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LiveStatus - App for couples app received 42 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about livestatus - app for couples?

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LiveStatus - App for couples for Positive User Reviews

Live statusI love this app it totally rekindled mine and my boyfriends relationship it brought us back to when we first starting dating I love it so much thank you love status !!!.Version: 1.2.8

HelpI’ve restarted my device twice and it still wouldn’t show in my Lock Screen wedges it’s overall a good app but I would like to know why it’s not showing.Version: 1.4.1

I love it, but was wonderingI really like the app, so does my wife, but I would love to see more emotions added for an example I would love to set my status to mellow, calm or relaxed if we can get those added, then I would be able to change my 4 star to a 5 star.Version: 1.3.8

BaddieThis app is so slay get it it’s amazing.Version: 1.1.2

Good appThis is the best app to use with long distance friends and me and my friend is so appreciative of this app definitely a 5 star rating⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.1.5

Cute app just one problemGood app, very cute only problem that I seem to have with it is if it’s supposed to be for couples why does it have dating apps popping up for the ads most of the time, and it’s usually girls about to expose themselves or showing off there body. Every time I open the app it’s seems to be a dating app trying to attract women and men but mostly men. I don’t think that’s right considering it is supposed to be a app for couples.Version: 1.3.8

Good app stopped using it now I have issues with itIt’s a very good app and very fun, I stopped using it for awhile though cause I forgot about it so I deleted the app and now it’s using my location after I deleted it, I redownloaded it turned off all the things it allowed, turned off my location services entirely, even deleted my account entirely, but it’s still using my location despite all of that, if there’s something I accidentally skipped over while reading the terms and services or privacy policies I would like to know please and thank you..Version: 1.1.5

GreatI like it very much however I wish it had a dark theme mode bc the white hurts my eyes and ALSO my widget isn’t showing my gf status and I can’t find out how to fix it..Version: 1.3.8

It’s sooo goodI used the Home Screen Widget for me and my friend so we can change status to see what we are doing and all we have to do is pick up the phone I wish there were more status for the pro and not pro version.Version: 1.1.6

😁😁😁I love this app so much it has so many features I love that I can text my friends and invite friends to join me in the app it is so much fun but I do wish I could video chat with my friends on it but over all I love it so much😁..Version: 1.1.2

Perfect 👌This app is so perfect there’s no glitches it works perfectly and no hacks me and my brother has been using it for a day now and it’s super good no scams or money required.Version: 1.1.6

I love itI use the free version and yes it's limited things I can do with my bf but it's still really nice and fun sending eachother little notes on our homescreen highly recommend.Version: 1.2.9

Great app but PLEASE stop forcing…I love this app. It really helped my boyfriend and me feel connected during a long distance period we had recently. However the only thing that annoys me about this app is that every now and then it’s forced me to add the widget to my home/Lock Screen even when it’s already there. And the app becomes unusable for a minute because it’s only motive is to force you to add the widget to your screen. Please stop that.Version: 1.3.9

I love this appI love this app so much thx for making it me and my gf are sending vids and pics on out Home Screen thx so much.Version: 1.1.9

This is a really good app!!This is a really good app to use if your friend is not answering the phone or your text messages!!.Version: 1.1.4

The best thing ever!This is the best app ever! I can talk to my friends with out ignoring them through text. It’s so helpful! Get this app today! It’s the best!.Version: 1.1.4

YASSSI think this app is wonderful and I will give a 5 star!.Version: 1.1.2

CuteIt’s super cute and fun to draw little drawings to my boyfriend but I can’t get anything on my Lock Screen. It doesn’t show anything but boxes..Version: 1.1.4

ChoosingI like the app, though I wish we could pick what friend we want in the widget. Maybe I dont know how to do it, but for me both of the widgets on my screen change to whoever sent me a picture. It would be nice if I could choose a friend and only their pics/status would show up in that widget. Also, sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes english is my second language..Version: 1.1.0

The app does not work!I tried using phone number and the message never showed! Devs please fix this! I could not use apple either because my system is glitchy and cannot do apple sign ins on apps. Fix it please! 🙏.Version: 1.1.8

I need helpI love the app but, I don’t know how to get my status on my Lock Screen like is there a button or something? I’m really confused plz help.Version: 1.1.4

Your app is so coolI only have 1 complaint that it’s kind of confusing to get in and like invite friends but other all everything is so cool so fun now I don’t have to worry about my Bestie not like answering me on time.Version: 1.1.2

App is so cute 4 couples !I love this app, it lets u send statuses with pretty much anyone and they’re so cute!! my bae hand draws hers and I do too and just seeing new statuses just makes me so happy! + it’s a widget! Download!!!.Version: 1.1.8

Okay this app isn’t as bad as I thought it’s not a scam well that’s surprisingOkay.Version: 1.1.2

Very goodI can talk to my long distance girlfriend with this and it makes me very happy and it makes her happy as well.Version: 1.3.3

AmazinggggGod damn best thing ever!.Version: 1.3.8

So cute :DLove live status, it’s fun way to update each other with the cute status moods and widgets. the one thing i would say is that the widgets take a minute to update to the new one but this happens within refreshing the app a bit. i love the selections of status moods but a few more would also make this perfect. other than that it’s all good my boyfriend and i use it all the time as it has a couple feature. :D.Version: 1.1.9

PenisI like annoying my boyfriend with this.Version: 1.1.3

SadIt requires a phone number and i dont feel comfortable using my phone number on certain apps. Waiting for the app to update so i can use my email...Version: 1.1.4

It’s alrightI would say it has some potential, but it seems like a newer app that the bugs need to be fixed. My boyfriend did buy the lifelong subscription and so did I which was $100 each. I would still say the subscriptions are better than if it was billed monthly. I wish they had a place to see miles not just kilometers. I can’t feed the dog without the app shutting down. And to feed it the steak is called “meet” not “meat”. The app is fun with sending pictures that can go on your significant others Lock Screen and sharing your mood. They don’t have too too many but some premiums are really cute like rose or lick. I feel like as a premium user you should get like a coin every other day or something to use more of the different features or else why did I spend $100?.Version: 1.4.0

Mon avis à propos de cette applicationJe trouve que ses vraiment cool ont peut parler avec nos amis même quand d’il sont loin sa marche ses vraiment cool tu peux faire n’importe quoi avec sa ses troop trooooop troooooooop cool.Version: 1.1.5

ConfusedI love the app but im just confused on one thing, on my lock screen i want it to show my partner but it shows “friends”. I also need some help on how i can put my status on my lock screen and their lock screen..Version: 1.1.5

Location and battery featureWish those was free bcs it doesn’t make sense that the battery percentage is a pro feature but I love the app it’s super good🫶🏻.Version: 1.3.1

Good but can’t use itWhen u open the app it keeps saying go to your settings to change your background and stuff but never goes away so I can’t use the app please fix or update your app.Version: 1.4.0

Ad problemAlright… I like this app. It is fun to use and can be really easy to communicate. Although there is a slight problem with the ads, it doesn’t load when your trying to use something for example: the “put your name in your crushes poll”. I would really like if you guys could fix this! Thanks and great app!!!👍.Version: 1.1.3

This is amazingMy mom never answers her phone so it’s perfect so then she can actually see what I want her to know!.Version: 1.1.4

Please remove swiping with drawingsThe app is rlly cute but with the only annoying thing mainly is the draw together, I love using it with my love but esp for the vertical format, if you’re on the left side it’s so easy to swipe out, it happened 6 times in one session once and although we can try to be more careful it’s jus a lil disheartening. Other than that this app is very sweet.Version: 1.3.5

ReviewI love this app it dose what it says it dose, I just think that more of the options should be free. But this app works very well yeah that’s all..Version: 1.1.8

From TikTokThis app has a great ad showing what comes with this it is all free and I just love it I did have locket but I deleted it for this great thing.Version: 1.1.2

The best app!!!!Such a good app to keep in contact with friends, really recommend.Version: 1.0.2

I love this appIt is just like Snapchat except j don’t think it’s a social media but it allows you to send pics with messages just like Snapchat does! It’s called live status and I think its awesome! I would definitely consider getting this app and start messaging now!.Version: 1.1.5

I love it! But some updates would be good!I love Thai app sooo much but I would like to ask if you could put cleaning, sleeping, and reading is all I really want ! Because I thought it would be a good thing for everyone. I really enjoy it either way! Great app!.Version: 1.2.3

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