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Musi - Simple Music Streaming App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Musi - Simple Music Streaming app received 60 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Musi - Simple Music Streaming? Can you share your negative thoughts about musi - simple music streaming?

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I would like to use this app without wifiTry to make this usable without wifi.Version: 6.1.8

Keeps crashing + another feature ideaHi whenever I play a song after the new update it keeps crashing I know it isn’t my phone because it worked perfectly beforehand but half way into a song it goes off and when you click on the app it opens up at the start screen . Another thing is that could you make the recently played album 50 songs again? I only have 139 songs in my playlist that I use currently and if I want to hear newer music I’ve added I’d like to use the recently added but it plays songs that are inside my other playlists which I made months ago,so I think a feature where you could listen to recently added songs from one playlist would be ideal Thank you.Version: 6.2.22

Don’t get if you wanted offlineIt’s good, just doesn’t work offline.Version: 6.2.31

Too many ads now + other thingsI’ve been using this for over 4 years now and had no problems! Until now.. because it seems that I get an ad instantly everytime I click a video now. And those ads (from what I’ve seen so far) are basically impossible to click out of. So everytime I want to change my music I have to exit the app entirely and go back in to play whatever it is I want. Plus it seems they got rid of their ‘ad countdown’ warning. So.. this update.. it’s not all that good. And I understand money needs to be made but seriously.. I can’t even click out of these ads at all lol Also for me the screen that opens when you click a vid to play is now square for me and not taking up my entire screen. I’m on an iPad and it’s a little strange looking Not gonna lie.. I’m a little sad.. hope this all gets fixed and/or the devs come to their senses in the coming ?? weeks ? If not then I’ll have to look for an alternative or something because I can’t stand apps that shove ads in your face with little to no warning at all. The visual changes are aight I suppose but I definitely preferred the original layout. Now I don’t really want to rate this so low but I really want the devs or someone to see this message, y’know? The ads are quite annoying.Version: 6.2.27

Trash.I loved the app, it was working the other days and this morning but now every time that I try to listen to one of the music I put in my playlist it says ; "Error with track "/x\". Musi wasn't able to play this track : An unknown error occurred. It doesn't look like this track is available." It says this to! Even if I put it on shuffle. I used to really like this app, even if we can't listen to the songs offline. The most important for me was to play them in the background or when my screen's close. Fix this..Version: 6.2.9

Good, but one thingI lovvvveee this app, honestly been such a life saver, however there’s just one issue, the music keeps stopping by itself sometimes. I deleted it, downloaded it again multiple times, however it wouldn’t go. I can’t listen to anything when it keeps in pausing by itself every 2 seconds..Version: 6.2.15

Almost PerfectI truly love absolutely everything about this app. The reason I’m only giving it a 3 though, is this. For the last few months, (I’m assuming there was an update that started causing this issue, because I had no problems before.) you have to turn your device off and then back on in between uses of the app, or the music won’t load. For example: if I use the app in the morning on the way to work, then try to use it again a few hours later when leaving, the song will not load (the ad loads just fine of course). Once you turn the device off and then back on, it works perfectly... until you put it down for a little bit and then try to use it again. I usually don’t post s review unless it’s wonderful, but I’m hoping this will bring attention to it, so it will be resolved. p.s. I know it’s not my phone, because it happens to everyone in my house (3 people), all using both iPhones and iPads. If they fix this issue, I will happily update my review to be a 5!.Version: 6.0.14

Review (please read)Great app but some of the songs I listen to the videos end up “unavailable” I also hate the advert warning that gives you 3 seconds, it means it cuts you off from a song or clicking repeat or anything. The adverts need to be less frequent and rather then covering the whole screen having one that’s just at the top. They could also add a recommended feature in for the songs/ videos you watch or listen to, this was your can find songs similar to your most listened genres and find new songs you may love..Version: 6.2.18

Amazing but..This app is amazing for not wanting ads and wanting the sped up versions of songs and remix’s. The only problem is I wish it had an offline mode This app would be a straight 5/5 if I did. Also the sharing playlists doesnt work for me it just comes up with not available to share or something along the lines of that.Version: 6.2.31

Very very buggyThis is an awesome app but it needs a few improvements and that doesn't include making soundcloud the main music source. I would happily pay for this app if it wasn't so buggy and you could play the music offline..Version: 5.0.1

ReviewI really like this app but the only thing that ruins it is that you have to be connected to wifi or use data for it to work, like this app has so much potential imo. would’ve been a 5 star if it was available offline or if you could purchase it.Version: 6.2.34

Worst appWhy does add wont go away after its time. The add stay on my screen with no cancel button on it. Very weird..Version: 6.2.31

Should be offlineIf this was an offline music player it would be perfect.Version: 5.5.3

ROFLLet’s see.. the PRIME EXAMPLE OF THE MOST ANNOYING ISSUE WITHIN THE APP is BY FAR the horrific algorithm for “shuffle playlist”, i.e. the entire library. I mean for God sakes, if I have to pass 30 songs within a minute… why would the SAME 30-50 songs literally repeat within the hour!?!? I won’t even comment that the same exact songs will play THE FOLLOWING DAY, TOO; meanwhile my library is significantly large, thus their reasoning IS ABSOLUTE SH*T! I have so many, SO MANY amazingly different, classic, and wonderful songs to be heard… but I wouldn’t know that because the shuffle library button ONLY PLAYS THE SAME SONGS each and EVERY DAY. Songs I’ve skipped upwards 50 times continue playing with their DISGUSTING shuffle library algorithms … and songs from 3-5 years AGO, songs I skipped then AND HAVE SKIPPED EACH DAY SINCE, will continue to show up on my shuffle playlist tomorrow! HA. Definition of insanity, dumb FKS. >:( it’s all about the ads and after reading several recent reviews claiming the “new update” won’t allow us to lock our phones while running the app.. is that an absolute joke!!? BASIC FUNCTIONALITY AND ACCESSIBILITY ARE THE ONLY REASONS I DOWNLOADED THIS YEARS AGO. Grow up, MUSI, and get sht together!.Version: 6.2.15

I have a big problem and i can’t fix it I’m mad FIX MY PROBLEM OK CREATERSOK first don’t start getting mad at me because yes it is a great app but is star to get annoying when the music just stops and then you have to do something in order for you to fix it OK I’m trying to listen to some music and then it just stops I’ll check on it and it starts playing again and I like where it says your battery if you swipe down for the batteries it shows you what song are you playing and everything like that that’s what I have to do every time it stops and it’s always lagging okAnd I’m getting a little mad and it starts to do this every time I listen to music and it’s getting so annoying that’s why I deleted this app and I’m getting mad you can change my mind If you fix the problem and stop everything that makes the app annoying OK to the people that love this game I was one of the Apple Store to get annoying when you can’t fix it and my Wi-Fi is perfectly OK so it’s not my problem it’s the apps problem it’s the people I love it again OK it is good and I do love it and yes I do agree that’s amazing but it’s just a problem that I’m having so don’t get mad at me.Version: 6.2.15

Annoyed :(This app was actually my favourite and I recommend it to everyone bc in my eyes it was the PERFECT music streaming app, the ads wouldn’t interrupt totally free, got get any videos like it was amazing, and then I did the new update and now I will put on one of my playlists and turn off my phone it will play 15 seconds of the song and then the app will just shut or the music stop playing. which is so extremely frustrating and I know it’s not my phone bc every other app is fine, so yeah wishing I never updated it, if someone can fix this or tell me if this is just me and my app is glitchy?.Version: 6.2.21

Too many adsThere are way too many ads on this app..Version: 6.2.32

Ads have become too intrusiveMy favorite thing about this app when I got it was the non intrusive ads coupled with a good service. They were usually a still image you could close to be able to interact with the song. For once, I didn’t mind them because I knew they supported the app and it was enjoyable. Then they started becoming longer. They wouldn’t close even if you exited out of the app. At least they didn’t get in the way of the music playing. Now, there’s one in particular (some fps war game) I have to shut down the app to get rid of because it goes on forever and it’s impossible to find the X button, I save time just shutting down the app and reopening. You click X and it opens literally another screen with the game and you have to click done and X again which sometimes doesn’t appear. Worse yet at some point it pauses my music? Even though the ad doesn’t play sound? The X button hasn’t been clear in many, and if you don’t click for the fast forward button, which didn’t appear until I tapped the screen trying to exit the ad, you’ll be waiting like 30 seconds to finally interact with the song/video playing. It’s finally getting to the point where it gets in the way of the experience of the app..Version: 6.2.9

Not very PleasedI updated the app and now the whole app won’t work. I’ve been using this app for years so I have loads of music on there and i don’t believe that they’ve been backed up. It would be really annoying to lose all of them. And I was literally using the app this morning till it decided to stope working just when I clicked on the app it just kicked me out the app and then that’s when I went to update it well check for updates and there was so I updated it and now it still broken and won’t let me get into the app..Version: 6.2.21

MP3Hate it, it doesn't work without internet.Version: 5.8.6

WellCouple months ago I would have give 5 stars but they sold their souls lately those adds are getting just as annoying than every other app.Version: 6.2.18

I’ve been experiencing a disappointing bugI love this app don’t get me wrong, I’ve used this app for years practically every day however in recent months I’ve been experiencing an issue where when the next song plays in a playlist, the app will say the song is playing but there is no audio even at full volume. In order to fix this you have to skip back to the start of the song. Another issue I have is that whenever you pause music and play it again the audio completely cuts out and you have to do the same thing and skip back in order for it to play again. This happens every time the next song plays or if the song is paused. A third issue is that if a song does manage to play, the audio level is way too low even at full volume which fixes itself by pausing and unpausing which can be very jarring if you didn’t know the glitch was occurring and your ears get blasted with very loud music. If there’s anything you could do you help in case this is a problem on my end I’d be very thankful as I do not know if this is a problem more people are experiencing. If not I hope this is addressed at some point. Thank you.Version: 6.2.28

Issues with my experience :((I think this hands down got to be the best app to ever listen to music with. This app has been the main platform where I listen to music ever since I’ve gotten it. When ad plays, you can still listen to music with no interruptions whatsoever. However, the reason that I gave it a star out of five is because lately, the songs that I play on there would always plays and stops repeatedly, making it very distorting and annoying. Today, the app won’t even let me in and it would just show a grey screen with its logo in the middle for a few seconds, then exit me out of the app…I would really appreciate it if you would look into the problem and fix this issue for me :) Thank you..Version: 6.2.20

Used to be goodI used to really enjoy this app but now there are so many lengthy and interactive ads it’s just a constant annoyance..Version: 6.2.31

AnnoyedI loved this app. Note the past tense. Used it everyday for my music, and yes I was slightly bothered that it wouldn't work without an internet connection but I could live with it, and so I did. Now, I updated the app because my music wouldn't load or play and it kept crashing on me. Figured the update would fix that issue. It fixed the second issue, but not the first one. No, no, no. Made it worse in fact. Because now, when I pick a song, it immediately gives me a message claiming there was an error and that the "resource was unavailable". For most of my songs. Then, it proceeds to completely skip several songs until it stops, loads for a second then refuses to play. Or it just shows the loading symbol for eternity..Version: 5.8.5

My reviewThe apps cool and all but my only problem is that it doesn’t play offline which is pretty dumb in my opinion.Version: 6.2.29

Won’t work on wifi ??So i had this app for quite a while and everything was fine played music perfectly and made sorting music into playlists very easy, everything was just straightfoward. i wasn’t fussed on it needing to connect to 3/4G but as of recent it stopped working when connected to just normal wifi. like when i’m at home connected to wifi it says there’s an error and can’t play anything. so i’ve had to turn off my wifi and connect to 4G just to play my music at home when before it worked fine on wifi and on 4G. i hope this problem can be explained/ fixed as it is quite annoying as it was a fab app but recently just stopped working when connected to wifi which makes no sense..Version: 6.2.9

Cant play offlineWould’ve given this a 5 star app because it plays in the background, it doesn’t glitch it had zero problems and then I saw that you couldn’t play music offline, it’s something obvious that people want music to be played offline, what’s the point of doing a lusic app if you don’t do that? You don’t seem to be responding to reviews anyway so I’ll give a three star for your lack of listening to feedbacks.Version: 6.2.9

EhCan't even listen to music when I am not using wifi or data..Version: 5.8.5

Pls fix itIts a great app but when a add comes on the music stops playing its very annoying..Version: 6.2.32

I used to love this app PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADS !!!!! Man this use to be my favorite app but it’s become so annoying. I really appreciated when the app would count down 3 seconds until an advertisement would pop up I was fine with that, I understand that you guys need to use ads seeing as the app is free, I get that I’m cool with it but it doesn’t count down anymore it just randomly pops up adds while you’re changing the song , searching up a new one , etc very inconvenient, ANNOYING and feels super forced and inconsiderate. It feels so forced it makes me not want to watch the ad , I didn’t mind before when at least you guys would give a warning for a few seconds so I knew it was coming but now it’s just very annoying. not only that it’s a ridiculous amount of ads I feel like every other song an ad forcibly pops up on my screen at the most inconvenient time please fix this or I will find a different app for my music and I’ve been using this app for YEARS and I recommend it to everybody I would have to have to use a different app because of this.Version: 6.2.29

Need help musi please fix thisI’ve had this app for a while now and one thing that I’ve loved about it is the wide range of music you can listen to, the fact you can make playlists and the fact you can listen to the music when you turn your phone off or go onto another app, but ever since the most recent update witch happened about 2 hours ago (Sunday 6th November) every time I listen to a song it always cuts off half way through and when I go onto another app or turn off my phone it does the same thing, I really hope you can fix this as I drive 3 hours every day and always listen to music on this app, please help out musi !!.Version: 6.2.22

WHY CANT I OPEN MUSIAfter updating it wont let me on it , it goes back out please fix asaaaap! Other then that all it’s neat.Version: 6.2.21

Please fix itI love the app only sad part is not being able to use it offline app isn’t working for me anymore though it’s not playing any music 🙇🏽‍♀️.Version: 6.0.16

ComplaintMy music keeps stopping for no reason.Version: 6.2.23

Data collectingHave you thought about not collecting people’s data from your app? This stops me from using and recommending it unfortunately..Version: 6.2.19

DisappointedI loved this app but all of a sudden it doesn’t work. When i click on a song an error pops up. it won’t let me listen to anything and i’m disappointed.Version: 6.2.9

The “update” doesn’t fix anything.I’ve used Musi for around 4-5 years now and it’s been my favourite music player for a while now after my sister introduced me to it, and I will say it’s a good app, but with recent updates in the past 7 months make the whole experience terrible. Before the recent update, like it says, my video player kept pausing, and it was also messing up the audio, and every-time I tried to search for something, it would pause my screen. Now with the new update where it says it’s been “fixed” made it worse by far. After I close the app the audio still plays, and before I can even press save on my forms, it shuts down my entire phone because of it’s heat, don’t think this should be happening, since my phone is barely a year old, my wifi and signal is good too. It still pauses, freezes and messes up the audio, so I don’t get what that update was about. I does the same thing as before. So sorry, I’ll have to move to a different app for the time being..Version: 6.2.14

Intrusive adsAll of this app won’t interrupt the music but at the very big beginning there are couple of too much intrusive ads even more than YouTube.Version: 6.2.17

Almost goodIf you could listen to the music offline it would be the best app on the AppStore..Version: 5.4.1

Ad increaseThis used to be good but they’ve gone too far with ads recently. I was watching a video and full screen and every couple of seconds it would change the entire tab on my phone to the app store where it would show an app it was trying to advertise on my app store. And yes, this is without me clicking anything. It just kept happening automatically and honestly I’m done with it now. Get your coin but never let it get in the way of user-end functionality. I remember a long while back when the ads weren’t so insufferable. Not anymore. 👎.Version: 6.2.25

On repeatI always listen to songs on repeat. However, since the recent update the app always reset the settings to default. It is a bit annoying when I have to tap the repeat button everytime I open the app, and sad as it was not a problem before. Now it is similar to Spotify's setting. Great app, just sad..Version: 6.2.11

Review MusiIn terms of playing music and getting the song you want. I’d give this app 10/10. Im yet to find a song I haven’t found. However a recent issue is the annoying adverts that happen. Now, I don’t have a problem with the amount of adverts as I understand it is necessary. However they have these types of adverts where it takes proper brain power to close down the advert. Tonight it took me that long to close down the advert, which x to press etc that I just closed down the app. If this persists for longer I’d rather just pay for music..Version: 6.2.19

1 major issue but one of the best free music appsThis app is better than most paid music apps in the AppStore and works very well, it also includes a great selection of music to choose from with great quality, that is until you lose connection to a source of WiFi. In the latest update and bug fix you can no longer listen to music offline unless you are connected to the internet which renders the app useless. Before you could load the buffer bar and the song would continue to play on repeat with or without internet connection until the song was changed and now it reloads every time the song ends making it non usable for car rides or for people who have spotty internet connections. The feature of offline play should definitely make a return to the app even if it requires a few more bug fixes every now and then. For this app to be qualified five stars it would have to add the feature back while retaining all the new features recently add until then it gets three stars. Other than this one issue the app is amazing and does what it sets out to do which is let people listen to there favorite music.Version: 6.0.1

Good :)This app is very easy to use, but the only thing that would make it way way more better is if you could make it offline..Version: 6.2.9

GlitchesHi, I tried picking a couple of songs to play but every time I try choosing one, the song does not play. My connection is fine but this app won’t let me play my music unless I turn my data on. I love the app and I’ve been using it for 2 years and I would appreciate it if you could check the issue with this. Thank you!.Version: 6.2.9

It Used To Be GreatUsed to be great !! Since the last UPGRADE IT SUCKS !!! Ads jumping out at you all over !! Can’t even access the playlist I’m listening to anymore. Thanks for totally wrecking a once great app developers 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 6.2.7

Too many adsShame on the app creators. Ads when you search for a video is an obvious attempt to make more money. I get ads before you play a clip but even when just searching for a video produces ads, it’s gone too far. Musi deserve negative stars.Version: 6.2.7

MAKE IT OFFLINE PLEASEIt would be amazing if this app allowed offline streaming..Version: 6.2.9

I hate when theirs ads lolI hate when theirs ads lol.Version: 6.2.35

Too many adsGood app but too many ads pop up every second.Version: 6.2.29

MurkdogBe better if we could download the music to listen offline at school or work.Version: 6.2.14

What the hell?Ive been using this app for years and all of a sudden almost all of my tracks just load for ages and then “unable to play *song* because it timed out” or something like that and then I just can’t use it anymore no matter what I do, I restarted my device, played it on a different playlist, close and re open, play the same song but posted by someone else, it’s bs. Fix your app.Version: 6.2.16

Playin musicOkay this app was really good like it was the best app, now that they updated it to were when you exit the app the music stops playing. And it just ruined the app to be honest..Version: 6.2.13

AdsContains full screen ads. Avoid app and find another..Version: 6.2.31

Too many ads have killed my user experienceReduce ads!.Version: 6.2.35

Playlist glitchesI absolutely love it, I've had it for about a year now and I haven't had any problems until a problem Occurred with the playlists and its glitches .When I want to rearrange songs in the playlist, it sometimes bugs out and places the song somewhere completely different to where I placed it. Or sometimes, the song will go where I placed it however, when I play the songs in the order , a song from literally the other side of the playlist will play instead, and it can get quite frustrating. Maybe you can put this in a query for a potential update..Version: 5.8.5

This update is no goodWith this new, recent I cannot listen to half a song without musi completely disconnecting. It is definitely not my phone because I have tried many, many methods to fix it. Before the update musi was awesome it’s so great I love it and it’s completely free which is just awesome 👏. But this update NEEDS to be fixed ASAP because I need my music 🥹🥹.Version: 6.2.20

Please fix these issues, they haven’t been fixedThe first issue is: Playing my videos within a playlist, they don’t play in the order they’re meant to be, it’ll skip a video or two instead of playing the video that’s meant to played next, or it’ll play any video randomly that’s in the playlist and not even play some of the videos in the playlist. Second issue: Musi won’t let me play certain videos due to “resource unavailable” this is happening to a lot of videos on the app at the moment, stopping me from playing the videos I need to play, please fix..Version: 6.2.19

Need audio only mode. Too much data consumedNeed audio only mode. Too much data consumed.Version: 6.2.29

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