an update to a third party forecaster like OpenSnow so the conditions are available. Vail you have ruined every mountain that you have taken over. Time to boycott everyone! 1.5 Billion dollars on hand and a 76% increase in pass sales, yet you can’t give us a simple condition report or even open your lifts. FIGURE IT OUT!.Version: 12.4

Pass works!! But tracking?! No way Jose…Wanted to like it but 6 days into the season and the tracking ability is lost. I’ve tracked my stats with prior versions for several years. Flawless. But this “new and improved” Vail brought market is flaky as can be for any ski stats. Sad about that since my prior history continuity is worthless for this season. And I’ve tried to make to work 6 days now. Just stops tracking. And restarts randomly. It’s a mess. The other features for the different resorts for planning is convenient but all that is on the web so can’t see the plus side of this new variant..Version: 14.0.12

Slow, crashes, poor UIWhile the idea behind using an app to manage your day on the mountain is great, this app fails in the execution. The user experience is not intuitive, with the Plan Your Day section a bit confusing, and too reliant on buggy web views of items. The app is prone to some bugs as well, most recently the app crashed every time I tried to load the trail map, which is not iteal when you cannot obtain an paper map any longer. Speaking of maps, trying to read a large mountain trail map on a small phone screen in the cold is a very poor customer experience Vail. Apart from the app, the information inside the app is not always up-to-date. For example, not all dining locations ahve their hours up-to-date. Vail: if you're going to rely on an app for all guest navigation on the mountain, you really need to dedicate more resources to developing the app and maintaining the data inside it..Version: 12.4

CrapInformation entered doesn’t match what’s on file... although the staff at the lift ticket window say what I’m entering is exactly what’s on file..Version: 10.2

Completely uselessApp doesn’t track lower mountain lifts. Which means if you’re riding lower mountain exclusively your day on the mountain is not counted for your total days skied..Version: 14.0.7

Track My Stats Not WorkingNot certain of the purpose of this app anymore. I would not recommend it for tracking your day there are better options. The webcams are better on the website even though they are typically not pointed any where useful. Track my app worked when I was at Keystone on November 11, I had my pass also. Last season I only had issues with the Peru lift not being counted. So far after 2 days in December I have zero tracking both days I used the app only. I miss the badges and after having fiend my friends last season I really miss it this season. I’m not sure how this app is rated so highly and seems to be getting worse every update..Version: 14.0.6

Worse than the old appThe old EpicMix app, while limited, was effective at tracking mountain stats. It was limited to just lift scans, but those seemed accurate enough and there was an ability to go in afterwards and edit if it missed a scan for some reason. The new app seems at first glance to offer that and more, including GPS tracking for more accurate positional information. In practice, it’s worse. It still relies on lift scans for your “vertical” stat, and only shows “distance” for GPS. As resorts move towards mobile passes, this hybrid approach means your stats are inconsistent and there doesn’t appear to be any effort to combine lift+gps to give an accurate set of data. In comparison to the Ikon app, Vail’s only direct competition, this app lacks in nearly every way. There’s no way to see where your friends are on the mountain, no ability to see which runs you skied, and the few metrics it attempts to provide are often wrong due to their poor use of data sources. With the resources at Vail’s disposal, there is no excuse for this app to be anything but the gold standard..Version: 14.0.10

Shows information that is not trueNot sure if it is a Northstar issue, but the information shown is incorrect. For example, lift line times, dining options are incorrect. Yesterday it did not track even though I had the GPS tracking on, today it did. The skilifts taken are not tracked at all like it would do in previous years. The thing that does work well is the scanning of the ski pad. What would be great to have is the option to order food through the app in Zephyr lodge for example. Now it is separate and you have to add your ski pads and payment option manually. I rather go back to the old app with proper tracking, so much more fun than just seeing vertical distance if it is working..Version: 14.0.8

Would give this (cr)app minus 1 star if possibleAlways prompts for login information and no stats. Old Whistler-Blackcomb app was/is far better and should be resurrected in place of this (cr)App!!!.Version: 12.1

Older version was FAR superiorI was incredibly disappointed to open the app this year and discover that the badges were gone! It used to be a blast trying the different challenges and comparing notes with family at the end of the day. Also gone are the ability to link and share with your group members. I liked that it stored the photos from past seasons taken by the photographers stationed on the slopes… those are all gone too. The map constantly snaps back to your current position, which is annoying when you are at Peak 10 at Breck trying to scroll over and plan a route to Peak 7. You can’t take your finger off the screen or it puts you back over at 10. This version is just plain boring. Bring back the badges!!!!.Version: 12.5

Unable to loginI’m unable to login to either the app or the website. Resetting the password does not fix it, and the online support is useless..Version: 13.4

Super disappointingly American centricWould be nice if awards recognised that Whistler is in Canada. American Olympic medals really? Are we going to see Canadian flags at Vail on Canada Day..Version: 8.1

Very buggyThey added back some time features that were missing last year. The most recent update did not work for me for a few days but then worked Intermittently for a few days before dying again. The gps tracker was a nice addition but has worked just two of five days so far. The last two days the app just spins trying to load data and fails. Also, the lift/trail status data inexplicably seems to be sourced separately from the same info on their website as they don’t match. Recommend not using until they release a stable version because it is a giant headache..Version: 12.4

SucksAnd so does vail.Version: 13.4

New app is basically just the websiteIt’s useless, might as well delete and open in your browser. Webcams were the only feature I used before and now it’s not even there..Version: 14.0.0

No GPS data collected..Have tried on numerous occasions now to track my day on this app. It has not once been able to show me my stats and map after I end the tracking session..Version: 14.3.0

Bring a charger or a battery pack if you plan to use this appThis app drained my boyfriend and I’s newer model iPhones completely within 2 hours. Even if the app isn’t open if you gave it permission to have your location “always” (which it will ask to do upon first installing and will continue to ask when you open it after) will still drain your battery without using it. This is dangerous, if you got injured it could take longer for ski patrol to find you in an emergency situation. AND it negates the purpose of trying to track where your friends are on the mountain if all of your phones are dead. The Slopes app is much better, it allows you to track friends WITHOUT completely killing your battery..Version: 13.0

BrokenWon’t let me create a new account because my email is linked to a previous years card before it was swapped over to epic mix; but when trying to login with that account it says you don’t have a valid card so we can’t login you in!!!! Let me attach my new card then, waste of space app and developers.Version: 8.2

Can’t registerCan’t register due to an existing Epic account (Perisher probably). Can not add card to existing account without calling a US number. Not the most user friendly option when holidaying in Canada.Version: 9.2

Add Lift Download Option?Can you please add the ability to manually input a gondola download into the statistics? There are often no scanners for download lines, and skiing to the bottom isn’t always possible early/late season. Ability to manually add a download to lift stats would fix this..Version: 13.0

Terrible appSuch a terrible app. Every time I close the app, it logs me out. Won’t load current stats on my account, just shows the loading icon and doesn’t do anything no matter how long you wait. Won’t let you look around the interactive map without immediately taking you back to your location..Version: 12.5

Consider switching to ikonFrustrating….. GPS tracking doesn’t work. I’ve rode 4 days so far and used the tracking feature. During my day, it shows the GPS is actively tracking but when I click ‘End Tracking’ the app doesn’t record the day. I tried everything to fix the issue on my own: restarting/reinstalling/ turning off and turning back on and nothing works. After my 3rd day of riding and unsuccessfully tracking days I called customer service and what a joke that was! They told me there was a glitch, they fixed the glitch and the tracking should work now. Today was my 4th day and the issue still exists. I called and they told me the same thing today. They supposedly fixed it but I have my doubts. I feel like the app keeps getting worse and worse every season. Using a phone as a pass sounds like a good idea but not when there are so many glitches. There are many other features I don’t like about the app… might switch to ikon next season..Version: 14.0.8

Trash appI don’t know how this app has such a high rating. The amount of times I’ve had to delete it and re-download due to it getting stuck with a never ending “loading” circle is in the double digits. The design never works as it should and always has text issues or overlapping images. It doesn’t track like it’s supposed to. There were several times I was on the mountain all day long and it would say I did 2 runs for 1500 feet. Lift line estimates were never accurate, and half the time wouldn’t show at all. This app is nothing but a data miner for Vail and has a design and execution that it feels like a 5 year old put it together. If the Ikon app is a 10, this app would be a 2. The only reason it would be above 1 is bc it does tell you how many runs/lifts are open, but I’m sure that information isn’t accurate either..Version: 12.7

FrustratingThe password between my epic pass and epic mix used to be the same and now login is rejecting. If I change for mix than pass doesn’t work..Version: 13.4

EpicMix app.The worst app in the world. Useless..Version: 13.4

Absolute rubbishThis app is an epic fail , W live was an amazing app this is what happens when people insist on fixing things that ain’t broke Vail just re instate w live because this app does not work period.Version: 10.2

Too much and yet too littleThis redesigned Epic app is a disappointment. The old app had a much more intuitive interface, allowed me to access mountain trail maps more quickly (with a rapid download of latest map data and wait times), and was far more reliable in tracking my skiing statistics. Today I turned on GPS tracking (after checking to see if the new app would automatically log my lift ride - it didn’t so I lost my first two lifts) and at the end of the day I had amassed about 9,000 vertical feet - with just ONE lift (the aged E Chair at Breckenridge between Peaks 8 & 9). So despite the developers’ best attempts to cram everything possible into this app (my pass and my stats and mountain alerts and my account status and chat and so on) they fail to do the basic needs very well. Try again, Vail Resorts..Version: 14.0.8

LunchYou should have been able to book lunch on this site but could not. Epic failure as everybody talks about..Version: 12.7

Lift statusPlease revert back to Whistler lift line status - was accurate..Version: 13.4

Worse than epic mixThis app is not great. The previous vert track wasn’t perfect but to know need GpS whole time sucks and will kill battery. The run tracker good for new to the mountain but preferred mix with named runs sortable by chair..Version: 14.0.5

This app has gone backwardsA few years back this app was miles ahead of what it is now. You can no longer see what trails are open on the interactive map (why would you remove the most important feature?), the trail names are often hidden or missing no matter how you zoom making the map essentially useless, and your location in space is often not even close to the trail you are on regardless of how many times you restart your phone or app or reinstall the app. Tracking is pitiful and way behind the ikon pass - even the ikon pass gives a list of all of the trails you took that day and the number of times each trail was skied. I have a hard time believing that the Epic Pass app is listening to its customers feedback when it is actively getting worse..Version: 14.0.10

Moving Backwards…Hi Gabg, there are two components of the new app that I really terrible as follows: 1. And the old app used to be able to click on each mountain cam and then turn your phone horizontally so that I could see the camera full screen which was really cool. I think they should be a relatively easy fix, I’m begging you to institute this fixed so that I can click on each mountain camera and see it full screen. This is really important in terms of making my decision about which resort to go to. 2. The other big miss on this updated version is that on my iPhone 12, I can’t turn my phone horizontally and see the entire resort map. Again, they should be a relatively easy fix. Just give people the ability to zoom in and out of the map. I can zoom out but as soon as I let my fingers go it just reverts back to zoom to fit height of iPhone screen. Just started using it, so far those are my only two complaints, but they are big ones for sure..Version: 14.0.5

Can’t change fahrenheit to celsiusApp is only for Americans apparently.Version: 14.0.0

Unresponsive to App PerformanceLast update for this app was three months ago and the My Stats page has been broken ever since. The My Stats page is the only unique feature you really get from this app, so to have it non-functioning for the majority of the season is a big miss from a product perspective. Tough to imagine Vail resorts having budget constraints to get this fixed..Version: 13.4

Major steps backwardsWow - from an app that was good 5 years ago to acceptable last season to, well… 1. The grooming map no longer shows slopes that are groomed, just all slopes (including ones that are closed!) 2. Clicking on “Open Lifts” should show you only a list of open lifts. Nope, it shows all lifts (most of them are closed at the moment since it’s early season). 3. They no longer show lift line wait like in previous years 4. Huge bug; I skied 10 lifts (once on One, nine on chair 4 at Vail) yesterday and got “credit” for only 5. Oddly, it was the 5 I rode before opening the Epic Mix app (or whatever they are calling it these days). Once I opened the app it ignored the 5 subsequent lift rides I took. And it was all the same lift (chair 4 at Vail) as before, so it’s not like the sensor gantry wasn’t working. Question to the executives of Vail Resorts Inc; I know you’re just trying to reduce expenses so the MTN stock in your retirement portfolios makes you a multi-millionaire when you retire, but to actually go backwards??? You had an app that worked reasonably well the previous seasons, and you had to spend extra money this past summer to destroy it. It would have cost you less to just keep the old app the way it was. Sheesh..Version: 14.0.03

Electronic tickets are a poor customer experienceThe move to electronic tickets may have sounded nice in the Vail offices, however the reality is it is extremely unreliable and therefore creates a poor customer experience. We found that without an internet connection the pass would not work, being an international visitor this was an issue as we did not have roaming. Second, the app of course relies on a working phone, but if you have any experience using a phone in extreme cold, you’ll know that a phone battery can die quickly in the cold. In that situation the Bluetooth low energy pass did not work as they advertise. I understand and support the desire to reduce environmental impact, but it should not come at the expense of customer experience. This feature reveals how disconnected Vail is from their customers..Version: 14.0.8

Log in problemsNot happy that you have to keep having to put your password in to log into your profile. Cmon Epic get this sorted especially in this day and age. Most other apps use fingerprint or facial recognition and I’m shure it’s an easy fix..Version: 13.2

WeatherThis is Canada. Canadians want detailed weather. Where is the forecast for village , mid mountain, and high alpine? We want temperatures and forecast for all three. When is the high of the day? When is the low ? We used to get all this info. We can get it for every small town in Canada but not whistler alpine. Come on guys. It's Canada ! Canadians talk weather !! It makes a difference. What layer, how many layers? Comfort !! Do we sweat or do we freeze if we guess wrong ? Yes ! This is just another example about how crappy Vale management is compared to what Intrawest was for us seasons pass holders. Mind you this is the first year since they took over that I have seen improvement. Let's see if they can give us the weather back..Version: 13.2

Poor especially compared to previous Whistler ap.Not current, not comprehensive. Doesn’t do proper forecasting. Lift lines often wrong . Map poor. WB ap was brilliant . 5 years in and deteriorating. Shame on Vale..Version: 13.4

Build a rope tow half pipeSeriously.Version: 13.0

LoginWorst app ever.Version: 14.0.8

App Transition IssuesMoving from the old app to the new one has deleted all my history. Not helpful..Version: 12.5

EpicThe epic mix app no longer functions in whistler although your pass operates the the lift turnstiles it does not even show I skied after May 8th Why did you turn it off???.Version: 13.4

Used to be good now hopelessLast used this app in 2020. We were able to easily see our daily stats. This is now impossible. Been trying to load todays stats for over 5 minutes. Please sort it out..Version: 12.5

Misses key capabilitiesThe Whistler app and the apps I use in europe all have distance travelled, average and max speed and can show the days tracks overlaid on the resort map. All are missing here..Version: 8.2

New version stinks - lost all my old data!Arrived in Vail for a few days of spring skiing after missing last year due to the pandemic. My kids were stoked to add vertical feet and new pins to their accounts, plus try out the GPS in the new app. But the new app doesn’t have any of our old data (yes, we used the same login) and the new app tracked me for the first half of the first day and then stopped tracking. I called the service number and after the first operator hung up on me, the second said she could only set up a new account. She could not get the old data and our current lift passes/runs/lifts etc to combine in one account. She also could not explain why the app only tracked for the first half of the first day. Worthless app. Useless customer service. Total disappointment..Version: 12.7

Doesn’t work very wellThe My Epic app was changed this year to use as a lift ticket and to track the number of runs and feet undertaken in a ski day. The app does a fairly decent job acting as a lift ticket, although sometimes it isn’t picked up by the scanner. It also drains a substantial amount of battery power. Moreover, the tracking functions of the app do not work at all most of the time. I skied 12 days this month and over 60% of the time the tracking function did not work at all and essentially stated I didn’t do any runs those days. And even when it did work, it was inaccurate.. Vail should have left the pre existing tracking mechanism alone as it was automatic, and fairly dependable..Version: 14.0.11

Should have kept the Whistler appSlow, glitching.Version: 13.4

Bad links - confusing siteThe site kept kicking me out saying error adding skiers to pass. So they give a phone number to call. Ends in 0063. You call them and they give you a number to call ending in 0033. Been on hold here forever - giving me time to write this review. There’s more. If you’ve changed your e-mail, need to go through voice help - no help on site. (That was my first 30 minute hold). Then when I went to add rentals, it tells me to log in - after I placed the order, to receive 10% off - A LITTLE LATE! I’m not a hater - in fact love EpicMix. Love the app, the ski tracking, the site is so comprehensive and cool, I feel bad not giving these guys 5 stars and great reviews. Just having a terrible time getting set up. Ugh!.Version: 12.5

AwfulUpdate: the update has some cool new things, but is still terrible. Have been on the mountain a few times already this year and it’s only showing that I’ve been one day. At the very least, I’d love it if it could at least keep track of how many days I’ve gone. No clue how this app has a 4.6 rating - every review I see is 2 stars or less. I’ve had this app for 6 years and have loved it up until this year. The new update took away all of the things that made this app great: adding friends and seeing their activity, seeing which lifts I have taken that day, badges and achievements (for fun’s sake!), and the list goes is no longer user friendly and the trail maps never load, even when I’m sitting at home on wifi. Not sure who came up with and approved this horrible update, but they should absolutely go back to how it was..Version: 14.0.5

Joke appWorst app ever. Doesn’t track friends. Won’t update my credit card. Clumsy and useless. WB app was way better. Like everything Vail has done they even ruined the app!.Version: 13.2

Feature deletedThe addition of the ability to use your Lyft pass on your phone is a nice one. It was pretty bad to be in the lift line and not be able to go up because you forgot your pass in the room. However, in previous versions of this app, each lift would give you the amount of vertical feet, that you rode. That is no longer available, and all of the signs at the lifts have been removed. You can now only see your total vertical feet in the app. Although it is not a necessity, this was a nice feature. I don’t understand why it was removed. is there any way you could bring that back?.Version: 14.0.12

So BadIt logs me out every time I close the app.Version: 13.4

Dreadful Customer ServiceAs others have found, if Vail Resorts creates another account for you, all your previous data is lost. Their response was basically; tough luck, too bad and it’s all too hard. There is obviously not a penny spent on the development of this app to improve the things that their customers find irritating..Version: 10.2

Day stats have disappeared but year stats are still goodIs there anyone at Vail can help me?.Version: 14.3.0

Very bad launch for the new app, stay awayFirst of all, the scan feature never worked for me and I had to go get a physical pass printed. Unfortunate although honestly I prefer it anyway. The issue is if I don’t fully close the app the ticket scanners think it’s active. Makes it so I never open the app throughout the day anymore so my physical pass works. Also, they got rid of lift time estimates and more importantly you can’t even see what trails are open on the map. Lift time is whatever but I basically have no idea what’s open while looking at the map. There is no way filter closed runs, just closed lifts which is insane. Until things are fixed I’ll keep using a pdf of the resort map and tracking using one one of the decent tracking apps.Version: 14.0.5

Bad app, no customer serviceThis app would in theory be really cool if it worked to do what it claims to be able to do. I have tried logging out and logging back in, deleting and Re downloading the app, and resetting my phone and it still never stops the infinite loading screen while I’m trying to see my stats, or track my day. The most frustrating part is the lack of any recommended troubleshooting or customer service whatsoever, as the help center links just take you to their FAQs as does the “app support” link on the App Store. It seems like if I wanted to get anywhere with this I would have to call one of the contact phone numbers, but I feel like it’s unlikely that that will get me anywhere. I really just hope they patch this super buggy app soon so that I can start tracking my days without having to get another additional app to do so. The only reason I gave two stars and not one is because sometimes the maps work well..Version: 12.5

Stone AgeSo you're telling me that after 16 years of apps being developed This is what the wealthiest ski resort company in the world has to offer? Incredibly clumsy to navigate, no good info easily found or found at all. -Trail map is just a zoomed in photo, can't interact with it other than changing what is on the photo. -Weather is okay but nothing special. -dinning. Like what am I even looking at? You click on something and you get a broken trail map experience again. -mountain cams...... they might be good if they opened to look at them but nothing works on the app. Better off going to the website. -My states.....devs, just look at any running or fitness app and you'll see good examples of how to display and interact with data is a useful way. Someone help the developers of this app. Please!.Version: 14.0.8

Needs workPass won't scan because I don't have enough info online. Can't register an account online. So can't really use app. Also - the rest of the world uses Celsius so it needs to be an option in the app..Version: 8.2

Why did you remove the fun features from this appVail has had to scale down its operations but no idea why they took so many features our of this perfectly good app (before). Also the links to Tock for restaurant bookings don’t work properly. Boo.Version: 11.5

Useless AppDoesn’t track any stats. Doesn’t track or show any runs that you did. Doesn’t have your pass in it. For whistler reservations on mountain function doesn’t perform well. Better off using QR code at entry. The only thing I think this app does it show that you’ve been there. Absolute waste. I highly suggest using ski track for all your daily stats and recordings of where you’ve been. Vail resort should never change what IntraWest built. Do not waste your time with this. It will not help you.Version: 12.1

Temperatures and conditions don’t workIn preparing for a day on the slopes the first thing I look for are weather conditions to determine what clothing layers to wear. These don’t work on Epic, nor do forecasts much of the time. Additionally snow conditions are not reported which is the second thing I would normally check. Eg if it’s “hard packed “ I’d use a stiffer GS ski rather than an all-mountain or fat powder ski. And I would also pre-determine where on the mountain I would ski. The Whistler Live app tracked these and more a lot better including backcountry conditions. But it is no longer supported by Vail in lieu of their global resort app. Another Vail fail..Version: 12.1

New design is terribleThe new app design looks cool, but functionality was removed as compared to the old app. The worst omission is the trail open/closed layer for the resort maps. This has been replaced with a “groomed” layer which you can barely see. I believe this was done as a cost saving measure (so staff didn’t have to update open/closed status all the time), to purposely deceive guests on the condition of the trails (everything is “groomed” status so you can’t complain), and to avoid accountability (if we never said it was open, then you can’t complain if it’s closed when you show up). It makes no sense to remove features other then to purposely deceive your guests. I will be reconsidering my epic pass purchase next year..Version: 14.0.5

1 star.- no way3 years of my stats just gone and I can’t retrieve them No support at all..Version: 12.4

Worst app I ever useWhen you click on My Stats or Track Day, app crashes. Did this for my daughter a couple of weeks ago but worked for me. Today, crashed every time. When you try to send feedback, get email options only and they don’t work..Version: 13.0

Give back Ver 13.5This new 14.0 version is as good as skiing down a gravel road. No Mt. cameras, horrible gps tracking, what happened to the Map?!? Come on Vail resorts! We can’t even use the mobile app pass thingy in Canada anyway,.Version: 14.0.6

AustraliaOnly North America, when will you make the app work over all Epic resorts.Version: 14.2.0

Not working at WhistlerThe old App is better. Even w gps on it misses runs , lifts and stats :(. Not accurate. Old App much better.Version: 14.0.6

Bring back Whistler Blackcomb app!This replaces the old WB app for Whistler. A big shame. Not only is is lacking in features (no snow alert!), but it simply does not work - no snow conditions for Whistler, just “error connecting to network”... Accounts were supposed to have been transferred over from the WB app, but that never happened. And you have to have your ski pass before you can even look at most of the features. What’s the problem with people looking before they arrive at the resort??? Dismal effort. Thankfully we’re going for the snow not the crummy apps..Version: 8.2

Still buggy and unreliableLast year’s version of the app would tell you your total vertical was whatever the vertical of all the lifts you took. At Heavenly most trail access is after you take the gondola from S Lake Tahoe and you can’t ski down to the bottom so your vert total was inflated by > 2000 ft. This year they finally added GPS tracking but it’s buggy. I just finished a day at Heavenly and the app utterly failed to track anything. Fortunately I also had my Ski Tracks tracker running so I know what I did. (And btw that shows the problem wasn’t the gps unit in my iPhone.) And the app doesn’t let you see your running total so there’s no way to know it’s not working until you stop tracking at the end of the day and it says it didn’t get any gps data! So far this year the app worked 3 days at Northstar but bonked one day at Heavenly. All in all, the Epic App remains a frustrating, amateurish app..Version: 14.0.10

Doesn’t track all your runsI like that they finally fixed the tracking or at least that’s what they say. If you haven’t experienced this app yet, they make you “always allow location”. They then tell you that it will stop tracking you once you leave the mountain. Apple then notifies you that they are still tracking you three days later and ask if you want to disable location. Why can’t it use the “allow location when using this app” like every other app that tracks? They just updated to fix this problem, so I will see this weekend when I try it again. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t track your runs accurately. It had problems last year with using the RF readers at the lifts, but now that it has the GPS (that you have to set at always locate) and it misses more runs than before. I use a second app that tracks my runs exactly every time I use it. The Epic Mix app misses more than 50% of my runs. I have no reason to use an app that doesn’t do one of the simple things it was designed to do..Version: 12.7

Tracking not accurateI’ve had several occasions this season where it missed tracking of lifts ridden for several hours. Seems that using Bluetooth for pass scanning creates issues, as does searching for types of runs with resort view. It’s too bad because I liked seeing what I did that day, but I can see that data is often missing. So it’s basically good for counting total days on the mountain, since even the map feature is kinda scetchy and doesn’t provide all the trail names… also, there is no way this app is rated a 4.6 out of 5. I looked at the last 50+ reviews and they were mostly 1 or 2 star reviews. They ought to have a App Store feature that shows shorter rating timeframes, like last 10 days or last 30 days. That would give a true rating of app based on recent changes, along with the overall rating that they have..Version: 14.0.11

Need Celsius optionCelsius please.Version: 13.4

Worse every yearI’ve been using this app for 4 years. I’d like to say it’s worse every year and they literally removed every feature that I liked. 4 years ago, the map is not very good. but they have badges to collect and some challenges to complete. it also showed every lift you took. who don’t like badges? for example, miles per day, or lifts in lifetime. They removed the feature and there’s no way to retrieve those info. then they replaced the tracking with the basic simple vertical feet. it’s not that useful for a single day. but I get used to it and found it useful to summarize the season. BOOM! it’s gone this year. and actually the entire app stopped working. it just showed that login circle spinning forever. Really, epicmix, can you please complete some user experience survey and function test before updating the app? I really hope the app can be useful..Version: 12.5

Nice try but more of an Epic FailEpic Mix, no. Epic Fail, yes. Actually there is some good functionality built in here, but much of it is locked behind the log in screen which uses your ski pass to register. The scanning feature works well but fell over when it required verification. Was I really going to call a phone number to try and use an app...No. Why does it need such detailed verification anyway, it’s meant to support skiers not be a secure lift pass. I also trusted this app to see whether a lift was open. On arrival I found a massive queue...and a closed lift. Not sure the linking is working yet. The biggest issue here is that this app EATS battery. Like nothing else. When skiing your battery won’t make it til lunchtime. I’ve not opened this app again because of that. Please please pleas don’t decommission the Whistler live app as this is no good as a replacement..Version: 8.1

Tracks you off mountainWhy does the app still track you off mountain? My phone said you pinged me 17 times over 3 days. Wasn’t even close to the mountian.Version: 13.0

Epic failAbsolutely brutal. Replaces far superior apps. Avoid at all costs.Version: 12.8

Need work before it is worth usingOne of the most useful features of the old app that I fully expected to be brought over was the ability on the trail map to filter which trails are open. By removing this feature navigating a resort in the early season when many runs are not open yet is much more challenging. Additionally the map even shows closed runs as groomed (obviously it can’t be since it’s closed) which makes me think that later in the season we will find ourselves on a run we thought was freshly groomed when in reality it was groomed many days prior. Vail Fix the app as a paper trail map is currently more useful to me during a ski day..Version: 14.0.0

Terrible updateThis app is update is terrible. If you updated to the mobile pass you have to manually start tracking to get your statistics. The old version automatically captures the statistics. The mobile pass has a different number than your card pass. They should be the same. You can no longer add missing lifts and this app almost always misses lifts. Once you have gone to the mobile pass you can’t go back to the old version that was better. When I used Strava and this app the Epic app was always lower than Strava and someone who was using the older version of this app. It is harder to determine groomed hills. I ended up searching. It is too hard to read a map while on the slopes. I wish I never updated to the mobile pass and just used the old version..Version: 14.0.12

Less functional and blocks run-trackin the RFID pass,I can’t even begin to imagine who thought it was a good idea to BLOCK tracking your RFID pass when discovering the app active. Yep, I’ve now got two ski days showing 0 runs because I had the app open on my phone. When I made sure to close out the app, the same pass in exactly the same place was recorded fine, so clearly some rocket scientist at Vail decided to NOT record lift trips made when they detect your pass in the app. Way to make me uninstall what used to be a fairly useful app on the mountain. I get that some people want to run down their phone battery by GPS tracking on the phone but it shouldn’t be a difficult programming change to make those stats override the lift tracking IFF the user is doing so. For folks NOT using in-app GPS tracking just report the lift data!.Version: 14.0.12

Garbage loginWorked great when I first downloaded and made an account but.. The next time I used it. It wouldn’t let me log I tried resetting the password and it still won’t let me in Can’t link it to my new ski lesson So basically u have to have multiple emails everytime it logs u out. So the whole tracking system is useless because it will reset every time Please fix it.Version: 13.4

What happened to open trails on maps?I like the functionality to use my phone in place of a pass, but…. The most important part of this app for me has always been to easily identify open trails on the map. Precious editions made it easy. You can still ID open lifts, but PLEASE give us back the ability to sort on the map and only show open trails. Right now the only way to do it is look at a list, that does not group trails geographically and the. Go back to the map and hunt them down. TERRIBLE!! Especially when it worked so well before. Please give us back this functionality! Can help keep us from accidentally wandering into a place where the only way down is beyond our skill level..Version: 14.0.8

Useful but better if it were up to dateGood ideas but some of the data is for last season. For example Cloud Dine restaurant is described as open - but the kitchen has been closed all season (21 - 22) due to lack of staff. Not helpful….Version: 12.5

This app blowsCmon what the heck.Version: 11.3

Gondola on holdWe understand why but surely some earlier warning would be much appreciated Yesterday the message came at 0903… You know usually before as you use the gondola for staff going up Lifts cost a lot of money and when you stay close to the gondola it is obviously an inconvenience if it isn’t working Also on Sunday we had to wait an hour to get the shuttle back to town from California lodge. More shuttles would have been good..Version: 13.4

New app is an epic failI use the new epic app at heavenly resort yesterday and today and the app failed to record most if not all information of my skiing. Saturday, December 9 it only recorded that I entered the mountain and had trackable elevation of about 6500 feet. On Sunday, December 10. The tram operator scanned me, called out my name yet it never recorded in the database as ever being on the mountain. The app says I had over 9000 of elevation for Sunday, but it is nowhere reflected for the day. For both days, there was no lift information, lift counts, detailed mapped GPS information. I was using an iPhone 13+ I had GPS tracking turned on within the epic app. Using my old manual, Chip encoded pass as far better than this app. Again, epic failure..Version: 14.0.6

Issues1. Find friends doesn’t load 2. Why does it keep asking me to download the map. I should just download it once then it’s done..Version: 13.0

ShamefulThis app is crap. Vail should be ashamed if they think this is of any value to skiers. The weather info is non existent. Constantly logs you out. No relative information. The designers of this app should be fired. It’s absolutely useless..Version: 12.1

Worst ap everJudy terrible..Version: 13.4

Not a good appI lost some data, my last 3 days were not recorded so I am missing vertical on my total for the year, often it missed scans so the daily vertical total is missing mts. Not a good app.Version: 13.4

Vail sucksWorst thing to happen to whistler. And the app sucks as well.Version: 14.0.5

Could be Epic!Decent app but for some reason it keeps putting my location in the UK when trying to reserve tables. Reservation process is clunky and required multiple logins. The map could be really useful but it constantly snapping back to my location so it’s really difficult to plan a route. Also we ended up at a piste not listed on their map. Made it quite difficult to plan. The list queue times would be useful, but I’m not sure how accurate it would be.Version: 12.5

Bad app worse customer supportApplication doesn’t allow basic functions and requires to go to resort is person which is nuts when you’re trying to setup account prior to going on trip… waste of time.Version: 14.0.10

Room for ImprovementUpdate: It looks like the location of the Hidden Valley resort h as been corrected in the app. However, you still cannot start using the app until you pick/favorite your local resort…too bad my local Vail-owned Resorts are still notably absent. I’m a bit baffled as to why the developers made a deliberate decision to exclude these resorts. Though it looks to have a lot of functionality, several faults stick out to me when using this app. First of all, you have to favorite a resort before you can even access the rest of the capabilities of the app. I would happily do so; however; Seven Springs, Hidden Valley (PA), and Laurel Mountain are absent from the app despite them having been purchased by Vail and included on their website as included in the Epic Pass. That brings up another quirk…Hidden Valley is showing as 70 miles away from me which would be accurate if it was the Hidden Valley resort in PA, but when you select the resort it is clearly Hidden Valley MO. Lastly, the interactive trail maps are missing trail and lift names..Version: 13.4

Doesn’t have a future to switch to the metric system.Another sign of Vail fail. They want you to use the app on mountain, and yet they don’t even have the option to switch to metric for those of us locals raised on metric, or any of the overseas guests..Version: 14.2.0

Please update your app⛷Please update your app. I check it every morning to ski where the best place to ski is. For the last three days Attitash has falsified there lift status. Bear peak has been closed and the slow triple was the only lift running…on a powder day no less (2/4/22). If the lifts are closed and you have limited terrain please say so. I feel like it’s a waste of gas and time to go stand in line and wait for a 16 minute plus lift ride to the summit. Also, if you intend to lie about lift and trail status please don’t post a safety warning on your app about ducking ropes to ski terrain that should be open. No secrets??? Are you kidding me there was so much closed powder on Friday 2/4/22 it was embarrassing. Please just be honest and if your not, please don’t threaten to pull passes for ducking ropes when it’s your fault the lifts and terrain aren’t open. I love Attitash, but each and every day so far this it has been a disappoint..Version: 12.5

What Happened To Past FeaturesSo I’ve had EPIC for a while now, 5+ years and had the ability to experience the old app before the new My EPIC with pass capabilities. All in all, there are a lot of issues with it and everyone else has stated those in their reviews and I just hope Vail Resorts actually pays attention to the reviews but anyways, I have one major concern that is actually worth me taking time to write a review which I very rarely do. I’m in IT so I understand the coding responsibilities and difficulties of changing an app around and altering it; however, why were features taken away? For example, an amazing feature that was extremely useful on the old epic app with the map was it would show, if you wanted, the only slopes that are open. That’s the most helpful idea when you’re going to a new ski resort with hundreds of runs that you never been to and trying to learn what is open and what isn’t. Now all we have is a list with no visual view. These are the things that even in IT don’t require much effort but instead are oversight as it was already implemented well in a past app version. Lots of improvements need to happen with My EPIC to even be close to other winter sport recording apps but simple features that used to be on the old version should’ve never left. Please include it back in your new map so we can see what trails are open visually..Version: 14.0.9

AwfulIt never loads my stats, I’ve tried redownloading and nothing works. Broken app..Version: 13.4

Lift status is not accurateAll the lifts on the app were showing either 0 or 1 minute wait when in reality the lines were 15-20 minutes. Remove that part of the app if it’s not working..Version: 13.0

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