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Yahoo Mail - Organized Email for Positive User Reviews

Really fast and simple layoutWorks well, fast, organized layout, no complaints. Whilst i normally loathe ads in this case the ads are non intrusive and potentially useful. Far better than other major email apps, honestly makes the gmail app look substandard. Hope this gets more support and retains this quality in the future..Version: 6.14.1

Ridiculously bad appDespite numerous issues reported there is never any follow up from this arrogant company. The latest issue is emails open without the introductory comments so if someone has sent you or forwarded information you have no idea why? I only realised it by opening the same mails in the old IPad Yahoo Mail. Having been forced to use this awful app I now can’t even fully open emails In the unlikely event anyone from yahoo should be interested I’ve taken screenshots of an email opened in the app and old yahoo just to show the issue. Still incredibly useless in almost every respect. This time suddenly I keep getting pop up to sign in on yahoo app. Already signed in, can’t find any way to sign out. Pathetic.Version: 4.44.3

Great email appBeen great app no bugs till last update crashes when trying to delete or move emails to a folder. This is the first problem I have had in years so still 5 star im sure it will be fixed soon.Version: 4.22.3

A great family hotelJust back from Blackpool, me and my family stayed at Dutchman hotel. The hotel is Morden, nice and clean, can’t fault it at all. Staff are so nice and polite. Their Family room is quite big and spacious compared to other hotels we’ve stayed in. Kids were happy. Because We only eat halal we were asked if we preferred anything specific for breakfast ( so nice of them to ask ). We would love to stay here again. I would love to Thank all the staff at Dutchman hotel for their hospitality x.Version: 6.54.1

The only way to contact my sweetheart as he battles it out over in SyriaMy main line of communication is and was Gmail. For many years I used this route of communication because I thought it was reliable, please don’t get me wrong, it is reliable, it caused no problems at all, but since I’ve joined Yahoo the experience is different. For instance, gmail lends you a page to write on then it stops and prompts you to continue on a second page. This, I found, broke my reign of thought, which, when you’re talking to your loved one isn’t a good idea. Whereas Yahoo permits endless text with no break enabling me to just let the fingers to the talking. It’s easy to open, store and delete conversations, it allows the author to enlarge the font size, which I find very helpful, especially at night when the light isn’t too good. So all in all, Yahoo has my vote hands down. Thanks Yagoo..Version: 6.17.2

AceI have used Yahoo as my email ‘engine’ since I changed many years ago from Tiscala. Notwithstanding recent issues with ALL ‘engines’, as I like to call them, Yahoo is still for me the best. I do have issue with adverts impeding the reading area and having to be ‘pushed aside’ , is a small price to pay to have access to my email. There clearly other out there but I shall not be “upgrading /changing “ to be able to read my email. Keep up the good work Yahoo, you are tops in my book..Version: 6.7

Do Not Update to Version 4.44Everything worked perfectly up until the latest update. Though it’s still possible to access and send emails, it’s no longer possible to send attachments or forward anything via the app. This problem has definitely been caused by the update so, If you’ve not already done so, I’d urge you not to update to version 4.44 if you want to continue to have access to all the app’s facilities. Hopefully Yahoo will find some sort of resolution to this problem..Version: 4.44

Yahoo mailThe app is very easy to use but it could benefit from a few improvements. For example the facility to sort emails by sender of subject. As far as I know this option is not available on the app. Please advise if it is and where I would find it. Also when moving emails to specific folders, it would be good if it remembered the last folder and went to the folder by default until you choose a different folder. I look forward to the improvements in the future. Thank you. Roya.Version: 6.51.1

Great modern hotel ❤️If you need a hotel to stay the night before going to the islands or you simply just want to be close to Denarau marina (right across the road) this hotel is great. Clean, modern, great front of house staff, beautiful pool, beautiful rooms. Highly recommend 👍.Version: 4.20.1

It’s ok but...I like the simplicity of the basic system. It leaves me to organise my files. I have twice, many months apart, tried to use the app. Its dynamic reorganisation of files is interesting. I do not understand why this facility should assist me and the thinking of the development geeks is a mystery. What would help me would be the facility to go to any account and delete from that account all mail records older than a stated date. That said, I still prefer the basic Yahoo system to the others I have tried..Version: 4.20.1

My favourite iPhone applicationThis smartphone e-mail client is simple to use and can read, write, and receive e-mail from Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Outlook, and Gmail. It does display advertisements, but the advertisements don’t stop one from using the application effectively. The e-mail client has nice colourful themes, too, which can be applied to each of one’s mailboxes; for example, the purple theme for Yahoo! Mail, green for AOL, blue for Outlook, and red for Gmail. Highly recommend for iPhone users who read their e-mail daily and want a no-fuss way of doing it. I use the application daily..Version: 4.32

UPGRADE REGRETThis is easily the most annoying mail app I have ever subscribed to...and that includes original AOL with all its instability. It seems the whole purpose of the upgrade was to be so irritating through ad persistence that paying for a reasonable mail experience seems preferable. Sponsor ads not only live a zombie life...instantly reappearing after deletion...but now Yahoo makes you go through the process of telling them why you don’t want the ad...and holds mail in suspension until you answer. Hello...the ads are annoying...yes, they make Yahoo money...we get that. Before this upgrade, we could at least block delete unwanted it’s a tog-of-war between ad bots and humans over individual emails...and the bots are winning. Before posting this, I read a number of reviews...the developer comments basically boil down to “pay or suffer”...thanks for nothing Yahoo..Version: 6.0.4

YmailBeen using gmail as my main email address for 7 year now! And I’m still loving it!.Version: 4.29.2

Reply/Reply All buttonMy only issue right now with the app is the ‘reply’ option automatically changes to ‘reply all’ if there is more than one contact involved in the email thread. This is frustrating as I have on multiple occasions replied to every contact instead of just the person/company who sent the email. Please change this! 🤞🏻.Version: 6.14

Works well, better than mostHave had a very good experience with yahoo overall so far. After MicroSucks outlook and goggles gmail losing my accounts to hackers, I tried Yahoo since the beginning of the year. This Yahoo mail app appears to be good, simpler than most others out there, which for me is a good thing, but need some modern features for the younger ones. What it does have it does very well. I like it and would recommend for simplicity and so far reliability..Version: 4.37

Essential and reliable appOne of the apps I cannot do without on my phone👌.Version: 4.19.1

Excellent mail app but....To whom it concerns, Look I’ve been using this mail app for quite some time now being as I like using a mail app that’s more dedicated to my actual email address but I’ve noticed a “bug” recently for some reason on my iPhone I’m not getting the little notification number next to the app like I normally would but yet on my iPad I do so clearly there is something not working quite right as usually I don’t have any issues with this app..... I’ll notice I’ve not got any notification number but when I’d own the app it think for a moment then show however many emails I might have....It’s not a major issue but it’s an issue nonetheless that I would appreciate being looked into and correct as I can’t be the only person having this same issue..... Thank you for you time..Version: 6.25

DependableI have been a Yahoo mail user from the days when Compuserve shut down and I had to choose another email provider. Yahoo was in its infancy when I first joined them about 30 years ago and Yahoo mail has been so dependable I have been a loyal customer ever since..Version: 6.31.0

Great app if you don't mind seeing some adsYou will see some ads. The app works perfectly fine with great notifications but you will see some adds which might seem like emails that is a bit annoying. But for free service you have to put up with something I guess.Version: 4.19.1

Good systemI’ve used for years and it’s very reliable. The most important thing is stability so you know you can access mails at all times. Only one little complaint. Finding old e mails using search can be hit and miss. Make a note of dates so you can scroll through as sometimes search tells you there is nothing found. Considering this is free, small issue. There’s a great amount of storage too and the App works well. Thank you Yahoo...Version: 6.24

YahooI find Yahoo very easy to use but I would rather not have advertisements popping up all the time. One thing I really wish though is that the constant updating that goes on could be curtailed. Once I have familiarised myself with the functions on my IPad, and they have proved entirely satisfactory for my needs, I do not like having to then familiarise them all over again. I know technology is advancing all the time but, surely, there is a way whereby those of us totally happy with what we have got can keep it. Diane and Anthony Appleby..Version: 4.24.2

Decent app, needs notifications.This app is infinitely better than the awful browser version of Yahoo mail; there are still adverts here, but they’re not as horrifically in your face. The layout of the app is actually really smart and clear. No nonsense, easy to use, and all the screen space is used sensibly. I like the option to change colour themes too (I always opt for dark/night modes where possible). However, the app in which I check my emails seems to be the only app where notifications aren’t an option. Angry Birds will happily tell me I’ve missions to finish at 3am, but I can’t get a notification about an email from work? Yeah..Version: 6.1.3

Handy enough appThis app is quiet handy but I can’t find anywhere to adjust text size and it seems that as soon as it gets darker the font size will drop even lower putting so much strain on my eyes I can no longer focus on anything in fact it makes them so blurry I can’t read previews any longer and have to open each message and use iPhone zoom tripple the size just to barely see it. There should be an option to adjust font sizes so it doesn’t damage my eyes worse..Version: 4.39

Yahoo MailReally like Yahoo Mail, very little spam and efficient layout..Version: 4.34.1

I’m staying with ItI've used my yahoo uk account for over 10 years now and it's pretty reliable. It syncs well across devices better than other ones I need to do for work and one other I use at home. The spam filter is quite good - i just need to go over, have a quick glance and delete. Very, very infrequently, I do find something that got spammed that shouldn’t have been though. I also like the layout and I’m finding it quite easy to navigate compared to other accounts I know about. It’s also easy on the eye....Version: 6.11

Beta stinksThis version is very delayed and annoying.Version: 6.1

Absolute rubbishI've been using sky email for years and it was perfect, now I have to use yahoo and all I get is adverts and have to pay to stop receiving them, if I open mail and click on something there then it doesn't take me to where I would expect, in-fact it doesn't even open anything. Complete rubbish, I shall now stop using my sky email address and delete the app then set up a hotmail address. This device is going down hill just like the wifi and tv service..Version: 4.22

Good, but a little annoying.Overall, the app works well. It is easy to use when viewing or writing emails and sends helpful notifications when emails are received. BUT, ads are shown in the inbox and the notification button on the app face alerts you of this constant advertising, which seems deceiving and I often confuse with having an email. On a higher note, the app is much more successful than others when sharing media content between web platforms. For this effort I would say the app is very good. (:.Version: 4.34.1

Contacts disfunctional not able to add or edit for two monthsYou cannot buy pro services in Australia so no way to get help when things go wrong even if emailed issues are acknowledged they do not fix the ongoing issue with the contacts management of yahoo inbox.Version: 4.31.3

Emails not getting thruMany of my friends have sent answers to my emails only to have it bounced back 24 hours later. Saying it could not be delivered. My inbox is cleared daily so no overload to stop emails coming in.Version: 4.34.1

Reply To All missingOne of Main feature of the mailing app should be reply to all. It used to work in old version. Now the latest version there is no option (iOS version). I’m forced to use my desktop for reply to all.Version: 6.3.3

Not syncingThe yahoo mail app is not syncing with yahoo mail on web. You can delete messages on yahoo mail web access, but later if you access yahoo mail app, the messages you deleted are still there. You have to delete them again..Version: 4.20

Yahoo email service reviewI like the service, but I would prefer an option to be able to link to my photos, be able to resize them, and then attach them as proper separate attachments. It used to be possible to do they get put into the email (which often means the email doesn’t go or get delivered successfully unless it’s only a couple of images). I am also not that happy that so much endless marketing emails turns up in my inbox....I would like to be able to empty it of all that rubbish...but so much stuff turns up in’s very annoying. I think you should be able to setup a rule so that a maximum number of unsolicited marketing emails can be in your box at any one time. And that they are automatically deleted after 15 days if they are not opened...(just a an idea for a bit of creativity for the product, plus I reckon people would liken this! Even marketers could benefit because at the moment inboxes are swamped... with their marketing buried...this would streamline it..Version: 6.8.1

5 starGreat app! Been using yahoo for year's and it's so easy to work around the app, use the app..Version: 6.57.0

Taking it’s time!Have noticed recent change in “Inbox”incoming emails that I’ve been notified have been sent to me and when I go to Inbox to receive they’re not there and either havn’t arrived, or like a Very Urgent Email from My Bank just the other day that was sent out to me mid-evening and didn’t arrive until into the following day !? Apart from this I feel you’ve always been a company that I’ve been happy to be a customer of. Thank you - Kim Garnham..Version: 6.12.1

Love Yahoo-Never, Never, Never allow Anyone to 'put you out of Business....Brilliant beyond belief....Version: 4.35

Very good experienceMy life has been attached to yahoo for many years. I like the easy way to erase messages that are no more needed, easy to compose a new message and the way to get mail address in the contact list..Version: 4.31.3

User friendlyUser friendly app, will probably need improvements but Im too preoccupied to think about them now..Version: 4.23.1

Looks GoodI like the layout of the app and find it easy to read and organise emails. My only complaint is that it forces you to open all links in their Yahoo Mail browser which doesn't contain any of your saved passwords and pre-filled information. Also if for some reason you have to return to your inbox you lose your browsing location. If they would provide the option to have links opened in an external browser this so would be perfect..Version: 6.0.1

Have had to stop using itBecause it doesn't recognise calendar invites from Outlook it's not suitable for use as a self contained mail and calender system.Version: 4.26

AwesomeUse it all the time easy to access anywhere in the world. 👀👌🏾.Version: 4.26.2

FeedbackTakes time to upload documents. Sometimes it does not respond for long time. Security is better then ever or any other mail..Version: 4.32

LOVE IT!!!I love this app because it is useful for when I'm sending pictures to family!!!👍🏽😁.Version: 4.23

Awesome app and mail serviceAwesome app and mail service. Highly recommend it.Version: 4.19.1

Spell check and grammar check missingI miss the spell check and the grammar check feature that is standard in the apple mail app.Version: 4.23.1

UnhappyHow do I stop all the unwanted adds? Hate the pop ups.Version: 6.1.2

My yahooWorks very well for me on my iPhone Never had any issues.Version: 4.25.1

Serviceable serviceYahoo Mail is essentially everything I need, providing especially; alerts every time a message is received, suppressing Spam effectively with only the very occasional filtering error and offering a pretty good Search feature. The Search feature does become “fatigued” where there are frequent exchanges as a consequence not showing every result going back. Also the “catenation” feature whereby conversations are strung together means one must be careful to search both inbox and Sent. Finally every now and again a message can “disappear” apparently unbidden into Archive!.Version: 4.35

AdsI have always had a yahoo account and been extremely impressed with the service and graphics. I have found that especially for a free service it is very good. However I am now finding it extremely frustrating the large ads that appear in amongst my email threads. I have tried to purchase Yahoo Pro as I did have this before but now it doesn’t seem to be available in Australia or I cannot find it in my account settings and I have followed the instructions on every search for it. Honestly if you want people especially those that work from home to continue to use this app & I have spoken with many you really need to have Yahoo Pro as an option to purchase here. Just a suggestion as I know others are looking at other accounts to now utilise..Version: 6.26.0

FoldersI have too many emails. I want to delete most of them. I canceled my subscriptions. I don’t want to delete each individual email. I want the emails to be put into folders without the hard work, then I can delete some of those folders. Yahoo and ICLOUD email accounts don’t allow you to do that..Version: 6.0.8

Amazing… this yahoo email app. Works very well with anything 👍🏼.Version: 6.41.0

Review.Yahoo mail is fine as a permanent email provider. However, I find it quite tedious with the layers of security ie SMS codes to sign in. Also pop up advice that yahoo mail won't work unless I use google chrome. I did that and chrome did an update and features of yahoo mail won't work anymore ie forward, reply and delete emails. I went back to outlook express and all is good. Cheers..Version: 4.37

GreatIt's good I love it.Version: 4.19.1

Too many unnecessary EmailsAm receiving unnecessary email atleast 10-15 a day, which is really not required for me also how they got my personal email?? Is using yahoo email is nothing but sharing my personal information without my hand...,it’s my personal account not for marketing.Version: 6.19

Mail reply’sMail reply’s don’t sit at the top anymore You have to scroll through to find the person, miss heaps of emails..Version: 4.32

Unhappy customerI ordered flowers for an ill person who lived over 100 miles distant. When the flowers arrived there were not healthy - some were even dead. When I complained to the Company they asked for proof including photographs I explained there was no way I could ask someone who had a stroke to take photos so they said they would send replacement flowers. They were eventually sent after four emails. There was no phone number where they could be contacted and I discovered they were based in Malta. I will keep to British florists in future.Version: 4.35

So far so good...I have tried many email apps and this one has so far been the best. Experienced syncing issues with other apps, and the annoying issue of them always showing a notification for one more email than what was actually in my inbox..Version: 6.11

Messages take longer time to be receivedSometimes senders ring me stating they had sent a message a while before, and when I ask them to forward their messages to my personal Hotmail, I immediately receive them, then 15 minutes later the message hits my yahoo mail inbox.Version: 6.7

Yahoo Small Business Email Disruption!In the 11+ years of having 4 (actually 5) small business accounts with Yahoo, I have NEVER experienced the exasperating and costly issues that have wreaked havoc on my business and communications since the migration on April 24 of 2019. It has taken 2 weeks for us to simply access our business emails. Have not spoken to anyone after multiple tries and tireless hours in hold. Microsoft and GoDaddy actually both answer their calls and solve issues. NOW, I must access my paired down (and, yes soon to be closed) Yahoo email accounts through an app on my phone. Have you heard of call centers? Staffing up to offer customer solutions? Would like to hear projected revenue loss numbers if you were shut down for 2 weeks. I’ll bet our percentages would be the same... What separates us is that I would never treat customers like this and I would answer my customer calls..Version: 4.44.3

Great communication platform.I enjoy the ability to keep in touch with my dwindling family here and overseas. As we get older we need to be able to chat with our family , because you never know how long you have got before we can’t anymore..Version: 6.26.0

Awesome thanksWe’re very happy but I get way too many adds and traffic trying to sell stuff. Cheers Andrea.Version: 4.27.1

Great App iPhoneBeen using yahoo mail on my iPhone for the last 3-4 years. Its been a great app..Version: 4.31.2

Dimly AwesomeThe Best Web Mail / Worlwide News Service Better Then CNN and other Nws Feed Services.Version: 6.28.0

Why did you change the order of e-mails after deletion???For some reason they switched the order of viewing for your e-mails. I like to view my oldest unread e-mail message first and work my way up. It used to be that the next newest e-mail would appear after you deleted the e-mail that you were looking at. Now it sends you to the older e-mail instead of the newer e-mail making you swipe right to go to your next e-mail. This is counterintuitive and annoying! I will go back to using the E-mail app built in to iOS until this problem is fixed. Sorry Yahoo… The resolution of text and images is deformed and hard to read usually. You're still better off using the built in E-Mail app on the bottom of the home screen, but this Yahoo Mail app is improving continuously. Maybe Yahoo will improve the tiny display format that usually makes it hard to read your e-mails in the next update. I know they can do better..Version: 4.24.1

FrustratingThe apps been good in the past but the past 6 weeks I’ve had many problems from the app freezing too not sending emails properly. Thinking of going elsewhere if this keeps up.Version: 4.42.1

Where is Unsubscribe in the Yahoo app or account?I do not see it (Unsubscribe)—in the icons that you can control at the bottom of your screen. When I go to customize your inbox, it’s not there either. It’s not in settings, nor notifications. When I’m on my inbox page, I tap on the purple ‘y’ in the upper left top of my inbox screen, and it takes me to my account. Settings, notifications, setting up your inbox, etc. I cannot find where I can unsubscribe right there and then. However, where I DO INDEED see where I have the option to unsubscribe,—-is in the merchant that is sending me their unwanted annoying email. At the bottom of THEIR email, it gives you the option Unsubscribe “here”. Thanks, annoying spam merchant!!….. but where is ‘unsubscribe’ in my Yahoo app? I’d rather unsubscribe directly from Yahoo! Thanks. I hope someone from Yahoo! gets back to me regarding this issue..Version: 6.40.0

Much improvedI think that Yahoo Mail has much improved after a few very serious security breaches over the last few years - I lost all my emails and addresses twice and was hijacked on another. Well it is free so what do you expect?.Version: 4.31.1

Paid to subscribe to Pro... only one mobile device- fixed.UPDATE: I appreciated the prompt reply from service. I opted to delete and reinstall the app while emailing some logs to them, which ultimately fixed the problem and now works fine ad free on both devices. So based on the fact that I have owned this email address for so long, and frankly use it for online stores, all my logins are YM, I am somewhat committed. The spam volume is overwhelming compared to my other accounts. My unsubscribed do help, but yikes! So, the mobile app ads on IOS load after the mail which has caused me to click on the ads that slip in to the top of the list... clearly intentional, not happy. I decided to purchase the Pro. On the purchase page it stated the purchase was associated with my Apple purchase ID. I looked and searched and couldn’t find any clarification anywhere as to whether it would work on my 2 mobile devices (same Apple ID and same yahoo mail account). So I purchased the annual ad-free. BUT my iPad is still seeing the ads. I get that the desktop is different, but since I couldn’t find any details ANYWHERE, I did assume that mobile meant mobile. I even tried to find the info after the discovery, thinking shame on me for not reading the right info. Shame on you Yahoo. Give full disclosure. You know people have multiple devices..Version: 4.22.1

Yahoo mail- great way to go!!Yahoo mail is great. It’s easy to use and read, and a fun way of checking the news before singing in sometimes. I’d much prefer to use Yahoo Mail over the email hosts, and I keep my Yahoo account as my premier email address..Version: 4.46

Takes over screenHi. I am finding that yahoo email takes over the top of my iPad screen when I am using my iPad for something else. You can not delete yahoo email or get it to go away as in must be opened to get rid of the yahoo email page..Version: 4.32

YahooRegardless of using an Apple and their mail service I much prefer to use Yahoo. I have been with them for many many years and cannot complain. They offer a very reliable service and this is important especially with hacking and unreliable mail. Yahoo screen in coming mail so one feels more secure and this is very important today..Version: 4.22

Mail reviewAlthough the mail app is good for what it offers, I’ve recently had what I consider junk/spam phishing emails explaining that my account will shutdown in 24 hours unless I go through the link sent with the shutdown notification. I couldn’t find how to contact/confirm the legitimacy of the email either on the Facebook page or other ways, i tried to forward it Yahoo’s spam/phishing email, only for it to bounce back with a message saying unable to deliver, it would be better if users had a much better way of finding out, reporting spam/phishing.Version: 6.49.1

Loss of an almost complete emailI wrote an email and was going back and forth copying pictures to send in the email. I had to abandon the email to serve my kids supper but left it open and when I came back it had saved only the guy’s email address and the Subject the content of the email was gone! It had in parentheses (null)! It was extremely frustrating since I had worked on the email for over two hours. Yes I should have pressed the X button but I always worry that that will throw it away instead of saving as a draft! Now if it can save the person receiving the email and the subject, why not content if it decides to get out of it. I did not close the program otherwise I would be solely to blame. But it was still open as well as 4-5 other programs I use frequently..Version: 6.24

Yahoo for yahooI’ve been with yahoo now exclusively for 17 years! And it’s always been great. ( kind of wish I’d made a more sensible account name- but it is what it is!).Version: 6.32.0

Update = less convenience!I liked being able to click on the notification banner to allow PC login to my yahoo mail without needing to open the app, but now the app opens too. Previously I would have given it a 5 but now its lucky to get a 3 IMO..Version: 4.31.3

LinksToo slow to open a link. Sometimes needs hold for quite while..Version: 4.20.1

Fixed in record time.I tried using the chat feature. It’s useless. There is no way to contact the developer so I hope this will work. Suddenly my app started freezing up and shutting down. Every time I open it, it immediately shuts down. I restarted my phone. Same issues. I went into the App Store and discovered there was an update. So I updated it. Same thing. It opens and closes immediately. I paid the extra money for the app. It’s been working great until about 1-1/2 hours ago. I hope the developers will see this and fix the problem. The mail app that comes with the phone is very insufficient when it comes to reading email. I found a phone number to contact. This was a systemwide issue for iPhones. It was fixed within a couple of hours after I contacted them. Unfortunately, it appears that Verizon has bought Yahoo..Version: 6.33.0

Please change back the “move to” tabHaving the move to tab open up another tab that I have to slide up to get to where I want to move mail to is just an extra faff. The way it worked before where it opened straight to the top of the screen worked fine and I could quickly select where I want to direct my mail that way. I wouldn’t press the “move to” button if I didn’t want to use it so having another step where I have to slide it to open it is just a pointless waste of time and efficiency. I prefer Yahoo’s mail app to any other simply because of efficiency and I feel this is a step backwards. Also if I were to press the “move to” tab by accident, sliding it down would take no less time than just closing it like before. Chances are 99% of the time I’ll be pressing it purposefully so why make a design choice based around the 1% I may have made a mistaken click. To summarise; when intending to use it there is now an extra unnecessary step which slows the process down. When accidentally opening it the process is no faster while having the extra slide step present..Version: 6.1.3

SlowThere is a long a delay on the functions eg clicking on mail and waiting for it open up etc. when I use it on my home computer. I think this is because I don't clear-out my junk mail/ opened mail, so my mail gets slow and congested as more and more emails build up over time. Probs my own fault. 😊.Version: 4.44.6

Jimmy AYahoo mail would have to be one of the best email account sites i have ever seen. Its sheer simplicity to read and reply to emails is unrivalled. It's so simple to organise your categories right up to attaching photos or files to emails is very well thought out by yahoo. Congrats to a great site. 5 out of 5 star rate from me. Well done. :).Version: 4.22.2

A good email serviceI have found Yahoo to be a good service. I enjoy the ease of deletion either via the rubbish bin or holding down the email feature handy. Overall, despite its previous setback, I enjoy using Yahoo..Version: 4.37

USELESS ADSYahoo is advertising thro the mails it’s useless and not a good sign to keep getting that they have to stop advertising it’s very much distracting.Version: 4.30.2

Awesome app!Love this app! So easy to use and navigate around. And I like that I can flick to my other email accounts with literally just the click of a button m! It’s honestly that easy!!!.Version: 6.5.1

EmailsI changed from hotmail to yahoo as advised My hotmail account was hacked I was getting approx 3 emails a week for goods that I never purchased so the money came out of my bank account from dollars to pound so I also closed down my bank account We do not need this and one other thing this email system has been pushed onto the public against there wishes Even the computer is now part of our lives with or without our choice.Version: 4.29.2

Good but need a feature add upIt's very good. But difficult to manage notifications when we save multiple email accounts. Can not select notifications account wise..Version: 4.35

OutrageousI have had repeated emails from yahoo telling me I need to move to the app to get the ‘best service’ from my mail provider. I did not want to, because I wanted all my emails in the same place and in addition to my yahoo account I also have an outlook exchange work email account and 2 gmail accounts. I want all of these in the same place. However now my yahoo mail has stopped working on my iPhone mail...meaning I’ve been forced to download the app which means I am subjected to ads unless I pay a fee. I also can’t link my other accounts to this app without giving yahoo permission to read my mail which is OUTRAGEOUS and will definitely not be compliant with my work email rules for security purposes. I am incredibly angry that I am being forced to use this app, which I do not like, and I feel like I am being held to ransom by yahoo..Version: 4.22.3

Yahoo serviceIt is good to be yahoo user, great service. Thank you..Version: 4.19.1

Yahoo mail.I think it works pretty well..Version: 6.9

Well thought outThis is a great email app, well thought out, logical, responsive. Very happy with it..Version: 6.62.0

Yahoo mailI've used Yahoo as email address for years. New app makes it even better. 👍.Version: 4.19.1

Notifications fixed in latest updateUpdate: 4.5 stars The notifications finally got fixed for me with the latest update, and the badge on the app now finally shows the correct number as well. My only complaint now is the ads that show up in the list of emails that you have to scroll through. I think that the ad at the top of the list is enough. Previous review: This app has become nearly useless to me because it doesn’t show me incoming emails in notifications. At first just the badge notification (the number on the app) stopped working and showed either nothing or the number of new emails since I had last opened the app (which wasn’t always accurate), but now it shows no badge and it also doesn’t send push notifications when new emails come in. I have tried re-downloading the app numerous times (which is how it got messed up in the first place, I re-downloaded the app to free up space), and no luck. If this doesn’t get resolved, I’m gonna find a new mail app..Version: 4.28.2

YahooArticles too biased. Too many from CNN & MSNBC, both of whom hate Trump and do not write fair stories or cover many important issues, such as good news of the employment figures, how minorities are doing better than any time in history, how so many more are killed in auto accidents than by guns, even though the Fed Govt has spent years of money & regulations to make autos safer, how our lower & middle class are being hurt badly by illegal immigration & everyone’s safety is at risk from unknown flooding over the boarders. How none of the incitement’s have anything to do with ‘Russian Collusion’ & how much this investigation is costing taxpayers & how much the ‘political investigations by democrats are costing money & time from business that needs conducting. There is so much more to be covered but all you want to do is focus on anything that might hurt the president & consequently are hurting the entire USA. As far as the operation of the Yahoo site, it’s slow, doesn’t respond many times and I have to open the page 2 or 3 times. It just doesn’t compare to gmail. Tom😡.Version: 4.40

After AOL, yahoo.As my title intimates, my mail requirements suddenly changed and I was searching. Several products appeared promising with a apparent good fit,but I was paranoid. I decided Yahoo was my choice primarily for the organization parameters like my own filing system. It wasn’t perfect, yet we both seem to have grown-up a bit together. I trust Yahoo is not offended by such a comment and I, certainly, have not been. I feel your App of Yahoo has become like a brother or some animus energy with which I have a relationship. WhenI turn on my mobile phone, iPad or laptop, it is Yahoo with which/whom I communicate. New growth spurts are a bit difficult, but I figure at my young age of ~71 yrs. that is normal. Please, continue your most excellent Good work. I use your App because it is familiar. All of the branches from the tree trunk are exciting and new. However, the may be grafts with new issues, new DNA with wonderful possibilities. Do not forget whose roots are in the ground. So, “PS. I love your tree.” Best wishes..Version: 4.23.1

Missing featuresI’ve always found Yahoo to be best& most user friendly email websit. However, in the past week, the essential paperclip icon was removed for some reason (the excuse is some new European messaging rules which no o here mail sites appear to be bothered by it!). We are told for the past week! that you are working to bring it back.. but no sign of it being done. It is really annoying & inconvenient!.Version: 6.38.0

There is no yahoo team to reply your emails and give a proper supportThere is no support and no advice despite my several request to solve my Email problems as: - On my inbox there seems to always be one email that is "Unread" even-though I'm sure I have read all my emails and went through all of them more than once. - When I sign in with my yahoo email on the mail app Mac laptop, it is sining in but none of the emails show, it is showing only blank page!.Version: 4.30.3

No Privacy!- Why do contacts keep appearing in contact my list, when I don’t choose to add them? Annoying. If someone emails me, I don’t necessarily want them in my contact list. I want to DECIDE. There are weird things in there. - Where does my contact list go? Is it mine only and never used in any other way? I have found people in my list as suggestions on Instagram and fb. NOT okay..Version: 6.1

Use of yahooGreat email provider, easy to use, plenty of options, top security. Cheers team.Version: 6.37.0

Thanks yahooPowerful email is yahoo..Version: 6.18

Problems on iOSHave been using the Yahoo mail app for the past few years. Worked fine. Recently upgraded to iPhone X and the app has been freezing every so often. This is very irritating and an interruption to my work. Tried the yahoo mail app support but they don’t have an option that reflects my problem. Not sure if the app team will care to look at this review and look into the problem but hoping there will be a solution soon. BTW the app still works fine on the iPhone 6s Plus..Version: 4.26.2

Great ServiceI have used Yahoo Mail for a number of years now and I have to say this is the best platform for email use. It’s easy to use and is a well navigated app. I can sort out my emails with ease and have had no troubles what so ever. Highly recommend this to anyone creating or looking for a different emailing platform..Version: 6.8.1

App is crashing!!! Can’t open it at allI’ve never had this issue before, the app just crashes every time I open it, just like that. Only thing left for me is to uninstall the app and I’ve done everything else I can do “Trust me I’m a mobile app developer”.Version: 4.44.6

It’s fairly user friendly, compatible with my version of IOSHas many options and features to make the user happy .. the only thing I didn’t like was you can turn off all the features but not the sync contacts .. I’ve tried many other email service and not one has the option to turn it off in app so now I gotta transfer most of my contacts back over again so my iCloud can back them up for the future .. I’m not slagging this app at all just pointing out none have that option ...Version: 4.28

Yahoo Mail!Wouldn’t be without a service like this and thank you Yahoo! Recently I requested a quotation for some work that was urgent and, luckily I had a query and phoned the company. In short, because the company I was dealing with was an unrecognised or ‘new entity’ the quotation was diverted to spam. Luckily, this was resolved, though I could have lost valuable time for what was an urgent job. On balance, Yahoo does good work in difficult times, and I’m I glad they weed out all the rubbish and ‘genuine scams’ - joke!!.Version: 6.21.2

PositiveEasy to manage, adds have been removed, good layout 👍.Version: 6.24

Top email untouchableI’ve been using this app for years and it has been great the last year. Even if something seemed strange one day, a bug fix update was done before I even had time to look into it. But, I just lowered my rating to 4 stars because this one issue has been annoying me for several weeks! On my iPad, I cannot select the top email in the inbox. If I select the one below it, I can also mark it for deletion, but I cannot select it to read it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted my device, etc, but to no avail. This is super annoying and I see another user is experiencing the same issue! I’ll go back to five stars once this is fixed because the app is otherwise great! Answer to developer: It happens only on iPad and both on cellular and WiFi. I don’t have yahoo mail pro, but I do have a paid account for ad free mail although that is not an issue in the app..Version: 4.20.1

SimpleEasy and efficient to use!.Version: 6.59.1

Yahoo ! Up date for iPhone .Just learning the new update. What I can say is the yahoo is very proactive to incoming events and mail ; that shows on the front screen . Which helps for important messages. You can clear the screen with one push of a button, but you still to need to access the mail and delete . This one of the notices that I have seen . This update had to grow on me; due to limited access; while at work. Only able to access the phone on breaks. I also I have a an Apple Watch which helps on the current mails and events. There is other features in the email which I like . Also quick and easy delete feature. This is still growing on me . The access to the website. Getting familiar with the website access. To controlling it seems. I personally don’t like the system controlling my moves. It’s more like suggesting what should do. The problem with that I still trying to access the site and controls what I’m trying. It can be on letter or punctuation and doesn’t allow me to put it with almost staring over ; due to phone access with thumbs and fingers. At times I do start over and out what I want and go to the site that I want. This feature can be a plus if I’m not sure where I’m going and gives suggestions. I probably need to use the space bar to have more control?.Version: 6.50.0

Bucking the FLAT minimalist trend --- FINALLYYahoo! To Yahoo for not giving up on usability. Now when I view email I get a company logo or Facebook icons. And the yahoo mystical logo on the right. Mammals reintroduced color vision and two eyes I front are for better depth perception, why are designs today reverting? Well with exception for f yahoo... IMHO Apples interface is about money not use ability. They are so international that the make their navigation easy to translate internationally to save money. So instead of add, you get + or instead of menu you get a triple hyphen. IMHO Steve jobs was a control freak money mongrel more than he was a visual artist. He dressed colorless and flay to because he was colorless. Pixar made him rich and they kicked him out of their creative process. See creativity Inc Colorful is useful. Thanks yahoo for helping me see quickly the story of my email and leading the way past apple arrogance. There is hope, YAHOO!.Version: 4.37

Great Email AppEasy to use and also can add gmail to this to keep it all in one.. well done yahoo!!.Version: 6.5.2

Does everything the email needs... just missing photo size reduction.Does everything the email needs... just missing photo size reduction..Version: 6.42.1

AmazingI absolutely love the Yahoo mail app and web version. I have left my Gmail and Outlook to have Yahoo as my main email as it is amazing. A separate section to keep all my attachments is very helpful and many other great features. Very visually appealing aswell. The only downside I can say is the ads. I don’t think it is worth paying to remove ads however I find it weird seeing them as they have never been on Gmail and Outlook and it is slightly weird. Sometimes I get confused seeing them and perceive the ads as emails. Can these be removed. None the less I will be giving 5 stars in the hope of those small improvements to be made. One issue is that I can’t add my iCloud mail to Yahoo so can that be improved as iCloud is my oldest mailbox so I do require than and prefer Yahoo mail app over Apple Mail.Version: 6.15

Great softwareHave no problems, everything works fine, quite clear and easy to use.Version: 4.25

OscarI have a this is bad this is checks Going wrong.Version: 6.1.3

Mr ChristieWorks great!!.Version: 4.19.1

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