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Musi - Simple Music Streaming app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about musi - simple music streaming?

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In LoveThis app is really really good I love that the app is free and you only have pay if you want no ads. But the only reason I give this a three star review is because you need wifi to use it. If it was able to be offline without paying that would just make it so much better!.Version: 6.2.9

Bugs/glitchesSometimes I would be able to play some song but then later it’ll just say I have poor connections and won’t allow me to play anything until the next day or so which it’ll repeat and happen again....Version: 6.2.9

DisappointedI loved this app but all of a sudden it doesn’t work. When i click on a song an error pops up. it won’t let me listen to anything and i’m disappointed.Version: 6.2.9

BadDis app not open if I don’t have wifi is very bad 😡.Version: 6.2.9

Offline Mode??The app works perfectly and I like how the music selection isn’t limited like other apps My only issue is that I downloaded the app in the hopes to use it offline, however that is not possible. If an offline feature could be added it would be very much appreciated Thankyou.Version: 6.0.7

Ads have become too intrusiveMy favorite thing about this app when I got it was the non intrusive ads coupled with a good service. They were usually a still image you could close to be able to interact with the song. For once, I didn’t mind them because I knew they supported the app and it was enjoyable. Then they started becoming longer. They wouldn’t close even if you exited out of the app. At least they didn’t get in the way of the music playing. Now, there’s one in particular (some fps war game) I have to shut down the app to get rid of because it goes on forever and it’s impossible to find the X button, I save time just shutting down the app and reopening. You click X and it opens literally another screen with the game and you have to click done and X again which sometimes doesn’t appear. Worse yet at some point it pauses my music? Even though the ad doesn’t play sound? The X button hasn’t been clear in many, and if you don’t click for the fast forward button, which didn’t appear until I tapped the screen trying to exit the ad, you’ll be waiting like 30 seconds to finally interact with the song/video playing. It’s finally getting to the point where it gets in the way of the experience of the app..Version: 6.2.9

Should be offlineIf this was an offline music player it would be perfect.Version: 5.5.3

I would like to use this app without wifiTry to make this usable without wifi.Version: 6.1.8

MP3Hate it, it doesn't work without internet.Version: 5.8.6

Cant play offlineWould’ve given this a 5 star app because it plays in the background, it doesn’t glitch it had zero problems and then I saw that you couldn’t play music offline, it’s something obvious that people want music to be played offline, what’s the point of doing a lusic app if you don’t do that? You don’t seem to be responding to reviews anyway so I’ll give a three star for your lack of listening to feedbacks.Version: 6.2.9

I like this app but...I like this app and I have only had it for a day now and there is one glitch THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED for some reason when ever I go on an app like Roblox the music still plays until I join a game on Roblox but that’s not the problem. I’m an artist so like other artists I look at pictures for inspiration and sometimes I edit the photo in the photo app before drawing on it if I really like the photo but when I’m listening to music on this app when I go to a photo and select edit I will be on the app for about 1 second before it kicks me off and it’s not just that app it’s all most all the apps I have that will do this and when I’m not listening to music on the app they work perfectly fine!! And I can’t use any other app that lets me listen to music and play games on my iPad because this is the only one that free Oh and when i use the app gatcha club i have to continuously tap unpause to get it to work and then it will kick me out of the song i have just un downloaded it and im re downloading it now.Version: 6.2.9

It works greatThis app works great, but it would be great if you could update this app for us to able to listen to music without internet because I’m always out and I can’t keep using my data. Could please at least update this app were the songs could be cached so all the users can play music with out wifi or data usage, thanks a million ☺️👌🏼.Version: 6.0.12

Too many adsShame on the app creators. Ads when you search for a video is an obvious attempt to make more money. I get ads before you play a clip but even when just searching for a video produces ads, it’s gone too far. Musi deserve negative stars.Version: 6.2.7

Too many adsI used to like this app but now I get one ad between every song when I tap I new song and the ads are too long and cover the song then I have to wait 10 seconds to change to change the song. It sucks make less ads and smaller in the corner or something..Version: 6.2.9

Sans WifiCette application est très bien mais il faidrais que l’on puisse l’utiliser sans réseau wifi.Version: 6.2.9

Used to be good but not to good nowI loved this until today it said sign in to YouTube why tho fix this bug!! I never written reviews but it’s super bad nowadays!!.Version: 6.2.9

Says songs are “restricted”I’m logged in with my youtube account that has restricted mode off but it still doesnt let me play some songs, even though there are some that are more explicit on the same playlist that still work?? Its really annoying but other than that the app is really good.Version: 6.2.9

Not good !!It was good at the start but after a few days it was rlly bad. Like the song plays for bout a minute then stops and will skip to another song. U also need data or wifi. The songs ALWAYS pause and then when u try to play it again it will skip the song and do the same for the next song!!! Personally I don’t think it’s a good app!.Version: 6.0.13

Update needed ASAPHey, so I have had this app for a couple of months now and I have really enjoyed how easy and accessible it is to use. However, as of recently every time I try to open the app, it crashes. It would be of great appreciation if this problem would be fixed as I really don’t want to go to the trouble of finding another decent music app. Thanks 😀.Version: 6.0.18

Won’t work on wifi ??So i had this app for quite a while and everything was fine played music perfectly and made sorting music into playlists very easy, everything was just straightfoward. i wasn’t fussed on it needing to connect to 3/4G but as of recent it stopped working when connected to just normal wifi. like when i’m at home connected to wifi it says there’s an error and can’t play anything. so i’ve had to turn off my wifi and connect to 4G just to play my music at home when before it worked fine on wifi and on 4G. i hope this problem can be explained/ fixed as it is quite annoying as it was a fab app but recently just stopped working when connected to wifi which makes no sense..Version: 6.2.9

...So i got this app and it was delightful! You can even save videos! I even have a playlist thats not even music! Just videos. But there is a big problem! Sometimes the app won’t let me turn on my phone! I press home and the on button over and over! But it doesn’t let me turn on my phone! It only does this with this app. And when an ad pops up! The video stops! And the screen for the video goes black! The music still plays. But sometimes i like to watch my music videos or read the lyrics! But I cannot do that any more! And every once in a while! It’ll rearrange all of my songs! I had my songs in a nice oder of which I enjoyed that oder! But now it’s all screwed up! I love this app! And use it everyday! But I’m getting annoyed by these problems! Please fix these bugs! And if these problems are only happening on my phone. Which is an iphone 6 or 7 then i will have to find a new app!.Version: 6.0.9

Great stuff .. thank you!Better than Spotify! As good as Pandora.. great app!.Version: 5.8.2

Good :)This app is very easy to use, but the only thing that would make it way way more better is if you could make it offline..Version: 6.2.9

No wifiAllow us to play songs without wifi.Version: 6.2.9

Trash.I loved the app, it was working the other days and this morning but now every time that I try to listen to one of the music I put in my playlist it says ; "Error with track "/x\". Musi wasn't able to play this track : An unknown error occurred. It doesn't look like this track is available." It says this to! Even if I put it on shuffle. I used to really like this app, even if we can't listen to the songs offline. The most important for me was to play them in the background or when my screen's close. Fix this..Version: 6.2.9

Playlist glitchesI absolutely love it, I've had it for about a year now and I haven't had any problems until a problem Occurred with the playlists and its glitches .When I want to rearrange songs in the playlist, it sometimes bugs out and places the song somewhere completely different to where I placed it. Or sometimes, the song will go where I placed it however, when I play the songs in the order , a song from literally the other side of the playlist will play instead, and it can get quite frustrating. Maybe you can put this in a query for a potential update..Version: 5.8.5

Getting frustratedI have been using this app for a few years now and always enjoyed using it, but recently it has been closing down on me and has stopped playing most of my songs. I don’t want to stop using the app as have had it on every iPhone and find it easy to get my music back when iv reinstalled it but it is getting really frustrating trying to find songs on my playlist that still work. Hopefully it gets fixed but if not may have to delete..Version: 6.0.12

Really...When I first got this app it was perfect. I got to listen to any song without any ads or having to pay. Now for some reason I get bombarded with ads, like for instance a war ad. I get the same call of duty ad every time and it gets stuck on my screen and it freezes my phone. So now I have to close the app and then open it again to play my music. That’s not the biggest issue. My main issue now is that when I try to play music and I turn off my phone and listen to it it pauses my music. Then when I go back into the app to press play it doesn’t work my music will not play at all. I try to reset the app turn on and off my Wi-Fi and it still doesn’t work so right now I cannot play music at all. I also noticed that if I try to select a song like without clicking shuffle, it doesn’t let me play that song I have to click shuffle and then skip through the songs to find the song that I want to play. Please fix this..Version: 6.2.9

SomeoneI love this app but after atleast 2 weeks of using it i tried using it with my data and none of the songs would load. but the app is amazing with wifi!.Version: 6.2.9

EloCant cache songs from youtube.Version: 6.0.10

New bug - ad audioIn the latest version(s) the ad music plays audio with no way to turn it off. I just had to force quit the app because the audio wouldn't stop even once the ad was no longer on the screen. Wifi connection, iPhone 7. Latest iOS. Otherwise, this is a 4-5 star app!.Version: 6.0.9

Just...noJust download the YouTube app it can do everything this app can do and more. For this app to be considered good you should be able to download videos for offline use.Version: 5.7.2

CrashingI’ve been using this app for over a year now and it has been working perfectly, and I love it. I’ve used it on both iPhone 4 and successfully transferred it to my new iPhone 6 But just recently after staying on the app for more the 30 seconds (whether it was on a song or just in a playlist) it would crash and kick me out of the app. I’ve tried restarting my phone (which didn’t work) and also deleting the app and reinstalling it which still didn’t work. Please fix this.Version: 6.0.15

Please fix itI love the app only sad part is not being able to use it offline app isn’t working for me anymore though it’s not playing any music 🙇🏽‍♀️.Version: 6.0.16

Great app but glitchyWhen it works properly it’s great, but the last few months it has started doing this thing where it will play songs & every 5 seconds it goes quiet—the whole song has loaded so it isn’t buffering, it just doesn’t play any sound. I try other songs, new searches, restarting my phone—usually the only thing that fixes it is deleting the app & downloading it again. Very tiresome. Hoped latest update would fix but it did not. Please can you sort it out? Would be a 5-star app otherwise!! Thanks!.Version: 6.2.6

1 major issue but one of the best free music appsThis app is better than most paid music apps in the AppStore and works very well, it also includes a great selection of music to choose from with great quality, that is until you lose connection to a source of WiFi. In the latest update and bug fix you can no longer listen to music offline unless you are connected to the internet which renders the app useless. Before you could load the buffer bar and the song would continue to play on repeat with or without internet connection until the song was changed and now it reloads every time the song ends making it non usable for car rides or for people who have spotty internet connections. The feature of offline play should definitely make a return to the app even if it requires a few more bug fixes every now and then. For this app to be qualified five stars it would have to add the feature back while retaining all the new features recently add until then it gets three stars. Other than this one issue the app is amazing and does what it sets out to do which is let people listen to there favorite music.Version: 6.0.1

It’s Great! But....I personally love the Musi App because it’s an easy access music app that’s FREE! However, some downsides to the app is that playing offline is kind of hard. Also, It doesn’t introduce you to new artists and songs like many other apps offer. There should be an option to create a station based off the music I listen to that could introduce me to new artists. Another thing is there are a lot of skips on the app or tracks being “dismissed” because the song won’t load even though I’m in an area with a connection that’s perfectly fine. It’s pretty hard to play music offline and while my phone is locked I can’t change my song from the home screen like other apps which is really inconvenient. Another thing is that songs will stop playing and won’t start back up where I left off if I decide to watch a video on social media. Overall it’s a great app. Minor adjustments could be made to make it even better!.Version: 6.1.6

Very very buggyThis is an awesome app but it needs a few improvements and that doesn't include making soundcloud the main music source. I would happily pay for this app if it wasn't so buggy and you could play the music offline..Version: 5.0.1

AdsAds.Version: 6.2.9

Many songs aren’t working on my 4GI’ve been using this app for ages and have always got on with it really well. However recently I have discovered that when connected to Wifi all my songs play fine, however as soon as I switch to my 4G half of the songs won’t play any more, saying that the ‘Video isn’t available’, yet the same songs play fine on Wifi. I’m not sure what has happened here, but please can this be looked in to and hopefully fixed?!.Version: 6.2.9

Almost PerfectI truly love absolutely everything about this app. The reason I’m only giving it a 3 though, is this. For the last few months, (I’m assuming there was an update that started causing this issue, because I had no problems before.) you have to turn your device off and then back on in between uses of the app, or the music won’t load. For example: if I use the app in the morning on the way to work, then try to use it again a few hours later when leaving, the song will not load (the ad loads just fine of course). Once you turn the device off and then back on, it works perfectly... until you put it down for a little bit and then try to use it again. I usually don’t post s review unless it’s wonderful, but I’m hoping this will bring attention to it, so it will be resolved. p.s. I know it’s not my phone, because it happens to everyone in my house (3 people), all using both iPhones and iPads. If they fix this issue, I will happily update my review to be a 5!.Version: 6.0.14

It Used To Be GreatUsed to be great !! Since the last UPGRADE IT SUCKS !!! Ads jumping out at you all over !! Can’t even access the playlist I’m listening to anymore. Thanks for totally wrecking a once great app developers 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 6.2.7

Shit appBombarded with adverts, you may as well jailbreak your device and use YouTube 0/5.Version: 6.2.9

MAKE IT OFFLINE PLEASEIt would be amazing if this app allowed offline streaming..Version: 6.2.9

EhCan't even listen to music when I am not using wifi or data..Version: 5.8.5

Almost goodIf you could listen to the music offline it would be the best app on the AppStore..Version: 5.4.1

Music always stoppingThe app keeps stopping my music mid way or just after one song which is annoying especially when I’m trying to sleep (I’m the type of guy who likes to sleep with music on) i just hate that silence after the app stops working properly.Version: 6.2.9

AnnoyedI loved this app. Note the past tense. Used it everyday for my music, and yes I was slightly bothered that it wouldn't work without an internet connection but I could live with it, and so I did. Now, I updated the app because my music wouldn't load or play and it kept crashing on me. Figured the update would fix that issue. It fixed the second issue, but not the first one. No, no, no. Made it worse in fact. Because now, when I pick a song, it immediately gives me a message claiming there was an error and that the "resource was unavailable". For most of my songs. Then, it proceeds to completely skip several songs until it stops, loads for a second then refuses to play. Or it just shows the loading symbol for eternity..Version: 5.8.5

Crashing after updateI just updated the app and now I can’t stay in without it crashing on me. It will only stay open for 10-25 seconds before crashing. NEVER happened until it updated, and literally the ONLY problem I’ve ever had with it..Version: 6.0.16

GlitchesHi, I tried picking a couple of songs to play but every time I try choosing one, the song does not play. My connection is fine but this app won’t let me play my music unless I turn my data on. I love the app and I’ve been using it for 2 years and I would appreciate it if you could check the issue with this. Thank you!.Version: 6.2.9

Why should I report an issue with Musi - Simple Music Streaming?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Musi - Simple Music Streaming to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Musi - Simple Music Streaming customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Musi - Simple Music Streaming.

Is Musi - Simple Music Streaming not working?

Musi - Simple Music Streaming works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Musi - Simple Music Streaming.

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