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Stack the Countries® app received 181 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stack the countries®?

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Great game for when you are offline.However I would add an extra hard version where you can name the tallest point and lowest point for each country as well as largest lakes/rivers. An extra hard version would include overseas territories and constituent countries which would greatly improve my and others understanding of these. I have stack the states 2 and an interactive map would be a 40/5 stars. Still a great game that should be downloaded😁🇺🇸.Version: 2.8

Brilliant game.My daughter loves it. Really funny and cool take on geography game. Highly recommended..Version: 2.5

Amazing!!!!This game has taught me so much. Thankyou for making it!! I love it. 😍.Version: 1.9

I love this game for my 4 year oldHe loves this game! I just wish it had the reading option like stack the states 2. Like that one will read the question and then he answers. I don’t mind reading it to him but there are times I want him to be able to play without me standing over his shoulder reading the question. I would like for stack the states 1 to have that option too. Over all great game and my 4 year old is great at it..Version: 3.0

Will be great when further developedThis is a good fun game, great for killing time while waiting for planes, or in bureaucratic office queues. Will be further improved when additions are made after the user makes a mistake. For example, instead of the bland "I am Mauritania" type message, the user could actually be shown where Mauritania is on a map. Likewise, instead of saying "XYZ Temple is a feature of my country, why not show us a pic, and a pinpointed position on a map to boot? Then we'd REALLY start learning. But thanks for fun product so far..Version: 1.5

🥰🌎😘Stack the Countries is a mobile game that has captured my heart since I started playing when it first came out. To this day I still get butterflies whenever I open the app. The confidence the game installed in me at a young age has been monumental and continues to play a large part in my life to this day. Anyways, I just wanted to come on here and say that I love you Stack the Countries!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 3.0

GreatMy nephews & nieces & I have enjoyed playing this game. It is improving their geography. Some of the questions are a bit repetitive though & it would be great to have a wider variety..Version: 1.4

Educational, easy and funMy kids love this app, and they learn about the world while they play.Version: 2.5

Very goodExcellent educational and entertaining app - the whole family enjoys it. A few suggestions - some more background photos, there only seem to be a handful. Some of the questions are a bit samey and repetitive, so more questions a more variety maybe about major exports, sports, indigenous peoples, geographical features etc. Perhaps there could be an option where you are not permitted to drop the countries from below the line..Version: 1.1

Great fun learning appAwesome for adults too.Version: 1.9

It’s Pretty Good!I think it’s worth the money to buy it but there are some flaws to this app. You should also add some major territories (Kosovo, Western Sahara, Greenland, and Taiwan). Also, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but Albania is always glitched. Sometimes it’s bigger than usual, or it’s on a 45 degree angle. Other than that it’s a great game and I highly recommend it to people who love countries or people who want to learn!.Version: 2.8

Great but please correct TasmaniaHave to say - Brilliant. Educational for kids and adults alike. Coming from Australia, one glitch, humorous as it is, is that Tasmania is referred to as seperate country (!) in some questions . Also a glitch with the flag of Libya..Version: 1.8

Fun TimesFun, not easy, but fun!.Version: 1.5

Great educational gameBest map game out there.Version: 1.9

Stack the countriesA great and fun game to learn facts about the worlds countries. My 11 year olds knowledge of world geography has improved a lot , as has mine..Version: 1.7

Love itGreat app but isn't Russia a bit small, Very fun ☺.Version: 1.5

Quite goodMy sons (8&6) enjoy it, good educational value, and I enjoy it too..Version: 1.1

Good gameHey, i have 5 accounts all of which have at least very country in world, max score on all map its and very high scores on the tapping game. My high score on easy on the tapping game is 0:00 (I know how to glitch it to get this). Medium 0:04 (also glitched) and hard 0:08 (i didnt glitch this one).Version: 2.8

Learning and having fun.Got this for the kids but I can't put it down..Version: 1.5

I love this game and have recommendationsI love this game as a geography loving child but you should make a part 2 and put in countries like Kosovo 🇽🇰 and the Vatican 🇻🇦 this game made me love geography anyone who doesn’t have this game should get it and also add Purto Rico 🇵🇷 And French Guiana 🇬🇫 and some other territories and micro nations if you could do that it would make my life 100x better.Version: 2.8

This is IT!The best tool for a child to learn all about the world. Excellent!.Version: 2.1

Great funThis is fun and educational the whole plays every night for hours!.Version: 1.8

A fun gameThis app is a fun way to pass the time and learn the names and location of places in the world..Version: 1.5

New gamePlease make a stack the countries 2 so there can be different coulors for the same countries and make it just like stack the states 2 except for countries please do this.Version: 2.8

Stack the countriesGreat fun game for kids and adults alike. You learn a lot and great to give you an overall idea of the world geography. Adding other features would be fabulous I.e. rivers, mountains, language spoken, etc..Version: 1.5

Stack the countriesWe home school our daughter and she loves this! Great fun way to get to know your countries. Thanks guys😊.Version: 1.8

Love this appGreat app - my nine year old daughter absolutely loves it and it's taught her loads. The map it game is really tricky but totally addictive..Version: 1.6

Great app!It's great.Version: 1.8

Very educational, but needs to be more challengingReally enjoy learning more and improving my spatial awareness by stacking, but it would be better if the height if the line increased with each level to make it more challenging and engaging..Version: 1.9

My child loves this app!It has captivated my child more than I can imagine. It teaches different countries that are never mentioned in school or media, gives an idea where the more influential countries are. Just a great learning tool!.Version: 2.8

Stack the Countries is the BEST EVER I❤️ it 🚩Nam.Version: 2.8

Geographic funLove this app. Having fun testing my geographic knowledge, plus has a touch of physics thrown in... Truly a win win. Learning doesn't need to be boring..Version: 1.8

UnbelievableCouldn't believe it when my 4yr old could identify every single island in the pacific and my 6yr old could identify every country in Europe after a week's use. Worth every cent..Version: 1.9

Awesome!!!!!!!Stack the countries is a great game. I am addicted to it because it's so fun!.Version: 1.6

Great for middle school GeographyAn educational app that's fun. Great for kids.Version: 1.8

Great gameVery addictive, at least you can claim it is educational!.Version: 1.9

Stacking countries ExcellentWhat can I say? Great game & my son loves it too. A bit hard to figure out first, but once you know it, it's the best. Looking forward to get the Canadian version (Stack the Provinces). I hope you're working on it soon..Version: 1.4

Brilliant funSo addictive and feels good thinking you are taking some of this information in!.Version: 1.8

Very fun!Interesting and fun. Play with the whole family. Great game..Version: 1.5

Stack the CountriesSuch fun! And very educational too !!.Version: 1.9

Great app for learning!I love this game and it’s great for little kids to learn the continents countries capitals and flags of the world! Thank you for making my day!.Version: v3.2

GoodThis is good but can you please fix albania.Version: v3.2

Fun & Easy LearningMy son 9/10 yrs has enjoyed this app for awhile. He keeps going back to it on his own and has learned easily. You can't ask for better than that on an educational app! Works well, no crashes or problems on iPod 3 or iPad 2.Version: 2.1

Great game!!Great educational game for me and my kids..Version: 1.9

GreatGreat app! Fun in learning.Version: 1.8

Great educational gameGreat educational game. Can bit corny but my seven year old granddaughter loves it..Version: 1.9

This is a fun game but you’re missing a couple countries and all the territoriesYou’re missing all the territories but a bit of countries and add Puerto Rico in Guam to the US in North America just put them where they belong don’t put guam in Asia put Guam in a ocean of moths America not in the Caribbean and make all and add all the territories of the US but Puerto Rico and Guam because you have to add those before every state just keep the states in the Mississippi river not apart.Version: v3.2

AwesomeMy 7 year old son is addicted to this game..Version: 2.8

Cool but I hate country’s I got incorrectThe countries I pick on hard questions like Prague is the capital of which country, I was just blind I know Cape Verde capital is Piara but it was about Prague so I pick Cape Verde and the correct answer was Czech Republic! Yeah, I hate it’s capital Czech Slovakia is my worst historical country! And I got 8 more incorrect answers about Brunei,Slovenia,Mozambique,Timor-Leste,Marshall Islands,Ecuador,Nicaragua but I got the flag wrong in countryball poaoto May them,Andorra.Version: 3.0

GreatI like this game very much, because it teaches world geography by having fun ..Version: 1.6

Stack the countriesI love this game a lot..Version: 1.5

Great App for all agesWell worth the small price tag and great for 6yrs+. Also great for adults who are embarrassed about how bad their geography is ;-).Version: 2.5

Great educational appMy daughter absolutely loves this game, she asks to play it first thing when she wakes up in the morning. The app was recently updated when a new country came into existence - great job!.Version: 1.4

AwesomeLove this game. It's educational and addictive!.Version: 1.9

Amazing app!I'm twelve, and this app has literally taught me so much about geography, in a fun way. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about the countries, cities, and flags of the world. If there were a hundred stars, that is how many stars I would give this app..Version: 2.5

Love it except one thingAlthough the app does cost money, I personally think it’s worth it. I played stack the countries when I was younger and wizzed my teachers at 7. The app has a good selection of options, and it also has a specific “select continent” tool to make it easier to learn. The only downfall is that you can’t see the countries when playing the side game, “Map It.” You can click in the relative location and still get it right. It doesn’t help learn about it that well as the bigger countries can. Also, while on “learn” add a zoom button. And instead of zooming out of the country let us move to the closest one. But otherwise, this app is really good..Version: 2.8

GreatI love its fun and I learn.Version: 1.2

Educational and fun for all agesReally good game. Not flawless as it said Pyongyang was in SOUTH Korea! Would benefit from pictures and/or maps to show you the newer when you get a question wrong.Version: 1.1

Great7 year old ask to play this all the time, and I'm learning with her!.Version: 1.7

Excellent!Not just for kids! My knowledge has improved as well..Version: 1.7

Great !!!Was introduced to this by my friends. Love this addictive and very fun. I am not the best at geography and I am always looking to increase my general knowledge. Feel more educated by this app already. Wonder if there are other apps like this on different subjects like chemistry, English, history etc. I would defo by them. Just a recommendation adding more random facts would be a bonus !.Version: 1.8

Fun, but BROKEN!!!Albania is rotated on the map, I once put Lebanon through Libya, and Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan overlap each other on the map! FIX IT!!!!!.Version: 2.8

Great game,but a few bugs and suggestionsHi I really like Stack the Countries. I love the way you can repeat continents. Speaking of continents, there are bugs with that. First, whenever you finish the world( finishing each continent) whenever you get the first country on x2, whichever continent it is on, the game sticks with that continent, I tried putting the world on, but it still doesn’t work. Another bug with that is that countries like some countries like the Stan countries, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are all like smashed into each other, the Russian part that border Poland goes INTO Poland. Now for suggestions, can you add more countries such as Vatican City, Greenland, Northern Cyprus, Palestine, etc. and can you also add more questions like if it is landlocked, or if it border which ocean..Version: 3.0

Great geography gamesThis collection is made up of 3 games, Stack the Countries, Map It and Pile Up. They all teach geography very well. This game is why I’m well educated on the subject, as I had no prior knowledge of geography. Like many games, it has a few glitches. For example, in Pile Up, if you tap a country before the game starts, it will play a beep sound and the cheering won’t stop. As well, it is missing a lot of countries. The list is, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, Northern Ireland, Greenland 🇬🇱, Faroe Islands 🇫🇴, Kosovo 🇽🇰, Vatican 🇻🇦 and Taiwan 🇹🇼. And the capital of Burma 🇲🇲is Naypyidaw, not Rangoon. Because of that, I can’t say it’s perfect. Otherwise, it’s a great educational game and time waster..Version: v3.2

Addictive!A great learning tool for younger players and a really addictive pastime at any age..Version: 1.8

Great but brokeI always use to play it but somebody deleted it so I am trying to download it again and it is not working!.Version: 2.8

Amazing!I’ve had Stack The States for a while now and wanted to get Stack the Countries. So I did, and for some reason this game is really fun! It might be getting a new country that makes it so fun. I very enjoy this game and recommend it!.Version: v3.2

Great learning toolReally love playing this game with my 5 year old. We are both learning things!.Version: 1.8

MrsPut everything else aside and have great fun with this app. Quite addictive but also informative and very enjoyable!.Version: 1.7

NixxyReally good game, got it for my 7 year old ended up playing myself, needs more questions as they get a bit repetitive, good tho.Version: 1.4

AmazingThis game is so fun! I love it and it's educational!.Version: 1.3

Fabulous. Educational; fun and very addictiveBest family app game I've come across for stretching general knowledge and still keeping a sense of fun. Wish there were more like it!.Version: 1.8

Travel the WorldThe 5 year old and the 45 year old both enjoyed this addictive game. Good for learning and competitive. Like the different users option..Version: 1.7

Great Game But a few bugsI love this game, and its very helpful for learning the geographic locations of a lot of countries, but it could be better. I get kicked off my game randomly and I lose my progress. I also completed North & South America 5 times each but it shows that I’ve only completed it once. I also think they need to add a few places like Greenland, etc. Thank you for reading!.Version: 2.8

Country stackGreat app, learning lots and sooooo addictive.Version: 1.6

PhoebeSo awesome, best and easiest way to get on top of your geography!.Version: 1.6

Don’t listen to that personSome person said you need to add Wales England Scotland and Northern Ireland as separated countries but you could still have the uk right so don’t listen to the person that wants Wales England Scotland and Northern Ireland as separated countries they are only the states of the uk.Version: 3.0

Good but it’s kind of rigged . No ads !Its a very good and you learn very much but it’s kind of rigged.1 time i put Spain in England and it started to shake and move to the right and fell of the platform and it’s happened about 9 times now and i’ve only had it for 4 weeks now🥵😠😱!Not all countries are included but it’s still my favorite game of all time. NO ADS ❌🚫📺.Version: 2.8

Love this gameLearning so much on this game. Best game worth the cost :) So trying to get all of Africa love it..Version: 1.6

Good game plz readPeople are literally suggesting you put colonies as a country like wth whos gonna ask you about the capital of french polynesia, plus the states in the UK are not countries, thatd be like claiming california was its own country(btw one recurring point is “add the vatican”, please do if you can).Version: v3.2

It's fun!!! I LOVE ITThis is great fun, thanks for ,making this map.Version: 1.5

Awesome!!!😍😝🙃This game is so awesome!!! I wasn't thrilled about paying for but now that I've played it it was with it. You can even play offline!! The questions may be hard sometimes but it is so fun earning countries!! I totally recommend getting this. It is worth the 💰 money😍😘😝🤣😂😀🙃🙂❤️🌏🌎🌍.Version: 2.8

Great game!My kids love this game. My six year old knows more about geography than most adults now. It is worth a higher price. I also have Rocket Math. I would buy another game from this developer without trying it first. Can't recommend it high enough..Version: 1.1

Worth Every PennyExcellent educational game!.Version: 1.3

Love it!I'm both proud and embarrassed to admit that after playing this game my 6 year old is better at geography than I am! Great game!.Version: 1.5

GreatGreat game.Version: 1.5

Great game overallThis is a great game, totally worth the money 💴 but it has 2 minor bugs, first of all Ireland and he U.K. Don’t share a land border there’s ocean in between them. Second of all in bigger countries parts of the country don’t register and if you happen to put a country in that spot it will go right through it..Version: 2.8

RachelMe and my kids love this game.. it really helps grasp the concept behind the continents... could really be improved by showing you each time you have to answer a question which continent that country was from, simply through flashing up its world positioning .. then the visual side of the memory learning of countries would become concrete and improve educational side of this game majorly.. like you can click of Siberia a thousand times but never really have any idea where in the world it is if you didn't go and look.. which kids aren't so inclined to do.. there could even be an incorporated game where you have to keep seeing where the different countries are.. but it's fantastic and is addictive... thanks very much...Version: 1.9

FantasticBrilliant concept, helps you learn the shapes of the countries in a fun and interactive way..Version: 2.8

I Love ItCan you add Stack the Countries 2 including Vatican City and Palestine and make it free like what you did on the lite versions? update where Cabo Verde to Cape Verde and Czechia back to Czech Republic in this 1st version thank you Dan! Also update the version with Vatican City and Palestine I know there 2 Observer States but still worth adding..Version: v3.2

Missing featuresI have a suggestion for The developer of the game: you should add greenLand🇬🇱, change the name of Burma into Miramar, add the ability to connect countries, add Western Sahara🇪🇭, French Guiana🇬🇫, Vatican City🇻🇦 and others, add Antarctica 🇦🇶 (not a country but a continent). I will very much appreciate it if you do my suggestion, please accept this please.Version: v3.2

Wonderful.Packed with activity, color, and learning, this app is truly a great start to getting children to learn countries. Stack The States also looks like a lot of fun. I don’t have it yet. Putting the countries on the continent really helps children learn where they are. And of course, everyone loves the stacking game where you get to drop countries! The one where you have to tap the countries to make them disappear is great for kids that want to learn the shapes of countries. Me and my little sister both enjoy this app. Except, please add more games as I think she is getting a little bit bored. Thanks!.Version: 2.8

Wish the questions were read aloudThe app is great, but my 5 year old likes to play it and I have to sit and read him every single question, since he can’t read yet! Would love it if a narrator read questions and answer possibilities— then even the youngest of players could benefit and learn!.Version: 2.8

Excellent appI love this app. Educational and lots of fun - great combo!.Version: 1.5

Kosovo isn’t in the map of Europe?I saw the map of Europe but Kosovo isn’t in the map! Can you fix it for me?.Version: 2.8

Fun and educationalThis is a terrific game, with great graphics, is lots of fun to play and has a lot of pinache..Version: 1.3

Amazing learning toolAlthough you can say there are things missing, (which there are) you have to admit this is an amazing children’s game. It is unfortunate that kids are too cool to learn, because this would be insanely useful for 12-17 year olds, just to learn more about the world. I’m 15 and I can’t recommend this app enough to any young person willing to learn.Version: 2.8

Great and simple ideaGreat way for children to become familiar with the world map.Version: 1.7

Wonderful.Don’t understand the review saying they don’t understand it or it doesn’t work. It is one of the slickest well written apps I’ve seen, and my 7 year old son absolutely loves it. It has helped him learn so much about countries, continents, capital cities, languages etc. In a really fun game. Recommend 100%.Version: 2.8

Pls new VersionIt’s very good and now I am just looking forward to stack the country’s 3.Version: v3.2

AddictiveMy sanity saver for night time baby feeds as it can be played one-handed.Version: 1.4

Great GameI first downloaded this game in 2013 when I was 6, it was great. 6 years later, it’s still installed on my iPad. Just one thing, could you get around to fixing the Albania glitch where it is really big? Also to the reviews saying russia should be to scale: Russia is really big, the biggest country on earth. Making Russia to scale would take a lot of work and it would ruin the game because it’s so big. (for the developers) Will there ever be a stack the countries 2 that would be like the stack the states 2 game? Also, could you add places like: -French Guiana -Greenland -Kosovo -Puerto Rico -Taiwan -and change Macedonia to North Macedonia.Version: 2.8

Albania is brokenAlbania is broken because it was rotated up right but good game.Version: 2.8

Great FunThis game is great fun, and well worth having - there's no such thing as useless knowledge :-).Version: 1.4

Fantastic games for 9 and upGreat way to learn geography. Fun. Good for whole family. Great for car trips!.Version: 1.9

Not bad!Not quite as good as the 'Stacking the States' version of the same game which is outstandingly addictive and educational, but still not bad. Country sizes seem out of proportion with each other is my only complaint! Still, one of the better apps in my view..Version: 1.5

The best!!I got this app about when I was 7, and its still one of my favorite apps on the app store! It helps you learn all of the countries extremely fast, and it isn’t boring either. I recommend you add Kosovo, Western Sahara, Taiwan, and Vatican City tho. Also, thanks for updating Mauritania’s flag and Swaziland/Eswatinis name :3 Anyways, if you want to learn geography in a really fun way, I highly recommend this app, its amazingggggg.Version: 3.0

CountriesI find this game to be quite an educational tool. I enjoy playing it with co-workers and family a great way to learn.Version: 1.5

One of the best apps:)Amazing game, my 7 year old loves it, his knowledge is incredible....he knows more than me. We love playing this together :D !!!.Version: 1.6

Great Game but somethingIt’s an awesome game, but here’s a few things. Russia needs to be bigger because as someone else said, it’s smaller that any of the bigger countries. The world map for Europe is weird. Russia is not as good quality as the rest, and Albania is tilted. Liechtenstein is a bit off. Asia is weird, too. Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are squished together. Also, new countries (and maybe territories, too) would be good.. Like Kosovo, Greenland, Western Sahara, and more. Also, when I zoom in on the West Indies, it shows nothing, so I can’t learn about it. Please fix the zoom in screens. They’re broken..Version: 2.8

Please make a Stack the Countries2Make it with elevation and cities and all of the landmarks in the countries that you have earned. Make it free And make it like make it like a Stack the States 2. Make white the snow Brown the mountains and green my prairies but in the United States don’t make the city states make the cities in the states.Version: 2.8

Informative and entertainingVery strongly recommended. It offers engaging challenge on several levels. Many opportunities to succeed and enjoy the study of geography. Wonderful for all ages..Version: 1.7

Great game but some games missing😍😍😍We need west Sahara French Guiana vantikan and Greenland and South Georgia and sandwich island Antarctica that’s all in phone Albania is weird it is a glitch some others to monterserrat and reunion is missing Kosovo and Russia is smaller than kibati Argentina Brazil USA Canada Alaska is not part of America and Africa country ,s are to small to complete I hope they do that in 2nd one why is for 9–11 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Version: 2.8

Fun & educational.Stacking is fun but I loved unlocking map it- great way to improve general world geography. Great for kids and adults alike. Looking forward to more!.Version: 1.8

Where in the world....A fun and educational app that will help you learn the countries of the world.Version: 1.5

Stack countriesThis is the best educational game that I came across so far for both children and adults. It is a knowledge base and at the same time is fun to play. It would be great if it could be extended to the physical map as well ( mountains, rivers, deserts...).Version: 1.9

Very goodGreat way of learning all the countries of the world, their capitals and mini facts.Version: 1.8

BrilliantLoving this app. Loads of fun and learning so much as I play!.Version: 1.2

LiAMLiAM.Version: 2.8

Maybe you should make a second oneI do like this app, but I think you should make a second one like stack the states 2 so it could be 3D and also, I want you to add the counties in UK,Russia and the other big countries..Version: 2.8

EdutainmentSimple and addictive!.Version: 1.5

Love itTotally addicting and educational - I can't put it down.Version: 1.6

Way too much funThis app is so addicting - very well designed, educational, challenging but not frustrating, and just plain fun. It combines all the best elements of gaming at a reasonable cost..Version: 1.8

Amazing appI love this game so much, I’m 8 years old and I turned from not knowing where any country was in Africa or Asia, to knowing all the landmarks, countries, capitals, and where every country is. Also, my brother and I were never playing with each other, but for some reason we just stared doing this together all the time! There is nothing wrong with this app and I am now addicted! Thank you for creating this amazing game. 😃😃.Version: 2.8

Fun GameIt is a challenge and I enjoy playing it..Version: 1.8

Stack em up!Entertaining & a great way to teach my 7 year old about the countries of the world!.Version: 1.8

An excellent, educational game!I love this game! I bought it after trying stack the states and being really impressed with it. I'd love to see more landmarks added such as rivers, or even different versions of the game like English counties (I'm hopeless at geography in general, but after a few weeks with these games, I now know where all of the countries in Europe and south America are, as well as all of the American states!) :) Overall, the only fault I can find is that there aren't even more versions of this, it's definitely worth the money..Version: 1.8

Great app for kidsMy 4-yr-old loves this game but he can’t read yet. It would be great if this app had the ability to read out the questions for him.Version: 3.0

Great educational and fun game!Hello! I’ve played this game and Stack The States ever since the year they came out. This game improved my geography skills very well and very early in my childhood. I still play these games from time to time whenever I feel bored or want some nostalgia. Thank you so much for creating this game! I do have one question though, will there ever be a Stack The Countries 2 (like Stack The States 2)? I think it would be really cool and fun to learn some more info and facts while playing this game! Thank you for the fun and memories with your games! I really enjoy them! :).Version: v3.2

Fun and not too easyI love playing this game. Geography and trivia and cute graphics. Addictive :).Version: 1.5

Great game, but here is some things to doI love it, but you could add French Guiana, Kosovo, Greenland(I know it's a territory but it is still worth adding), Western Sahara(owned by Morocco but still worth adding). Some other things are add England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to complete the UK but you can still have the UK ( when you earn countries you need to unlock the countries of the UK to make up the UK but you can still use UK and it's countries on the staking part), make Russia bigger because it is smaller than Canada, USA, Australia, and China in the game, add Antarctica in "the world" part as a rare place you can unlock and if you unlock it then you can use it in "the world", and my last request is that for "the world" you make the map world map instead of a random continent, so "the world" actually goes by the title. Anyway I love this game and I will love it even more if this stuff is added, thanks..Version: 2.8

Stack the CountriesThis is educational, fun and just a bout addictive. I would change nothing, but might add a few things. A statistics page would be a fun way to track how many question answered correctly by category. It would tell the player where he needs to do some studying. (In my case national flags).Version: 2.8

LoveThis app!.Version: 1.9

Great and fun!:)This game is awesome and I played when I was 4 or so, and now I’m 9! I’M ADDICTED!!! Great way to pass time too! Oh, by the way, could you make a Stack the Countries 2? Even though there are some bugs, I’ll let it pass because this game is so fun! :) :) :) :) :).Version: 2.8

Great!!My 7 year old loves this, put it on his iPod and he plays it all the time. It has dramatically improved his knowledge of the world! Would definitely recommend..Version: 1.1

Good funEnjoyed playing this for five minutes every now and again for over a year. highly recommended.Version: 1.9

OutstandingIt can certainly be improved..Version: 1.5

Amazing, but you need a little moreI love this app! However, there are a few things you need to add. First of all, please add Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, and Northern Ireland as separate countries!! Also add Vatican City🇻🇦and make Russia bigger. You also need to change Burma to Myanmar🇲🇲 (the current name), and add Greenland🇬🇱 (I know it is technically a territory of Denmark, but it should be added). Also add Kosovo. I think that if you did these things, the game would be ten times better than it already is. Thanks for the great game!.Version: 3.0

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan And Turkey are in both Europe and Asia just like Russia!List Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan And Turkey as European Countries just like Russia in my Stack the Countries update idea! The countries in both Europe and Asia are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey. All 6 of these countries should have the same questions in Europe and Asia. So in Europe, where the question asks “Which country is located in the region of Europe?”, there should be the one that is in both Europe and Asia if you play European countries in my request, can you make that update so it is currently known?.Version: 2.8

There are some Bugs worth fixing.Hi, if there are any suggestions, I ask you make sure in pile up, countries can’t stick to the walls. Also, make the guessing system more accurate. Even if I tap the correct country, it will likely say I’m wrong. And finally, add extra territories to the country but make them able to phase through other things, like Japan’s Southern islands. Also, Finally, make Greenland independent from Denmark. If you made Iceland Independent, why not Greenland? Everyone wants it. Also, add Vatican City if you can add Djibouti, San Marino, and Singapore. And can you please add more questions?.Version: 2.8

Little MiracleI was astonished how addicted my 8 yr old found this app! Even my boyfriend found himself completely wrapped up in it. Education wise, amazing! My son learned so quick and easily because it was fun. He went from a C in Social Studies, to a A in 4 weeks! Got anymore apps like this? Thank You for this great tool! M&N.Version: 1.9

Stack the CountriesNot just for kids at all. I have been learning every time I play. A good game where you get addictive about learning.Version: 1.8

Love! This is my favorite and the anthropomorphic countries are so cute!It's fun, engaging, educational, and very cute:) I know where the countries in places I've never visited are located now, not to mention flags, capitals, cities, and the shapes of the countries. Geniusly good fun for anyone..Version: 1.5

Trop coolCe jeux nous apprend et nous fait amuser en même temps!!!!!!👍👌.Version: 1.9

AwesomeAmazing game, definitely worth the 2.99.Version: 2.8

Very niceI'm back to learning geography whilst traveling to work. I like it..Version: 2.1

I’m from Canada 🇨🇦I’m from Canada 🇨🇦.Version: 3.0

Geography made fun!!This is not just for kids & is far from easy, especially when you are asked to name a country by its shape! Very addictive, and it makes geography fun..Version: 1.8

Great for kids and adults alikeMy 8 year-old can't put it down and has fast become far better at geography than I have ever been. I've been playing to give her some competition and it's done wonders for my knowledge too!.Version: 1.9

Great game, but you should add more.It's a good app, but can you change Cabo Verde's name to Cape Verde, change Burma's name to Myanmar, make Russia bigger, add Western Sahara, Taiwan, Kosovo, The Observer States, and Greenland (I know it's part of the kingdom of Denmark). And also there are a few bugs: Russia is too blurry on the Europe map, Albania is tilted because there's no Kosovo, and Turkmenistan is over Afghanistan..Version: 3.0

Made me pass AP human geoThis app saved my life and made me so smart do yourself a favor and get this for your kids when they are young because when I was young I thought it was so much fun.Version: 3.0

Stack the CountriesFun for all ages..Version: 1.1

GreatIt is a great geography is so much fun!.Version: 1.5

GreatMy 3year old I play this together and enjoy learning new things about different countries. Good for helping learn new things about geography ascwell as interesting facts..Version: 1.5

A Fantastic App for KidsMy 6 year old son loves this app above all his other ones. He knows more about geography and the world than his parents!! It's educational but incorporates the challenge of a game to keep his interest. Well recommended..Version: 1.7

Stack the countries 2I can’t wait for Stack the countries 2!!!.Version: v3.2

Awesome fun. Oh, it's educational, too.Great game. Can play it for hours, or grab a thirty second hit waiting in line at a store. Play alone or get advice from friends. I like my entertainment to be entertaining and this is fun fun fun..Version: 1.4

Pros and Cons for Stack the Countries.Pros: -Very Educational for Kids. -Unique Concept. -Very Nostalgic for Older Players. -Lots of Accuracies. Cons: -Like Most Games, there are some/lots of Glitches. -Some Countries don’t have the right Size/Shape. (Notably Russia) -Some Countries/Territories are missing. (Greenland, Western Sahara, etc.) -Some People clam that this game is rigged, or is impossible to play. (despite the fact this game is meant for kids) -None of the Transcontinental Nations (Except Russia) are only included in one, and ONLY ONE Continent. Some Pieces of Countries are also missing. (Notably the USA not having Alaska/Hawaii).Version: 2.8

Wow!This Is Amazing!.Version: 3.0

Great AppI learnt have been learning a continent & their capitals each night to brush up on my Geography and this app has made it super easy & a bit of fun :) Well worth it..Version: 1.7

Awesome app!My four (and a half) year old knows more about geography than i do from playing this app. When we first started playing it together he needed help with reading the names of all the different countries, cities and landmarks but now he can read them all on his own & he has literally mastered this app he not only recognizes what each country looks like but also knows exactly which continent it belongs to and can locate exactly where it belongs in the map. Love it!.Version: 2.1

Fantastic FUN Learning GameHighly recommend this app! I bought this app not really sure if my 8 year old son would play it on his ipod - He plays everyday & is learning many interesting facts about different countries all over the world. My 4 year old son also plays it on my iphone & has surprised me with new things he has learnt. I enjoy it too - money well spent..Version: 1.8

Good for older kidsReally great game, but I would definitely recommend for middle school and up. My son got really frustrated quickly because he couldn’t get the answers. Stack the States seems to be better for elementary school kids..Version: 3.0

Stack the CountriesLove it! Wish sound didn't keep going off tho..Version: 1.9

Good but forgot 2 countries and there’s a new app you should makeThe countries are Vatican City 🇻🇦 And the state of Palestine 🇵🇸 if you could add them that would be great ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤎🤎🤎❤️💚💚🖤🤍💙💙💙🤍💙💙🤍💜💙💙💙🧡🤍💙💙💜🤍🤍💜🤍💙🤍💙💜🤍💙💙🤍💚💙💙🤍💙💙💙🤍💙💙💙💙💙🤍🧡🧡🤎🤎🖤🖤🤎🤎🤎❤️💚💜🖤💜💜💙🖤🖤💜 by the way i’m from The USA🇺🇸 why don’t you Antarctica to🇦🇶 but it still Great how it is👍 I also wish that you could make stack the countries 2.Version: 2.8

GoodFun & challenging game!.Version: 1.6

Games amazing but…When i join the game it has a red question mark i dont know if its a but or something for forth of july but can you please fix it because when i put it as a different profile / continet i cant see it because its a question mark in the way so can you pleaae fix it? Btw i in 4th grade and i like geography and this make me mad😢 but the game is amazing.Version: v3.2

AmazeAmaze.Version: 3.0

Love It !I love this game, it's educational but fun at the same time. Love the sounds and the faces of the countries. Great game for young and old..Version: 1.8

AddictiveThere's something about the charming expressions of the eyeballs that keeps me grinning. I expected to feel an intellectual satisfaction answering the questions, but stacking the countries turns out to be addictive fun..Version: 1.6

Don’t make Russia bigI like it but don’t make Russia big or else it will be too easy so if Russia was smaller than USA then it will be challenging and fun soooo thanks for making Russia smaller and new updates and choose a country you want when you are living there thanks 😊.Version: 3.0

Great entertaining time fillerLove this app, I have always been interested in travel and the world but this as taught me how little I really know. Learning all the time..Version: 1.7

Great fun!!I'd like to say that my son loves the game... But he hasn't had a chance to get a go at it yet, as a geography graduate at university level, I'm havin' too much fun!!!.Version: 1.3

Excellent funJust the ticket for my son (and me!). We are learning our countries and enjoying building the stacks..Version: 1.9

Stack the countriesFantastic educational fun. What more could one ask.Version: 1.8

Super fun + ideas to addI love this game and I’m learning a lot. I love the map it mini game but it would be awesome if there was a mode for map it where it didn’t say the name of the country but just the shape because I’d like to be able to memorize the names as well. Or it would only show the shape and not the name for a vice versa effect. Great game overall though..Version: 2.8

Great game but like some things fixedThe game is amazing but here are some suggestions: you could make a stack tc 2 and with other animals like apes or baboons or even lions but could you also make the countries not go over one another ether way it’s still amazing 😍.Version: v3.2

Interactive learningGreat for all ages! It's fun and you're learning at the same time. Although I learnt geography at school to A-level (20 yrs ago!), we didn't cover countries of the world, their flags and capitals. We covered volcanoes and third world trade. I love the animated countries with their facial expressions. Great app!.Version: 1.3

Learn your geography while having funLearn our geography while having fun. Great original game.Version: 2.1

Educationally aware appVery good if you want to travel to foreign countries. Very good for exercising the brain..Version: 1.8

Updates that will make it 100x betterSo add these updates: add New Caledonia Kurdistan Western Sahara Hong Kong Macau Scotland South Ossetia Azkbhazia England Northern Ireland Wales French Polynesia Norfolk Island Gibraltar Taiwan Vatican City Palestine Puerto Rico Northern Mariana Islands Guam American Samoa Java Sumatra Borneo Bali Papua Guadalupe Martinique Aruba Bonaire curaçao Greenland Aland islands Faroe Islands Antarctica and Somaliland /change Burma to Myanmar/Albania is twitched/the Stan countries are overlapping each other/Armenia is underground/Russia seems about the size of Mongolia/the capital of Myanmar is not Rangoon it is Naypyidaw/Add Hindi for Fiji/add English and Punjabi for Pakistan/add Punjabi for Canada..Version: 3.0

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