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Shazam: Find Music & Concerts app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Shazam: Find Music & Concerts? Can you share your negative thoughts about shazam: find music & concerts?

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What’s happened?Been using Shazam for a number of years and it’s been an essential app on my phone. I’ve raved about it to everyone and it’s been amazing, reliable and quick. It recognised any music within a few seconds and nailed it 99.9% of the time. But the past few months it doesn’t seem to recognise anything. I’ve tried with increased volume, holding my handset at different angles, longer listening time, switching between WiFi and 4G connection but it doesn’t seem to recognise anything. If I reinstall the app it will work a few times but then it goes back to not recognising anything. Really frustrating as I loved the app for years- but probably going to permanently remove now as it’s so unreliable....😕.Version: 13.4

Works like crap on Apple WatchI Shazam using my Apple Watch, EXPECTING the tracks to show up on the Shazam app on my iPhone so I can then add those tracks to my Apple Music library. RARELY do any of the tracks show up in the phone version of the app. My settings are all correct, there’s nothing I’ve neglected to do and I often check to make sure the settings are still correct, and they are. The problem lies with the Apple Watch version of the app, there are whole chunks of missing music, spanning weeks and sometimes months. I will purposely Shazam tracks by artists I know just to see if it’s working, NOPE, not one King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards track has EVER shown up in my list of Shazams, not one Ty Segall, not one Fuzz, and I’ve Shazamed at least 10 to 15 tracks of each of these artists. What’s the point of creating an Apple Watch app if it’s going to work like crap?! I’ll update my review if the developers ever DO make it work, but at this point I think it’s better to find a different music identification app, one that actually works on my watch, one that actually DESERVES to be on my watch face, cause Shazam isn’t it..Version: 15.11

Le déclinDe plus en plus c’est de moins en moins intéressant d’utiliser Shazam..Version: 15.28

New Control Centre button doesn’t save songsLove the quick add to the control centre.. but doesn’t save to the main app Shazam lost like auto Shazam would do. Because of this, the app doesn’t automatically add the song to my Music app anymore. Fix this please!!!.Version: 14.23

Great app but issuesGreat app, found me many of songs whilst out clubbing or just hearing a song and Shazam and bam I have it. But the last week or so I’ve been shazaming songs and when I click on them to listen on Apple Music the app keeps telling me I need to select what Apple Music subscription to listen. Problem is I already have a family subscription and now I can’t search for any of the songs. Old songs that I previously had have now been saying I’m in the wrong region to listen to and I’ve got to delete them. I have been through settings and everything I can not find the issue!.Version: 15.30

App doesn’t workDated: 14 May 2021 The app has stopped working. I am no longer able to Shazam any songs. It will usually say no result try again, every time, even if it’s a song that has previously been identified. I have deleted and reinstalled the app with no success. This issue started about a month ago and has progressively gotten worse. This is getting frustrating please get this sorted. I am running IOS v14.4.2 if that helps..Version: 14.11

SucksCant even shazam a great opera.Version: 14.2

AWFUL at ID'ing Classical or InstrumentalReally solid performance if you want Shazam to tell you a name of a song that everyone knows, that plays on the radio non-stop, and that repeats its title in the lyrics. You know what? Lyrics are easy. If you hear 4 words or more from a song and type them into google, you can usually always find the song. Where Shazam really has a chance to be helpful and fill a need is with INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, and if FAILS. Miserably. Even with a clear, noiseless environment where no one is talking and the audio can be clearly heard. I cannot tell you how often I've tried to Shazam something, even a song with words but recorded with Shazam during a solo or drum break, and Shazam comes up empty. Thanks, so helpful. I have nothing to go off of if there are no words, I can't exactly hum a tune into a search bar, and if I tried humming a tune into Shazam it would have an even harder time than just listening to the original track..Version: 17.0

So bad!Tried to Shazam classical music. This thing can’t even recognize the song. If only zero stars was an option.Version: 15.32

Not nearly as accurate or useful as claimedI really don’t get the appeal of Shazam. It usually doesn’t work. If it’s a top-40 song, it works pretty well. Anything else, and most of the time it says “No result”. Or it picks a song seemingly at random. Then if you try again, it picks a different random song. It has no concept of “I’m not sure what this is so here’s a couple guesses”. The wrong answers are never even from the right genre. It’s like talking to a smart-but-dumb computer on a 1960’s sci-fi movie. There isn’t a way to train it, either. It’s even difficult to remove an incorrectly Shazam’d song from the history — it takes about 6 taps, which is about 5 too many for something I want to do half the time I hit the Shazam button. The other case where it’s good but not useful is classical music. Its accuracy with classical music is excellent. Unfortunately, again, it snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, this time by displaying only the title and *performer* (usually conductor), but not the composer. “String quartet #7”? I guess that narrows it down but it really wasn’t what I was looking for. I wish Shazam worked well, and provided results in a useful format. Right now, it’s a novelty when it works at all. UPDATE: Now it’s started nagging me about “cloud backup” and a bunch of other useless stuff. Please stop. You have one useful feature. Make it better. Don’t go trying to make me integrate my life or some garbage like that..Version: 14.1

Doesn’t workPush the button and nothing happens. Tap the button and nothing happens. This app used to. E so good. What happened..Version: 15.4

FrustratingThe amount of songs that this app can’t seem to get after listening for 30+ seconds is ridiculous. It’s faster to actually google the lyrics half the time..Version: 15.24

Deleting app for alternativeApples greedy little fingers ruining another thing as per usual App doesnt work at all. Doest recognize a bonnie raitt song??? Bonnie raitt… It kills me that this is a fact, its been the only consistent app that has worked amazingly on all my iphones since the 3g. What is that 15 years? And now? A literal piece of trash that is taking up space on my phone because it has no function. You’re not going to force me to get apple music its not good and you know that which is why you’re pulling moves like this Bye byeee sound hound it is. Go sound hound! You actually do what you say you’ll do!! Id give sound hound 5 stars Smell ya later.Version: 15.27

Sync with SpotifyMy reason for buying app was the ability to sync with Spotify. It doesn’t work so don’t but it if this is what your looking for..Version: 15.32

Hit and MissWhen I first got this app it was relatively basic which was fine, as it had the ability to listen and advise me of what the song title was 90% of the time. Unfortunately it did take a while to load then and crashed often while loading. Now it loads fast, has lots of additional features and can rarely tell me the song titles that I’m trying to locate anymore. Clearly I’m not after common hits, who needs an app for that?! So for the past year (roughly)I’ve hardly bothered, coz when I’ve really been stuck and needed it, it didn’t deliver!.Version: 11.10.1

Major iCloud SYNC problem with AppleI have used Shazam since it came out in 2002 and I love it!!! I’ve purchased countless Apple products from their 1st iPod to present iPhones & iPads. I run the latest iOS on all my devices; however there is a minor problem with iCloud sync. When you turn on iCould Sync for SHAZAM, it DOES NOT SYNC properly. I had thousands of songs from over the years and after turning on iCloud Sync I was left with ONLY 16 songs. (And if you’re wondering…I tried restoring my devices from my iCloud and iTunes backup, but neither worked since it’s not a separate category, and the songs were gone for good.) I contacted Apple support immediately and they didn’t even know they owned the app since 2018 (it’s now October 2022) and refused to help. Said “it’s not their problem.” I spent a week calling Apple everyday and every Support Person was horrible and rude. Over a 4 hour period, I was transferred to 25+ Senior Advisors & countless departments and each said it’s not their app and transferred me to the next Rep. I finally gave up! If you search Shazam on the Internet…all of this is public knowledge that Apple owns it, it’s not considered a third party app, & it states to contact Apple for support. To sum up…Shazam is great, Apple products are great, but APPLE SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE!.Version: 15.31

Control Center problemDoesn’t add songs to the app if you Shazam from the control center. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this for a very long time so I’ve lost basically all of the songs I’ve discovered from the last 6 months. Please fix and will change to 5 stars..Version: 15.11

Shazam doesn’t work with google music on iPhones.Shazam no longer works with google music on iPhones. Screw you, Shazam. What a load of garbage. Deleting..Version: 13.19

I love this app BUT…Shazam, I love that I can save my favourite songs off the radio and where ever I hear an awesome tune BUT… Don’t make it so hard for me every time I want to access my library to only show the first 10 songs, and then make me have to re-navigate to list all my liked songs again. This app needs to be synced to the list of songs that I have liked or chosen straight away. I don’t mind your suggestions, but please don’t make it that I have to constantly be trying to list the songs that I have chosen to like - as a list. Thankyou!.Version: 14.21

What happened?Since the latest update (IOS 17) Shazam is a miss nearly every time! It gets so many songs wrong and or/gives you multiple different titles. Never had an issue before and I am a constant Shazam user but now? It’s unreliable as hell. Something has seriously gone wrong..Version: 17.0

Apple Music syncing is always brokenEvery time Shazam release an update they break the auto syncing function and Shazamed songs are no longer added to the “My Shazam Tracks” playlist in Apple Music. I’ve tried using the Encore app, the standard app, disconnecting and reconnecting Apple Music, logging out and logging back in, and deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. Songs have to be manually added. Very frustrating, that was my main use case for Shazam. It’s a great app and it’s even better on an Apple Watch, but I want to listen to music in Apple Music, not the Shazam app. Also, why the heck are the saved “My Shazam” tracks separate in Shazam and Shazam encore? Obviously Shazam encore has been depreciated but if I try and use the standard Shazam app instead I lose my entire Shazam history? Just a poorly thought out and poorly developed system all around..Version: 12.8

Ok if it’s popular but, makes lots of false positivesFind it really struggles with anything other than the top 100. Obscure or old (5 yrs or older) it really struggles - often giving the completely wrong answer which just wastes your time. Considering the amount of data they haul from your mobile it could be better This app just keeps on getting worse - some of the suggestions it throws up are way off track. Could be so much better.Version: 13.10

Doesn’t pick up music!Great app but lately or most of the time it hasn’t picked up any of the music I’ve tried listening to as it always comes back saying “No result We didn’t catch that try again” after I’ve pressed the button to listen! It still does it even though I’ve got the music up loud or I’m in a cinema where they have the speakers up really loud and yet most of the time it still comes up with the same message all the time even though the rings on the listening section are big but still doesn’t pick up the music no matter how loud the music is playing! It’s been doing this for a long time now but sometimes it works and finds the songs but other times it doesn’t! I like the app but just wished it would work 100% of the time as it’s meant to work!.Version: 12.16

Automatic adding Shazam tracks is broken, no signifier or option resync new tracksThere's not way to compare and no signifier like a checkmark to indicate the identified song was added to Apple Music My Shazam Track. Manually add the selection doesn't put in the order the song was identified in the playlist. There's not resync option when Shazam compared and updates the order and adds the songs in the order they're identified. I want to spend hours manually resorting the songs to the id'ed order I have in Shazam. Also the visually comparing my Shazam music to Apple Playlist is in reverse order in Shazam where as my Apple Music playlist is in the order they're added to the playlist. The whole music experience is frustrating to me. Why can't I options to fix things myself and indicators that it was synced up to my Apple Music playlist. I had several songs I liked not appear in my Apple Music playlist. I know the song is in Apple Music because it has the Apple Music black pill shape icon on the song. Till this day I still don't know if my identified song in My Shazam Track in Apple Music is missing some of the tracks. It's a total mindfudge if you ask me..Version: 15.35

Shazam just sucks nowI’ve tried to find 12 songs with the auto shazam method and none of them worked i even played the songs for a solid 25 seconds each.. i had to maually search the lyrics by ear to find em🤷‍♀️ probably going to delete the app.Version: 13.15

Apple Music VS SpotifyJe préférai quand l’appli étant associée à Spotify. Maintenant qu’elle l’est avec Apple Music, les titres ne s’ouvrent plus sur Spotify... Erreur en permanence malgré une connections valide..Version: 12.2.1

Upgrade doesn't mean it's ad freeSo I learned that if you pay for the premium version to get 'no ads' it really means you get fewer ads. And there's nothing that will be done to change it. Completely misleading and of no real benefit from the free version. The widget doesn’t connect to the main app. If I Shazam a song from the widget it doesn’t show up on Shazam’d songs within the app.Version: 14.23

The new updateI have always been a big fan of Shazam and have never had a bad thing to say about them until now. Ever since you guys updated so that you can get to Shazam from the control centre, any song I Shazam gets lost. It’s not in my history at all so the songs I though I Shazamed have just not been saved. And you would think that just clicking on the notification and going to the app would save it but it doesn’t. For some reason it doesn’t count unless I go to the app directly, which wasn’t a problem before but there is no point in making this an option if doesn’t work. Please fix this, I am losing songs I really like and now can’t remember exactly and am just going through ever song with the same title hoping to find it again.Version: 15.3

How has this become so slow and bloated?I don’t understand how developers seem to love destroying apps just for the sake of doing something (bored?) with each iteration of an app? I just want to load this, tag it and then read up later. I don’t need fancy graphics or anything else. I also don’t need it to take 5 seconds or so to load on an iPhone X then fail to transmit the song every single time and be told ‘will be tagged when online again’ only to go to tags and find its already been done. I’m going to hazard a guess this is all to advertising but I’m on the edge of just deleting it and not bothering any more. When it does work, it’s fine (if I can load it in time before something ends)..Version: 11.8.1

Control Panel Song Recognition Is Useless!!If I could give the Song Recognition feature in the control panel a -10, I would, I find it just that useless. When I 1st saw this I was like “wow what and awesome thing” and instantly added it to my control panel and it recognizes all of my songs. But of course there is always a “gotcha” with anything this good because even though it recognizes the song it does not link them with my Shazam library like the app and if I clear 1 of my notifications on my list all the Shazam’s are deleted, thus no song recognized or saved to add to my Apple library later. This very very very frustrating and hate this feature. My memory is bad and that’s why I use the feature and leave the songs that I Shazam in my notifications so when I have a chance I can add it to my Apple Music Library. It’s an awful waste of space and if you’re going to offer it as a extension of the Shazam make sure all of the features work like app would or it’s just a waste of space..Version: 14.9

Idk what to thinkI mean the app is good but Every time I sing or play a song on my phone the song doesn’t show up it just says “can find the song your looking for” I can’t tell if it’s my fault but personally I think the app doesn’t work.Version: 15.11

Not so goodBecause when I first open the iPhone like for quick listen, it does not save, or say it anywhere.Version: 15.30

Bad appShazam deleted all my Shazam’s…. Why?, for what reason?..Version: 15.32

Stopped working for me after years of good use!Keeps saying no results on popular songs. Also showing the wrong songs when it finally gives one. :(.Version: 14.21

It’s an awesome app but..I’ve used Shazam for years but it has been the first time that the app has stuffed up. I shazamed a couple of songs last night. Today I wanted to put them on my playlist. I went on to Shazam and tried to swipe where I shazamed my songs and all of a sudden the app freezes. It won’t allow me to see any of the songs. Everything else works but that. I have tried deleting the app and getting it back, I have also tried turning my phone off and on again. That doesn’t work either. Please fix this..Version: 12.7

Since Apple boughtSince the sale to Apple, it seems as if the app doesn’t find or recognize most music unless it’s a part of Apple Music. Very sad.Version: 15.25

Internet problems?To who it may concern, I used to love Shazam, a lot. Even though it may work perfectly on my iPhone 7 it no longer works perfectly on my iPad. In fact, it no longer works at all on my iPad. Every time I try to Shazam a song on my iPad it takes forever and then it finally comes up with a message saying that they’ll notify me when I’m back online. After the first few times I thought there was something wrong with my internet even though google was still working for me, but then I decided to put it to the test. I tried to Shazam a song on my iPhone and my iPad at the same time, it worked on my iPhone and did the same thing that it had been doing to me on my iPad. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it again too many times to count. How do I fix this? Is anyone else having the same problem?.Version: 13.9

Can no longer automatically add songs to SpotifyWhat happened to the app? I used to be able to add my Shazammed songs to a Spotify playlist, now my only option is Apple Music which I do not want or have..Version: 15.23

Not ImpressedThere’s more to life than just Money - Shazam you keep coming up with annoying ways to try and get its users to buy Songs. We now have another with the latest Update - a stupid notification taking up a good part of the screen trying to get us to go to Apple Music. I’d rather be able to see the info on the screen about the Songs. A Music type App that failed to realise that music lovers don’t need to be pushed to buy music and I wasn’t a real Fan of you getting the Video to auto play after every Shazam & waste my Mobile Dara. Think about it Shazam....Version: 13.1

It’s almost like magic- when it works...For anything commercial, especially pop, it will not only find the track, but also the lyrics. For less commercial tracks, stuff from film soundtracks which are a little “indie” for example, you invariably get the “ we didn’t quite catch that”, which has to rate as the most disingenuous as well as unhelpful error messages of all time. What they actually mean is “it’s not in our data base, because it’s not worth our time” as far as I’m concerned, that’s the failure of Shazam. I’m a music fan, multi genre, multi-generational. Sometimes Shazam comes with me on my journey. Often (40% of the time?) it doesn’t. My perception is that the app is getting less focussed on the music I’m interested in identifying..Version: 13.27

Music won’t add with controlMusic won’t add with music control button on control panel. I have to actually do it manually in the app which defeats the convenience feature.Version: 14.21

Absolute trashI’ve been using the apple control centre version and it hasn’t save a single song.Version: 15.31

Used to be my favourite app, now too slowNeed to open the app and click the button quickly, to start identifying the song. How long it takes to return the result is less important. Shazam used to be great at this but now it takes too long. I sometimes catch the end of the song and want to Shazam it quickly before it finishes. Keep in mind you may never hear that song again..Version: 11.10.0

Excellent… to a pointShazamming is the best way to find new favourites. for that (and integration with iOS and Music) it’s 5 stars. but the app itself doesn’t do a very good job of logging what it recognises: a constant history as a “recently recognised” list would be invaluable. and also would ensure the music fan could review their discoveries later at leisure.Version: 15.5

PoorLinkage between Apple Music and play songs by sorting recently horrible.Version: 15.12

Offline a bit odd but handyShazam is incredible when launched from the control Center on iOS and identifies songs every time. Unfortunately these don’t appear in the history when you open the app. Worse when you open the app it can never find the song and claims you’re offline. Happens on 4g and wifi, reinstall doesn’t fix and all app permissions are correct. Hope it gets fixed!.Version: 15.6

Poor since new ownerMusic Recognition is now very poor. Experience is 1 out of 10. It used to be very good at identifying songs even obscure ones. Now it can’t even id recent songs...Version: 15.25

App Doesn’t Like Classical Music?As a beginner pianist I love listening to instrumental music and trying to play it on the piano, however this is difficult to do without the name of the piece. I thought this app would be able to help me out but it didn’t in the slightest: I got six different songs (some of which were techno and rock??) when I “Shazamed” the same, solo piano, piece. I tried this on both my phone and laptop but had no success with either. I was playing an audio clip and the music wasn’t live so I don’t think the fault lies there..Version: 13.15

Better luck remember lyricsIt maybe finds 1/3 of the music I ask it to. I have better luck just remember lyrics and googling them to find song titles. For how long it’s been around I thought it’d be more reliable. Would not recommend to a friend.Version: 15.31

Not good. Accuracy and ability to listen to song non-existentCannot find song in crowded areas anymore, if it does find a song it’s the wrong song..Version: 15.31

Used to Be GoodFor a long time this app used to be good at finding songs from most genres, even obscure stuff and electronic dance music. Now for some reason it has trouble finding or misidentifies many things unless it’s a very popular, top 40 song. It’s become literally worthless as a song identifying app in the genres I listen to. Might have some thing to do with the sale to Apple. Shame..Version: 15.29

Can be uselessSome time’s is not helpful.Version: 15.24

Shazam add to spotify playlist not workingEven after deleting and reconnecting to Spotify I am not able to add songs to a specific playlist; nor do they show up in my Shazam tracks.Version: 15.25

Used to be goodCan’t find most of the punk bands on an old playlist. It used to be good, now just a shell of its former glory.Version: 15.23

Please addPlease add SoundCloud as an option to open it.Version: 15.11

Disappeared musicAll of my saved Shazam music suddenly disappeared and there is no playlist..Version: 15.16


Sort it out!For the last few weeks something has happened and I’ve lost a lot of songs on my Apple playlist via everything I’ve Shazam’d, everything is updated accordingly but something isn’t clicking between them both, I’ve tried a few avenues (un-sync, re-sync, disconnect Apple Music and reconnect it) even when I’ve lost the will to live and try make do with the list I got a day or two later that list has diminished again. Before everything messed up I had at least 950 songs on my Shazam playlist via Apple Music now I’m lucky to sync 700 - at worst it’ll sync the very latest songs I’ve Shazam’d - so for instance today 5 songs on a playlist which should be closer to 960. 🤷🏻‍♂️ so what’s gone wrong? What’s changed? I’m getting pretty annoyed with it, all the songs were in a place I could remember, now, I’ve not got a clue. Pretty disappointed and pretty gutted about losing the songs via the app too. I’ve just checked my list on Apple Music and my playlist is showing 178 🤦🏻‍♂️ please sort this issue out. It’s not on..Version: 13.17

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