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Very coolI live in the UK and am a big Yankee fan. Got this app on AppleTV as a treat to myself so that I can watch the Yankees whenever they're on. The app is really user friendly and I have pretty much no complaints. If I were to be picky I would say the only slight complaint I do have is that during the commercial breaks (of which they are quite frequent during games) is Brits are left with a blank screen until they're over. I personally don't have a problem watching American commercials and frankly anything would be better than a blank screen. That said, aside from that I am really impressed with the product..Version: 9.3.2

A great App for Uk fans until....The post season update. We can no longer get video highlights of the games, in fact the only video which seems to work are the archived 'Game of the Day' Pre-update i loved this app and it has the potential to reignite UK fans love affair with mlb (after broadcaster channel five dropped coverage a few years ago). In addition to the game of the day basic Subscribers have access to all games via radio which i found handy as i could listen to games round the house without having to be watching attentively. One thing i would like mlb to consider is offering more Game of the Days at the earlier start time for us international fans as many started post midnight when there were earlier games played..Version: 5.5.1

4-stars as still some bugs for meGreat app, everything I need being an MLB fan in the U.K. Can't always see every game because of time difference, so recaps and condensed games are awesome. Only thing is I get crashes on iPad, iOS version 10.3.3 when going to More>Standings and some other option. The odd crash will occur sometimes when closing a stream and opening it again, or closing box score overlay. Other than that, brilliant! Thanks Develeopers..Version: 11.8.2

Great AppI gave the previous version 7.0.0 only 2 stars because it kept crashing during live games. I have now updated to 7.0.1 and I am happy to say this has cured the problem; it has not crashed since. I am now happy to give the app the 5 stars it deserves..Version: 7.0.1

The Best!I've been using At Bat for a number of years now and this is as good as it gets. It provides me (an English baseball lover) everything I need. It is the most comprehensive, informative app an MLB lover could need. Also, watching on Apple TV is an absolute treat! This is THE go-to app which other sports try to emulate. Five stars and highly recommended. Update for the new Apple TV app 02 June 2021 This is absolutely awful. In the name of God get it sorted. The innings boxes at the bottom of the screen have been removed and instead of using my Siri remote I have to use the remote on my iPad - and that can be unsatisfactory too. Usage of the app is snails pace. Leave the app and when you go back you have to start again. I like New York sports so I watch NYY and NYM but the ability to have both as favourites has been removed. This is NOT an Apple problem this is an MLB and their developers problem. What was the premier sports app is now ruined. Sack whoever thought this new version was any good!.Version: 14.2.1

MLB subscription.. and no extra pay for 3Rd party streamingIf you pay for a TV subscription every year you shouldn't have to pay again to watch it on alternative TV / Streaming services ! You also shouldn't not be blacked out on games ... especially if you do not receive "local programming" in the different state a game is playing. If a subscription is purchased you should have ACCESS to ALL games ... PERIOD !!! I live in an area that doesn't provide a lot of only option is a MLB subscription... I don't want to pay to watch streaming when I should get it on MLB TV. This would make a better fan experience! Instead of all about the money in the end !.Version: 16.4.0

Fantastic! Especially with the Chrome Cast option!!A1.Version: 16.0.1

💙 ⚾️Great app for following MLB from overseas.Version: 16.1.1

MLB at Bat app, Best of Four Major SportsThe MLB at Bat app is by far the best app to follow your hometown MLB team and all of Major League Baseball, in general. You can follow just about everything you would want to know about the MLB in real-time at the touch of your fingers on your smartphone. This year they even improved it with more ways to get specific information about each game. By the way, the app is faster than your tv and radio broadcasts. But I have one negative against these new improvements, there is no function or tab to click on to show which defensive players are in the field or which runners are on base, etc So one negative: no field view! This matters more late in games as managers make substitutions and especially in extra innings games. So I hope MLB is listening and watching and will re-introduce field-view with defense and runners on base. Otherwise this app is pretty awesome!.Version: 16.3.1

Latest update does not workI have just updated my iOS and combined with this and the latest MLB update my app now does not open I am left with the front screen of death. Get this fixed..Version: 9.1.2

Gem of an appAbsolutely fantastic app. I was genuinely surprised at how they listen to feedback and work to make the experience better..Version: 16.5.0

A fantastic way to stream baseball!As a baseball fan over in the UK it’s tough to watch baseball so this app is fantastic, with news, games and a cheap subscription what more could a fan want. One thing to improve would be to make game day update batters faster, anyway this app is awesome 5/5 stars from me. 😀.Version: 16.14.0

Go Giants!I absolutely love this app, and don't have a problem with the cost in the UK which I think is still a pretty great deal. One question - do I have to pay twice to get it on my iPad as well as iPhone, or will it just automatically recognise my purchase when I download the app to the iPad?.Version: 5.0.0

Blackout banditsYou need to stop with all the blackouts! Draw a circle with a 300 mile radius and only black out those folk because they can drive to the games and buy tickets. Instead you blackout the Astros from me here in southern New Mexico which is almost 800 miles away! Really? Do you think I will drive or fly to every game cause I am so close? Never gonna happen! Not to mention you blackout San Diego and Arizona! Ok, I get it with Arizona but c’mon Houston? I can watch the Rockies but not Houston or the Padres. It makes no sense. Now, on top of that I am retired and on a fixed income so if I go to just one game in five years I will be surprised. I save my money for the minor league teams I can see in El Paso. So relax you restrictions already on all the blackouts!.Version: 16.3.2

GreatAwesome app 5 out of 5 ⭐️.Version: 16.5.0

Update ProblemsSame as the other guy from Aust. App keeps closing after only 30 seconds or so, when trying to open simple things like the box scores to see pitch counts or who’s hit n stuff....bang closes down, haven’t been able to watch replays since the update. Had been a great app previously but getting a bit frustrated especially with the playoffs for the World Series on at the moment. Please guys have a look at this n find a remedy ASAP go the Phillies.Version: 13.8.0

Every platform is greatThis is great across all devices, especially Apple TV where I use it most. My only issue at the moment is that I stream my audio from my Apple TV to my speakers using AirPlay. This works fine when watching recaps, but when I watch live matches I have to turn off my airplay, then turn it back on once the stream has started. It’s just a bit of an inconvenience, but other than that it’s great!.Version: 13.0.0

Great app as it should beGreat app. Absolutely perfect for the iPad baseball fan wanting to watch on the go. Additions to the app this year are great!! BUT, one small addition or update would be great. When viewing team/player statistics under STATS, it would be awesome to be able search for a particular player rather than having to scroll through the whole list to find the name I want to view stats for. It is amazing, when watching games, that you want to find out more info on a particular player. Please make a small update to accommodate this. Otherwise, I love my MLB At Bat. Thanks team..Version: 6.1.1

MLBGreat up to date coverage 🤩👍.Version: 16.6.0

MLB is so goodMLB is the best app for baseball info.Version: 16.17.0

ExcellentWhat more can I say live in England and live in my baseball? MLB coverage is unbelievable. Excellent and fantastic. So much. Stuff in detail. Makes me one happy baseball fan. Thank you..Version: 16.3.3

Great AppI wrote the review below last year. I had to downgrade it one star because it has become slow to open. Everything has become slower in the app too. I like to read the bios of the players, but it’s excruciatingly slow. It’s very different this year. It’s got a new look when it opens, so the developer made some changes that have affected the performance. It’s not my internet. It is fast, and all my other apps do not have this problem. Sometimes it’s better not to fix it when it ain’t broken. I’m a Southern California Cubs fan and subscribe to MLB to watch my Cubbies. It’s such a great deal. The only drawback is that I spend way too much time watching baseball. I saw almost every game last year and the year before..Version: 16.3.2

Good app but could do with some improvementsGreat way to get the latest scores, news on your favourite team and to watch the games. My main criticism is when viewing archived games, there is no easy way to watch part of the game and come back to where you left off. One great feature would either be to include a "resume" option or to be able to bookmark where you stop to come back to it later..Version: 10.2.2

Baseball live worldwideA great app that allows me to watch most every game my Mariners play. The best way to watch Baseball here in New Zealand..Version: 15.16.1

Great Articles.Great articles which are accurate and unbiased which l really enjoy reading..Version: 16.3.2

Not a Fan of the New Standings UpdateI love this app for following my favorite team, particularly when I can’t watch the game. However, I really don’t like the visual of the standings that came with the latest update. From a graphics perspective it all runs together. There aren’t clear differences between divisions. The lines all look the same and it just seems to run together, and I really don’t like that I have to scroll to see the big picture. It’s hard on the eyes on a mobile screen. Interesting to have more stats, but does the average user really need all of those?Love this app, but the graphics in the Standings are not easy on the eyes and annoying to use and look at..Version: 16.9.0

ComprehensiveHands down the best sports app with live streaming, videos, highlights and all the stats..Version: 16.4.0

App and content is great unless you want local gamesThe app works wonderfully and the quality of the stream is high quality. The only downside and it’s a big one is all the local games and blacked out. I understand broadcast rights but what’s the point of a large monthly commitment if you can support the local teams. Have to run a hack to get around it which is pointless when you are agreeing to probably one of the highest monthly stream costs. Probably can’t mention names but there is one large competitor (mascot is a mouse) that has lots of content for the kids and all the sports you can handle plus an extra mix bundle for about 2/3 less a month commitment..Version: 16.9.0

Sept 30 2023MLB needs a playoff specific app..Version: 16.13.1

Excellent appExcellent - easy to use.Version: 15.16.1

Simply the best app on my phoneI use a lot of apps on my phone, and MLB at bat has been my favourite for years. It is constantly updated with new features, and I have never encountered any bugs. There are always special updates for the All-Star Game and Post-Season, making sure the app is always relevant. Streaming works perfectly as well!.Version: 10.3.1

MLBGreat app. Informative. Entertaining. Essential..Version: 16.4.0

Solid appGreat app, only improvement would be to be able to stream mlb network internationally..Version: 10.1.0

GreatGreat app with everything I need to follow the season. Good amount of videos and analysis too. Have used it for years - never gets old..Version: 10.1.1

GoodW rizz.Version: 16.5.0

GoodResets every time you re open the app.Version: 16.3.2

BloatedMLB homepage get rid of it it serves no purpose if you have your teams homepage set 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 16.3.4

Best sporting appTitle says it all. The best sporting app hands down. Only slight improvements would be including local times for those international fans and a way to watch MLB network. Even with a subscription it would be brilliant. To be able to tune in and see Vin Scully on his final broadcast or David Ortiz with his farewell slugging tour is amazing! Top quality app!.Version: 9.5.1

Blue jays blackoutI live on the west coast of canada nowhere near Toronto and it’s blacked out. I have sports net and I use my online cable app to watch the jays play. If wasn’t also a mariners fan because they are my closest team I wouldn’t want the subscription or use the app. You should do what wwe online does and connect to the cable subscription example Shaw is my pass verifying I’m a sports net customer in good standing or tsn whatever.Version: 16.6.0

Very goodAlways keeps me updated.Version: 16.7.0

Deceptive Trade PracticePlease be careful, particularly of the subscription offers put forward under the guise of being a “deal” or comprehensive access. I took up one of those offers they stated full access including playoffs and World Series only to find out I had no playoff access. To watch the World Series and playoffs I will have to reach deeper in my pocket. Unlikely to join next year as I hate being deceived and more than that, disappointed at missing games..Version: 15.10.1

WickedAwesome. Couldn't do without it.Version: 10.2.1

GreedPeople wouldn’t believe how much money I used to make. The more I made it seemed the less happy I was. Corporations when they take they don’t replace that with anything else other than another revenue stream. For the price of tickets to see mediocrity teams play a game the sell is nostalgia. Yet that same nostalgia that sells the tickets themselves is being removed by apps that are forced on the fans. This app is pretty simple to use and works well. However, by not giving fans an option to have hard physical tickets for souvenirs, mementos and arts and crafts shows they have zero respect for any of us. Who has a tickets stub to Aaron Judge HR record game? I bet the Yankees printed some garbage limited edition trinket to sell to the fan. This goes for every Sports team. Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro playing for the Bucs- my family’s had season tickets for 30 years yet no stub from that game. When the younger generations lose the nostalgia of collecting tickets and physically holding and reading the articles they will also lose the nostalgia that convinces them to overpay for a product that no longer means what it used to mean. Technology isn’t going anywhere and we are heading way past the slippery slope of intellectual property abuse. Now all I got to do is figure out how to make a decent living again only utilizing my Cellphone.Version: 16.8.0

ExcellentWonderful app, very user friendly. However recently a bug has been introduced wherein if you exist the app for a second the radio will stop playing. You need to then close the app completely and reopen in order to allow a “first” exit again..Version: 14.5.0

Hating the streaming service gamesThe app is great. Love watching games on MASN. Absolutely hate when games are only available on streaming services (ie. Apple TV, Peacock). I think it’s pretty tone deaf on the part of the MLB to expect fans to pay hundreds of dollars a year to watch a handful of games. Games with mediocre coverage at best, by on air personalities who clearly know little about the teams and cities of which they report. People on fixed incomes, low income families and anyone struggling to make ends meet, see it as a slap in the face. Not everyone can afford to even visit the ballpark for a game. Further limiting people’s ability to support their team by putting games out of their financial reach feels like blind elitism. I am very disappointed in this very poorly thought out decision by the MLB.Version: 16.6.0

Love itI live in the UK and the app keeps me informed of my team’s games and results. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks.Version: 16.4.0

ExcellentFor what I require I find the app excellent however I am in two minds whether to carry on with my subscription as I have been using TuneIn premium over the winter for the ice hockey and I see that they also cover the baseball. Therefore if I keep premium I can listen to the MLB and NASCAR and INDY CAR for one subscription..Version: 15.16.1

Goes alrightIt's a good app that gets me what I want, when I want. Easy to use and keeps everything simple..Version: 16.2.0

You're Still the Gold Standard, but Could You Chill withthe AdsThis app still is the best of all the sporting organizations in the United States. I sincerely appreciate the consistent good quality in accessibility and usability. However, there is one glaring problem that takes me from 5 stars to 4. I have the MLB audio subscription and, for the most part, it is amazing. However, the product has been really damaged by the built-in ads that turn on any time there's a break. They are the same pepetitive ads, which gets very tiresome. However, I could tolerate that. However, what is currently really annoying is the ads will cut in before the broadcasters have thrown it to a break. Or, even worse, the ads cut into game time after the radio broadcast has returned from the break. This is just very bad practice. especially during the play-offs. I hope you will consider fixing this issue. Beyond that, please keep up the great work..Version: 16.14.0

In Many Ways, a Great App as Always, Needs Work, See RecommendationsOf all the sports apps I have used as a blind person, this one has been among the most consistent in having good accesibility. That said, I've got a quick accessibility recommendation and a couple other items. When you have live events that you want to point fans too, such as a live broadcast on AppleTV or another related source, it brings up a window when you launch the app that you cannot easily get away from without just closing and restarting the app all together. That page should very clearly say what it is for to those with screen readers and in addition to the link that opens the web browser, it should have a return to the main app home screen button where the typical news, scores and related tabs are found. I also have a request about game updates, since we always get the alerts ahead of the app audio now thanks to Audacy. Can you add alert options where we get the score at the end of an inning or every third inning? An alert about a game going to extras would also come into play here if a game is tied after the ninth. Finally, when a game ends, if we have chosen just to have the final score sent to us, just send the final score with the result, not the game ending walk off alert and then a minute or two later another push about the final score. I would also ask that when sending the final score, include the pitcher who got the save as well, not just the win and loss, ESPN and CBS both do so..Version: 16.15.0

Great in almost every wayThe only issues I have with the app is that recently it has been crashing when I choose to view standings. Also if I'm not in the app, but have it running, it appears to restart when I go back in, rather than just refreshing the content "on the fly". Hopefully the next update will address the crashing, if not the refresh situation..Version: 11.2.1

All the information!I love this app. Loads of information, and I can follow each ball as it happens from my home in New Zealand!.Version: 10.2.2

Go cubs cubsThis app is great but misses some big features from the xbox one version. On xbox i can choose between tv or radio commentary when i watch a game and for me thats a big bonus to have radio commentary as i love pat hughes calls of cubs game. Also xbox has everything in local time. Apple please get the app up to xbox standard or dont charge as much..Version: 9.3.2

Condensed GamesAny chance the condensed games could be like 20-25 minutes? Showing more highlights…?.Version: 16.4.0

MlbWork great.Version: 16.4.0

FantasticI purchased a season pass for the audio streams alone and I'm impressed. I'm a person who needs one app to handle things and I really hate opening safari to handle MLB web pages and then another app to handle the audio stream (if you can find one for baseball calling). I follow the Mets so listening to WFAN is important to me and as I said, being able to do this in one app is important. Nothing beats the official callers, but if you only like looking at the baseball stats then don't spend $15 on a season pass or you're a fool. This an app for people wanting live audio and video, with an all-in-one approach. Edit: I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about with the "5 videos" comment because when you're listening or just watching the ball by ball play of a certain game, video will be posted of highlights of a great play while it's still playing. You also do get a box score, you just need to press the arrow and then press "box score".Version: 5.1.2

Great app - but scrolling problems in box scores a real problemThis is a great app and I've been using it for years. But the latest update has created a problem when trying to scroll down box scores - it is VERY slow to respond, and makes it almost unusable..Version: 9.0.0

Please make MLB network channel available in EnglandI'm English & a huge baseball fan! The App is amazing, being a massive baseball fan. The only thing I would criticise is that the MLB Network isn't available to watch in England! With today's technology the MLB must must must make this available to stream through the App for us baseball junkies in England! I feel this would only increase your already growing following audience! I'd happily pay a subscription to MLB to have the Network channel available!.Version: 9.3.2

Super CoverageWide access and quality radio coverage, both live and on demand. Only gripe is the decision to indicate which games have gone to extra innings when listing on demand broadcasts, because this spoils playback as the nature of the contest is known. Please remove this feature and make the product perfect..Version: 16.4.0

Best MLB app on the planet. Great news/scores coverage!Best MLB app on the planet. Great news/scores coverage!.Version: 10.1.2

GBest MLB app you can get this app has all the gooood stuff.Version: 16.6.0

Love the app!Love the app but room for improvement. Advertisements quite often interfere with the broadcast of the game..Version: 16.3.2

Audio intermittentI’m in Australia and never had a problem with the app until I updated it 3 days ago. Now I can’t listen to audio without it cutting out, buffering or just stopping every 30 seconds. Please please please fix this. It’s a great app otherwise but this is driving me nuts as I love listening to John Sterling & Susan when I can’t watch games. Thank you!.Version: 11.5.0

Calendar dates are wrongGood app, just wanted to give a minor fix notice. When you open the app, go to scores and then click the date at the top the dates of the month don’t line up with what the days of the week actually are..Version: 15.2.2

Best sports streaming app on market!Hands down the best subscription for a sports streaming service out there. 10/10.Version: 16.6.0

BrilliantAt Bat sets the standard by which all other sports apps should be judged - love it.Version: 8.6.2

A great App for Uk fans until....The post season update. We can no longer get video highlights of the games, in fact the only video which seems to work are the archived 'Game of the Day' Pre-update i loved this app and it has the potential to reignite UK fans love affair with mlb (after broadcaster channel five dropped coverage a few years ago). In addition to the game of the day basic Subscribers have access to all games via radio which i found handy as i could listen to games round the house without having to be watching attentively. One thing i would like mlb to consider is offering more Game of the Days at the earlier start time for us international fans as many started post midnight when there were earlier games played..Version: 5.5.1

Great app, but...This is a fantastic app that provides you with scores, news and videos exceptionally. However, the fact that I have to watch an ad for every single video I view is simply unacceptable. Worse still, many (and currently all) of these ads are about the At Bat app (the same app that you're using to view the ads!). This is a disgrace and must be changed immediately..Version: 10.1.2

MLB at batBasic home screen when watching a game will show you where each pitch goes with a catchers view - perfect. You can pay if you want to listen or watch games and you have free trials for both to see if it works well. I listen to heaps of cubs games on radio and, while it might be 30 seconds behind, the radio is nearly always in good timing with the pitching indicators and play summaries. You also have a free game to watch every day without paying a cent, which comes up very well on this iPad. If you're remotely interested in baseball you download this app. Simple..Version: 5.3.0

Amazing way to keep up with MLBI love this app! I have been subscribing for the last 8 years and I have never been so up-to-date with the game and my favourite teams. And I really love the ability to be able to watch any baseball game so I can continue to follow my favourite players and see the up and coming talent through the rest of the league. It is well worth it. 11/10 always..Version: 16.2.2

Love it but issue with day/time zoneI’m in Australia so USA is a day behind me but the app is a day ahead for some reason. Today is Wednesday 13th March in Australia but the games today are under the date of Thursday March 14? If it was USA time it should be 12th March? Still 5 stars despite that, but would love to have it fixed before regular season starts..Version: 24.4.0

Best App in SportsEverything seems to work fine besides the news tab on IOS. News only seems to filter to an individual team, not the whole league. Other than that the UI is perfect and the app works well..Version: 16.12.0

Great! Download radio broadcasts to offline?The app is great, all things considered. My only request would be an option to download past radio broadcasts to an offline mode, like you can do with podcasts on iTunes/Spotify etc. As somebody who travels a lot and doesn’t always have cell reception, it would be very nice to still be able to listen to last night’s game to keep me company. I’m not a coder, and I have no clue if this is a difficult request or runs into some kind of streaming legality issues, but as a frequent user of the app this feature would be much appreciated! I can listen to my baseball podcasts on a plane or a car trip, but they just leave me wanting to listen to actual baseball itself..Version: 16.11.0

Greatest baseball app ever but one issueThis app is great. I absolutely love the game day to help you visualize the game. And I also like how you can change your teams to follow and your favorite team. However, I had 3 teams that I was following. Then the complete revision came and I wanted to take them out cause of too much notifications. So I went to the followed teams and the only team I was following was my favorite team. But I was still getting notifications. I want to have peace while I’m laying in bed at night but I keep getting notifications from teams I don’t follow anymore. I hope that this issue (which is probably only with me) to be fixed. I hope you see this and know what’s going on because this is starting to become a problem. And if you do fix it then thank you..Version: 16.3.2

Terrible Casting ExperienceI hate the casting experience. I watch half a game, come back the next day to finish, and the app won’t let me resume from where I left off. So, I try to slew to the approximate hour/minute where I left off. The stream is paused, so I hit “play” and it returns me to the very beginning of the broadcast, not the hour/minute I chose. Also, the 30 second fast forward/rewind buttons don’t do anything, they are just for visual appeal I suppose. When I say they don’t do anything, I mean just that. Non functional. Oh and the RSN’s…don’t get me started on that terrible arrangement that MLB has in order to screw fans and reduce overall accessibility to live games. I hope someone gets fired for coming up with that idea..Version: 16.2.2

Fixed for AustraliaThanks for listening and fixing the app for Australian subscribers. Working great now..Version: 24.5.0

Top DrawFantastic App, gets better every season..Version: 10.1.0

Five starsIt is great. It shows me the pitch before we get it on the television and ai get to spoil it for my whole family. It gives me a notification when the game is about to start and if I can’t watch the game on the television I can see the pitch by pitch. All around a great app..Version: 16.3.2

Solid appThe interface for the app is clean and not too hard to navigate. If there were some improvements to be made then I would like it if past games were organised into season so it’s easier to go back to older games. I also wish that breaks were cut out of replays..Version: 16.0.1

MLB stop trying to change the gameThis app is awesome, I’ve been a huge fan of Major League Baseball since I was 8 years old .I can remember listening to the Oakland A’s , in 1972. I would keep score of the games. Stats in sports have always interested me. Especially when it came to baseball. The history of game and the players who once played at the beginning ,when they started to keep players numbers ,stats. A bats . Hits ,Runs ,Home Runs ,RBI’s etc .Pitching records Era’s it’s made baseball as far has I’m concerned, the best game ever.! I have to say , I don’t like the new rules , the pitching clock. The base runner at second in extra innings. It takes the purity out of the game: I love that baseball has no time limit It’s what’s made it unique, a game could last 20 innings or longer. That’s what’s amazing. But by just putting runners on base: In my I think it hurts the game : not makes it better. If your going to have the pitching clock .let’s add some time. It’s way to fast. Baseball was never meant to be a quick game. It involves Thinking and strategies on every pitch, managerial moves, pitching changes, pinch hitters,( oh yeah and I almost forgot, you can’t shift players over to one side of the diamond , that’s ridiculous also. Just let the managers try whatever to stop a pull hitter . Stop changing the greatest game ever .!! The end.Version: 16.5.0

Good appI live in the uk so it’s easy to use to listen to Chicago cubs games on the radio using the mlb app.Version: 16.4.0

OkPretty good.Version: 15.14.0

Love itGreat app. It was the best way to keep in touch with what's happening from New Zealand.Version: 5.6.0

High cellular data usageGreat app but seems to use a lot of cellular data. I open the app then go to a team’s page and then scroll down and up a couple times and I’ve already used over 100MB of data just by doing that. What is it doing in the background is it auto downloading videos? Only thing I can think of that might cause the high data usage…..Version: 16.10.0

Why I love MLBI love the mlb app because I love baseball..Version: 16.3.2

Connection errors for radioI can't listen to any of the audio commentaries from the games, which is really frustrating and disappointing. I sent a message to MLB a couple days ago and have not heard anything back. Not worth buying..Version: 5.1.1

Spoilers!Absolutely love this app, being in the UK it’s the only way I can really follow the Toronto Blue Jays. However, is there a way to watch archived games without the score being shown and spoiling it?! Is there a change in the set up, or a way you could add an archived games section so you can go straight to that? Other than that, love the app!!.Version: 16.3.2

MLB TVI am a lifelong Dodger fan and supporter. I saw one game at Ebbets Field in which Duke Snider and Willie Mays hit home runs. Willie Mays was the best player because Mickey Mantle hurt his foot in a drain at Yankee Stadium. Sandy Koufax was the greatest player of my generation and maybe of all time for 5 years. I met with him one day and made friends with him. I told him about personal relationships in his life. He gave me a free baseball. I am 73 years old. I want to meet with him again before one of us dies-paid kindly by the Dodgers for us. My wife is also a great Dodger fan. When she goes to bed, I have to always tell her the Dodger’s score. Sandy Koufax should be even more Nationalized while he is still alive. He is beyond believable!!!.Version: 16.6.0

Good app gone bad. Another greedy money grabI used to love this app. However, if you can avoid it, do so. First they jacked up the price from $20 a year to $30 a year for the audio broadcasts. No new features or benefits, just a huge greedy move for us with auto subscriptions turned on. They also started using local commercials based on your location. However, there doesn’t seems to be anyone actually monitoring the game so the commercials start later than the commercial break so it cuts off the start of the broadcast of the next innings. By the time the commercials finish you’ve missed at least the first batter or more. And the audio on the commercials is so loud! I did radio and tv commercials for years professionally and this is easily fixed with a leveling compressor but apparently no one at MLB knows what one is. Look elsewhere for your baseball broadcasts if you can..Version: 16.5.0

Really good appThis is just a simple , easy to use, very high quality sport app that is a must if you follow Baseball ! I use it every day and for me my most used sport app - the highlight of each game are great especially if you have an IPad.Version: 15.16.1

Scotland baseball fanLiving in Scotland and being the only kid I remember who loved baseball. Having an app to stay in touch with news, trades and scores is amazing. As a child my dream was to be a baseball player. For a kid from Paisley, Scotland. That was some statement to make. Thank you MLB for this. It’s Americas pastime. But, it’s the worlds game now. And I love that.Version: 16.3.1

Great app, only one little thing is missingI really like this app, however one really important feature is missing. If you watch a game for let's say 25 mins, and then you watch one hour later again the app does not remember that you have watched 25 mins already, if this feature was introduced this app would be almost perfect..Version: 6.0.0

Perfect!Magic! The only real way I can keep up to date with scores and results.Version: 8.5.1

Back to the topMy only complaint about this app (which is one of my favourite apps, don’t get me wrong) is when you are going through scores, and then you open up a games box score… but when you go back to the scores, it automatically takes you back to the top. I find this very annoying as you could be 2/3 of the way down the list of games, then it takes you back to the top when you exit the box score for that game..Version: 16.4.0

MLB appGood app. Ways to follow every team in the league..Version: 16.6.0

Love it NormallyI’ve used this app for over a decade and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not a fan of the updated way videos are listed and shown. Lately though, the app forgets my subscription each time I login, iPad or iPhone. I only noticed because I was seeing ads in the app. It hasn’t been corrected yet. I know others are experiencing this too since I’ve read it in some of the reviews. Fix these little glitches, but otherwise a great app..Version: 14.6.0

An Australian FanSeveral years ago I visited my sister and brother. Sister is x-pat Aussie and brother is x-Marine, though your never really an x-marine, it’s a life. They are big St Louis Cardinal fans and well I became one too. We went to several games both home and away, great memories. Now it’s been awhile since my last visit but I survive with this App on my phone and sometime talk during the games. Now I’m retired after 43 years as a Police Officer in Western Australia, Australia. I want to visit again but the last few months since retiring has impacted on me as to my age. I’m 67 this March and whilst in my mind we never really feel what our body knows, I’m hesitant. Balance, nimbleness the ugly bruises left after a limb just brushes against an object due to blood thinners. Not as young as I want to feel so this helps keep me in touch. Thanks to the technology this time I am able to..Version: 15.16.1

Awesome appGreat app for scores and radio streaming has been very good. Only request would be to have game start times based on local time (sometimes I do the math wrong and try to catch a game an hour early/late). But minor complaint, game of the day is awesome! The app has me wanting to visit every ball park in the states on a crazy-long holiday!.Version: 5.2.1

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