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UFC app received 151 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using UFC? Can you share your negative thoughts about ufc?

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UFC FIGHT PASS UKGood selection of fights, some unable to watch without specification as to why. Major updates needed. App is very slow to respond and lags a lot! It seems whenever an update is released it does not solve the continuous issues. I would also like to see further improvements such as being able to have accurate subtitles and access to alternative language commentators. An option to save a fight to watch offline has been spoken of release early2020 and still isn’t available into 2021..Version: 10.9.3

Was working fine LG tv updated and now audio cuts on Airplay after 5 secondsWhile it is partially LGs fault you tube is working fine over AirPlay so it is something specific to lg and the ufc app Tv is a sm8100Aua lg os 5.40.09 It does now show the stereo and tv as two separate devices which could be part of the problem but hdmi arc worked fine forever until the tv updated..Version: 11.15.1

Great fights, atrocious iOS app.Love the access to all previous UFC fights. The app works ok on an iPad, but if you’re using any iPhone, including the iPhone 12 Pro, the app is almost useless. This is by far the worst app I’ve ever used on an iPhone. It feels like you’ve stepped back in time, and are using an app built by school students on their first coding lesson, and you’re using their poorly built app on an iPhone 4. If you tap on the screen at any time, eg to pause a video, or choose from a menu, it takes about 10-15 seconds for the app to register that you’ve tapped the screen. You can skip forward in videos in 30 second increments, which sounds great, but be prepared to wait at least 45 seconds for the app to actually do that each time. It’s hard to believe a company that makes as much money as the UFC has such a ridiculously bad iPhone app. They need to rebuild this app from the ground up to make it usable and responsive on an iPhone, which as it stands, it isn’t. It’s worth 0 ⭐️.Version: 10.11.0

Bad customer serviceCustomer service is a waste of time just talk to a wall.Version: 11.15.1

Not badDon’t get 100% full ufc access.Version: 11.12.4

Apple’s planned obsolescence strikes againI have a perfectly functional 4 year old iPad that recently stopped getting updates. Ok. It’s getting older. I can’t use complex apps or games anymore. Fine. But today I fire up this app and learn that not only can I not get the new update, I also can’t use the old version either. I get that the updates are going to happen. But to make the app specifically so that it’s inoperable without the update? That’s just such a terrible idea. So thank you UFC and Apple. You finally gave me the last push to cancel your subscription and switch all of my electronics permanently to a competitor. Shame on Apple for taking advantage of consumers and shame on the UFC for creating content that supports that behavior..Version: 9.0.2

Picture in picture removedUFC has removed the ability to use Picture in Picture on the iPad..Version: 9.0.2

Stop working on older ipads.Why would you remove an version that is working on an older iPad ? I understand I can't download the newer version but I was happy with the older one, now I can't used it. Had to cancel my account as I don't have a tv, so IPad was the only platform I used, disappointed..Version: 8.0820

Stealing my moneyI love the UFC but fight pass has given me nothing but trouble. Twice within the last month now I’ve purchased subscriptions and PPV then halfway through watching it would lock me out. Money wasted down the drain for the thing I Newhouse watching the most..Version: 10.20.1

Worst App AvailableU cannot unsubscribe! its a complete rip off.. ive had to take my credit card details off my itunes completely to stop getting charged every month... i hate this app so much that it puts me off the ufc 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 8.0820

Paid for subscription but can’t see the videosI have been paying for the subscription plan for a few months. Up until recently, I was able to watch videos of old fights on the app. But now, every time I try to watch a video, the app tells me that I need to subscribe to be able to see the video. I already have the subscription! And, the frustrating part is that I can’t reach anybody in the app developer team to fix this problem. When I click on “app support” on the App Store, it takes me to UFC website to purchase a subscription plan. I do not want to cancel my subscription (for now) but this is really disappointing!.Version: 10.21.1

It’s ok...Honestly the only thing good about this app is the fights available to watch, but that’s only because it’s made by the people who own ufc who also have ownership of the fights. However, speaking about developers. This app was definitely poorly made and the interface is garbage. I have an iPhone X and somehow my phone was slow every time I was using the app for example the keyboard always glitches when I want to search something. The app tries to go for the approach of a Netflix for fight fans but it’s nothing like that with the kind of layout the app has. It’s really hard to find fights and navigate through the app. Without the search bar the app would basically be useless. I paid for the fight pass and for £6.99 it’s not worth it. I just hope the developers can see this and make some improvements to the app and then I will consider buying the fight pass again. But for now, I wouldn’t even use the app if it was free..Version: 10.11.0

Why would you make an app you don’t update properly?For months, I have been able to see fight cards on the ufc website but they are not on the app for weeks. The app is supposed to be convenient for people wanting to see various fight cards and most of the time, the fight cards are never updated. And now we only see names on the fight card. No pictures, no record, nothing. I can’t even go to a past event and see the results. Start paying attention to your app and update it at the same time as everything else or take the app offline.Version: 8.0820

App has potential but so too many bugsThis app is by far one of the worst apps I have on my phone. - constantly logging me out so I have to restore purchase literally every time I want to watch something - tapping into something and going back sends you right to the top of the page, meaning you have to scroll to find your place again - if you haven’t watched the main event, very often thumbnails for post conferences will give you the winner of the event anyway (absolutely infuriating) This has potential to be great and I like the layout since the redesign but UX and UI is absolute trash and considering it costs more to subscribe than Disney+ and almost as much as a Netflix subscription I’d expect more. Sort it out!.Version: 10.16.0

Bad UI and can’t watch best fights1) UI is confusing and it’s hard to get around . The app locks cool but navigation is often confusing . 2) my main complaint - you cannot watch the best fights !! I figured I’d at least be able to pay an extra fee to see the PPV premiere fights like Usman VE Masdival on Fight Island, but no —that does not seem possible . All that I can watch are the lower level and less popular matches by lesser known fighters . Really? And I found that out only after shelling out $10 for the first month 3) I found it impossible to set this app up on my Apple TV ( only works on my phone ( . For some treason , AppleTV recognizes that I own the app but sill not allow me to sign in ( also I never created an account for this so ... uhh how would I sign in and I don’t mean to sign in to Apple but to UFC for which Oj Ave no user account - horrible UX ).Version: 10.4.0

Fatal errors: iOS 15.5, iPhoneThe pop up “oops, something went wrong” makes this app unusable on iPhone with iOS 15.5. Can’t watch any fights in the library..Version: 10.23.3

Garbage!!!I’m a huge fan of MMA and I understand that it’s a business but this must be a joke! I installed this app thinking it would make it a lot easier to find old videos instead of digging around online. I was looking for Yamamoto vs Kerr from pride 27 back in 2004 and just like that it popped up! So I click to watch and am redirected to pay for a subscription! Hell NO! I can understand that you want to make money and some content should be protected especially when is current, but 2004! Get outta here with that nonsense. After a couple years the word is out man! I’m not paying for something that’s been out for over a decade! Y’all are crazy to think that. I’ll just do a little digging online. Uninstalled and see ya later!.Version: 8.0820

Super glitchy appThe fight pass.... amazing. The app.... terrible. It glitches out constantly. When you swipe it’s always 5 to 30 seconds behind. The app will lag and when you swipe it will click on random things constantly. The screen mirror does not work for any current fights but will load in my phone but refuses to go up on screen. Only will go to my tv if I watch the ultimate fighter. This app needs a lot of work. There is also no search bar and the continue watching is at the very very bottom of the page which also take forever to load the remaining of the page when you get to the bottom and after it loads have to scroll through two more load screens to continue watching. UFC fight pass Needs a separate app with a lot of work..Version: 10.9.1

RubbishYou pay for monthly subscription and still can’t watch main cards for fight night. If it happens for next card I am taking my subscription away. Why pay for something if it for work..Version: 11.2.2

Scammers.Don’t ever waste your money on this or paying for a main card through it. I just renewed my subscription and ordered the ppv for UFC 287. Got to the end of the co-main event. And it just stopped working. Then I contacted support only to wait almost 30mins in the que just to get disconnected and sent from 1st (on first contacting support I was 22nd) in the que, back to 12th. Then on getting back to 1st, support just left the chat instead of assisting me. SCAMMERS!!!...Version: 11.5.1

Pay per view failed but still got charged!!!I need my money back! I paid pay per view for ufc 253. Got charged but it didnt unlock. Money back please!.Version: 10.5.0

App needs to go back 3-4updatesAs in the title, the app was amazing 3-4 updates ago, needs to go back or changing again, if you found yourself a fighter, there was his fight and video library there straight away, the whole record with fights and what show was it on was right there, now nothing, just some numbers that you can find on Google faster than on the app, video library used to be simple, EBI had his own section , cage warriors their own, Polaris their own and so on, now it’s all a mush, just chaos in the app, it’s so unorganised and difficult to navigate its driving me nuts, I might unsubscribe the fight pass because I use it through the app, won’t need it if the app won’t be good, if you update and make it more user friendly then I change the rating and subscribe again👍.Version: 9.3.0

Buggiest App EverThis is the buggiest app ever and I’ve had it for years. Just using the app for news and stats for the first few years, but in the last year have been using it with the UFC Pass subscription. The app has been updated over and over and has never ever stopped crashing, being slow, and also has no memory capabilities that actually work. Watching an episode of TUF and the app crashes? Will you be able to go back to where you started when the app finally comes back on? NOPE! Start the episode from scratch and then wait ages for the app to even allow you the ability to scroll through and find your place, and be lucky it doesn’t crash again whilst you try. Does the app have anywhere to report these issues? NOPE! So this is why I’m leaving the most detailed and harshest review I’ve ever left. Because this isn’t an independent app company’s product, this is the UFC App, a company purchased for over 4 billion dollars recently and they can’t put out an even slightly reliable streaming product..Version: 10.14.0

Annoying afSo the slide bar down the bottom of the screen during videos that allows you to fast forward/rewind is garbage. And I’m just being honest. When something is still loading you literally have to wait before till it’s loaded b4 u can manipulate it. When something is playing and you want to use it it’s touch sensitivity is horrible and you have a try many times to interact with it and when you do get to you gotta be careful big time or you’ll go way to much forward or back. An easy fix that needs immediate attention. I have an iPad Pro btw and it has no issues.Version: 8.0820

Well worth the money for the Collection of fights!It’s well worth the money. If your a fight fan and or new to the sport. Video quality is great the only thing I would say is that the sound quality isn’t great when streaming through Xbox or smart TV but is ok through iPhone or iPad. I’ve made sure it’s not the data and internet speed by trying it in multiple house holds and areas and it’s the same every where. If the developers were to fix the sound quality then it would be 4 star without a doubt..Version: 9.3.0

Needs updateI am a hard-core MMA fan and have had this app over a year. I have a few issues with this app. First off I can’t even see the prelims or main card fighters. This has been going on for at least a month now. Next is certain fights aren’t on all fighters fight list. Example: Cody vs TJ 2. It was on Cody’s fight list and not TJ’s. If I pay PPV through this app I should be able to watch it after that night. And I can’t. And lastly why does it take so long for fights from fox or fs1 to get to fight pass. I understand the last two things may not be up to fightpass completely. Also lately if I’m watching a fight card the app keeps backing out and I have to keep going back into the fight and then make the whole card start over. Some other promotions don’t even charge for apps like this. If your going to make us pay can we please get some better product. Y’all are the NFL of fighting, get it together..Version: 8.0820

The definition of frustratingIt just goes in circles, clicking on subscribe doesn’t do anything, you can’t activate the free trial. I just want to watch the fights! Tried downloading it over and over but still won’t work. So frustrating.Version: 3.5

Bugs with latest versionLove UFC, love what Fightpass offers but the current version of the app seems to have so many bugs, it is very frustrating. The app seems to reset itself when I am casting a video, then when I try to go back in it takes forever to load and then resets itself and sometimes starts the current video over again. I didn’t have this issue with previous versions of it, I hope these are fixed in the next update....Version: 10.3.0

Call me when it includes PPVI’m not paying $15 for a service that doesn’t include all of the UFC live and on demand. Time for the UFC to lose the failed PPV model and look after fans..Version: 8.0820

Terrible Delays between clicksI love the UFC and catch the PPV and fight nights. I’ve given this APP plenty of time to catch up with its programming, but it continues to be unusable. If all you’re looking for is to click on a fight and watch for 3 straight hours, it’s passable. If you’re looking to skip forward or back or even try to get the controls to pop up on he screen, you’re in for a 5–10 second delay between touching the screen if working at all. I’ve got the most recent generation IPad and 1GB internet so it’s not the hardware or internet. User interface and delay times between screen touch makes this 10 bucks a month too high a price to pay. Dana continues to tout how the UFC is killing with their fight pass. It’s now killing minus 1..Version: 10.9.3

This app is missing way to much.. UPDATE!I gave it 2 stars to be generous but honestly why am I choosing to follow fighters yet there’s no list to see the fighters I chose and maybe see when they fight again or at least see the latest on them. I can’t pay for this if its not even done, NO UPDATE IN 10months wow, and theirs no sign of an update that actually counts as you can see in a previous review. Before you charge people how about getting the app to work at a full potential without crashing. I have Espn+ which is alot better at the moment but I really wanted the fight pass and any other streaming apps for MMA which im sure I have most. This app should really live up to its potential. Why are other apps beating you at your own game? Most other apps are literally ground n pounding this ufc app. Stop giving up your back and if you do tuck that chin and get back to your feet and make sure you keep your head moving from the center line. Let’s go UFC get it together before you get into the championship rounds. I’ll change this and be a good cornerman when the time comes. Good luck and please if you choose to keep it the same then drop the price and do the right thing til its ready. We need a 4.5 rating or better. Let’s get it. I know Dana wouldn’t like whats happening with his app trust me..Version: 8.0820

Literally no way to cancelI should have read all the other reviews before downloading What kind of business would do this to their customers and expect anything but outrage.Version: 8.0820

Won’t let me download anythingIt will not let me download any fights..Version: 11.9.0

Please fix lag on iPadLike other users I love the fights but hate the lag time. I have an iPad Pro earlier model but with latest iOS and still laaaaaagggggg. Takes about 10-15 secs to realise I want to pause, play or exit to watch another fight. Very frustrating. Honestly, content is excellent IMO but the UX is atrocious. UFC you make enough $ to invest in the app. Big boss man White hates infringers. So just fix the app to avoid peps going to a free less buggy copy of the fights they love. Makes sense really. Bet you’re wondering why you haven’t done it already....Version: 10.14.0

App keeps crashingPaid $40 for fight and only get to watch the main card, no prelims and now the app keeps crashing and I’m missing half the fights.Version: 10.23.3

App is awful, content is pretty goodThe playback controls are almost non-functional. It doesn’t reliably respond when you touch the screen to bring up the controls and then the controls respond insanely slowly (like waiting 30 second to a minute to FF 30 second, or dragging the progress bar just not working). None of this is my internet connection. This is the only app that doesn’t do playback effectively. Also, scrolling down the available material (with its hard to follow organization) is choppy and very slow. This is made worse by the fact that the “recently watched” list is all the way at the bottom. It is also absurdly difficult to find an event that is over but was on in the past 24 hours. That should also be a separate section and near the top of the main page. The content is really solid. Everything else about this app is a total disaster. If it weren’t for the monopoly on the content, I can’t imagine anybody would use this App. For example, I wouldn’t even consider having Netflix if it worked this badly..Version: 10.9.3

Sort it out!This app constantly glitches. You’ll be watching fights and it’ll automatically just stop and sign out of what you were watching. Then when you go back in, you have to try find out where you were which is SO painful when you’re watching a 4 hour fight card. It’s also super hard to navigate and find your way around. Tech team needs to sort it out!! Especially considering this is a service I pay for..Version: 8.0820

Loses Access to Subscription and UnreliableBe aware that if you subscribe via in App purchases on iOS your access to paid subscriptions can drop out. Disappointing when you’re all ready to watch an event. When this happens support contacts are very hard to find and ultimately they just pass the buck to Apple. The solutions offered have not worked and they do not offer refunds for lost access. Apart from that on a good day you can watch smaller events on a monthly subscription but the streams can drop out making the event unwatchable. Features such as jumping forward/backward on replays often don’t work which is incredibly frustrating. Restarting the app/device is needed sometimes. Don’t think you’ll be able to rewatch the big events as a paying customer while they are still fresh in your mind. They aren’t available for weeks so by the time you can see them they’re not so much of interest. I wish I could recommend this app and subscription service to UFC fans but it’s just not up to scratch. The alternatives still offer better value..Version: 10.11.0

Subscription is hard to get out ofIf you sign up for a subscription they make it difficult to cancel the subscription. Even if you ask there live chat they are useless. They tell you to ask iTunes to cancel the subscription. What a rip off company..Version: 11.11.0

Apps terribleSort the app out, brilliant library of fights but app is almost unusable. Buffers all the time every time u change tabs or type on the key board or try to pause the fight needs to be sorted out and then it crashes some times as well and the old layout was considerably better made it much easier to find a fighters fight rather than them being in a random order, sort the app out and would be a four star but the buffering is so irritating and difficult to use it’s one star.Version: 10.14.0

Awesome IF it worksThe concept is great and I enjoy watching older ufc fights ad free, however... I’ve had fight pass for somewhere around a year and suffered CONSTANT streaming issues. (Completely unrelated to my service. I have Verizon lte and fast internet) Lately, I haven’t even been able to watch fights due to them either buffering constantly or not loading at all. And this is on pc, xbox one, and iphone. On top of that, for months my account would be locked out DAILY. After many times contacting customer support and explaining that the problem was recurring, they would just unlock it. Something i had been able to do on my own. And I was very clear that the RECURRING issue was the problem and I was able to unlock my account myself EVERY time I called. Around the fifth time contacting customer service, they said that the only option was to change the email associated with the account. It took several months and FIVE calls to get that answer. It’s not worth paying for something that has such consistent problems and mediocre customer service..Version: 3.4

Horrendous AppGreat library….if you can access anything. Ive never given search bars of any kind a second thought. You type in what you’re looking for, and look at that - the result show what you want. Not the Fight Pass search bar. Try searching for Khabib vs McGregor one time, and you may get UFC 27 as your result. Try searching for the same thing the next day, and it may tell such a fight doesn’t exist. It’s horrific. Hands-down the worst search bar I’ve ever seen. If you want to watch Khabib/McG, you will have to google which specific UFC event it took place at. Then, you have to go to the section where they have all the UFC events, and look for the year it took place, then go through that entire year and finally find UFC 229. Then you have to either watch the entire event and fast-forward to the match. Then the next day, you search for Khabib/McGregor, and sure enough, the single fight pops up. I’m sorry, but I don’t like to play Russian Roulette with apps..Version: 10.17.1

Not a smooth running app at allCan’t watch all of the prelims, it’s very awkward to watch live the fights. Sometimes the english version isn’t available, sometimes it is. Very inconsistent and glitchy.Version: 11.5.1

Not a great appAlways get weird little errors when trying to load fights or even pay for ppv. Could be improved by adding a playlist creator as well as a continue watching option..Version: 11.13.0

Nice to look at terrible to useI’ve never written an app review before but I feel like it needed to be done here.. This overhaul update; while nice looking at first glance, is a huge step back for the experience as a whole. Here are some of the immediate glaring omissions from the new application in no particular order: -The inability to access fighter profiles from fight cards. -The inability to skip to or select individual fights while in view mode or from fight card. -The inability to view results while looking at old fight cards (let alone the ability to turn this on or off like before.) -The inability to browse previous fight videos from fighter profile. -The search system itself now makes it very difficult to locate and browse for individual fight videos as there is no filter mechanic or dates associated to links. BUT THIS IS THE BIG ONE -There is now no way to view a fighters full record of previous fights (only the last 3) and that’s the craziest oversight for a fight sports app ever. It’s a sad day when Wikipedia is a more comprehensive and reliable source for fighter records than your official app. All of the above was possible and easy to do on the old app. While the old version was outdated and did have it’s issues it was head and shoulders above this current build. This is an app update I’ve been wanting for a while, I never thought I’d find myself missing the old one. Please fix..Version: 9.0.0

Can’t use it along with the app on your TVYou can only be logged into Fight Pass on one device. Which means if you purchase a ppv through the UFC app on your AppleTV you cant use the app on your phone. It will interrupt your ppv saying that you can only be logged in on one device when you’re not even using it on your phone. Only being able to log in on one device for a service that is cross platform with multiple apps is archaic. No other modern service that I know of does this because it limits the use of the service when there are apps across multiple platforms. It would be like if you were watching Netflix on your TV and not able to surf the Netflix app for other shows on your phone..Version: 8.0820

Fix interface and offline viewingThe interface is not great. To download videos for off line viewing, you need to start the video and then exit the video to get the download icon. Often I will get a content not downloadable and sometimes it will download… on the same video. Deleting the app and reinstalling allowed me to download some videos it not all those I wanted. Delete the app and reinstall again, now can’t download any videos ..Version: 11.5.1

Fraudulent chargesI’ve cancelled this subscription in 2021 yet till this day I’ve been getting charged, I’ve contacted support to resolve this issue and will only retract what I’ve said once they have *returned all stolen funds* from me.Version: 11.13.0

Video is buggy as hell. Waste of $.Been paying the $10 a month for fight pass to get access to the online variety of fights but the streaming video is full of bugs. You see all these bad reviews? Despite the complaints, and huge cost for the app, they have done inly 3 minor bug fixes in the last year. They do not maintain their own screwed up app. They spend million$ promoting fight pass, but not a dime in fixing it. The worst thing that happens is that the videos do actually work it gets locked in portrait mode so they are just way too tiny to view in an iPhone. The video also flips back and forth between portrait snd landscape as well for no reason which Is really frustrating. For over $100 a year to subscribe they need to fix this crap it is unwatchable, unprofessional, and ridiculous..Version: 8.0820

‘Restore purchases’It’s ridiculous how often you have to press ‘restore purchases’ (multiple times on each opening of the app) in the hope of getting access to what has been paid for. There is no other app that throws you out of your paid access and makes you try multiple times to get back in. This reduces the desire for engagement with the app, and if not fixed will stunt your growth in memberships..Version: 10.21.1

Please fix for iOSI love the content, but the app is so frustrating for iPhones. I’ve tried emailing the support team but the app continually crashes, freezes and is unresponsive. I can’t even say how much time I’ve wasted just trying to get content streaming. I’ve had fight pass for years and it was fine at first, but some update a few years ago messed up the way it functions on my iPhone. Every update I hope will have the right bug fixes, but they never do. Please fix!!!!.Version: 10.14.0

Redesign is badThe app used to have some problems but at least it was a friendlier user experience. This “new redesigned” app is worse in almost every way. You can choose a fighter. But you can’t view all their fights? It shows latest videos but this will be promos, fights etc but only shows 4 or 5 and no way to view more. Latest fights section has the latest fights and spoils the outcome in case you were watching it for the first time. Also you can’t actually tap on these fights to watch them you would have to search for it. The search is also not great. I used to like watching a fighters career from start to finish but this is just not possible without having Wikipedia open or something so you can search each fight. I wish it was better. I cancelled my subscription because of this I would have loved to keep it..Version: 10.3.0

What a horrible app...I love watching UFC. I pay for my fight pass and I religiously wait for the pathetic local broadcasting rights to expire - sometimes 5 or 6 weeks of Blackout - even though I am paying for the pleasure of UFC Fightpass. The app is like something from the 1970s or 1980s. Terrible interface, it times out randomly and doesn’t resume where it lost connection... the buttons and controls give minimal ability to direct the timing or positioning of replay. What a terrible app... Overpriced, by a cynical marketing team. You have to pay because unfortunately, disgusting corporate America has bought up the rights to watch the sport that you love.Version: 9.0.0

Make the app more user friendlyI honestly don’t know how to describe the problem I have with the app but I wish the app was easy to use like YouTube/Facebook etc, I feel the app is kinda clunky to navigate, otherwise it’s a great app and I enjoy it..Version: 10.23.3

Jankiest app I’ve ever usedIve loved the UFC for years but this app pisses me off every time I use it. Its response times are pathetic and leads to constantly force quitting on me when trying to pause a video seems to be too hard a task for the app to handle. Seems impossible to scroll through the videos of a specific season I’m searching since the app thinks I want to open every video I’m trying to pass over. Something I’d love to see implemented into this app is a “continue watching” section. There’s been plenty of times where I’m in the middle of a video and have to drop it to go do something. By the time I get back the app has decided I was done and closed out. Then once I reopen the app I have to manually search the exact episode/fight I was on and after all that extra the app doesn’t even recognize that I’ve watched any of the video yet and starts from the beginning. Ive got great internet and a perfectly fine phone but this app runes like its in beta and on the oldest OS to date. Its absolutely garbage to have to pay a good sum for a service just for it to run as if my old high school buds developed in back in ‘08.Version: 10.11.0

App needs a massive overhaulThis was a good app years ago but now you can hardly watch a fight when live as it comes up error and you have to go back to main menu and it does this all through a fights I’ve paid $54 for its so frustrating when it’s a main card title fight, it happens probably 6-10 times in a 5 round fight I honestly wonder what I’m paying for today the app said it had no wifi connection so that was 15 mins till I got that sorted and by the time I did the main fight was over and you jut see the winner. When I pay for the ppv it’s 20 mins till the app works out you can watch it so you have to buy it well in advance otherwise you won’t see what you paid for..Version: 10.25.0

Ok AppNot so user friendly. It’s hard to see all the fighters in the main card and those in the prelims in order. I usually have to press multiple links to get all the info. I think is should all be displayed with one click from top (Main event) to bottom in the exact order that the fights should go. Also once a fight card begins I can no longer see the fight lineup on the app so it’s useless if I’m trying to lookup a current fight to see who all is fighting that night, especially if I am trying to decide if I want to order the PPV. The only good use of the app is to see the future fight cards coming up days or weeks in advance. In this regard it is a good app. Overall I would give it a 2.5 out of 5 star ⭐️ rating..Version: 10.25.0

What am I paying for??So I’ve had this UFC app for quite some time (Years) and I’ve been paying for the fight pass . Don’t mind the loose change every month. But when it was back on its old look it was so much better. You could search easy a fighter and watch all their fights. NOW, I am trying to watch Izzy fights and the app keeps shutting down as it loads. Like... am I really still paying for this fight pass when I can’t even watch anything???.Version: 9.1.0

Slow, Glitchy, LaggyNeeds an update. All I want is to be able to go on the app straight to a fight and watch it. Instead, I have to scroll through weight classes to find fighters and if they aren’t ranked I have to go through the alphabet to find them because you can’t search fighters. Then when I finally find the fight I want (if it’s even on there when I pay $10 a month) I have to weight 2 minutes for it to load or for it to crash. Not to mention when you try to fast forward or rewind it takes about 30 seconds or the app just crashes. I’ve been being patient hoping they will notice how bad their app is and fix it but I guess they just don’t wanna, so I’ll cancel my subscription..Version: 10.15.0

TerribleI purchased the costa vs adesanya ppv and it took my money and can’t even watch it?? Even the prelims it says it’s locked!!! Took my money out of my account and everything!!.Version: 10.5.0

Don’t waste your money on thisI bought the monthly subscription fight pass as I do not have bt sports so thought it would be cheaper to buy the pass as I only want to watch the UFC anyways. Turns with all the main events you either have to pay to watch, even though I’m already paying a monthly subscription to bloody watch it, or wait weeks for it to become available, which by the time you already found out the results and not even bothered about watching it anymore. I would urge anyone to save there money and not waste it on this scam..Version: 8.0820

Love UFC hate this app.This app is hot mess. I love the UFC I regularly purchase pay per views and I have a subscription yet every time I try to watch an event my videos are always locked. I restore purchases and sometimes I’ll even cancel and re purchase just to watch my favourite fighters. I’ve been over charged almost every single time I’ve bought a pay per view and I’m getting tired of trying to watch these fights legitimately and being punished for it. Also every time I have a problem it’s dam near impossible to get any help for it and it’s been difficult to get refunds for pay per views I’ve been charged multiple times for. I love the ufc but I hate this app..Version: 10.20.1

Great Concept, DisappointingAs a long-time UFC fan, I was excited about the UFC Fight Pass app's concept, offering unlimited access to fights and exclusive content. However, my experience has been disappointing. The app constantly crashes, lags, and using it with Chromecast is a battle. I have to restart every time I want to fast forward. While the concept is great, the app's software is terrible. I've canceled my membership, seeing it as a waste of money. I'll gladly resubscribe once they improve the app's performance..Version: 11.8.1

Buggy and bad customer serviceAccount was randomly disabled half way though Aspinal vs Volkov fight night so had to stream else where. Hector from customer service was useless. Really disappointing, I will stream elsewhere going forward.Version: 10.21.1

IPad app responsiveness is shockingly badFor some reason in the last few months the UFC fight pass app on iPad has just gone so bad. It takes forever to register what you actually tap on and nearly all the time it doesn’t register you tapping on something. On top of this, despite having my preferences set to NO CLOSED CAPTIONS, every time I play something it has subtitles which I don’t think even a deaf person would want while watching fights, it’s so annoying! That paired with the terrible responsiveness makes it nearly impossible to watch anything. Sort it out!.Version: 10.15.0

Constantly crashes, be careful with PPVIt is impossible to use this app without regular crashes. Tried watching a re-run of ultimate fighter series- not once have we watched a whole episode without rebooting multiple times. Tried on phone, laptop, tablets, various wifi connections etc. buying PPV and watching any of the content on fightpass, video quality varies all the time and crashes. You think with the money and know-how of a $4 billion company the app should be a lot better than it is. Thinking of cancelling my fightpass subscription..Version: 8.0820

Ufc if you’re reading this I have two complaints1. For some odd reason, I recently found all my favorites and videos to watched later entirely removed from their respective lists. When i tried adding a video I discovered that their status was flicking almost instantly back to non-favorite and removed from the watch later list. I have also found that the app has not been tracking my progress anymore as it used to, and as in watching the Library in order this becomes frustrating quickly. My final and largest complaint is not a bug but a lack of a page feature in the library. To click ‘next’ hundreds of times to get from the begging of the library to the end is a massive pain. And if you could include a search page function or include page number in the url bar that would be great. I hope you take my experience into account, and in sorry if this rubbed you the wrong way. I just think your site can be a little better, and an app review is easier for me than contacting your team. If the ufc app-makers can connect with the website creators on my last point that would be wonderful for fight fans everywhere.Version: 8.0820

The catalogue needs a better menu.If I look up Dan Hooker, I want to see a list of his fights in chronological order. Not the random jumble that fight pass offers. Seriously, the old fight pass was better for looking up fights..Version: 10.19.3

Used to be good, now trashI was really happy with the app, nice design, quick, and easy to use but i don’t know what happened the apps now trash. So slow, won’t open half the time, navigating through it is super laggy, it’s almost unusable right now. Sort it out UFC.Version: 10.15.0

Ufc 254 Paper view wont unlockBought the ufc254 paper view, i uave been charged 3 times for the card and i cant even watch it. Quite sad for a company of this size to have such a poor platform.Version: 10.5.0

SplitYo if you’re gonna give half the fighters money you might aswell give half the viewers there money back.Version: 11.11.0

Previous versions better!LAZY LAZY LAZY development. 1st app review EVER!!!! DUE TO MY DISAPPOINTMENT. The previous version was vastly superior even with its own teething problems, I cannot understand why you remove functionality and then release it and call it an upgrade. Problems: Layout is cumbersome to navigate and not easy to find specific fights or browse in general. No longer able to view a fighters entire fight history (fight by fight) under their profile. Only the entire card for only a couple of fight and other media related videos. Now you have to search for a specific card. This is not a good way to introduce fans to a fighters body or work. Removal of bouts selection when watching a pre-recorded main card. This means having to scroll through the video. Removal of the calendar reminder. I have missed cards (due to being in UK and varying time zones), this is not supportive of the fans they have around the world. Removal of Fan voting during bouts Removal of various camera positions during fights and recorded bouts including corner cameras. ——————————————————————— They are not learning from the mistakes of previous version...... SHOCKINGLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!.Version: 9.1.0

Past a jokeMy friends and I would collectively make fun of the old ufc app across every platform, somehow it has been made worse. If you love a app that tries to look flashy yet has zero stability then it’s perfect. If I could give half a star I would.Version: 9.3.0

DO NOT try to buy a PPV through the Apple TV App!!I ordered UFC 253 through the Apple TV app and it doesn't give you access to the PPV, though you do get charged for it immediately. Same thing happened again with 254, ordered it a few hours ahead of the event thinking maybe it was an issue ordering it once the main card had started last time, but no, same result. No access to the PPV through the app. I had to order it again through the UFC website for it to register access, so I have been charged twice now and even then it dropped out over a dozen times during the main card. Total garbage for ordering PPV events. I did get a refund from Apple for the 253 event and will b asking for another erfund for 254. I will NEVER order another UFC PPV through the Apple TV app again, it simply doesn't work. Sort it out!.Version: 10.5.0

Doesn’t unlock ppv when you make purchaseThere’s a problem with the app I’ve been having where I purchase a ppv main event and it doesn’t unlock it. Tried refreshing purchases and it still wouldn’t work. It took me five attempts at purchasing before it unlocked. I ended up missing the first fight on the main card and have been billed for all the purchases. It’s dodgy and needs to be fixed please. Other than that it’s a great app but that is a serious flaw in my opinion..Version: 10.5.0

New update is confusing and poorly designedYou are better off using the website. The recent update has completely changed the lay out and it is extremely confusing and hard to navigate. The search bar is hidden in a drop menu. The fighters don’t have all their fights on their profile. It constantly crashes when connected to chromecast or an apple tv. The old app was definitely much easier to use and had a lot less issues with it. The only good thing about the update is that it plays old fights 24/7..Version: 9.0.2

Slow and laggyLove the ufc, but this phone app is simply rubbish. is very slow, extremely laggy when you click nothing registers and this is all on a good internet connection with a fairly new phone, please please fix these bugs.Version: 10.17.1

Terrible UI, buggy, unusable search functionThis app is absolutely terrible and it’s embarrassing for the UFC to even offer this as paid content. I want to be able to watch fights however extremely dodgy illegal websites from Russia are more functional than this ufc app. The search function is absolutely terrible and it’s difficult to find a lot of fights even when you type in the title or fighters in correctly word for word. It’s also extremely laggy, characters take 10 seconds to appear when you type and every button is unresponsive. The app also crashes pretty regularly. For the amount I pay for the service you would think the functionality would be even remotely close to something like Netflix but this is not the case. Dana said a couple years ago that they would fix fight pass but the service is only getting worse and worse and the ufc doesn’t seem to care at all. Quite strange. I have also been locked out of my account after my yearly subscription was renewed a week ago so that is another issue I need to resolve..Version: 10.17.1

Great but needs workI love this app more than the next guy but there’s a few things I’d like to get fixed. 1. I wish you could favorite athletes and seasons of TUF and or saves your place when you go back and forth from episode to episode 2. The layout is confusing and hard to understand. 3. Y’all said in august there was more fightlore coming with more but nothing ever came. 4. This is after I posted the review but I also notice the delay when I click on anything, for example when I click on athletes nothing will happen for 10 sec then I go to fight library and then It takes me to athletes. I’m on the ufc app every day and these are my only concerns but it gets to the point where I just wanna delete it and go to Bellator 😂🤦‍♂️ 5. This is the 3rd time I’m adding onto my review. The app on mobile is so delayed I can’t even enjoy it anymore, every-time I want to watch something it either lags out from me moving to slow or too fast which makes no sense. I haven’t seen any improvements to fix the bugs or to make it more enjoyable. This will be my last review before I cancel which I don’t want to do..Version: 10.9.1

Constant problems with using this appSo I’m a regular buyer of subscription of UFC PPV draws. This is the 4th time I’ve brought a subscription on this app and it plays well on TV app etc. but I’m not always on the lounge when fights are on. I went to mobile for 258, 262, and 263 and the app froze and failed on me in the main moments of all 3 cards. Thats essentially 150$+ I've lost cause I feel somewhat partly cheated by missing good moments of fights that I had to later find out via socials etc. also any interaction with the interface of the app will automatically make the app freeze. I thought maybe the issue will be fixed with a new phone, but I got the newest iPhone recently and the app on mobile shut down on me as Mexico got a new champion in 263 which really ruined the experience :(.Version: 10.15.0

Just use the website not the appMy phone has zero problems with anything until I load this up. I have to type one letter at a time and wait for about 10 seconds to even start to register it on screen. When I have fights on screen I regularly can’t pause or skip without lagging or shutting off completely. Besides from the app itself the lack of organisation in displaying the fights is a major thing they need to change. Overall I actually like fight pass but I’d say only use the website..Version: 10.11.0

Interface is awfulThe idea and everything is great and the website when using a laptop is all good would be 5 starts but on the app on my phone is a different story. So laggy and glitchy when clicking on to fights, different sections of it etc. I literally just tried to watch a fight and then turn it big screen and then it only started filling half my screen sideways and then flip upside down before crashing like what?.Version: 10.15.0

Terrible AppPaid to watch UFC 253. I got charged 7 times and the app crashes meaning I missed the fight. What a pain to have to try and get a refund. Will never pay to watch a UFC fight again. So gutted I missed the fight..Version: 10.5.0

Constant lagWhen paying $40 for one card you should expect to be able to watch it uninterrupted but it is constantly cutting out and lagging when watching it through the app..Version: 11.13.0

Terrible AppI never leave reviews but this app has annoyed me so much I thought I’d do a bit of venting. Not all, but most time when I sit down to watch a full fight card, suddenly stops and says I’m logged in somewhere else and automatically signs me out. Then I have to sign back in and have to find where I left off, trolling through to find the fight card I was watching and then find where on the card I was before I got signed out. But that’s not the most annoying - the most annoying is when I have access, pay a subscription but when I find a card I want to watch it asks me to sign up to start a free trial. I check my account and I should have access. I sign out and back in, same thing. I did reregister the first time this happened and ended up paying for two subscriptions at once for two months. Terrible app. Terrible UI. Come on, listen to the feedback, a lot of customers are giving you the same feedback, at least try to sort out the bugs..Version: 8.0820

Terrible AppThis app is next to impossible to work. I attempted TWELVE times to rent a PPV fight and each time you enter credit card info to order it logs you out and sends u back to login. Then credit card again, then login, and so on and so on. I’ve never had this much trouble on an app ever. And keep in mind we pay $100 a year for fight pass. It really makes me want to cancel my subscription and just catch the fight later. This app/fight pass has been having issues well over a year. We are on our second year subscription and we constantly have problems. And the “chat” customer service doesn’t work at all!!!! The ufc is making tons of money right now. Please please drop some money on fight pass/app. I’m so close to canceling our subscription and we are a ufc family. This app has the potential to be great but it’s not being given the attention and work needed! Over a year? No excuse!.Version: 3.5

Laggggggggg 😭😭Man I love this app so much 🤙🏻 I spend more time then I should on hear but about 70% of the time I do spend on the app is waiting for it to work 😭👎🏻 you type anything then you have to sit and wait for it to proses. Then you get to the fight you want to watch and if it’s a fight you have all ready watch good luck trying to get it start again 🤣 touch the screen then wait for the hud to come up to pull the video time back and your pretty much fighting it the hole way. Touch the screen it does nothing so you touch it again then it desides to proses the touch before and the touch you just applied and it has a melt down and does nothing and then I have a melt down and wonder why I even pay the subscription to something that works when it feels like it.. just my 2 cents. At the end of the day I’ll probably still pay it and still have the same problem regardless 👍🏻 a fix would be nice.Version: 10.9.1

Why is it so bad now???!?!When I used the old version I could search something and play it, then after I was done with that video it would go back to what I had searched or back to the spot on the page I was on automatically, now every time I play something it goes back to the home screen and I have to go back to the category or search it all over again, when I watch the live streams they often freeze and say to reload it but it never re loads. I have to exit and re select it, which makes me miss important moments in fights quite often. I fact that’s what gave me idea to give my rating, I was watching cage warriors and the guy was getting dominated and it froze and by the time I got it back on the losing guy had won! So I missed an epic come back and couldn’t even rewind it to see what happened. This is not the first time that it has happened. Just please go back to the old style or at the very least make this one work as well as the old style.Version: 9.3.0

COULD BE GREAT W/REG MAINTENANCEThis app could be & should be amazing so it matches the UFC product itself! If only they would stay up on REGULAR UPDATES! I mean at the bare minimum at least keep the weight class & P4P rankings as well as current champions lists up to date so that way when we see something on the app it matches what we then see on ESPN & vice versa! That’s not hard to do & if that regular maintenance was done it would make the interface and app WAY WAY MORE USER FRIENDLY & undoubtedly attract tons more users who would DL THE APP, KEEP IT INSTALLED & KEEP USING IT RATHER THAN SAVING A SAFARI SHORTCUT ON SCREEN TO WATCH FIGHT PASS WHICH IS THE EASIEST & IMO MORE USER FRIENDLY & HOW I PREFER TO DO IT! WHILE I DO CHECK BACK & DL THIS APP TO SEE IF ANYTHINGS GOTTEN BETTER OR CHANGED WHENEVER I SEE AN “UPDATE” BUT 9/10 TIMES I NORMALLY WIND UP DOWNLOADING IT, OPENING IT UP TO SEE THAT NOTHING HAS BEEN UPDATED OR CHANGED & THEN DELETING THE APP AGAIN TO GO BACK TO MY SAFARI SHORTCUT ICON!.Version: 9.0.2

Filled with anger over thisDecided to download the app and pay for the one month description of £6.99. Once I entered my details etc and submitted the payment, the money was taken out and I thought to myself happy days that was straight forward. As soon as I go onto the app EVERY SINGLE VIDEO is still LOCKED!! Once I click on the video to watch it gives me the option to pay for the £6.99 subscription AGAIN or the year subscription and once I press on the 6.99 subscription it tells me I already have this subscription and have now been stuck in a loop. Not one bit of help given and won’t be touching this app ever again!.Version: 10.3.0

DONT USE APPI just brought the gane vs jones ppv and once i brought it the app starts crashing. very unhappy. whoever reads this don’t buy the ppv on this app.Version: 11.5.1

Unfortunately it has to many bugs and glitchesI have been a member for around 10 years I love the content and love the events but the app can be so buggy I has usually always worked fine on my iPhone but was awful on Xbox but recently the updates on the iPhone have made the app nearly unusable I can’t turn the screen to watch the fights as it will freeze and close the app. I have tried it on other families devices and it does the same issue hopefully you get the app fixed as I use it often.Version: 10.14.0

Not worth itWhen u pay for the subscription u should be able to watch all the cards . At least the fight nights ! But it only lets u watch early prelims . NOT EVEN THE REGULAR PRELIMS ON PAYPERVIEW CARDS.Version: 11.14.0

ITS TIME...For the worst streaming in the game!The sell for Fight Club is amazing and as a fan I’d pay forever if it worked. All the fights, just a few months behind? Brilliant. It’s terrible. Forget the live streams, they can’t stream archived material. I can seamlessly stream a 4K documentary but 15 seconds of a fight from two years ago goes to low res, then the audio goes out of sync, then it just pauses for longer than it played. You can only fast forward at two times speed (great for a three hour event!) and the menu to jump to a fight never works. If it hangs and you have to shut it down or back out? It’ll reset the timeline of the event? On the last round of the last fight? Enjoy fast forwarding for twenty minutes? UFC should be embarrassed to have their name on this. Fix this app..Version: 8.0820

No worth itI pay too much but don’t get anything.Version: 11.12.4

Please UPDATE the app!Massive UFC fan but the app could be a lot better. Unnecessarily complex for some things (needs better user interface..like the older one) and why is that when I look up an event (a fight night for ex) that was like 2 months ago, why doesn’t it allow me to watch ? Another thing is, the espn deal is terrible for fans. Why am I forced to use that terrible espn app and subscribe to espn+ to buy, watch ufc pay per views in addition to being subscribed to fight pas ? Ufc was much better when it was all a one stop shop. I’m fine with changes, but this is terrible. Again, been a fan since I was a young kid but please, make it easier to be a fan..Version: 10.18.1

App has glitchesI can’t scroll without it clicking on something I don’t want to watch. Also when you try to skip it with the 30second button it stops & takes about a minute to come back on, making it pointless to have the skip button. Also the tv app is just as bad. I click on a fight & it takes ages to load if it loads at all. I would give this 5 stars for the content but the app needs sorting out please..Version: 10.17.0

Terrible interfaceI have had a subscription ever since Fight Pass started. I used to enjoy it and watched often. Ever since the deal with ESPN+ (not available in Canada), the redesigned interface and system has taken a nose dive. It’s difficult and confusing to use now and I was double charged trying to watch the UFC246 PPV. After contacting support, they said there was nothing they could do so I’m cancelling this immediately. I’ll move to Bellator..Version: 9.1.0

The worst app I’ve ever experiencedI have never reviewed an app both but this UFC app is by far the worst app I’ve ever had. I’ve never had so many problems in one app then this one. Considering you pay a monthly subscription for it you think it would be of a higher quality app, but no so more issue every single time I go to use it whether it’s on my tv or phone! It’s to be seriously looked at I don’t even understand how this app has a good rating in the App Store??.Version: 10.20.1

Minor DetailsRead some of the reviews. The app isn’t THAT bad. Functional, but needs to make some adjustments. Most major issues have already been addressed. For some minor issues, can we get a 5-10 second rewind for the double tap feature on iOS? Lightning strikes in this game, and 30 seconds IMO is too long of a duration to play back. On PC, it works great. The fight library could be better organized, or at least flow better. After searching for a specific fighter, the results can’t be sorted, making it feel scattered. PC allows you to “refine”, but the outcome is not much different. iOS doesn’t even give you an option. Sorting by chronological order according to which UFC event would work great. It would also allow fans to track the entire fighter’s career progression from early fights to more recent. Hope that helps..Version: 10.5.0

New updateThe new update completely ruined this app. You can no longer look up fights, they took away almost all of the TUF seasons, good luck looking for certain fighters The main reason I used this app was because of the ability to watch old fights. The new update took away the ability to do that. It’s unbelievable how bad it is now. I wanted to watch just Jon Jones Vs Alexander 2. I am currently scrubbing through the entire card to watch just that one fight. You can’t do that for almost any fight now. The most recent fight from Jon you can watch is OSP. That’s crazy that the most recent fight you can watch from Jon is 3 years old. Secondly, TUF. TUF was what saved the company and now you can barely watch it. There’s barely any seasons and some of them are missing episodes. I wanted to watch Miller vs Bisping but the earliest episode is episode 6. What on earth? The one thing that saved this company and you can’t watch it. Unbelievable. Finally the fighter search. On both my phone and smart TV I couldn’t find any real athlete page. What I found was a picture of them and maybe 6 fights. It was so cool looking at their stats and rankings and now you can’t do that. As a UFC fan it’s very frustrating that you’re limiting what we can do to get involved with the UFC. You need to fix this app. It’s honestly unbelievable how badly you messed it up. The last update was fine, go back to that. You will lose money and fans if you continue to use this update.Version: 9.0.0

Very poor interfaceOk so Fight Pass has amazing content. But to find the content on fight pass is mind numbing. A few examples.. I started watching a season of The Ultimate Fighter and there is no option to watch the next episode. You have to go through the tedious process of searching for it using thr poor search function every time you’re ready for the next episode. It has a continue watching section similar to that of Netflix, but it just has the episode you just watched and not the next episode in the series. It has an ‘Athletes’ section where it has the current roster, you can look at the fighters stats. A obvious function would be to show you a history of their previous fights available on fight pass, but it isn’t there. The playback could be better if you could skip 10 seconds instead of 30. If you want to rewatch a particular part that happened a few seconds before and you press the skip button you have to watch the 27 seconds before that. The timeline bar at the moment is far to sensitive to use. This could be a fantastic app but it’s so poorly put together..Version: 9.0.2

UFC UPDATED?I’m a big fan of the UFC but the app is very mid. If you could add in something were when I go to athletes then a-z if I could search up a fighter instead of having to find then by last name. I don’t know if any one who can make that happen will see this but that would be a good start on making the app better..Version: 11.11.0

Misleading confused money grab by a company that don’t even know what they’re offering.So fight pass has a specific set of terms and conditions. “Access to all prelims and early prelims, all UFC main cards available 48 hours after air including PPV events and exclusive original series and shows” They regularly violate their product promise by not posting such fights. Machaev fight night - 5 days after air Conor v Dustin 3 - still not available 2 or 3 weeks after the card. Support give you a line of oh if it’s a PPv in the U.K. the. It’s a month after (not stated when you drop for a yearly membership) no explanation of fight nights going missing. On top of that the streaming is cumbersome and the app on appletv is absolutely terrible. A million taps to go back and forth. Every time you back out if a legacy card it dumps you to the home page where you scroll scroll scroll. The bottom line are ufc aren’t delivering what was promised for service. Staying spoiler free on a smaller event for two days isn’t that bad. For a week, pointless. If I have to wait that long to see an event it’s too late. Furthermore and finally, Dana White is taking on piracy of his content (fair play) but simultaneously violating trade standards and British law..Version: 10.16.0

BuggyIf you’re expecting a Netflix type experience, this will let you down. It’s not intuitive to use and fights are all over the place. Typing simple things like “the ultimate fighter” doesn’t even bring up the show in search results. It’s good if there’s a particular fight you want to watch but if you want to watch a season you have to scroll through everything to find it. You can’t “favourite” a show, you can only favourite an episode. Once it finishes playing that episode you would think it would go on to the next episode, but no. You have to go find the show again and then keep watching. I like the TUF series, so trying to watch each season has been quite annoying because of this. The app looks nice but the user experience is not polished and it’s the same with the TV version of the app too..Version: 10.2.3

Rip off!Don’t get this app, I downloaded it to watch the Whittaker and Adesanya fight and it ripped me off. I paid for the subscription which they happily received, then I went and purchased the pay-per-view fight and they took my money but I couldn’t watch the main card event. I contacted the tech team, followed their instructions and still nothing, then I sent them an email and had to wait almost 3 days for a reply and all they could say is I only paid for the subscription and not the fight-but I received 2 receipts from apple. If I could rate this app a negative 1 I would..Version: 8.0820

No goodThis app keeps steeling my money when I try to buy ppvs both Apple and the ufc are refusing to pay it back ! Please contact me about this..Version: 11.9.0

DanaContent is amazing - app could do with some work though..Version: 10.5.0

Love UFC but app is garbageThe user interface is very inconvenient and disorganized. It’s difficult to find fights or filter specific fights for specific fighters. Also, there are a lot of bugs causing issues with skipping to a certain part of the video, and videos lag all the time. I have had issues watching every single fight. These issues happen across TV, laptop, and iPhone in different internet networks. I do not have these issues with other streaming services. The technical support is poor, there are clearly a lot of issues with this product and they are clearly just asking users to restart or do basic diagnostics and then let it go. There has to be a follow up process given that this is such a new product and clearly have a lot of bugs. I hope this product improves bc I love UFC.Version: 9.3.0

FrustratingEvery month my subscription gets locked out prior to fight nights it’s super annoying happened atleast 8 weeks in a row no support every time I have to get a refund of my subscription.Version: 10.19.3

Unfair app behavioursDifficult to go back and access the earlier fights once main event has ended. But I already paid the money, but you block my access I paid for and just ask for more money, monthly, annual… but I have 24 hour access. Unreasonable just mess the fans around. Even though we paid you !.Version: 11.5.1

Fix the app pleaseI’m a really big ufc fan and i love the app and I think the app is set up perfectly but it doesnt matter because it doesn’t function without lagging every second, I’ll have to click on a video over and over again until it works, I can’t even fast forward the video or pause it without it lagging. Please fix this because I’d love to renew my subscription once the app doesn’t lag. It would also be nice if y’all can make this app work on the PS4 internet browser so I can watch the fight pass on my tv..Version: 10.11.0

Finally UnsubscribingI am and will continue to be a huge UFC fan, but I’ve struggled with the piss-poor UI for this app for years, and I’m finally over it. The apple TV app, the mobile app, even the smart TV app have such great potential but are executed terribly. Sometimes inexplicably I’m unable to watch live broadcasts, constant errors with logging in, very frustrating search system, broadcasts/replays available in different languages but not always english, and lately hasn’t been allowing me to watch fights from the fight library because it hasn’t recognized my subscription payments; despite being a monthly subscriber for 6 years, and only 3 days ago its charged my visa. This app has been around for long enough that its probably not going to get fixed. Very, very disappointing..Version: 11.5.1

Amazing content library but very difficult to search and navigateThe content library is huge and obviously fantastic, but unfortunately it is very difficult to access due to the poor layout and search functionality. For example, I am trying to make my way through the “25 greatest fights” series which flashed up on the front page one day. Once I finish an episode, there is no way to continue or easily navigate to the next episode. I have to manually open the search function, search for “25 greatest fights” (“greatest fights” doesn’t return episodes), remember which episode I am up to as there is no indication of previously watched, and hopefully select the right one. The functionality of remembering where in the video you are is also temperamental, and on multiple occasions I have pressed pause, only to return and find that I have to reload the video and it starts from the beginning. Hopefully these areas can be improved..Version: 11.11.0

SUPPORTHow do i even put things into my favourites on the app..Version: 11.5.1

Not good enoughThe fight pass is great, access to so many fights across different organisations past and present. However, using the fight pass is made difficult, the app when watching video is so laggy it makes it almost impossible to watch, and that’s on an iPhone 12pro max. I don’t mind paying the subscription for fight pass but I expect the app to at least be usable. This could be amazing with a bit of work, but falls short for now..Version: 10.15.0

Looks Prettier but Is WorseSo my big thing that they removed from the former app is to search up a fighter and then look at every fight they have had in chronological order. Now, when you search up a fighter, it just shows their fight in a random order. It’s terrible. I like to watch a fighter’s fights from their first to last, and this new update doesn’t allow this. I have to open up their Wikipedia to do this now. Another big thing is how the app is always broken, and they don’t let us know that it’s their fault. I want better error messages. Don’t let it look like it’s our fault. And the app is broken often. When the app works, it’s awesome. But even if it worked all the time, not being able to look at a fighter’s fights in chronological order is such a terrible user experience that I can’t recommend this app..Version: 9.0.0

Waste of money?I don’t normally leave reviews HOWEVER, I absolutely LOVE UFC Fight Pass. When it works, which is rare. I understand that all apps will have their issues. But when I am paying for a service I sort of expect a little more from that service. That being said, I have found that on both platforms that I use fight pass (iPad and Xbox one) there are streaming issues that are crippling to the service. I know it’s not a connection issue because not only do I know I have extremely fast WiFi, but other apps(wwe network for instance) work perfectly fine and stream great. No one can expect perfection, but when you are paying money you expect issues that would be expected at launch to be ironed out after a few years. Not the case here. I have finally gotten frustrated enough to leave this review and I am wondering if I am wasting my money..Version: 3.4

Pay your fightersUFC should share revenue 50/50 with their fighters.Version: 11.11.0

SlowI love watching all the fights. Great concept but the actual app needs work. The app is soooo slow. NO RETURN BUTTON is a huge problem and easy fix they they need to do. Not all fights are downloadable. Some I click and they never load at all. They need a better search engine. Rewind and fast forward lags so slow might as well not use it. If you exit out of app, whatever you were watching closes instead of pausing in place. I love having UFC at my fingertips, but geez put some money into the quality of the app!.Version: 10.15.0

App is fineApp is great but it signs you out if you’re inactive for a couple weeks… which is annoying if you’re only watching fight nights which are usually once every couple weeks….Version: 11.11.0

Can’t buy and play pay-per-view on AppleTV appI haven’t been able to buy pay-per-views and watch them straight away through the UFC Apple TV app. The user experience has been terrible. It’s been like that for probably a year. Every time I buy a pay-per-view, the UFC app for Apple TV doesn’t throw any message to tell me if the purchase was completed or not. Then, the event keeps locked. So, I try to log off and log in, kill and re-open the app, but nothing works. The only thing that works is to open the UFC app on my iPhone, restore the purchase I did via Apple TV, and then Air Play the event from the UFC iPhone app to my Apple TV. Ridiculous..Version: 10.20.1

Weird fight listThis app on the phone or Tv is set up really weird. How? Because the way the fights and the whole platform are set up and how long it takes for a fight to be updated. I’ll explain each athlete should have all there fights listed on there library but some are excluded out idk why but it’s like that. On top of that there are some fights that aren’t even on there but they’ve been out for almost 6 months but there not on the fight pass? Felder vs RDA isn’t even on there. When did that fight happen December of 2020. Why isn’t on here? I have no idea. But the library is awesome. Some great fights in there but the way it’s all set up is extremely weird. But overall very entertaining..Version: 10.15.0

The worstHonestly, what’s the point in offering a monthly subscription that says you get access to ALL FIGHTS and ALL STREAMS if you still have to pay separately for the current live fight? If it wasn’t for that, I’d have kept it. Honestly so disappointed, they don’t truthfully represent their sub offers. So not worth the cost..Version: 9.4.0

UFC Fight Pass ReviewAs a fight fan there’s a whole treasure trove of classics and modern classics, phenomenal PPVs, the entire collection of Embedded, Fightlore, movies, all series of TUF and so much more on FightPass. BUT, as an app, the navigation is slow, the playlist function isn’t moveable - for example I want to make my way through all the fight cards of 2019, I can only do that automatically from December to January instead of January to December. Many of the fighters names are spelled incorrectly. When typing in a fighter you’re doing some research on the fight order is totally random as opposed to ordered by date - most current to earliest - and often several other fighters will come up as well as or sometimes instead of. There’s so much to love here and it’s a pretty f•••in’ good price for it too. But with the bank the UFC is getting these days - the app could definitely do with a proper update..Version: 10.17.1

Guys BeawarePlease dont buy anything from UFC fight pass these guys are total rip off been paying monthly subscription and buying Paperviews past weekend UFC 253 didn’t play. These guys are so disgusting I have raised a question with them about the issue and I asked for refund they didn’t reply. So far sent them 5 emails no reply. Its a scam dont give your hard earned money in the hands of these cheaters..Version: 10.5.0

So much great content delivered so poorlyThe latest app update is a huge disappointment. It was poor before but at least useable. Now the UI is terrible. Search is hidden deep in setting, very difficult to get to the fights or content you want to see. I’ve been a fight pass holder for 2 years and will now use the app a lot less due to the poor user experience. Not sure if they built the app in house or outsourced but it needs a hell of a lot of work to be useable. It’s as though they don’t care about fightpass subscribers overseas due to ESPN. Will seriously consider cancelling my sub..Version: 9.0.2

Dana and UFC are crooks.Dana White and the UFC is a dying brand. So sad this is what they’ve become. Go watch One FC, PFL or Bellator. I’ve loved the UFC since 2008 and I just can’t support them anymore..Version: 11.8.1

Downloads no longer work. Why?This app WAS great when it allowed for downloads. However for the past several months I get “Content not available” error for ANYTHING I try to download. Nothing works!! It’s too bad because that was the best feature of the app. Please fix this issue!.Version: 10.21.1

Ripped offPayed for my fight pass, paid for the main event also and still can’t view anything. All has been charged to my Apple account too..Version: 10.5.0

Terrible UII’ve been a member of UFC Fightpass for a few years now, but I’ve had it with this app and cancelled my subscription. My biggest peeve is spoilers. I don’t want to know the result of a fight before I even watch it! As soon as I click on an event to watch the replay, I see the full list of winners. I won’t even bother to see if there’s a way to turn this off because it is not apparent on first glance. The old layout had a button at the very top that gives the user an option whether we want the results to be shown. Also the thumbnail of an event doesn’t need to be a ‘live’ glimpse! I don’t want to jump on the app and seeing that they are already on the fighter interview stage and seeing who won! Absolutely ruins the whole experience. Deleted and unsubscribed.Version: 9.4.0

Does it’s job, but so irritating to useThe app is soooooo slow and hard to use. U tap on a video and there is 5 second delay before it works. The chrome cast feature is also super unstable, often just randomly disconnects or freezes. The search feature is also quite bizarre. You can type in 2 fighters name and their fight can sometimes be 10+ options down the page..Version: 10.15.0

Never seen an app fail so hardMy gosh , nothing works. For some reason after I watch one fight I need to force close the app for anything to work. Can only see recent 3 fights for a selected fighter , except they almost always don’t work. If you want to know the fighter stats and nothing else, I guess this app is almost usable. This will just frustrate you. I’m really hoping for an update that fixes the 23,462 bugs that come with this app. I tried spraying Mortein bug spray on the phone though it did nothing..Version: 9.0.2

Great content, terrible app..I have had UFC fight pass for several years now, and I love the content. That said, I pay almost $100 a year for that content, and I can barely watch it because the app is trash. Every other video streaming app works perfectly fine on my phone or any other device that I use. For some reason the UFC app crashes all the time, is unresponsive, frequently won’t start, and has extremely slow responsiveness when I click something. Usually the app takes 10 or more seconds to register that I have clicked on something. This is unacceptable for a video streaming app where I am paying for content. Fix all of this please. The app is extremely buggy and nearly impossible to use. It’s bad enough that you moved half of your content to ESPN+, which you have to pay for separately. Just fix this app..Version: 10.11.0

HorridThe worst app I’ve ever used, that is supporting a major organization. I’d expect this kind of haphazard design from someone in their garage experimenting with making an app. The entirety of the the design is not only confusing and really not user friendly, but there are repeated links that take you to the same things over and over in a loop of madness. There is nonexistent customer service even though they proudly display a “chat now!” Option. I had that stupid window open for over and hour at one point and was still “waiting for an agent” I’ve also never gotten a response from their email option. But nothing tops paying for a pay per view fight, BUT what you get is literally only the title/main event. You can’t watch ANY prelims or anything else unless you also buy their crap subscription, and even then, your area might be blacked out for some unknown reason that they won’t explain so you can’t even PAY to watch anything else. What a poor excuse for an app. Nothing but greed and laziness went into it. Never ever will I download or use this app again. Who ever is in charge and or created it needs fired. Smh..Version: 8.0820

Ufc appLove fights pass and mainly use ufc app on all devices and is generally good except the video player could use updating, often when you fast forward through videos it will end the video after doing it too much, and generally hard to search content on the app as its not well organised, sometimes full seasons of TUF will come up and other times not etc.Version: 10.18.1

Constantly logs me outHave used fight pass for years, always been a huge fan of UFC but for over a month now I’m constantly logged out. Doesn’t matter if I log in, delete the app, re download, cancel sub, re start sub I can never watch more than 2 mins before it says I’m not allowed to watch the content. So annoying I have to watch events on my phone on dodgy streaming sites that work better than the app instead of streaming to my tv..Version: 11.10.0

Terrible lag and won’t chromecastThe app seems to be getting worse. It wasn’t like this a couple of months ago. On my iPad you have to wait about 10 seconds for anything to happen. You end up tapping a button twice thinking it didn’t register the first time. This only confuses the app. Also it won’t Chromecast properly any more. I’ve tried it on a regular Chromecast dongle and also the newer Google TV device. It sometimes works but mostly doesn’t. Don’t they test these apps before they put them out?.Version: 10.11.0

Extremely FrustratingUse this on your iphone, ps4, pc, and in mostly my case an nvidia shield, and the streaming is horrible. The app itself is ok, the content is awesome, only if you can watch it. I actually feel as if I’m buffering a video from the 90’s. This is not a cheap streaming service, it’s expensive, yet when you watch it, more often then not you run into freeze frame problems, like the video is not streaming properly. In my case the device I am streaming off is really powerful and connected directly into a modem, no wifi. Still have issues. Not to mention what the run into off of your phone. Save your money! And do not even pay for the fight pass unless you want to get angry. I have contacted ufc directly to see what happens. Just to add, I am located in Australia, I hope no where else experiences this..Version: 8.0820

Awful appI love the UFC and this has really put me off I’ve got to say. How can a profitable company justify offering a service that hardly works. It takes so long to load anything, sometimes sound plays before the video. Sometimes the app just crashes randomly. Try to scroll a video forward or back makes the whole thing just stop. I mean really? Also missing tuf finale in several seasons, but you can buy them from the AppStore. The whole cera as a coach season, 6, is missing. I won’t be renewing this, anyone that does needs a long hard look at them self for supporting hot garbage.Version: 10.11.0

Ipad App is unusable now daysIt is so frustrating that the app is so bad. I don’t mean the design I mean how unresponsive it is. Every touch action takes like 30 seconds. (Closing a stream, forward, pause basic stuff)..Version: 10.16.0

New app not as user friendlyNew and improved? The update made a while back is not as user friendly..Version: 10.5.0

Careful when purchasing!!It says the monthly price is 9.99$ CAD for Fight Pass but when you go to purchase, it tries to charge you 13.99$ CAD !!.Version: 8.0820

Still TrashAnother week goes by and yet the app still is laggy, bulky, with a cumbersome interface. Not to mention that the streaming service doesn’t even air all of the seasons of its proprietary show (Case in Point Season 6 of TUF Team Serra vs Team Hughs). I’ve been a subscriber for almost 5 years now paying the 6 month premium at a time however with the lack of response from a company with the means such as the UFC to remedy these issues for users I am cancelling my membership. No catalogue of fights or original content (especially omitted content Team Hughs vs Team Serra) is worth the struggle and headache of the membership fee and atrocious user experience. With the growing brand that is the UFC and THE premier athletic organization worldwide this supplement to their brand is nothing short of an embarrassment. I guess those streamers take away enough revenue stream to afford a quality development team..Version: 10.11.0

Hard to cancelGlitchy app,worked just okay. I can’t support ufc anymore and it is comical how hard they’ve made it to cancel the subscription..Version: 11.13.0

Need to fix bugs!! But great video libraryLike the title suggests the video library itself is unrivalled, however the app as a whole is unbearably slow with many minor/major bugs. Noticeable bugs to fix - Slow to react when tabs are pressed, app often shuts down when trying to view video in wide screen, poor user interface. In conclusion, UFC fight pass has fantastic potential as a tool to revisit fight new and old however production quality is exceedingly poor. 2 stars with a potential to be 5. PLEASE FIX UFC FIGHT PASS!.Version: 10.15.0

Please update the AppPoor Calibration, the interface is staggered and doesn’t allow you search for what you want to watch unless you type in exactly the name of the episode you want to watch, for example, tuf season 10 ep 2. Makes searching for what you want to watch laborious. Also there’s no clear categories for What you want to watch, which further adds to the dissatisfaction of the App as a whole. The rankings, results of fights cards and upcoming events features are good however the whole experience the app provides is not to the level of what the UFC should be providing..Version: 10.4.0

Not worth itI find this app super hard to navigate through and see what you want to watch, a lot of fights you can watch early prelims but not prelims or fight nights, for me it was a waste of money. This will be my last subscription..Version: 11.9.0

Horrible App It’s been 6 months and it’s getting WORST!!!!Even after 6 months and updates THEY DON’t get IT! I BELIEVE IT HAS GOTTEN WORST! It’s sluggish, does not keep history, doesn’t suggest anything good IT’s horrible. They have my money because of the content... They updated it and it’s even WORST!!! Flashy but SO BAD. I only get it because I’m a hardcore fan but it’s horrible.Version: 10.9.1

Not a good experienceI really dislike a lot about the layout and overall user experience of the app design but I particularly hate the video timeline markers you use to jump to the start of each fight within each fight night. If you don’t know the results you can basically see how long or short a fight is by the spacing of the markers so end up knowing whether they finished with a knockout or not. It seems small but feels like a spoiler and adds no value when you could easily have a list of the fights below the video or in a side slide out panel. The app feels like it was just design and built without asking any actual users what they think about it..Version: 9.0.2

Poorly Organized Interface and Broken VideosIt’s not pleasing to surf through the app and try to find fights or fighters, so if they changed the interface to something more easy to navigate, that would help a lot. Also, there’s a fair amount of videos that don’t open. I will try to open them, and an error pops up saying “Sorry, something went wrong.” Both of these things, the video errors and poor interface, creates a pretty abysmal experience. There’s a lot of potential for this app to be great and fight pass to be worth the money for the mobile experience, but as of now, it’s not worth $10 a month on mobile. ESPN+ includes enough UFC coverage, a better interface, and never any video errors, for $3 cheaper monthly..Version: 10.18.1

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