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Great application, minor qualmI love almost everything about the application. It’s convenient, it’s easy to use, practical and full of everything I’d need or want in a virtual journal for The Work. The only thing that irritates me: how the JYN worksheet’s what do you think of that person always auto scrolls to the very end of where the text ended, even if the cursor is in the very beginning of the text. This is very inconvenient when I want to change something in the beginning, because I cannot see what I’m doing. Only the end of the text is visible. Please change. Otherwise, it’s great. Thank you..Version: 3.2

Great and functional appThis is a great app. I enjoy doing The Work, however writing it down on paper isn’t ideal for me personally (as my handwriting is so messy). With this app, not only is it step by step user friendly, I can easily store my past journals and read and reflect on them with ease. I really like that I can do The Work on my portable iPad. I have not encountered any issues with editing and making changes. Thanks..Version: 3.2

FinallyA great convenient way to do The Work. Facilitates doing inquiry at the moment when you need it rather than putting off writing it all down. Thank you Katie and co!.Version: 1.1.1

Great app but need horizontal optionThe apps actually surprised me in a good way. The questions are really comprehensive. Great value and great complement to the book. The one major flaw is that on the ipad when using the smart keyboard the ipad is horizontal and the app only permits a vertical view..Version: 3.2

Nice appIf you are familiar with The Work and Byton Katie this is a great little app. Not only does it walk you through all the judgements and then 4 questions, It saves everything so you can go back later. If you are not familiar with her and The Work, I highly recommend you check out her books and videos, it’s life changing..Version: 3.2

LandscapeThis app is for iPads and it won’t go to landscape. Why bother? So annoying I have to do the work around this app. Brilliant you guys!.Version: 3.2

Great app!This is a truly marvelous app, but it needs to have screen support for the iPhone 5, I have actually never had this app crash on me, which is amazing. The reason I have it only four stars is because of the lack of support for the iPhone 5's bigger screen..Version: 2.0.0

Minor complaintI’ve just recently downloaded as an additional resource to do my work. My only issue is that i would love for the app to switch the view from vertical to horizontal. I have a keyboard for my iPad, and it would be of much more use to me. Otherwise, it is easy to use and in depth. Well done..Version: 3.2

NamasteThank you, thank you, Katie for sharing your Work with us. It truly is the Work of anyone who wants it. This app makes it that much more accessible for a busy Mom of 2 under 5! I searched for the app before it ever was and then one day it was there. Ah, the universe is generous! From someone who has never paid for an app, I did not get it at the regular price b/c I decided I could still use paper (suffering is definitely too high a price). Thank you for being so open to the other comments about price and lowering it! Much love and abundant thanks!.Version: 1.0.0

Love it!!!I am really grateful for this app because I'm finally doing The Work. I am not much of a writing on paper person so this makes it much easier for me. I would like to suggest that more examples of stressful thoughts be added and I would love to have ALL of the questions on the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. Xoxo.Version: 1.0.0

Brilliant and easy to use version of The WorkI’m a big fan of Byron Katie’s work, I think it’s an amazing gift to the world. I’m reading her book “A mind at home with itself” and this is app is a good companion to do the exercises while reading. While the exercises helps on specific beliefs, I think after lots of practice over many months it will help to train my brain to do the work automatically. I look forward to that day..Version: 3.2

If you need help managing your thoughts and anxietyThis is an immensely helpful tool to guide you though a conversation with your mind. You can disarm harmful thoughts, reframe the problem and find peace. I’m new to the work and I can not recommend her process enough. It’s life changing..Version: 3.2

Love this app!Sure, I can do this work with paper and pencil - what I love is that it keeps me on the straight and narrow to focus on the heart of The Work. As Katie says, our stories lead us away from ourselves, and this app keeps me out of my own story. The video and audio support are very helpful to get to the essence of my inquiry, which is what I really want. Too expensive? What is the price of suffering? It is so convenient to have this with me on my iPad, and able to quickly work through something while I am in the moment. Katie, thank you for exploring the use of technology to bring The Work into many avenues and media. Mwuah!.Version: 1.0.0

OutstandingIt was a long wait but boy, was it worth it - this new and improved app is a simple and accessible way to do the Work. I basically gave up all hope but I genuinely thank the developers for revamping this app to great effect at long last. Thank you..Version: 3.1.2

Big help but ....I love having this simple way to examine my thoughts and quickly feel better. I am a psychotherapist and this is one of the most effective tools I've ever found. However the app could use some upgrades. For example allowing the user to use the keyboard sideways; improving scrolling so users can read what they are writing better and having the navigation arrows more responsive. Thank you for this app. I love having the Work into pocket. It is helping me through a rough time..Version: 2.0.0

AmazingLoving the new update! Easier to use and very handy in everyday life when a negative thought pops in your mind. Doesn't crash and is very user friendly..Version: 3.1

PLEASE UPDATEI love the work and Byron Katie and having this on my phone actually makes my phone time more productive and easier to do the work when I can’t reach a pen and paper. HOWEVER PLEASE PLEASE update, when you’re writing in the boxes you can not see what you’ve written if you exceed the space. We’re encouraged to run our thoughts to the end but there is no space, please help us with this small But important fix..Version: 3.2

Great for iPhone, but not for iPad with KeyboardTechies...we Love BK and this app! Please update to landscape mode. Pretty please..Version: 3.2

Life saverI've had this app on my phone for probably 3+ years and use it if ever feeling overwhelmed and or in need of some insight. I love the audio prompts and use them every time; I also have an iPhone that's equips with Siri and dictation abilities, and find that answering the prompts out loud enhances the whole experience. Not only is it more like what I'd imagine the real thing might be like, but something about voicing my turnarounds - and hearing myself speak them out loud - really drives the point home in a way that's different from times I've typed my responses without speaking them. I guess I also feel more free because the language is fluid. I don't know... Anyway, thanks for the wonderful app! I've never had the video prompts work but it's never bothered me because it's so easy to access a wealth of free video available online. I only mention it in case it's feedback the app team may find useful in some way. Thanks!!.Version: 2.0.0

Requesting an update please...I just starting using this app today and I love the ability to journal but I don’t like that it doesn’t require a sign in or password. I would also like the ability to have my information available to me whether I’m on my cell phone, my iPad or my MacBook. It doesn’t appear that this is an available option right now. I do love having the mobile app because pen and paper is not always available when you have that moment that you need to do The Work..Version: 3.2

I love this app!I love this app, it is the best when I am in a story , on the road , in the store to get back to clarity. And it is fun listening to Katie's voice and seeing her in the new update/video. It brings me right back to who I am "Love, my Nature" Thank you for creating this for me and the world. With gratitude Celeste.Version: 1.1.1

Perfect!I love this app. Now I can do the Work in a few minutes wherever I am. I have it on an iPhone and suspect the people with bad reviews are on another platform as it is only $1.99 for iPhone. It works beautifully and the design is wonderfully simple and easy to use. Life is good..Version: 1.1.1

Very HelpfulThis app provides a quick and easy way to do the work. I would like to be able to clear the record of my completed worksheets off the app without having to reinstall. There is a glitch in the turnaround section where the examples of a turnaround are listed as turnarounds. I find this app very helpful..Version: 3.1.2

Very helpfulUpdate: The best upgrade ever. This app now does everything. It has a detailed JYNW with the sub questions, the list of emotions, the one belief at a time. I was happily surprised today to see this excellent update. This is worth much more than its actual cost. Update: This is the only app that has no updates. An update is long overdue. I have noticed a bug lately. Please fix it. All I can say is that I am glad I trusted my intuition and bought this app. When I read the negative reviews , I decided not to buy this app, and fortunately one of the reviews mentioned something about the app working better with iphones. This app is really very helpful. It's very practical and keeps you focused. I can't save my Work, but i can email it to myself. I just wish they offered the whole Judge Your Neighbor worksheet. It would have been awesome..Version: 3.1

Smooth & easy process, mail feature doesn’t workA great app with easy steps. Great that worksheets can be saved. And a powerful transformative tool. Needs a fix to the share / email facility – doesn’t work as it allows me to set select ‘share’ and email window comes up but the ‘send’ stays grey/inactive and I have to choose ‘cancel’ to get back into app. A great improvement would be the ability to password protect. Otherwise fantastic and helpful and thank you :).Version: 3.2

Please fix rotationOthers have mentioned this and it’s true - very distracting to work on an iPAD and not have the screen orientation rotate..Version: 3.2

Please add "save" functionI love this app, yet while I'm working on it, it often times turns itself off and I lose all my writings. Or sometimes I don't have enough time to work through one liner and want to work it later, yet it doesn't hold the data for a long time. Please add "save" function so that I can keep the entry. Then this app is perfect!!.Version: 2.0.0

GreatGreat!!! Love it, helps to see all my stressful thoughts and inquire into them, and find the suffering choose to leave me..Version: 1.0.0

Thank youThis is a great app, so handy to have all the prompts to make you really think about the answers..Version: 1.0.0

Great for its purpose rather than executionI love being able to jot down my thoughts while I’m out and about and keep a record of them so it’s worth it just for that purpose. The app itself could do with a bit of work, it’s a bit clunkier than it needs to be otherwise would have been 5*..Version: 3.2

Amazing appReally enjoyed working through the worksheets provided. They helped me take a step back, anytime I felt myself getting worked up, I pull up this app and take a logical look at what it is I’m dealing with. It also stores everything like a diary for later use. As for functionality, everything works alright for me and at $1.25 you can’t go wrong. Thanks a lot for the great app!!!.Version: 3.2

Won't solve your problems but will enable you to come to the with understandingI like the simplicity of it. Happiness is a way of travelling, not a destination. This reminds me of it..Version: 3.1.2

Love The WorkI appreciate this app and enjoy using it to meditate on The Work. I would like to know if I can change the orientation so that when I use the app on an iPad, I can use an attached keyboard, which must be done in the landscape, not portrait orientation? Other than that, I love this app!.Version: 3.2

Video/AudioLove her work, the app requires an update as the videos play with no sound. I have copied the link and works with YouTube. Would love to stay in the app while listening. Thank you and I highly recommend..Version: 3.2

Very pleased with this AppI discovered Byron Katie a week ago and feel in love with her work and her! How beautiful is it to have this tool available at your fingertips! Peace of mind is on your phone! Who knew?! I would've given it 5 stars but I do agree with the other reviews about being able to lock the app itself & also it would be great to be able to save our work in a file but delete it from this format..thank you.Version: 3.1.4

Best App I’ve ever purchasedI recently downloaded the work app and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and interface with. It makes doing The Work simple and accessible, which is the best for when strong emotions and fearful thoughts arise. I love it! Anytime I’m stressed out it’s so easy to just pull up the app on my phone and do The Work for 5-10 minutes and finish feeling like a completely different person then I was before. It makes doing The Work more do-able. I highly recommend purchasing the app, it’s worth way more then the cheap .99¢ cost. I can do The Work anywhere now, without having to have a paper and pen in hand..Version: 3.2

The work made easyReally simple to use, if you like the work, get this.Version: 2.0.0

Loving The WorkHoping for an update that fixes the keyboard issue obscuring what I am trying to type in. The app crashing as well. If it weren't for those impediments this would be five stars for me. It helps me so much when I'm out and about and I need to ground myself in what is, instead of what I'm creating in my noggin..Version: 2.0.0

Please allow for landscape using iPadThe content and process of The Work is incredibly powerful... something I’m so grateful for. May keyboards for the iPad, including the one made by apple which most people probably own, only allow for landscape typing. There is no way to use the keyboard in portrait mode, making the use of the app on an iPad incredibly inconvenient..Version: 3.2

Accelerates the Work tremendouslyThe app works very well on my phone. I can see it is constantly being improved by reading past reviews and seeing what it actually does today. I use it daily and it’s getting more and more effective for me. Having this at my fingertips makes it possible to inquire anytime. That’s the point, constantly chipping away at false beliefs and mental misconceptions that cause my pointless suffering. This makes it simple, there is no excuse not to spend a moment and work a thought, explore any troublesome state of mind or body. It is always helpful and I’m beginning to naturally inquire this way as Katie describes with the practice this app provides. The questions are becoming part of my thinking process and my insanity is easing. There is a history log so I can see where I’ve been, how silly past unexamined thinking was. I see my progress and it encourages me, I directly experience moving towards joy and freedom. Best mental health bargain I know..Version: 3.2

AmazingGreat to have The Work in my pocket wherever I go. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.1.1

A very useful little app.If you like the work you'll no doubt find this very useful..Version: 1.0.0

Looking forward to V2.0The app is pretty good. But sometimes you click on something and it takes to the next page and you can’t go back. Eg when I clicked Return in text fields. I wanted to start a new life not go to next page. I guess I could let it train me, but I’d rather the flow was more natural..Version: 3.2

Great app! Very helpful!I love the app. It’s a great go to when you are anywhere and you don’t need pen and paper. The audio tutorials don’t really work. The app still needs some improvement but still great help. Thanks for the initiative!.Version: 3.2

I use this almost everydayI love the work, it saves my sanity on a daily basis and being able to just do it on my phone whenever and wherever has been a revelation. Thanks Katie for The Work and Katie and team for this brilliant app!.Version: 3.2

The Work is truly doable on this AppWOW. I had given up on this app as a tool long ago and then today I noticed the icon for it had changed. I opened it up because I was curious and was amazed at how it now works. The developer really got it right this time and it was worth the wait. I will be recommending to people in my circles as a place to start their Work. It is intuitive enough for beginners to get it. I hope 'The Work' on my phone is as good as my writing it out by hand. Sometimes I think I type better on my phone than I write. Thank you thank you thank you..Version: 3.1

Love but…Really appreciating The Work app. 100% recommend. When I go to edit my journal, it doesn’t allow me to add another turnaround. Only allows me to correct my turnarounds. Would like this fixed..Version: 3.2

Need Landscape modeI am delighted with how easy it is to use this app. It makes it much easier to follow the inquiry process. However, using this app on an iPad with a keyboard, and trying to read sidewise, is very uncomfortable. Make the app work in landscape mode on an iPad and I will up the number of stars..Version: 3.2

Life changingThis is an amazing app to change your state of mind and change your thoughts, and catch them in the moment before it changes you and takes over. It’s a great life changer. What a contribution Katie is to this world..Version: 3.2

Finally it's here!!!Great for on the go no need to look for pen and paper, it doesn't look strange to be typing into your phone at any point in time. Everyone is texting & tweeting all the time so it looks normal. I would love to see the judge your neighbor worksheet on there also..Version: 1.0.0

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