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SMS Signature+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

SMS Signature+ app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SMS Signature+? Can you share your negative thoughts about sms signature+?

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SMS Signature+ for Negative User Reviews

JayceeI'm with most of the reviews. Gets kinda annoying going back and forth. This app needs a reply button at least for the messages received.. Looking for new signature app....Version: 4.2

Fix it!You need to make it where you can send text with signature in the regular message. Instead of using the app. This is aggravating. FIX IT!.Version: 1.4

SmsThis app is a piece of crap, I sent a text and a my friend send me back a message to tell me a bunch of symbols came through..Version: 2.1

SMS signautre+This app works very well, except the annoying fact that you have to switch back and forth from your iPhone messages to this app just to have a signature. NEED TO SEND PICTURES FROM IT and the app doesn't show your messages. this app would most defiantly earn all 5 stars if it was put in your iPhone messages, or you could see your messages from this app. FIX PLEASE!! orrrrrrrr.... APPLE COULD MAKE AN UPDATE WITH A SIGNATURE AND MAKE THE WORLD EASIER!.Version: 4.2

JohnGGDisappointing to say the least.Version: 5.1.1

AnnoyingIts anoying to constantly open the app.Version: 2.0

DisappointedNeed the SMS signature to work with my text message don't like the fact I have to go into the app ugh I want my money back!.Version: 4.2

Needs improvementOk u get the concept but put it on the normal SMS messaging because it makes it easier.Version: 1.4

CrapDoesn't work like it says it does! Waste if money! Want a refund!.Version: 4.2

EhIt works and lets you have a signature. But you have to send each individual text manually in the app for the signature to appear; meaning, EVERY text you send you have to start it out like its a new message, you have to add the phone number of person you're texting each text. Needs to correspond with normal texting so you don't have to do this....Version: 4.1

AwesomeI like it alot,but I would love to be able to add signatures to individual contacts instead of one for all. And receive through the app..Version: 5.1.1

Pretty worthlessNot worth a 2nd look. Sig only added to texts sent from this app..Version: 1.3

WackDid not like it I want a refund on it. You can't really personalize the signature like other phones give you the ability to and you have to go thru the app vs simply doing it off iMessage. Not worth it at all very displeased!.Version: 1.1.1

EhhhhNot worth paying for it's like all the other iPhone texting apps... you have to open app to send a message... it's doesn't work like go sms or chomp where you send and receive msgs thru the app... was pretty disappointed....Version: 5.1.1

Good, but bad!I must honestly say that it serves the signature purpose. That's the good part. The bad part is that it doesn't interface with your regular messaging app. You aren't able to continue nor see a conversation with you and someone else without having to access the regular messaging app. Also, you aren't able to respond from your normal messaging app and add a signature. You have to open the signature + app and add the recipient all over again. This is not practical. My take on this is, Apple needs to give you the option of adding a signature to messages the same way they do for emails. Bottom line is, if this app would interface with the regular messaging app, you'd get a five star rating!.Version: 1.2

SMS+Not a big fan. If you could make your signature right from messages it would be great and easy to use but going back and forth is hard and its not worth doing just for a signature. From: App reviews.Version: 2.0

AppI was told an app was free for that day but still was billed for it... Doesn't make since and I am still trying to figure this out. Why advertise a free app and bill someone..Version: 1.4

Could have been better!!It was ok and the signature thing worked but you have to use that app to get the signature!! Could y'all please make it to where you can access this from regular iMessage!!:-) thanks.Version: 1.3

It's okThis app would be perfect if I didn't have to open it every time I want the signature. PLEASE FIX!!!!.Version: 2.0

Very patheticNot a good quality app u have to open and close the app every time u send and receive a message. Don't waste ur money on it. Needs improvement.Version: 2.1

MisleadingAs soon as you download this app you get a message saying that this doesn't work with your iPhones regular messages feature. It doesn't say this in the description! Text from on app and receive them in another.That's ridiculous. I want my 99 cents back..Version: 2.0

Needs workGood app, but put an update on it so it's on regular messaging cause no one is going 2 go back and forth ALL the time just for a signature.Version: 1.4

InconvenientYou have to use this app to send a text with a Signature...and then you have to open your default text messaging app to follow the conversation. Not impressed..Version: 5.0.6

Fix fix fixPlease fix to where u can use this wit the regular messages.Version: 1.4

PlzzzzzzzzWell the app is okay but you hav to use it while your inside the app... Who ever made this app can you please please please make one that automaticly is on your messaging box... Please please.. I would be so greatful! Thx.Version: 1.2

SMS+This app didn't work. I have to go into s+ to use the app and it looks like a signature is on the message buy the phone receiving the texted sage spent see the signature or the message. It's worthless!.Version: 1.2

Its okay just annoyingPlease Fix it keep crashing and it freeze up SMFH😡.Version: 5.0.4

Text messagingI like the app but it would be much better if you didn't have to exit your messages and launch the app to have a signature.. It takes more time and you can't see the message you're responding to. I think Verizon either needs to get the app to work inside the messages or just update to allow the iPhone to have a signature without the app.Version: 4.2

MrsAbsolutely rubbish! Does not do what it says on the tin!.Version: 4.0-1

Good start!!!I think it's a great beginning to something that has been long awaited! It would earn my 5 stars if it allowed you to utilize this without having to convert over into the app itself! It's extra in that area meaning making the customers put in more effort just to use it! Apple is know or has been know or was known for its "simplicity" and "ease of use ". For developers of these apps let's try and keep that in mind from the consumer standpoint! Or Apple could just make it an option in settings and not just for email either. Overall I would have to say it works! But it doesn't "just work" RIP Steve Jobs!.Version: 5.0.5

Fix itIt's works but if you want to text the person it has to be in the app then when they reply you have to go to messages and then go back to the app and reply witch is stupid please make it work in message thank you for making me waste 99 cents.Version: 5.0.5

Really?Ugggh I bought this thinking finally! Then I realize you have to go through the app what the heck!! I want my money back.Version: 4.2

Signature probWould have been way better if u can have the signature automatically on imessaging.Version: 1.3

Not too goodI should have read the reviews first. I thought it would txt from original app. I don't want to start this app to get a signature. If you can get it to work with built in txt app, then you would have a great product. Boooo.Version: 1.1.1

KatI paid for this app are u kidding me! Why do I have to leave my regular messaging to just have a signature ? U would think it would work better... I wish I'd never paid....Version: 4.2

Needs fixThis app should be conjoined with the message app. It's stupid having to exit the messenger just to put a signature on your messages. Please fix this..Version: 4.2

Fix thisMake it where we don't have to open a different app then our messaging center make then conjoined! Like please! It bugs me. I will give u a higher rating when you fix what everybody wants which is what I want. Please!!.Version: 4.2

Missing somethingI like this app and use it a lot I just wish it was in the message center instead of having to have two separate texting places. Please make one so it's in the iPhone message center!.Version: 1.4

It's okIt's ok. But I really wish apple would go on and just add the app inside the message already.Version: 4.0-1

OkI like it ok, but I also agree that it would be better if it worked with your regular text message system. Thanks!.Version: 1.1.1

It's okThis needs to be updated so you can have a signature in the regular messaging app that comes standard on the iPhone..Version: 1.4

OKMeh, needs improvement, I hate going back and & forth :/ ughhhhh.Version: 2.0

Crap!Every time I send a text it does not show a signature at all, and you guys wont even credit me my money back for this crap.Version: 2.1

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