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Face & Body Photo editor App User Positive Comments 2023

Face & Body Photo editor app received 61 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about face & body photo editor?

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Face & Body Photo editor for Positive User Reviews

AwesomeIt is such a funny game. You can mess people's faces up its so cool.Version: 1.3

Sooooo much fun! this is a fabulous app. I've reverted to a five year old making faces in the mirrThis is a gas! Far better than I anticipated. I even bought the PC version. Brilliant and highly functional ap,.Version: 1.2

Never worksApp never works!!!.Version: 1.12

Great appGreat app, loads of fun!!!.Version: 1.2

AddictingAmazing to look at potential changes you could have on your face..Version: 1.2

Something new!Finally, I can brag about my friends with muscles that I do not have in real life :) And seriously, an excellent application, now it is unnecessary to work in Photoshop for hours..Version: 1.12

FunnyIt's really funny It made my girl friend look preggo.Version: 1.5

GreatThis app is really useful I use it when ever I have to adjust a picture is so easy to use.Version: 1.12

The Best App Ever!!This app is so good, you can spend hours on end adjusting your photos to make you look good!!!! Highly recommend it..Version: 1.0.1

It's a good appThis app does its job well, although there are a couple of things that bother me. The tools are a bit hard to use, but not horrendously so. What bothers me more is the obnoxious ad that pops up whenever I launch the app, even though I paid for this app..Version: 1.4

Chirurgie plastiqueAmusants.Version: 1.4

HarrybaggieVery entertaining app. Loads of fun..Version: 1.4

Love this appSo much fun.Version: 1.5

Burt LancasterIt is so cool Lmfao.Version: 1.4

A more user-friendly PhotoshopFar easier to use than any version of Photoshop I've ever seen. The tools are a bit limited but hopefully there will be an update for that. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to go transform myself into a Speedo model..Version: 1.2

Reasonable appThe different tools are somewhat hard to use but are fun..Version: 1.4

Fun but not very accurateFun to play around with making your features bigger or smaller, but not accurate expectations for real plastic surgery. It takes a little bit to get the hang of this app, but once you get it it's pretty fun to "experiment." Update: no noticeable differences, but still fun to play with..Version: 1.9

Great app for "distorter" artistsI have been distorting photos on this app for over the past 5 months and believe it or not, it is one of the best apps in the world to do distortion. I find this app amazing since I have mostly distorted photos of girls!.Version: 1.3

I like this appGood for making funny faces from those you know..Version: 1.3

;)Good for enlarging stuff;).Version: 1.4

Actually outstandingIt does what it says- a very powerful compact tool. Very useful, and of course can be used for fun as well! And the best, very easy to use, smooth graphics( unlike others) and uses device camera as well as photo library. Get this one!.Version: 1.5

Excellent AppDef worth money excellent app does what it says.Version: 1.4

Excellent!I suggest, along with others, that the animation/video be exportable and viewable without any controls obscuring the video. Really great results using this app to beautify, uglify, and funnify people and animals! Thank you!.Version: 1.3

J'aime bien cette applicationGood.Version: 1.2

Absolutely amazing and useful.I first see the app of such a plan. it will be interesting even more for adults than for children. and for future doctors..Version: 1.12

Hours of laughterReally like this app, used all family members faces, changed them, and had them printed on a Calendar. Looking forward to updates to make it better. Still chuckling at some of the transformations..Version: 1.1

I nearly died of laughterGreat app for fun and pranks. It's always interesting to change something in appearance and see the results, sometimes unexpected. Face distortion is just hilarious.Version: 1.12

Who needs photoshop?!?You can use this app to change your body or face to look the best you possibly can!.Version: 1.2

Plastic surgeryFantastic, amassing what you can do with little imagination. With extra tools it will be one the best..Version: 1.4

FunI love making people look funny with this, it does make u look better if you use it properly, in conclution a good app and in my opinion it is worth every dime 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃!!!.Version: 1.7

It’s what I boughtPerfect.Version: 1.19

Great AppExcellent App. Loads of fun..Version: 1.2

GreatAwesome game but could do with extra fitures.Version: 1.2

Very realistic, huh :)Wow, this gives an opportunity to see how you or your friends will look after plastic surgery. It's funny and can amuse a few times. This app is worth its money!.Version: 1.12

This app is awesome!I love the features. The morph to video that you can save to your camera roll. A neat little app. I get excited when I see updates, hoping it will include a new feature..Version: 1.12

Excellent AppI have used it for almost 2 years and it works great!👍.Version: 1.19

Plastic surgery simulatorThis is one of those things you think its not gonna work as advertised. Nonetheless, this app has brought me a lot of fun moments, as it allows me to change my appearance and check the results beforehand. Update: bug fixes.Version: 1.9

Perfect and fun surgery upgradeThis app upgrade has has great idea options to edit photos and change many things in the body, I love this app for fun with friends.Version: 1.9

👃👄👃I really like this app. I use it nearly every time I've taken a photo. You can reshape your nose etc. 👃.Version: 1.0.3

MrThe best!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3

Brilliant appThis is an amazing app brillint.Version: 1.6

A great AppLove this App I use it a lot to adjust photos, mainly holiday ones, works really well..Version: 1.15

Better than photoshop!Great app to use to fix photos and also see what you could look like with different features. You can also make your friends really fat and post the photos on facebook ;p.Version: 1.2

Best app EVERIT DOES WHAT IT SAYS! You want a nip and tuck? This app does it.Version: 1.4

Best app ever!!!!!I highly recommend it , it should be the most popular app on the app store!!! 👍.Version: 1.4

CoolThis app is great an yeah.Version: 1.7

Just WOWWWWWAmazing.Version: 1.4

Awesome!Totally the easiest i've used!!! Avid photoshopper too - this app is amazing! Haven't used the lite version, only the one for .99. Easy to use, features not complicated in the least. Saving to photo roll easy too..Version: 1.3

Great!!!!!!Where do i start? Never seen such an amazing app like that its exactly what i want they made it very professional and great! i can edit what i want doing what i want i have spent so many credit on these kinda apps but never got something like that! I JUST LOVE THIS APP!.Version: 1.7

Great entertaining appIt's an app that gives me a lot of fun. It's rather simple but has many tools to change appearance. Can't stop laughing at what I've done..Version: 1.12

Give new body a tryI couldn't believe my luck when I found this app. First of all, it really helps a deal to decide whether you should go for a surgery. Moreover, it's easy to use.Version: 1.12

Favorite AppLove this app!! I'm addicted...it's a great tool to use if you are really considering cosmetic surgery. You can use it before a consultation...it gives your surgeon a better understanding of the look you are trying to achieve! No one else can better understand your face and body than you (unless you have a serious case of body dysmorphia)! It makes sense to simulate your own pictures before speaking to a plastic surgeon. A good surgeon will tell you what is realistic and not (be sure to consult several before choosing one though...and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH! I learned the hard way)!!!!! It's amazing what little details can do...you can go from MEH to MMEEOW!!!.Version: 1.4

Brilliant!Great for hiding any unwanted lumps and bumps, will slim you down in an instant! Also good fun for funny photos!.Version: 1.3

Full body makeover!!!A really neat app. I love messing around with it when I'm bored, it really works. I would like to see more options for face contouring other then that it's very easy to navigate through..Version: 1.3

Was great BUT...You need to have an update for IOS 10 because it now no longer works properly.Version: 1.10

To old womanExcellent to quit some things that u don't want to have on some pictures important, also it has to more options that make it an amazing surgery simulator.Version: 1.9

Great app.Can't believe that you would not like this app, ok so it's not a one button fix, but it doesn't claim to be. It can however, slim the waist, enlarge breasts and bums, chisel a chin, manipulate the body to give great results. Only thing I would like, is to save the image in a higher quality than it does, so if your the developer, a choice of saving quality options would be appreciated. Overall I would recommend this app to anyone who does their editing on the iPad. Works for me..Version: 1.7

👍 FANTASTIC APP! VERY USEFUL!!! 👍This app is AWESOME! I use it practically everyday. You can custom edit/alter, reshape, resize any person or object in your photos. Very cool! If you happen to have a large mid-section, a flat butt/chest, etc ... you can easily and subtly change any 'unflattering' feature in your selected photo, then simply save the 'new & improved' pic to your photo gallery to create the ultimate photo. Hayyyy! I do recommend buying the full version for 99 cents, so that if you should make a mistake, you can press the back arrow to return to the previous state (up to 10 times) Totally useful & Totally worth it!! Definitely worth the 99 cents! 5 Stars!.Version: 1.4

HumanoïdeFacile d'utilisation et plus que divertissant..Version: 1.4

GreatI love this app , I use it everytime I take a photo, I always look great now :) xx.Version: 1.4

So great surgery digital upgradeDigital surgery upgrade is an option to enhance a body part with this app can be done digitally is very little time, is very funny and has beautiful graphics.Version: 1.9

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