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Face & Body Photo editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Face & Body Photo editor app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Face & Body Photo editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about face & body photo editor?

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Face & Body Photo editor for Negative User Reviews

Waste of timeTotal rubbish.Version: 1.6

Don’t be fooledThis app is useless and does not let you do any of the facial feature specific modifications it claims to in the advertisements. What a waste.Version: 1.14

AlrightIt's alright.Version: 1.4

Don’t waste your time or money for breast augmentation!Horrible for breast augmentation!.Version: 1.19

Rip offI never write reviews but this app is a waste of money. It is a rip off . Buyer beware do not get this app..Version: 1.19

Glad it was only $1.99Total waste of money..Version: 1.16

CrapIt's just a photo drag ap. Rubbish.Version: 1.0.3

Image morph/distortion appTry the free version first to get used to its controls. The slider adjusts the diameter of the effect. I wish this app would zoom in closer. It is capable of doing minute adjustments like professional software; it only needs is a more functional zoom. Update: A new app called "Elasticam" has better controls and allows you to zoom in much closer. I recommend getting that instead..Version: 1.4

0 starsMisleading waste of money.Version: 1.20

Great App but...Love this app but wish...and I really wish the developers could fix it so that it saves the altered images in high definition. As it is, this app seems to destroy the resolution of the picture quite significantly when it has been through the it. Pictures come out very blurry..Version: 1.17

Plastic surgery appTerrible.Version: 1.5

Don’t waste your money!It doesn’t do anything but twist and distort your face. There are other apps that do what they say. What a rip off!!.Version: 1.17

MauvaisApplication de mauvais qualite..Version: 1.0.3

Very goodThis is a good app but only for side on profile pics to be altered don't bother with it otherwise.Version: 1.2

App is rip offThe app only distorts pictures would love to get my $2 back.Version: 1.17

Doesn't workWaste if money. You can only manually scut a pic. No diff from editing photos in your phone. Did nothing..Version: 1.12

Seriously garbageWhat a waste of money. You pay to twist and distort your face not simulate surgeries. False advertising.Version: 1.12

Needs more zoom, smaller diameter, better quality saveI like this app overall but get frustrated sometimes that I can't zoom in more and that the diameter for growing, shrinking or moving can't go smaller, like for pics where subject is farther back and facial features like eyes or nose are smaller but those being the areas you want to adjust. Also I agree with other reviews: please improve the quality of photo once you save and export!.Version: 1.12

UselessThe only think you can do with this app is fix your nose..Version: 1.14

Not bad, but not greatThe app can do minor things with photos, but... Like old applications it just morphs the area that you're working on, so that it is easy to tell what was done. For example, the localized area of an expanded feature also becomes expanded. If you are making a nose bigger, then the mouth, eyes, and cheeks get distorted. Overall, it's kind of fun for a short while..Version: 1.4


Terrible and unusableGarbage.Version: 1.22

Reduces photo qualityThe resolution degrades from the original photo.Version: 1.5

The undo button shouldnt be right next to the reset! These are so small that when yoThe undo button shouldnt be right next to the reset! These are so small that when you try to undo the thumb doesnt let you see and i press the reset accidently and its anoyying because i have to start over!!! Fix that please ....Version: 1.4

Don’t do itWaste of money. It’s a joke..Version: 1.16

Total waste of time!Downloaded this app hoping to just be able to press a button and augment any feature but instead every button I press does a warped view of my features not good at all.Version: 1.7

HorribleIt takes your picture but any changes are like pressing your finger in play dough . Not usable.Version: 1.20

Good AppThis is a good app but tricky to use..Version: 1.4

Useless, reallyI feel totally swindled. Even if it was free it would still be less than worthless. This is IN NO WAY "photo realistic plastic surgery results". It will pinch or expand whatever is under your finger... period. Save your money..Version: 1.0.1

App not worth the purchaseNo way to really simulate a mini lift where wrinkles are gone. Cannot get a real idea at all of what you’d look like . Don’t waste your money.Version: 1.19

Waste of $2You can’t exactly edit anything. It’s just a single tool to reshape, which makes it extremely tough to get the desired result. I was expecting there to be “retouch” options like face, body, etc., not a single circle to move parts of the body is different directions. But I guess that’s my fault for not reading up before purchasing..Version: 1.16

WatermarkWatermark on the paid version? Come on guys!.Version: 1.17

It won’t stay to the upgraded versionEvery time I open the app it brings me to the page to upgrade to the paid version...even though I already bought it so I don’t know why it keeps doing that. They should fix that glitch.Version: 1.16

Photo qualityI love how easy it is to use the app but please fix the photo quality! Or let me save the picture itself without the before photo..Version: 1.12

OK appWell this is a good app for adjusting little features of an image which you are not quite happy with. I purchased this version as I wanted the extra features, HOWEVER, I am not at all happy with the quality of my photographs once I save them to my phone! They are blurry to the point I don't even want to use/share them. I even thought that by purchasing the full feature app that this problem would be resolved - No such luck! So unfortunately I can only rate this app a 2-star for now, until I can one day (hopefully) save my images in a much better quality..Version: 1.7

RubbishYou can't actually do anything with this app. Certainly isn't what it appears it's going to be..Version: 1.7

Worst app everDoesn't simulate at all. It just lets you stretch and invert..Version: 1.12

I want a refundThis app doesn’t work properly. It’s stupid.Version: 1.21

ScamThis is a scam.Version: 1.19

APP CRASHESApp does not work at all. Crashes when trying to upload photo. I bought it coz the free version was playing up. Do not waste your money.Version: 1.12

Very very very bad , Zero Star ,Very very very bad.Version: 1.20

Plastic surgery App.Can't save the changed image !! Fix that bug please. Thank you..Version: 1.4

Cannot zoom the imageYou cannot zoom the image!.Version: 1.16

Quality of the after picture is horrible...Can you please improve the quality of the picture after photoshop? The quality of the picture gets really bad after photoshop..Version: 1.12

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