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IPhone X supportGreat app finally has iPhone X support.Version: 10.7

Condensed gamesWould be 5 stars if you could get to condensed games without seeing the score/ other highlights... Also, videos highlights seem to have a technical problem and sometimes do not appear..Version: 12.1.3

Crashing a lotLately, the app crashes every time I click on the schedule. Please fix it!.Version: 11.2.1

Great, but a little buggyThis is a really nice app, but I’ve noticed on a recent update the News notifications keep turning themselves on. I basically only want notifications for when games are about to start. Other than that this app’s a welcome addition to my home screen..Version: 14.0.0

Connection errors for radioI can't listen to any of the audio commentaries from the games, which is really frustrating and disappointing. I sent a message to MLB a couple days ago and have not heard anything back. Not worth buying..Version: 5.1.1

Fantastic! Especially with the Chrome Cast option!!A1.Version: 9.2.0

Love itGreat app. It was the best way to keep in touch with what's happening from New Zealand.Version: 5.6.0

Oppressive adsWas great but new ads are awful. 30 second ad every time you start and stop a game or switch to a new game is ridiculous. Almost as thoughtless as shutting down minor leagues. Change this MLB..Version: 14.5.1

CrashesEdit. The new update has fixed the crashing issue for me on my Apple TV and because of this I have updated my rating to 5 stars. It’s back to being the great app it was before. This has to be the most interactive app on my Apple TV. The app crashes, I grab the remote and press a button a few times. The app crashes again and I grab the remote and press a button a few times. Anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes the app will crash, so make sure you keep your remote handy because you will be grabbing it often. But other than the crashing, the app is great. The picture quality is very good on 4K HDR TV. The app is very easy to use and it works well with Apple TV. It also works well on my iPad where it hasn’t crashed..Version: 12.3.0

Perfect!Magic! The only real way I can keep up to date with scores and results.Version: 8.5.1

U have to payDo it so u can see the game after it’s done because u have to pay money.Version: 14.5.1

Bug fixGreat app. Since an update three days ago however, cannot watch or listen. App constantly crashing (iPhone) Please Fix this before postseason..Version: 13.8.0

Best Baseball appThis is the best sporting app there is. Has everything you would want to know about any team like it should. Plus multiple ways to keep up with scores, pitch by pitch analysis, or just watching each game!.Version: 10.6.0

The Best!I've been using At Bat for a number of years now and this is as good as it gets. It provides me (an English baseball lover) everything I need. It is the most comprehensive, informative app an MLB lover could need. Also, watching on Apple TV is an absolute treat! This is THE go-to app which other sports try to emulate. Five stars and highly recommended. Update for the new Apple TV app 02 June 2021 This is absolutely awful. In the name of God get it sorted. The innings boxes at the bottom of the screen have been removed and instead of using my Siri remote I have to use the remote on my iPad - and that can be unsatisfactory too. Usage of the app is snails pace. Leave the app and when you go back you have to start again. I like New York sports so I watch NYY and NYM but the ability to have both as favourites has been removed. This is NOT an Apple problem this is an MLB and their developers problem. What was the premier sports app is now ruined. Sack whoever thought this new version was any good!.Version: 14.2.1

Great app but...The MLB At Bat app is great; beautiful picture quality on Apple TV and iOS. I really enjoy it. However, there is one glitch that is driving me crazy. I reported this glitch to MLB and got a cut-and-paste response, so now I’m going public. The “Hide Scores” toggle keeps clicking off. I watch from overseas and very rarely get to watch live. I have the “Hide Scores” toggle on so I don’t see the final score of a game I’m about to watch. But when the toggle clicks off, you don’t discover it’s off until you get a screen full of final scores! This ruins the entire experience for me. Why would you want to know the final score before watching the game? I would like to see a change where the app hides the scores for the team(s) you follow for 24/48 hours after game time, regardless of the “Hide Scores” toggle setting. At Bat is a 5-star app, but this glitch lets it down for me..Version: 12.3.0

Good and useful but...It's a really good app but right now the standing don't seem to work and I've deleted and redownloaded it but nothing changed. Other than that it's great. Go D-Backs!!!.Version: 11.2.0

BrilliantAt Bat sets the standard by which all other sports apps should be judged - love it.Version: 8.6.2

App not openingApp has been updated but When I click onto the app it won’t open it’s like its trying to open but then kicks me out..Version: 11.7.2

Best sports appOne of my only daily apps that doesn't have anything to do with work. Love it..Version: 10.4.2

Apple Watch.Great iPhone app, but the Apple Watch app needs some work. It doesn’t seem to update for next scheduled games etc. I keep having to restart my watch so the app updates but this only lasts a day and then I have to turn it off again. Would be a 5 start if we could get this sorted..Version: 11.2.1

Great app as it should beGreat app. Absolutely perfect for the iPad baseball fan wanting to watch on the go. Additions to the app this year are great!! BUT, one small addition or update would be great. When viewing team/player statistics under STATS, it would be awesome to be able search for a particular player rather than having to scroll through the whole list to find the name I want to view stats for. It is amazing, when watching games, that you want to find out more info on a particular player. Please make a small update to accommodate this. Otherwise, I love my MLB At Bat. Thanks team..Version: 6.1.1

ExcellentWonderful app, very user friendly. However recently a bug has been introduced wherein if you exist the app for a second the radio will stop playing. You need to then close the app completely and reopen in order to allow a “first” exit again..Version: 14.5.0

Bug to fixThis is one of THE great sports apps, has been from day one I loaded it...BUT, after last update it crashes if I try to look at "Standings". Please fix..Version: 11.2.2

The best app is now even betterBest app I have. Go Yankees!.Version: 13.0.0

Audio intermittentI’m in Australia and never had a problem with the app until I updated it 3 days ago. Now I can’t listen to audio without it cutting out, buffering or just stopping every 30 seconds. Please please please fix this. It’s a great app otherwise but this is driving me nuts as I love listening to John Sterling & Susan when I can’t watch games. Thank you!.Version: 11.5.0

Five Star At BatI am a regular UK subscriber, a must for all MLB fans in Europe. A part of my breakfast ritual, whether East or West Coast action..Version: 12.3.0

ScheduleHi the app is great. I am having a problem when clicking on the schedule bottom of a team. The app kicks me out. I am sure is just a minor twist. Could you look at it? I am using an Iphone X. Thanks.Version: 11.2.1

Calendar dates are wrongGood app, just wanted to give a minor fix notice. When you open the app, go to scores and then click the date at the top the dates of the month don’t line up with what the days of the week actually are..Version: 15.2.2

Solid appGreat app, only improvement would be to be able to stream mlb network internationally..Version: 10.1.0

No Apple TV linkNo link to Apple TV, so I can’t watch games on my TV..Version: 12.1.4

Please Stop showing Astro highlightsAfter everything that came to light after 2019 why do you show so many Astro home runs, they were proven to have been cheating please please stop showing their home runs from 2019 it’s so annoying.Version: 13.7.0

Can you please bring back the 2016 MLB audio archives pleaseDear MLB Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I am looking for some audio archives from the 2016 season but unfortunately cannot view them on my laptop. As they are no longer accessible to the public I am wondering if you can make them accessible in the app for your iPhone or on your website. I would really appreciate this as I can’t see in TV is kind a hard for me to follow when watching a game. Also I use to record them on a little handheld recorder that I had but I couldn’t save them because ididn’t have the proper tools. That is why I am asking you to make those archives available again. Now I do have the proper tools to be able to se them and I would like to record them.Version: 15.1.0

Amazing for baseball updatesHonestly this is way better and easier to use than going online and searching up scores. i can see live games and what is happening and who is batting when i am watching. only problems are on mobile i cannot see the bottom half of the score board on the main screen. but honestly it doesnt make a huge difference cause i can go to the live game and see what happened anyways.Version: 12.1.0

All the games, all the time.For someone who remembers trying to get the game of the week from the Armed forces network on a Sunday at the top of his garden, At Bat is a dream come true. Excellent value too. Not as good as being in the Rogers Centre perhaps, but a heck of a lot cheaper for someone living in the UK. Brilliant..Version: 11.1.1

Cubs radio missing Mark GroteThe Score and Cubs Radio have really tripped up by axing Mark Grote from the commentary team. His replacement is nowhere near as provocative or as much fun. It seems the young talent may have bruised an ego or two. Don't second guess yourself, Mark. Your're made of the right stuff..Version: 11.1.1

Best MLB app on the planet. Great news/scores coverage!Best MLB app on the planet. Great news/scores coverage!.Version: 10.1.2

All the information!I love this app. Loads of information, and I can follow each ball as it happens from my home in New Zealand!.Version: 10.2.2

Great AppThis app offers everything a fan could possibly need. It is by far the best sports app there is. The subscription options are excellent value..Version: 11.9.0

V 14.2.1 (rescind initial review)The version plays MLB.TV.Version: 14.2.1

4-stars as still some bugs for meGreat app, everything I need being an MLB fan in the U.K. Can't always see every game because of time difference, so recaps and condensed games are awesome. Only thing is I get crashes on iPad, iOS version 10.3.3 when going to More>Standings and some other option. The odd crash will occur sometimes when closing a stream and opening it again, or closing box score overlay. Other than that, brilliant! Thanks Develeopers..Version: 11.8.2

👍Pretty good app Go jays Baseball is the best Ya Ha.Version: 14.2.1

Love it but a few bugsGreat app but keeps crashing when turning live video from portrait to landscape. Also regularly get an error when trying to watch live video have to keep selecting the tv feed and eventually it works..Version: 12.1.4

Great butThe new owners have absolutely destroyed the blue jays, so who in Canada needs this app???.Version: 11.9.0

Perfect appRays fan living in UK, this app is literally the only way I’m able to keep track of their progress.Version: 12.3.0

Update ProblemsSame as the other guy from Aust. App keeps closing after only 30 seconds or so, when trying to open simple things like the box scores to see pitch counts or who’s hit n stuff....bang closes down, haven’t been able to watch replays since the update. Had been a great app previously but getting a bit frustrated especially with the playoffs for the World Series on at the moment. Please guys have a look at this n find a remedy ASAP go the Phillies.Version: 13.8.0

WickedAwesome. Couldn't do without it.Version: 10.2.1

Feed Picker IssuesWith the new version of the feed picker, I don’t see game times converted into my local time in Australia any more - please fix. I also wish we saw more post game content as that is something we also want to see - the game breakdown, the banter, the build up for the next game..Version: 14.2.0

Great in almost every wayThe only issues I have with the app is that recently it has been crashing when I choose to view standings. Also if I'm not in the app, but have it running, it appears to restart when I go back in, rather than just refreshing the content "on the fly". Hopefully the next update will address the crashing, if not the refresh situation..Version: 11.2.1

Every platform is greatThis is great across all devices, especially Apple TV where I use it most. My only issue at the moment is that I stream my audio from my Apple TV to my speakers using AirPlay. This works fine when watching recaps, but when I watch live matches I have to turn off my airplay, then turn it back on once the stream has started. It’s just a bit of an inconvenience, but other than that it’s great!.Version: 13.0.0

Awesome from AustraliaI’m from Australia and I’ve just started using this app - only the lite version. It’s awesome, will definitely upgrade to a full membership. If only all sports were so thorough! Keep up the great work. Love it..Version: 11.4.2

Great app.This app gives me everything I expect, and is even better on the iPad. However, there’s recently been a glitch which closes the app whenever I try to view a team’s schedule. This needs sorting, but other than that it’s good..Version: 11.2.1

Two steps ahead every timeAmazingly simple and straightforward. The amount of information available from reporting, videos, stats and player bios. One of a kind, even if you don’t watch baseball yet this app will change your mind.Version: 11.1.1

Love it NormallyI’ve used this app for over a decade and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not a fan of the updated way videos are listed and shown. Lately though, the app forgets my subscription each time I login, iPad or iPhone. I only noticed because I was seeing ads in the app. It hasn’t been corrected yet. I know others are experiencing this too since I’ve read it in some of the reviews. Fix these little glitches, but otherwise a great app..Version: 14.6.0

Part of life itselfMy life would not be complete without the MLB app! I'm a frustrated baseball fan from England and it's the closest I get to baseball!.Version: 10.4.2

Top DrawFantastic App, gets better every season..Version: 10.1.0

EliteFirst class app. No complaints at all..Version: 11.1.1

Exiting MLB Audio in Apple TV AppThe app is all round great across all devices. The only issue I find is on the Apple TV app. Unlike the video feed when clicking the Apple remote’s Menu button which takes one to the PIP and game details view, there is no similar option with the audio feed. It just exists to the Apple TV Home Screen with audio still playing. The only way to get back to the MLB home page is to close the app completely. If I’m not missing something, please fix 🙂Thanks!.Version: 14.1.0

Great app to use all over the world!I travel a lot and MLB At Bat is always with me keeping me up with the game I Love.Version: 11.1.1

MLB appA Five Star outstanding app!.Version: 11.1.1

FantasticI purchased a season pass for the audio streams alone and I'm impressed. I'm a person who needs one app to handle things and I really hate opening safari to handle MLB web pages and then another app to handle the audio stream (if you can find one for baseball calling). I follow the Mets so listening to WFAN is important to me and as I said, being able to do this in one app is important. Nothing beats the official callers, but if you only like looking at the baseball stats then don't spend $15 on a season pass or you're a fool. This an app for people wanting live audio and video, with an all-in-one approach. Edit: I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about with the "5 videos" comment because when you're listening or just watching the ball by ball play of a certain game, video will be posted of highlights of a great play while it's still playing. You also do get a box score, you just need to press the arrow and then press "box score".Version: 5.1.2

Classic moments repeat tediously & make you yearn for ordinary commercialsThis is a great app that works really well and reliably. Its only disfigurement is the interruption of commercials with so-called classic moments. These moments are tediously repetitive (Frank Thomas,Nolan Ryan, etc) and come on at odd moments as if the engineer snaps awake suddenly and pushes the button. Sad that a great app and my only comment is about this. Have tried to get it changed for two seasons now..Version: 9.1.0

GreatGreat app with everything I need to follow the season. Good amount of videos and analysis too. Have used it for years - never gets old..Version: 10.1.1

DO NOT UPDATE!It’s 8/1/21. I just updated my perfectly working MLB app and it does not work properly. I can’t sign in. I see the sign-in page for 2 seconds and it goes back to the previous page. I listen to the WFAN broadcast. As soon as I leave the app the audio stops. After opening the app in the App Store, my password did not work. I requested to reset the password and no email came. I tried my other two email accounts and it was the same. Once I went into the app from the icon on my phone and tried to log in, I encountered the aforementioned failure of the sign in page to work. I have been using the app for years and except for the semi-frequent trouble getting the audio to work (“playback failed” error) I just tap on the Spanish broadcast which instantly comes on, and then tap back on WFAN and it comes right on. This happens fairly frequently but my “fix” always works so I sort of forgot about the bug when I said “perfectly working” However, the same thing happened already with the update. It is maddening that I can’t shut off or otherwise leave the MLB screen without the audio failing. I can’t log in because the log in screen won’t stay on my screen for more than a second or two. I restarted my iPhone 12Pro several times. No change. I rarely update anything unless forced. This is why. If you are enjoying the MLB app DO NOT UPDATE IT! At least my IPhone 11 still works. I’m listening to the game on that with the old MLB version..Version: 14.4.1

MLB at batBasic home screen when watching a game will show you where each pitch goes with a catchers view - perfect. You can pay if you want to listen or watch games and you have free trials for both to see if it works well. I listen to heaps of cubs games on radio and, while it might be 30 seconds behind, the radio is nearly always in good timing with the pitching indicators and play summaries. You also have a free game to watch every day without paying a cent, which comes up very well on this iPad. If you're remotely interested in baseball you download this app. Simple..Version: 5.3.0

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